Hour 2: Dino Babers and Louis Riddick join


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Also tune in for college football action tomorrow as Stanford baddest count battles California presented by Dr Pepper. Coverage begins at seven PM eastern on ESPN radio ESPN radio dot com and the ESPN app. I'll tell you what I'm going to be doing before. I'll watch that game before I'll watch Stanford California. I'm gonna tell you exactly what I'm gonna be doing. I'm gonna have my face glued to the television because tomorrow afternoon in New York City at Yankee Stadium of all places. The Notre Dame fighting Irish will go up against the Syracuse, orange coached by Dino babies, who is on the line with me right now. Head coach for Syracuse, Dino babies, he's on allow what's going on buddy. How you doing gave it a are you doing this morning, sir? Well, first of all, let me say this. I'm incredibly incredibly proud, sir. May listen all I know is this I showed up for speech. I had the pleasure of hanging with you meeting you and your team hanging with my old boss your boss now. John wall tech the director at Syracuse. And the next thing I know y'all y'all ain't to be beaten up a lot of people coach I want to know first of all how do you feel about how to season is going this far tell you what the season gone extremely well, obviously, we're disappointed about the two losses, and we had lead in the fourth quarter. But it becomes like this. I'm gonna have to write that check to have you come speak to more. You know, I've look at coach. And I gotta admit to you. I expect you guys to have a good season. But I didn't know how good it was. I think the offense has been pretty explosive. I've been very impressed with what I've seen from Dungy and a few others talk to me about what is excited you most about this season does for you know, what I really think your top your talk really hit some some key chords with the winter football team. And you know, how you opened up by Bari her new on Mike and Mike. Can you talked about the last three games? And and and what that meant. And what happened, and I'll tell you what I think they really took it to heart. Barry close football team near family there a law million and. Sometimes we like to stand up program you need to put a light on it. And I think you put a light on that kind of got some people really kind of irked, and I think they've gone out. And they've done some things that really helped football season. We're talking to Dino baby's head Costa Syracuse right here with Steven A, ESPN radio ESPN news what he's alluding to is. When I spoke to the Syracuse Arja before the season began, and I talked about how they gave up one hundred sixty two point the last three games at a regular season last year. And I said that's not about coaching. I watched you guys play. You guys were in the right places. You would just getting you just get beat. And you're you're right. It seems like they took it too hard. I tell you this for me coach, I watched you guys against Clemson. And even though that was a loss. Our so proud because I thought y'all played good on both ends both sides of the ball. And you really went after it put it just didn't work out the unit twenty seven twenty three loss. I got a little worried when you lost the next week to pit and you gave up forty four what happened in that game? What did you say to them after that led to the present four-game game winning streak that your own? Well, part of all, you know. Nice job obvious. They ran football and made some plays. And they wanted they won an overtime game. There's nothing you can go into overtime. If you let a game going overtime. You're gonna have a chance to lose it or chance to win it and my hat's off to them. And it looks like they're going to they win on Saturday. They're going to have an opportunity to win the other side of that division. And ironically, you laugh at three years I've been here we played the champion on the other side of the division. First year was Jinyan tech. The second year was Miami. Okay. And this year was pit. So it's amazing. That no matter what the schedule as we seem to catch the cream of the crop on the other side. But that happening when it comes back to the other things we had a bye after that Steven A, and you know, we could've took it easy on them. Or we could have been hard on them. And I thought about all the giant word that you were using started with the letter a. You know, what I had enough of this that I'm gonna 'gree with you. And we went back to some old school top love for the ball for by week. And it really made guy decide either get on board or get the hell out of the way. And I think a lot of guys felt the exact way that I did. And we've been basically undefeated ever since talk to me about Eric Dungy your quarterback. He's completed sixty percent of his pants got about fourteen touchdowns five in the seventies on the season. But clearly, he's also you second-leading Russia's rush Volvo seven hundred yards this year. I mean, this guy clearly is capable of making making plays with his feet but coming into the season. There was noise about what they would be him or devito as your quarterback, or whatever the case may be what are your thoughts about dodgy how he's performed this. She and how he's grown since last year. You know, I think the biggest thing about Dungy to debt done you never had competition that this position, you know, he came he came in a backup as a freshman. He became a starter. His second year. There was no one here capable of beating out his is third