Podcast #929: Happy New Year!


Welcome to the. HDTV podcast featuring our dairy in afraid Russell and Komo TV podcast I welcome to the HDTV and home theater podcast. This episode nine twenty nine four January anywhere third of the year twenty twenty. WHO feels like we're living in the future are you doing? How's life in the future for you? Our life in the future is fantastic. tastic now Did you do the episode number. We got a lot of catching up to do. Oh you said that right podcast nine. Yeah there we go. And if you WANNA get get a hold of us Hd guys at hd guys calm and our website is hd guys outcome so okay. You tweeted Yesterday or the day before about getting snowed in Europe and big bear For doing some skiing and stuff right. Yeah so we took off. And that's why there's a I don't know if you can hear it in the show uh-huh or if it's going to be picked up. I'm in a weird room in this cabin that we rented. There's a little bit of an echo in here kind of a hollow room so I apologize out there. Everyone listening if it sounds like him in a cave. Kind of 'EM Yeah we came up to big bear to get up on the slopes in the boys are going to do some snow boarding and we'll do a little skiing and I got up here Monday night. We got a good Drops snow on us that we weren't expecting and got snowed in which was pretty Raza. First Time it's ever happened to me And we came up we were able to get all the way up the mountain without chains which was great and both of the cars we have are all wheel drive so I was kinda comfortable with it but then as soon as that snow hit they went over to the chain required. Ah For all cars even all wheel drive it unless you have snow tires which obviously Orange County cars don't have snow tires so we got into chain weather. But that's not the worst part. We were ready to go and tried to start the car and it was so cold it wouldn't start so I'm on the online on the Internet. Trying to figure out. Do you get a car. That's too cold to start to start and there were recommendations like you know. Put a blanket over it which I thought was the weird thing. I thought people were just goofing with you like like you're going to warm warm up your car by putting a blanket over it but we popped open. The hood got the like four inches of snow off the top of it and kind of tried to heat it up by breathing on it really hard and eventually we were able to get it to turn over over and start but we thought we were GONNA be stranded for days have staff to get triple eight to come up. And I don't even know if triple eight comes up here to be honest with you and we were. The boys were like. How are we going to get food? You'd like can we Jordache. I don't I don't know door Nash. snowmobile pizza on a snow mobile but it was fun. It's been a lot of fun and it's definitely something. That was a new adventure for us. We had a little bit of snow up in in the Pacific northwest. When we're up by Portland but it was always like a light dusting never really like a heavy snow But this was this has been really of course melodic fun and I know most author who live and experienced the snow though whatever we got three four or five inches of snow is no big deal. It's kind of like child's play but for for us coming from Orange County up it was massive and it's been huge making you know. Snow forts snowmen and snowball fights and stuff. It's been a lot of fun. It's been an actual real winter so people So you can get your bearings Brayden and I live in Southern Orange County were probably Blay as the crow flies. I think you're a little closer to the ocean than I am. I'm about ten miles from the ocean. Brayden you're probably five a tan. Okay and in big bear is due east so actually It's past Palm Springs. Right Far East goes right. And what does the elevation about ten thousand feet. Nine thousand things so yeah. We're in the San Bernardino Mountains Tech and you could see him from From here and you see the snow on him. It looks beautiful now. I had a similar problem but a little bit. Different Snow was my issue. We spent Christmas in Fresno with my in laws and we were coming down on Thursday because Friday my wife and I were going to Rome and you're GonNa Laugh just for the weekend because because I had these vouchers that we're going to expire and I looked and I said okay. Where is the cheapest place I can go? This far away and is hard to believe. Germany was more expensive incisive. I was looking for like a warm weather and of course all the warm weather was expensive. So places so that was out of the question. So what for whatever reason Rome was fit within my vouchers and we had to kick in a little bit extra money but anyway the point was we had to be Down here on Friday so I get up in the morning on Thursday. I see on twitter. That this person. I follow whether Casper says. Oh the great blinds closed and I. It went and looked at the traffic camps. You said inches. There was fetus. No on the grapevine. And that's only at about forty five hundred feet so it's lower than big bear but for whatever reason it got more snow so I said you know what there is a way around the way around scaping. Well there was. Is You gotta go cross The San Joaquin Valley to the coast and we took a one on one and Obviously I wasn't the only one with this idea. We were driving down in bumper to bumper traffic almost from PASA robles Just about to Santa Barbara. We did have a little bit of of Where we were up at full speed and then from Santa Barbara to south of Tora it was just misery but then the funny thing is that did open up but we were looking at the other side coming north and I would say for twenty miles it was just bumper to bumper and the lights look like the ending being seen of Field of dreams. Were all the lights. Were coming into the. It looked just like that. We finally made a four hour drive in ten and a half hours and we got home dead tired. Fortunately our flight wasn't for seeing the morning. Our flight was at noon so we we were at least able to wake up and Kinda you know. Get a get our wits about ourselves than we were on a flight for fourteen hours. It just was not It was was a very My wife and I were in close confinement for almost twenty four hours straight. And when I say close I mean like in a car or right next to each other in airplane and and she didn't get tired of me believe it or not but anyway so that's a good thing. Snow messed up Both of our Did mess up yours and it really all all it did for me was it made it take forever to get home but it was interesting for like you said. Southern California people have zero experience with the snow. Oh