Trade Deadline Day


And there you go the clock is ticking. Glad you could be with us as we countdown the final few hours now until today's trade deadline. I'm Wendy next with field Yates, Tim Hasselbeck coach John FOX, we've got our team of NFL nation reporters standing by as well. But we will start with Adam Schefter reporting. Now that Maria's Thomas is on the move, Adam. When did you longest tenured member of the Denver Broncos. A man that helped him win the Super Bowl out and Santa Clara against the Carolina Panthers has been dealt to the Houston Texans along with a seventh round draft pick. The Broncos will be getting back a four round pick and a seventh round pick. But the big savings here. I think is that four million dollars comes up there April this year Torquay million dollars comes up their payroll next year, interestingly enough to marry Thomas his first game as a member of the Houston. Texans will be in Denver against the Broncos on Sunday. The broccoli did not have any reservations about trading Thomas team that they would be. Facing on Sunday. The Texans in desperate need of another wide receiver after they lost will fuller to a season ending torn a C L last Thursday night against the Miami Dolphins. They will working the phones they spoke to the forty Niners about peer Garson. They spoke to the Denver Broncos about marriage Thomas. They talked about other wide receivers. But in the end alternately, Houston like Thomas, and the value that he would bring to Houston and so- moments ago. Those two sides completed a trade that involved one player and three draft picks where Damaris Thomas goes to Houston and we'll play his first game on Sunday in Denver against the Broncos. Have apple shefty nether nightclubbing your first game against your former team, the Broncos will hold a two thirty eastern press conference at which point you will hear from John Elway? But let's talk about Houston. I obviously with the injury to will fuller. This is in addition. They were looking for what's the impact of Thomas arrival? No mystery Wendy onto things first of all the Houston was going to acquire a veteran wide receiver in some way, shape or form and the to marry Thomas. You spoke to anybody around the NFL in the past seventy two hours. He was the flare most often mentioned as likely to be dealt four this four PM trade deadline and just two hours and thirty or so minutes, but for Huston. They lost a player will fuller who is in the conversation for the best vertical play wide receivers in the AFC. Which is why name like to Sean Jackson was often linked to Houston in these trade talks before this to Maria's Thomas trade. The America's Tom is averaging eleven point two yards per catch this year, he's a different player now than he was I know coach can certainly speak to this a handful of years ago. But if you look at the available pieces on that Houston offense. There wasn't a natural in-house replacement to take on a will fuller type role, and you got to figure that Marius Thomas will be revitalized playing with one of the best young quarterbacks in football. And I think that perhaps part of why has yards per catch is lower in Denver the season is by design. It's way he's used as opposed to how he might be used. Now when he goes to Huston no player coach is the same as they were three or four seasons ago. But have. Said what field did what what what can he do right now for the remainder of this season for the Houston Texans? Oh, he's got a big catch radius. He still has vertical speed. He's showed evidence that that this season. He can go up and get the jump ball, which I know Bill Brian and seeing people run the league, and the mayor is still has a lot of football left. I think this is going to help office with the loss of a starting receiver like will fuller these still vertical. He's still has possession abilities got big hands. And I think the thing that really helped you know, as Wes Welker there who was also a teammate marriage is a good teammate. And I'm sure they were looked into all those avenues as well. Have you heard of a situation where a player is traded? And then just several days later faces his former team. Not not not bad fast. Reminds me of like a lawyer Malloy when you signed with the Bill. The practice. I mean, Mitch at the stay might I've seen. Here's his think is interesting though, this is this is really a half a season proposition mean it's a half a season rental Texan this made a ton of sense for the Denver Broncos. If you think about a diminished Thomas, do I think north of fourteen million dollars a year from now direct Portland? Sudden to be honest with you has actually been better. They've been trying to find ways to get him on the field in Denver. He's been he's been outstanding. And then you look at really what Emmanuel Sanders has been for them. He's been case keenum's favourite target. And there were some rumors around Emmanuel Sanders, and it seemed like Denver kind of squashed that quickly. Like, no, no, he's not available, but our other wide receiver is so you know, I think what's interesting here is kind of signals that Houston feels like they can probably win this division this year with a little bit of help it wide receiver after the will fuller injury. Because this is really about the twenty eighteen seats a win. Now. Move to be sure Jeff leg world is on the ground in Denver. I know Jeff you have spoken to Damari us Thomas. What has he said? Wendy. Spoken to a couple of times in recent days after the game Sunday, he put the odds of this at fifty fifty he said and then when I saw him yesterday. I think he was almost resigned to the fact that this move would be made. In the Blanco. It does make sense on the surface of it and logically. But in the locker room this. This will be an interesting thing because I think people see Damaris says the longest tenured player the team. He's been durable. He hasn't missed a game since I believe even John's John FOX's first season is is coach so. He's been durable. He's been reliable. And the biggest reason courtroom Sutton has made the advancements. He has this year is because of Damaris Thomas. Well, it's interesting, Jeff, we're going to go back to Adam Schefter and just a minute. But John let me ask you about that since you're familiar with their situation. Do you agree that this will be an interesting play inside the locker room for the Broncos big? So anytime, you have a veteran player that, you know, get he's one of those guys who was in that Super Bowl and fifteen and he's got a lot of weight in that locker room, you know, like everybody they adjust in. I think it's a great move really for the Texans because where else were they going to get this type of player in this type of impact really in that locker room in a tied up division, and they need to make a push in the second half of the season. I'm talking about the the Houston Texans. So they'll make that Bush with to marry Thomas again the trade deadline four o'clock eastern today show the Broncos sending Thomas to Houston Texans will face the Broncos this weekend. Let's turn back now to Adam Schefter. Who's got some information on other players who may be on the move, including golden Tate. Shefty. Well, this is a name to watch you. When did the Detroit Lions have been open to moving on from gold. And Tate, and here's a name that teams have been calling about all summer long and all summer long. They were told no he's not available. But there's been a flurry of activity surrounding golden Tate's navies that trade deadline is drawn closer and closer. And so we will wait to see if the lines are able to find an acceptable offer by the four PM eastern deadline today that would say Goldie take to another city again, see some of these teams seeing some of these teams where basically it takes to make the move or the wide receiver here are sewn. Basically he's in a situation with a forty nine. Also, having tried to find a suitor Houston would have been interested in peer gore, sewn if they had not been able to work at a deal for Damaris Amish, but they were able to deal and because of that now San Francisco seat if he could find a place where they could find him. Now janoris Jenkins giants defensive back cornerback is a player that other teams have talked about. Again, the salary is not out of whack for. Quarterback. The giants have shown you're willing to move on from players. But I think that obviously right now Jenkins is a player that demand some attention planning college as a player that demand. Some attention Olivier Vernon is of player that demand some attention. But we've got a situation with teams at the decide whether it's worth the salary. That's not the case if Collins who's in the last few on-track, clearly the giants obviously seen that they're going to be unable to resign him. And rather than resign sign them. They're looking to see if they can move on from him at this point in time. They talked to teams we'll see whether or not taking fi team that is waning collinses even thinking about leaving. We'll see what happens to that. Another defensive back to watch gear at the trade deadline approaches is Clinton Dix in Green Bay also player on an expiring contract also players garnered some attention around the league and we'll see whether the Green Bay Packers can find a tree partner for ha ha Clinton Dix year at four o'clock. Shefty. Thank you. Again, the end of the business day at least for the league. Which in this case, it's four o'clock eastern. Let's we'll have much more from Schefter, obviously, as we go through the course of the next ninety minutes. He's he's working to pay for day to be Adam Schefter and understandably so, but let's talk just a minute about the giants because the word fire sale has been used that gets a lot of folks attention. I don't know if that's what you'd call it field. But certainly a team to keep an eye on at one and seven teams have known that the giants had been opened for business. And I think it really goes back to a couple of weeks ago Monday night football when they lose the Atlanta Falcons that game that people said all right at that point. What's the rest of the season mean for the New York Giants and the focus has to be on development? And it's not just the team is one in seven is at third in the first year of a new regime GM Dave Gettleman and head coach Pat Shurmur, and I don't want to say that players from previous regimes are no longer a part of the future going forward. But Dave Gettleman might value players differently than other regimes around the NFL could die them. Like, for example. A Landon Collins. People are saying yourself. Why would you wanna trade a former second round pick in his young to mid twentieth? An excellent safety will get them zone of a long history of pain defensive backs that goes back to his time in Carolina in Collins is in the final year of his deal but between two Norris Jenkins. Landon Collins, some really interesting names left on that defensive side of the ball. Maybe the giants continue consider to parlay wanted one of those players if not both for picks because we know the focus is on twenty nine hundred and beyond coach, you know, this as well as anybody, I mean talent assessment to a degree subjective. Everybody these beauties even the eye of the beholder so to speak and not only that every new regime wants to do different things has overall different philosophies. So you can understand how the giants would to make some changes now, especially at one in seven with new folks who've arrived, and then you're always looking to change the culture in that locker room as well. They've been on a losing streak lost been made. I'm gonna games they've lost since even last season at three and thirteen and into this season. So changing the culture getting new pigs kind of bring. In your own guys in and raising them in the culture, you want to again, there's an advantage to that. So I think right now to try to find value again for players, regardless of what the names are for those new draft picks next year's next year's draft. Here's the giants while they thought that they were kind of going all in on Eli playing well and investing in the offense of line. They're not good. They're a bad football team in the reality is is that they now are no longer in a situation where they feel like really there. They can't feel like they're close. I mean, there's no way they can feel like they are close football team. And so I think that's why someone like janoris Jenkins you'd even consider moving. I mean just think about the money for Jenkins. I mean, he's still relatively young players. Thirty years old. He is making just over six million dollars this year. But he's under contract for the next two years at about ten million dollars for a really good corner. That's not terrible. I mean, that's not that's not bad money. So it's not like it's a contract. He's trying to get out over you know, that you're going to end up cutting him. So I think to me this signals to the giants for the giants especially with what they've done so far. They clearly kind of you know. Didn't assess their current situation properly in terms of how the quarterback would play and what that means for the team going forward that