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Hello, and welcome back to another episode of the influence or podcast. Have you joined our facebook group yet? Because if you haven't, I, want you to get in there. We have been talking a lot about. Figuring out how to grow and scale. Once you kind of lay the groundwork on your purpose in your mission I've seen a lot of conversations going on with that in there right now, and so if that is where you may be, you want to pop on in there, you can go to facebook dot com slash. Groups I think slash the influence our podcast to get in on that free group into soak up all the awesome knowledge that's in there now, Kelsey Patel who is our guest? Today is one of Elliot's leading wellness and Ricky experts, and she is most importantly an expert in burnout. That was what was kind of predominantly the basis of today's conversation. How to really. Be Able to check in with yourself. When you're having burn out what happens when you're having burn out how to use Rakia, which Kelsey is certified in deering burnout out during that feeling of chaos what listening to your body can actually do for Your Business and really had a heal yourself from burnout. Now, Kelsey went from working on Capitol Hill and the US Senate for four and a half years, and then she was director of crisis Pr Fortune Five, hundred company. So you know she has been in those high paced high stress environments. She talks about how she was able to pivot and what that really did not only for her life, but for her business. In for her wellness and Mine's business that she has now her new book burning bright rituals Ricky Self to heal burnout anxiety and stress is now available, which will also be talking about today, and that information is in the show notes. Let's dive in. 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Welcome to the influence or podcast I'm your host Julie Salamon a marketing strategist brand building expert speaker and new. York Times bestselling publicist. This is where I take you behind the scenes with today's top influencers, industry insiders and entrepreneurs as they share step-by-step strategies to help you turn your online dreams into a purposeful and profitable business. Hi, Kelsey it's great to have you with us today. Thank you so much for having me. I'm honored to be here. Yes. So I wanted to dive on into. Your journey of really going from Capitol Hill to you know crisis Pr. To now being one of the leading. Wellness Rakia. In spiritual coaches, That's that's a vast transition and so I would love for you to kind of share what that journey was like and why that journey happened. Yahya Course You know I grew up in north. Dakota. I grew up in a very traditional. Irish, Catholic mother, a Norwegian sort of non emotional bearing father. Everyone sort of just believed in sort of had this philosophy of contributing through your work in the world, and that work really had a strong association with your value. And so I started working when I was twelve years old I had fulltime eighty sitting jobs in the summer where I was up at seven thirty am and home I'd PM. Or subway sandwich shop when I could get my first legal job at age fourteen, and so my whole life I really grounded rooted in my this idea that my value king for work and from Dui, and so. That sort of carried with me for better and for worse throughout my journey and I've always loved politics I went to school in Boston and got a degree in international relations in went to Capitol Hill. Right actor was so excited and thrilled to be working on Capitol Hill, and at that time, my mother was going through some very severe bouts of depression. We had sort of seen this happen on and off throughout my childhood and teenage years, and we just never really talked about it. Never, gave it any emotional emotional weight or energy, and so while I was working in the Senate, I would get calls from my mom in psych ward or just these crazy scenarios in experiences and it started to manifest as back pain and I never realized that stress can create physical. Body I I wasn't aware of that. I. Didn't know that to be honest. I probably didn't even believe that. And so I worked on Capitol Hill for four and a half years. I drink a lot of red wine. At night and I took a lot bill to try to combat my pain and what I didn't realize was also very, very crippling anxiety and not just burned me out and I had multiple jobs when I worked in the Senate I bartended I taught dance on the side danced in the company like one job was never enough for me. and I look back and see that I was really deeply avoiding emotions than being by myself. At a toxic relationship so The list goes on and I needed a whole new fresh start. So I moved to Los Angeles with a friend and started working for a big fortune five hundred company doing kreisky are traveling almost every week on a plane and had no idea that. Again my pay my back pain and anxiety were really like fueling everything I couldn't even talk to somebody without thinking about my back as though I, was never really present. And obviously as it will as luck would have it I lived in La and I still do. But you know there's a lot of more Wu practices out here and I started trying a lot of 'cause I was super desperate with my pain and they started to help sh and I quit that job opened up a pure Var studio and opened up several of our studios because I thought being an entrepreneur would be awesome in helped me alleviate his pain anxiety. And it made it worse. and really when I owned pure bars I finally realized that I was the common denominator and not if my pain was going to go away and my anxiety was going to. Maybe go away or diminished completely but if I was going to get a handle on it, I needed to change my lifestyle and that was when I found Rakia I. Guess Raking found me. And I've just been following Matt Path ever since. The long story I hope it doesn't or your audience but. Just to say that there's not always a linear path to healing and mine was very much an all over the place patch to get through area today. What do you