Duncan: In Search of the New World


Before we begin this story please note that the dogs involved in the mayflower expedition never had their names officially recorded to put names to the ferry. Faces we're calling them Dunkin the Spaniel and Martha. The English mastiff additionally the lack of clear historical record in some instances required creative liberties to be taken when describing certain events after sixty six days cooped up on a ship. Duncan was eager to run the English Springer Spaniel wagged his tail excitedly sititi pause tapping the edge of the wooden rowboats. The weather was cold and raining. The Ocean choppy beneath them. But it didn't bother Dunkin. He had his sight set on a small strip of land of modern day. Cape Cod and his owner pilgrim. John Goodman you had his sights set on the first fresh meat. They'd seen in months for John Goodman and his fellow pilgrims the arduous journey on the mayflower tested the limits of their endurance and their faith but John and Duncan had no idea that the next year with test them even more they reached the shore and Goodman was astonished at what he saw a group of one pornography people cutting cutting up a dead whale the one panorex Saul Goodman and Dunkin and hid behind. The Trees Dunkin ran up to the whale. No no fear at all the dog sniff the caucus and nibble that its cold flesh. The dog was enjoying the spoils of the new world and its snoop food already but his owner was wary and rightfully so as John left the boat and stretched his legs. One One pornog- arrows whizzed in his direction the L. to Duncan and to his fellow pilgrims. It wasn't safe here. The pilgrims GRIMM's run back to their boat. Arrows hissed by them as they up anchored and set out again goodman was out of breath almost in shock from his near death experience but when he glanced at Dunkin. The dog's mouth was wide open and his bushy tail wagged. For Duncan. It was just another day filled with adventure and excitement. Welcome to dog tales. Apar- cost original every week. Can we tell the stories of historic heroic canines. We'll profile dogs. Who saved people from earthquakes went to outer space and even spurred the invention attention of Velcro? I'm your host Alistair. You can find episodes of tales and all other powers originals for free on spotify. Or wherever. Have you listen to podcasts. To string dog tales for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type Dope Tales in the search bar this week. We're telling telling the story of a dog. We're calling Duncan. He was an English Springer Spaniel who sailed with the pilgrims on the mayflower Dunkin had added difficult journey from Europe to America but played an integral role as the pilgrims made peace with a one panel tribe. He even joins the first Thanksgiving when the mayflower set sail in September of sixteen twenty. No one on board quite knew you what to expect while let's see all what awaited them across the ocean. They sought a new home where they could worship as they saw fit. They sailed the old to freedom and opportunity. What started out as a voyage filled with hope soon turned into a journey of despair and gloom loon? Most of the one hundred and two passengers were cold and sick. Some even faced verbal abuse from the sailors. Working the ship tip the crew saw the pilgrims as stuck up religious zealots ignorance of the oceans challenges however to passengers passengers tried to lift their friends spirits. Martha an English mastiff and Dunkin an English Springer Spaniel Joan Goodman Adleman. A twenty five year old linen weaver was responsible for both Duncan and Martha like the pilgrims. Martha's Martha's journey on the mayflower. Offered her a better life before the voyage as was common for the time she'd likely Ford in a popular spectator sport. Cold Bear baiting. At these events dogs and captive bears would fight to the death luckily not long before she boarded the mayflower pilgrim. John Goodman adopted Martha now she only have to fight if a bear attacked her new monster. oeste in the wilds of North America Goodman's Springer Spaniel Duncan had more likely lived a much more privileged life. His breed aid were exceptional hunting dogs. Who Roams the lush terrains of England and Holland? He adored helping his Mazda tracked down prey. Dunkin can was utterly devoted to Goodman Goodman understood the kind of Dog Duncan was a free spirit suited for bucolic hunting grounds. The dogs confinements within the leaky decks of the mayflower weighed on his mind. The boat was a mere eighty by twenty ninety four feet with over a hundred. People squished on board. The dogs ran amok among the pilgrims regularly venturing above deck to chase each around the cramped vessel all Goodman. Could hope for was that. They're promised destination offered bountiful hunting grounds where his dogs