The Great Gildersleeve 48-02-25 (279) Gildy Thinks Adeline's Stealing Birdie


Kraft Foods Company presents herald ferry as the Great Gildersleeve. The Great Gildersleeve is brought to you by kraft foods, company makers Parque margarines every day. Millions of women all over America serve parque margarine because it tastes good. Again home again. Try It. You'll like it. Margin! K. A. Y. Parque Margarine made by craft. Last week on a gentle breeze, centered with magnolias and peach blossoms, lady blue in the Summerfield the event evoke conversation at the corner drugstore. RENA ransoms cousin Eugene J yes PD, and she's from the same town Savannah. Name is. Never Fair, you don't say. Who? The. Southern breeze settled down right next door, the great Gildersleeve and started a little early. The speculation that stirred the great man was ample death. Don't see her. Maybe if I lean out the window. What That's why we now find the great Gildersleeve plowing home and heavy snow with a light, hot, a little early. She wasn't picking up this time. That's what I like about her. Unpredictable. Oh anybody. Ask thought I'd work around the yard before it gets. dougherty springs just around the corner way. Getting an early start might just trim the heads between US myspace child. You mean you going prune them icicle. Must be something out there. That needs doing. What's that Nice Smell? If either one, a few things birdie this headline, Fairchild curfew more. A A little while ago, she sure is nice. Brought over. Some Creole Gumbo she made wants US attach. She did now. Did. She say anything buddy es. She wanted to know. How were we all? More. Look around the place and you're good. How fever anything else? Well? She'd married Ms Margy pitcher on radio and she say liberal I look like a little gentleman as medley Roy I see. Did say anything about me. Yes, the she says she hopes you enjoy the Gumbel. Might just trial of that this Creole Gumbo. Tastes mighty good on a cold day like this. Nice thick. I'll just take a little. What does it need? Probably a good. Something missing all right? She said it will grill. OUR NEW ORLEANS Leftovers from the Mardi Gras. But we having for dinner. FAVORITE DISH MR guilty pot roles inbound potatoes I love Brady. Oh wonderful! Let's take some of our pot roast over to Ms. Fairchild repaid southern hospitality I. Don't know if you PADRO. Chance IT Brady. Put aside on the fan. Take it over. You fixed the tray. I still take it over Laurent upstairs and freshen up a bit. That ally is. We got a singing waiter. A. Scholars? Guilty. Fine. Give me a little more. That roast, thirty prices, coming down all okay and a few months hidden in how they load those southern tables. Oh, put some gravy in a bowl to bury for the potatoes. Let's see. What's for dessert, deep dish apple podcasts. Okay. Nobody bakes Apple Pie like you. Ought, do it you're saying. Let me, get this straight out. Ready, pretty heavy. Roy Watch, that door. We move no Leroy. Little something I'm taking over to mismatch next door. Now Leroy merely returning southern hospitality. Fairchild brought over a bowl of Gumbo afternoon. For a ball. Asoka. Get your hands off this. Kager stealing, we'll go. Wait for dinner. I got everything ready. Wait. I didn't load on visit yet. Though just stick it under my Chin okay. Can you rank your bottom up a little more? You? Got It. Just like the friendship train. That's me Leroy. Hold Open the door. Living. Fairchild me Michigan. Cute little nine, us. Little surprise to might like to sample birdies cooking. Would have never heard of anything nice and thoughtful in my whole life, but I'm just new. In you come to. Thank you. Gosh. This won't compare with your real, Gumbo. Well I never tasted anything like. Well I glad you enjoyed it. Just put the trade him. You're listening. You shouldn't have done all this Mr Gildersleeve. You'll know the NANNA declare. It's nothing much. New You wouldn't be like fixing dinner after making all Gumbo. Because I, don't have a cook yet Kumbo. Little trick I picked up one time in new. Orleans when I was there. Was Leftover. Delicious! How would you like me to get you another bowl? gobs of it in the kitchen. kind of feeling good need another bite. Oh these relatives. and has enough a whole family. Too Bad you can join me well if you insist. Force myself. Where's the ketchup. That was just simply scrumptious intimacy gala sleeve. You don't know what a trade you haven't ready Oh. Yes, I do best cook in the country. That bringing the trae over was my little idea. Only a sweet man, you would have thought of that. Been Town of week, and here we are having dinner together at my house will cut Lena. How bad it make her jared. What she doesn't know her way down in Savannah Has Leland I've always been rivaled one way another. She would always try to take my away from me. I have my dad. Leila. Once even tried to get Birdie away from us. That didn't work either on I can't say I blame. Try and birdies. Adieu, you bet, but let's talk about you fairchild. At Alive? ME. There's not much to talk about missy. Gildersleeve I grew up, shouted and all. You can tell that. About mine. Recorded in that little snapshot Album Bell on the coffee table. House. Peak. Snapshot Valley Jack is still a with delicate teaches. A picture of you on the beach. I'd recognize you anywhere. Fellow buried in the sand behind you. Friend Ers Matt Jefferson, Davis Calhoun. was