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Episode 41: Tangled


Hi, everybody. Welcome to no stories sacred. If you've never listened before basically or four siblings who grew talking about the art of storytelling now that we're Dulce were still talking about it. And we're inviting you to join the conversation I'm out and they never get the nose, right? I'm cat. And I have a lot of feelings about children in towers. I'm Brendan and Maximus is my animal companion, I'm Pippen, and I have a dream. Yeah. Fuckers? Dream a trim the other night, I dream of times. Come by today. We're talking about the twenty ten movie tangled so sputters abound. If he wants Pacific content mornings about things we may talk about check out the show notes on no stories sacred dot com for those of you who never watched tangle summary. According to Google is beautiful Princess rapunzel has been locked away in tower since she was captured as a baby by an old hag her magical long-gone hair as a power to provide eternal youth and the evil uses his power to keep her young at the age of eighteen Republican comes curious of the outside world and prince. Kick out air quotes when prince uses her tower as a refuge. She asks him to help her escape. Okay. All until the end yet, Google, whoever writes the summary there. I mean, check your algorithm Zeman. I mean one thing it's not a prince and for another. She doesn't really ask him to home her game. Now now as concerns consigns them. Blunt force trauma. Really when the what's the name of the kingdom when it's going into naval warfare or Eric Aaron dealt there. She's gonna be great impressing, oppressing sater's bringing in the deep-frozen theories here. Oh, yeah. I see Jenin that other start. They went to the coronation. And so therefore, she was there when it fucked up all I want now is frozen from the point of view over puzzle in in the palace going. Well, this is Dr problem. Is this what it looks like for outside eared? She we do something. I would love it. If you know. What's what's her name? Her name actually repelling on this repulses parents if they had whispered conversations with each other about those other parents out, they do not treat their magical child. Well at all. We news. That's some shit. Yeah. So let's actually talk about the story here. Yeah. Yeah. I think I think we owe it to ourselves to to talk about before we go into total fan wonkery. I love fan, Walter. I know this show here is fan won't. Well, yes. But let's just do broad strokes. The story before we kind of started playing with it. Right. No the structure before we take it apart. Done zoo. Yes. So I guess a thing about like act one the setup of it. All we basically have a magical baby, right? Yeah. In the beginning starts with a voiceover by fled going. This story of how I died like, okay. Sure. Then he literally says, but this isn't my story. It's rapunzel 's and Namath and one of fucking you the one timing fin writer, listen to my story. Oh, really? This is my store. Yes. But like a. Published like in this back story that the sun dropped some magical power onto the earth rate. Yeah. Yeah. Did just like magic flower you. Yeah. Just a random magic lamp. There was a drop of sunlight. Bloomed into a flower. That's my that explains. All the fun imagery. Yes. Ow. Fuck off. And so our kind of looks like the picture of the son. Yes. And I think like we have clearly like a witch of the woods using it for eternal youth rates. Eternal youth is. Yeah, old old trope. But the Queen of the kingdom is pregnant and sick. He Gye hitting well, frankly, she's a medieval woman who's pregnant. I mean, di- seventy five eighty percent chance. Anyway. Yeah. Every pregnancy is a high risk pregnancy. So really it's just a Tuesday. But when you're Queen. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Shit gets done. And in this case, it's picked the magic flower that the evil. Oh, hag was raising and feed it to the Queen problem solve weird that the baby has blood hair. And the parents are both brunettes. Nobody thought to question medieval times, they did not have genetics. That's true. I meet pseudo medieval, but we're let's work ago with it. They had the mothers is it's fun. That's true. Call the rule geneticist. Hello there. Good Eunice voice. Goodness. Thank you. And yeah, the witch of the woods there was Madame Gotha. Madame Goth oil kidnaps a baby. Like do. I mean, David was her flower. Oh. Little flower. Here's a here's here's a question. Here's a question. How did they know about the our if she had already been hiding it? She has been around for a very long time. People talk folklore moving on though Kay. Thank you. Yeah. Folk, fuck and process me Madam guzzle herself may have been you know, spreading the tale a little bit bragging who knows local bar. I found this bad ass lower. Wish she Madame koffler. She mother. Mother. Yeah. Let's get her evilness. Correct here. Of course. Yes. All right on words. And so we do it time jumped to eighteen years leader. Oh, well, almost eighteen it is like the day before reponse birthday and eighteen year state or she is at the top of