might be the real root of the issue in New York is scouting is not easy in the NFL. Just isn't like I'm not trying to make excuses for general managers and coaches because they're well compensated, and they're the best of what they do. But everybody has personnel swings and misses from draft picks to free agent acquisitions to trades around the NFL. But perhaps the most important thing you have to be able to scout is yourself, you gotta know your own roster. And the giants seemed to have misplayed their hand will what they had just said this to in terms of the safety market in general. I mean, let's just be honest about the safety market. I mean Earl Thomas wanted to trade at one of money. You know, now Landon Collins is due for a new deal. Hawks is going to be due for no deal. Like, honestly, if I may team, I'm not I'm not going to be the first one to pay safety. I'm going to wait and see what everybody else is going to do. Well, let me ask you about how hot Clinton desk decks among those names that you heard Adam Schefter mentioned if you put your scouting hat on in terms of what he brings coach what is it? Well, I think more and more you see in the ball pass so much guys are actually looking for third and fourth quarter, especially on passing douse with multiple wide receivers more corner type ability in Clinton didn't run real well coming out, and I think that's kind of what would people hesitate on paying safety's big money? They're going to more corner types, whereas doors Jenkins, I think there's a market for him out there, you know, as TIMMY mentioned his not a real high salary. I was involved couple years ago and trying to get him out of Saint Louis. So then Saint Louis, and so he's got a pretty good contract. And I think still some ability depending on how people look at it. I think there's more of a market for cover guys on a daylight today. When you have a trade anytime, he talked about trade, you're not just talking about talent, but value as well you have to marry those two things really to find a fit. We're just getting started four o'clock eastern. The NFL's trade deadline today. We continue our coverage of today's trade deadline, which as expected has been busy. Mary Thomas is on the move Thomas headed to Houston. Thomas. The seventh rounder any exchange for a fourth and seventh round pick. Ironically, his first game for the Texans will come against the Denver Broncos this weekend and from his teammate von Miller in response to the news. And of course, this happening all in real time. Von Miller says quite clearly on my cry at what Desama crying in the car cry that car cry in the car, I've done that before myself, but we've all been there on hanging there. Listen, he is not the only player on the move. Golden Tate apparently has a new place to play for more on that. We'll go back to Adam Schefter. Well, Wendy moments ago. The Detroit Lions agreed to sing golden Tate. The wide receiver to the Philadelphia Eagles for a third round pick. This marks the second straight year that the Philadelphia Eagles completed deal right before the trade deadline last year. Sending a fourth round pick to the Miami. Dolphins for j J this year, sending a third round pick to the Detroit Lions for golden tape whose contract is up. After the season. So basically the eagles are trading. A third round pick to build Bill for what amounts to be a rental player. Now, if you lose golden tape in free agency, you get back and compensatory draft pick. So what have here's a team? That's giving up a third round pick now. And if it goes in recycled and Tate knows that he will sign a big contract. Elsewhere and then get back to Tori draft pick in twenty twenty. So it's taking golden Tate on a loan for this year. The eagles have been looking for another playmaker. All they had made a bid on Amari Cooper. They did not get Amari Cooper. They attacked golden Tate. This is a receiver that a number of teams wanted that Detroit didn't want to deal but Detroit stance changed within the last week. Seemingly weren't began to field offers from other teams the lion's head attempted to re-sign golden Tate to a long term contract when they were unable to do that. They began listening more seriously to other teams out there. And moments ago completed a deal to Philadelphia Eagles defending world champion. Philadelphia. Eagles that sense Tate to Philadelphia for a third round pick. Adam. Thank you. And clearly there is some history. It worked out pretty well for the eagles to move. They made at the trade deadline last season. So again, we see it and you made reference with this to Thomas as well in both these cases really you're talking about now because the likelihood of these players staying where they are. Or at least where they've been traded to is not high in seemed like a high price to me. I'm just you know, being on not the golden on a good player. He is. But we're heading into week nine. He's got to be ready to play. So we can't assume that he's going to play an entire game week nine. So you really are getting a rental player for a portion of the season not even half of the season for third round pick. And I understand what Adam saying about the compensatory pick. You're talking about twenty twenty in. Oh, by the way, you have no idea. What what that pick is going to be? It's not like, you know, the formula exactly that in terms of what your. Going to get back and return, it seems like a high price to me that being said right now, I mean, you've got a very competitive football team. I mean just came off the Super Bowl and right now they're struggling again a little bit like the Texans. They're in a division. That's locked up very very tight competition. And this could be the peace to put them over the edge of my little bit. Like a giant was last year. And the reason I say that is the type of receiver. He is golden Tate is outstanding in the slot. Outstanding quickness outstanding on some of those bubble screens with the ball in his hand quickly. And right now Carson Wentz has had that type of guy and that type of threat and in particularly on third down a guy that's going to cause a matchup problem. I think it's a good get and really at this stage. Third round fourth round again. It's just ability to get them over the top. I think it's a good mood too high for you feel they're no. Here's the reason why I don't think it's too high. If you look at the eagles roster construction right now in the players they have under contract for twenty. One and beyond. They basically got their core. Locked up guys like Carson Wentz. Obviously as leader of it, all but out, Sean, Jeffrey and Zach Kurtz and lean Johnson and Jason Peters, and Chris long was extended in players like Fletcher Cox, so I can go on and on about all these players that are already in the mix for twenty nineteen which means they probably weren't going to be particularly active on the free agent market, which will factor into the compensatory pick value. So I can understand sort of both sides of the coin here. And I think if you're looking at what golden taped brings this offense right now, I'm not sure they dramatically lack a player that can one that for the catch me Nelson. Adler is pretty shifty after the catch. But what I wonder for Philadelphia is first of all gold Tate fantastic. After the catch is just how they align. These receivers now golden tasted as best operating at the slot. That's what he does almost exclusively Nelson career got on track. When he moved to the slot. So it'll be interesting to see which of those two players shifted outside, and it becomes more of a other vertical threat or a perimeter threat where size and speed can really egos got a little taste of that pie. I think that. Championship field. They'd like to repeat. Like to have some more few are better equipped to talk about the hours leading up to the trade deadline, then our hall of fame. GM Bill Polian who joins us now Bill. Let's start with golden Tate. Where do you sit on this deal? I think it was a good deal. The eagles need a player of his stature he can run after the catch of John said he can play well in the slot. He gives you chunk plays with the ball in his hand. And a third is a slim price to pay for eight players who can change games he can make chunk plays and choke plays. As what the eagles passing offense as lacking. I still would have liked to have seen them in. Maybe get they'll go for a running back. That's also glaring gate, but this is a good pick up for them. And I don't worry about the price when you're going for the Super Bowl branch Rickey once said the only one you can win is the one you can win now. And that's what Howie Roseman is looking at. He's my favorite Bill. You know that let me ask you about Damari Thomas. He's been traded to Houston. What? Does he do immediately for the Texans? Well, he admittedly fills a whole he's the third best receiver on their team if they were healthy, but they're not. So they've got to got to bring in receiving talent in a division. That is decidedly up for grabs. There's no-one separating themselves from the pack in that division. So even though Houston's won four straight. But the bottom line is that with the injuries he comes in. And I think fourth and seventh is a pretty high price to pay for a player of his stature, I think he's more reputation than he is delivering at this point in time. But they don't have anybody better. So you make the move when you when you feel like you have a chance to win. All right. They'll we'll be back with you as the next hour or so unfold tweet you want to go now to our reporter on the ground in Houston report on the Texans end of this trade, Sarah barshop. All right. We'll get night, Sarah. Chicken here. Alrighty, right. He's ready. So when she can hear us, we'll go back to Sara. But again, you heard what Bill had to say the only one you can win John is the one you can win now. And I think if I'm paraphrasing that was your point as well about the eagle agree. I mean, right now, basically, you're halfway point in you're right in the thick of things. And it's not how you start threes. It's how you finish. And you've got to best utilize the roster you can build now it's a little bit like before, you know, before the final cut down. You have to do what you have to do in. This is it this is this is the way to choir talent. And I think this is a big step for actually in both those cases to replace a get something. I Adam talk for just a minute about Detroit who had been in the market for Amari Cooper as well. They of course, Oakland made that deal early. Amari Cooper, lands in Dallas something to be said field for getting the head of the curve here. If you will before we got into the last few days and hours sort of interesting, though, this an feel like of the significant prices Dallas is still blows. Nobody else out of the water. Right. That you often if you're the first person to make move, you kind of set the table one way or the other you said it as if this is the strongest offer that will go out there, or this is the baseline and everything has to be above it. But the difference between Amari Cooper versus golden Tate into Maria's Thomas as the Amari Cooper trade is an obvious long-term investment for Dallas. It's for one half years on his current deal and presumably a long term contract perhaps go she aided this off season Dallas, I'm sorry Philadelphia with Golden State. It may be that he's with the team for eight more regular season games in a playoff run. And that's it and say Maria's, Tom this is fourteen million dollars next season. But a really interesting wide receiver market, so far, and we haven't even scratched. I mean there are there are potential other ripples in the next two hours and two minutes. They could impact us wide receiver. Mark lowered. The reality is this. And I've heard Bill Polian. And I'm sure he'd say the same thing you're talking about agent health. I mean, that's the end of the day when you're talking about a player moving and it comes up in free. As well. Where's mar Mark Cooper's twenty four years old? You know, every other wide receiver. We've talked about is thirty year old. I mean, there aren't a ton of wide receivers well into their thirties that are stretching the field and giving you big plays. And so you know, that, you know. You know, the first round of for Mark Cooper. I don't even think is really I don't think you can compare it. In terms of what it means for a guy that's thirty years old or thirty one years old. So I mean, I think that they have that context as well. All right. Adam had ventured ha ha Clinton Dix as a player who may be on the move. And as we told you before his teammate at least for right now time Montgomery fumbled. The kickoff return late against the Rams over the weekend. Eight cost Aaron Rogers and his team a chance to drive down the field and do what Aaron Rodgers so often reports said that Montgomery had defied his coaches instructions to simply take a knee notion. Montgomery dispute. Kick the retired abo- where was it. At that point in time. I stood world wasted. I had to retire. So. Split-second decision on. I don't know if this is gonna land on the go. So I'm not gonna take me on the goal line at the Heff yard and take