year year. You know devito was here, but he was playing so well, then it got later on the season. You didn't have the rule where a guy could play four games for free. And then to beetle was red shirted devito is good. And I think the competition that devito in Dungy's had in practices has really helped Dungy to remember what it's like to be Anri to be the dog that wants the bone. And and I think we're seeing the best of Dungy right now. I think some of that stuff have to veto. I just finished talking to tempt Tibo a little bit earlier this morning on my television show. I take comes on every weekday from ten AM to noon eastern coast, east coast. Tom mo-, Neil. I brought up. The fact he's averaging better than six yards of carries got about seven hundred and twelve yards on the season. I said could the Notre Dame is a big game coming up. Obviously. How do you beat those guys running a football? Tim tebow? No, no, no, no, no. He said, whether it's a Riley. Whether it's a guy like, you know, cut us or or whomever. The case may be Serra Cue's beach you with the big play. That's who they are. When you talk about this big time match up you going up against the fighting Irish, you know, tomorrow afternoon what's going to be the key to that victory. Is it going to be running a football? Is it going to be doing a big play? Was it going to be coach, you know? I really think it's going to be playing at the team. There's going to be ups and downs. There's gonna be valleys there's gonna be emotional Swain about the state of New York. There's gonna be some snowballed out there. Some of them are gonna be really big. And some of them are really smart, we need to be able to handle it. And I think the team that handled it the bet is going to get themselves the best opportunity to win turnover. You're going to be big the kicking game is going to be big and people talk about big plays. But I don't think you get an opportunity to make big plays unless you make a whole bunch of small place talk to be about your defense coach I've been I've I've watched them and I see. Clinton. They're not see Alton Robinson. He's got not sacks on the season. Calm. It's got about seven sacks on the season. But I liked in spots. Anyway, what I've seen from this defense. How are you feeling about this defense? Now, particularly considering how y'all ended the season last year. It's really been the key to our season. You know that deadline that you're talking about those guys are the real deal out and Robson kindle Coleman three technique, Chris. Layton jobs black. I mean, those guys are real those guys are the real deal MacKenzie mckenry Williams those guys can play and we're young at other positions. But though and the D liners what's been carrying this football team. And that's what gives us a chance. We were in those two areas. Don't wanna get Notre Dame. We probably would have no chance, but since we're strong in those areas, we're like, dumb and dumber. We've got a chance. Do you know baby's head coach q right here with Steven A ESPN radio. ESPN news getting set to go up against the Notre Dame fighting Irish the number three ranked team in the nation of the season would end the day at not today would be in the college football players how big of a game. Do you believe this is for your program because people can look at you right now coach say eight and two you went four and eight your first two seasons at Syracuse. Now, you're eight and two so some could have that mentality. You plan what house money, but I imagine that's not your mentality at all. How big of a game is this for you? And your program, you're estimating. You know? Stephen people wanna make big game a big game because Notre Dame is so good. And we seem okay. And they've got an opportunity to do something. They haven't done in a long time. You know, I get it. Because it's in Yankee Stadium. It's big because you're playing team that undefeated big, you know, they're old guys are being they're strong. They're good. And they got a lot of tradition. It's going to be. It's hard task in front of us is it doable. Yeah. You help us out into doable. If they have you say coach, they help you out. Coping about football is you don't have to play seven game series. You only got play once. And it's not the best thing that wins. Just a team that plays the best on that Saturday, and we need to play extremely well, it we're going to be able to compete with a team that done the things that Notre Dame's down this year. Coach is one thing to play on a neutral field. If you get a bowl game or in the playoffs. Whatever the case may be before regular season game. How do you feel about planet Yankee Stadium in New York City as opposed to at Serra Cue's or at Notre Dame? You know, okay. I really wanted to play at Notre Dame. I really wanted to seniors to have an opportunity to play at Notre Dame special place. I haven't played their coach there and special place, and it's really cool to be old with grandkids. And being able to say when that stadium comes on TV. Hey, I played in that stadium. I'm really disappointed that they've never had an opportunity to play them now beside. That avid opportunity to play a Yankee Stadium, you know, stadium's going to be on TV for the rest of your life. So this is a story that hasn't been written yet. It could have a happy ending that they could be telling for a lifetime baby's head coach of Syracuse right here with Steven ESPN radio. ESPN new just a couple of more questions. Let's go coach. Let's talk about you for a second. Because obviously the third season