and it greatly impacted us yet. I didn't even think about that. You could go all the way out to the coast to get around the grapevine but that's the long way around but yeah. Yeah you're right then everybody's so yeah and going over the long way around. You're stuck with everybody else going the long way around. That's correct we were in line at the You know to get on board the airplane and I checked my twitter and his just finally. The grapevine opened up so I if I was trying to wait it out I would have never made eight it and I said to my wife. We're getting home. It may take us. You know twelve hours on the road but we're going to get home and then we went to Rome. It was Roma such. It's a beautiful city. I I'm going to go back there and spend a lot of time there. We had a great time and it was crazy thing that we did Rather rather than letting the My wife was at at one point. She was like we should've just let these values expire. Who cares sounds like no we had this trip? We're going on it. And so so but in the end she liked it too. Yeah to be honest. That's pretty baller to say. Hey we went to Rome for the weekend. We've got that story to tell right. Yeah that that is is a very Not Normal thing it just I had these voucher so anyways everybody out there happy new year. This is our first show of of the month for show of the year for show of the decade. However you want to count it and I think you already gave our contact info but where h guys dot com and if you'd like like to start supporting the show or if you've been supporting the show there are a couple of ways that you can do that and one of those is by signing up to become a patron of the arts and and a patron of this artistic and phenomenal podcasts? That you're listening to right now you do that by going to patriotdepot dot com slash. HDTV podcast and of course we. I also have a link to that at our website. At guys But anyone who has done that and or would like to start you said a resolution that you want to support the arts this this year. That's one way you can do it and we thank you for doing that and the other way is through our coffee metaphor bias. A Cup of coffee You get to one time deal. Oh you could buy What we call tall `Grande Vin Day in a CAF POW? And then if you don't like Patriot we do have a setup where you can send us a five dollars a month months at through pay pal. It's all through paypal. The patriae on I believe the dollar is the minimum. But you can go higher if you want but well it does help out quite a bit and we greatly appreciate it. If you do cafe you get a shout out. We had one it was from damage bride and he says I love listening to you to you. Guys are so humble down to Earth. Yeah the guy who went to Rome for the weekend. Yeah fine for the weekend man. Yeah I'm humble humble guy you'll ever meet. Yeah you are. Actually you are sh- anyway. I picked up on this while listening to you to Youtube for the first time time in so I subscribed on the spot. Thank you for doing that down. Keep up the great work so we listeners may benefit by spending our money wisely and at the same time have fun learning about our new technology. yes again. We try to the the whole purpose of the show. Is We take a common. I'm in man's approach to this stuff. Obviously you could go spend thousands of dollars on a turn turntable but we'll never steer you in that direction. It's just you. You can get a lot of enjoyment without spending thousands of dollars and that's where a lot of recommendations come from that type of thing. Brayden is like the poster boy for TC LTV's and which are good TV's but you know you no one's GonNa say they're an Ol- ed but there is a place for it and apparently only that places in Britain's house places anywhere I can put one in my house absolutely all right so we have some email and the first one. We didn't get the name on this one. It just says hey are check it out. And it's a link to a website called hidden television dot com and it is a Vanity Mirror. TV aligning with the prediction. That there would be. TV's in mirrors for your bathrooms and so that gets full credit. Do we get full credit in hindsight info credit. I'm wondering if I want to do that. The reason his brain. This thing is so expensive a three foot by two foot by right. Three foot mirror was about six thousand dollars. So I don't know. Do I take credit for that. I mean the TV's in the mirror. So I don't think you put a price point on it. None of us are going to go out and buy their. It's it's doable. Retro retroactively. I will take read it all right so the next Email is is from Dale and it is about some home automation. Tips says longtime listener. Thanks for your hard work. Educating US I wanted to expand my home automation starting with the garage. wjr door controller however I have many different brands of home automation devices in. WanNa use one system to bring it all together. I would also like to know if I need a hub who Samsung smart-t hub. Or can I use a particular brand like a echo or something along those lines. If you could point me in the right direction that would be great. I it currently have an An an Alexa Echo. I have These home automation devices devices which I wished to integrate with voice voice control as well as iphone. He's got a ring to and he's got a honeywell total connect comfort thermostat Sonos Integra. DRC Dash are one dot one receiver home theater With the receiver and Future Home Automation of HD Plus Control Music. The Sony Eight F Ola. TV and he says control for not interested in using it as the main component. Because I need to pay extra for programming. So later on he wants to add wireless cameras sensors lighting. So I looked at it and the only thing I can think of that will tie it all together. Now is the the eco- The thermostat the ring the Sonos they all have Echo Echo I guess that calm echo What do they call those Thing Brayden on the echo. When you have a dude yeah I have the? I'm having the the same law of say there's a term for it but there is a way to integrate it with the ECHO. That's what I'm thinking. I don't know that that you could use your iphone voice wise with the Echo. I think if you bring up the APP you may be able to press a button and and speak into it but Hundred percent sure on skills. That's what it is but I'm not a hundred percent. Sure on that. And then there's a lot of wireless cameras that integrate with it and sensors is in lighting and that kind of stuff so in fact hue lights integrate with the echo as well. That's what I would recommend. You don't need a hub in the sense. Hence your echo becomes your