a chance of putting putting the game in the resume. I wanted to make a play I wasn't playing very much and I wasn't able to make a play. And I was frustrated about that. I don't fully understand what what my role is right now what I'm supposed to be doing how I'm supposed to help this team. And especially I don't know if you guys have ever been so frustrated with something that you walk into close the door screaming you walk back out. And then you do with your life. That's what happened. Frustration over. Absolutely not. And that's. All right, Tim. That's his take your take. Let me listen. It was the wrong decision to take out to be honest with you the Rams it actually made a mistake in terms of win. They snapped the ball to kick the field goal. They should have bled. The clock. All the way down kick the field goal in the process of killing that field goal, if they didn't hit the two minute warning there. They were gonna hit it at the kickoff. Okay. So so that that was what was going to happen because of win. They snapped the football not returning. The ball is one hundred percent the right play should have been coached on the sideline. If it wasn't a mistake by the coaching staff, if it was in Montgomery decided to bring it out, then it's a mistake on his part. Is there a scenario where you can see a guy fielding the ball? And he's not sure if he's completely out one hundred percent that can happen. But the play is to let that ball go into the end zone. Not having a second run off the clock. Heavier I downplay from the twenty five yard line with two minutes and five seconds left. And have the ability to throw the ball in the middle of the field. So there are a lot of things at play here. Getting into the hey was he told was he not told only they can tell you. But the truth of the matter is they made a mistake by not capitalizing on the mistake. The Rams at the end of the day. I don't want to say it doesn't matter internally. It certainly does. But at least from now going forward, you know, the result is what it is coach. But how do you handle this or manage this? Because what you did see was an irate quarterback on the sidelines. Well, no doubt. And really the thing. That would push me. The most of unlike McCarthy right now is this getting aired out in media. You know, that's a problem. Whether it's his teammates, whether it was coaches, and you know, what you don't want is finger pointing right now. That's what you have. You know, the fact that maybe he was upset because he had brought up brought out of the game. Well, there was guys playing the running back because they better during that game. And part of that is you know, guys getting that opportunity. So where it goes moving forward. I'm not really sure, but that's what I'd be most upset about right now is this getting aired out publicly instead of within the team doesn't really serve any. Purpose. It certainly doesn't get you where you wanna go. Green Bay at team that may make I moved today. Four o'clock eastern the deadline. Rob Domanski is in Green Bay. Rob. What do you hear there? Well, Wendy as they do continue to deal with the time Montgomery situation. There's another deal that could be in the works as you heard Adam Schefter say safety. Ha ha Clinton Dix could be on the move. I talked to Clinton Dix yesterday right at about four o'clock. And he said I've got twenty four hours, and then we can talk when I asked him whether we'd be talking here at Lambeau Field or on the phone from another NFL city. He said, quote, I don't know you may be surprised now why would they move Clinton Dix when he's playing very well play more like his Bulbul season of a couple of years ago. Well, he's at the end of his contract and the Packers have not we signed their last two. High priced safeties Morgan Burnett and Mike hide. They let them walk. So perhaps this is general manager Brian Gouda coons trying to get something for Clinton Dix when he knows he won't be bringing him back next season. Rob thank you. We'll welcome back and Adam Schefter, first atom the latest on ha ha Clinton Dix who you mentioned earlier. His name keeps coming up. The problem is. Tough to trae for safety to demand for safety's is not great in this league. Any teams that have been talking about it right now don't seem overly won't at this particular woman. Now, again, we've got two hours left until the four o'clock eastern trade deadline to see if the Packers can get something done for hot Clinton. Dick, some people thought the chiefs doesn't sound like that's a possibility right now is for time. Montgomery similar situation on an expiring contract much like golden Tate. Now, the eagles were ruling to roll the dice to trade. The third round pick four golden Tate, but time Montgomery also on an expiring contract coming off the performance on Sunday where we brought the kickoff that of the end zone. Lost the fumble cost down on Rogers a chance to try to beat the own beaten. Rams obviously right now the Green Bay Packers. You're seeing if they can get anything back value for time Montgomery, and we'll find out whether they're able to do that by the four o'clock eastern deadline. So a couple of names to watch in Green Bay. But I want to also point out here Wendy that we saw four names four players dealt over the last week. We've seen two more traded today. That six trades altogether. That's considerably more than you would get an ordinary NFL year in previous years now last year there were about five traits up until the deadline. So right about that number right now, maybe a little bit more. So I know everybody's waiting for this flurry of activity, and there are a number of teams that have feelers out. There is Dave describe it to me bait to see if some team is willing to bite on a player right now. We're trae could be done, but we've already gotten six trades essentially in the last week, which is a lot. And then maybe a couple more here before the trade deadline. And if there is we'll certainly bring you the very latest. All right, shefty, thank you. And as we know the vast majority of the traits discussed are the ones you never hear about because they don't happen. You stay put. We'll be right back with you. We're just getting started. As boy Kevin loved playing football. He lived in briefed wanted to go clue why he'd spent hours upon hours just like the touchdown dances at one day. Well, getting fitted for bifocals, he realized he was never much good at throwing or running or catching nor even kicking. Yeah. Kevin's chances of playing crew football. We're looking like fourth and long very long, but he did hear how DIKO could save money on car insurance. So he switched and save. Then he did kind of a touchdown. At least he was still good at that. Come back to NFL live six traits and counting over the past two weeks as we now find ourselves less than two hours to go until the NFL trade deadline. What we've seen this afternoon so far given area Thomas as rumored on the loop. He hates to Houston. Ironically enough his first game. And in Texas uniform will come against his former team that game Sunday at four zero five at Denver Broncos will hold a press conference at two thirty eastern at which time you will. I'll hear from John Elway on that decision. Also on the move a win now decision clearly golden tape leaving the motor city. He is no longer with the Detroit Lions, but instead joins the defending Super Bowl champions. He has been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles and. In exchange for a third round picks the other team in Pennsylvania. Actually I Carson Wentz. He heard of quarterback of the eagles. Let's roll. My man clearly directed at golden excited to compete with clearly glad to get an additional weapon in the arrival of golden Tate who also said, you know, why Detroit it's been real, but Philly here, I come. So let the traits continue the other team. Here we go now in in Pennsylvania unclear when Levy on bell will rejoin the Steelers he has yet signed his franchise tender that means he cannot be traded before today's four o'clock eastern deadline. No player then can be traded after the deadline has passed which is why we speculated perhaps he's waiting until after today's deadline to check back in with the Steelers. We check back in with the man who's been there from start to eventual finish Jeremy Fowler. Eventually, I think what can you tell us? I think so too. Eventually, they lose word as we know. But there's been minimal trade buzz on lady on Bill situation, barring unforeseen development in the next few hours. He will remain a Pittsburgh Steeler in two thousand eighteen and as you outlined a player who has no contract who has not signed cannot be traded. So the Steelers would have to come to him with a potential team that he would approve of then he would have to come and take his physical sinus tender and be off to his new team all of that would have to happen in very short order. So unless bell breezes past us and the camera right now, that's probably not going to happen. In a source. I spoke to in the building was resigned to that fate and open to Bill playing two thousand eighteen here. That source said if Bill comes plays, well, everybody's happy. And that's what bell wants to. He told me earlier this month. He does not want to be traded doesn't expect. So and wants to remain a Steeler long-term. Now, it is business as usual here. At Steelers headquarters were coach, Mike Tomlin was animated at his press conference. When asked bell is gonna show. This week. He basically shut up the question and said any other questions is clearly tired of talking about bell. But as for the trade deadline Tomlin said he expects the phone to ring. We'll see what happens he says. But he did add the Steelers don't give up draft picks very often this time of year because they value home grown talent. Well, they dented good job with that. Jeremy, thank you. And you know, what why don't we hear from Mike Tomlin? This is exactly what Jeremy's talking about. Here is Tom in a few minutes ago. Any other questions? You'll have a good evening. That's a walk off. It is a walk of. I understand his frustration. You have to understand the question as well. It's just a it's a tiring situation. I don't know what to it as crazy as this has been by the way, I wouldn't be surprised to see bell wasp Jeremy Fowler. I think at this point that's par for the course field. But again, it seems like a trade involving Levy on bell at this point dearly impossible. I would think in order to execute that Jerry. He would have sign that franchise tender and the team would have to then trade him and the next one hour and forty seven or eight minutes. So you can basically push maybe on bell trade out the door to think what we got to the point here Wendy this is early on in the season. We are asking what are the Steelers expectations about how lady on bells going to handle his current situation? When will Levy on Belva turn to the Steelers based off what they're thinking. If we come increasingly clear, one person in one person only has any idea of what navy on bell wants to do right now that's on bell. And that could. Change in his own mind in the next hour week month. I've seen it change. The time has been incredibly, fluid dynamics. So the Steelers, and I know that people interpret this is that just coachspeak that's just you know, rallying the troops together. But they are probably bound to the fact that James colors, our guy, and we're going to plan on having James Connor as our guy going forward and open the way he's playing unbelievable. He's going to the best running backs in football this year. I'm not saying they're worse for the wear with lady on bell on the field. But for now, they're in a very good spa. This is a high society running back problem. The Steelers have on their hands right now as a pertains to on the field matter. So for now, if they lay on bell that's gravy gravy, because they have been awesome on the ground with James Caan certainly cannot complain about his production built poli and back with us Bill. I someone who's dealt with somewhat similar situations. How do you handle this in the front office at this point? Well, at this point the Di really is cast James Connor as has been mentioned has. Played tremendously. Well, the Steelers drafted him. If for just this situation as why they made the pick. And he's done extremely well. Now if lady on Bill comes in the question, then is does he come in all in four. Does he come in just to fix up a pitching? That's what the Steelers front office. And perhaps Mike Tomlin is worried about do. They get a one hundred percent of lady on Bill or do. They get a lady on Bill protecting himself and ready to go to the free agent market. That's where the problem lies in the future. James Connor is the answer right now and probably barring injury and please God given his situation. And what he's beating beaten already injury never comes into play. He'll be the guy for the foreseeable future. But the question is which lady on Bill, do they get the lady on Bill that we've come to know and get excited about and want to see play or a lady on Bill? List than invested Bill. Thank you. And that's that's the great caveat. Right. We just don't