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welcome to murder minute your daily dose of true crime on today's episode the story of mary vincent but first your true crime headlines the parents of murdered university of utah students have filed suit alleging that the university did not do enough to protect their daughter who had complained to police more than twenty times about her ex boyfriend twenty one year old lauren mcklusky were shot and killed last october by melvin roland a thirty seven year old registered sex offender who she had met two months earlier at a bar where he was working as a bouncer he lied to mcklusky about his age and his name and the two began dating after about a month she discovered his real identity and broke things off with him he began stalking and harassing her which she reported to university police on several occasions he'd been confronted her outside of her residence hall on october twenty second shooting and killing her before fleeing the scene police tracked him down a few hours later and he killed himself as they moved into making arrest lauren mcklusky parents are suing the university for their daughters wrongful death which they believe could have been prevented if the university had acted with more urgency to address her stock and complaints speaking to reporters mccloskey's mother described the lawsuit as a last resort after many failed attempts to get the university to take responsibility and address deficiencies and safety procedures jim makovsky an attorney for the mccloskey family stated that lawrence death was preventable and the murder occurred because of the university of utah repeated failure to respond to lawrence multiple and continuing police for help and independent review was highly critical of universities handling of the case finding that the university police did not take mccloskey's complaints as seriously as they should have an idaho falls woman was murdered by her boyfriend last week and authorities are struggling to understand the motive for the crime kaylynn blue failed to report for her job for two consecutive days so her coworkers requested the police perform a welfare check on the woman when they arrived at the house that she shared with her boyfriend phillip schwab and his mother schwab answered the door he told them that his mother was out of town and that he had stabbed his girlfriend to death and he showed them the backyard flowerbed where he had buried her body in a nearby garage police found the woman's to dog's also stabbed to death investigators believe that blue which killed sometime late saturday night or early sunday by schwab who has no history of violent behavior over the weekend that he killed blue in her dog's he posted hundreds of cryptic status updates dates on his facebook page which some of them making reference to the crimes that he is accused of committing schwab told the judge that he intends to plead no contest and does not want a public defender he is being held in jail without bond a twenty nine year old illinois man convicted of the june twenty seventeen murder of union jank a chinese scholar who vanished two months after arriving to united states to pursue a doctoral degree at the university of illinois her killer brench christians in with the graduate teacher and doctoral candidate at the university christianson was fascinated with ted bundy and had admitted to a university counselor in march of twenty seventeen but he had fantasized about abducting and killing someone but then told the counselor but he did not have those kinds of thoughts anymore a month later he started visiting an internet forum called obstruction one oh one where he participated in discussions about planning the perfect kidnapping on that forum he wrote of his plan to buy a duffel bag large enough to fit a body inside when his girlfriend went on vacation in june of twenty seventeen he purchased such a bag only internet and began searching for his victim christianson encountered zhang as she was on her way to sign a lease for new apartment city surveillance video shows her waiting at a bus stop as a black saturn hatchback pulls up next to her the vehicle was later identified as brank christian since he offered jangled ride and she got into his car never to be seen again christianson to jank to his apartment where he strangled and raped her then bludgeoned and stabbed her to death he decapitated her and disposed of her body the surveillance video led investigators to brent christianson who admitted to offerings django ride but denied killing her without enough evidence to arrest him authorities turned to christian since girlfriend asking her to wear a wire she agreed and was able to record him confessing to the crime at a memorial service verging christianson confessed to his girlfriend that he was responsible possible for shanks disappearance he opened the notes function on her phone to type it with me she was number thirteen she is gone forever union james body has not been found after being found found guilty christianson offered to weed investigators to her remains in exchange for not receiving a death sentence his formal sentencing is scheduled for july eighth the the trial a fifty two year old ashley trail is continuing in his absence after he attempted suicide in the courtroom last week trail in his girlfriend twenty four year old bailey boswell stand accused of the murder of sydney loop who met boswell on tinder