could run more than a few yards as time and without bumping into salty sailors. But Duncan wasn't the only one suffering from the strain of travel within weeks disease swept the mayflower striking goodman ever loyal Dunkin quits. His daily runs through the boats remaining by his bed. Ridden monsters side. Finally while Goodman fell asleep some Children managed to tempt him away from his master to play. In the fresh air above deck waves rocks the boat back and forth. As Duncan Plate with the children a massive swell rushed over the ship. Dunkin remain safely early on board albeit a bit wet but one of the passengers was less lucky. A young man had been washed off the the boat and Clung to the topsail rope. He tried to climb back on board but wasn't strong enough to hoist himself out of the water. He held held on for dear life fighting to stay afloat in the treacherous ocean. The pilgrims didn't believe in swimming and most of them couldn't as is the man held tight to the rope. The rough waters pulled him more than ten feet below the surface. If no-one acted soon he'd likely drown luckily Dunkin spotted the drowning man and fought for Roche. ously the spaniels persistent parks drew the attention of several sailors. Who took hold of the rope and pull the man out of the ocean? It was the first life Dunkin. Saved moved but it wouldn't be the last as the journey continued. Dunkin brought comfort comfort to sick and distressed passengers. He even supported passenger Elizabeth Hopkins when she went into Labor on board the ship with with Dunkin by his side Goodman eventually recovered as soon as he was able to get out of bed he marched up to the top deck there. He pulled his dog close cuddling him while praying and giving thanks as he gazed upon the sea goodman saw birds hovering over the ship Dunkin barked excitement jumping at the C. goals but goodman knew that they meant one thing. Aw Land was near the mayflower dropped anchor on a beautiful beautiful fall morning off. The coast of Cape Cod on November Eleventh Sixteen twenty the pilgrims tortuous journey was over but they couldn't rest yet. They needed food fresh water and a place to establish their new colony since no one knew what this strange land held many. Were reluctant to go exploring Dunkin on the other hand couldn't wait as Goodman's feet touch dry land for the first time in months he ordered Duncan to stay close but the dog couldn't contain pain himself. The new world was packed with sounds. He never before heard sense. He'd never before smelled. He raced up the coastline fine goodman trailing after him after months on the mayflower Dunkin was eager to hunt again. He splashed in shallow wave pools snapping at fish. He charged ducks and geese. Sending them flying away goodman converged Dunkin away from the sea and into the thick brush along the shoreline. The dog took the lead sniffing out forest paths until until suddenly he went stock still goodman looked up to see a small band from the one pennock tribe the hadn't expected to run into the lands existing occupants so quickly his heart pounded Dunkin. I'm can however wagged his tail at the new faces in response one one pornography whistled at him after all a love for dogs knows no cultural borders but goodman wasn't ready to let his guard down. He warned Duncan to stay at his side. Right for a loaded moment goodman and the woman stabbed at one another neither knew the other's language which neither knew if he stead at a friend or foe finally the one panel group retreated it into the woods goodman exiled in relief he and Duncan rushed back to shore where the rest of the pilgrims were waiting goodman immediately told everyone about his encounter despite the one friendliness. With Duncan the pilgrims. I wasn't sure if they could be trusted. They agreed to proceed with caution. The next day Goodman and Dunkin departed hunt and explore well once more meanwhile armed pilgrims lined the shore ready to defend themselves. If necessary goodman hadn't even made it out of this site when he saw a total figure in the distance he was armed and fast approaching up. Next Duncan and goodman face down another culture clash clash now back to the story. Dunkin balked warning Goodman of a new person in response vonts Goodman grabbed his dog afraid that he might run headlong into danger. Along the shore the pilgrims raise their weapons suddenly the woman man paused. He surveyed the strange travelers and Dunkin. He was certainly familiar with dogs. But Duncan was something new and it's highly different breed. He had long. Hanging is white for curling in the coastal fog and a mottled Brown and white face he was a sharp contrast to the dogs of the Americas who held a much stronger resemblance to their wolf. Ancestors does taking advantage of the One panorex distraction one of the pilgrims cold