know. No one really knows that other news out of Pittsburgh and injury to the quarterback. Ben rothlisberger. Mike Tomlin did answer. A question about that. Been a head a fractured index finger on his left hand. You know, it didn't prohibit him from being affective in the second half of the game. But obviously will will look at it in terms of his availability this week, and how it might affect them in a practice setting and so forth now then -ticipant in it been an issue for him in play or in game. But I did talk about it after I wanted to give you guys an update. This is left hand. Tim is a former quarterback how how does that affect or not affect his play? No. I think the things that does. It doesn't officiant affect you. Taking a snap. And you take a snap as a right hand of quarterback the ball hits your right hand. I mean, that's that's what it is you secure it with your left hand. I think the things that would be an issue for Ben would be handing off on plays running to the right 'cause you hand off with your left hand. And a lot of times back if he's excited who kind of clamp down on the football and take your hand with it at times. And I think the other aspect of it would be we know Ben makes a lot of place, you know, kind of moving outside the pocket or kind of fighting inside the pocket to extend plays. And so then ball security becomes an issue is you're in the pocket, and you want to see the ball with two hands you as guys swipe at the football. You know, having a broken index finger, obviously doesn't help you end up protecting the football. So I think that's the issue there. I want to hop back on Levy on Belfer second one hundred percent in. Already. Let us know wearing is on this. Percent. Then maybe on is basically given up a million dollars a week. He's he's on protect lady on his all in on being healthy. When he when he hits free agency. That is what he is all in make no mistake about it. You don't give up the money that he has given up to be all in on anything other than being healthy when you are due for a long term contract. That's what he's done. So. Whenever he comes in. He's going to need to come to secure six weeks. We'll now one thing's for sure if he wants the Pittsburgh Steelers to be part of that free agency at the end of this season. He better be all in I can speak that about that organization and everybody will be looking how this role for this. It's just hard to just cost himself money. Yeah. His future there. But you know, the long term and the long term. Yes, I guess you never know we continue to make our way towards today's four o'clock eastern trade sides date trade deadline about an hour and a half and change to go before. No player can be traded. Amidst rumors he may be on the move. It was tough sledding. Shawn McCoy running the ball last night against the New England Patriots the final tally at least in terms of rushing. Twelve carries thirteen yards. Here's shady on his frustrations. Just as close. He's an everything. Here too. Or put in or whatever put in my whole career. Saying for it to happen. Like this. You see the defense. Crying offers for not really. Well at all. Of stakes. These two hundred yards its gain. This never had. Well, if that will welcome in our bills reporter, Mike rodak, and Mike Leshan was clearly frustrated he was emotional after the loss that happens. But what did you hear regarding a trade involving McCoy? Well, Wendy, I talked to McCoy after the game. And I asked him how much this trade deadline was weighing on his mind. And he simply said who knows man, and indeed it's very tough to tell with this current regime in buffalo. Brandon Beane the GM has been here for two years, and you really have to expect the unexpected even though it might be quiet right now onto McCoy front. I remember early in the afternoon of the trade deadline day last year being told us don't expect the trae today. Well around three thirty that day. Kelvin Benjamin trade started to come together with the Panthers has made twelve trades involving players over his first eighteen months as bills GM. A lot of them have been higher priced players acquired by a previous regime McCoy fits into that category. Really question. Whether his salary is justified by his production of the thirty two running backs across the NFL. Whoever least two hundred carries since the start of. Last season McCoy ranks twenty eighth in yards per carry as we await for John Elway who will talk about again this decision. But shefty how did it get done? When you what happened? Here was the Denver Broncos have been looking for a couple of weeks to move on from Thomas and one of the reasons they were looking to move on is scheduled to make fourteen million dollars next season. They were not going to pay him that fourteen million next season. Not with some of the young wide receivers that they have in the talent that they've demonstrated this season. And so with that in mind they began efforts to conduct a trade here and Houston Texans last Thursday night loss will fuller to a twenty L A season ending injury. So the Broncos spoke to the Texans. They spoke to the Philadelphia Eagles who were also looking for a wide receiver at this point in time. They spoke to a couple of other teams. But really the Texans were the ones that jumped out and as of Monday night, those two sides had the framework of a deal in place that was completed this afternoon where. The Broncos sent Thomas and a seventh round pick to Houston for a fourth round pick and a seventh round pick. So the Broncos basically improved their position in the seventh round of the draft. They get back in additional fourth. They should four million dollars payroll. This year fourteen million dollars of payroll for next year and the Houston Texans come up with wide receiver that they can insert into the spot that will fuller had while they're in first place in the AFC south that trade that worked out for both teams will fuller had not been injured. It would have been interesting to see if Denver could have dealt to marry his Thomas, but the sense all along has been that Denver is looking to move on from him. And it found an active suitor in the Houston. Texans. Thank you, shefty. It's interesting. You say that because I think the question I have is if you're the Texans coach and you see willful or go down, and you know to long-term injury. Do you start thinking immediately about a move like this thing? Definitely especially if it were they are right now in their division. Let's not forget this team started Owen three and it all. Sudden now Shawn Watson these starting to look like his old self and that football team is good a chance as anybody to get into the playoffs and make some noise. They got a good defense improving and lose them. We'll fuller was killer. It was kind of a meaningless looking play. And I think getting guy light Demaria's Thomas getting them injected marriage is a smart guy veteran players should be able to learn the system quick enough and help help make them make that push thing there to look at key Cutie who's done a really good job for them playing inside coach brought up Wes Welker earlier think about west west. You know, kind of in the history of this league has been one of the better slot wide receivers that's ever played. And so I think when you look at his development playing inside having Hopkins outside now having to marry Thomas outside you can keep this young kind of sending player playing in that role in mobile the ways being coached by somebody who played that spot. Very well, so. I think that probably also, you know, rather than elevating him due to kind of a role that maybe you didn't think he was suited for keeping him where he is. Also, a good learning curve here or as coach river veteran player knows what he's doing and step right in your interesting. The Broncos have already now. So you're gonna honored to marry Thomas. This Sunday that will include a thank you banner and some other nice ways to pay, you know, Amish to a guy that's been really good player for them for nine seasons. Now, but we don't even know if a play on Sunday one would figure that with three full practices in Houston provided. He gets there in time takes a physical but tomorrow morning that Mary should be somewhat up to speed. But we'll see whether he plays tips points really well taken it's allow cue to develop as normally in go all later semi Lynn with Mary's Thomas. We continue to make our way to today's four o'clock eastern trade deadline Bill Polian back with us and Bill without being specific is every team is different. What's going on in front offices around the league as you got ninety minutes or so? Until that deadline passes. Well, we're starting to raise the clock right now. Because three thirty is really the procedural deadline to get things done because you have to make sure that the paperwork is in if to make sure that the cap considerations are handled. So you're starting to race the clock now teams that are desperate to sell. Somebody are questioning whether or not their prices too, high people who are in the market to buy are questioning whether or not they want to pay the price, and we're really now down to card cutting time, this is when the rubber meets the road Bill. Let me ask you this. How do you guard against change for change's sake? Sometimes you wanna make a move so badly. It's not looking good it won't work out. And you could get reckless. How do you guard against that? Well, you just you say in your preparation which all began last week that you're not going to do that. And no matter how hard someone may push ownership marketing coaching. It doesn't matter as a GM. You have to say we're not throwing good money after bad. We're not going to chase a deal just to make a deal you have to be firm and resolute and understand that you have to get value. And and the likelihood is that that the odds of the guy helping your team if you're acquiring art our little higher than fifty fifty but not much. So you have to know who you want. You have to know what the price you. You're willing to pay is. And you have to be resolute about it over the next forty five or so minutes. They'll paul. Bill Polian says don't do it. You don't do it. They'll that's that's what we say around here too. By the way doubt about that. Again, just about ninety minutes or probably less. So now an hour and twenty and change until today's trade deadline. We've seen about six traits. I believe over the course of the last fourteen days or so there's still time we may or may not see any additional activity, but you know, what it never hurts to speculate field. That's what we do. Sometimes conjecture, what are some trades you'd like to see whether they're likely or not earlier in the show, we discussed the Shawn McCoy who said last night. I'm not sure if I'm going to be traded. What have you love to see Leshan McCoy on an offensive releases amick back like the Green Bay Packers? They got some really good production from Aaron Jones on Sunday against the Los Angeles. Rams. But we know that Mike McCarthy has perhaps been infamously reticent to use Aaron Jones and a work share our work horse role. I think maybe we forget how good Leshan McCoy is. Because of how I would just say dismal the. Offensive line is in buffalo right now. That will be a fun one for me. It's not going to happen. But wouldn't tyrod Taylor to the to the Jacksonville Jaguars alleviate? Some of the concerns are having right now. Tyrod Taylor good opportunity for tyrod Taylor, which I think we don't like to say, I know it's unlikely if not. Unfathomable right now. But what the Jaguars are looking for on offenses to run the heck out of the football beat you up front with the offensive line and not turn the football over. That's tyrod Taylor right there. And of course, they wanna play great defense to that will be one. And then I do believe that the cardinals. With Dale Buchanan has Saen Radic Radic linebacker by trade became a sort of hybrid linebacker slash safety players that maybe of late have seen a bit more playing time but earlier on in the year where none factors in this defense. And both of them were former first round picks got to keep an eye on a guy no longer needed to keep an eye on Maria's Thomas. We know he's headed to Houston. Here's John Elway on that decision. The girl was that. You know, it was we were not hell bent on on trading Damaris. If the value was there that we felt the value was there we felt that it can help us that way as far as the draft next year. And and that we thought that with the guys behind him that we could make up for the for the space that you know, he would he would leave. And so, you know, we got the value that we thought was fair, and that was the most important thing. So you know, I think that is never easy when you try again that's been a household name your long time. Then a lot of great things not only on the football field. But but also in the community, and it was a good, man. So plus it's a good spot for tomorrow's going to it from good football team. And that's in the pennant race where he's going. And so, you know, it'll be it'll be good for him too. We had probably three or four teams. Yeah. Clause. You're playing Texans. Something