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Zenit by progressive insurance guests appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. We'll have our senior shout coming up in about twenty minutes or so so stick around for that Ben Lyons for his weekly Movie Review at eleven thirty and Mike Trudell joins us. Now here. A friend of the program. The best sideline reporter in the business of your Los Angeles Lakers spectrum. Sports our buddy my trudell. Hello Michael How are you with a lot man missing you in person? I the last time we were texting was about the force tournament. And I haven't gotten a chance to watch against that tickets like in watching with my kids but I did remember telling you that whoever had an indoor court was going to win and this was before he started watching so I saw the headline that Cali Win and I'm giving the credit through being endorsed. Yeah yeah well look. I was watching him. Go Against Zach Levine. Yesterday and it started like it felt like it was either raining or snowing in upstate. Washington lives and it was just impossible for him at the end. The one thing if if they do this again enlist all hope that we don't have to We can get some some semblance of basketball at some point But yeah that's you gotTa neutralize the court somehow man. That's the that's makes a massive difference for sure so before I get to your Lebron story and US getting into our season ending awards because the regular season ended yesterday. The playoffs would have started tomorrow. I'm starting to get misty eyed. Let's not talk about that. We had a discussion here on the show ongoing before you came on so there is a story in the L. A. Times today. That basically says that. If you're wearing sweatpants while you're working from home you need to step up your game and just dress like an adult which I took umbrage with clearly. Sometimes I wear sweatpants to the office so So this spawned into a conversation. Where Bergman said well I get it this that and the other I get now during the pandemic but you know during regular times you should dress up like even to the grocery store. I'll put on some jeans or whatever nice shorts. I'm like Whoa wait. You're just enough to go to the grocery store so Mike Trudell is it. Okay to wear sweatpants basketball shorts to your local Ralph's pavilions or whatever wherever you shop is it. Is it okay to where the that type of clothing to the grocery store? Of course what what else? Why what other reason. Maybe than if you were like single and trying to meet somebody and impress. If that's your thing then I guess okay. I still think you're you're better off being yourself and who among us does not want to be comfortable now you and I for our jobs something. Where seats a lot? And so anytime that we're not having to be ensued. I'm guessing you're like me. You cannot find me outside of sorts. Or sweats you cannot you. I I. You will not see at the mall. You will not see me at target the grocery store without usually some type of Of Lakers short or or Minnesota Vikings or Manchester United. I'm reading my squad and wearing comfortable clothes. Twenty four seven. If I don't have to have a suit on and and I thought that I support that as a general rule in general statement and last you think you have a better chance of meeting. Somebody new and impressing them by wearing something. But I don't know man I say you could you wear. What's comfortable Bergman? Go Defend Yourself. It's not so much about wearing that. And this is the biggest thing that's where it's being. It's being presentable and like having your hair done or being clean and not wearing dirty sweat pants and dirty shirt. You have just wearing something. That's at least presentable to being outside all figure shower. I'll definitely like I'll put stuff in my hair for thirty seconds. So it'd be presentable pack for sure but I I don't think you you automatically look better in jeans and like a button up shirt. Then you do a nice pair of Jordan's with basketball shorts and tee shirt like it. Just it just depends on the style elements of it. Oh Okay Real. Quick Laura saying on on our text chat that. I'm not presenting it properly. Go ahead Laura presented to Mike. Okay so my thing. I agree with Greg because the way you were saying that he has to dress up. I don't think jeans dressing up is just comfortable. In Sweats Ville Lor. I loved jeans. They keep everything together. I just don't think jeans is dressing up. I think we need to make that comparison. If you're like I draw the line there. I think if I have to put on jeans I'm I feel I'm up at that point. This were if this were the nineties when Sodano and I were in high school like then and you and your Bojan that were super baggy and so comfortable now. You can't even buy jeans. That are that are anywhere near that baggy like I hate the skinny jeans and you can't even normal genes now. Were skinny so in other words. They're not comfortable mocking. I disagree by the the. It was like one hundred percent with the callers. We took like ten calls and they are on our side Trudell and on the poll on. Espn Los Angeles. Seventy four percent agree with us so you know what Bergman this is two days in a row take the L. I'm not taking on this one. The only thing I'll say for in terms of working at home I get that for people that are used to being interrupted nine to five and then there's some out some elements of of seriousness. That comes with like starting your day and putting a showdown and bunting it up Like Georgia and a Lotta Times. You and I are doing work at eleven pm. Watch the game on. And then the basketball reference Instruments like we're used to working in that context like just basically being swept all right agreed. I tell me about the cool. Lebron's store you've got on LAKERS DOT COM. I mean it's just a check from the Bronx we we're able to talk to some of us on a zoom call last week and you know the main point of course ethics that he was trying to get across just a paraphrase to some extent is what's most important is the general safety of everybody like he was almost every answer that he gave on. That was clear but then it was about the hope of returning back to basketball and I think that that of course is shared by everybody. And there's you know there's been some optimism in certain circles of late. There's been some pessimism a week ago. We really don't know exactly what's going to happen but what he's doing and and this is where he has you know somewhat of an advantage over some guys is. He's got a quarter of his house and he's got a like an elite. Maybe one of the best take take your pick. I don't know ten ten twenty high school freshman in the country Who can actually play with them? And so