for charge goodman joined and the sprint but the pilgrims weren't prepared for a chase in ankle deep sand and slow down quickly. The one panel vanished rushed into the thick trees however the pilgrims were encouraged. They defended their claim to this land. Uh Emboldened Goodman Duncan and a few others ventured seven miles inland that evening and made camp around the fire that night. They discussed what to do at their next inevitable. Encounter with the one Panov's they determined. It was an opportunity to demonstrate their Christian charity. They attempt to make peace with their newest neighbors. But first they had to find whether one Panov's lived the next morning. Duncan led the scouting party deep into the forest. He sniffed dirt trails and broken branches seeking any sign of human life however the search quickly changed. The scouts had only brought a strong liquor called aqua vitae with them and grew severely dehydrated. They gave Dunkin a new task. Find Water at around ten. Am Dunkin Dunkin picked up a scent. He sprinted forward the pilgrims followed all the way to a natural spring on Small Dunkin had saved saved his masters but he still needed to help them find the local tribes so they could broker peace along the way the pilgrim stumbled upon an open field with luminous yellow blue and red corn although the pilgrims resolved to befriend the local one panorex their hunger hunger. Now got the better of them. It happened too long. Since they've eaten anything. Other than the Mayflower Megan stores they picked as as much corn as they could carry storing it in satchels for the settlers waiting back at camp the plan to befriends. The new country's citizens was abandoned hand but the delicious find didn't solve the larger problem. While temporary camp was suitable for a few weeks the pilgrims still hadn't found a location for a permanent colony at least not until scout located a beautiful harbor. Just just up the coast. Maybe it was just far enough away to take them out of the one Pinole territory. Maybe they could peacefully felipe coexist from afar they set sail on December fifteenth skirting around Cape Cod to reach the harbour the the pilgrims finally broke ground on the colony. We know as Plymouth. On December Twenty Third Sixteen twenty. The search for a new home was over. Now it was time to forge a community the pilgrims first Winter Cape Cod from sixteen twenty to sixteen twenty one was tortuously cold even Dunkin. The English spaniels else thick coat wasn't prepared for the weather. climatologists have called that record breaking year. The little ice age thanks to the extreme weather conditions additions. Growing food building homes and gathering supplies will all matters of life and death on Christmas Day. The first I frame of their first house was up but the workers paused before they could continue construction. They heard voices coming from from the forest. Dunkin's owner John Goodman and the other pilgrims grasped their muskets they. They realized they weren't alone and wondered what lurked beyond the colony fences the fearful pilgrims wondered if they were under attack from the devil. Devil all witches onces were not forthcoming. Probably because the pilgrims were asking the wrong questions. The chanting wasn't demonic but instead was the sounds of the woman oaks. Over the course of the night the noise Crescendo D- And then died entirely and with the quiet came a new resolution for the pilgrims to build the colony as quickly as possible. The rest of the homes. Were hurriedly assembled with this. Necessity taking care of the pilgrims turned to their next challenge replenishing rushing supplies on January twelfth sixteen twenty one goodman and Duncan ventured into the forest to gather wood and other provisions provision. But they want alone they were joined by Goodman's friend. Peter Brown and Martha the English mastiff. Considering in their fears of demons and witches the pilgrims must have been happy to have Martha along. According to the American Kennel Club. A female English rush mastiff ways around a hundred and fifty pounds and mastiffs on just colossal that tough. They're extremely protective and wary of strangers. Not to mention Martha was likely an experienced fighter. After years of bear baiting she could easily protect tomorrow's from wild animals and any other threats with Martha Providing Security Dunkin was tasked with tracking talking sense of Turkey. Rabbits deer and other animals the pilgrims dogs could eat and the humans work together to cut thatch blocked the wooded path. They made good progress so during the afternoon. They decided to stop and rest near a beautiful pond unexpectedly. A deer emerged from the woods and stroll toward the water. Four dog is instantly perked up before Goodman or Brown could order them to heal Martha and Duncan