EU Extends Ban on Travel From U.S.


Facts allow you to make decisions in unpredictable times. Get the facts you need from the Wall Street Journal from PRE CORONA UPDATES to daily deep dives and our podcasts videos WSJ is a trusted source in uncertain times visit Here midday brief for Tuesday June thirtieth I'm Jay are willing for the Wall Street Journal Americans will continue to be banned from entering the European Union for non essential travel today. The E. You said that will start allowing travel from up to fifteen countries, though not the US. The move was expected given the recent surge in US Corona virus infections. The Food and Drug Administration today outlined its conditions for approving a covid nineteen vaccine. The agency says any vaccine must first. First be proven safe in clinical study, and at least fifty percent more effective than placebo companies, producing the vaccine will also have to conduct, follow up safety studies and the Supreme Court today struck down Montana law that ban state aid to parochial schools and a five four decision. The court ruled that states can't exclude religious institutions from programs that benefit nonsectarian private schools. We've more details on these stories and other news of the day at and the WSJ APP.

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