they're also going to gyms of his. Some of his friends have gyms that he was talking about where like he doesn't see anybody they just they clean up the whole thing out of you know. Wipe it down completely so no germs. Nobody's touching anything. He goes in plays basketball with brawny. gets out doesn't touch anybody and goes and goes home so he's doing what can sustain his best possible shape and that. George to me as I throw this back to you the reason I was initially interested in this whole thing about the lay offs in the Bryant. His body is because he has been building so perfectly until ideally from a physical standpoint into the playoffs. You saw him wrapping things up in Georgia and Miami. Got To see that first. Laker fans and get to see that last year we didn't get the Caesar Typical Lebron build up into these peaking as one hundred percent level. Come the play offs and so on the one hand would that interrupt the rhythm for the brand more than other people or since he's played the third most combined minutes in NBA history playoff and regular season behind only Kareem alone. Like does that in. It's own right just having him get some rest back from the regular season. Does that help or hurt him and his his quick take on. That was that basically. It's it's the the former that the rhythm it's broken is more of a thing on the wreck. His body is not wanting to rest right now but I that to me was kind of the interesting thing about thinking about this specific guy all that he's done in his years and the potential return to play scenarios. Yeah that's where I would have having not known what he said to you. That's where I would have leaned just based on his history like he knows his body as well as any athlete. I've ever covered. And I think that he ramps it up as you pointed out for a reason right like he wants to maximum Lebron as we get to the play offs and he was there and the Lakers had the big wins against the box and the clippers and he was playing. Great and Anthony. Davis was playing great and it just was it just a shame that that were went but I do like the fact that if the league gets back they're talking about a potential ramp up again with a little mini training camp. Which I think will help Lebron. And here's the other thing. Vogel talked about this. I think on his conference call to where he said. Look we gelled a lot a lot quicker than we thought and Lebron did too now that I remember and I think that the Lakers could do that again so I do feel confident that he can get back or they can get back to close to being what they were but yeah it's GonNa be a little bit of a challenge for him for sure yet. You you look the next one. I was GonNa make what you just said you said for me with. Vogel said that he was so impressed. With how quickly they pull things together and. Lebron has such a mastery of what this team needs to do. On the court off the court everybody goes along with that including ad as top lieutenants there and so that that does bring some of that optimism backwards even though it was the rhythm for the Brown and the team was building perfectly. They were about to clinch the number. One seed Lebron was about to overtake the conversation because he honest was going to be out for two weeks and all of that stuff is going to happen so they that that sucks but I do believe what you said echoing. Bogle on that. They can find a way to get that rhythm as soon as any other team can look. I feel good about it. I still think that that they're the championship favourite. Like I don't change that dynamic. I am curious to see though if we do get back. You know where it's going to be. I'm I saw yesterday that the mayor of Vegas was saying. She wants to reopen the city. We'll if that happens. I don't see the NBA go in there. I did see the Yahoo Story that made the suggestion of Disneyworld. I mean I'd being on that too I mean I. I joke a lot about Florida but I feel like Disneyworld is its own you know. Look it's its own entity it's its own private place right like you can be. They have thirty nine miles worth of land and hotels and places to play so I would feel good about that. I just want to get back on the court if we can and everyone gets the green light and we can move forward from a health perspective both from the general public side and of course from sports side yeah and there are so many. I just the other night. I was watching games having like many of us. Were Lakers Celtics and the imports about crowd? And just how much energy the player is derived from it. And that's GonNa Change Things Right. It's going to have the Astra Santorum fans in attendance if we are able to resume games and specifically to me for the Lakers not only because they had earned the right to have that that number one seed in the West. And who knows what would happen with Milwaukee with two weeks without Jaanus if they would have caught them. They're only two games back but like that kind of stuff mixed with how much the Laker fans travel. And how much you can just. How many veterans in every city that to me does affect the Lakers exponentially more than some other teams without the crowd. But that's just one of a hundred issues. George that are gonNA come up in this exceptional these and hopefully we will never see the likes of again. Yeah yeah it really is wild but yeah hopefully we can finish the season and we can get it out there. We Are you ready to quarantine if it have to in a bubble city. I'm ready I as I am obsessed with the NBA with watching games with covering games delivering as much possible. So yeah I almost any situation I am down for. Yeah all right now. Are you ready to do our year? End Awards are you ready for that have you. Have you put together your list? Have you compiled? I was texting with you yesterday. I was giving you my thoughts. You're like no no no no no no no just save it for the air. I was like okay. Sorry relaxed calmed down for the air. And not only that. But you're not getting Korean number six or number seven or whatever that was your own my God. I can't believe the computer loss. I feel like I was cheated in that thing. There was no way that I should have lost that thing the way I did but anyway. But you're right. I did Steal Kareem at six in that draft Mason in Ireland. We're going to do a dodgers one me and those guys pretty soon. So I'm curious to see how that turns out I Laura. Do you have the music? I'd like for this segment. Do you have that available? I don't hear it but but okay I hear. I know you're playing in the NBA N. B. C. Thank you yes got there it is there it is yes now. I hear you ended. So that's perfect. All right so where do you WanNa Start Your? Do you want to do our first? Second and third teams. You want