at Syracuse doing a hell of a job this year. I'm so proud of the job that you're doing. And it was it was an aunt an approach to meet you and talk to your football players. But I gotta ask you about. How are you feeling about yourself and your program right now in the direction it's heading in? I imagine it's very good. Because obviously, even though you took over a program, and you have to build it. And it takes time anytime, you're not winning. You're going to feel some kind of precious some kind of heat. I wanna know what things were like for you walking into the season. And how you feeling about it. Now where you know, we we had the big win over Virginia Tech and sixteen we had to win over Clemson at seventeen. But we were occasionally great. We work consistently. Good. And I can see how people would say adding proved anything you haven't done anything yet. But my feeling you can I mean, you can check the record books you go back and check the tape the day after we lost a Boston College. I walked in. Or maybe the day of the day. We lost a Boston College. I went to the press conference and told everybody this team was going to be special. Now, I had faith belief without evidence. I'd have any evidence of that. Because this season hadn't came yet. Right. I knew what I had in that locker room. And I knew how those young men felt and I felt like we had more than a chance to do something special, and this is a closed group. This is a quote close unit. It we divided everybody and played them individually twenty two individuals. They probably would kick our tail, but the really cool Tate cool thing is we don't have to do that we deploy him as a team at a family with our names on the back of jerseys. And because of that cohesiveness. We're gonna have a chance. What are you gonna do against Notre Dame tomorrow afternoon, sir? I'll tell you what we're gonna play football game. We know they're going to be physical. We're try to match that physicality and we're going to try to keep a close in the fourth quarter. And they're going to have the luck of the Irish. And hopefully, we'll have some luck of our own and see who's gets lucky last coach their detail into my show yesterday. I reminded the world that I went on golden win go show earlier that day, and I guaranteed that. Syracuse is gonna knock Madison emotional decision. I know it. But dammit, I'm rooting for y'all. And that's I'm not apologizing foot. Okay. I've got Syracuse beating Notre Dame tomorrow afternoon at Yankee Stadium and knocking them out of the playoffs. I need you to tell your team. I said that you know, what I'm gonna come. You said that Stephen A, and I'll tell you what you and you can predict that brother. I'll write you check every year. Appreciate it coast. Good luck tomorrow afternoon minute. Thank you so much to take time out to be on the show. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Appreciate your man. Have a blessed day. Thank you buddy, the one and only coach Dino vapors right here with Steven A on ESPN radio and ESPN news inundate say ESPN, it's inundate seven to nine three seven seven six you listened to the Stephen Smith show ESPN radio. I'm really ruined for them. I really really am. I can't I can't deny. I can't deny. It was great speaking to those kids at Syracuse coming off a back to back four and eight seasons. You know, what they were talking about? Again, we alluded to it earlier in and I spoke to golick and wingo earlier this week when I gave the speech up there to those kids I walked up to there in Syracuse and invited by former boss here at ESPN, John wall, tech amended. I love very very daily was always very good to me. And it will always appreciate the respect that he treated me with and still does to this very day. I'm just on its call a man of friend. Here's the deal. I go up there in Syracuse. And you got guys recline. I mean, they did everything but have their feet up had smiles on their face. Everything's good. Everything's cold. Everything's all right. And I said you feel good here. Feel good. I feel good about stuff. Everything's alright. They like. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Excited about season. It's going to have. Yeah. Yeah. We are. Absolutely MRs Smith. I said he planned to me how y'all gave up one hundred sixty two points in the last week as a disease last year because that's the residue that you left by. And that's what you have to make up for you shouldn't be smiling. You should be hungry. You should be used to have a perpetual frown on your face because you starve it. Because you've got something to prove. You gotta go for it. That's what I told. And I can't say enough about the Syracuse orange. Now, proud I am of them and how they played this year. Liberty disgusted with them when they gave a forty four to Pittsburgh. I'll admit that. I was very accept because they had back to back background the after they lost to Clemson, then they gave a forty four to Pittsburgh, and then gave a forty one thirty seven to UNC and North Carolina State ally. Now now that reminds me too much of what I saw last year. But they got their act together. And I give the Matt love and respect for that as an Assad. Celebrate fall birthdays and anniversaries with multicolored roses from one eight hundred flowers dot com right now. One eight hundred flowers is offering a bouquet of twenty four multicolored roses for twenty four dollars to order. Twenty four multicolored roses for twenty four dollars. Go to one eight hundred flowers dot com slash ESPN. I got news for Syracuse. Your beat