a wolf necessarily sneeze. Followed me all over the show. More like the blood. And what a voice that man have! When he sang, I just completely evaporated. A good baritone could just turn me into a piece of. It does something to me Mr Gildersleeve honeysuckle on Sunday night like more on the by. The U You I. See I sang last night. What a mass thinking about seeing again. Call now, don't be, too. You know no, I just don't feel like. Get paid on the radio then while we lead dentist. Love eating the. And while in slumber. I'm begging for your lift. New I. Know The word. I haven't really Ri- mud. Do. See I do. Just where I who you tie mudder. Vanish with a NI-. Madonna. In Dreams I. Kiss Your Hand. And paret. The. Child. Wonder if she's turned putty. Fairchild. Me, I'm afraid. I got awesome only. A penny for your thoughts. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have fried variety? Good night. Thanks to birdies dinner. What a woman must be other things to talk about besides Birdie. Booker Hafer Stroll just walking off my dinner. Judge have two quite a way to get that off. Stock Tackling Jibes? The neighbors will think we keep goat. As a matter of fact, yell desktop by to play you game of checkers. I wasn't enough just took some birdies cooking over to Miss Fairchild come on. You. All she could talk about the night was. More interested in. Sort of gathered that e southern Women Lake Bridge store by good cookie. You remember how Leila drive to hire Birdie away from your well. She'd been on a thriving like that. If you lock verdict your whole. Fall to pieces. Convinced. Telephone. Records. With that. How much of! that. Birdie. was that Miss Fairchild. The Evening Can I got? But birdie. Judge that Fairchild woman. Trying to break up is home. With the Great Gildersleeve in just a minute. Leroy as a boy with a mind of his own only yesterday, he said. Absolutely positively, my favorite spread for granted folders whereas Leroy must have a strong reason for liking park as well. Heck it just. Felt good and millions of families agree are gay is delicious. After all, it's a craft product. You know what that means. Right parque margarine is made remotely that choice product of American firms and it's delicious. Pound is enriched fifteen thousand units of essential vitamin as I never tasted them, of course, not Leroy. And there are necessary for a well-balanced Diet. Nourishing Park a is a perfect topic for roles, pancakes, muffins, and Waffles as well as Bradley. For seasoning. Of course she does thrifty women like advertising Parque, because it's economical, actually cost less today than it did a year ago. Actually cost less millions of women. No, it's the better by for both bread and budgets. Millions of women serve parkway because it tastes so good. Friends asked for Parque Margarine B.. I R. K.. A. Y. Parque made by craft. Well the great guilder slaves, this May is new neighbours cast. Admiring is upon Birdie, giving our hero reason to suspect that dastardly blow is about to be struck where it'll hurt the most. Right endless stomach. WHO. Troubled man has spent a fitful night trying to sleep off his ears. And thirty clock gross. And Miss. Fairchild Free Old Gumbo. Refers to be. Cook. Oh. Did you make some more creole? Gumbo. Michigan. Believing stomach, we bring on a nightmare. Back over Miss Martin. Roy Birdie y'all doing. Color. She's here. I don't have nightmares back to battle you. I sleep sound log every night. March were shouting. Burden. Guilt. Nice to see you're still here. into. Get Out of the kitchen. Donate nightmare roundabout to. Just causes. Tacky. I had a nice. I had a nightmare. She's upset. But she will leave. This morning. Still be a off. Just broaden the Brixton left. Let's, not be complaining Leroy. Good Morning My, you're just in time. We're going to have a little meeting. Up. About Birdie. Seem? She's a little upset this morning, didn't they? Well, we're all going to be more kind buddy. Starting morning, I always been kind to work at the Chelsea. What's new I. Get a cold. I'm sure we can all help. Make living here more and jam very so she'll never be tempted. Leave us. Is We start by helping you with the dishes after breakfast breakfast, I have to go to school. Well, the benefit is is then and why don't you look around for a good course in home economics? Sure, so you can really help ready beside. You WanNa. Know all about those things when you get married sewing sweeping cookie. More. Isn't that new point? A little old fashioned fashion? What's the fashioned about cooking? Well be by the time he gets married. Happily young man and you can start by cleaning up your room. There's something hanging on every door now. I excuse yourself. In your face before you leave the table. And comb your hair per school. Not with your hand me. Why confounded! Everybody has nerves around this place. Excuse me weren't darling and I'm sure he'll get over half. That's vote so. Deep! Goodbye. ooh! Maybe Birdie has gotten over. That better, go cheer up. Even. Give her the day off. Lease least that'll keep her away from that Fairchild woman. You slide always leave. Yes. Birdie I've just had a little talk with family and things are going to be different around here. Oh. My? He's going to help you with the dishes tonight South! Earlier in the evening starting tonight. And I've spoken to Leroy about his room. And birdie. Why don't you take the rest of