to start off with the individual awards. I'm probably going to visual wars. But it's your shell all the further you know. Now let's go you're the guest and we'll go with the individual words. Mvp Go. I I WANNA I WANNA put one important disclaimer behind this. I think that we have to have the ability to project What was going to happen in especially because there still may be some regular season games. So that's an important caveat in saying that I had the Bron- passing Janas because he would have had. We played those two additional weeks without Janas. Playing basketball bus would have lost a couple more games and Lebron just for for many different reasons but from the start of the season everything that he did and raising his offensive game. It completely controlling the opposite. I'll put in building a five and a half game lead in the West. Compared to the bucks were playing in the East which had a seven seed that was thirty and thirty four and they played so many bad teams so often and only had a two-game difference in the win column plus point differential again gutter by three points. But you completely mitigating considering how much more time they played crap teams in the east. So I had the Bron- very narrowly edging out. Yannis for the top spot. And although would not be mad at anybody voting for because he was of course amazing too. I just I thought Lebron by a hair considering. He was about the pattern for that two weeks. So those are my top two Do you WANNA go back with yours before we get to the rest of the list. No Yeah Yeah I was going Lebron. I've I've made it very clear. I think Lebron is still the best player on the planet. So I'm going to go with Brian. And basically the way I look at it as this Jaanus as great as he's been and I think he's second. I voted him. Second Straw. Poll that we did it. Espn DOT COM if the if aliens came down if space jam was a real thing. Okay and the aliens came down and they weren't warm and fuzzy looking like the ones in the cartoon but they were like Independence Day looking and we needed to win a game for our life. My first pick is Lebron. So that's my guy right there every single time so that that's kind of my rationale thought also in the game that the Lakers beat the buck at home and this is my this. Is the one thing where you can still nitpick with the honest and you can't pick the number. Pick the numbers okay. The numbers were ridiculous. They were a little bit better than Lebron. The eight th. It's tough to argue the analytics but basketball is still about winning the championship. That's what the regular season is four and late in games. You can still limit Donnas by simply implant backing off and building a wall and making them shoot and that and that's why I still don't have the bucks as title-favourite like so many do is. Why pick the Lakers to win? And I think the clippers would also beat the bucks game series and even if Philly has been such a mess. I thought that they had a chance to beat the bucks. Just giving again the crush time situation so I I do when all the numbers. That's great but what you said. George if I gotTa Win a game in the reason is because the still has this major weakness that can be exploited and until back. Short up I he's not a better player than the brunt. I agree one hundred percent all right. We gotTA speed this up because we only have a couple more minutes. Let's just go quickly defensive player of the year. What do you got by the way I had? I had third Yokich fourth and fifth for. Mvp on defensive player of the year. Jimmy d Shoutout to Janice and Marcus smart and lesser extent. Gobert but I I thought for the team again number one in the in the West. He was guarded literally every position on the floor. Eighties the defensive player of the year. I also have Anthony Davis and to round out. My top five voted. Lebron Janas Chris Paul Number. Three number. Four and Luke number five most improved player. Who Do you got so this was tough for me. I wanted to go with Brandon Ingram because like just crushed you and the arguments about England. We had our son bring Yeah when I was tired and he had such an amazing season did show flashes of that any more opportunity. I think the guy who went through the most believe it or not it just mentioned his name was Luca Dodge and he just was tremendous You know he didn't play more minutes and yet his numbers took a huge leap any lead his team to a two. It's rick records. I got nuclear one ingram to tatum. Three devante grand for and then take your pick between Siachen Fred Vans Leach for five. See I just went with Bam. I think he's the most important player on that team. I think he he's even more important than Jimmy. The way they're playing at least the analytics will bear that out. Let's move forward and move quicker quicker quicker. Excuse me coach of the year. I got nick nurse. Nick Nurse One Vogel to Tailor Jenkins Three. Six men Harold six-man Yeah I'm fine with. I think I think if you if you pull that. Up the highest scoring benches. You took a step from last year better than the Williams now first-team. Here's my first team. Luca Harden Lebron Jaanus and Yokich Lucan heart and back court. Lebron Jaanus Yokich frontcourt. I agree the only thing that I would. I would have liked to have switched. What have been politely on over Harden but then you would have to move on. The Brandon are not only if you've got spirit because it depends forward. Yes the Brown Janas Luca hardening yoga. Okay so we agree second team. I've got Lillard Chris Paul Kawai ad and Joel embiid. They don't man I I'M A. I'm not surprised to the united shares from the League but I thought I think my exact same second team I and then third team before we wrap up with you here Russ Bradley beal Jimmy Butler tatum Rudy. Gobert a little different here. I don't I don't have Ross on there. Even though he was he was good in the last month. Wants us to change it up. I've got Jimmy Butler and tatum before. Kyle lowry Bradley. Beal lowry to me just edged past. Because I thought he's slightly more important overalls that team and then I did have rudy in the middle toughest. Omission was banned and then in addition Ben. Simmons and Chris Middleton would have been runners-up for me but yes a butler. Tatum Larry Bill and Gobert all right. Excellent stuff one. Last thing. I was having an argument with a buddy of mine which I felt was silly about Lebron and and Michael Jordan right like clearly. We always have all these debates right. We know and the last dance is coming up on Sunday. So he asked me. How many titles do you think Lebron would have won? If he would've played on those bulls teams like back then and I said six like I think I think that Jordan is the greatest player