Notre Dame tomorrow Yankee Stadium and knocked off the number three ranked team in the nation. Help people might be buying you flowers. They might be buying you flowers. I just think it's important to point that out. It really really is. And I got news few. I'm picking Syracuse with the upset. I'm picking Syracuse to pull it off. It's an emotional decision. John. I know, but I'm picking Syracuse to knock off the fighting Irish on national television tomorrow afternoon Yankee Stadium, the serach use ours will stand up they will rise to the challenge. They will ask a call. They understand what's at stake. They're rated to then Desta football game. But Dennis not enough. It's not enough. This is what to weigh in for well your life. This is way this moment. Mo- nail. You hear me Dungy? You hear me client? You hear me? This is what it's all about you waited for this. We all know that when we talk about Syracuse thinking big, Tom, we're usually looking at dim Bahamas basketball program, which by the way, lost a UCAR yesterday, by the way, where's usually looking at the basketball team. We are now looking at the football team in a matter. We think about says Donovan McNabb played the I think, but it is time. This is what it is. This is what is about don't will beneath the press Roz up to it. Put the heat on. No today. Let them feel the heat. Let feel are. It's coming their way. Remind who the hell you are. And when they sit up there say, they didn't know you'll look back. And say you're should ask somebody. That's what you do. Will you wanna be a champion? This is how you go about doing it. Syracuse stand up Syracuse stand up Sarah stand up. That's what you do. And I hope my golick is listening to me says predicted this fighting Irish would fall tomorrow afternoon. I will be watching. I will be watching. It eight say ESPN as the number to call this today. Seven to nine three seven seven this this go back to the phones. Please let's go to Sebastian. You live Stephen ESPN radio, Hispanic. Hey, good, man. Talk to me. I'm to. So let me ask you. So what's Alabama afraid to play you kneel somebody lots of Garin now eight one day, but they scare the play somebody with a hack cash question Beckett's deal. You can ask you a question. Did you just say that the number one team in the nation who is undefeated who plays an SEC conference who has been so dominant at such a fashion that that that it's inexplicable everybody did you just imply that they are scared of central Florida, literally stairs have a nice to have a nice day. I don't have time. I really don't have time. Let's go to Ryan you allow Stephen at Ryan. And you just say Ryan turn on radio. Turn your radio down. Turn your radio down talk to the yovany live national way. Always go ahead. Was a man. Go ahead, bro. How you doing? I'm doing good. You're right. My man, which compensates you've got thousands of millions of people listening to you make your point come on. Let's go. About Kevin Durant. But go ahead. Make your pooling were usually, you know, Kevin Durant into the great plu. Yes. Kevin reading would be in the class with a abroad until you get on a chain where he's the leader. And he's lead. And he's dominating. Well, who's the two towers and the finals MVP wellbeing true enough you who's one of the greatest score was being history. I agree which we ask you a question with Kevin Durant. Average twenty seven game before he went to go to state course, was Kevin Durant in an NBA finals before he went to go to state, of course, was Kevin Durant in a place. Religiously before Golden State. Like you now. Well, actually, he hasn't won a championship until he got to go to state that's fair just like the pro cherish Miami. But I'm not putting them in the class. A LeBron James in terms of all LeBron James has to show, but I'm just talking about basketball skills, bro. I'm not getting into all that other stuff basketball skills Woz. Kevin Durant is big top. You do understand that why? But I remember what you university of Texas. Good player, but I still feel as a good player university sex good. You want to all? Alright. Great. Thank you. We only play when you're though, so. Was only played one year Kentucky. Oh, okay. Okay. He was great. He's a great player now. But he could be even greater if you get on a team where he was the only stone now. Okay, that's fair. But was the last time LeBron was the only star on a team that was about eight nine years ago when he was in Cleveland he had Kharian Kevin love when he was in Miami. He had to wait and Chris Bosh? True. It's all right. All right. All right. So so so again, the last time LeBron James was the only start his team was two thousand seven. Went to an and they went to play over they wanna championship. No. They went to championship. They won the championship in twenty eleven. Me, but they still win when it went to the finals. Yes. Kevin durant? Went to the finals and lost to Miami. Right. Have a nice day man, you making a petty argument. I don't have time it at eight say ESPN, it's edited seven to nine three seven seven six. You have good heartburn like the con-. We have an Esa stashed everywhere in case it pops up. You know, what I mean, you keep something your Bagley your desk or your call your nightstand. You have those chalky tablets ready for whenever and wherever Harper shreiks will listen up. There's an easier way to deal with your heartburn. That's privacy OTC just one pill. A day will ask the full twenty four hours with zero heartburn kick. U S at habit. It's possible. With product OTC uses director