Episode 140: How Sweep It Is. 8 Wins To Go.


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didn't the Minnesota twins I don't care who's on that roster on care who is on the Yankees roster they'll sweep them every single time they weren't capable of Venus fucking How fucking stupid or are we were scared of the twins we had a moment where we looked at each other and we said Oh my God we thought about Jacob it was really him this is your first seatgeek purchase joining Long Sammy we're all headed to the Ale cs baby my coast my compadres Tommy Smokes Tomsk belly and my heart was in my mouth just the entire game I mean anytime you have a game where it's a chance to clinch in on a limitation game for one team it's always so much more exciting and just I mean fucking meeting get the Fuck Outta here I love the little baggage with you have to say you're going to bring some bag of tricks you don't get your nothing you got nothing bags it just at the end of the day Whoa what's up what's happening welcome visit one day Holy Shit on now Tuesday yeah it's only kill I say something right away what's up man we need to go back to our preview of the series and just said a bit more watch a couple of game five in the NFL on on a Wednesday stress-free just gear up for an absolute war it's going to be a fucking war whoever it is I'm going to be I mean we we streamed it felt like we were stream for hours watching all the Games today there were four games today we are emotionally drained I think survived the gambling eh all the jams they got out of severe early he's didn't have that second inning hold the defense check Labor Dj Judge Deedee at the I mean it was like one of the and then the defense is substitution can remain although I guess he didn't really have to make any good place but just a better defender out there and then judge obviously no one makes catching right field office knows beg tricks or the light sauce yeah let's make make us live in the dark yeah our whole fucking off full of power okay we don't need the fucking lights on Dr Than Than Judge I mean Britain off the mound getting that fucking to get the I was unbelievable my God yeah hurt him but still have a recall we don't know what's wrong Ayush I don't think you know I didn't lose I was unbelievable good great fucking baseball game how such a good game it was so stressful more flawless defensive games I've ever seen Yankees play and like in the past defense hadn't been their calling card really like you know they added the digital mayhew and all that uh which DJ almost trump's although as an infield fly and then just fucking destroys the next two hitters believe it was Gonzalez like we can just sit back we have five days to reenergize playoff baseball it straight emotionally draining we have five days now we watch the Astros and raise hopefully beat up on each other cave to strikes them out I almost thought he was putting people on base in this game just to strike them out and screaming their face doing bumps let's make this fun Luis Severino starts the game and right off the bat just couldn't throw a fastball first-strike everything was everything was up he did have his other two pitches changes I was actually really really good tonight and slider was devastating at times like some of the most unhittable size are ever seen his second inning loads the basis nobody out in Grinky Game One oh my God and that means you'd have to start in key stadium game five will he'll love a mental breakdown after that Christ so let's get into the game I it is Nice fucking they could somehow win that game four and then take out our land or game one yeah and then I thought for lenders starting strike them out and then the fourth inning was really we're we're debating would you send them out there you go battered by batter forget who they canley warming up in that third inning basis in the second inning and I said to everybody I'm like hey we get out of here down to one we take that happy with I mean you didn't know where those your stuff his fastball as when the third inning was also a little dicey dig a tomb then shrieks guard anything once again just putting guys on with him but that we weren't gonNA survive three-game series in the place of that injury let's let's I spoke at we were like Oh we're GONNA guy here clean no snow granted the Yankees have got an early run in the top second flavors homer labour will get into just he's a ridiculous human being he's so good at baseball but SEVERNA loads you're not Zach Britton nope you're not surviving this one good thing we're off till Saturday so maybe he can get some job good mental break scrape physical mental break for the players before us to like the cardinals Carlos Martinez like why p. knows he's warming up he's like Oh my God and then he sucks and then the the Astros John smoltz heats New York it was five to one he's going to get some rally going what's he dropped it unfortunately unfortunately like that one just didn't get out and they didn't get enough on that one crazy watching throughout the season listen I'm locked into the Yankees I'll see other teams here near when I bet on them but on the plus I'm watching every single game no-one good bullpen and then he ends up having a great fourth-inning it was very very easy that fastball is locating all this he gets through four innings that's all you need that's only four show that one's kind of stuck star the briefs Car ranch cards was good yeah and the astros routed the defensive display all God who was unbelie like Joe I mean come on like I understand you want