Barcelona's Historic Humiliation


Hello and welcome into. ESPN see I am Pei Murray and we have quite the game to discuss tonight by and running out eight two winners against Barcelona joining me to discuss Craig Burley Franklin off and Julian Laurent. We'll also be hearing little later from Tyler Adams. He reflects on his winning goal for life. Sake, which fight them into the semi finals but let's get started with tonight's Game Craig. We knew that buying with favorites going into this but could anyone who participated to be so one sided an award no. But I I think most observers as you said, Kim expected. By to go through and then people will the argument. When she could easily do even though that's team of not been playing well doesn't mess the effect Can you prove do something brilliant as the rest of the team going to be able to cope whilst the we saw the answer was no but. To lose in such, a manner is atrocious released a Champions League quarter-final via Munich have twenty six goal fifty percents. On argue, I mean this whole debacle went from goalkeeper test egg in her just continually gave away and the first half and. Put them under even more pressure all all the way through the team and I think nobody in this bustle out for an I include the Monitor, the courtroom stuff, and every player on the field and Can there can hold their heads up tonight? Kill, the this is rock bottom. I think. So I mean this this is defined the late for Boston are really isn't it? I mean we knew we knew by we're GONNA go through. I. Think we all. Look far too strong but never thought like that. We knew Barcelona. A mess but we never thought he was that buds we knew that he Had No clue But not not that bad. Really not like that. No. Getting older tactics, wrong naw getting the the players wrong not getting. Everything wrong. Pretty much and then, and then we knew some of this Blazer Boston are good enough for that kind of level. Nelson Samedan. Tonight, this must be the worst performance. We've ever seen individually in the Champions League, even the smaller credit like clues and other who else never I've seen player so bad so bad luck similar tonight from the first minute to the last the guy was just a disaster and I think. It was not the only one I. For me he who was the worst by far but with You can go anywhere against the team like buying Munich which is a machine unevenly by we're no perfect and we souvenir ability at the back at times the boss I was so bad. They couldn't even take advantage of that. Is that it then Frank Fakih Kcet an. Yes thing. I, think it is. Going to be otherwise you know I it was the case for the when he was the coach of Barcelona at about result, and he was out in the twin Guagua came up and that all the sexist. I think. Needs to go through big revolution because it's not only since fault it's everybody's fault all departments at the club. When you see that we come to too much the club county too much on one person on the messy and football change Liverpool should the first step the first view of the changing and now you see live? Sheesh you see by in Munich showing. Something else and bustling us to to change as well to make sure that the good to that to what in fact, they should have the first place, the world, the club who studied new row football, and they lost it and they lost it dramatically. As we saw today, let me just go back to your what the Jillian up a top of the show their tactics. Let let's look at how. Pico sat here and thought. possible on that we're going to. Play. By Munich. We know and by the way, I've been played public. Vassallo. Now because economy as clueless. Maybe, I don't know. Rejuvenated Thomas Miller playing behind Levin dossier sometimes and midfielder sometimes a number ten sometimes white player Gretzky and Tiago? Feel with Gretzky making runs from the medals they rotate the white players something's Companero Oh, the full box forward some things that don't. Plays not. And yet you think. As the bustle on the head coach, the you can play against US team leaving to top you don't have the ball, you can leave Lino Messy and loosely. Up. Talk when you don't have the bow. Midfield get absolutely flanked. Outnumbered Muscle thought and the movement was terrific they couldn't cope. So there was bud performances but it started with team selection. We can argue Paseo Greece men and others the Ben Whatever, we can argue but not the how the hell do you look at buying Munich and say right? They'll have three five and their at times rotate and they'll get those you'll leave to. Please talk and have four in the middle of the part when when when the white guys from Barcelona came narrow new went down the flanks. When when when the guys from fossil fuel four stay at white the little holes in the metro that's The goal came from the falstaff without volunteer. Gresko slicked over the top for nombre. I, mean to to have a coach select to say against this current via Munich team and try and play teams four, four two against up by Medfield was an absolute shambles was the first problem meant gills that he just did decide to his opponents which you don't usually see from Barcelona there had been talk about all week in the Spanish. Press of whether Greece would be left out. Thing. So I mean, we've I think we've mentioned a bit this week on on the show because as you said. It was leaked in the media in Spain they were going to play like that and we said. Why what could be the one thing that you could explode from from this by Munich side East highline these this is the highest highline in Europe. No one place higher than them. So what could you do? You could run in behind you have older space in front of you if you can get the ball. Through vote you can do without and who have Franz. Suarez who stopped running a very long time ago and WHO's not even fit anyway and Li'l missy. And that's it and I mean discussed you just just could not work from the beginning I dunno play Messi as a first number nine with a free road and fatty. Fatty on one side with the space who can running behind all night long and grier on the other side. You can also make those very clever run because he's a very intelligent player maybe that could better at least you have two guys neck who never defended the whole and as we saw on the sixth goal I mean the game was over but messy lost the pull and then you didn't even care didn't even look like it was. Going to chase it to get it back and and thought, I could work I mean I felt bad for Franchi young today because the poor kid Mr thought what's going on as this and I mean messy. You can see on his face from from the first minute that he was not going to enjoy the night tour I mean you could say it at both ends but obviously by with the eight to win as Barcelona's defendant just shambolic, Frank Yes. But that's something we couldn't anticipated and I and I and I did the night. I I was. A recording a little bit Craig about before the show about the fantastic. A game they had against. The, the give a lesson to to to my former team and we all know that work as a team I. Think there is a justice right now that. We saw in football. That statistics individuals doesn't make a team and a team makes results and a Swat. showed. Yesterday is what Liverpool should last year and he swabbed. By in Munich should today you work together it's hard. Is it was it was been hard for bustle and a to defend, and he's been decades like that. But because of some talents they were surviving. Even successful but ny doesn't work and he's not enough. If you don't have a good defense, you will struggle. It's the problem was remedied when Ramos doesn't play his prime we city flop is not there is a firm which you'll see because they don't have defenders and it was today with with bustle on because we all know that struggled defensively they need and I, think it will