dotted toward the deer. It leapt into the forest and the canine sped better after it at the Rear Goodman and Brown huffed and puffed trying to keep up with their dogs by the time they caught up with dunkin' Mafa the DEA had vanished and Goodman and Brown attlee lost rain started to fall and with no shelter worry began to creep in by sunset. Snow was falling and the men and their dogs were lost just in the woods of a strange land with no shelter and no way to get back home in the dog. The party was forced forced to sleep on earth without even a roof to block the snowfall. Goodman and Brown made what beds they could from full than leaves and and trying to angle wooden sticks some shelter from the snow and rain. They snuggled the dogs close for warmth. Not long after they finally fell Asleep Goodman was awakened by a loud shrieking. The whale was violent and terrifying. And it didn't stop doc. In fact the sound edged closer and closer Goodman's stirred brown from his sleep. Something Dangerous Chris was drawing near Mountain Lions and they would get in closer so the camp. You're goodman and Brown whispered frantic plans to each other. They had no weapons only the sickles. They used to cut thatch. The best shot at survival was to escape the lines not altogether but if the mountain lions did come close the men would climb onto a low hanging ow and wait them out. That was just one problem. Dunkin and Martha couldn't scale scale. Trees should the men draw the attention of the mountain lions. That dogs was sure to die but the alternative meant no one one would survive. The ideal situation was to keep quiet and still and hopefully avoid detection all all night mountain. Lions store the area Goodman and Brown gripped Martha and Dunkin who sat up alerts is to every growl and mutter from the predatory cats. The men didn't know where the mountain lions were but they watch the way. The dogs caught their heads toward every foreign sound. The dogs could sense exactly where the mountain lions were dogs. Dogs have over eighteen muscles in their ears that allow them to rotate like antennas. Each ear can also hear independently meaning Dunkin could attend to Goodman's orders while simultaneously listening to the approaching predators so while Goodman urged Dunkin to stay we still and be quiet. The loyal Canine also catt vigil for Predators all night. The four state quiet can't waiting for Dorn. Martha stood at attention eager to confronts the mountain. Lions Duncan listened and watched. No one slept but they all made it safely to sunrise that morning. The mountain lions growling faded. Two Birds. Happy chirps Brown and Goodman began charting charting a path home collecting whatever firewood. They came across along the way ours passed peacefully until suddenly Dunkin lurched it forward guiding his masters to the base of a hill. It wasn't familiar but goodman knew that if he climbed to the top he might see. It's something recognizable sure enough. After the long trudge upward they were greeted with a panoramic view of the harbor And a clear way home Goodman Brown Dunkin and Martha arrived at the colony later that evening they were hungry and cold. From the long journey even worse Goodman's feet were frostbitten and severely severely swollen from spending the night in the snow followed by an entire day on foot. The colonists had to cut his shoes off his his feet. While the pilgrims treated Goodman's injured. Feet Duncan licked his hand and try to comfort his master. Although doc goodman was in severe pain he patted the dog's head and reassured him that he was a good boy. If not for Dunkin's help in spotting the hill he and Brown might have never found their way back a few days later on January nine thousand nine hundred sixteen eighteen twenty one goodman was able to resume some of his tasks he was eager to get out of bed and see Plymouth's beautiful sunset. Of course Dunkin was restless too so he joined Goodman on the stroll as they walked along a tranquil pond. Dunkin heard a noise is in the undergrowth goodman paused and ordered Duncan to stay back. The noise faded to silence Goodman shrugged it off and resume their walk but the rustling returned and this time it was closer goodman feed. Did they will once again. Being tracked by Mountain Lions but the creatures that emerge from the shadows where a pair of wolves. They gave one quick glance at Dunkin and he immediately burst into motion. The Spaniel ran in circles. Trying to elude the hungry creatures finally taking shelter between Goodman's legs Goodman stood protectively over Duncan whose tale was tucked between his legs fright. This loyal dog had helped Goodman too many times to count now. It was his turn head to repay the favor goodman gripped his walking stick like a club. It wasn't much of a weapon but it would have to do hoping to