I thought about it. Yeah. I mean, obviously. But I think that ultimately we had to look past that and. Thought that it wouldn't affect our game and affect the outcome of the game that we felt that we can make that move and send him to Texas. Just to get good making at this point. Yeah. But you never know. But at this point in time, we are. Yeah. Chance. I mean, I think that they've all cordless played very very well and Tim Patrick played very well last week. And so, you know in a man does obviously playing very well too. And so we thought that this is give court Linda chance to get out there play more and become a bigger part of it. Because we think he's ready to go. And you know, he's played well up to this point in time. So hopefully, this exhilarated says maturity. We're now from that long ago. Now, I don't think, you know, obviously when you lose a guy like like Marius that we're gonna lose a little bit. But I think that what we're where we can make it up as with the youth and the young guys getting them experience and. Is this year? Continues to go. So I didn't think that it eliminated our ability to compete in and hopefully get it gave them a better second half than we've had and at the first half, and and went some football games. But I didn't think that that was going to impede it by making this move. And it also gave us some value that you know. We thought was important contributor will. Well, it's you know, you never know. I think that you know, I think that they'll look at the guys behind him though. I don't believe the young guys step up. And I think that's what's most important. And you know, personally, I think that the young guys ready to step up behind them and fill that void. And so with that with that as well as the value that we got we just thought that, you know. It was important to make the move. But trade your tenure players have something. Well, I mean, I think that anytime like I said with with you know, how Damaris carried himself since he's been here. I think it's always, you know. It's an end for for him and us I think, but it's not because I think as I told him, you know, he'll he'll always be a Bronco, you know, and so bit into his career here, but not his career in the NFL. And know that look at it as the fact that, you know, eventually the Broncos will be reunited with the Maria's. Man. It was hard. I mean, it's always hard. And I think that and I told him to I said, I know it's hard with everything that it was hearing out there, you know, and. Those type things are obviously very impossible to keep quiet in the end, you know. You know, unless something comes to fruition. I usually don't ever talk about them. Just because the fact is you know, a lot of times are just rumors. And so we can't control that night told him that we did the best we could to try to take care of him as well as take care of the Broncos. And and you know, but. You know, he was you know. See I wouldn't say surprised, but I think that you know, anytime you're somewhere, and I can only imagine never having never been traded. But imagine that you know, that there's a lot of unknown out there form now going to a new spot. But I'm sure you've. He'll fit right in his career stand up. You know, I think that he made so many big place. Obviously, the Pittsburgh one is the biggest one I think that stands out that we we all remember. But know, here's a guy that was very very productive and consistent for a long long time. And. You know was with health healthy most most of the time too. And so you that we could rely on. I'm top with you trust in. Bill file a lawsuit. What did you think of that? Do you have any concerns about the? You know stability at the top of the franchise narrow. I don't I like I said we we've talked about this earlier. And yes me about that. I think that you know, will work its way out, you know, I will say this that in my opinion in having worked with Joe, he's he's been that pillar force. And you know, so you know, that's still above our level. And we still have to concentrate on doing the best we can as far as trying to get back on track and win some football games. And and you know, we look at that as it will handle it self, and, but I just know in the long run that eventually no matter what happens. I think we're still going to be fine. How however whatever way that goes, I think that you know, the franchise in good shape. Well, and the you can't script it category. The Texans will face the Broncos. They'll travel to Denver on Sunday. The Broncos have said they will honor to marry Thomas complete with a thank you banner, and he'll be recognized. But you heard John say coach weren't hell-bent on trading. D'amoto Thomas, they found they thought if they found a good value something make benefit this team. Now, they would do it. Do you agree to that where they landed? Do I think anytime you make a trade you have to feel like you're going to be able to weather in most cases, even going all the way back to what the raiders did not going to figure out whether that was a good fit or not until down the road. Same thing here. I think both teams ended up pretty well. I think you know, Houston had a definite need. I mean, they don't lose will fuller for this season. They're not even in this straight up. So again, it's hard saying goodbyes all those things are this is a tough business that way but good from self. They're they're going to give them a good. Good. Send-off and shoot he gets to this show back up next weekend. So. You can't we can't miss you. If you don't leave. I think what John Elway saying about their current roster makes a lot of sense sudden has been very good. He mentioned Tim Patrick as well who has played some valuable snaps for them. And then you look at the division. Obviously. The chiefs are running away with the vision charges are ball team. Just doesn't appear like this is an ascending team right now. And so I think in terms of way that roster is currently laid out. It does make sense in their season has gone. It does make sense for them to get a good look at some of the young guys. And it was just like to add obviously was not hard for a way to remember that he was actually traded from by the coal so hard to say, I wouldn't know. No. I don't think you've really got locked in Baltimore. It's been a long time. There we won't. We won't. You know, interesting Adam said earlier on the show that one of the primary motivations for the Broncos is to get that four million dollars cap and don't forget cash savings to owners don't mind when they can save a little bit of cash if it also maybe potentially helps elevate the role the young player as Tim just mentioned court Lund's out all is go onto him right now. And I'm not saying that the difference between the Bronco stain competitive or not tanking but going to different direction is to marry his Thomas, but you sort of wonder if this is a ceremonial move. That represents that we need to start thinking towards the future. When you start thinking about twenty nine thousand nine am beyond whether the entire roster goes under evaluation. You've got cornerstone's like von Miller, and Chris Harrison, you know, some of the young pieces they have on this roster. But you wonder what kind of valuation we might see from the Broncos further down the line to season to look towards next season. And John Elway said it himself in regards to Cortlandt sudden, we also hope this move will accelerate his development. Give him the opportunity to continue. Ascending, Adam Schefter. We've seen to not. Trades today. We are just over an hour now until the deadline. What else is out there? What Wendy let's bring you the latest buzz right now that's going on around the league. The Jacksonville Jaguars or listening to offers for their former first round draft pick Dante Fowler right now. And there are a number teams. That are interested in him. It sounds like a trade is possible by the four o'clock deadline. The Packers are listening in for time. Montgomery who brought the kickoff out of the end zone on Sunday. And obviously right now if they could get a deal worked out for him. They would be willing to do that. There's been a lot of speculation about the New York Giants, and whether they would be willing to move on from Landon Collins Olivier Vernon ginormous Jenkins quiet right now on the eastern seaboard regarding the New York Giants and news fresh out of Seattle moments ago, the Seattle Seahawks released wide receiver Brandon Marshall. So there's a little bit of a news flash for you. Right there the Seahawks just released Brandon marshal the lions restructured the contract of Marvin Jones, freeing of two point two million dollars. So there's a flurry of activity here. We'll bring you the very latest as it winds down to the four o'clock trade deadline Jordan joins us. Now. He's with the giants as he always says. And we've seen the G men. Jordan, be quite active in the past few weeks. Are we done do you anticipate anything additional in the next hour or so? Yeah. We already saw the moves earlier last week right either. I apple Damon Harrison, and there has been thought that the giants those done yet. But it appears that they are. 'cause I got a text recently from someone around the league said to the belief is that the giants fire sale is over the one guy that may still be available and still give move though. It's at probably a long shot at this point is jenner's Jenkins. So colts cornerback he's made a Pro Bowl with the giants money is a factor there, and I asked the people randomly they his value was this at probably around throughout giants do something that's a round where the compensation would be right now with the giants. It seems like they're major moves were done last week Damon percent and Eli apple mean teams have called about Landon Collins teams have called about Odell Beckham junior. The see where that is those aren't happening. It doesn't appear likely one team that you might want to keep an eye out, especially when it comes with Jenkins and the giants defensive backs is the Kansas City Chiefs. They have been. Snooping around over the last few days. Jordan. Thank you at one in seven giant, clearly looking toward the future, and Tim I thought you made an excellent point earlier worth repeating that probably a little bit of a missed assessment here of where they were what their own roster looked like and what they were prepared for in two thousand eighteen. Yeah. They drafted a running back to think that was going to help their offense. They they made their left tackle the highest payed left tackle. And the game. At the time. They signed him thinking that you lie. Manning had a couple good years left. I remember Dave Gettleman talking about hey you lie. Manning was the one we saw in the Philadelphia game referring to the twenty seventeen game against the eagles. And it just that hasn't been the case. Look, we do the power rankings a lot of times on on Tuesdays, and they are twenty eight or. Or? Football team. Right. Not going in the right direction. So that's the pricing. We've also touched on just coming off of what Jordan is saying. They're yours Jenkins is under contract for this year. And then two years after that at numbers that aren't absurd based on how he's played. Fourth-round compensation for ginormous Jenkins to me. I would think that someone would be willing to pay that. I think if you're the giants you need to be busy over the next hour right now. Right. I mean, it makes all the sets come this far you might as well. Yeah. Our in two minutes, you need to be as busy as anybody in the league where passing numbers are skyrocketing players like janoris Jenkins who can play men coverage. And I'll bet he has some jecklin. Hi to them right there. You gotta take the good with the incurred risks there. But a player that should have some value in this league. And Jordan mentioned the Kansas City Chiefs unbelievably bad in terms of statistics defensively against the past. Maybe they kick the tires on generous Jenkins. That was definitely I mean, that's exactly what the doctor ordered for Kansas City Chiefs. It'd make a real push. I mean, these guys are having you know, light. Yep. Season a good cover guy would be really really good for them. Well, you heard Jordan nine say that the belief or at least a source telling him that the fire sale with the New York Giants is over. But you never know we have an hour to go. We can't leave you now four o'clock eastern. We're hanging come on with us. It's sportscenter special recapping and looking. Head starts right about now. We've seen a lot of boots in the past few days, Gordon on the move the raiders thing Khalil Mack to Chicago Bears. We made the trade headline-grabbing move. This is a move. That's been brewing for a while. Hopefully, we prove that a long-term we did the right thing. And the raiders now have three first round draft picks in twenty nine hundred the offers are going to get good holy cow by my reaction. This is a win now move when you make a trade length that we may see a lot of activity, Adam Schefter. He's got like ten phones working right now. You've got Landon Collins. You've got your Norris Jenkin. You gotta live gate Vernon. The giants already have shown that