think gave you the courage or the wherewithal to listen to yourself to listen to your body to listen to your? You're paying mind body and spirit and know that you needed to make that shift. Honestly desperation I? Mean I was like I. Always have this image where I was on a plane with my at the time fiance my now husband and we were flying somewhere like fabulous for vacation in my head was in. The seat in front of my plane seat, and there were tears just streaming down my face because I was in so much pain and I mean I really question how long I wanted to keep living life with that kind of physical back pain and now I know that I'm not alone I had no idea I thought I was very isolated in I experience of back pain and of anxiety and With the teaching that I get to do now I know that I'm actually that I was not alone in not pain. And tell us a little bit about that. Who We know why rate he will I I would love for you to explain why Ricky for you and then kind of go into. What exactly is that and how can it help someone heal? How can it help someone? Except how can it help someone get the support that they're looking for get the clarity they're looking for and Really, just get the stillness that I think everyone needs. Yeah. That's a great word for it So Ricky for me because. I was trying as many things as possible and I had done this wellness event pure studio and a friend of mine WHO's an incredible aestheticians said. Allergy mind. albarn my Rakia masters you can you Rakyat? Almost like. I'd never heard of it. And I wasn't I really wasn't into all the stuff at all. I was very pragmatic. I liked was very tight a person. which is why I loved Bar classes 'cause you can be controlling like down in an image. And when I saw a woman doing rake young people who were hovering around their head and I was like this is bullshit and the woman invited me though to her Office for session as thank you and I went and I couldn't. I I couldn't describe it or understand it from sort of the right brain perspective but I did realize that when I walked out of the session I felt lighter and I felt a sense of peace that I hadn't ever been able to find on my own. So I started to go back every week even though I was a pretty much a skeptic about it I just trusting the way that it made me feel even though I couldn't see it or understand it from a very black and white perspective and I kept going back and I would go every week and then I decided to get certified in her Rakia Level one training just so I do it on myself and as things would go that's why that's sort of how it went to ricky to fifty three raking master teacher and for me. The beauty of rake. I. Teach at now all over the world both certifications, and also teaching people in workshops, how to do it on themselves without needing to get certified and. To Me Radi matters and heels and Ricky supports in helps because it's the ultimate practice of surrender. Where you're letting yourself, unravel and release all the control mechanisms of wanting to control. Basically everything like all many of us do and you're really allowing yourself to open up to something greater than you to bring about balance and harmony into mind body and spirit. And how does this allow for that idea to fall into other aspects of your life? It's really incredible right? It's like you make one small change in your life that might grow. On that micro shift becomes the outlook of the macro of your life experience, and so you know finding yourself whether or not you received from someone or you try it on yourself or however do however the way. I feel like people start to have a shift in their. In their perspective, and then it gives them a new Lens to look through all of the other parts of their life, maybe not immediately and maybe not all parts of their life but these little micro moments. Might be the bliss. I'm going to take five minutes to just sit outside and listen to the birds and look at the trees and just be as you said, still mess for a few minutes, and then that carries into the next moment did not carries into the next moment in so on. And what could someone? Who's never had a rocky session? What could they expect from that first time because I think for people that have never done it they're like, am I going to do you touch me do not touch me am I, going to feel something my gonNa levitated into the room and fly away what is going to happen l. over the about knows. So Ricky session a typical recession, and by the way every person who practices ricky. Is going to approach their session differently because we're all unique individuals and everyone has their own way of connecting in into this energy source. So but how Rakia is performed is we use our hands, the Paul Shock Ras. So we are shockers all over our body. Most people are used to the seven shockers that you've probably seen depicted in a picture, a Yoga Studio, or you've seen on the cover of book or somehow you've probably seen those seven shockers going down the center of the body. We have many other shockers on the body and two of them are on the palm and so ricky practitioners have trained and learned how to connect to this universal energy source. Again always intention is to bring about balance in harmony it's not to heal. It's not to manipulated not religious. It's really to just connect to this universal energy source to bring balance and harmony to the recipient. And so when you go in for a rocky session, typically the practitioner will ask you. A, few questions probably just to assess why came in what you're hoping for, and then the have you typically lay down on a massage table and they will not and should not be touching most of your body they may touch your head in the beginning. So we sort of start usually again, every practitioner will be a little bit different, but we'll start at typically the top of the head and just opened up the energy to be able to. Use. Some of that balance in harmony and bring it into the mind because that's where a lot of us holds the energy patterns that create physical disease or disease in the body, and then