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Are you about Weirdo. That keeps bringing up extraterrestrial but stuff and abby are good This is the podcast for you. Welcome to happy hour gets weird. I it's just on the fly every time just organic or join. We're on we're going. Hello so we're back. Did you miss. 'cause we missed you we did. I mean it feels I can spend a million years. Yeah and now seventy five years old and you don't look a day over eighty hi. I'm Cathy and I'm tiffany. And this is happy. Hour Gas S.. Weird where the podcast where we have cocktails and talk about Weird Shit. Tens of cocktails and tons of Action when she said tons of cock then I was like I have a drink my mouth seriously. Are you trying to ruin our sound studio up Freudian slip this week. We're drinking an allusion. It's Midori Vodka Pineapple Lemon and just a whole bunch of delicious grainstuff. Tiffany has resident bartender. So she mostly does the recipes and the cocktail. I try to find something good. I've never had this before and we wanted to do something a little different with the MIDORI. It's pretty good. It's it's fruit is tropical. I think we both like it a little heavier on the pineapple. Ya unless jaw rancher more yes less less jolly rancher church more tropical less Charlie enter more vodka. Yes but as always will have our recipe on her instagram. Yeah happy are gets weird POD WE POST host. Our were all of our cool. Rt Content on instagram are drink recipes. Any behind the scenes of the podcast cast any extra information. That didn't get on the PODCAST. So if you're on instagram. Come find US Hadley Years Pod. If you're not on instagram. Start an instagram. So you can come find us. Also that's where you can send us stories. We would love to hear stories of your weird experiences or any feedback upright so we are back my holidays. I had a great holiday. I have lots of family over. We did a lot of traveling. My kids had a great Christmas. I had a great Christmas. New Years was new in with the new out with old yet. That was all in with the new and I did get stuck in that weird time-warp between Christmas and new years where where you forget to shower for. What eight is a day it is? You don't know what time it is. You don't know your name where you live how to get to the grocery store you've been going to for three years straight I got. I got warped in there at one point. My husband actually asked me if I went outside in the rain shower. Just go nope. I had no idea what day it was for a full week. Yeah and speaking of missing time. That is the perfect segue to our topic this week. It is fucking alien abduction. I'm so excited is fantastic. I mean I almost most segment x files theme song. I didn't know if we'd get sued. So just imagine that in your head right now I'll do it. Don't do it just off the NF. That nobody will. I know what it is and we won't get. We're really excited about this episode. It's one of our favorite subjects topics. Yes I mean and I didn't. I was doing a little bit researching researching paranormal UFO and Ufology and all of that stuff falls under paranormal. Make sense so a paranormal is kind of what we're both into. And you have those under the umbrella of paranormal I rambling. I'll stop. This is our will house so anyways before we get into that you had some business. I have a little business. Okay I just WANNA I start out by saying thank you so much all of our listeners we have I have three different countries. We have the Philippines Australia. Canada United States. I think the Philippines I saw the other one asks. I know who have. We're up to like twelve states at this point. Yeah we have a lot of state. We have Kentucky we see you we see you. We're here for you. Yeah now we this episode specifically dedicated to the State of Kentucky we do. We should dedicate an episode every time. Yeah that's a good idea. Starting from now on we people always dedicated episode in. This week's episode is dedicated to Kentucky Kentucky. So I just wanted to start out by saying thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much for your Support and we hope you love this as much as we do. We love doing it. We're having a great time in case you can't tell unless we put in a lot of work behind the scenes but then when you think about it it's I don't consider it work because we just research topics we love and and we have drinks which we both love to do and we talk to each other like we normally would but we're building a community and I want this community get bigger I would love to have discussions and the way that that happens is how the podcast works is the more subscribes and the more reviews reviews. You have the more they promote you and the more that I'm you get promoted the bigger the community gets so if you love us there was a review. It would really help us to get out there more and builder community. Yes and we're working really hard every episode to to make sure that our sound is better to make sure that our content is better Even though it is fun which and we don't really talk about it. We definitely are always trying to make our episodes better with all wanted to do is i. I want to read a review okay and this one comes from Aaron Shane K. W. and Aaron Erin says five out of five stars content is fresh and keeps me entertain. Ten out of ten. Love will thank you so much Erik ten. We love have you. Yes we give you a ten out of ten and thank you so much we appreciate that thank you. Are you