SpaceX moves Starhopper back to launch pad -Launching again this month


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Hopper is back what was back on the launch. Pad and SPACEX actually put a two hundred meter hop on its calendar so just recently only star hopper did a small hop about twenty to thirty meters and it went off without a hitch the first day though wasn't that good the first day there was kind of a lot of fire that shouldn't have been there the two different launches and on the first day there was a lot. A lot of fire a lot of the fire came out of the top of the hopper when fire was to come out of the bottom out of the rockets in things go up in the air there but it didn't stay there on the pad with fire billowing out of the top of it D- Number Two star are hopper. They waited till the very last that they could do it and the launched our hopper twenty to thirty meters into the air it ascended and then did a maneuver where it went to the left and right if you're watching on your video and then it successfully hovered landed down on the pet now. SPACEX is going to be launching star Hopper two hundred meters in the air. This is GonNa be great because the last hopper launch you couldn't see anything there was a lot of smoke. It was just a tippy top of the smoke that was caused by the engines so according to road closures in the area the SPACEX does these launches. It'll be seventeen eighteen days after its first hop in it's been courted off August twelfth through the fourteenth so they got to wish days to do these launches. They have a backup window so to speak so they have to in a possible preflight static fire opportunities so they can do a static fire on the pad. Head make sure everything works fine and then you know they go through all the tests they make sure everything's good and then after that they can do their two two hundred meter hop a lot of coverage of this this recently and spacex his put a bunch of information on their twitter account at at spacex and also everyday astronaut has a lot of information on his twitter and youtube account so I if I were you. I'd go check that out. It's really cool so <hes> so in the next couple of weeks. We're going to be seeing star. Hopper hopper is the precursor to starship starship starship is spacex is gigantic gigantic rocket that will be taking human beings and stuff. I like to say stuff because you never know exactly. What's let's go in there yet. Rovers scientific experiments etc people to the moon and it's also going to take a billionaire around the moon soon and back to Earth now. It's not GonNa stop at the Moon though star hopper which will become starship while it can <music> get to Mars to so this is the very first step these tests. These two hundred meter tests these twenty to thirty meter tests. These are all the first step to making starship in actual thing into actually fly people from the surface of the Earth to the moon again which <unk> Yvan Musk said in a couple of years he wants to send a SPACEX space x ship to the moon because he's not going to wait around for NASA to do. NASA said sure do it will support you one hundred percent if you could do it will be there for you buddy so starship. It's on its way star. Hopper upper on the twenty eighth was wrapped up the modifications to a rented lift vehicle vehicle the move star hopper back to its launch facilities so the twentieth of July a couple of days ago that will happen August August twelfth through fourteenth though watch out because this thing is going to be launching two hundred feet in the air. 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