they're willing to trade. Anybody Maria's Thomas is still sitting out there? If you're the Buffalo Bills. Do you wanna go train the Shama point if they fifty seven of bell watts but whose downing right? So when you see four five six trainings before the trade deadline again this year. Well. Welcome inside our sportscenter special as we countdown quite literally in toll today. Four o'clock eastern NFL trade deadline. Glad to have you with us. I'm Wendy next field Yates, coach, John FOX, Tim Hasselbeck, and we have seen activity today. The first notable trade this afternoon came when the Broncos parted ways with Maria's Thomas sending Thomas to Houston Texan along with a seventh round pick a yet. Rick seventh-round, take fourth and seventh comeback to Denver. Ironically, these two teams will face each other in Denver on Sunday. Here's John Elway. On the decision. We're gonna lose a little bit. But I think that what we're where we can make it up as with the youth and the young guys getting them experience. And and you know. Is this year, you know, continues to go. So I didn't think that it eliminated our ability to compete in and hopefully get it gave them have a better second half than we've had and the first half and and went some football games. But I didn't think that that was going to impede it by making this move. And it also gave us some value that you know, we thought. We thought we'll go on the ground now to Denver where we check him with our Broncos reporter Jeff Legua who spoken with the Mary Thomas. Jeff, what do you have to say? When did I have not spoken with him today? But yesterday he was. I've tried to reach out today. But yesterday, he was almost resigned to the fact that he felt like a trade would be made. And then John Elway just finished here at the Broncos complex, and he characterized his discussions with various this morning as as hard really hard is how he how he phrased it. So this is no small move. You know, Elway was asked. What will this be? How will this be taken in the locker room and his response? Was you never know. So he knows that they have moved. They respected tenured player who was still performing at a at a pretty high level. And you know, it's just something they're going to have to deal with especially vents Joseph in the coaching staff moving forward. They will also have to adjust about a five storey high ban around the side of the stadium. There's one of two Marius and one of on Miller, they say the plans are to put a thank you on the banner and just leave it. For this weekend's games. All right. Jeff. Thank you. We'll go now for the Houston perspective. Here's our Texans. Reporter Sara barshop. Wendy. This was a move the Texans had to make they lost will fuller on Thursday night against the dolphins. When he tours ACL, and that dramatically changed the circumstances surrounding that deadline before this thing, we're really in the discussion for wide receiver. But after losing their number two receiver they knew that going to this game against Denver. They didn't really have many healthy pass catching options. So by adding Thomas, they give some much-needed death. Now, I talked to a Texans players said he's very explosive and you have to respect him to me that's really important because when beyond your half is on the field. And there's no one else stretching field or helping him out teams are keyed in Hopkins. Now, this trade to Thomas allows them to do the opposite. And it was a bonus for general manager Brian gain and head coach Bill Ryan to do this without giving up huge draft capital because the Texans had it, but they're gonna have some needs after the season. And they didn't have to give up. Round pick like the lions received for gold and tape. All right. Sarah, Jeff, thank you. Let's start with Houston since they on the receiving end of this trade coach finish this sentence by adding Damaris Thomas the Houston Texans do what or big they replaced will fuller in both the deep speed. We're they've gained. Some is Dominica's Thomas is a very big strong physical player. I mean, he can catch things. Go back inside. He's big tall for the red area. He's a little different probably not as much deep speed is. We'll currently has. But Demaria still has that with the added dimension of big catch radius in the big physical pass catcher, which I know Shawn Watson with like and he catches the ball and tight spaces. We'll hear from both of you in just a minute. But first, let's get some reaction from one of Thomas his teammates. Here's what a manual Sanders had to say. Declared has got five years win last. I kind of figured it was going to have you. So I went over hung out with him. He's going to be weird. He's been a luck. Rumors since I got out of your own. So I'm not happy about that. But at the same time as part of business understand, you know, Broncos guy do was best put a Bronco. So I guess, you know, as much earned, you know, beauty the war broke with Denver Broncos. Second challenge. Well, you heard John wet Elway say it is. Well, how will this be received? You never know. It's a change. This is a veteran player a tenured player. But again, I think players to a degree understand field. This business bainer standing including Demaria's Thomas who over the past couple of days. And I think it's fifty fifty that I could be traded. So there's no mystery that the Denver Broncos had been shopping to marry his Thomas for a few days, and I had imagined that Emmanuel Sanders courtroom signing cassette, linen Sutton in case keenum and other Broncos offensive players have been bracing for this moment. Now that does not mean that they don't have a little bit sticker shock right now to marry Thomas in coach foxing confirm. This has been a team captain for multiple years in Denver one of the most respected players on that roster. So when you lose that kind of presence, certainly, it means something the only active player in the NFL was six three years of seventy five or more catches a lot of productivity, but they get and Cortlandt Sutton going up and making contested catches in vertical. Shop lays down the field. Aku Saugus Kansas City that kind of off. That's a little bit. It softens the blow if you will on the field, but to marry his Thomas like nothing but endless pride for him. And what he accomplished in Denver and for Houston a team that has won five streak has a two game losing division. It's a totally sensible move right now, you cannot stay in fat with up as they had in place. LA also said he he told to marry this will be good for you as well. I mean, presumably that's the case. What else are you gonna say really these teams play each other on Sunday? The Broncos say they'll give a big thank you in terms of the Broncos. They also hope it allows them to evaluate Tim some of their younger talent Cortlandt chief among them and gives him some additional opportunities have been playing. Anyway, I mean, they haven't playing with the Mary us on the roster. And so now gives them an opportunity to play more. And you know, Emmanuel Sanders saying well now gives me the chance to be the number one guy. He's been the number one guy this year. I mean, he's he's been foreign away case keenum's favorite target. So I think. Listen, if there's a player, that's that's not upset about it. It be as manual Sanders in that he truly is the featured guy at the wide receiver position for the Broncos. Look, I I think the thing that has stuck out to me not knowing him personally in here in coach talk about him here in John Elway talk about him. Very few times. You are you do that. You're concerned about how this plays in the locker room. I mean, I do think that there is something to that. You know, we sit here we're talking about contracts talk about where they fed do. They help the team that's got to remember relationships are formed in a lot of these guys end up being close. And if it's somebody that is really well respected in terms of being a good player. How he approaches it how he treats the other people in the building. It can't have a really bad effect on your football team your entire team, especially going forward. So to trade away, a guy that's a captain, and well respected is not always a really good thing to do. All right. We saw four trades in the weeks or days leading up to today. We've seen to today. Damari Thomas the first, and then this golden Tate departs Detroit. He leaves the motor city instead. Head to the Philadelphia Eagles. He becomes an additional weapon for Carson Wentz. The giants trae the lion die fixate trading Tate to the eagles. We're joined now by our hall of fame. GM Bill Polian Bill when you look at the back and forth of this. Golden Tate decision. What's your take? Well, it's really interesting. Let's look at it. From the eagles point of view. The only one you can win is the one you can win. Now they needed another receiver who and another player who can provide chunky arted in their offense and not getting the chunk yardage from the running game because of the injuries. They needed a player who could provide that golden Tate. Absolutely can't. He's a rental a third. A high price to play for a potential rental player because he's coming to free agency at the end of the season. But when you're in the hunt to win a world championship as they are. And you have the weapons that they have it is much much better off to pay the price. Then regret having faded and not help you football team. From Detroit's perspective. It's interesting. They it looks like are unwilling to pay a little receiver. Golden Tate is not big and strong and tall and fast. The way some of the patriot receivers, and this is a patriot blueprint. No question about it. They traded for snacks Harrison who's a big player in the middle. So the transition of the lions to the patriot way in terms of how they use personnel. And who they reward seems to be trending ever more in that direction. I bel- we mentioned to Marius Thomas earlier as well. He goes to Houston. John Elway talk. About the decision. I don't know if you heard him, but regardless how does this play out for both these two teams? Well, I heard John, and I respect them greatly. And and obviously, I think he's evidencing whatever general manager feels on a day like today in terms of the marriage Thomas with the Broncos. He was a player who had plateaued. He wasn't going to send anymore Cortlandt Sutton was behind him and needed playing time, and they were in the market therefore for an ability to get something for them while he's still had something left, and when preparation meets up retune ity there, you have a trade to Houston when we'll full it went down. Houston was devoid of a downfield talent devoid of a guy who could make plays opposite. The Andrea Hopkins and here is Demaria's Thomas still plateaued, but not at the end of his career and an ability to step right in and give the Shawn Watson another valuable. Reliable target, and John FOX said it best. He can catch the ball in really tight spaces. He may not be able to separate like a used to. But with those long arms and strong hands. He can make plays on contested bulls. So this was a good trade really for both teams. They'll thank you. And again these two teams play each other on Sunday. Don't go anywhere. We'll get back to you in just a minute right now, though, we turn to Adam Schefter atom under an hour to go. Now, do you hear we'll Wendy forty eight minutes to go into the trade deadline and his Bill Polian pointed out before don't forget that sometimes teams have submitted paperwork by then you remember the failed trade between the Browns and the Bengals last year that involve AJ McCarron that they did not get in in time that were broke out after fifteen minutes after the deadline. So keep it all on the trade deadline at four o'clock. But there could be something afterwards in the minutes after. And of course, we have right now the name that we're watching as we speak. Is that Dante Fowler? The Jacksonville Jaguars defensive. In who is once I believe the third overall pick in the draft who's been a disappointing player so far in Jacksonville is somebody that Jacksonville gotten Kohl's on and looks intent upon dealing. The Jaguars have been asking for two third round draft picks in return for Dante Fowler. We'll see whether they can get that. A lot of people have wondered whether Jacksonville will make a move at quarterback. It will not we've said that before. And it seems to be true now they are rotting out with Blake Bortles and Cody Kessler as their quarterbacks, and they are prepared to move forward. With those two particular players another player to watch as the four o'clock. Trade deadline approaches is time Montgomery in Green Bay with him. Fumbling kickoff in the fourth quarter that denied Aaron Rodgers the chance to go. Get the ball back into beat the unbeaten Los Angeles. Rams. The Packers have taken some Kohl's on time on Gumri. We'll see whether they get a trade partner in the next forty five. Or so minutes, the New York Giants who have been connected to trade talks involving janoris Jenkins and Landon Collins and. VA Vernon don't appear right now to have anything close or percolating at this particular moment. So it looks like the giants are going to stay