ready. Let's get into it are are you scared not scared. I'm I'm always a little bit scared. Okay so as we said at the top Yep our subject for this week is alien abductions I have a story that is pretty famous. And if you are well-versed I in the alien ufology world world then you might already know it. Let me start with my sources. So we don't forget a website. It called the Black Volta Dot Com. It's mysterious and cool. Also an article on the Clermont Son and Kentucky Chucky Dot Com Slash News Really Yes Kentucky in two thousand twelve. The Pioneer playhouse of Danville Kentucky decided to create a play inspired by one of the many alien encounters to come out of their state. Although the play wasn't a literal retelling it is set in the present day for example the place creators are quick to cite a particular alien abduction and the following investigation as their source material. The play was called High Strangeness. snus it on January six Nineteen seventy-six Mona Stafford Louise Smith and Elaine. Thomas had an experience. They will never forget. They were abducted. Mom Yeah not one three before we get into that. I thought that I would start by just telling you a little bit about the women because information from during that time. Mona staffer was thirty. Six as secretary for her father's trailer park although she had previously we own an arts and crafts store she was divorced in Nineteen Seventy Linda pretty quiet life and attended hilltop hilltop Church of Christ. Louise Smith was forty four years old. She was widowed young and raised her daughter and son into adulthood as a single mother. She was a grandmother who loved art as did the other two women she painted and sketched as a hobby she was employed as an extension assistant for the Casey County extension. Office were duties included visiting families in the county in counseling muscling them on food preservation nutrition etc.. She was a gospel singer for the Baptist Church. Everyone who was later interviewed about Louise from police to ministers had nothing nothing but nice words about her. Elaine Thomas was forty eight years old and a homemaker. She was married and had a daughter and three grandchildren. She was also a lifelong Churchgoer at the Church of Christ Mona Louis. Any Lane Red Louise's trailer hanging out when they decided that since it was Mona's thirty six birthday they should celebrate with a late dinner. They knew of a restaurant that was a little out of town but for one it was open late and for two. There was a painting there that the women wanted to scotch like. I said they're really into art. The women drove Lewis in nineteen seventy six Chevy Nova which she had just purchased that day. The twenty nine miles to the Redwood Restaurant in Lancaster Kentucky to they have meatballs. I don't know if their meals their way. I just love me that's your only contribution so armee doesn't love me. I love me both to excuse me you say restaurant ethics amoebae people's this is not a Word Association. Game cast all right right sorry the women had dinner and sketched and generally had a good time. I mean not dishonest because it does sound fun and I like how they were Kinda like spur of the moment. Oh my gosh. It's it's your birthday. Who Cares if it's nine PM? Let's go to dinner. Yeah also I just WanNa note for any skeptics out there. None of the women had any alcohol with their meals. Okay so clearly. It wasn't us at dinner but yeah I mean yeah I have a question was this. You probably said this was this rule. Blue Kentucky I think that they lived in a small town and I think that Lancaster was bigger because nothing in their town was even open late. SAIMAA zooming it was like they drove thirty minutes. Okay kind of like how. I'm from a really small town in thirty minutes. In either direction it was not big town but medium. You know hundred thousand. Yeah so I'm assuming that was the the situation all right so the women eight had a great time sketched whatever the three women left the restaurant at eleven uh-huh Fifteen and headed down highway seventy eight towards home. Suddenly all three women saw a bright red light in the sky. Mona thaw an airplane was on fire. Sure Oh as they move closer to the light in the Sky Lewis lost control of the car and it begins speeding at eighty five miles per hour. Even though her foot it was off the gas pedal okay. Now I'm fully you're in your. I'm invested. The car seemed to drive itself and Louis couldn't control it even after after Mona reached over and grabbed the steering wheel to try to help her so to women on the steering wheel. Cars driving itself eighty five miles an hour. The women were soon confronted with the object that that they had seen in the sky it was huge. One report was that it was as large as two houses. Another woman said it was like two football fields. Guess it depends the house. Yeah it was a metallic disc like object with Dome on top and red lights around the middle so your typical you of level. UFO flying saucer disc like Mexican hat style. However you wonder Sombrero style? Hope you ought to describe it. I'll make some borough style. I've never heard that before for I will never look at some of the UFO state alongside the car filling its interior with a white light and they kind of fog. Oh interesting the women's is burned and they could barely see what this week. The last thing they recalled was the car being led backwards into a nearby pasture. We what the women found themselves back on