hub in that now. If you want to start from scratch you could you could do a google home or You can do do the home kit as you said you have an iphone. You can do something like that. But consid- considering that you're already down this road I'm gonNA sages tight altogether with your with your echo. Thank you everyone out there who knew that we were talking about skills and sent that to me telepathically. Also thank you to Google for me. Find that and all right next to email is from Keith. Andy says hello guys. Hope you had a happy holiday. I've been trying to build my home theater to be four K.. Ready when I decided to purchased four K.. TV So I purchased an encore receiver. which has all the bells and whistles for sound decoding? THX Certified Four K.. Hd are passed through Plus Three D.. Pass passthrough picked up a new sub and speakers at great holiday prices now my quandary is at my current. TV is sixty inch L. G.. Ten Eighty P three D.. Led you still looks great from my distant sitting about ten feet. I want to upgrade to a larger screen. Maybe seventy two seventy five inch and led most likely but there's nothing in the market market I know of this supports three D.. Anno they make three to four K.. Blu Rays and I've got a bunch of three D Blu Rays I've purchased through the years and still enjoy watching them with my four year old son so if they still produce three d blu Ray plus four K.. Three D BLU Ray. How on earth can we watch this content? My cable provider also broadcast three D. movies. It's on HBO on demand. Is there anything in the market that you know of or do I throw away my three D. collection just keep or just keep my old TV and forget about upgrading to four K.. This is very frustrating to consumers especially since almost all movies are still currently released in three D in theaters so the format is it's still not technically dead at all. Any input would be greatly appreciated and that again he says thanks Keith. are to be honest with with you. I have no answer to this e mail because I have not looked for the three D.. Check box on TV. I have purchased at maybe ever. Maybe when it was big for a while it was looking to see this TV three D. because I might want to get into it or looking at the LG's that had the passive glasses but You know since then a few years back. I really haven't even noticed if three D was a feature on TV or not. Have you looked into it at all. Yes so there are not. I couldn't find any televisions that supported it. It just I think it's a technology analogy that just never panned out and there are a lot of people who do like it however for the most part most people just never it never caught on on so a lot of manufacturers. Just quit putting that technology in. It's Kinda like they're asking. Well why do these DISC manufacturer factor supported if There's aren't any. TV's that support it. I think it it doesn't cost them much to put the seat in the three disc in there when when when credit because there are some Some TV's out there that still do support. The only other option is the the projector after that I purchased just recently does support three D if You wanna go to that route instead of going with the actual television by the ultra short throw. Oh the the OPTIMA cinemax P.. One it does support three D you get a smaller screen. I think the smallest one I saw was like eighty inches. So you can get eighty in screen and that will get you what you're looking for. But I think it's just a technology that never really found a viewership of following and and a lot of manufacturers saying we're not gonNA waste our money on it well option three year option for whatever keith. Is You take that sixty inch three D. TV and mount in your four year old son's bedroom make him the luckiest four year old boy in the on the block and anytime you want to Wash Three D. movies. Get a couple of bean bag chairs. Here's throw him in the room and watch three movies in your four year olds room and then you got the bigger four K.. TV Out for the four K.. Movies in your Family Room Home Theater. Whatever you know you call all that and then you still got both best of both worlds? Plus your son's got four Three D. TV in his room. That's Pretty Rad. Well that's exactly what. Uh the Russel's do over there we don't we don't throw out. TV's man we put them somewhere else. Exactly all right and then we got an email from nick. This is more of a heads up. We're not gonNA talk too much about it other than describe what it is. It is a youtube video and what it does. It's a great I wouldn't watch. It's a great description option of what. HDR Is and then tells the difference between HDR ten dolby vision and H L G. We have over the years also described the differences. But this is all in one place for instance like Dolby vision will give you HDR information frame by frame or scene by seeing whereas the original hd are Kinda just averaged it out over the entire movie so some things look great and something's not so much and So so anyway. He goes and describes it the person on this youtube. We have a link at the website. If you're interested in it it I watch it. Even though I kind kind of knew it I still learn some stuff out of it. All right next to email is from Tom. He's having some issues. Netflix atmos- an apple TV and his email says since both you guys are advocates of streaming over physical media and rightly so when it works. I have an apple. TV and several problems occur. Hulu blue only does stereo through the stream device and net flicks at most often. Has the problem that he found a discussion thread at AB forum. And here's what the threat says problem with all dolby ATMA's content when played through NETFLIX APP on Apple. TV Four K.. The center dialogue channel intermittently gently placed through the rear speakers. The sound appears to jump from different speakers should not get narrative through my rear speakers at most Amazon prime apple plus dizzy plus movies. All through. Itunes all play perfectly. The problem with is with Apple. TV for K.. Net flicks APP and I don't use is apple. TV Four K.. and that females from Tallin. Thanks Tom are have. You noticed. Any of this with your apple TV. I have not an I have watched some something's in net flicks Both on the system. That doesn't have at most connected to it an on the system that does have atmos- connected to it. I have not run into these issues so I don't know that it's every device but it is been reported that some people are experiencing this We kinda just offer this as a public service Anna request for Tom requests on his behalf. If somebody does have