for fourteen days to treat Fleetwood heartburn not for immediate relief it at eight say ESPN, it's today. Seven to nine three seven seven six more to Stephen Smith show on ESPN radio intimate. My name is Lauren. I'm thirty three. I didn't want my identity to be the smoking mom my first experience with jewel. I do remember being like this is good. It's it's it's like a cigarette. But not I don't miss smoking. At all like, I can officially say it grosses me out jewel is the tobacco alternative. Live that delivers nicotine satisfaction without cigarette. Asher lingering odor. Make the switch and J U L dot com slash sports. Warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical. You'll seem to the Stephen a Smith show podcast. David I spent so back here on ESPN radio. Tune in this Sunday for football doubleheader as Tennessee titans. Visit to Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints host the reigning defending Super Bowl champion. Philadelphia Eagles present about vivid seats, pre game begins at noon eastern, almost ESPN radio stations on the line with me as always as I resident NFL analysts inside a particularly with front office matters maneuvers the one and only Louis Riddick is on the lower dose. What's going on? How you met? Hey, how are you? Which game? Are you looking forward to most this weekend? On you know, which one it is. I want to hear it. I wanna hear it. You know, looking forward to the chiefs Rams, man. Maybe he's got my my adopted son playing against each other. They got the most high-profile offenses in the league of its its little with tremendous office of football players. Andy Reid is the older version of Sean McVeigh. So that you got you got a great coaching matchup. You got a great venue there and call Sam to deep as who quit out. There struggling from a statistical perspective, but I have some guys that can really rush the passer. On both of their front seven that are gonna they're gonna play a big role in this game. I mean, there's speed the Lord Brandin cooks tyreek hill, there's big bead. When you talk about guys like, you know, even guys like, Robert woods tribes. Kelsey Sammy Watkins, I mean. So it's it's a ridiculous game that real very very fortunate to have on Monday night football. And I can't wait to really see that one was interesting. I bring that up in one of the things we were talking about when you and I spoke this morning is that you don't you? Sincerely, hope that people. Appreciate what they are on the verge of seeing is obviously there's some trepidation of your part that people are not really truly. Appreciate what's up. What's coming our way? This Monday night. Explain that. I think what you're seeing is the league back in August when they came to ESPN, and we're talking to us about you know, how the league envisions helping them going forward as far as promoting the league the league great much so want to push new superstars they want to identify new superstars they want L as doesn't media outlet could be out ahead of the curve. And either to these are this is where the league is heading. I've always been one we've been very much, so, you know, supportive of jerem golf development supportive of Sean McVay as a young head coach who was going to develop got like Jared Goff. I've always been Andy Reid fan. They called me very early on when they drafted Patrick Mahomes that he was going to be something special. And you're seeing it all come together in a way or now not only are they putting up historic numbers as far as the ticks passing yardage yards per attempt touchdown passes. But you're seeing the guys who are doing it. The guys like golf the guys like girly. The guys like Kareem hunt. Guys like, Patrick Mahomes. They're good kids. The good solid kids who everyone in their respective organizations are very very proud of and very, you know, and have a lot of pride when they see them go out on the football field. And we need that in in the league. It really believe in that perspective is in good hands. We're going to see some of the best athletes professional sports, let alone just professional football in that field Monday night. I mean, Brandon cooked a world class athlete Todd Gurley. When you get up on 'em. And you see him up close that is a big man who has world class hundred meters speed. Hi, Rick hill, doesn't even look real. Would he run? It's ridiculous. Mahomes can stand flat. Put it throw the ball seventy five yards. Either kind of thing that we need to really cut. A appreciate an any stop that the deepens can get there's going to be something that you have to cheer and applaud and that's not to take away from some of the deepest the players in this game. Either stephen. For Kansas City. I don't know how many people in the National Football League of all at fans. No or wherever heard of the guiding deport. Okay. But when you see them fifty five from the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night when you see him get off around the corner and start taking Garrick Jared Goff down. I'm telling you, you're going to think of on Miller. He's got that kind of get off speak just in Houston grown men. We already know what Aaron Donald can do we know who can do when he wants to. And we saw last week. Why they traded in LA for Dante fell. We saw why we saw the strip sack Russell Wilson late in the game. We thought that that's why they got him. So there was this athletes all over the place. There's good football players all over the place. There's two of the great offense of mind in the NFL who they'll be facing off