they'll work their way down the body typically again, without touching the whole body, they may touch your feet as they work their way down, and then some practitioners will have you turnover onto your stomach and do a little bit on the back of the body. And some may just work on the front of the body. That's a typical raking session in just add that in the current climate I don't this podcast will air, but there is also something called distance ricky healing where you can send key to someone without being in the same. Place as they are. and. How does that work if you're not physically together? Yes it's a great question. So. In reiki training, there's the Rakia one certification training is really just teaching someone how to tap into the source. A lot of the focus is about learning how to rake yourself. You May Ricky your family is a great tool for MOMS and DADS to have for. Their kids to be able to rake. You have certainly rapeseed my son's in different moments. Of Health issues in it's been incredibly powerful in supportive an empowering really, and then ricky level to the second level of certification is where you learn different Reiki symbols including distance reiki symbol. So you're basically tapping into this frequency of energy and you're calling in the ability for this energy in this rookie healing to be sent through time and space and location for the recipients, and there is a beautiful. Protocol. If you will of how to open up that energy channel and again as someone who has been the skeptic. I have the most profound. Examples and experiences, not only with my own clients. But also in having Rakia sent to me from people that I trust to do ricky on me. And when you do rake yourself as something that you have to have training for can you take? Do, you have to be in person to take classes. Could you take virtual causes? How does that work to actually become trained? Yeah. So this is where I may there may be the rake master teachers who listen to your podcast that may disagree with this but my personal take on it is We all have ricky of us. We all have the same way that we all have life force energy inside of us. If you go to a yoga class, they're talking about Brana or shock. De Rising or if you're going to an acupuncturist didn't in Chinese medicine, they talk about Chee, which is life force energy. So the they're moving the key of the body through the needles. The key of rage key KFI is the same as all of those. So it's tapping into this life force energy within the Bonnie and helping the body to bring balance in harmony. I, believe because I think every practitioner out there would say that, of course, all of us have this ability and capability within us. I personally think that people should get rank you want a certified if they feel a desire to go deeper or they know themselves well, enough to say you know I need the actual training and the certification and I want to have a teacher, teach me how to do this but then I also in my workshops. I teach people how a very easy quick way how to tap into this energy source to begin to rake themselves so that they just have another tool in their tool belt I have. Many different courses online that I share to be able to help people start tapping into this resource and even right now I've, of course, called Achey one one with mind body green. And free for everybody. So my hope it intention is that people who want this or that speaks to them just open their options up for having another tool in their tool belts of healing. Amazing I love that. Are. You. Someone that is maybe new to this game and you see all of these people online monitoring their instagram monetize in their blog and wondering, hey, how the heck are they actually doing this or are you someone that has maybe been at this for a while now and he just kind of feel stuck well, let me come in and help you one of the ways. I do that is through my. Brand new free class that I just created that teaches you how to land big brand deals in five simple steps. Even if you've never done it before and even if you think you have to small of a following, I, walk you through so many steps that are incredible and they're gonNa get you the results that you want immediately head on over to pitch a perfect dot net slash masterclass for all the details. So as we dive more into this idea of energy healing and wellness in seeing that I know that you have a new book that's coming out on April twenty eighth congratulations by the way they do so. What else can we learn in that book to heal the burn out and the anxiety the overwhelming chaos that a lot of us has started to fill this year and we'll maybe continue to feel as the year progresses absolutely I. Think we're in a very unique time and when I was writing this book obviously, I wasn't writing it in the context of where we are right now but you know there's something to be said about what is I consider both acute burnout and chronic earn outs and the book was really created for both with this idea that you know a lot of us had learned picked up over our lifetimes by the way no one. Is Immune to this we've all picked up in learned from our parents from society from you know things that we don't even know that we are unconsciously programming into our minds this these ways of interacting with ourselves with fear with anxiety with control, and with the way that we show up in the world in the book really came from this place of me knowing how I felt when I was going through my cane and anxiety and not feeling like I had any way of releasing or shifting or even just giving myself other options. So in the book, I, you know there's different phases that the book takes the reader through ended it's really intended to sort of. Root down in science. So there's a lot of statistics in the book. About stress and about how it plays a deep role in our overall physical wellbeing and that's really important to me because I want to speak to the really successful type a very capable, very driven person end because that's how I was and I really thought that I was doing well, even though I was