be the future of football. If you WANNA have a big team, you need good central defenders you need people who think about defending and it's going to be the future of the club. We want to be successful and today again bustling short us that they're not there anymore and. They will have to change many many things because craig buying actually getting caught. On with that highline. So at what point did the game just in when did they smell blood? Barcelona when the? When the saw whereas planned defensively offensively, what we're going to have a field day here in the middle of the park, we're just going to cut them open. Today I mean they got caught I mean just your call for for the bustling go where Laba. School the own goal which wasn't difficult one clear. The players been excellent Alaba. Absolutely. Fantastic. But it wasn't his finest moment. If, Benjamin poverty come back. With scored. But just the team she caja and yet we know we know bacelona haven't been playing. Well, we know. WHO said he was January I mean let's be honest is convinced no-one and when you leave an agreement Gills I mean frankly the but seems at the moment as the right place at the wrong time because we're not seems talent for clear. He's been showcase it because he's getting left exposed, and when you get left expose particularly a young guy and such a big atmosphere and an such a club where the eyes are on year every day then it's not going to be easy for him. The confidence is taken the. But you look at? The age bustle or not but you know tell Joe Biscuits he's three now it's not just the age. It's the amount of miles is go and the legs because these guys have been playing top level football since the tins and nearly twenty s and and that's the difficulty of for the for these boys is it's not just the age because they just kind of a number for people, Sim Games of plays and getting left exposed and as big rebuilding job and I think the worry would be as as looking at Lionel Messi and not be able to talk. For the next few days as desillusion does he how disgruntled busy with the coaching with his colleagues and with the club? PK said, afterwards, jails changes need to be made everywhere. Obviously we've got to look at the top when that's the case as well. So what happens next to start to put things right for Barcelona? Fortunately for nothing is going to happen for another year because the elections. Next Summit in Summit Twenty twenty one I think PK, and probably a lot of people would would rather have elections right now and. Who who's did the current president who cannot Be Be elected again, you know because he's had already two terms so be we'll have someone from each team. candidate and victims as we know, the other one who has the backing of Chevy and and I think the over of players as well in the dressing room they clearly don't want to move there I don't think they want every capital we've seen all season long the tension between the dressing room and board, which is never a good thing when your players and especially your key players and we've heard this more. Than ever before whether it was on social media whether he was interviews in the Spanish papers where he was on television but macy never usually speaks as much because the Fed I think so much in conflict with his own directors and president and people at the top of the club it was so unhappy with a lot of things have been happening this year and probably rightly so and but I was so toxic. Already already there you issues and already there things were going wrong and I think I understand what you said he said he was an absolute Shame shame for tonight a shame and I was not the first or second or even third time because we've seen these too often these season not as bad as a to but we've seen them being all over the place pretty much all season and I think he's right. But unfortunately, Bartolomeo would still be that another year who got knows who is going to come as a manager but I don't think you'll be because Chevy is waiting for victims phone to be. Hopefully elected in a year time. So even looks like on Shota is GonNa be still a mess for a few months to come just to stick with you. Then Gills know that you you're against sorry that you were all for an stovall verde going at the time. Do you think it would have been a different result not still being the manager of Barcelona tonight I don't think. So I think it was always depth anywhere. This season things are not working out. This this this was not busted and it was not the only one responsible There were already issued with the borders we've been saying There was some players who were playing way below the level that they should have been playing. But. Let's not forget that kitchen was not the number one, number two and the even number three choice to replace Valverde they had to go and get him when he was walking with his cows. In south of Spain because bickers. Who couldn't or didn't want to tell you the job Sam champion that was issue as well and I think he said she. Tries to come in a great activity and let's not forget the gradual I did before especially up it is. But This was not going to work because I. Don't think the dressing really ever accepted him anyway but frank, who is one who is going to want to come in and now overtake this Barcelona side right now with all the problems that they have from the top to the bottom. Not Me for sure. Leave me alone. I don't know what Schettino will be willing to come I. Don't know if somebody's reasonable is not going there. It's like. It was a case for Arsenal. Just, this season and updates us to step up step and good form it worked because they won the. Doing something really. Really I think is going to be a suicide to to go there. So I think they're going to pick up somebody for your coming from the reserve team at Noah somebody from Damasio dunno, what he can do but. I don't see a big top notch coach coming up and saying, okay, I'm going to change everything no because you cannot change anything you have to recruit. You have to change I think half of the team you have to change the mentality of dressing room you travel you need to have a big chat weezer Mr Missy to see how he sees foodball in the near future before next year seeing Chevy coming with the new chairman. So it's going to be complicated to to to have somebody and almost impossible for me if sets. Stock session that went completely obliterated tonight and A. Completely smashed smithereens because he thought. He did nothing money brought only it was it was like for like it was a straight chain to. Be Kept to. Go back to the point involve the I don't think many of us were huge falfield funds but affect the result with of. The. Humiliation might have been different I mean I. See Fossil whether game but. On today's such thing. Defeat me up an acceptable. Losing it goals for any club never mind one of the greatest clubs on the planet is certainly not acceptable. All been said. K Plan Munich were absolutely fun to us. I mean Hoover Defoe November think was when when Niko, Kovac side and Hansie flick commended Italian was a caretaker at coach who would have thought would seen this transformation I mean Thomas. Miller God. What's he having for breakfast because because I want some guys only in the game the guy has one of club and international level. But if you want to see for young kids the hunger and desire to go back there and do again, I'll give you Thomas. Miller. You could say that across the whole by team, the commitment that they displayed on the night but would they get away with playing the way they did against say, let's just say for argument's sake among city. Well the played up against mindset because that's the duty might be may start to drop depart from the highline boys mentioned which is. Which? Let's. Grab the OLA is no Keith who said? He's watched that