I've ever seen and I don't think Jordan probably loses to Dallas with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh and that's the one blemish Lebron career something. He'll even admit the other ones. He wasn't favored it. Jordan was always favorite in all those series that he played in. And if Lebron played with Horace Grant and Scottie or Scotty and coach and Rodman like. I don't think Lebron's losing any of those championships. What do you think it's just a tough? It's a tough swap. Though because like Jordan's perimeter jump shooting Which is needed on that both if you take that out. They didn't really have anybody else they could do that. You know and Lebron like has the ball a lot more than twenty situations which pipping sometimes to do. So I don't like I don't know the fifty would have had your data retrograde fit a little bit also but yeah but like. I think brownies right behind Jordan in terms of the all time legend. So I'm not going to necessarily take take a bunch of championship off the board for him at the at the tricky direct comparison to make my trudell your favorite sideline reporter from spectrum sports. Thanks for coming by buddy appreciate it. Good talking to you. See there. Is Mike Trudell coming up next? It's time for our senior shadow. Nolan Torres from Corona High School. Track and field will stop by for a few minutes. Stick around Sodano seventeen. Espn Sodano show here on ESPN. Don't forget Ben Lines coming up in twelve minutes for our weekly movie review on a Friday. It's presented by Progressive Insurance Progressive. They're making things even easier to help you. Bundle your home and car insurance together so you can save on both learn more at progresive dot com or call one eight hundred Progressive Trudell. Text me just so you know that. We forgot a couple of awards. Rookie of the year. He Has Joh- Zion. None executive of the year he has Pelinka Prestige and Lawrence. Frank you wanted to make sure that I snuck those in because we ran out of time with him So thanks to my trudell for hanging out with us. They're always appreciate him coming on and gracing us with his presence here on the show speaking of gracing us with our presence time for our seniors shoutout Nolan Torres joins us now corona high school track and Field Nolan. How are you are you and your family safe and Sam? We're doing great. How're you doing? Gall good buddy. Thank you for asking appreciate good to hear that you guys are okay so tell me about your track and field career. Tell me about the events that get you the most excited when you were competing. So I started running my sophomore year of high school. And I'm super grateful for My high school coaches who took me in Kinda Year. You know a year later and then they kinda just search theory me to the future that. I'm GonNa have now Running for Vanguard University track and field. That's awesome I I do hurdles and The jumps so long jump and triple jump and it's Superfund because in the winter season I got to compete at the winter championships at Arcadia. High School as a tackle so I got to do five events that have just the hurdles in the long jump so that was that was very funny because when it comes to trying to compete for vanguard I'm going to be a decathlete so kind of get the ball rolling on that. Well tell me about the preparation for Taft Alon and eventually the decathlon right like wh how does that? How does that affect what you would normally do from a training perspective so it's five different disciplines so you? Kinda you have to learn. It's five different techniques and five different you know strategies for how to approaching event and everything. So it's definitely I had Coaches that helped me out for learning different events because I had to learn Shot put high jump and I had to run the one thousand and then the other events were the The hurdles and the long jump so it was definitely a challenge to learn those new events for me and so but having the help that I had and now going into the future having the help that I am going to have with the coaching staff at Vanguard I'm looking forward to it so no Latorre joining us here corona high school track and field. You had mentioned earlier though that you kind of got a little bit of a late start. Why why was that? So I had played Baseball Baseball's kind of been the big thing in our family. Ever since I was four years old But Sophomore year or the summer going into my sophomore year. I was It was like you know what I think. I WANNA try country. 'cause it always been in the back of my mind and crossing all sport so I went out to cross country and the thing about running though. Is that people are like. Oh I can't do it. I you know it's too hard but I'm like I say of practice. I had like a five mile. Run or something like it was. It was a long run. It's like five miles and I was like. Oh Man I want to give up like this is this is terrible. This is so far. I'm super tired. I don't WanNa do this anymore. But I stuck with it. And with the help of my coaches I think you do track and field That spring and you know the rest is history at that point. That's awesome. That's a cool little story man for sure we're super proud of you obviously and thankful to have you on here so tell me about academics though. What's the what's the lane? Therefore you moving forward for one more time what. What Lane will you go into from an academic standpoint as you move forward So I'm going to major in College Or visiting ministration and Kinda trying to decide which Which avenues but that's for me 'cause I mean I know what I have my. I want my option garden what I What goals are in life? So those are the two Things that I'm looking to study those are certainly to completely different things. So what what drew you to one or the other. Yeah my goal is to go into healthcare in some sort of way whether it be administrative side or the Physical Therapy Route right right. Gotcha Gotcha well look as an athlete. Just knowing your own body right helps with kinesiology. I don't think there's any question having some having been someone who competed at the levels. You have that's certainly helpful to know your own body and then be able to apply it to others. If that's the route you take. Yeah definitely for sure. And what was your favorite subject in school while you were in high school like what? What did you love the most definitely the sciences that I took part of the stem Biomedical Pathway and so that is geared towards Those kind of perfect for me. 