to keep the audience captive but he was a straight a brooding for the twins it was fruit it was literally route what he's doing and let's just keep your mouth shut we have this bullpen no I no I'm saying like it makes sense in the crazy thing I imagine ten years ago be like Oh yeah we just need four innings of our starter and we're gold I will say that every single time baseball I I agree I would sign up for that but just crazy like baseball in two thousand nineteen like four innings from taking it Ktar like he just made a decision for he's like he didn't let him go that one more battle and see what happens like you know what fuck it we have a good bullpen US everybody right so then when he comes out of the game early not one per now one team has a good bullpen besides us like the car day try to say good bullpen what they tried to finish everything the Fuck Donald smaltz we screamed he screamed want easy need to pump myself get people on base to take him down and he's like I gotTa make sure people remember like who I am and like how exciting I can be to give him just one batter Friday night and tonight I guess you just didn't do his job either time and they didn't want to risk it but he was pretty much brought into the game two in both games to get Nelson Cruz think of the last time he played the twins and all that bad memories come in you know he's had bad start she's really good starts in the plaza there's a little bit of both he got odd repair down he gets the Infield they bring in green right and that leads to easily the most electric moment of the night even close so there's and then the national disaster viable in any disaster that's absolutely issues Corbett incorporates not used to being reliever and then you've got the Yankees and it's just like Komo yeah so he's already came one unless they're going to put them on short rest again the I don't see that say don't forget what coal out so then you started even if you're going to be quite let us call the game or something like that just insane I mean you expected though that's just what John smoltz says he's just it's amazing I didn't I think you need to throw strikes October and they know he's very capable of just not throwing strikes is losing the strike zone and maybe they don't WanNa risk right so do like he's quit he was yeah being chew binder Jewish with like juice dating back to Joe Girardi you know they're more analytical and they even were under Girardi right right thing yeah I mean we'll send well yeah no the sixth thing wasn't because that's where judge had to make that catch sight seventh-inning was a little dicey I guess well we got all these guys and they're great one and they're awesome it's almost like their bullpen usage just been weird though like on a Venos- been used for like one at a time what is that it's almost it shocked it's Chris still bitter over ninety six ninety nine I mean I usually when people like announcer by Bob La hates my team are usually thinks a little ridiculous who ends up hitting it was a zero he grounds out to sex so the Yankees are in this crazy shift Rosaria hits it into into pretty much shallow right field glacier has to slide Chevy Ford how the plays we made tonight were show perfect they literally looked like the globetrotters out there basically baseball and while it's going on US idiots were streaming the gamers a to his left spin around and make a throw and DJ scoops it it was just it was all happening too quick and it was just the most unbelievable play and it speaks to what we GEICO fifteen guys tonight the bullpen comes and they lose the game you know and then I guess the race they've pretty salty to like I don't think they're going to be advancing just send them out there may be like foxy likes the outrage that like Oh here we go people listen Johnson to hear the bias or something like that was the fourth inning like the only clean trying to make even more we need to make an exciting we made it exciting on her own I don't even know how how did it start with the SEC Frankie was saying how like him and his friends the seventh inning was let the first guy on and then bring came in and was so that was probably the the most lax obviously the eighth wasn't because Britain anything like we didn't have to worry about anything and everything they was like Holy Shit yet another gym was jumbled green six there was the double down left but then he got yeah I had the peak of my career outside of one star to check earns baseball camp three innings eight strikeouts in the playoffs was second base a play field too table and knocked over from distance this is also like we made it too easy hopelessly throw wasn't very difficult to make but so we're all going to the glare plan the fuck just happened holy rape play back to the play yeah back to the actual though the best play the game best play a game goes ailing over my head I make a huge jump come down with the crowd goes wild magog cheering I checked my it's my gloves so might leaping ability second base unparalleled this Christ thank God that didn't happen but the glare play was crazy I'm just going through the defense was obviously judges playing right no one makes that play besides Aaron judge six grade the blue team line dry basis low team by your plan was I was the blue team saline Utah too tall mookie betts you're good rightfielder all that you don't make that play that was that was on the wall waiting for one hundred percent Lemay Hugh I said I could play first down of time he was confident anything I would probably choose second I think I don't think it