this issue and they know how to resolve it Let us know and we'll share that information with Tom but yeah even though I use that device I have not experienced those issues. Lucky I guess and then just in sends us an email and said love your podcast. I've got a question regarding wireless speakers with the Dennen What is it S. five forty bt receiver? It does not support heels. However and? I'm not sure I wireless. He'll speakers anyhow. But I do want to be able to have other wireless speakers in the front living room with the main receiver in the back. Dan About seventy five feet away. Can I make any Speaker Bluetooth or hook up hook up to this receiver using its Bluetooth capabilities. Or what about why five. I already have speakers and to use in saw products. Like the outlaw alway. W4 and other Bluetooth transmit transmitters. Many the receivers advertise wireless speaker capabilities but seem to force you. To buy their specific speakers. Even if I upgraded the den and that supports heels upgraded to then in the supports heels. Then I would have to buy speakers and that's not really what I want. Maybe the off easiest option any input you have would be greatly appreciated so got a couple of approaches to this one. I'm assuming by your email that you want to use the Dennen as your receiver as opposed Jose just putting wireless speakers back there and you can use a chrome cast or Some other apple to type airplay to type of device device to turn those into wireless speaker. So let's if that's the easiest thing to do a chrome cast hooked up to it would powered speakers. You've got a second zone would. Would you agree with that Brayden. Yes that makes it super simple. Yes yeah so the other one is an you want to use wireless but you WANNA use your receiver. I have done this use these for my surround speakers. But there's no reason why you couldn't use us for another zone on your receiver. I went to audio engine. I and I got there. W Three wireless audio adapter. It's about one hundred and fifty dollars and one of those plugs into the receiver and you'll connect up the left ed right channel from what wherever. You're getting your audio on your receiver. The other one connects to an amplifier on the receiving end. So you will need if For instance the speakers you have. I don't believe are powered so you're going to need. Some sort of amplifier audio engine sells them. SVS audio sells them. You can go get him at Parts expressed really cheap ones on Amazon. So you can get a receiver. Sorry an amplifier for from anywhere from twenty five to two hundred fifty dollars. There's you can decide the quality that you want you plug the wireless audio adapter receiver into that. And now you've bridge the gap without wires. It's going to end up costing can you anywhere from say one hundred and seventy five dollars to as much as four hundred dollars. Depending on the speaker's you have you may want to go the higher end. Because of the quality I have used these adapters for continuously in my master bedroom for the surround speakers. I have not heard a pop or a click. I think in about five years and they've just been on consistently for five years so they work very reliably. It is inexpensive solution. But it is the best wireless solution I've I've ever dealt with when dealing with trying to get audio from from a receiver to pair of speakers so you got two options there I I think because you wanNA use receiver This might be the way to go. Oh in Sonos is another option. If you want to get into Sonos. They used to sell a product called the bridge. I think it's called the port now but you might still to the bridge on Ebay and you can plug again an audio source to it. And then it'll put that audio source into your Sonos system and then you could add another amp or bridge or whatever they're called at your speakers occurs and make those another zone in your system so you can broadcast the music and then you could add Sonos speakers wherever you want great as many zones as you want so sonos would be another option but again Sonos to get those devices like each of the bridge is probably going to be three or four hundred bucks so it's not a cheap route to go but so would allow you to do something similar as well. Yeah and to be honest with you. If it were me I would go the Sonos route because then you could add more zones anywhere you want. So let's say you you get the this one's own that you're trying to get here and then you decide you know what I WANNA put one in my dining room. I WANNA put one in my master bedroom. It actually is a a very very good system and in the time that I've been using Sonos. I don't think I've ever had a sink. Issue was is rock solid all the stones all zones loans are in sync right and our next email is from van and he says. Here's an idea. I've got a motion sensor on the ceiling of our walk in closet laws it and added a connected bulb it stays on for one minute with no motion definitely overkill but I had to reduce redundancy and needed it to move the sensor but this is a solution to. I've thought about putting timer switches like in closets bathrooms because my kids have some sort of mental illness that they can't turn off the light in a closet or a bathroom after they go in the light turns on and it just never turns off so I'm constantly going around the house. Turn lights off but if if you had a motion sensor and it was connected to the switch or the bulb in the closet you wouldn't have to worry about it as soon as they're gone after a minute the light turns off And it's not as frustrating improbably as those timers switches. Where after the five minutes after five minutes it turns off? Even if you're still in there and you've got to turn it back on and you get another five minutes alight. So that's a cool idea. And then he says. I love the water valve thing doing research as probably a lot of people because that water valve solution sounds really really bad so the next email is from Robert and he says hey guys being a fellow home water leak victim. It's interesting that line in the AD for the for the Mon flow is that you are more likely to have issues based on this and you will fire or theft so it it. There's a lot of people who got water leak issues anyway. I installed a water water cop. We leak detector water leak detection system in my home over a decade ago and it has saved me many times it works. Best when the water wireless airless. Water sensors are placed in every location in the home where water is used the water cop water COP dot com. It's very effective with the leak in those is locations. But we had three other