onslaught, right? Okay. We saw on voting been dropped on his punts almost again. By Louis. Laura's similar. Thank to what may see that the a couple years ago than our. Areas of the team available notably I. AM. Sure. Guatemala will will look to do something. We saw in the game against Real Madrid how Jesus on the left bet sterling on the right and he played it failed. To medal and not gave the Real Madrid to a problem albeit. Ron. Moss wasn't there so They will not get away with doing the same things that against against Bio Munich? Said, we also know that Manchester City convenient boss alone. As captain kilometer. Of Two coaches. K. K.. I'm sorry I have to interfere because you're presuming that LEO is already out of the competition I said. seedy I said yes. Okay. Okay. We start to know the personality. But is it tailored to coaches? They both came in more or less mid season. So Jill, what is it? The Hansi flakes stone that's made they spy and so effective. It's interesting I think first and foremost reluctant said we. Must Murder He? He saw back you saw all That coverage was not really playing anymore because Moolah this place with with coverage which I think one made Muda really unhappy and I think love the dressing room unhappy as well because. He's one of the leaders in the dressing room in that team. So that's the first thing. They're certainly playing higher up on the page. With more energy I think and more drive than what they did on the coverage. There was also, of course, the Alfonso. Davis finding. When the injuries are sent to back, meant that Allah to switch from left back to centre back, which meant that the this idea idea to move on from his, who's originally a winger biker to left back and see and see if he could do it and boy you can, and you could and he did. So I think there's there's if there's a few things that came. From November onwards has been the best defensive midfielder in the world. Ski has been so lethal for them as well and I, think he's the confidence. Brought with him is someone really liked. Love Charisma. Who knows exactly what to say to get these dressing room going which I think Niko Kovac doing coach had a love discipline and him and I think some point that discipline didn't work anymore and I think those kind of places like Brexit have one everything everything possible that you could think of it gets to a point where discipline is not enough you need something yes or certainly depends too much. Disciplined and I think soon, realized very quickly and things when much better quickly. But then you've got young plays well frank like the nineteen year old Alfonso. Davies who had a brilliant performance tonight against Barcelona how far off is he from becoming the best attacking full back in the world? I don't know is already so high. For me the best. Wing back in the world back in the world. I mean he how to do maybe can improve defensively. Is Very strong but offensively, I mean dig- Guy Search a nightmare for the others and and and you have to cope with a guy who has a pace as an intelligence. He knows how to work tactically. So Young. I mean. Everything and that's the beauty and and and the city off by recruitment department where they exactly know where to pick the right guys and the guy comes from Vancouver for ten million bucks. I mean, that's nothing in our world and is already so important. I mean the the that he made today. In. The take on Semedo, it's a pure beauty and I really enjoy seeing dos player bringing something different and I can go back to Flink I think. Court doesn't teach a player out to play football players they normally no to play football, but he put them as. As. You said in the psychological aspect of the game in the best way and bringing a good tactic according to the players that you have and he swabbed. Twin that mix works that you have results and he's what fleet did bring to bustle on our where you barely have a tactic. You don't have squad you suck logically don't approach the players because they don't want you. So it's of course disaster as a result and why you have such a big difference today between by in Munich and bus Alana Craig who's going to beat this by inside. Well, I. Mean by on. Saturday would be a heck of a game. We we know they've got. The better of Leipzig over the course of a season. Although they. Be An absolute horrible lady. site. Yesterday. So it's difficult to see I mean Frank Leboeuf. is putting themselves on the back because about four months ago before the lockdown and the pandemic struck, he was lauding this Munich site and you know we all felt it was a little bit early after that crushing. Defeat of Stamford Bridge. But it was right and it's just gone from strength to translate to go back to the hand flex thing and I might be wrong. But I, think ahead somebody save when Hansie flicked when and what you have here is a bunch of senior players with a few youngsters. When you have kids you can you can rule with an iron fist when you have. Experienced guys they have. You've got a you've got to change your approach and I. Thank you. Spoke to the Millers and eleven, Dos Skis and all this Gordon Ziglar, what do we need what we need to? To change the training we need changes estimate changed that. Whilst. He has the final say because ultimately life his head will roll he brought by that responsibility to the players. Not Not treating them as eighteen year old kids not try real with the I. Am I am and. Respect. and. The respect as a coach which he did he start getting results and he's let it roll from there and I think if you look at mostly Tim Shaw elections, it's really changed but for but for suspensions and injuries an affect what you have for you as a classic case of actually managing rather. than. Coaching manager said to me you know if you're. Eighty percent great coach and twenty percent. Mon- monitor you'll fail. But if you're eighty percent manager and twenty percent good coach, you've got a great chance because you've got to. Manage a squad Niko Kovac wasn't doing that hundred flick is command and he's managed these big egos. Perfectly we know Craig though that there are threat from all areas as we can see with the way that they've shared the goals out even in the Champion's league obviously you've got as the top scorer there. But where do that weaknesses lie? Just back a sports and The only team. mindset the buck you know Real Madrid work again, the Black Bus Bustillo. The back to the Premier League after Chelsea all searching for San House used to be the thing was to get the best striker, their sports, steelers, but every one of these top clubs. This summer and beyond are going to be looking. At House and how how can I say that we're not gonNA smug sent a half sitting there in front birth not possession is no arguably the most important possession for these big European giants and by Munich the different the Gr- over, but they can't be particularly during the middle of that. Frankie had the right to reply to this. Yes thank you. I think I think the change because I think for me the weakest link. The by Munich is is Tang. So he's Pablo comes back and they can keep Kim on the right side and put Papa with Alibaba. can be the solution to be very, very strong the back. Well, it's really a minor problem, the because they work so much together and the midfield players worked so hard the defense it's it's it's it's a minor problem, but he's too big problem for any other clubs and that's Craig said and already say that you know that's the major concern of big big clubs in Europe. To. Find A. Center of sorry centers say yes, I'm sorry I'm not available in more. Jewish. Job That team that maybe could be competing with Real Madrid and Barcelona now for the names of the biggest players signings. Certainly have the money already spent lot on on Leroy Sanni already this summer and they've got