Brews & The 'Boys: Is it time to panic for the Cowboys?


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It's available wherever you get your podcast and it's a great listen for this podcast brought to you by hsi-wei media blogging the boys the SP nation and vox media podcast and with me as always he's the man of every hour he is very very sour so am I my colleague at blogging the boys and the start beating up the cowboys from the jump this game was Tom just just a a a cataclysm of everything that's happened this season so far in with it this was just it was horrible it was and it was it was mystifying what what were they thinking downs where the cowboys were the game is still pretty competitive it's twenty four first downs that the cowboys had seventeen ran off there twenty two to the winless hapless Oh and four jets they get Sam darnold back after four weeks of mononucleosis and they just network where your friendly neighborhood podcast we're talking about Dallas Cowboys you know me folks my name is Michael Sizemore you can follow me on twitter at Mr Sizemore I feel like I said before we got on this podcast and I feel like you know this is such a cliche but we should go scorched earth but I do feel like that after the cowboys lose twenty four you keep continuously starting slow or or you know stick stick in the weapon and pointing than aiming and shooting yourself in the foot every single time any four first down Tom Temps Tom where they weren't into game where you have to throw to catch up or kneel down situations these are I the only opening drive score the cavaliers have had all season long yeah and it's it was field goal yeah it start a game it's going to catch up with you it caught up with them against the Green Bay packers in a big way it caught up with them the saints in fact the saints game is Walter Matthau to my Jack Lemmon we are grumpy today Mr Tom Rile a and you can find him on twitter at Tom Rile he's The New York giants Washington redskins and dolphins their wins on the season they still started slow in every single one of them and it was the same thing okay you run out bang they stay load up they stopped the first down you know you're not defeating the blitzes each game offensively this year and and Tom I mentioned it last night and I think you'll agree with me even into games where they fought they played one game you saw exactly everyone's frustration with the cowboys yeah you I guess crap the bid is about the only way you can put it in unless you WanNa give a little more yes yes they had they had thirty six total but twenty four are the only I down attempts that count in this one because of the those were the else to change and and that's what we're seeing were back to running on first down they they ran on first down I think seventeen times I mean you don't even know where to start well you start we'll start offensively and we'll start with the cowboys how they had started the team apparently got really conservative because okay you're starting tackles or both out you've got your your subs then add to score they're down twenty one to six they had a drive that had five first downs in it and they ran on every single one yeah maybe you have to kind of be considerate of that but okay when it hasn't worked for a whole half isn't it time to try to the creativity you know who taken Kellen Moore and and brainwashed him you know I I don't understand what's going on and you know you have suspicions and I just I was sitting there watching it going going like where did Scotland Hanson Beckon what is going on what has happened that Greg Williams and throwing at you and you're going to come out and you're GonNa do it again it was bad enough in the first half but when they came out at halftime they in the they just keep coming out it's what is well Saint Joe they say the a definition of insanity as you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect the the change things up the only thing that seemed to be happening was when Dak Prescott would throw the ball and the receiver would catch it because that wasn't happening enough especially on seventeen of them yeah and the the the one you know it was bad enough oh and they were averaging Tom real quick to point nine yards per carry yes yeah it was early on thanks Kinda got their rhythm and you can kind of go back in and do a little bit of of forensics on it you know you of the third quarter you know the cowboys due to further get the ball to start the second half and you're right they had fifteen offensive plays and five of them were were L. seven minute ten second drive take the you're taking the clock away from yourself when you need to get some fast scores and get back in op problems early and you've got take on Austin who had his probably best game as a cowboy and you know want his best game last year was against the Texans it unless they pull something out and salvage the season a bit but getting the plow somehow which is going to be I have I have not you know I've been Jason Garrett supporter for a long time and I was really happy about them hiring Chris Rashard but else tomorrow Cooper in the first half with his hamstring problem and so now all you're already down tackles like you mentioned a yeah and and you've you've for some reason that with just under eight minutes to go they don't get the ball back in the third quarter until there's two minutes left yeah another lost the cowboys had where you looked at it and just said got this team like you had mentioned Tom I'm sorry to cut you off but you've mentioned the first drive outs out Paul Callan Moore's cowboys come out in the first three games and do basically what they want okay but there was the you know the very famous the same offense that Jason Garrett has ran this game showed you that sometimes you can't perform within the dysfunction we're talking about running the clock out on yourself Tom all of that other nonsense defensively giving up a ninety two yard score which was offense it's the reason why Scotland Hand Light Kellen Moore it's the reason why they got together in the first place they understand each other's want they it's a variation of the air coryell memories we got what has happened unless they turn this around I can see a general housecleaning it might be time to to the longest play in the NFL this year and the longest second longest play in the jets history of their football team to Robbie Anderson you didn't activate Devon Smith for the game so you only dumb founding yet you had only had four receivers so now you've got Michael Gallup who had some and what you're seeing last night you are yesterday afternoon I should say Sunday afternoon is the cowboys were just going out there on every because Jeff Heath misses an angle it goes to show to me which is why we're coming back to coaching here and the way the cowboys have started games tom they don't see rushing at in the second half which is which looks okay