the highway headed towards home. They were scared. Tends ends had painful burns on areas of their skin. When they finally arrived at Louis They noticed the time one twenty am this meant that their thirty nine mile mile trip that usually took around forty five minutes had taken them over two hours sit? The women had lost time. They were so shaken. They even went to a neighbor neighbor to confirm the. Our women immediately called the police and the nearby naval station. Neither of them really did anything except for some reason that I don't. I'm not really sure why by the Naval Station informed the local news station and the story hit the press. I don't really know why that happened. It didn't give an explanation on any of the articles. I read it. Yeah why would they. I don't know they sure do that. Now weird yeah so the students again. I'm seventy six six so the story hit the press. Shit Shit went wild when move on investigator Jerry. Black her this story he immediately reached out. There were so many errors in that sentence. I can't believe I read it correctly. At first. The women resisted but finally agreed to a meeting. Black found. The women still shaken. They had all lost weight since the the incident they were in physical pain they also each had a red half stoller sized burn on their neck. Interesting Interesting Lewis claimed that the hands on her watched move a radically. After the event she couldn't focus at work and her pet bird would fly into the corner of her cage an act terrified when she approached which makes me think something may be radiation I don't know that I don't know either it's weird. It's it's scary to think. Give your pet. Suddenly being afraid of you is really creepy and yet it may be implant wave I don't know it's it's disturbing. They all had trouble remembering events and Black said they seem close to a breakdown. Black wanted move on to investigate the case. He wanted the women to undergo undergo regressive hypnosis. He believed that remembering what helped them recover from their trauma because they were all obviously the felt like something happened but didn't remember it so they couldn't they couldn't they couldn't process it and then recover and get better. They were just kind of like sitting in this horrible experience. Right again EH I. The women refuse the hypnosis. I I mean I just think that they were truly terrified. Yeah I think that they were afraid to even remember. Finally after remove agreed not to publish any findings until the women felt comfortable with it. They agreed to the hypnosis. Dr Sprinkle was brought in for the I guess and I've heard of him before and I think it's the silt like the funniest name. I just love it doctors wrinkle. It's very silly. Yes yes so the I I I says doctors breakoff ice cream. Man You guess Dr Sprinkle so the First Session did not go well. I think it was just still too fresh in too traumatic for the women. It basically. They didn't really only get anywhere. Because I believe it was Louisa. They tried to hypnotized I and I think that she just kind of like a a breakdown a a little time passed and they all kind of stayed friends they just they talked Dr Blackman. The women will talk but they kept it. Friendly didn't talk about the variance. How are you? Yeah yeah they just wanted to maintain the relationship so little time passed and black decided that the only way to push forward with this was to make a deal with the national enquirer fire. Oh No I know. Although the enquirer didn't have the best reputation they could fund the project and bring back the therapist and scientists needed to study the Women Brooklyn they also had a well known. UFO investigator bet did have the good reputation that the enquirer lacked his name was Bob Pratt. You mean doctors from Google didn't have a good reputation. Chocolate sprinkle wasn't with the anywhere was taken seriously doctors for goals of move on but apparently the national enquirer had bought Pratt Pratt and I guess he was a big deal in the UFO community. They also brought in a skeptic with detective James Young who would administer a polygraph test so the enquirer. I mean you know doesn't have the best threat but it does have the money and the connections basically deal with the devil. The few will. Yes so sean. Inquire sponsors this episode brought to you by the national enquirer. The women began the session with the polygraph test which they all passed without any any signs of deception or call even detective young was surprised and began to reconsider his stance after. They all did so well in this polygraph. He knew that they weren't lying. Doc I mean. I don't know a polygraph polygraph. I feel like I don't trust polygraphs but I think you could be. Nervous are embarrassed and it could feel deceptive orchids Rita's deceptive. Yeah I mean I don't personal interest polygraphs but I feel like if all three of them are totally calm and maintaining composure. Hoosier not showing any signs of of anything of any sort of distress or a nervousness. I think that that would reinforce the idea that they were telling the truth. Ellison their own mind experience happened and also this was his job so he obviously believed it. Yeah Yeah I guess inexperience polygraph believes what they're doing right. Yes they and they know how to read people. I think I think rafter human behind the polygraph is better than the machine. Yes so after the polygraph which like I said they all passed the women worked with Dr Sprinkle