quiet right now. Wendy, thank you, perhaps the fire sale is complete. We'll be back with you shortly as we make our way through this. Final hour press coverage though right now from our Joe Stena Anderson on another wide receiver on the move. She says I'm told Terrell Pryor is traveling back to buffalo with his current intentions to sign with the bills at this time time, I come reform will the kickoff return late against the Rams it costs Aaron Rodgers and the Packers chance to drive down the field and possibly win that game reports indicated that he had defied his coaches instructions to simply take a knee. So maybe not a huge surprise. The time Comrie has been traded to the Baltimore Ravens. Adam. How did this all come together? We'll Wendy this just in basically the Green Bay Packers just traded time on to the Baltimore Ravens for a seventh round draft pick in two. Twenty twenty. So it's a delayed pick not mistress. But in the next one and the Baltimore Ravens get another offensive weapon that they could use the running back and wide receiver position. Keep in mind that time Montgomery's contract was up after the season. And so the Packers were going to lose him anyway. But the fact that they're willing to trade him. Now shows you how much they were willing to move on from him at this point in time. And also, I think the feeling was mutual when he doubled that kickoff at the end of that game right there that told everybody you saw how upset everybody was in Green Bay that was his last play with the Packers. But the Baltimore Ravens will happily. Give him a fresh start right now. And so there's another trade that's come in before the four o'clock deadline. We now have about forty more minutes to go. It would not be surprised if we still get another trade. I think the next raid to watch his Dante Fowler of the Jacksonville Jaguars with teams calling but time on gummy is the latest player to get traded on this very busy trade deadline day. We've now seen today. To marry his Thomas dill from Denver to Houston, golden Tate dealt from Detroit to Philadelphia and time on Gumri dealt from Green Bay to Baltimore. I had has been a busy day. We continue to wait on our Packers. Reporter rob demoss key. He'll join us shortly. But coach you said it this morning change change with coming in Green Bay with regards to tie Montgomery. You could just tell too much information that was coming out of the Green Bay Packers organization, whether it was from players coaches or whatnot. But I think you know with the emergence of the running back situation there in Green Bay. I think they were they could afford to move on. And I think with Baltimore they've got now in more pass catching oriented type running back to give them another weapon in particularly on third down at three point seven yards for K for Alex Collins so far this season less than three yards per carry for buck Allen so far this season. My my reaction really though is about time on Gumri just the fallout of events the sequence of events, and maybe I just didn't know sort of. How he was perceiving this locker, but I felt like a couple of years ago. This was a guy as recently as last year routinely praised for versatility his toughness to make a position change to go from wide receiver to running back falling out of favor is probably the polite way of putting it right now. And I get it last Sunday. This was a massive change of events that was caused by his poor decision to take the football out of the end zone on kickoff return, but life comes at you fast right now in the NFL and for now, maybe the big winner in Green Bay side is Aaron Jones who twelve carries eighty six yards and a touchdown last week. Finally got his shot. He should be very busy. And it starts this Sunday at a game that I understand that. It's not technically a must win. But you might as well call it that for the Packers who are in the midst of a four of five games on the road stretch. It's amazing how things can change quickly. When you go from being a guy that they are trying to find a way to get on the field to being a guy that they are replacing doesn't time on a receiver. Who is a good returner who they like how? This guy on the field. That's make him a running back. And then he was featured. And all of a sudden you're watching Aaron Jones Jamal Williams play. And all of a sudden, maybe you don't like being agreement Packers much as it seemed like he thought you did. I mean, that's typically how it happens players. I'm not I'm not assassinating this character either. Because he did like you said to me I was there in that division when he went from receiver to running back when they were completely out of running back. So I think it's just the timing of it could work out both for both teams fall from grace. I agree with you feel that is a polite way of that is a tough play by the way to injure a career in Green Bay on. But nevertheless, that's the case. Rob do Moskvy. What more can you add here? Well, Wendy, even before Montgomery had the fumbled kickoff. His role had been greatly reduced. He only played six snaps against the Rams on Sunday. His last play before the fumbled kickoff was an incomplete pass. And that's what he came off the sideline very frustrated very upset told us yesterday. In the midst of all the talk about the fumble that he doesn't know what is role is on this eve and clearly the role had been reduced this the guy who did sacrifice himself as he said he loved he made the move in season midseason from receiver to running back for the good of the team. And he said he'd look I know it could affect the late that my career, but I'm going to do it. It is a hard ending. But look with the emergence of Aaron Jones the reliability of Jamal Williams in pass protection. It really made time Gummer's role limited. And then the kickoff return. The fumble the decision to bring it out when he shouldn't have was really just the final straw. The Packers are though Wendi just a little thin at halfback now with just only those two guys on the. Roster. Unclear what Levy on bell will rejoin dealers he has yet to sign. His franchise tender that means he cannot be traded before today. Four o'clock eastern deadline, and then no player can be traded after death jet by has fast. And we've got about thirty two minutes is ready. That deadline Jeremy Fowler. I loved the best part of my day. How are you? Whereas Levy bell. When if he coming what do, you know? Wendy. It's going to bring some sunshine here in Pittsburgh. But Levy on Bill is not expected to be traded by that four pm deadline. Let something crazy happens in the next half hour, but bell has not taken a physical. He is not signed. And you can't trade an unsigned player. And so the Steelers are expected to stand Pat, and they are open to bell writing out this year with the Steelers as one source told me of Bill shows up and he plays. Well, then everybody's happy. And they'll himself doesn't want to be traded. He wants to be a Steeler long-term. He told me he didn't think there were any major suitors out there in the month of October. And so they got to figure out a way to play James Connor and lady on bell now on the cornerback front. I thought the Steelers might look into making some moves there they need help. Artie burns has struggled as the second cornerback opposite Joe Haden. But I am told that they are not expected to make a move for generis Jenkins or the other big name Cornerbacks out there again unless something changes drastically at the deadline. They're not intrigued enough to make a major move at that front. Ben route. This burger really quick on the injury front has a left index finger fracture. But he's expected to play on Sunday. All right. Jeremy, thank you. Again. That's his left hand is non throwing hand. We appreciate it. Anything changes? You know, get back in touch. We'd appreciate it. Adam schefter. What what can you add? We'll thirty minutes to the trade deadline, Wendy and right now. Jacksonville's fielding calls on Dante Fowler. It's been asking for two third round picks in return for the former first overall for the four former third overall pick also two other wide receiver notes the lions have restructured the contract of Marvin Jones, freeing up two point two million dollars in catch base and a short time ago the Seattle Seahawks released veteran wide receiver Brandon Marshall who absolutely wants to continue playing shift. There's a team out there. There's looking for a receiver then replacement Brandon Marshall now available Wendy, all right, shefty. Brandon Marshall available again, we are right about the half hour. Mark. Let's circle back to Levy on bell for just a minute field. What's your your take on the way there scenario plays out? Now that like for all intents and purposes, he won't be traded. We've been spending so much time. We said this earlier on might have even been in the previous show at this point of the trade deadline countdown that forever. We were thinking what is the Steelers plan for lady on? Bell? How are they approaching situation with lady, I'm bell? They're approaching it like this for now on the balls of his court. We are rolling along with James Connor and the rest of our offense of artillery until or unless lady on bell shows up because there's nothing they can do it feels as though one person one person only knows what lady unbalanced going to do for now. And that's and I think that we can concede that lady on chain plans might change in his own mind. But the day by the hour by the minutes. Yeah. Look at all the money. He has relinquished to this point. And I understand that this is always been about twenty nine thousand nine m beyond for lady on bell. But it's clear now that if you're the Steelers like you have already moved on from lady on bell. But week to week you're moving on from it, you are and you use the term rolling along and under cells. What James CONNER has done? I mean, he's been fantastic. I would not call him adequate. It's not as if he's stepped in and sort of stopped the Daleus. He has been exceptionally productive coach, I think it's the big turnaround in the Pittsburgh Steelers season, you know, both in the run. Game as well as as a pass receiver. So you know, the benefit of this has been James Connor. And that's why they drafted him. And that's why he was picked again. What on does not sure I was back in little surprise at Jimmy followed in walk-off when asked about living. It's been a while. But I think Pittsburgh very position, you know, living on when he comes in again, if he's serious about wanting to remain a Steeler, it's going to be important how he conducts himself over this next eight or nine weeks or however long the season goes to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Look, I mean, I think have been clear his desire because I think that it's been hard for a lot of people understand why he would forfeit is much money. He's forfeited this season, his desires to be healthy and have a crack at free agency in two thousand nineteen. I mean, and he is banking on the fact that somebody is going to sign him to a long term deal. And if he's essentially looking to kind of at least what it seemed like he was looking for was to blow the running back market kind of out of the water. I don't get the sense that this year has helped that I mean, and obviously he's going to report it some point because in order to get that path to free agency needs to be on. Roster for at least six games. So that's correct. And so I think when you look at that. You know, I would think that eighteen that's going to invest long-term in a lot of guaranteed money is going to want to see him play the season at some point at some level rather than have an entire year off. I think it's gonna be interesting to see this play out if it may very well work, okay and two thousand nine hundred ninety protected in its entirety. But you don't know. I think this will we curious to watch. As we go forward press coverage from Justin Anderson again with more wide receiver news. She says I'm told bucks wide receiver to Sean Jackson has been told by the team. He will not be traded. And at this point. There is thirty minutes to go in the NFL trade deadline, twenty one minutes. Thirty seconds to go, Adam Schefter, more news. What you've got will where do this just came in moments ago? But basically the Jacksonville Jaguars just traded Dante Fowler to the loss. Angeles Rams for a third round pick in twenty one thousand nine hundred and a fifth round pick in twenty twenty two draft picks and. Exchange for the former third overall pick. And basically the Rams had been looking for somebody to rush to quarterback from the edge. They believe that Don Fowler. We'll be able to do that. Now, Jacksonville and open to get to those round picks back in return. You see why the trait remain where did three and a five Rams did not want to pour with two threes. But they did want to get that pass rusher. Dante Fowler with somebody that they identified he's had some character issues down in Jacksonville. But he does have talent it somebody at the Rams felt that they needed to try to continue this own beaten season to get somebody to match up with indomitable sue and Aaron Donald and Michael Brock