Nicholas Zulu who's going to come by WHO has been out injured pretty much to whole season who's already already. He played a little bit. In these games liter being the second leg. and not he's not Beckenbauer I think he's he's better when he's fit fully and confidence I think he's better than the boughten so. They always strengthen they went and spent eighty million euros last Simone Lucas Annandale's the has many out this season because I think he he had a little injuries. Yeah. Some injuries also bit of time to adopt to a new culture and you knew league new language, etc new country club but Lucas Mondays could do a very good job there in the center back position too. So I think they were certainly feel that they might not need to go out and buy someone but he did it's please go and get value by McConnell because Obama. Should again last night without being sick forbid only against Costa. But that he was only the future us, the bike did someone just then. Frank. Frank. That was just me that was just. Yeah. McConnell has been absolutely fantastic for the past year I. Mean every time I saw him playing his A. Paper forget that we just got out to pandemic and maybe for club's getting off, he's not the absolute. Necessity especially for by in Munich where Juice Nem few players that could get along with Zellerbach. centre-half open McKenna just resigned contract in two thousand and twenty I. think he was GonNa do one more year and then go to a big big club because he's going to be a big big player i. tell you what he seal of approval K which is unusual from a defensive aspect from from our colleague Steven Echo this morning. We know as Stephen Defend Stevie was he doesn't. Say It's. Not again why he's not defensively and you`re Not. Sure. He seeks perfection got to the golf courses small I tsa go that leads you were horrible last night in that game and he said, did you see him pompey Connor Hawgood was he was brilliant Right You're happy. Then must be the real deal. It looks like KK sets yet has just been sacked. So if we can go back to the boss of managerial role, obviously, it's not so desirable right now for so many of the big name manages but one name that does keep coming up as Mauricio Pochettino who once said that he would never manage Barcelona because of his history with Espanyol, but could he have his mind changed? Kills yes. Sorry no, it's. Good you'll have. Maybe maybe let's enough again. We've explain it earlier on the show that you have elections. Next Nakamura with the ability that a new a new president coming in, and if he's Victoria phone, we know who victor formed want as a as a manager. We know already that Chavez agreed to come with him if he was elected and this, this will very much be Hav Victor Phones Campaign Victor Phone will campaign to be the new bus or not president. On. The back of I will bring Chubby. Back to the club as your head coach is your manager and he the socio vote for me and if you vote for me, Chubby would be your next manager. Don't think Pochettino would want to come for one year and in a year time besides when dictaphone derives bring Chevy with him, I think all of the has to be taken in consideration is not just would you want to come to our club is Pochettino and everybody else we'd have to look at. On short-term meets and belonging term as well because in the time it could be out of the door. So I, think this is a huge job to start with you have complete rebuild of your to do where I'm national homage monies available, and certainly your wage bill is already so big that there's not much room that unless you sell. Players there's not much. Room that in your wage to be able to sign big players and you need players right now. So I don't know who attractive these this team is position for. Patino Allegra. Every ten. Haga whoever they want to go for over not cooman can try again if they want to. Because such a mess and again, the tensions between the current board and the. is so big that I don't know I don't know how anyone could do as that job as manager the trouble is for Pochettino is A. He's GonNa get away from that. I'll never manage bus loan because of my. A. Team that she stops lately bonkers. But. For all the things Julian said, there could be tricky the trouble for. Portugal. Just to take a manager that was flavor of the month twelve months ago. Was he's on the sidelines looking at. Now we know. Remiss we know. Real. Madrid are unlikely. To change soon. We know maybe Thomas took was on the hot seat, but they made a late comeback. Against Alonzo and let's see what happens there. We know. Of, high appeal, which was a surprise, but not rules dot full short-term unless stop becomes an unmitigated disaster quick but we also know he was linked with united job healthcare. Now, source car as not going anywhere certain and for people that watched the show the no I'm not convinced Solska Long-term. So that could change but it's not gonNA, change for at least six months or more. So he really has at the moment still very much on the outside looking Ed Mauricio, Pochettino a nice really not a good place to be because he's already been well. I don't know I'm guessing no eight months something like that, and the longer you leave sometimes the more difficult it can be to get and getting a job won't a problem to to get an talk job and that's what he wants as a of an issue but frank with the financial problems at Barcelona have how do they even begin to rebuild? Well. That's to big question mark and and we know because we look at the big picture and I was listening to Craig. WHO's going to? Get, the job as a coach. You don't know what to do. You have the again the addiction the new year time everybody knows a Chevy, is going to come we the new elected. that. You have old dressing room so you have to get rid of some players but the. Big contract they don't want to move forward bustle on on the one to finish that carrier there. You are. Completely lost young players. You don't know what to do and you know which is going to be the coach of Bustle Knicks Nick season for your time I. Think it's a big big mess, but it's a result of big bad management for years now and you will have to start. I don't know. You have to find a coach does demean pro make concern, but don't try to expect too big top coach because nobody is going to be free and nobody's wants to come in the place, which is kind of. Committing suicide to go to go there for for your reputation. So yeah tried to get rid of some older player I duNNo. I won't name nobody because I don't want all the social network to jump on me, but I will say get rid of some old players. Try to build some other confidence talk with missy what he wants to do in the dressing room he's easy still going to be the king decides everything. I don't know there's so many. Question that you have to answer to. But the the first one is to finally find a coach does trouble as you say, Liz, and you've spent money for fun. You. Just throwing money out there in these players good players, but they're on the bench you know. BIG MONEY DM belly. Money. Continue on lawn by Munich comes on and scores a couple beg money, and then you look at last night at Letsie. Thomas Lamar. Joke Felix well, the best of two, hundred million. Kind of everyone don't care couple hundred million on the bench. On the bench I, mean a staggering to see clubs spending on really good players, and for some reason, some of these coaches cut them into the site I mean if I was a board member. I was the money monitor these clubs you'll be saying. What the Hell is going on here we've just spent an absolute fortune on all those players mentioned a little more than a certain Benge I mean I it's quite staggering. What's going on at the moment that some of these big clubs and big players with all that money spent. Then Joel's what do you think of those? Who have