scare the wolves off Goodman shouted at the top of his lungs. To his surprise it worked. They retreated back into the forest forrest goodman breathed. A Sigh of relief petting Dunkin but then the wolves came back. They sat in the forest and stead in down Goodman tried to muster up the strength to fight his feet twat aching. His dog was cowering. He prepared to attack. But then the wolves left again overcome with relief goodman embrace Dunkin the Spaniel wagged his tail. Fortunate to live have another day with his master back at Plymouth Colony Goodman recounted his latest death defying experience. His friends gaped gaped wonder however modern historians suspect. The account may have been exaggerated. History professor struck. A Roberts has an alternate theory about John Goodman and Duncan's alleged wolf citing he points out that the local tribes hunted wolves so a pair would likely have been afraid win encountering a man like John Goodman in other encounters from the time wolves growled arch their back sore slipped away quickly. Robots what's believes Goodman and Duncan came across stray native American dogs according to the sixteen twenty two accounts of the pilgrims experiences Maurice Relation the wolves. Were grinning at Goodman for quite some time looking at a human face and making eye contact is a distinct difference. Prince between dogs and wolves research conducted at Rush University in Budapest found that will rarely look at human faces. Even wolves raised by humans from birth on the flipside. Dogs read off faces for us all the time. Although the pilgrims hoped hoped that the new colony was far from any native American Settlements Goodman's story about the so-called wolves may have been the first indication Haitian that the pilgrims want to loan at Plymouth up next the first true contact between during the pilgrims the native Americans and Duncan now back to the story when pilgrims John Goodman and his dog Duncan arrived at Plymouth Colony in sixteen twenty they were ready for a new life between a brutal winter and and several near death experiences the settlers hope had worn down to despair. The harsh weather continued through February of sixteen twenty one with limited mobility due to his injured feet. John Goodman did his his best to hunker down with his supplies his English Springer Spaniel Duncan never left his side even when the rain stopped and the winds calmed. The dog comforted goodman all through the cold winter. When he wasn't with his Master Dunkin in could be found lying at the foot of another sick person's bed or simply listening to lonely people who needed to talk? He was a constant rock doc. A support in uniquely trying times and Dunkin was friendly to everyone who approached on Friday march sixteenth breath when a visitor appeared atop Lodge Hill Dunkin was the first to spot him. He was a towering figure with straight black hair and with a smooth face Dunkin barked alerting goodman and the others of the newcomer. The alarm was sounded women and children. Children were ordered into their homes as the visitor strode down the hill. Nobody was sure if he was a a woman. Org or a member of another tribe the man strode past a row of houses right into town while the pilgrims bunched together ready to fight an inquisitive Duncan approached the visitor tail wagging one pilgrim ordered boarded the stranger to stop but nobody was sure the warning would work. To that surprise he halted and looked around his surroundings surroundings. He smiled and greeted them warmly. Welcome Englishmen so he told them his name was somerset. He was a chief from the Benecke tribe located at Pat mcquaid points in Maine Somerset. al-musaid explained that he had learned their language from a group of English fishermen. He had no intention of waging war. His chief desire to meet these newcomers newcomers pleased. At the promise of a new alliance the pilgrims welcome Somerset into their town. He slept in Plymouth and the next morning promised that he would return with others before he left Somerset Poss- Dunkin and Goodman near the colony gates. The dog okay had been the first to greet him and now he was the last to say goodbye. Somerset knelt and brushed his fingers through Dunkin's shiny coat he and Goodman chatted for a few moments about the spaniels beauty and friendliness goodman looked down at Duncan and smiled uh he was proud of his dog. Five days later on March Twenty Seconds Sixteen Twenty one somerset returned to Plymouth with other native Americans. They were greeted by a group of pilgrims including Goodman and Dunkin. The visitors included the chief of the one pornog- massaso eat the forty year old was in the prime of his life. A STOIC figure draped infers his face was painted into red and his head. Shimmered with bear. Grease massaso eat was accompanied by Scotto a