leaks in the copper pipes in our walls and attic. They were very small. Pinhole leaks where it took a while for the water to to accumulate in the ceiling and eventually be seen. The water cop is not effective for this type of leak because I. I was intrigued by the MON flow system that you described bribed on a discuss on a recent podcast but I'm concerned about false alarms for a few reasons. Our toilets how small leaks which I think is very common. Because because they're not detected very easily by sight or sound and I think what he means by leaks is not necessarily a leak where it's dripping on the sink but you you know the how it got that Little Stop Valve and sometimes it doesn't turn off all the way and just have the small imperceptible amount of water. That's still trying to fill it. I think that's what he's talking about right. So you will have no water on the floor to to let you know about this anyway. He says we also have of a reverse osmosis system in our house. That slowly draws water to make purified water storage tank. Also the ice maker in our freezer draws water periodic periodically to make ice. How will the Mohan system handle these Intended water usages in and we'll be able to discern them from a real water leak. How does it determine the differences ince's between a pinhole water leak in copper pipe and a small leak in the toilet are? I'm hoping you will let us know after you get the system salt in salt in your home. And that's from Robert Robert in San Diego so also I didn't flag His email but chuck sent an email and he said in his case Let's say he said You leave the laundry on and you leave. The House is so your your laundry is on. or The dishwashers on. You'RE GONNA get a notification that something's the things going on and if you said it into away mode it's going to say oh there's water going I need to shut things off. I believe Moen Has dealt with that. I don't know exactly how so I I am going to get this thing set up in the house a second. Let you know but Chuck said. He prefers having living the censors at each point and I believe he can turn them off automatically by. He's install some sort of valve at that point where he can turn them off. What I'm thinking is a hybrid? I kinda like what chuck saying here What if you have Your dishwasher on and you leave the house you put it. You don't I want to necessarily put it in a way moat because it may think okay. nobody's in the house. There's water running. I'm going to shut everything down to my. You thinking the hybrid is you. Don't put it in in a way mode but you do get the water sensors and you put those waters in your under your sinks in your toilets those areas. So you can now you are the the cop you realize that okay. There's water going on at the house but none of my sensors have gone off so I'm going to leave leave that and I think that's Kinda the best hybrid. The water sensors themselves aren't terribly expensive. I think they're anywhere from twenty five eighteen fifty dollars. So if you've got ten points in your house where you could have a potential leak. It's GONNA cost you about five hundred bucks but and the MON flow. We decided it was about eight fifty in salt. So so you're looking at thirteen hundred dollars for total protection against water leak so I think the answer is the combination of the Mohan flow and the The sensors and of course you could go chuck's route and install some sort of on off valve on all your water sources and to me. I think that would actually be a little bit more expensive. Yeah and there's so many to you know then they also was mentioned in the email. There's places that league like mine was a slab leak that there's no way to put a water leak detector in this lab so you have have to have something more like the Mohan to pick something like that up but yeah the false alarms are probably would be frustrating if it shuts off the water to your house when it shouldn't you know but something I think is better than nothing so but you may be able to do so. We don't know I. I just flag that when I was doing research there or maybe a way to say Water is running in the house for the next hour or whatever. You know what I'm saying because I've done the same thing where I've hit. Start on the dishwasher. Sure and then I've taken off but the dishwasher eventually stops so you say you know what disregard any water flow for the next hour and a half because is on at home And then you don't have an e then it goes on but then the issue is what happens if you are running your dishwasher her but there actually is a leak so you got an hour and a half of where the water is going to be leaking. Nothing is perfect but I think this helps you quite a bit right and peace of mind. At least right. Yeah so I need to get that scheduled to get installed. 'cause I'm really kind of excited about this all right and it's now time to jump off a little news and Roku says it won't be long before streaming revenue ECLIPSES TV streaming video. Video has been one of the biggest growth stories of the past several years but even with all the attention has been paid to the space. The industry is nowhere near full maturity according to an executive streaming platforms ROKU INC in the long run the total addressable market for streaming video is all TV money period said Scott Rosenberg senior senior vice president and general manager of roku platform business over the top or ot streaming in his words. Let's advertisers do things that they've gotten used two in digital but hasn't been possible on TV such as individually targeting consumers based on user specific data Rosenberg compared the industry specifically streaming streaming related advertising to the early days of smartphones when usage far outpaced. How much advertisers focused on them? He cited a study that suggested twenty nine percent of TV viewing was happening outside of the traditional model. Although only three percent of TV ad budgets were being allocated streaming services with that imbalance will correct in a pretty accelerated fashion over the next two or three years he said in a phone interview marketers are starting to move their money and once it begins to happen a pace we'll we'll see significant outflow and this scares me a little bit that we're going to get more commercials in streaming services. Hopefully they can find a way to do it without just bombarding us with commercials but it is interesting that you've got twenty five percent of viewing is coming from essentially over the top streaming only three percents of ad budgets. They're yeah imagined when we first started this podcast