power, y'all. I know we're all surprised. She's been there for eighteen years. Choose bored as fuck. Yup. We have chores she paints. She does more towards she reads books, and there's not time for her to do really both has nothing on her by one more song. He but every single year weirdly on her birthday a lot of stars come out. It's really cool. She has amateur strana me. So, you know. She's got all this time. Doing anything else? I'm not sure she didn't bother turning her mind toward Ohio genetics. Her one need, right. Is I need to go and see what the source of this phenomena is right? And also get the hell out of scientists. But we all been scientists. Now, again, I very decides these days. At this point. Or maybe just beforehand were also introduced to the other leads. Yeah. The lizard or in Flynn rider, aka Eugene. Fit something turbot turcotte's. Herbert. Yep. Who is a fief? I almost think he's kinda a Nathan Drake wanna-be. But whatever trying very hard to be the lovable rogue. Yes. I thought he did a good job being a lovable rogue. But you know, obviously trying at it. Yeah. Yeah. He's not good at like doing too much. Roguishness? Yeah. To be fair. He did steal that ground. True. With the help of two other people. Yes. Yeah. And he's got charisma for days, though, not enough to not get wacked in the fucking face with a frying pan true. Several multiple times to say that this whole movie wouldn't have happened. If Flynn had been dumbest and talked to the guard before being pulled back up through the ceiling. Oh my God here. Right. The sport of it. Exactly. Trying to be the novel route. Yup. Also, it was probably a good excuse for her him to separate from the other two guys. It could have been as master cutting rogue plan to have them be captured. And then just put the bounty brilliant. He, of course, we're also introduced to another main character. Maximus the horse come on. I will say Maximus may character. Because Maximus ACA dog at you have strange bias, well Maximus he comes in into play an important way later on shor shor. But you like him so much because he acts like a dog. Maybe. Yeah. I see you. Says a roguish misadventures with a t ARA happen. And the Flynn ends up at the Republican. Our like you do running away from his cO thieves running away from Maximus who's the best detective anyway from his problems. Well, yes, that's implied. With a couple of creative uses of frying pans, and then also deceiving mother gobble rapunzel enlists him into taking her to the big city. I will give you back. Your crown which I totally to cover me hidden, if you take city back the stars, and he's like the floating lenders this either floating interns. I mean, yes. Pot. Wrong. Have to say the fin writer must have broken every guy in bone in his body. Listen, I cannot believe she does not have some sort of brain damaged by the end of this film, and all I can say she likes pretty she does. And off they go. And of course, be little. We have funded venture. Oh by God. The worst person ever bets are cute in fun. He and fun, and they're cute and fun and also really indicative of of indicative the wrong word, but I think a really accurate per tale of. Yes. Thank you of someone who's been emotionally abused their entire lives. Yes. Yeah. I've cutting awful one way facility fun. Oh god. What if I done? I've heard her feeling so much. She'll know I'm clearly the person who's at fault here for being happy to be out of the fucking tower. I've been in for eighteen years. Like, yeah. There's a lot of sort of deep stuff going on. Yup. And the words of journal any we don't have time to unpack all of. Job lady that true episode of the podcast if we don't fit that in. Welcome to sacred. We're we will fit in join the reference. And so. Basically have their own little countryside adventure along the way. Some they meet some lovable some actual lovable Brooks. The law chases them, man. The law did not win befriended the law. So they both want in the end just so sweet, she friends everybody. Yep. Ruffians the horse again making this depressing like to point out that emotionally abusive relationships. It's oftentimes people gain a higher empathy in the ability to a bring other people to your side as a protective thing just putting that out there making things depressing. Go on everybody, you bring feelings into Disney movie. So eventually through shenanigans shenanigans just through adventure. They make it to the city is an underwater level. It's wild. Oh, yeah. Yeah. They have had the I say with a really nice introduction to Flynn of her and the audience of various magical powers. Yes. Not also learning repulsed escape pursuing them trying to do your whole thing. And you're going to have he's going to be trade. You mother knows best mother knows best a terrible and amazing song. The so visually beautiful. Oh, it is. And and there's so many levels to it to pip. I'm certain you've read the discourse regarding touch in that in that scene. We see that mother awful withholds touch from her constantly until the very end of the song. And and then she reinforces you get to touch me. Now that you've