said that the board of wasted the best years of MACY'S KOREA Well I mean. If, we start on the subject I I think we would go on or nights He lost one that trump is digging twenty, fifteen, five years ago already how come you only want three champions. League. When he's the best player has ever played the game either no, I do think that. I don't think I don't know if they wasted. He's base years, but they're certainly relied for. Him I think certainly was the one they're. Wa. He doesn't need top players next to him because he's the best and I don't know if they played the part. I don't think you can as posing direct. Think about your job like this but clearly clearly looks like what they've done. I mean how can the triptych passer signed giving Prince Sang Martyn Brightwood Malcolm plays like that should should not have ever even been mentioned in the company in the office issued be SA- blaspheme to to name those names for boss loan signing them and giving them money and paying them just even thinking about Martin Braithwaite and Malcolm and the NFL many others who have never even been signed by that club and yet they made all the mistakes and we don't even talking about the big adidas cost more money. In wages, transfer fees, I never worked out. Nuts how desperate? and. Pell foot. Amin. Pilfered Martin Braithwaite. Legacies Yep. Thank. You know fighting for fighting for the latest bottom of the. Spanish. Talked here and they go in. And nothing against US lot. But but you know boss loaner clogged the only signs used to the best of the best. But that's how desperate they were this season. This as you make an awful, you know I don't know what the boy's thing but. I think he's team I honestly and I'm not just saying. I think. The time has come for Massey to say you know what? Marvelous Club Grit success. Fantastic. Stadium a showcase, some of the best goals and performances of L. Putting the world here for over a decade but you know what? My Age? No. I WanNa, go and try something with a different team with a fresh approach with not May. Rejuvenate and revitalize the last. Embers of his career the next three years if you get through t like. Five thirty six entities just to go and see something new whatever that may be on because. I think the frustration is kicking for him and he boss alone nothing by the way he's given not cloak. Over, the period he's been there has been nothing short of extraordinary and I think he puts his I don't always contract situation is but I think every puts his foot down fermanagh. He'll get what he wants and I wouldn't be surprised if we wanted a fresh challenge. Honestly. Okay. We've almost got to that but just very quickly because I want to hear from Gills and Franken, this messy to stay or go I will I will I will say go are we say go for him for his experienced have no regrets in his life To just see what's going on. In other places in other locations and see how you know just as last challenge, how we can cope with all new teammates new cried no new stadium I mean that would be interesting for the world of football and and for some people to not say, yeah. Okay play Boscell you never challenged himself going to another club and we'd be nice just to see him with another shirt. No because we want to be done we don't WanNa. See Anymore in Botswana because we want to see macy. Who He was, but we was going on in Barcelona is quite impossible kills. I. Think he's too loyal and I think he will stay which maybe has been. Maybe has been issue within I think he maybe it'd been a time to loyal to the club describes his life as well so I can understand well, that's all we've got time I could probably go on all night but make sure to join us a little later because Craig Frank Checker will be with US answering your questions on extra time. There's still one more quarter final to be played where the last semifinalist will be decided, and that's man city against. Leon. The winner of that game will face by in on Wednesday the nineteenth of August the day before that, we'll see light sick against Paris and then the final coming on Sunday the twenty third of August. So let's take a look at. that. Muncie Leeann game guys if we can then Franco start with you just to give Leon some love just to let you know that I'm not against the French side going through should muncie be fearful of them and if so why? Well, there's certainly need to respect them remember the last year loan them the stadium in the group stages and think drew at. Stadium. So everything is supposed to we saw three fantastic games of the quarterfinal. We always speak to see a great game as well for the for the for the last game of those quarterfinals and I want to give a little bit of changes to your. They put Juventus out. So I think the full of confidence and the bill and they believed that since last year mentioned. biddable, and so they will. They will go on for that of course. Jesse's a team. But they have some weaknesses of the box so. I give a twenty percent of your to surprise everybody twenty percents. So even said a lot your prediction is that t going through? A have to I mean I will be would be crazy to put your. As as the favourite and say, they're going to win as say that we can have a surprise. A show for tonight the result was by bus by will go through but not a fantastic team and they really desperate get the Champions League. So yeah, we'll go for a two, one, four, three, one, four inches to CD kills will you give some love to countrymen? Yeah. There certainly believed that they can do it again I think no one expected them to be you've in we can. Very good you've aside but still did the job of a two legs play with love heart and character, and they're very disciplined and trade with a buck five and they quite solid. They've got creativity in midfield. They've got a key factor in Memphis dhipaya front who can have moment of magic and do something special. So they're certainly believe that they can do something. Great that they've got no pressure or the pressure is on Guada- allowed pressure is on one city that the company underdogs and they will go that with absolutely no pressure on no tension no FIA nothing you toda and again, I think what I know they've they've rewards the two games from last season in the group stages and it was different because the different manager. Like Faquir and umbrella Andy who've left the club since then but I, think the idea is to try to reproduce what they did in those two games. Last Season Champions League. Tomorrow night and see what happens then. Craig. What's your prediction for this guy? Well as Manchester say don't shoot themselves in the foot defensively. Think they'll go through. But Jones is right Leon, side of very organized. Done the homework unlike Rail Madrid. When set the Boston possession new will look for the ball over the top. That's what's that's what's hot city this year we talked about this Barcelona, game? Against Unit by unit lifted space and behind Seti do the same nothing what people fail to realize as teams late Norwich over relegated can beat my mind society. Now, teams born who were relegated can give set the problems dead. Air Theod then much better Leon side can give them problems and I don't for one minute well, but I just feel as long as city fake euro, the line and don't make a mess of the defensive structure. affected. Too much but they'll not be sleeping easy thanking Leon are just GonNa roll over not at all the last of the semi-finalists to we decided when months take on Leon. Tomorrow, night. Yesterday Tyler Adams scored a spectacular goal for light seek to send his side into the semi. Many are saying it could be the most important goal and American player Scott in club football Alexis Nunez cost with the moment to him all about what was a fantastic night. All right. Thanks for speaking with us. I just wanted to know