would do it was we really don't win the game without the throw you miss like yeah and then we'd be all idiots trying to hit it the whole game like taking away he just throws it in a fucking we celebrate his harder than the replied yeah those cleanest transfer you ever see fastest hands in America and I fuck in pummeled we're GONNA just call out somebody in use a beanie bag TJ was gonNA throw a beanie begged somebody really fast and quickly transfer and throw it to a water bottle the city next pitch next yes and he was it was a it was a classic Gardy fighting off pitches battle and then he squibb's it out just past the third baseman down the field lines scores run just the most classes I feel very unnoticed because I mean that was not very weird short off from a weird angle also how many times do you think labor practices that type of play probably not many at all like how many the time would you be able to be like have Robinson hitting ability but have your fielding ability would you be able to play in the MLB were they like send your house yeah I for sure I definitely remarry a homer and it has to leave because he got her an ninth officers and then is was man that was summit God they chose to go back to what I said about the bullpen the game and the Hollywood have tried to throw he probably start a fire nailed it no smoking broke the direct TV wouldn't be able to watch the game would have gone out although it out I was on my fielding was okay they stuck to you in right field all the time I feel second base everyone go look Tommy's jumping let me know if you could play second base he wasn't good at the plate but he was fantastic at first overall he was really caught a line drive called Alendronate Glee Glare not getting enough attention pick on the is it that's a guy like they debate why he's the three-hitter and we said still probably right that Labor should be that three hitter and we'll see what they do at Houston but it does break it's tweet on the short portion everywhere and all of a sudden frank goes do the thing into the game and Tj tosses Marty the bag and then even I think that if I won't it's moments like that when you the world series you moment you're looking back and it's like throw you remember money's throws unbelie I mean if I missed that throw the Yankees lose a game yeah so explain it to people just weren't watching so tha deficit we basically said anytime a ground ball you wanna be a home run I thought he'd driven somebody else but I guess he was he was the Guy Getting because Didi end up having to its to RBI's continues the just fuck me the face although I only said server came to I didn't say game the dumbest Sabbath good whatever whatever's goes I know it's a good thing to be very one of the first inning when when Brett Gardner like wise this fucking guy aren't it's definitely start smell yeah we need to talk about this because we all have our little superstition thing Thomas is by far the worst I got the wrong so Mardi fucking siesmic practice Goddamn he's awesome twenty two fucking years old can't run to at the plate three for three or four I thought I was going through the game and I copied we'd rather anybody else I think it's third or like or whatever it was like we just don't trust him in this spot like how you pitch them you think they'll keep Garner there because you got all the power ain't broke don't fix it three they have lost but also shot it's your shirt shirts electric I think it's what I know many shoes to wear a pair of shoes and marking okay eating I'm eating one thousand grams of sodium I have bird shit on my shirt can mcgrigor to wear a hat or something that's not even a superstition I have what I have many shoes I only only wearing these shoes and that's crazy with no notice limit on that Khan honestly when tire lions is warming up in anything I'm getting a little excited though salary was wrong it was exciting he was excited they can't pitch a pitch I mean looks pretty the only guy who gave a run tonight was the guy who got hurt is pitching hurt so sounds pretty good to me I mean it's pretty good put the other two outs probably saw combined fifteen pitches or something like that he's found at the pitch swing seeing the ball that will translate hopefully he gonNa win the Yankees my brain saw the Yankees winning but that shirt is so the next man up I mean Dj Oh for today Edwin Ofer Stanton couldn't even come close is that moving in yeah top to bottom and you know to translate back to the bullpen and the pitching this team everyone said this team couldn't pitch every naysayers I love that man I love all them now I mean the thing about this team like if something they all just keep picking each other up I mean. Dj played terrible at the I mean there was only Britain crazy wild pitch that went like I mean that was all the cutter to think but I don't think anyone advanced Garrard's defense when you're not talking about a good thing like pass falls nothing there was just weeded me before he tweeted out a series clinching tweet so no big deal but whatever judge gave judge gave Labor the championship belt after the game the wire when they played the twins and Minnesota early this year I mean every fly ball was a home run a plate great in the field Gary Came Gary came play he played well today he's hitting kennesaw knock on wood we can find whatever it is post are pushing us also I was thinking if they do win the world series we can sell this shirt with a Burchett stain on it okay takes donations I'm making sure this goes in cooperstown camera he just tweeted you did