agreed that mother knows best. Yeah. I'm telling you man, I'm not letting go this one go on though about your happiness. They make it to the city. This dance yet at the big festival to celebrate the practices. I day who's been missing for eighteen years weird. Blond mysterious has big blue eyes. Someone you know, big green eyes. Leave big is. Get her hair braided, and there's hours put in it. And she just talk art. She gets villagers today and she infant have some moments or maybe something will happen. Yeah. And then we get to the the the night lights rate. That's so pretty to an I don't if you guys saw this in theaters, it was breast taking theaters, man. I didn't see in theater star which I had MS release sometime magin watching that NYMEX just wash I'm certain that going that the hit or someone or that the chick who's a movies. Yeah. They'll do re releases or some shit. Have you? Five years is when they do the live action say they have their equivalent of the the the kiss the girl sees and in little mermaid, it's a classic. Disney moment in the middle of the movie. So, you know, things are the go down. I'm going to do something something secret, and clandestine, the really can actually be up unto tell you. I don't know why have to be could dagger about this. She do he was a thief. So he goes off to return, the the, Crowley puzzle. Gives it to Flynn as a show of trust. Because they've gotten to know each other. And she knows he's not going to go running away with it. He sees his former compatriots who are there to parody trouble. He deals bad about it feels bad about. So he's just going to give them the crown. They can do what they want with that. He can go back to accept then he gets knocked out mother. She hired the Forber allies of fluid. So then they type it up, which it's a common theme in this movie. Pippin child's movie child's movie they did it time up strap him into a. He's over there leaving you don't look to or notes affected. He'd being all these still in during that boat and somehow hasn't crashed the boat into the into the river area thing, you know, he's he's piloting it straightforward, which is for Flynn weird. 'cause he can't do anything straight. I. Wow. Okay. Legit though. I see, but the mother Gulf oil their defeats the two ruffians totally totally legit and takes her back. She's zero pencil the world is dark in cruel. But okay, I'll take you back. She also invites repel to give her a hug as puzzle has been trained earlier in the film as we've seen that. It's a moment for her to realize that. Yes, mother knows best what she is telling reponsible is the truth of the Asli. Right. And so we go right off to the conclusion land, right? We have Flynn arrested repels in the tower. It's looking dire. But wait he may be arrested. But she she's not waiting for him to rescue her. She's lying on her bed. And then she makes a connection. Widowed though, or symbolically, son. Tim biology. Subconsciously enjoying it all over the place. Those turns were for me those books on psychology are paying on. That book on psychology while she she knows the repeating motif from the the the the Royal family's motif of the sun slash flour. And she has been subconsciously repeating it over and over and over again throughout the entire tower and all of her art and she's like oh shit. Maybe life's not supposed to be this way. No, one told you. I was gonna be. I I was attempting to lead to that direction. I appreciate that you will win with it. I was trying very hard to resist dollars. This never resist. I'll just. Few so. Yeah. So she starts. Resisting? Good. Meanwhile, old Flynn gets broken out of jail by that actual loveable rogues yet, the horse and Maximus. And he dashes her upon Joel side cathedral up bad guy, and then promptly gets stabbed. Oh, yeah. The stress here. It's fled writer hang what he agrees with that. And he sheets that you've noticed his efforts. Thanks. Visit a prettiest damsel in distress with a normal looking nose. So he's dying by the gospel of stabbed him in case. That's not clear. Yeah. And repel is I guess willing to sacrifice freedom, and or to be able to go in not have him die. Yeah. And yeah, we get to the climactic bid of the movie, right? The fact that ain't gonna be like, no, you're not gonna spend rescue life imprisoned cut basic air cut. Yeah. He just takes his chart of America's broke, America's Republic for all shattered night and just chopped off all for hair because when her Harris cut it loses all of its power, which is a stab twice, including its healing power. And then immediately like mother, Gotha pretty much has a Indiana Jones style instantly turn old and then to dust death. She was pretty much just made up of the magic heard at that point. So like there was nothing back PASCAL tripped out the window just to add it, all, of course. Also just doesn't have to watch as the person who was her mother for eighteen years you crumbles into dust. Yes. That's why PASCAL did it. One way or another. He's an ally. And I support him. Yeah. Be well Flint is. Yep. He wasn't like at the beginning. But it's revealed that where was the magic all