because when I think of being twenty one, I was probably just proud that I could buy my first grownup drink and here you are. You're team you know into the seventy miles of the Champions League. How do you put last night to where it's? How did it feel now that the dust has settled a little bit. He. So for me, I would say, obviously a little bit unexpected to score a goal. But. Most bluntly just pure excitement. Pure Joy. A moment that you know in a sense, you wish that you could celebrate with your family in person and at the competition of course, but you know able to pick up the phone and call them and see the excitement on their faces you know talking to them they don't even have their. They can't even speak because of the they lost their voices screaming at the television. It's an exciting moment for me. What was your reaction like as well from not just founded by your friends I'm probably some the players because I knew I soon as he scored twitter what mental add we saw each from someone that works with US Hurricanes Gomez I know you've got to chat with them the Andrea yet lane just combined the words he just have to say her name so you don't have any of them reach out to you just said Bra that was. All of them have reached out to me and you know I. Thank them so much for the continuous support throughout all. A lot of these people obviously played a role in in my development, not just as a player, but as a person. So. I think that you know seeing them all reach out and the excitement for them is is a special moment because that just goes to show that you know how close we are as as a community, the soccer community but also. You know how the impact that scoring a goal like that affects. Everyone makes everyone. Happy. So it's a huge moment. And I said usual usually just thinking of the goal itself again. I you have those that will say, well, it's a curly flex. You. And you. As you absolutely should and people are already trying to ranting you know in terms of US goalscorers how meaningful if it's the most meaningful goal of all time so far for American players how do you see to even just your career? Yeah Yeah of course, it's a it's a huge moment but most importantly I'm excited that it puts our team into the semifinal now and it gives us a real chance to to raise a trophy because at the end of the day, that's all it's all my mind. You know you could be the first player to do this the first player to do that. But at the end of the day, you want to be the first Americans to raise a a Champions League trophy. So we put ourselves in a closer position to do that. Now, two games away We have a big competition next obviously against PSG but. It's pure excitement for that. We're up for the challenge. Said you definitely want to live in the moment. Let's see. Cause massive achievement to get. To the next round, but next you do have psg as you just mentioned the likes of Neymar, Imbaba etc.. How do you plan to tackle that match or have you not really thought of that just yet? Yeah. We haven't thought about it quite yet. Of course, you can say those names right and you just think of the individual talent that they have and. What they've done in achieved already, both of them, such a young at such a young age winning World Cup winning the Olympics such big achievements. How you stop that I, don't think there's a written game plan to how you can stop it Neymar or pay but I think that were confident in our our defensive abilities confident in our team's ability So we know that we have to go out there and continue to fight for each other because that's what us so good and you know this fearless mentality that our team has such a young team. We go into these games just thinking we can win everything. So like I said confidence is key in these types of moments but going out there and obviously being able to execute huge as well. And if. You're. Still, such a young team you of course, young. American to and. Everything is just you know nothing to lose everything to gain at this point that you've gotten to this level. So what would getting into the champions? League final jus-just mean for you. Yeah, I mean I I don't think you can even put words to that. Right I mean the emotions would obviously be gushing but. Yeah for me. It would be such an amazing achievement. I think that most importantly with our mentality that we all have is you know reaching the champions. League. Finals grape I mean if if you've made it all that way, you don't WanNa go home empty-handed You want obviously able to raise some silverware and yeah I if that happens then you know obviously we would all be in all. Definitely and I think that one of the things. That a lot of people have been talking about this now, this almost many champions, e kind of tournament. Let's just all knockouts. Kinda, makes the whole, even even more exciting kind of levels the playing field a little bit I mean we saw how close Atalanta were with PSG, and then you know now what we've seen with you guys do over Antarctica monitoring we know have a wealth of experience in this Champions League so have you found that? Level the playing field a bit. One hundred percent when you take away the aggregate and obviously having to go through in a way venue with just away fans and then. Going back home and know sometimes relying on you know that home tied to. Bang out a result, there's definitely levels the playing field and you know when we saw the structure of the tournament and how is going to be set up we knew that this gave us an amazing opportunity to to go on and. Three Games in your through. So if you played three three good games year, most likely going to walk away with the win in the tournament. On the other hand, we do know that there's so many good teams left in the competition. So for us, it's about you know grinding out those results, but also keeping a level head on her shoulders and being able to you know. A clever way being able to manage the Games because against teams like PSG. It's not going to be easy for ninety minutes. Also, coming off a short holiday, not everyone's at four fitness. So we know that there will be rotations at times and everyone needs to be ready for the opportunity. And I think we at yesterday it was a pretty interesting stats in the sense that Diego semi only had been in charge of more games that country than likes you have just played ever and The crazy stat like he speaks to the to the youth of like the fact that it's such a young but he's such a short amount of time you guys have become an absolute force. So what do you put that down to? Yeah, I think that the philosophy that the club has had over the past years is bringing in young talent and obviously developing them to the best possible way. You know we have a structure where in the in the training ground. We have so many young guys whether it's in the academy or being bought at such a young age before they're kind of spotlighted by these, you know top top clubs So players like Diet McConnell, who you know is obviously brought from Salzburg This is a player that has kind of been in the system for such a long time and understands exactly his role on the team. You know you see from performances like last night this is no surprise. To us of what he's capable of, and you know some people are talking about, you know how he's going to be one of the best young center backs in the world you know the first day I played with him. I I knew right away he was going to be one of the best young center backs in the world. So they have great I for talent and bringing in players that are going to fit the philosophy of what they want to do. and. Thinking of youngsters you don't even have to look that far in terms of you get right there with you. Leonardo's manipulate agencies younger than James Mill who is You know people find that so hard to believe. But for you, what's what's I suppose the best thing about working with such young manager because obviously definitely knows what he's doing. Yeah. His ideas are brilliant. I mean you saw yesterday in the game of of how we manage that game and the the different formations that we switched in and out of throughout that game too. 