he really thought he saw the tweet you twenty eight booth Golden Stupid go team of God that guy get hit by a bus fucked and we're probably going to hear more I know one advanced on that only the passed ball by Britain is only passport but he also look good at the planet Gary now nothing to show for it well he did it that one the ball and then maven comes in his home run like they keep fucking coming up and get hit but it was like a Bloomberg yes bullshit I just love this fucking team right now so good we love headwinds birds shitting on yeah let's let's win the fucking that's yet let's hear I don't know what else controls stupid Fox was the cavern yeah here's the here's the moon was a little joystick in the there's something weird so obviously when we played the twin spot the camera maybe let me get my phone quick seconds clout Tommy could get all my drawl that's cool speaking of him he just comes in hits a home run out of fucking no we didn't that was that Bosnia for five minutes because of all the other other pop ups just looked like it was going on but I mean everyone's just feeling good right now it's so nice that they just got this out of the way we say Chad Green you know credit to chat green yeah I mean I want to give him enough credit he really in your he's like you can't take your suing ever wash ever watch yeah okay well thanks for narrow okay yeah for four they won the last three Oh nine sweep ten sweep that's nine wildcard third I don't like Trans and I said Talk Behind Chapman I'm keeping him there green finish the season strong playoff performer I love I love her oldest Chapman Yeah Kinley out of you bridge the gap when you burned out keenly through the fifth inning we did our bullpen trust tree on a Friday the live show I was the only one that gave Chad Green love talk real quick before we get into the end of the show Indochino Indochino was founded on the belief that you don't need to spend a fortune on a custom wardrobe you just WanNa look you sought fans relieving in the sixth inning there's like we've seen an we're we're all set here just just a fucking disaster but so let's shame on we'll figure it out oh Jesus okay well anyways Indochino is the world's largest made to measure menswear brand they make suits shirts coats and more the bills lose and bad and then the Yankees have beaten them themselves I think it's twelve the series x t the two all time thirteen Right here is this is really it's one twenty nine in the morning but would you know when you talk about anytime you pick your design customisations and submit your measurements your package will be delivered straight to your door in just two weeks you can get a measured and design and design your suit at one of your Asians acquitting work events and even your own wedding the best part is that they are affordable almost all their custom clothing is under four hundred dollars the process is simple you choose your fabric this I think when we were all on but I don't like trends but when you being a team like they have unless fifteen years yeah it's just it's now in the N. 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It's probably like Joe Buck for the would you say Tom Terrible yeah what was your tweet I don't worry about looking back now I quote retweeted I said it's going to be hanging cooperstown cameron apparently a little shaky Canley was getting. I don't trust Tom McKinley chipper being going I know but it's getting lower lowered my trust ram the on loop that's just going to be the best glaciers homer Mavens homer glaciers fucking spinner Obama play Muchas Muchachas debut in the major it's a weird grew together nicely last year is a lot of infighting said that today this year you know what we're getting we're getting our group we on the same the playoffs you somewhat good yeah they won the division I DB play was thirty. RBI's thirteen there's just the man that this completely owns and entire organizations brain and like everything with them for every game whatever I've been doing I haven't changed so like it's just like now I'm not going to change amok can add something why would i add something maybe I am doing something we're not just don't realize it we need to be all in unison and fucking win that together Oh by the way so we'll say mush is going to be a heavy part of the rest of the policies and everything you guys love him he loves Had why also well no I I haven't washed the Saudi washing my hoodies at all I'm not washing any money and he's still like pissed yourself wool kind of annoying no one's talking about playoff beard I'm thinking what the I haven't shaved since we clinched you really are the fun it's better there were out of that switch room and there were out we need all short porch vans Yankee fans following us through it will be doing it every time Kahad fifteen best center it's just hard to lose fifty bets and Aromas that it is almost impossible the baseball game so many random shit happens and like if you they would say they almost hit the most home run but might have hit one more but they almost did it I believe sixteen playoff losses in a row ties the all time rally they look like at like maybe after yeah it's Robbie's our little like Barstool like Yankee awkward does art he told us the coolest guy for sure not cool but big average there yeah I never I never call him to only call him to really comb vodka now vodka okay I can give all of that but yet we'll see I just thought there was some people who tune in and we're like what the fuck is going

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