most mornings when I woke up but most nights when I went to bed and the book talks about the age of. Anxiety, and it talks about suggests getting statistics and information. So you can kind of level off with yourself, and then the second part of the book goes into this idea of imprint and how to discover your own personal imprint whether it's about money or relationships or success or purpose at. Then we talk about how to rediscover reconnect with your sense of purpose whether it's a purpose for the day or for your life or for a year. And then it's really giving a ton as many as I can of the practices in tools and resources that i. both personally used used with thousands of clients. To start to really develop a D. birth sense of trust in nate joy with yourself so that no matter what shows up in your life, you are able to really see it for what it is with incredible perspective and awareness, and then being able to decide like how you what you want next where you WANNA go next without letting things that just create needless suffering. To really help move those those unnecessary experiences out of your life. And could you share if there's one of the you know maybe it's the biggest resource are just the most impactful resource that someone could start using today. Yeah I mean I I would say your breath. I mean I know and the two things that I talk about with people all the time if they don't know where to start or they feel. With an I totally get it all of the media out there all of the different tools and resources the two things that I would strongly recommend. Is Number one again with a daily wrath practice, it can be three minutes One of my favorite ones that really helps to defuse in soften anxiety is just think about the shape of a triangle and you inhale on one point of the triangle inhale for account of three. Then go to the next point on the triangle hold the breath for account of two. And then go to the next part of the triangle xl account of five. So it's inhaled for three expand the belly, hold the breath for two counts, and it could be long to counter short depending on your breath practice and then an open mouth exile for five counts and as you do that, the extended exhale is helping to calm down the central nervous system. So people could even just do that. Once a day could be in the middle of the day to have a reset that's really gonNA start to combat that idea of the pair sympathetic nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system right that fight flight. Freeze mode. So we want to just start treating our Bonnie's in a way where we see you only have a certain amount of reserves every day to tap into that that part of you, that's able to turn on the fight mode. And we want to give the body as much opportunity to come down from not into release some of that momentum so that it's not a boiling pot the lids GonNa fly off of right. It's like you're turning down to simmer so that if something does come up again in, it starts to boil you have the ability to bring it back down. So that's number one, number two I really feel. So strongly about people in the morning when they wake up. Doesn't matter if you lay in bed and put your hands on your heart or sit up and your hands on somewhere on your body, your knees, your heart, your head, and this is sort of the idea of sending ricky to yourself but it's really connecting with your physical mind body spirit before you start day and again, this can be two minutes could be sixty seconds. It can be ten minutes whatever you want whatever you have time for whatever feels good to you but doing a self check. In and when you do that to just notice your body, notice your breath and ask yourself what's one self loving act that I will do for myself today and then no matter what your day brings just try to make sure that you commit to doing that one thing it could be as simple as lemon water or turning on a diffuser with innocent until oil or going for a short walk but just this idea of connecting to yourself in your needs and then choosing to make that a priority. I love that. The choice to make it a priority because I think that a lot of times we. It's so easy to get lost in. You know I don't have enough time. You know I've got the kids I have this have that have all of the excuses kind of come and do you have any kind of tips for? Check ins that we can do throughout the day to combat those types of belief systems that start to roll in yet, and I guess I would ask if you're open to sharing Julie what comes up for you during the day and then I can work with that. Yeah. Let's see. So days that I am not an acceptance. And I'm playing kind of more of the the victim of you know I I I have no control I can't control my thoughts and feelings. It's probably that idea of I'm having to do everything and no one's helping me my love that. Okay and I. Think. So many of us have that same experience every day. So you're not alone even though our Egos somehow make us feel so isolated in unique. In our experience of bath feeling. So one of the things that I would recommend for that is number one. Take a break even when your brain tells you that you have no time to take a break challenging. That is the first way to start to get out of the mouse wheel right? It's like this mouse just running on a wheel all the time, and it believes that somehow it's better off running all the time and that's just not true. Right know even about workouts how important recovery is it's the same thing with how we approach ourselves, our brains, our bodies and our days so take. A break. It could be a sixty second break where you literally turn a timer on your phone. It could be recommend of course, more like a five to ten minute break where you can set an alarm on your phone and just walk out, make yourself a glass of water. Get something get some vitamin. D. If you can step outside or a few minutes, but you have to change your physical Mayans location and your physical bodies location in order to change your perspective does that make sense? Does that totally makes sense and I even noticed that today