'cause Athletico problems he's he's one that pushes the envelope he's not afraid to take risks. And he's a coach that gives us the confidence to play, brave and make mistakes, and you know these types of things are okay and as a young player when you're told yeah, it's okay. If you make mistakes, you go into two games with full confidence, right? So I think that for a young team. We have this fearless mentality and obviously with the coach that makes a lot a lot easier. and. Then when you did score last night I was actually just talking to produce before this. I said Oh my goodness I. think the US probably is shook at. Where we have to like mobilize to try and get you real quick to chat to you because it seems like it's such an exciting time for. Americans in football or soccer however, you definitely want to call it with. Alexa. View you know Weston mckennie as well. We spoke at length about Christian Pulisic G. The racks to on would you say that this is probably the best crop of US players are the most exciting time for Americans to be looking at in the scores Yeah One, hundred percent and you know I've said before you know so much of this is individual talent right now right. So now it's a matter of when we're able to you know put that National Team Jersey on all represent our country at the. Same time that you know we build that chemistry and continue to grow because You know when a World Cup rolls around, we know that a lot of us are going to be going to need to perform and most importantly qualifying for World Cup. So we have a lot to prove still, but we all have the right mentality and we're just gonNA take it day by day game by game continue to prove ourselves. And Final Question I spoke to Robert Donosti literally like about a week ago and he said that Biron and this dusty saying he said that he felt that this season was a lot more competitive than other seasons. He thought you know you guys coming up to the heels iron and you gave him a good run for their money for sure. So do you feel like the Bundesliga is getting a bit more competitive than it's not going to be the say Byron Dortmund that you know make it a two-horse race for the title. I mean I think that you saw last season, right? With Gladbach. Labor in there was such a push towards the end of the season for those top four spots and even in early on in the season of course, we finished in first place throughout the first six months of the season and then yeah, with a little bit of off. Corona of course, that changes the circumstances but Yeah it's getting closer and closer Byron and Dortmund obviously two world class teams with world class players. But we find ourselves with a young team and that fearless mentality being able to push the envelope and continue to challenge race now. All right tallow in gotten a super excited for the semifinals. Match but I'm pretty sure you can handle all the best. Thank you so much. Thanks to Tyler and Alexis for joining us and don't forget ESPN is your home fall on this week and next season it all kicks off on September. Eighteenth highlights around one by against Shelter Dortmund, taking on Borussia Moenchengladbach and just out of interest, Tyler Adams, and light sake will take on minds. Let's take a look at the Spanish press, the front pages on Saturday and they've been brutal as you can imagine because of bosses historic loss will start with the front page of Monica. They've gone for when sir, which means shame and then Diario, and sports of pretty much the same and they've called a historic humiliation just looking at US though as well. The foster president, it says, there are decisions to be taken. Some already have thanks for joining was on tonight show. Thanks so much hughley Laurent praying and frankly sticking around forests and shuckers joining for extra time we should. Welcome into extra-time check hislop joining us now, and just before we get into the questions I heard Shaq is saying that he didn't enjoy the delights of the northeast nightlife I don't believe it shocker way. You didn't go to toll trees I didn't I didn't party. Very guy even back that. Might surprise you to know that's all I said. Not sure I believe. Okay. Let's get into the questions that. Kasich says anyone on this panel ever face such humiliating thrashing cradle with you. For Yeah MMMM Beautiful Chelsea. But it wasn't my fault I was a teenager. and Bobby Campbell. Go dress he's no longer with us who is the current Chelsea manager brought me on five Nell done against Nottingham Forest Seti ground we lost. Lost by seven nothing that's up. To deb year and a half, but I hope Mahanta say. Listen I was all over the time on the architecture and not. Nell on your debut. All over with you came on. Yeah. Yeah you're the first thing. First thing to do Frankin. I think I've told you this before. I in the warm Fisher Stuart. Pearce free-kick. Taken about a forty run when you had that growling face, the always has like he's not going to try and swear around the world is trying to economic pets it through the wall. Gone. Frank what about? Yeah. It also happen in my first year, but he was the last game of the season was being for. Lavar. And we knew we already knew that we will go down in the in the League two and half of the team was already a a signing for the teams. So they didn't really care but I was I was young. It was Mike Maybe, fifteen games of the season and I want you to do well. So I was referring and everything and we lost eight Neil and I get crazy about the players. We didn't care anymore bud clubs and I got so upset that after five Neil, I think smash one of the players from Lille and I go Cardi. Hey Chelsea team that lost five now five Liverpool you disgraced himself. Was Five. One because I scored the penalty but he's But we are so many we don't have the time to read everything because we had five thome against Manchester United when we at the end, we finish five three, but it was quite horrible as. Well. I've got some of them during my career long carrier. was putting up. Liberal. No. Just come on in this humiliating defeat. So it's not my fault frank sale at least I. scored a penalty in this one check. In a humiliating defeat like this well, not as much as, but I bet bulldogs stories from promote pregnant and frank. Murphy. Final Sima I spotted West Ham's have been two, thousand two we went to. Blackburn away, and then Everton a we So we decided to stay in northeast between between two games to replay Blackburn considered five. To. Seven what a weekend It to celebrate the Newcastle Nightlife Right I should have done that as an expert Shaw. Chef was from Frank mcmanamon say shocker how demoralizing is it to concede more than five goals in a much goalkeeper? Does this have an effect on you in future? Absolutely does and Might defensively stories that are just tools. That season. I was stolen in a new and sitting Tim's I was super requirements at breast down by Glenn Roeder who come in for David James I checked emotionally. When you look at this takes position to. Give all that we've discussed didn't how highly aspreys tests again, over the last few years I said that I thought he should have been in Germany I had amount of Neuer, I each World Cup I know two of them head to head and that's the result. I it's it's damaging in ways than than just fright. High One professional is You let twelve goals in two games and you couldn't forget stuff because you told you getting. Public and where was. Union. When he was just talking about tests taken that taught the next one I think is aimed at