streaming was just in. It's like beginnings a we've gone such a long way but I think there will be an option to work for instance is on the CBS APP. You could pay a little bit more money and get the non-commercial I think there will be a way where you can do the same thing I'm hoping because the I.. Hey Commercials Watch something live. It's just it just sucks it through commercials. Yeah and anytime you want something live you instinctively actively Kinda hit the skipper fast forward button. Nothing happens as it's annoying. All right and then youtube wants to make it easier for people to watch control on how full youtube experience experience on any device of their choosing in a blog post published late last week the platform outline changes its product team made to its mobile APP. Sincere you're including a new feature that allows people to voice search on either IOS or android even with their phone even while their phone is casting passing two TV for example. You can search for dinner recipes on your phone and then Content will show up on your TV. That fits what you're hoping to find the company also so says it now allows people to watch videos in HDR when streaming from playstation four or playstation for pro right and Congress Congress passed a law banning. One of the cable industry's most despised practices. Congress in recent days past the Television Viewer Protection Act of Twenty nineteen so that was obviously a couple days ago includes a ban on hidden cable fees among the consumer friendly benefits of this legislation. Many any of which you thought should have been standard operating procedure already but actually weren't pay. TV operators are required to disclose the total price of a package before or a customer signs on the dotted line for it with that disclosure including all charges fees and everything else. That's going to go into it. Those operators will will also be prohibited from charging customers a fee for the equipment that they don't use customers will have the right to cancel service within twenty four hours of being told the total cost Faucet package at the point of sale and they won't have to pay a penalty to get a sense of all the extra costs that get added to your bill cable companies routinely charged urge fees for routers and cable modems all sorts of administrative inconvenience fees regional sports fees installation fees and more all of which are currently legal. All but they don't disclose them in your. Hey Twenty nine ninety nine a month package they get added to your bill later on now they have to tell you everything that's in the package. That's it's Pretty Rad. I really liked. This is interesting When I was in Rome just a few days ago I want to go buy something in a gift shop in Rome for the weekend? Is that what happened with you. Man said ten euros and I went to the store pulled out a ten euro note. gave the guy that walked walked away. I really liked it. I don't know why in the US we do plus tax. I kinda understand where they want you to know. Oh this is how much the product costs. And then you'll have to deal with the tax later words in in all of Europe you don't know how much is tax and it not I. I don't know that it matters even but it's Kinda Nice if you have two things in your hand one says ten euros the other one says five. You know it's GonNa cost you fifteen dollars. That's word this is going and I I kinda like that with the cable. It just like you know what you're GONNA pay thirty dollars a month. I don't care what fees they are if you look at your your builders like equipment equipment fees there's city fees all these fees so your twenty five dollar a month plan ends up costing you thirty dollars. What if they just said it's GONNA cost you thirty thirty two dollars a month for this? I think that's great and I think we need to do more of that here on on everything it would just be a lot better well. There's no sales tax in Oregon so in Oregon but it's weird in California like sales tax varies by county and even sometimes by city within a county. So you don't even know how much taxes GonNa GonNa be when you go buy something to all depends on where you are. It is pretty random. Yeah we'll think about when you buy a car you go make your deal and you say okay you you agree on twenty five thousand dollars and before you know they. They print up this long piece of paper with everything. Registration Blah Blah Blah. Before you know it at twenty five thousand dollars cars thirty thousand on dollars it'd be Kinda cool if they said okay. We're GONNA mark up the price to include all that stuff. This is the price you're GONNA pay All right that's my new goal for twenty twenty to make that happen in the United States are TCL brain. This is yours TCL Will Challenge Ola dominance imminence at CAS two thousand twenty with his new mini led DVD's. Now we've talked about micro. Led meany is kind of like a step to get there. And I'm I'm really excited about this. I'M GONNA go check this out when I'm there next week The Schenn's then based TV manufacturer announced onset is bringing its latest crop of many led TVs to the show and they could pose a real threat to LG's dominance many led TV's for those was who missed their debut a few years ago use smaller led's to allow for more precise control over TV backlight while they don't offer Pixel by Pixel so brightness control The same Ola does many can get much brighter than all ED and they make a world of difference when it comes to displaying. HDR content expectancy the number of new models announced during TCL's keynote. At this fall that falls on Monday January. Sixth Wchs at Twelve PM in Vegas okay. So here's the cool thing would the direct Lit led's you can have. I think is many as what what five hundred zones. Something like that but would many. I think you can have like a thousand or something so I said that I should have checked this out before I I read that but Here we're going to use the computer many led zones. Yeah I think like five thousand maybe an But the ones that they have currently listed at the website the eight series. I think only go up to seventy five inch so I've got my fingers crossed that at. CAS are going to announce an eighty and eighty two and eighty five inch something bigger and that will be my TV Al.. pull the trigger and pull well. I'll wait for you to give me the re your review on it and tell me what Oh you think of it when you see it at CAS but if it is as good as the buzz around it you know and the hype that might be that might kill my analysis paralysis. Right there and I'll go out and get another I would love to see