member of the pawtucket band of the one panel tribe. Who who acted as the chiefs English translator after a lengthy exchange the pilgrims drew up an agreement with massage and his people they outlined six rules that pilgrims and one Panaga like would follow to ensure peace between their people? It included a promise never to harm a member. Uh of any community. As the months progressed the pilgrims were able to purchase land for Massaso Eat Plymouth limit colony began. To take shape trade flourished between the people making the pilgrims less reliance on scouting and Hunting Goodman women and Dunkin still went out occasionally for fun. But in his daily life Goodman was able to return to his original passion linen weaving he made shirts bedsheets and other household items. When Goodman was hard at work Dunkin would sit at his side ever loyal Oh and that devotion paid off as Goodman and Duncan enter the season of plenty in the fall all of sixteen twenty one the pilgrims first full year in Plymouth was coming to an end through all the hardships they endured? They maintained gratitude gratitude for the blessings. They felt they received from God and their one PN neighbors. Thanks to associates tribe the pilgrims had an ample simple harvest of corn peas and squash that full full also brought migrating birds through the colony particularly ducks folks and Geese John. Goodman Duncan and three other men were put to the task of hunting. Dunkin was back doing what he loved. Sniffing and sprinting running down prey in one trip Dunkin and Goodman gathered enough foul to fee Plymouth for an entire week AAC by late September. The Bali crop was finally in harvest and ready to be made into beer. It was time to give thanks and rejoice listen unity by feasting within new allies. The pilgrims extended an invitation tation to Mesozoic and his people who accepted massaso eat five deer for the feast the pilgrims made furniture. They were all ready to celebrate. No one is certain of the exact date of the first Thanksgiving many historians place it around late September number or early October but whenever it happened the first Thanksgiving was the culmination of a turbulent year for John Goodman Duncan and the rest of the pilgrims only eleven months prior. They'd been starving in those dark days. They being terrified the one panel tribe people the pilgrims now considered friends as it turned out both groups had a great deal in common a love family and love for the animals that surrounded them including Dunkin in the years. Since that I gather in the autumn Thanksgiving dinner has become a tradition in the United States. Families and friends gathered to eat. It's an express their gratitude and love often people Harken back to that original meal. Although many details have been lost time but some information has been preserved. One painting the first Thanksgiving by John. Leon Jerome Farris depicts the event it shows one panorex pilgrims together feasting and conversing on a woman serves a man who resembles massage zoe as he sits with his is legs crossed standing next to. The woman is a Springer Spaniel. The Spaniel's head is turned in the other direction staring out into the distance keeping an eye out for his companions perhaps beckoning then to join in the joyful celebration and just like Duncan would have done and thanks for listening to dog tales. Every dog has his day an odd day. A is Mondays. You can find more episodes of docked tails and all other parkas originals for free on spotify. Not only to spotify already handful of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like Doug Tales for free from your phone desktop or smart smart speaker to string dog tails on spotify. Just open the APP and type don't tales in the search bar. Several of you have asked how to help us if you enjoy the show. The best way to help deliver five star review and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at Parkas network. Join US next week for another good story. About a good dog dog tales was created by Max Cutler podcast studios original it is executive produced by Max Cutler sound designed signed by Trench Williamson with production systems by Ron Shapiro currently madden Freddie Beckley and Joel Stein this episode of Folk Tales written by Rene Thomas Rodriguez together with writing assistance by Erin Land. I'm Alistair Murdoch Hi podcast listeners. It's Alastair if you love dog tales. We'd love to hear from you. By taking a quick survey your feedback will help us. Continue Making your favorite shows better than ever please visit. PODCAST survey dot me slash dog to wants a few short questions. It may seem small but your input really matters. That's podcast survey dot me slash dog. Ugh thank you for your continued support and for listening.

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