on the regressive hypnosis. Okay this is what they remembered. It's it's about who now Ooh all three women were taken aboard aircraft. Nothing sexual was done to them but they were laurine but they were thank God. He's visits but they were put in humiliating situation. Okay Louise's exam was done on a table. A lane was inside a capsule with a noose like object around her neck and Mona was any type of chair. Their bodies were scanned their limbs examined and sometimes is bent backwards or at odd angles. Two of the women remembered a warm liquid being applied to their bodies which totally reminds me of the movie fire in the sky and it fucking second freaks me out on the town that is pretty common law a abducted of the abductees stories is like a warm lube. Yeah yes got applied to their body. The figures doing these exams were somewhat hidden. They seem to glide by and had large dark eyes Mona Stafford described an eye exam quote. I could see a light at the end of the tunnel which looked like a volcano with jagged. GET EDGE UNQUOTE. At this point. She described great pain in the is just like they'd been pulled out she said Mona recalled a single bright purple I with radiating lightning like raise Elaine described to is from a round head in deep darkness. One I she said was a beautiful blue encircled by a blue membrane. IUS Lid like a turtle and the other I appeared dark elaine who recalled the most about their abductors said had there were several small figures about four feet. Tall Lewis tried not to look at the alien beings because she was so frightened but added that their hands looked like jagged. Good wingtips they. All said aliens communicated with telepathy. Cook lie after the women had told there's yes communicated with each other now with them I think or with them with the woman I think that they met with them okay. I mean altogether uncommon. Yeah that's a common year. After the woman had told their stories none of the investigators had any doubts as to the legitimacy of their claims Furthering their case others in the Lancaster area saw UFO that employ reports were made about reddish orange lights and large luminous this objects in the sky that night teens all UFO flying and because they're teenagers were like fuck it. Let's follow it and they chase the UFO until it was out of sight and they reported boarded the craft of the police that very night significantly the owner of the pastor that the women were taken from reported an unusually low flying object suiting a beam of light to the ground in over forty years. None of the women's stories have ever been disproved. And that is the story of the abduction of Mona Louise Annually. Matt's pretty fucking scary. It's scary and it's one of the most widely believed corroborated the most evidence. They had a lot of research done on them. They proved to be deceptive. Were Liar yeah or four and like I said. A lot of people in the area saw the craft. So I mean if it wasn't aliens it was something I mean I just don't I want to know why them was it. Random think. That's the question everybody wants to know and also it's very I feel like it's so unusual that it's three Women all taken. Yeah Dr hoops. I just come to the MIC. My Gosh that was fantastic. Awesome thank you. You did a great job queue and now you have something to add only goodness okay. So I'm just going to talk about a little bit about size it. You might have been abducted. I'm so terrified right now. And you know what a lot of these women had the symptoms of abduction. Yeah so I- further cooperation. Yeah okay it's wild and crazy okay So I am. I'm going to read. There's a list on line from Metro News Okay and it was an article published. I I rob Wa on January two thousand fifteen now he got his information from humans are free dot com and humans are free. Did a an article. It's called strong evidence of alien alien abductions and basically they talk to people that said that they were abducted and gathered all of the symptoms. uh-huh they were having after the abduction and then they made a condensed list of seventy two. Oh Shit possible. Signs signs of alien abduction. A lot of each held by duck tease will then Metro and rob Wa did The top thirteen mean okay So I'm GonNa go through ROB's list okay and they're interesting. It's scary if you have had. These signs are experiencing these signs. You might want to look into this. You might I wanna be up now. It says hypnotic regression which Louise And Mona any elaine participated in is often used to recall information. But sometimes it's not really necessary. It's spontaneously recalled now some object tease after their abducted they could their life could change dramatically. They could become like a born unchristian orbit on the opposite spectrum become heavy into alcohol and drug abuse and there are behavior can come become very excessive and Iraq. Okay number one and these are no particular order. Lost Lost Time missing hours missing days anytime that you cannot remember what happened or account for story my life okay. Well that doesn't include alcohol abuse. Okay never okay so committing time from alcohol or drug abuse. No judgment here. But that doesn't count. Okay Okay Okay to marks on your body so any unexplained marks Burns scratches. Arches scarring has been is constantly covered in scratches and he doesn't know where they come from Particularly ankles wrists back okay. Okay Yeah but an more specifically Liga laser cut occurred like a very clean