against each other from that's far as coaches that's a lot to get juiced up about. And if you if you're in LA, you don't wanna come to that stadium. Be part of that game that I don't know. I I don't know. You know, what to say the I can't home Louis Riddick right here with Steven eight years, PM radio ESPN news. I want to get into the Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers for just a second because I give them no chance against the New Orleans Saints. I just think that drew Brees is on another level. Michael Thomas is on on another level the way they all seem to be floor right now with Kamara and Ingram and even pay in calling plays. They just seem to be on another level right now. And the Philadelphia Eagles seem to be going in the wrong direction. How could the Philadelphia Eagles possibly make some noise in this game? You would have pretty well. Earlier today on your show. Yeah. Give them no chance. I know I know I inclined to agree with you. Although I'm going to be a little bit more objective about it and say this just because I have to be. They they have to play the perfect gate the perfect complementary game, which means at the same time. They need to score. They also need to like not score too fast. They don't wanna put your give do brief too many possessions, which means the run game important third down conversions or important red zone officials. He is important in all the stupid penalties at the eagles seem to commit at inopportune times. Especially offensively need to go away. Nicole lot the hand. In the on the road down there in that dome. What's going to be loud attack? And it's going to be silent count all day long or the eagles. So there's all kinds of false starts and legal procedures that are probably gonna be coming their way. Defensively. And I don't know what to tell them. I really don't put your Cox gotta play like he's got play like Alan page. You gotta play like how long you gotta play. Like me. Joe green all wrapped up in the one. So do doesn't have time. Because if you had any time the secondary of the eagles if decimated they don't have any players, they don't have any firepower back there. And so it's really going to be on maybe them getting a few third-down, stop, maybe make drew, you know, making the punt Li once or twice at a key moment because it doesn't on paper. It doesn't match up very well for them at all, man. And they and I I guess lafley. You've got gotta hope maybe the saints has had a bad day, which is not out of the realm of possibility that they could have a bad day everybody does. But it doesn't look good, man. It does Louis Riddick doors game. I'm looking at his Dallas at Atlanta. I mean to me, you know, whoever loses this game is definitively out of the playoff picture in my mind. Although there's still on the outside looking in even if they win. But if you lose is still, it's definitely a big time stroke. I don't see the team overcoming right now. This game is in Atlanta who you got to wa. Yeah, I'm going with Dallas. Because I think they have a formula that works well at this time of the year and can carry teams through some of the tough times as long as they stay true to it. Although Delta's offers a line is not as good as maybe it was two three years ago. They still can book people off the ball Ezekiel is still a premium premium back in the better that goes the better deck is the more the RPO's come into play the more zone re comes into play the more playacting comes into play which just helps it helps that helps that helps back in every way divas decide they have probably the most underrated superstar on their defense a line in the NFL and DeMarcus marts who is a game. Rector late Bander is one of the best young up and coming linebackers in the NFL Byron Joe. Jones is one of the best young corners in the NFL. They've got players on the side of the ball to in Atlanta. And I think I mean in Dallas, I think Atlanta's just to form either going up over top of you, and lighten it up and and having a good time, or this is the peanuts getting manhandled and slapped around 'cause it's a it's a small young quick pass football team that his injury Lewis people decide so I think I think the longest sort of it is I think Dow can push them around in out physical them manhandled them, if they put their mind to it, and and do it that way. So that's that's why I'm going with them one of the things that you wanted to get on your about. We saw what happened with at Oliver for Houston and how he almost going into it with his coach of because it's coach wanted him to take his jacket. You taught the coach was wrong in that situation. I thought I thought he could have handled it indoors in a half time. They went in there. I thought he could have done. I thought that's where he. I should've approached it. And said, hey, look, we this. Bruin. Anyway, it you you know, that major aware of how it's by looking out for his own best interest as far as his draft stock. We get that so handled this kind of thing in house, don't as you're going into halftime, go up to them. Are pulling the jacket off of them telling me has no business wearing that. When you know, you're on that little TV. You know, people are watching that that this seems a little self service. I'm not a mutt. Necessarily having a problem with him telling him, look these are the rules. Right. Get it. Look, there's a lot of a lot of coaches. I've asked I'm Steven A. Yep. That I don't agree with and didn't agree with when I played there's a hierarchy right there there. There's wolves fall follow. I get