along their front line. And they think that Wade Phillips the defensive coordinator can't get that type of pass rush out of him. And I'm thanking the rich get richer. We will turn now to former GM Bill. Paulie abell? What's thought process here? If you're the Jacksonville Jaguars will Fowler had been a disappointment on and off the field in Jacksonville hadn't produced. He was not a starter. And he had some difficulties off the field. So this was a question of cutting ties with a player who who they really had been disappointed in the. Essentially, a third the fifth is a is a sweetener that just makes it look better. And so you've traded a guy who is essentially a nonproductive number one of for third round pick. That's what it boils down to. And sometimes you're better off in Jacksonville's case with addition by subtraction. And then in the case of the Rams that they didn't pay terribly high price for player who does have talent. But has not shown it does far with any degree of consistency on or off the field bell. Thank you addition by subtraction. Is exactly what I thought of. If you believe he's been a disappointment. I in terms of the character issues end the production on the field. But I you know, if you're the Rams. How good is this team thrall in play that they are on your list chips. You're on the table. They are fantastic there. Ain't no right now, they have an offense that continues to find ways to stress a defense that they haven't previously put on film week-to-week, which is part of why they're so difficult to defend and prepare for, but what I would say about the defensive front is that the best way to apply apply pressure to a quarterback is by doing so much different angles. You've got to play records, and John and soon Aaron Donald who leads the NFL ten sack so far this season. I don't want to say the Dante Fowler has been a dominant player. He's shown flashes. He's had one good season. He's also had his Bill Luda to some behavioral issues a player that was suspended for a week of training camp this year, for example, but a change of scenery can do really well for people at some points, and he gets away from Jacksonville where he was not an afterthought, but wasn't a primary focal point of their pass rush every single week in the way that the Rams are going to need them to be right now in Los Angeles. Like, it makes sense to take the risks to be honest with you eat sax last year. The guy that can get close to double digits axes not easy to do. And so I think that that is significant I think the issue there is that for whatever reason doesn't didn't fit in with the team. You know, he wasn't a starter. I think that was an issue for him. There are a lot of big personalities on that defense. And sometimes you know, that doesn't always match but he's had two sacks on the season. But hasn't played thirty snaps in a single game this year for Jackson wasn't even playing for Jacksonville. So I think for from Jacksonville's perspective, the guy that didn't appear to be well liked in the locker room was playing a very limited role for you. And it makes sense to to get rid of them. I guess at that point didn't pick up his fifth year option in. So that's what you were dealing with Fowler. And then at least for the Rams like there's a guy that at least has shown that he can get close to being double digit sack guy. I think again, it's it's obviously disappointing for Jacksonville. I'm talking about the pick and currency. They used to take valor. But you know, the one thing I'll say about the Rams is less knee in in the Rams is. A total organization are and. Had gone out. And they've made those changes and they've really been pretty good inside with their pass rush. But they haven't had that outside element that really's been matchup problem. And then I heard they were kind of looking for something available on the outside. And I think it's a good mix for them to for third and fifth. Well, it's interesting for Dante fell at first time out of Florida. Born in Florida plays college football flora Jacksonville. Because he's not just going to Georgia, Tim. No, he's going away the country. That's right. All right. As we continue to approach. The trade deadline October has already seen eight trade steak place, including a couple of giants moves ally. Apple as well as Damon snacks Harrison changing teams, and we have matched last year's October trade total of eight there was speculation really leading into the early part of this week Jordan Vernon as we say Hello that the giants weren't done that there would continue to be if you will a fire sale, sixteen minutes to go. I would say probably that. That's not the case. Yeah. That's fair to say right now if anyone's gonna get moved at this point, it looks like it would probably be generis Jenkins. So he's a guy who's proven to be a Pro Bowl cornerback who could help team he is a fairly reasonable contract. Two more years left after this. But this year not overly expensive. So a team like the teeth might be able to fit him in especially for this year and make a run on it. That's a team you here with interest in some of the giants defense backs. Now, another player teams have called about has been landing count. But this is a player the giants don't necessarily want to get rid of now. Maybe would they have done it if the right offer came that blew them away. Sure, probably let's the same with a lot of guys on the roster. But the giants very high asking price apparently for Landon Collins, and he doesn't appear to be going anywhere at this point same with guys live EA Vernon and even manning. Remember, he has that no trade clause in really zero market firm at this point. So the giants look like they're moves primarily we're done. Last week with and Damon Harris. Week nine football matchup a crucial one between three and fourteen coming off the bye in Dallas. It's the titans and Cowboys and the Dallas debut for Mario Cooper, eight fifteen eastern five fifty on ESPN simul, captain Spanish on ESPN two quick look at what we seemed to day to marry Thomas a Bronco. No more Denver extending comets to the Texans. These two teams each other in Denver on Sunday. The Broncos day they will honor to marry you. After that, we saw golden Kate headed out of the motor steady. He leaves Detroit bound to join the rating Super Bowl champion Tiba comes and fish no weapon for Carson Wentz that t- arrives to the eagles taivon's. Fumbled. A kickoff return late against the Los Angeles. Rams it caught Aaron Rodgers Dan the Packer the chance to drive down the field and score. And so with reports indicating time Montgomery had his it his coaching decisions. Are he is headed to the Baltimore Ravens tie Montgomery traded as well. And then the final trade we've seen so far without fifteen minutes to go Dante junior having been a disappointment in Jacksonville both on and off the field. He said it to Los Angeles. Rams. He was born in Florida played college ball there. So the first time he leaves the state of Florida to play football, Adam Schefter. We're still Belling here. We got some time. Do we have another trade? Yeah. We do. The deadline and the Green Bay Packers have traded ha ha Clinton Dix to the Washington Redskins. We do not know the exact compensation return yet. But ha ha Clinton Dix who had been rumored to be dealt from Green Bay has now been traded into the Packers have cap, they're busy afternoon with trades. Trading time Montgomery to the Baltimore Ravens for a seventh round. It can twenty twenty and Clinton Dix to the Washington Redskins who have been the lowest polls out during the trade deadline. We seem to giant straight away player. We've seen the Cowboys straight for March Cooper. We seen the Philadelphia Eagles trade for golden tape. And now the first place Redskins Charlie joined the party, and they have traded for a ha ha Clinton Dix to help fortify their secondary a busy day in that Packers front office. And you just saw the tweet from ha ha Clinton Dixie tweeted just a few moments ago much love, y'all. It wasn't fact a busy trade deadline day. You can see the recap. We've got one two three four five trade today. And then we saw a number of notable names moved even before today. So all in all an active trade season. Bill Polian back with us for a final time. I'll ask you your biggest takeaway from today. Well, golden take to the eagles. I think they get a guy. Do the eagles who can make big plays with the ball in his hand running it from the slot catching it they get chunky yardage back that they lost in the running game in another way and at a reasonable price. I am chapter. Plenty got gun today is expected, but you know, what they were number feels left on the table as well. What Wendy look we've been waiting for the New York Giants to make another trait as of right now a few minutes before the trade deadline. The giants having traded anybody the Oakland Raiders having traded anybody else as well. The Arizona Cardinals some people speculated could be moving on from Patrick Peterson day on beginning. They haven't done anything right now. The Jacksonville Jaguars did not do anything at the quarterback position. Also mild surprise, but the Packers metoo moves today. Trading. Ha ha Clinton Dix to the Washington Redskins and tie Montgomery to the Baltimore Ravens for twenty twenty seventh round draft pick. And of course, it's almost four o'clock and still no official word from levian bell. Which means he's not going to be traded from Pittsburgh this season. He's still has not shown up at the Steelers training facility. We have no idea. Exactly. When Libya, I'm Bill weir report. So even though there's been this flurry of activity, some things just remain exactly as we would expect. With levy. I'm bell. Thank you, shefty as we're under the three minute, Mark. Now, I do feel like Jeremy Fowler ships. Get some sort of hazard pay for having to ask Mike Tomlin about Levy on balance hill. This thing gets wrapped up. Now. We're looking at really at a two week deadline for bell in order for him to return and then vest for the season. I'll just ask you around the table. What what do you take away from today? A couple of things. Look, I understand the golden take trade. I think you look at the defensive front, Brandon Graham, Chris long, Michael Bennett. Hello de NADA like Ila old players. And so I think it up a third round pick for a guy that you're going to have for eight games to me that ended up seeing like it was a lot, especially when you consider you know, kind of just the way their roster set up. I'm not saying golden take can help him. I think he will. But you also have a twenty five year old quarterback that you want to be good for the next decade. It's not just about making a run in my estimation. The threat I like the most Damaris Thomas because I like it on both sides. I think it was perfect for the Broncos to see young players play. And obviously a need for the Texans. Coach. Well, I think you know, again, the aggressiveness of the Rams going on. Getting Dante Fowler. I think that's kind of maybe the missing piece of the puzzle that they didn't really address in the off season. Like they did their corner. You got keep Toledo coming back. I think fortunately soon the guy I'm really happy for because it's never easy being traded is Thomas because I think you really liked Shawn Watson, and he'll like the organization of the Houston Texans veteran presence in that locker room for a long time in Denver. So it'll raise him eyebrows. But it's a it's the way it works. You have final trade that we saw the most recent one that we saw was ha Clinton Dix going from the Packers to the Redskins or the Packers trade away to players and time, Montgomery and Clinton Dix. But I liked this move for the Washington Redskins. You just wearing from playing terrific football for them at a couple of interceptions in recent notable games. And this is a team that we know without up front. They have held over the past three games. Saquon Barkley Zeke, Elliot and Christian McCaffrey to ninety one combined rushing yards but being good affront bean stout in the middle of the defense. It's not just having good defensive lineman. It's been good all the way at all three levels that they've really fortified a second. Or that's been a surprise. So far this season in a positive way. Well, let me ask you this. You heard Adam Schefter talk about the deals. It didn't get done a team that didn't make a move that. We speculated might was New England. How active were they feel that? Now, you're plugged in. There certainly been pretty active always making calls and exploring options for them. I think ultimately when you play a Monday night game does impact or Tuesday trade deadline and Bill it they played last night. But the patriots have certainly found their footing offensively now comes down with it. They can tighten things up on defense. We have these guys get their paperwork and on time. Coach we've seen that movie before make sure everything's working signed sealed and delivered. We're literally just seconds away. So I guess that. That's that. Right here. We'd love to we feel for you. And eventually, we'll see Levy bell. We're out guide.

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