that but Yeah so they can have as many as twenty five thousand many. Led's rate across the back of a TV and then they said the other ones you know anywhere from five hundred a little bit higher. So that gets you. I think enough resolution an obviously it's not pixel by Pixel 'cause you need you know what is it Millions right to do work ATV but how often do you need to address every pixel. We're every pixel something different. I think this is actually gets you close enough and it may be the best compromise I kind of excited about this. Like I said I'M GONNA go check this out when we get to see. Es and get you a quick analysis Ossis and hopefully end this for you once and for all our and our our last news ish story. WE'RE GONNA post this up at the website in case you WanNa do some research. It's a guide to TV and streaming device privacy settings. The article gives readers insight on adjusting SMART SMART TV and streaming platforms privacy settings including those on Samsung. TV's roku devices Amazon. Fire TV streamers. It explains automatic content recognition in software which recognizes images on screens. So if you want to do some research on how to make sure that you've got your privacy settings dialed in right hit up. At Dot Com. Click on the link to this article and dig around all right and since Brayden and I record it. Seems like ages ago Really early before Christmas. A lot of time went by which is why we had had a lot of emails and a lot of news. So we just got a really light Feature for the end here it's an article over at Ktar news it was probably in other places as well but anyway it's here's how to create a separate network for smart home devices and I believe Brayden. We have talked about this in the past but ah allot Listeners probably bought some home automation devices. And we think is probably a good idea to go over it because security already. Would these devices before Christmas. We saw the article about the ring cams some people. It wasn't really like they hacked into it but they were able able to guess passwords and kind of get into the system but So what is a good way to protect your system in. This article has three options. Yeah so the answer is the FBI office in fact if you want to know who this comes from in Oregon chimed in on the security associated with Iot and they are warning like you said that you know. Maybe you aren't concerned about a cyber criminal getting in adjusting your thermostat but it's not thermostat. That's the issue. The thermostat is the doorway. They get in. That gets them access to your router from your router everything else that's connected to it. So option one they say way is to run two completely separate networks. They say this is the most secure but the least cost effective and probably the most frustrating you actually have to separate Internet connections with each using its own router you can either contact your ISP for a second connection or opt for a second connection from another ISP if you want outage insurance but this would be two completely separate networks to connect different connections to the Internet. Everything that sensitive to your computers offers and banking information all on its own network and all of your iot devices on a totally different network so I wonder if you can even do that from the same Internet providers providers say look I just want to networks come in here but would you need. I guess he will do it all through Wi Fi. There wouldn't be any devices that were connected physically 'cause you'd also also need to physical networks. That was what you were doing. Well you'd have to go to wherever it all of your ethernet connections are home. Run in and run some of those was to one of the routers and some to the other. And if you're doing hardwired and you know that the IOT devices hardwired connections go into Iot router it'd be kind of a headache but you would would. Have you could split up. Essentially the wires going through your houses your house into two different networks. Why when you plug something in which network is connected? The two right. I'm thinking about my home here. All My internet devices are wire. Oh wait a minute. My Hugh is connected to my router physically. And then it's wireless from there so yeah I would have to do something along those lines. Okay option to one router but separate. SS ID's most current routers. Routers have the ability to set up a guest network which is separate from the primary network to activate his option. You need to go into the router setting and look for a reference to a guest network so the the question I have for you Brayden and maybe some of our. It experts could a respond. If you set up a guest network is does the router isolate that network from the rest of your home network. Does that's the point of the guests network. Okay Yeah Obviously I. I'm thinking about out of because otherwise you just give your friends the regular network but this way okay. That's actually probably the easier way to go. Just create something like You know I don't know you name it. Something that makes sense. Is that something you'd consider doing. Yeah the only frustration you have there. Is that in order for you to connect to any of your IOT devices. You can't really do it on the local network unless you take your phone phone and move it over to the guest network. Your phone has to be connected to the the correct Wi fi network in order for it to work And so you flip over and jump over two guests network to control your iot devices and then back over to your regular network to control you know to be part of you know where your computers and laptops and stuff are All I kind of have to do that now. Did if they're all internet connected then you could just be on your regular home network and go through the Internet to get back to your own house control your IOT devices But you know you just have to make sure if you WANNA do on local Kinda on the land you'd have to switch back and forth between the two networks. Why kind of do that now? Well yeah that's right. I only need to do that sometimes when I added device because if they don't support five Gigahertz you have to put your phone on your two point point four gigahertz network Mind both happened to be named Well One says five Gigahertz and one has the name of the network And then but once it's connected then I can switch back over to five gigahertz because then my router just assumes it all as one network regardless of what band frequency quincy using. But if you're bridges those two right if you were to. If you were to create the guest network you know longer