the day off? That would be nightmare. Yes. And and go right over and help that nightmare fair jacket. We got little talk over to. Danny. Help you know what has she? Oh? Me and my big Fat Generous Ideas Encounters means. I can do for you this fine morning. Well, you might sell me a good cook if you had one and stock. A cook. Achy. I'm afraid we'RE GONNA. Lose Birdie. Fairchild is making very obvious play for What would you do with a neighbor like that peavy? Heard of people getting married to share appraised man, you might work out in arrangements, so you may stretch can share the cooking. No TV I don't WANNA get married. For. Some people do. I can just see. Add a line showing birdie that fancy lavender ruben baths. You can have where where things can happen than moving you cook. But I bet you couldn't get along without MRS PB. When Qena. Call the time she went home to her mother. I had to find time batching it batching it breakfast. We always my favorite meal. The only one in track. Baking powder patties made and then the next morning just for variety, sour dough patties. Just variety when it came to making baking powder, patties and sour dove at as. Insecurity sounds good. Think I may take a backseat candy home to visit. Baby denied Oh candy. That's. Pretty some candy. She has a sweet tooth and nail. How about this time? It's not that sweet. Something around two and a half, and then get some of these chocolate covered. Cherries gotta mean freshman. Washington's birthday bad PB. She's always admired. Washington father of our country or see the having Lincoln. Candy. Narrow but I think you have the German overnight is. RADNA BE. I go, Brady I'll tell her. I have a surprise for that will get out of Atalanta Child's house. A little kindness to make people happy. College. Ruin. Have with a box of candy. Now the. Remind throw number. Wrong. He's find out Bitney. GimMe the big box and they have. Anything out, no thanks, the next step is legal. I your contract. You have the right to pick up breakage options. Yeah, Fairchild woman can't lower my cook away. I'll show that southern Siren Righty, you know. Six dollars boxes talk with Carey's says she will. Never mind I'm in a hurry. Not Home Yet put the candy on the table. On top of the contract. Very. Fits right. She isn't here. We would miss birdie around here that. Yes. Here birdie not at the moment. The woman on the half and I'm the woman the man of the House. You. Tell me, report. Job. Bagging and. That was a little presumptuous. Come here and talk about a gap. Cook I'm sorry. We've ever had never will have sorry goodbye. Rudy. Where'd you come from the back way? Home to Gildersleeve man you. Feel briskly I wanNA talk to both you. To Talk to you but I think I should apologize little fan. No need to apologize. Just get straight. I don't know, but I mean fan. Pardon me. Down the media telling you about how you bills fast. You make a wonderful cook for you from his Fairchild. I thought he was me. Gillis even Utah. Or even. Give me. Oh. Bert you're the best in the world. S Some Candy Andy Six dollars bucks box. Pop Person. I? Opened the candy birdies. We'll hear from the Great Gildersleeve again very shortly. Are you looking for a better by for your budget? A better spread for bread. Here's a by. That's better both ways. It's Parque Margarine, the margarine craft quality. It's the perfect topping for roles. Muffins, pancakes waffles as well as brand. The rich smooth fresh flavor parque makes it the favorite spread and millions of homes. It's a wholesome and nourishing. Each wholesome pound is enriched with fifteen thousand units have important vitamin A.. Remember ask for Parque Margarine for flavor for quality for nourishment and for economy. It's the better by at PA ARCHAIC. Parque margarine made by craft. That's my advice to you, Ms. At Line. Have a media signed this five year contract, so you won't have to go looking for a cook again half. If, you say so. How can I ever thank you? Bring over contract and all? Just happened to have one lying around the house. So scatter-brained about business matters. Nice to have a man so close. So Nice to be close. Oh you. A! Good night folks. Killers later play by Harold Perry have fairchild by Miss Universe. was written by John Elliott Finale white music technique. And going to cast Walter Kathleen. Lewis Eric Lillian Randolph Earl laws Richard Legrand. This is John Wall, saying good night for the crap food company makers of the famous line of Craft Quality Food Product Tomorrow Night David Niven with the Al Jolson guests on the kraft music. Older most of these NBC station. Missing. Remember tomorrow night. For Exact Times you'll local papers and be sure to listen in next. Wednesday and every Wednesday for the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve. You like macaroni and cheese. That's fluffy light and tender with the flavor of golden cheese, and every tempting for full. Then got kraft dinner from your food store tomorrow. Each package of kraft dinner contains two magic ingredients, their special macaroni that cooks in just seven minutes and golden craft rated that you simply stir in. One package of kraft dinner makes four servings of macaroni and cheese. The cost only a few pennies for helping. You can't beat that for economy. Remember the name. It's kraft dinner. NBC The National Broadcasting Company.

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