'cause it's geared towards Medicine and health care and it's definitely scientific so scientists definitely biology anatomy chemistry. Those are kind of like some of my favorite subjects. Gotcha real quick. Before we let you go a couple more for you here real quick. How are you staying in shape now? Like what are you doing to stay in shape now since school is in session so we don't have access to attract unfortunately so I We have gym that. We set up on our our in our garage. So since I can't do lots of running training I do a lot of like cardio weights and stuff to kind of get myself a little bit stronger and start doing some alcohol before I You know before the upcoming season starts Gotcha and then of course I would presume that from academic standpoint there's a lot of zoom classes in your future or at least at the present time definitely I school. I'd give a quick little shahtar principal on the administration for district doing a great job of having a judge to this inflicting which luckily for us. It's not to two different because a lot of the work that we did was already online so was an easier transition For most of us. But I'm thankful for teachers and administration for Kinda working to get that adjustment To make it easier on us. 'cause I know it was seniors. It's a little like almost done like we're so close. And you know we're not gonNa see our friends and everything but to do all these calls and it makes it a little bit easier on us and on that Nolan Torres Corona High School Track and field a four point two GPA. Our senior shout for today Nolan. Thank you so much but he. This was fantastic. Best of luck to you in the future. And congratulations on a great career. Both academically and athletically. Thank you so much. You gotTa Take Care. There is Nolan Torres coming up next our weekly movie review a Ben Lines. I want to ask him about our sweatpants debate to we got ask because he's going like Irwan I mean he's probably dressing up to right like the. There's no question that that Ben. Lyons is not going in sweatpants Irwan or whatever that fancy place. He goes to to get goat milk or milk or whatever it is that he's getting so we'll talk to Ben about that. I WanNa get Ben's quick awards list to on the NBA talking about the last dance and then movie review today. Are Disney movies Disney movies for you to binge this weekend his top Disney movies? That's our movie reviewer. Ben Lyons coming up next Sodano where the here on seven ten. Espn presented by Progressive Insurance. All our guests appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. Don't forget to tune into the last dance behind the scenes. Look at the ninety Chicago Bulls Dynasty. The ten part series begins this Sunday April nineteenth at six o'clock on ESPN. And then listen to the wrap up podcast hosted by me and on the Espn Los Angeles twitter account. I'm sure they'll podcast as well and immediately following the broadcast presented by state farm an at and T. nationally and locally by Cinco Rum and coors light and again make sure you check out sleep. What an eye on the last dance. Wrap up show on the ESPN ESPN Los Angeles twitter. Account at eight o'clock as soon as it's over and speaking of state farm when it comes to insurance state farms the real deal with over nineteen thousand local agents and award winning mobile APP that they've got as well. You can get the help you need when you need it. Find an agent at state farm. Dot Com is Ben. Lyons there is he there all right. Been Lines how are you George question for you Bergman and I Laura got into it. The audience is on my side here but I'm curious to see how you feel since you go to. Irwan to get like you know cashew milk. All the time sweatpants to the grocery store yes or no. It depends what type of sweat pants. We are here in Los Angeles. If I'm coming looking like Kevin durant before shootaround yes. I can wear sweatpants to the grocery store. But if I'm looking like George Sodano when The white kids Outta town day. Four No. You cannot wear sweatpants to the grocery store so this is Los Angeles and some of my friends do have three four hundred dollars sweatpants so they can wear them to the grocery store. No I get it. You're going Lululemon. You're spending hundreds of dollars on your sweatpants five. But I'm I'm rocking. Look I'll tell you right now when I'm rocking old school champion. They're new to just say that their New York also old school champion sweatpants Navy blue. A dodgers Nike t shirt and a blue north face jacket. I'm rocking the pavilions later with this. If I've got to with my mask thesis on you can't pull that off because the champion swept hand. That's a strong. Look but can we match them with the champion Hoodie? Like let's get you in the onesie like the full matching track. I'd like to see that. Look but now. You're mixing Nike with champion. And the dodgers different shades of blue and different hues rollover. Now this this is what's your what's going to happen to you if when you have children you're going to care less about matching as long as it's the same color you're gonNA feel and it doesn't have last night's like baby food on it correct correct wash. Yes exactly this much George on these quarantine days when I wake up and I take a shower and I put on real close. I feel more productive than I do. And all of a sudden it's three o'clock and I'm still in my pajamas so I think everybody should try to get up and put on some big white closed in the morning. You get what you say to power put on your big boy pants. Yeah there you do that the reason this even came up because the La Times. Deputy Fashion Editor wrote a story. Today about about if you're working from home dress like an adult and I'm like the hell with that sometimes. I go and sweatpants to the office to do the radio show. So what what? Now all of us I have been known to pull off the Jeff Cap. Look around the seven ten offices on those days for sure a couple of quick things for you. I know you wanted to talk about the WNBA draft. But I do I wanNA talk. Nba With you. Because I just had trudell on and we could do this quickly. I WanNa just have your thoughts on kind of some of the season ending. Awards like who you would give it to So like if I told you right now because technically in theory the playoffs was supposed to start tomorrow. The regular season was supposed to end yesterday. Who would you have voted for? Mvp If you had a vote. I think he won the MVP the weekend before the shutdown and that was Lebron Lebron James that performance. He put on over those days staples against the clippers against the box. When whole basketball community was watching me solidified his place in the MVP race The season he put on from start to finish has been flawless. They were like nine thousand nine hundred all outside of Los Angeles or something crazy so in year. Seventeen I'M GONNA go with Lebron James. I'm with you. He's my guy. I've been touting him the whole time and