would have that so effectively in your own house you would be you talking to your your home automation as if you were outside of your house is what I think what you're saying. Yeah 'cause the were is frustrating and I was doing this for a while. Is You have both of those networks In your phone or your tablet or your laptop or whatever and they're both auto connect so that when you get home it just connects to Wi fi and you don't really know which one it's going to connect to. Sometimes it'll to one. Sometimes it will connect to the other and then you know you're frustrated because hey this thing that I want to do isn't working because I'm connected to the wrong WIFI and or it happens to like my wife's phone and she's like. Hey how come. Nothing's working and because it's connected to the wrong Wifi so it can get frustrating waiting but I guess if you have not devices and only IOT devices on that guest network then you could say okay. Well I'M NOT GONNA make that one in auto connect. I'll just manually connect whenever I I need to get to those devices right. or Yes that that's exactly the the right solution okay. And then option three and they say the most complicated approach which is to use two separate routers use a single Internet connection but two separate routers that are properly connected and configured connecting them improperly won't achieve the security goal of isolating your Iot devices at depending upon how they're set up You're going to need a number of configuration steps required as well it. It isn't something that they would recommend. Unless you or someone that you know is that it can help. You is really network savvy And it is. It is complicated to use one Internet connection and get two totally separate routers going through that one Internet connection. It's easy to add. More routers as kind of wireless access points or bridges or gateways but then they're all ended up being connected to the same network so you're not getting the isolation that you want getting two separate routers to that same Internet connection can be complicated complicated and it does take a little bit. It know how to get it set up so you can't do a bridge if that's what you're saying about using extra access points in my house what I've done with my cable company gave me a wireless router but I already had a A wireless network in here what I did was I put the wireless network into bridge mode so all it did was it was it would pass all the network information over to the router and the router would hand out the IP IP addresses. But as far as Wifi goes it came from my wireless my My old router And then I just turn the wireless off off on the router that the cable company gave me but interesting point. I was at my mother-in-law's house we got a new router. And I had a What was it the Hang on absolute my phone net gear. Obi is does that make sense. Yeah I think so or be or be so so I connected that in and didn't do anything to it and I have to networks. It works running in my mother-in-law's house and it it just worked so I didn't say put this in bridge mode or whatever. I don't know why it's working but it's working working so there are two distinct. Se devices what is it s as ID devices coming off the routers and it's working so I may be the orbi handles that automatically. I believe that under the covers they are bridge to even the ones broadcasting one. SSI and the other one's broadcasting passing another you connect to let's say the Orbi it's Bridge to the other router so there are connected essentially to the the same network but you're connecting through almost like a guest network work in that case but the guest network is bridge so that they're connected okay so it was automatic. Because I didn't want to put my setup here I actually went in and told the router you're in bridge mode but I didn't do that with the Orbi so it must've said okay this guy's handing out Ip addresses so I'm just going to bridge bridge. You Oh yeah. I think what's happening there. Essentially as the orbit getting an IP address from the other router and then turning around and saying okay. I'm GONNA use this. Ip Address as my Internet like my Wayan Ip Okay and then it hands out other IP addresses to whoever connects to it but then because it's ran Ip is actually the other router is routing all that information through that other router. So it's through that other network network now. I'm not an I could be. You know you know wrong in this but my gut tells me that this essentially routing that all of its orbit orbi traffic through that other router so it is on the same network. You know what I should go. Look at what the Ip addresses are because one could. Do you know the typical one. Ninety two dot one sixty eight dot blah blah blah And there's other ones that are like ten dot one dot whatever I what if they're handing out different IP addresses so it just doesn't matter they're never going to they're never going to collide. Is that makes answers that evening. But even if they're in the same The same range they're essentially isolated because we're on different. SSID's connecting to different antennas or different. Okay Yeah wireless access points so to speak but those two access points are connected together right. So they're both talking. Okay yeah so I'm not an it guy just a software guy. I know there's a lot of complexity was all that stuff. I can't set up a network but that's about it so I guess a option twos away to go. Yeah if you don't need a guest network like you aren't constantly having guests over and telling them hey connected this network because I don't want you to connect to my sensitive stuff. Then using your guests network is by far the easiest way to go a right and that is it for today's show Hopefully you enjoyed a a wonderful new year and if you're having trouble setting resolutions my advice to my boys was keep all your bad habits because Mama didn't raise no quitters but I resolved resolved to go watch some more. TV So you all should go out and watch some TV. And we'll see next time you've been listening to the HDTV and home theater podcast with our Derian and Brayden Russell. If you're not already a subscriber find the show and I tunes stitcher for your favorite podcast aggregated in social media. Look them up on facebook and on twitter at HDTV podcast to contact ARA or Brayden. Questions and feedback email. HD GUYS AT HP St Guys Dot Com and they're on the web at H._d.. Guys Dot Com again. Be sure to subscribe and thanks for listening to the H._d._T._v.. And Own Theatre podcast.

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