and agree to go on a date with a woman trail admits to disposing of loose body end her belongings but alleges that she died during a consensual sexual encounter prosecutors are attempting to prove that trail and boswell planned the murder presenting evidence that on the day of their scheduled date trail in boswell purchased a meat grinder ten snips a hacksaw bleach end garbage bags before picking up loop whose body was found cut into pieces is an discarded in trash bags spread over several miles of rural road last week as a witness with leaving the stand after testifying trail stood up shouted that bailey was innocent and then slashed his throat with a small knife he was hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries and the jury was instructed to disregard his outburst bailey boswell's trial is scheduled for october of twenty nineteen and both could face the death penalty if convicted those are your true crime headlines for true crime anytime download murder minute app and follow us on instagram at murder minute welcome to murder minute on today's episode incredible story of mary vincent who escaped murder but didn't get away in one piece mary vincent grew up in las vegas where her mother lucy was a casino dealer and her father her with a gambling machine repairman mary wasn't unhappy teenager and had been rebelling selling against her parents cutting classes and running away from home in the summer of nineteen seventy eight when mary was just fifteen she went to sausalito california where she lives with her boyfriend in his car but when when he was arrested for allegedly raping a high school girl mary left at times staying within uncle nearby in september of nineteen seventy eight mary say goodbye to her uncle and decided to hitchhike to her grandfather's there's home four hundred or so miles south to corona california near los angeles lawrence singleton with emergency man molding middle aged an overweight larry was driving his van to berkeley when he spotted a teenage girl with dark hair in her thumb thrust out he pulled over when mary told him where she was headed larry who is on his way to reno no offered to make a considerable detour and drive her to los angeles i've got a daughter about your age he told mary she got in larry had a troubled family life his wife surely had divorced him in nineteen seventy one then in seventy six larry married married collins a nurse but their marriage to fell apart after just two years at the beginning of the summer larry had had a fight with his daughter debra a defiant teenage girl who resisted attempts at parental discipline much like mary larry singleton stories about his family seemed to put mary eddie she relaxed lit up a cigarette smoke making her sneeze larry reached across and felt the back of marriage neck let's see if you're sick he said pulling married toward him mary drift away irritated that he made a move on her so soon and lean to way against the door larry then told mary but he wanted to stop by his house near san francisco on the way to pick up some laundry mary agreed to help and when they arrived with kerry bundles to the van as larry began drinking from a milk carton filled with liquor back on the road mary young and naive drifted off to sleep when she she woke they were way off course a road sign for nevada flashed by they were heading in the wrong direction the situation with clear reaching for a weapon mary found a sharp sticking the van and threatened larry i can take care of myself she yelled demanding to be taken to allay turnaround right now larry apologized i'm just an honest man who made an honest mistake he said i'm not gonna hurt you marry ease off and they turned back to los angeles soon after the sun went down larry singleton pulled off the freeway for a break and followed a deserted wrote down a kenyan saying that he needed to go to the bathroom mary stretch your legs and released herself by the side of the road when she bent down to tie her shoe larry attacked he punched married to the ground beating her senseless then with one hand he dragged her back to the van slid opened the door and shoved her in if you scream he threatened to kill you larry raped mary repeatedly tighter down in the back of the van climbed back into the driver's seat completely naked and drove on a few miles down the road they stopped again cutting her hands loose he told mary that he would let her go if she obey him he handed her a couple of liquor drink it or i'll kill you the drink made mary woozy larry singleton singleton raped her again and mary passed out when she came to larry took her out of the van she pleaded with him begging for her freedom larry forced to to lay on the edge the road terrified mary listened as larry walked back to the van and rummaged around he came back with a hatchet grabbing her left hand he said you want to be free i'll set you free as mary screened larry singleton topped off her left arm then he cut off her right mary thought it would be better if she could only die as mary blood larry dragged her down an embankment he stuffed the naked screaming girl into a large concrete pipe now you're free he told her then he left left mary slipped in and out of consciousness filers when she finally regain her son says she dragged herself out enrolled her suffered arms in the dirt dakota moons in stem the bleeding mary struggle to her feet and stumbled up embankment after walking almost three miles letting the