I felt like as you pointed out that we can kind of cemented. It was like his heisman moment. Right like I feel like that's kind of the way I would describe it. You know what's Interesting George? You and I've had the privilege throughout our careers to get to work with the best in our fields right Robin Roberts or Mike will bond like Lebron James. The truly great ones they elevate everyone by being in their presence. So you know when you're doing a hit with will bring your a game just because they're they're so it brings everyone else up another level and you saw that with Lebron this year and that entire Laker Rosser. Which can ship from Dwight Howard? Jared Dudley. He'd say Casey. Everybody contributed this season. And that's because of the Brown. I think defensive player of the year I went with yeah. They're ridiculous to watch defensively. They're so long and leading the league blocks or he's right at the top yet to watch him tonight out of the way he's able to switch on screens to smaller players to see it. Every night here in Los Angeles was really special though the first part of the season. So yeah I'm GonNa go with ideas. Well most improved player. I had Bam Bam on a BIOS. Been fantastic he's been. I been really a joy to watch him. Come into his own and to see Miami rally around him Most improved player award would probably go to Bam. Yeah he was an all star is a guy who a couple of years ago people didn't even really know so I'm GonNa go with Obama's well George Coach of the year. I had nurse really in Toronto. The defending champions and a bunch of G. League guys. They called up in the middle of the season and beat the Lakers. That's a testament to the organization as much as it is to. He's got coach. I how about how about Billy Donovan Down in Oklahoma? That's a good one. Yeah I I like what the Sunday because nobody had them in the playoff run let alone being a tough first round out some though billy. I actually had three has my number three on. Mvp when I voted on the ESPN struggle. So I'm with you on the thumbing. His performance and a horse competition dropped him before. No it did not. It did not that is not technically part of the regular season. So I'm very disappointed in showing John Right rookie of the year. We agree on that like we're not we don't RJ RJ RJ. No chance for RJ. Six Fan I would herald IQ. Over Lou I guess he's more I mean there's can. They split the vote in the same. No better player for them this year than Louis. Louis wasn't very efficient this year. Yeah it's true treadmills Treasury was and they are so undersized as is starting soup pots that they bring him off the bench able to keep that toughness. So I'm GONNA go with. I'm GonNa Shock on the Sodano cards. I like transmitted the year. Why not well? You didn't go truck because you didn't have nurse but anyway there you go. How excited for the last dance. Are you before we get to your Disney review? I just want a lot of judge Bush ler a lot of Randy Brown. I want a lot of behind the scenes Scott Burrell. We're going to get twenty minutes now. Of course I'm excited. I mean watching Michael Jordan. You know with Robin Roberts. The other day he's done things to show his competitiveness like key. Sunde all of us with his zoom livestream background like competing on. Gma show everyone. I have the best background. Like it's GonNa show a side of him that we all knew and we all have heard stories about but maybe to see it up close on on an airplane ride when he's playing cards against someone refuses to lose before everyone gets off the plane or whatever lost footage. They are able to show us on Sunday night. I'm there for him. Did you know that Michael Thompsons younger brother is the guy who put this thing together right like you know he filmed all this footage? Michael thompsons younger brother Andy Works for. Nba Films Family not like inducted into the Smithsonian like their national treasures like what really Michael thompsons brother just died happened to put together this entire documentary about the greatest athlete of the twentieth century. It's insane pitched. He pitched the idea to Adam silver when he was running. Nba Entertainment Ramona told us the story the other day Andy worked for MBA films. And he put all the footage together. He's one of the producers some credible man and you know the NBA. It's another reminder the NBA at its core. It's always been a media company. It's always been an entertainment company whether it was the Michael Jordan comply with me tapes. Or you know these behind these behind. The scenes. All access documentaries. I guess person foremost it's a content product and the fact that they have the entire world excited about watching footage from twenty five years ago. It's just a remarkable a testament to the power of basketball to to galvanize people inspire them no doubt about it. I tell me about the WNBA draft tonight and the female. Kobe Supreme Tonia fired up. Man You can feel it on social media today. A LOT OF PEOPLE TALKING. There's GonNa be some trade. The sparks at the twentieth pick. They have three picks throughout the draft. They might get sinead sister Erica. Which would be amazing. They'd have three a Kulik as here in Los Angeles and they're all on quarantine like lockdown together. So if she gets drafts far. They're all together. It's a great moment but Sabrina is obviously talk of the draft. She's GonNa go number one to the New York liberty who are coming off two losing seasons after bill lamb beer laughter. Vegas but Sabrina who obviously struck a chord with Colby and had dominated up. Oregon. Is that trend. That backpack transitional star who can transcend star who can take the W. Two places? It hasn't been yet. Hopefully these women can get back on the court. We WanNA see basketball and every shape and form as soon as possible so to see Sabrina. Go to New York tonight. I think it's going to be a moment. And hopefully she can get on the court soon and we can get the the liberty back in the in the mix and the WNBA has been a few down years. Yeah and maybe New York will actually win a championship for all right so in basketball at least all right so we'll take a hey lapd. La Title was the sparks. So there you go exactly Neka hit and that's exactly exactly so give me your Disney review today showed since there was the family sing-along yesterday on ABC in the Sodano family had some fun watching that with my five year old daughter. We were watching. Inspired me to tell you. Today's topic would be this. So what do you got for me? Lines all right so no live action movies. These are classic. Disney animated films in here rise top ten at number ten outside the box nightmare before Christmas written by Tim Burton. I watched every