it. You know, you applied by them. Right. It's just that he could have done that with a guy of edge caliber at stature in a little bit different of a way. So that we're now not talking about it on national radio. Only problem I have with Ed in. This regard is what do you think it makes you look like to have to be restrained from physically head coach? That's the only issue. I like the coach could have handled it differently. No, no question about it. I'm not saying coach Houston handed it correctly because I'm certainly not implying that. But what I'm saying is he's already got the head coaching job at Houston, which is a program on upswing. You're God is good. Destined to go NFL be a top ten overall pick in two days culture, particularly how do you think it makes you look to be physically restrained from physically going after your head football coach, you're right? And I probably didn't do a good enough job today of talking about that side of it that there there's a better way for Oliver to handle that too that you 'cause you know, what the optics of it, you know, where people are going to go with with him in particular, and where the player like him in particular help I'll four people are going to take. And you can't this high behind the hall the whole, well, it's a it's a it's a football game on the most all Bobby oftentimes. No, that's not an excuse. So you're right. You're right there. There was no no reason for and to lose his cool like that either. And you're right. If someone didn't restrain them what were you going to do? We're gonna go knock the head coach out on national TV online. I mean seriously that what you thought was was the best remedy that situation. You're right. You're right. It was it was a bad look all around, and I think major Applewhite kinda eluded to that. When he said, we're all young we all make mistakes, I've made plenty of them. Now, an adult learn from it too. And he'll you know, I think I think he was kind of not just talking about Ed when he was talking to Laura Rutledge, I believe it was also probably referring to himself like I could've done this better. The kid could have handled it better. It's a Barrington. I'm sitting here talking about a frigate coat, and whether or not I thought he should be worrying it on the silent. That's embarrassed without question. Louis riddick. Appreciate you, man. Looking forward to seeing you Monday enjoy away. All right, buddy. Riddick right here with Steven A ESPN radio. Eight say has been edited seven to nine three seven seven six back with your calls close out the show in a minute. This Stephen ESPN radio ESPN, news technology truth. Brought to you by Geico. Truth teenagers, can communicate entirely emojis. How why dob birthday party pizza slice kitten soccer ball pineapple proof? It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. Why aren't you talking about paperclips shoulder? Shrug high five wizard hat what? Gyco. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more. Guess what you're in the middle of a Stephen a Smith show podcast. Dammit. Back to the phones we go ready. They spent show ESPN radio. Let's go to Mike Kelly talk to me what's up. Stephen. Yes, sir. And you lost your mind. Six year old fan and Notre Dame. And I get some you can book not only will they beat Syracuse. They will beat Alabama all poll. There is no way in hell that Notre Dame is going to win the national championship beaten, Alabama. It's not going to happen may nine worry about it book it. Okay. I remember that see people like you. I hope you call back. I hope gained hard to find. What I'm looking for you. I'll leave it at that. Thank you, very very much. Let's go to Andre real quick you lava Stephen they go here real quick Andre. Hey, oh, Stephen I own a big fan of yours following you for years and Mitch that Steven nice skill babies. Rivalry would all yeah. They do blowing. Thank you. Thank you. But I need you to hurry up because you that less than a minute. Go ahead. Okay. All right. We'll talk about that Golden State all you know, we know we know what the future holds for Durant. We know Durant going hook up with more of the bond, and we know mellow go get his help. And they might take it this year Michael Jordan fan, but I got to give it up to my diehard chiefs fans, you know, this is our year was tightened up. You know, go teeth. We're going to get in there. To see your skill babies again. I appreciate it, man. Thank you so much for the call. Appreciate it. Gotta get on outta here for the week for the weekend. I'm looking forward to week eleven of the National Football League season. I'm definitely looking forward to Syracuse upset at Notre Dame tomorrow. And I really looking forward to Monday night football in LA the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Los Angeles. Rams. I got to get on outta here. Ladies and gentlemen. Appreciate you. Joining me this week. I'll be back next week. Right. Ready to roll Stephen a sign it off until next Monday. Peace in love trash, just a sample of what you hear on the Stephen swift show, weekdays at one PM eastern on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. I can't believe it. That Philip brought his little brother on our mission into orbit. How long until it? Get there alone get their ally really get there. Now, I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with gyco. What's best button? Do what's this button? Do what's best button? Do this. Believe at Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.

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