me. It's sludge Tony who says, is it true? Mostly Suarez are on their way to Middlesbrough Cranky. Look. For. New Club Stopped. Talking about just the place for them the love. Very, Cosmopolitan. And Love Teesside will prank. Could you happening? Of course, just fall you dream and I will call you the supertramp dreamer. Did just. That I have to say A. Lot about the lights of Middlesbrough and it's night, light could use. No. I and I haven't been rally confessed right now I have never been to throw on jeans in my life not once dominating boring. Just a boring guy. I studied a lot bronco. To believe. Frank studied. The next one has to be for you. It's rough. You suffer who says, yeah. When should it team? Stop playing out from the back? When shoot team bring From the back. I think after the second longshots. Adventure when I see. Getting so stubborn after making so many bad season putting his teammates endanger. I mean, you should play a little bit further up you know start to play football at tower time. He's true. We didn't bother and getting the ball from the goalkeeper and trying to play nicely from the back we won't be too late to win. do know some some some of the field and going further and the second one was very important. Then you start to to play because you had no worrying whatsoever about being attacked and I mean that's crazy at some point and we saw that today for saw but still not that's stupid. You cannot play from you sixteen year old books in and try to take on some players make passes with. To, a friend of us with two guys behind him I mean that's that's stupid. Craig Dan says he's GonNa to start showing that Premier League clubs that play go to early from anonymous arsenal and West Brom to one of the best wings in the world at thion. Yeah I. I don't know if it's a case alleged let go earlier or whether whether. There was A. Problem with I don't know are others. Illustrated's the coin which you think some people just don't realize is that every player materials mentally and physically a different pace? Some. Guy's already going to team. Sixteen seventeen and are not I. Mean I remember. K. When. I went to sixteen years old, my goodness can't even imagine. Sixteen seventeen getting anywhere near the FOS team you're. Just. Not. Ready, never mind mentally and so. Everyone develops a different different type. Nothing. That might not be the reason for arguably you might say that about about clearing questionnaire because we never saw any of when he was in England will not. Is Optional Magnificent. Over the last couple of years, there's no doubt. Next up, we have got this one. It says did messy and Simione. You make their final appearances for their respective Squads Shekhawat. What does this say about the direction of Lalita which has been at the very top for quite some time now and I just like to add that this will be the first time that no Spanish team will be in the Champions League semi for the first time since the oath six seventy continue you wonder if there will be a change in the God's Going to be. A. God for Boston on the sidelines. All I don't think there's any question about that I still don't feel at the Muny is on his way out that Madrid given given that successes and given what give them the club and air resources and and who they can do to compete again I just don't see who goes in and makes the Madrid better than the eagles immunity. All that being said, I don't despite the success of a few years ago I don't see them replicating. And if your boss loan I don't think messy and I don't think. Necessarily wants to leave, but he wants to compete, and if they can somehow convince him not the spending money and got details in to to make them competitive and kind of put these hidings be behind them. I I, you convince him to stay I, don't think. Either of in question in tweets are leaving their respective club. I just think k with the with what another success on the semi not taking away from at all. But, I think with what they have in terms of squad. It could be a lot better. You know they have some talented players we talked about on the show. Today they spend money. Thomas the Modern Joe Felix Dynamic you on the bench. Play or star not semifinal. So I, think it could be getting more of an and some sense. Maybe he did try to change it in terms of the personnel, the four changed twelve months or so ago and some of the old guard laugh, but the tactics changed. Maybe that just getting a little bit all not in terms of old and not get results where all Thames asking the. Same thing over and over again. That actually capable of a lot more go by the Spanish thing and I always say this cyclical. And people love to get next twist about what's the best league not leaks past not unless leagues. When somebody gets a result O-, leaks absolute nonsense. It was only a few years ago. F. That the Premier League teams were struggling in your. The fact it was quite embarrassed, but I said time cyclical and it's the same speed. They'll go through this period. Out The equation. Teams will be back off near the top of not at the top again and anguish teams ever done. Tell me again tell teams. It happens it's not a both what's the best leak and what's the water nest? Mess these are all Great Lakes is they're all great teams, but it Sakho, he can't keep trump kanye results Barcelona Alana and Real Madrid Channel Three. Fleet champions, leagues in a role something like that can keep that going and so I think people and I hate to. I hate this what's the based leaks or scenario? Because I think in general all these leagues have very good next question then guys frankly Muslims, as would you have celebrated after scoring if you continue frank how to say I remember that devil? Just signing after two person scoring the last goal against a Chelsea them from region celebrating and nobody was offended because it's a normal reaction from player now you have to take. That vessel London to to buy me because he thought he wasn't good enough. So I think he has a right to do whatever he wants to whatever he feels and can accept everything because I mean I ever club who doesn't want him because he's not good enough supposedly and have a guy who scored two goals again them and just happy to play football. So he has the right to do whatever he wants. Celebrates then. You had to run the. Fox led. To? Listen we know a thing an England allowed to play against Your Parent Club, but you have and some leagues year off. And you follow this rule, which is to sell it really because you know you're playing against you may if you've got some of us have some of us have been. Out. On The bottom line as Frank said. Fossil up and go. To Ghost. But it might not. You know it could have been a factor it comes on against his parent club. And course the winner I? Mean how Chris and? The question is. Whether you play against your parent. Club. But a word of celebrated case for sure we check. Absolutely. If I were in you syllabi celebrate and right now. If possible didn't want continue to score against them. Then don't want him up on your book. But by you make the decision to send a molten loon, you meet each other in. Champions. League. and. This and that that's tough on you boss enough. But as a player, that's why you're there you're only. To give your best regardless. The do everything that's asked of you continue. Did that celebrates I he when the opposite HAP- shackle how come you never did you I told you forgetting getting released from West Palm? I did. Great he said he'd still be celebrated now where's The library? Out Pinocchio doesn't go out. that. My Story. Sticking to great guys that's all we've got time for on extra time. Thank you to all of you. Make sure you join us tomorrow and we'll be back in the chair and might to sleep rookie clicking on it.

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