it's the first really Nice Day in Tennessee where I live and just having that Sunshine I. I. got to go outside I got to listen to the wind and the birds and I did a quick five minute meditation because that's the block of time that a had. And it just it. It allowed me to get so much stillness into just breathe and it was like what? A what a difference five minutes in the Sun can make. Exactly like we we so often forget how many things are actually out there that are supporting us beyond what again our brain tells us, and so like mother Earth is here to Support Austin and we can obviously support her back but in a little things like that, and then the two other things I wanna say to is. Also, being willing to be vulnerable and to share I have this group of four other girlfriends and we all have this text chain and we text each other all the time daily regardless of whether or not we're quarantined or or not, and it's the most loving supportive group, and so if you have one friend or a couple of friends and. You WanNA, create that chain of like, Hey, can we just do like more like a regular check in with each other every day and we send each other silly videos like nobody gives a shit. There's no filtering on this text chain. We pray for each other if one of us is going through something really hard most of us have kids as well. And we will be. Able were able to. Tell each other what? Are What we're needing. We're all collectively showing up to support each other. That has been one of the most fundamental and supportive things in my life. I'm over this past year and I recommend it so much for everyone. Really that's that's what you're saying. That's what all of us need is just a feeling that we are not alone in that we are supported. and then the next thing is the final thing is is. Just. This idea of doing a check in with yourself because the EGO has again a tendency to get carried away with what is quote unquote crucial and so important. And I have this philosophy with myself. I don't always practice it I try really hard to. But I check in ask myself like is this absolutely necessary right now or can is actually wake or maybe even on a day like today Julie, you need to cancel a podcast recording. So you can go outside for an hour, enjoy the sunshine and guess what when each of us starts to show up to our benthic needs and desires. We actually than create this, it's a ripple effect. We all then get permission to do that for ourselves regularly. So everyone can be showing up from a more happy healthy balanced perspective and I know that that's not always the case for everybody but I just want to share it because. So much of I think what has happened in our Western society is that we've all been just fueling off of each other's films and these are we are not living with full tank of gas. All in have all been operating from almost like fumes only and I just want to give new perspectives and new options to people that maybe things aren't as critical as crucial as your mind is telling you they are in if you give yourself a break, you might actually be giving someone else a break to announce a really beautiful thing. I love that and thank you for that reminder of I do something similar I asked I'm like how important is it? Every day and it does allow you to and we have choices I think that that's a big thing to always remember too is that a lot of times we feel like we have to do this? Exactly in the brain, the Eagle lie you know. Much, we want to rely on the EGO. The EGO will lie to you and it will take you and it will It will really it can really disrupt the energy fields in the body. So it's a matter of just some just challenging the EGO, your ego even something as simple as a text or an email that triggers you or it triggers an old fear I just had someone emailed me. Recently, I had done a rate training and they just me that they can't pay me right now for the draining, which was thousands of dollars and my fear kicked in and I wanted to have you know like an immediate. Response like okay. That's money that I already. The right. And I just took a step back and I said, okay is that true? The duet absolutely need this right now or am I just being defensive in fighting because I have an old fear of things like that happening in. So I think it's also just about taking the pods before you react and respond. So if something really triggers, you could be any type of feeling just see if you can take a moment to pause or step away from responding and not has been such a beautiful practice for me personally. Amazing what Kelsey thank you so much for walking us through all of that, where can we learn more about your book and learn more about the work that you do. Thank you so much Julie and yes. So you can go to everything is just my name. Kelsey J.. L. L. S. E. Y., and my book is on the website. You can pre order now and get 'em trying to give as much free stuff and contents away. So there's journal prompts in a lot of other goodies for the pre order of the book, and it'll be the same when it's the actual sale they don't be a bonus as well for any order in on instagram all the sudden. Just Kelsey? Jay Patel. Awesome. Well, thank you so much again for being here today and sharing all of his goodness, and if you those listening if you had any amazing insights or ways that you're thinking differently about your life and your journey, please make sure to share with us either on Itunes as a review or you can screen shot today's episode on Instagram and tag me Hashtag the influence of podcast and let us know what your biggest takeaway was because I love to share stories on my story as well and spread the love. So again, thank you so much for being here. Today they to. All right that is it for today. Now, as you know, some of our conversations actually happened after the show. So I want you to find me on instagram head on over to our facebook group at the influence or podcast, and let me know your thoughts about today's show. Right. I will see you again same time. Same place next week.

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