that's pretty good but you're but you're you're behind and you're running the clock out on your side I very famous argument that I had with a colleague of ours last night about Kellyanne more not being innocent in this matter either I feel like this is you know maybe he's a young offensive coordinator who doesn't get much say as he would like to but Kellen Moore has always kind of ran the same I'm prepared to play football I don't know if this is all coaching or what it is or if it's just massive just bales of execution of the game and it's like what they they end up scoring a field goal a thirty two yard field goal by Brett Maher they ended up scoring you know forget Chris Rashard tell Rodman Marinelli's time to retire it may be time to move on from Jason Garrett and then you know you're going to have I think it's a little bit of both but something has got to be said now because the body language of the team after they scored their second field goal and walking oft to Pat Hands with Jason Garrett they didn't touch his hands they just walked right by him yeah it's it's there there's obviously most of the part of this this whole podcast because here's here's the issue you had mentioned Scotland a hand where did Scott Lenihan creep in and honestly I think we need to just stop having Scotland and as the scapegoat for this and this is not against Utah this is actually against all of us we all made a mistake blaming last year's woes on Scotland hand because we a tough given the this the last nine games when you go down and look who they've got the play there are not a whole lot of what looked to be like winds especially with the the recent century thinking to me but they they are kind of locked into this so they keep feeding Zeke and it creates this whole situation were passes all ten of them were runs to Zeke Elliott wrong and that they were they were getting a little more productive because Zeke Elliot had Sony are they might have had some good players they would have a couple of good plays here and there but they came far and few in between of all the mistakes they made all of the like you said NBA embarrassed you embarrassed because the cowboys were ten of seventeen on third down that's pretty damn good yeah that's pretty good they had where they are enabling their own failure and it's just it's just you know I didn't see Tom it's more of frustration and anger for the team as well and and it it really comes down are the coaches just putting them in a position to fail all the time you know on that we can say that he's really reverting to type because what happened those for games he was doing some things and and the the game that I really slow slow so sluggish they can't really get much going and even if they do get downfield there's GonNa be something that just wrexham like a penalty that takes them out of field goal ranger what you do is run into a crowded box and get tackled and because you have Zeke Elliott you're lucky to get one or two yards and and you letting them in this game because getting down to it is the offense what is what Dallas is struggling with Tom is their offense starts out so can be a foundation without being the entire offense that you have because what they seem to do now is they have this tendency of and you hear them say we do what we do defense I don't know if there's any excuse the offense has guys that are injured Tom they have guys that are Michael Gallup is not extremely healthy he had a couple of drops yesterday in all the coaches meeting rooms and and there should be a under issue says fix this yeah we've got to stop going out there and doing what they have a tendency to Co coaching wise to say especially under Jason Garrett because you know he wants a strong running team and that's what they build that's a foundation thing that keeps coming up as well he didn't have Ezekiel Elliott for the whole game because he was on he was on a snap out because he held out and I've I've written a post coming up the fire the new head coach and talk to him about what he wants to do with Keller more weather retain him or not yeah I WANNA get there I wanNA talk about coaches for most look at even did some things in the Green Bay game yet at a gifts against the giants you know DAK Prescott passes four hundred yards and the one the offense I think can fix itself with change and with point with actually players playing up to the level of play but the and so that book and aspect is actually working even though it doesn't look so great sometimes and two sacks is clearly not enough the the other team Sam Darnold came out said well the cowboys defense did what they always do that to me should be put on a poster and slapped up what have you or a missed field goal by Brett Maher then their defense is now being relied on to do what they were able to do last year and the beginning of last year which elite nothing outside of Robert Quinn Jordan Lewis yet and and and has been pointed out by some people demarcus Lawrence is still drawing double teams Scott he's got some kind of a little bagging injury we don't know about her or something and before we go to break I heard Mickey Spag Nola mentioned this about Jalen Smith and I think it's we do what we do okay well we don't care what others do you should start to care what others do okay because you're not doing what what nine penalties which is terrible for sixty eight yards but I mean the jets were killing themselves with penalties eight for one zero five they were killing themselves on offense but the cowboys on the Kellen Moore question is he being caged in or is this just really what is very and an eye with him I I'm not absolutely sure but with the rest of the defense you have to start asking is this schematic lease messed up and the the answer is kind of like well probably eight point Jalen Smith the cowboys have wanted to try to use him as a pass rusher I get that but why are you putting Jalen Smith as a defensive tackle are you not making sure you don't get burned like that ninety four yard backbreaking touchdown because at that point the game got out of my test sorry Cooper's dealing with a lot of different things that tackles are dealing with stuff but the defense his mostly pretty much all intact and they are doing absolutely the the I basically think the cowboys have a co dependency situation with with Zeke they they have this running back they want to lean on him they check out the American Ninja Warrior. Welcome to another edition of the bruise what are you getting accomplished. They're all he's getting alone off the line your can work it can work in some cases but you can't rely on there's something wrong with light and Van Rash because he is not performing at the way this is like it was better in this game than he was against the packers Shirley still believe that they have they should have just let him ninety million dollars exactly and they have still believe in the Rudd Center Golfing which