cut. not scratches like you walk through a blockade Bush okay Unin drunken stupor okay. I feel attacked are won't do that again. Number three humming noises at night. ooh Fuck now. Yeah specifically when you're falling asleep okay. Number number four the feeling of being watched folsom especially at night number five sleepwalking. Yeah so sleepwalking. Could be symptom of abduction. Okay that's weird number six sinus problems. Okay now how this could be a lot of people I was reading. Feel like they have had some implant in their sinuses. Oh God but among among sinus problems it could be Arash as some kind of rash A lot of rashes actually are reported after Someone thinks ed been abducted. Okay strange rashes. I mean not only from whatever happened to them but also rashes or away that your body handles trauma of any kind really really. Yeah like if you're starting to get sick a lot of times you'll have a rash because it's like your body fighting off things. Yeah yeah that makes that makes sense. Sometimes when I'm stressed I get. Yeah because it's your body bike. All my must off like a mustache on my top lip. I'll get hives since your body protecting you creating creating the mustache so you look stronger to fight off. Whatever the fuck is happening? It's amazing basically just a AH psychological wellbeing it is it is staying really from the lady. You see this Red Moustache I will fuck up if your world okay. Thank you stress. That's awesome. Thank you number seven dreaming about animals and was in on circulars. Fuck it okay. Yeah Number Eight Turning Vegetarian Oh interesting I don't know why it. He didn't really explain why I can look into that. If you're curious that's an interesting one or if you know why let us know these let me know. Are you a rashy vegetarian. He it was abducted by aliens now. I'm I'm on the edge. I see here I wanNA know I wanNA know number nine low self esteem okay. It's not view it's them okay. Okay yeah I I don't really know you're covered and rashes. You have low protein in your body you have less self. Esteem have unexplained unexplained cuts in Mark's. I feel like lowly though off team is yeah makes them yeah. It's a lot your mess. Your habits yeah number. Ten blood on your pillow. Oh God that scary. I don't know I don't like that. Yeah I don't really know what that's about okay. Number Eleven your TV goes funny. They're here who again you're breaking. Hell number twelve says scary cupboard which is I guess maybe it happened in your cover like the people that say they are abducted said that they were scared of a particular covered in their house or closet in there like something walked out of it. Okay that is scaring the shit out of me. 'cause they always have to have my closet door shut when I go to bed. Or maybe that they were brought in there or or somebody was waiting there. I Dunno and taking a number thirteen is taking vitamins compulsively. I think that is because your body feels like it's lacking in a nutrient After their examination. So one of the abductee says I kept telling myself it was because I wanted to be healthy. So maybe their everybody was like had a feeling of lacking a nutrients or maybe because that's all. You Crave Summer Foods is because your body knows you're lacking a nutrient right so I mean that's pretty freaky. All of those things are scary and it's also like if I had any of those I would also be thinking it's my house haunted. Yeah Uh you know those are all very those could be Haunting symptoms to all of them. But what if alien stuff and haunting stuff is connected while says freaking me out that is this is the problem with believing in everything. You're scared of every you know. Here's the thing if we get into that it's we're about to go down the route because there are a lot of believes out there that they like like it's all connected like it's all like is it another dimension rate multidimensional thinking. Oh my God okay. Can I just say something that I remembered Ecorse a weird experience when I lived in Mangold old house our old rental one night in the nighttime and Everybody was in bed in. I heard an extremely loud sound on my roof Like there was a helicopter sitting on top of my roof. Really that's how loud it was. Yeah it was crazy. I don't it was it was A. That's the only way I can explain. It was like a helicopter was sitting on top of my roof. I ran outside like an idiot idiot in the horror movie. Who who you're like? Why would you fucking run towards it because I thought that it was a legit helicopter? I'm like they're looking for an ex-con yeah and I ran outside and nothing was there and then I came inside in the sand was gone weird. Yeah and my husband. We weren't married right at the time but my husband and I both heard it and it was very strange industry ring in it. I think that it's crazy that if it were a helicopter I would have seen it when I ran outside because helicopters off ast and you heard the WHO. Yes inside my house. Yes inside my house like something was sitting on my roof and when I ran outside nothing was there uh and my landlord was like maybe it was the pipes and unlike the old pipes in this Two Thousand Seven House. Like what are you talking about. It was usually branch heard something enough to contact your landlord. Yeah yes I told him. Okay so when you said you heard something like a helicopter always thinking I know I heard the sound of helicopter. Yes like that need. That was weird and then it was going and it was a