holiday season motion animation at number nine cocoa. Just a wonderful film exploring deals. Where does the history behind it and Mexican culture? A Beautiful Film Number Eight on the list. Mwana also a deep dive into a culture. This of course in Hawaii with Dwayne Johnson and I love Moana. The songs are beautiful at number seven if the first ten minutes don't make you weep like a teething infants and there's something wrong with your soul. I am going with up which was nominated for best picture. As was wally at number six another Disney Pixar movie Walli about I'd robot and outer space picks up garbage and goes on an adventure a beautiful film number five. It takes on new meeting with viewing as you get older fantasia. This one represents to me the classic Disney Animation of Mickey Mouse and Allison Wonderland Peter Pan. It's beautiful to watch the live orchestra. I've done that on a wonderful summer's night out at the Hollywood bowl. Them for five fantasia number four and my list. The original Aladdin Robin Williams should have got an Oscar nomination for his role the genie but Aladdin Princess Jasmine. Don't let the Will Smith one taint the iconic. I one from his early nineties on nine hundred ninety three. I think Aladdin at number four number three The best picks The best of the toy story movies toy story one I surprise hit at the time. Woody Buzz light year become institutions and Childhood and I just love that whole premise and the whole world. The idea that your toys are alive when the parents are gone and away number two again the first five minutes will make you cry finding Nemo probably my favorite of the Pixar movies and Ellen Degeneres is Dorrie got her own movie nemo still hold up to follow his great in Nemo. I love it and Albert Brooks soups number. One Lion King. It's the perfect movie. The original. It's the Best Disney movie. I'm going with James. Earl Jones is and The Lion King the original. So that's our Disney top. Ten Ben Lines Movie Review. I before we let you go. I started this show talking about how in the NFL draft. The lions are open for business. You know every year someone in that top five is open for business and I think that the chargers if they wanNA make their imprint here in La okay the rams that first season where the cure for insomnia with Jeff Fisher. But right after that SEAN. Mcvay and company. They grabbed it. They were electric. They were passionate. They were fun then they doubled and tripled down went to the Super Bowl. They already had a more established fan base here in southern California particularly in La because of their timing Anaheim twenty years ago. I feel like there's a lot of football free agents if you're the chargers don't you have to trade up to get to a to get that guy to make your imprint. You don't even have to play him this year because you can play tyrod Taylor. Give him the red shirt year. And then you have your guy moving forward. Wouldn't that be the move? The chargers need to make you gotta do something you gotTa have somebody to put on the billboard. You gotTa have somebody in this town. That's GonNa get attention in the conversation around sports. Look I mean every Saturday and Sunday when the world is back open and back to normal you got the biggest stars in the world playing right here in our backyard Mike Trout and mookie Betts to Lebron James and Clyde Leonard. I mean the list goes on so if the chargers are going to stay relevant are going to have a real fan base that exists here in Los Angeles which I can't seem to tap into yet They gotta get they gotTa make a move. And I like Tyrod Taylor. I think he's very underrated quarterback serviceable quarterback who might get them. Eight wins this year. But that's not going to sell. Tickets is not not gonNA have so five filled up with charger fans when the eagles come to town or win the chiefs or the raiders. Come to town like this. This is a tough sports town. It's a star driven town and you got a an and stars stars because they're good. Don't you throw out somebody because you need a name? I think at the end of the day to is going to be a solid pros. You gotta take a flyer. He gotta take a chance if you're the ball so it'd be very disappointed if they don't yeah. I'm with you wholeheartedly yet. The chargers are struggling to sell seats in that new stadium. That's coming up and to your point man. You gotTa have someone on the Marquee. That's where I started the conversation I remember when I lived in Pasadena I went to the Pasadena playhouse. You know why because Al Pacino was doing Tennessee Williams play called. God looked away and only in this town could Al Pacino an Oscar Award winner do a play in Pasadena. Okay and it'd be ahead. This is what you're competing with chargers Pacino in Pasadena. You need to go get to A. Yeah Yeah I liked it George. I like it. Melvin Gordon. Once played here is not something. That's going to get you to call out spend money on the chargers so I hope they make a move on Sunday. I'm glad we have draft. Wnba draft tonight the NFL draft. Next week I give them something to get excited about. No question about it. Thanks for coming on brother. We'll talk to you next week. Yeah Lots of love. Lots of love to the city man stay safe. Enjoy the Murray's in the draft again. Take Care Either Youtube. There has been lines for weekly Movie Review. So there you go. He ranked all your all the animated Disney movies for you. Go have at it. What you kids. I coming up next Joe Kelley Yep that Joe Kelley from your dodgers. He may have pissed off his wife. I'll explain next here on seven ten. Espn missed any one of our interviews today. Ben Lyons Might Trudell our senior shoutout you can go to the entire interview on demand section and this show podcast brought to you by cap at one. Quicksilver card earning unlimited one and a half percent cashback on every purchase everywhere. What's in your wallet? And of course find the podcast on apple podcast the ESPN APP. Spotify or Google. Wherever you find your podcast. And lastly are you missing basketball? We'll tune in tomorrow night for an NBA Classic Game. Six of the twenty one thousand nine NBA finals between the Raptors. In warriors presented by autozone will be on. Espn radio she'll be able to hear it here on. Espn Los Angeles coverage begins at five Pacific on ESPN radio and the ESPN APP here on Espn Los Angeles. So couple of things. We have audio right of Joe Kelley so basically Bergman Joe Kelley was correct by Brian. He was warming up right or just practicing outside his yard and he's got a netting setup show he doesn't lose balls and he's got balls that he can work with and doesn't have to just grab a bucket or whatever and he can retrieve the balls easier and now the the