you know is kind of nineteen was it didn't save them but at least Sean Lee had a decent game he was handed to have out there but you have to go back what are you doing wrong with the scheme the eating up attention which is one of the reasons why Quinn is getting the flashier stats because everyone's kind of focused on Lawrence and they're stopping him not able to get Quinn had scored two offensive touchdowns I think they said the whole season and they got free in the first half as like what how take better setup for for some of these saying you shouldn't have been giving up the three hundred yards passing and we're gonNA take a quick break we'll be right back on the Bruce and the boys Sir Hall I'm Holly Anderson I'm Ryan Nanny I'm Jason Kirk and we're the host of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college football podcast it says in the script the Matt yet so it's you know I don't know if you really want to keep going to that if you go to rush him you'd think we'll try to get him on the edge you know and if the but yes I think something is there with yes like you're saying he doesn't quite have the burst now you show last year and so and at his age you have to badly can you have prepared for this even though yeah darnold had been there so you did really have the the video to work off on that but still you should have been the end that was the point at which thank slipped away from them and then they could stop Sam darnold again on the when he got third touchdown at the a team that yeah generally had three tackles yesterday yeah retails is pathetic yeah and is is he hurting I I'm starting to wonder they do enduring the other team to beat them because the other teams right now are beating the pants off of their beating them an A. Z. O. and four jets team kiss for a behind the scenes look at all the action of the show and more with your favorite competitors listening subscribe wherever you get your podcasts hey I'm and what that means and basically what is already spoiled every Tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable pants worn middle school college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP and we are back on the Bruce in the boys podcasts we're talking about the they lose to the eagles it's like I don't I don't see them coming back it's not mathematically impossible just with with teams like the Patriots Pointing Twenty four to twenty two lost the cowboys had on the road in New York against a Owen four jets team that just got their first win against the cowboys they got we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want to I feel great they beat a three two team now the cowboys are three and three they face off against the Philadelphia Eagles this week thank goodness it's coming up there's going to be a lot of games that they're probably going to walk out with another loss they need a win they need to be in the driver's seat for the NFC east where there's on vacation and let me say that this this week may decide whether there's any hope left because it in Tom Rile for more visit bruising the boys dot com the cowboys have a lot of really talented football players that are not playing up to their level of talent yeah you've got a great performance engine but nothing else is fitting with it now and and that's kind of what you've got you've got a lot of yeah he does that and yet they they they don't WanNa put him ahead of Anthony Browne again here they do what they we we can sit around and we can we can point out the things that are wrong here and it's a long list of things but reality is this who who takes an an an old beat up car and drops of you know like a brand new corvette motorin to it okay thank you doing in the second half in the first half that's what's maddening you've got you've had six weeks now distort start sorting some of this out in it's not getting sorted at Oh boy have started this season where they are outscored thirty one to twenty in the first quarter they are outscored thirty six to thirty four in the second quarter the cowboys get a lot of points they're outscoring opponents thirty five are sorry fifty five to twenty four in the third quarter and forty four to twenty have to kind of focus on writing because otherwise you know my wife would probably be terrified order I'll be doing over there just raging same same here a hand in this the injuries of course but you know injuries cannot be an excuse for anyone you have to suit up and continue to play the fact of the matter is is that the more what I'm talking about this because it's just there's just there are so many things and you know it's I'm kind of glad that I do the recap so I do the in game at the in game updates the big plays and stuff but thankfully I'm always focused on that so once the game is over I have learned just put it behind looking at the coaching staff and some people are going to have going to be held accountable for this I think at some time I'm not looking for any firings me and just get my thoughts together so it could come out in a very precise manner in a writing sense but in for our podcast here but you talk about this I don't see how he would keep them because it's not changing it's not getting better you have talented talented football players they're going to point the finger at the coach intact for another comeback like type of season where they come back they were three and five and come back to win a playoff game and then lose again the way they lost on the field and he was the he got the interception had another great play he made his way on the ball when no defensive back has been making plays on the ball Italy the this is a huge game because what we what we thought we knew just before the jets game what we thought we knew was well the cowboys can beat up on the so and you know it's actually it's not inconsistent they're playing consistently poor is what they're playing the the defense like you had mentioned the coaching everything has a bad teams and they are not going to be able to do that against good teams well now we know the cowboys can't even beat some of the bad teams the cowboys are playing right now so inconsistent through Tom Yeah and it's just like well you need to stop doing what you do start finding out what you need to do differently and that's it all keeps focusing back your they are they are the guys that you have to rely on that you're not getting much out of yeah I to me I kind of this is a peril somebody have to keep in mind you know George Carlin the light comedian wants to thank all the zone where you can't say on television keep those firmly in mind because I wanNA use all seven of them about twenty in the season at this point because Jerry Jones h to do that and as has been pointed out the team really hasn't given up on the coaching staff yet that would be the this team all these coaches are on the final years of their deal

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