shared experience. Yeah your Asu. Yeah ooh I remembered that when you when. I'm one of the things that you said. Although the hero humming humming yeah or clicking it could click that made me think also too. I've read another article. I don't remember the name of it. Couldn't it maybe. It wasn't even an article but the beeping being a car. Line like a book. That was on Hellier. Oh yeah that's right and shut of a class or a baby cry her baby crown however Soga as a parent though I feel great shower. tyner baby crying Shower and yeah just something in your Reptilian rain and I think that that is a callback to the reptile brain because we are trained to hear the sounds of our baby crying we are trained to hear a high pitched sound yes breath because that is how we are protecting our offspring survival so maybe that is why you hear it because that's like one of the most ancient sounds that humans have always paid attention to Since the beginning of time is a baby crying. Yeah Oh God I'm soter happening. We're going down the rabbit hole. You mentioned Hellier I just WANNA say fantastic show sees. I have watched season one and season two yes. It's very Amazon. I think I have one episode left on season. Two it is. I tried to save something for myself when I'm binging I'm like okay. Just stop just have one thing. Look that was is a fantastic show. Yeah fantastic aggravate for season three. I Wanna I just WanNa do that. I just WanNa go around and just that would be pretty cool in our airstream seriously. Twenty twenty is looking amazing. Well I think that that's our show for today. Yeah you know I do. You want to make shoutout to are definitely Natalie. Hi Natalie okay. So she has her has been put themselves out there and they opened a restaurant in our local town of Yuba city. And we just want to. They're coming up on their our one year anniversary and being open and the name of the restaurant is Lambert House cafe and I just wanted to give her a little love because they've worked really really hard and I will say that it is my favorite breakfast spot in town and both of my daughter's favorite. They both love it there. They like how they can color in the the book and they like the pancakes there. I have very special sour doping. Sourdot pancakes are my favorite pancakes. I've ever had delicious. I just I always like to have a dessert after my breakfast and I have a pancake after Mike Normal breakfast foods. Oh my gosh. That's a great idea. I don't do that. I just you pancakes for breakfast. No I have two breakfasts so a little bit about Lambert House cafe. It's in Yuba City California. If you live. There's your traveling through. Please stop in such super q inside. It's colorful and fun and adorable and they always have local art on the walls. It's great I mean Natalie. The herself is very artistic. I've known her ten plus years now. She's an amazing woman and And anyone that has ever worked in a restaurant knows how much work that is. Yeah she is a restaurant owner. She has two little kids. Her husband is in a local ban man so little bit about them. They're open seven days a week from six. Am to two PM and they serve breakfast and lunch breakfast is served. All Day. Mon Starts in eleven you can dine in take out catering and it's in a historical building in Yuba city at it's also available to rent for private parties raced in. It's super Q at like so birthday party or tea. Party Holiday Party. I mean it's a really cool historic space. It's it's really cute. So they're located located at two. Oh Eight Bridge Street in C- California there on the corner of Second Street and Bridge Street and they're soon going to be offering beer and lying. Oh manual episode in their baby so Valentine's Day is there one year anniversary. So cool the go-to there on social media pages and you can check out their menu. They pose a special every day. Is Lambert House cafe on facebook and instagram. And if you're interested in getting service you can call them at five three zero six seven four three five four four and they have Catering available for any budget. So check them out. They're really good. I've definitely definitely check them out. Great Food Great People. Yeah and and tell him if you go in tell them casting tiffany from arrogance weird set you know now would just die really. She had to it if someone came in and said you know. CASSIE tiffany recommended recommended. This place so thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much as always for listening we are having a great time and we hope you are too and also it's the beginning of a new year and it's looking pretty good so far. We have a lot of amazing and exciting topics coming up that we're excited now. We can't wait to talk about of you. Who Topic that you WanNa talk about? Want us to talk about or a story that you think has been under served. Oh Yeah you wanNA bring attending to. Yeah aw email. US At happy hour gets weird. gmail.com find us on instagram. At happy hour gets weird pod you condemn us. You can leave us a comment it. Could you know you gotta find us where a small platform but we love to use it. Yeah Yeah We'd love to talk about important topics and we are topics and and and cool topics and fun topics yet. And we're shit we're Chit so Reach out and Amano Happy Twenty twenty. Happy Twenty twenty and and it's been a long cold winter so don't forget hydrate meditate and masturbate cheers cheers to that uh-huh.

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