netting is set up right in front of his house so basically the window is right by the netting right so it's covering most of the window but there's some of a window showing and then all of a sudden. He decided to start working on a new pitch. What pitch was that a change? Yeah he was working on a on a change. It'd be has one already. But he was working on China you to work it out and things went awry so we have the audio of him working out I guess his son or someone in his family was filming this while he was doing it and needless to say it didn't go well for him or Mrs Kelly in this particular situation because you're gonna hear a really loud noise and we're all going to know what it is. Let me hear it. Yeah wondering quarantines Goin- JOE is working on a change. Yeah Mrs Mrs Kelly not happy with Joe Right there. That's for sure. Could you imagine he's his wife is pregnant with twins too so if you think she's going to get annoyed pretty easily that's one way to get out and God bless her. Okay listen being pregnant. I would never know what it's like but I've seen my wife do it twice and it's not fun to can't be fun. Having twins gotta be incredible like good Lord. Yeah like dude. You're a professional pitcher man. How do you hit the netting because I mean if you watch Joe Kelley all year last year we did when he got wild wild man like you like Wild Joe Kelley right now relax and this is what he did? I mean what are you doing putting the netting even anywhere near a window? Yeah Yeah just put it up against a fence. You know what I'm saying like. If it goes over the fence you could just go. You could call your neighbor me like hey sorry got over there. Stay six feet away. You know what I mean like. There's ways to go around this. So apparently Laura says that Joe has has has apologized to his wife and I guess he has. We have some sound of Joe after the fact let me hear Joe Kelley said Best Bar Baggers. I saw this clean player so this thing. Listen Listen Missing. Is is hard as a rock ten faucet right so with the Baseball Games? Some throwing the changer her. Some trying to make gyro like this. Yeah so it. It cuts in turns in Hovers Food Window. Best part about it is I go inside. I look at the ground glass in the kitchen. So maybe under the door through the kitchen kitchen. Blessing the bathroom bustling all over the bed room. The sheets the frog into the closet and then I send my Nice Little Clink. Waigel ball by the closet door on the other side of the room. I look at it again. Grab up the ball and I'm going now. That's a big mess. Be spending a lot of money and my baby's here in two days in and around see I'm picking my ball and go through for twenty minutes. Got Them at program. Came back inside. Got My shot back. Twenty three hours which is like nine to Common Abra Cross. The street all exists in today but harp got anything for me. To gag type. I go camping on their burning over. Show him the damage up the whole window around duck. David I through this thing. Let's say I'm not very good at throwing this thing yet. I'm really good at the fastball. Changeup you gotta turn and throw it not as good the change as you can tell in the video on but that was not There and so there was Joe Kelley W. E. in Boston explaining the whole scenario. Now I thought the fast most fascinating part about that was him saying that even though the window was broken and he told his wife. Who's having the babies in two days? That's a pretty big distinction there. Hey I gotta finish my throwing regiment. Listen I feel like my wife makes a lot of sacrifices for me. Okay she does. She takes care of the kids. Because I'm away allied right like I'm on the road a lot doing MBA games but if that happened to me there's no way we're not cleaning up the mess. I before I go back to finishing up my throwing regimen now Bergman. We know that your girlfriend won't even let you out of the house in sweatpants. So how for sure. You can't break a window and keep going back to your throwing regimen. Oh No if I have to do is throwing regiments eight you stop you clean up and then you go back outside. That has the. That's it's crazy that you clean up i. I don't care what you have to do. It has nothing to do with was girlfriends wives. Anything you can do the cleanup I laura if your boyfriend broke the The window would you let him go back to his throwing regimen if he was a major league pitcher. Are you telling his asked to clean it up? Now he's GonNA clean it up. I know hands down. You're not going anywhere outside until my house is clean. 'cause you 'cause that man. I mean that's pretty big coupons. You know what I'm saying to like. Hold on honey. I'll clean it later. Let me finish. My last thirty five pitches MINOA win. Hell that flies anywhere else. Does that fly within the household? No chance never zero. I can't believe that he did that that he just went through. Well hold on. I got it. Yeah no no chance at all speaking of no chance or at least at USC JT Daniels. We didn't even get to this yesterday or even earlier today. Out Transfer Portal. He's going to go somewhere else. Maybe Michigan maybe Tennessee right where his former offensive coordinator is. T- Martin Jt Daniels done. Are You surprised the JT Daniels eras over? Bergman I'm not look heathen slowest was really damn good yeah Keita's Lewis was a fantastic and jt Daniels. He got hurt and it was just one of those. Wally pipped situations. Slow is came in and just completely he well. He outplayed. Jt Daniels. So now you go with the hot hand there. He wasn't gonNA play there. So why be there? No I get it like. He's got to go. And it's why like the transfer portal for the kids. I don't think there's any doubt about that But yeah like slow is the future. He's more mobile. He's actually a better fit for what they WANNA do. They WANNA run with Graham Heroin Company so like yeah I get it like he did get wally pipped by a young kid who it's crazy because while it is like this was a three star recruit and he played like a five star recruit. He was incredible slowness. So I J. T. Daniels can pick up his career somewhere else because I thought jt Daniels was going to be really good quarterback. I just didn't know how he was gonNA fit within this particular construct at USC. So look that's big time college athletics and there have been plenty of transfers that have picked up and done well guas Joe FLACCO. He worked out pretty well for him. So we're done here. Thanks to my trudell. Thanks to our senior shoutout. Thanks to Ben Lyon. Thanks TO GREG AND LAURA. Thanks to you guys tuning in and defending me wearing my sweatpants to the grocery store. Have a great weekend. We love you talk to you on Monday.

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