sounds of the traffic guide her back to the freeway naked holding her wounded looms above her head slowed the bleeding and keeps the muscles from slipping out mary reached the road as she walked along the road a red convertible with two men inside slowed she screamed for help but once they got a good look at her they sped off mary kept walking it was morning now another car appeared this time it stopped it was two women on vacation they helped mary rubbing her ones and tunnels they rushed to a nearby airport an ambulance was called oh mary could muster where the words he raped me mary was taken to a hospital they treated her wounds taking pieces of her leg to save her but she would need prosthetic arms but the rest of her life police were impressed by her detailed recollection collection of the traumatic events and thorough description of her attacker from mary's description a composite sketch withdrawn and larry's own neighbor recognized him and immediately called the police lawrence singleton was tracked down and arrested quickly he denied accusations calling mary a ten dollar a night for larry told police that he hadn't done anything to marry someone else had been in the car with them and they had done it that mary had threatened him by saying that if he didn't give her a ride she called the cops and say that he raped her in court mary went into horrifying detail about her rape mutilation and she pointed one of her prosthetic arms at singleton and named him as her attacker the court found lawrence singleton guilty of kidnapping mayhem attempted murder forcible civil rape sodomy enforced oral population but that would not be and mary suffering as well as her physical disability they attack left her with a litany of mental health problems this was made worse when larry singleton with only sentenced to fourteen years in san clinton the maximum sentence at the time in california the judge set upon sentencing if i had the power i would send them to prison for the rest of his natural life lawrence singleton would go on to serve only eight years and four months of his fourteen year sentence before being released the doctor who conducted his psychological stickle evaluation warned because he is so out of touch with his own hostility in anger he remains in elevated threat to other safety inside and outside the prison nevertheless lawrence singleton was paroled for good behavior but the public outcry over his release forced him to move from community to community and lawrence singled and ended up serving out his parole in a rented trailer on the grounds of san quentin prison he outcry also led california legislators to pass tougher sentencing laws he moved to florida mary went into hiding fearing for her life mary spent years battling depression anorexia and were diagnosed with ptsd which calls relentless nightmares being a recluse made holding down the job difficult and without steady employment mary struggled to afford her medical expenses and she ultimately filed for bankruptcy for years she survived mostly off of donations and welfare but lawrence singleton was arrested again in nineteen ninety for petty theft he served a sixty day sentence for stealing a ten dollar disposable camera in the spring of nineteen ninety and later received a two year sentence for stealing a three dollar hat he described himself to the judge as a confused model headed old man after getting out of jail for a second time in the spring of nineteen ninety seven a neighbor called the police to report but his neighbor lawrence singleton was assaulting a woman in his home when police responded they found the body of a woman born singleton had lord thirty one year old prostitute rock sound hayes into his home and murdered her lawrence singleton now seventy admitted to killing hayes who is the mother of three children he said that after he drove her to his home and his band they had sex ate dinner and then had a fight when she tried to take more money from his wallet then the twenty dollars that he agreed upon he stabbed hayes seven times in the face and chest lawrence singled him was found guilty of first degree murder in nineteen ninety eight mary vincent now thirty four testified in the penalty phase of his child what happened in april of nineteen seventy eight the prosecutor asked i was attack she said i was raped in my hands were cut off how he used a hatchet what did he do he left meter die alongside a drainage ditch on the road yes with a man who did this to you lawrence singleton yes separated by twenty years and thousands of miles to women were unrelated except there tragic meeting with lawrence singleton he said urging drivers to recommend the death penalty when mary vincent got into his van he chopped off her arms and through her into a drainage ditch twenty years later with rocks in hayes he did the same same thing but unlike mary vincent she did not survive roxana hayes stabbed repeatedly lingered into unconsciousness and died the defense described singleton isn't honorably normally discharged korean war era military veteran who had lift a fairly productive decent life for his first fifty one years they added this trial is not a matter of vengeance for you to clean up california's mistakes of twenty years ago killing him would not be justice but with the meanest all lawrence singleton was sentenced to death and died of cancer on death row in two thousand one

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