along in the side her tier ducks. Yes. Yes of Bajic healing tear. It turns out that magic in this universe is a shared via bodily fluids and. No regrets. And yet she cries on him and magic, oh, you know, what that means though, if magic tears exist in her university that means that she is also in the same universe as a bell, commuting the beast. Thank you. Fair enough. Yep. Which as we all know is actually France, which means Aaron Dell and frozen land excess d- will you also the fury that the downshift that a aerial Ovitz in a little rid. Oh shit. That's right. Nice. Okay. Sorry, going so. Yeah. Then it is not dead anymore because magic and then they've happily ever after they get married and they make out the end. Yeah. Not necessarily in that order. Definitely not not order. Hi. Well, it's important. They date for years before they get married. Yeah. Which I appreciate like good for you. Earl you think through your options real long and hard. Well, I I have never want to take TV show. I feel like I should 'cause I feel like I would enjoy it. But I think one of the things is that they very deliberately do not get married early. Like, they have the option they know they do. But they're like, that's all I know is that there's a scene the clip where they do get married, and she just goes for the kiss, and there's like a close up of her parents being very uncomfortable with the knowledge of their child sexuality. Well, the only Notre betting guessing at that point five years. Yeah. You baby likes it. Pretty well. Can we say? Prynne presidente or to the Royal family. Like, no, let me no other proof that child other in the fact that Disney at this point had a bit of a problem with Saint as female characters, but that's a different story. Her. And there was no need to call the roll geneticist. But no. Adhere, sir. Hold on. Let me check open. Yep. Yep. She has pheno types. We're all good here. I wasn't expecting you to actually pull out pheno types. I should've beautiful, you know, be well it up to you. Tapa? Yeah. That's that's worry there man apiece at medic and frying pans frying, pans, Frank pants, the important takeaway is number one weapon in the kingdom. Becomes it becomes number one weapon? Remember because Maximus as his storyline. The horse horse. Doug becomes a head of the Royal guard and trains, everyone in the art of Frank pin, and it's super effective. So we talked about the story. I think we should talk about what we would do with it. What can I have additions or changes or just steal? What kind of things we? Yeah. Yeah. Yep. Yep. Because I do think that this is an excellent story. I think they'd really good job with it. I think it does a lot of really complicated things for really for an audience that really needs to have those kind of complicates stories told in this kind of way. So I just want to steal it. Go for it. The thing. I wanna steal is. I think I mentioned it way back in my introduction. There was discourse for I don't mean capital D discourse. But discussion for low while on the topic of children towers, there's a couple of conversations like tumbler e an using the the phrase children towers shorthand for the complexity of trauma narratives, particularly when it comes to emotional or child abuse or things like that when people who have experienced that have to look back on their lives, and and then try to communicate to others like, yeah. This was terrible. But it wasn't hold bad. I can look back on my childhood and find happy things, and I can find. Meaning she creates radars. Here's the other. Here's here's where it gets really weird. Interesting. We, you know, people like how can you possibly love, you know, the evil witch will I mean this evil, which that knows what repels favourite soukous somebody had to teach puzzle out paint. And how. Do art. She goes out and specifically gets like her favorite paints. Like, they have like, it's toxic. It's a problem. But there are these things, and it's really really difficult to communicate particularly if you're an an artist or a an author or whatever trying to do the balancing act between the this terrible world, and this is an awful relationship. But it's one that repeal clearly at at least for much of her life treasures and part of the healing process. For Republican is going to be in the future. Regaining those good moments because you have like, you know, when she has the realization that got young was fucking awful. It's it's important that she'd have that it's important that she have the moment of like, you know, gosh fuck you. But to completely trash her entire childhood wholesale is something that is also not healthy you. You do have to look back and be able to find the things that were worth while. We're good. So what would you steal? Then her. What like what do you do with that narrative? I really want to I. Okay. So confession. I think Fran Wilde is an author who has already beat me to the punch on this one. She has a book coming out in a couple months, maybe called Riverland, which is literally about this topic. It's about finding the magic finding the goodness or dealing with the surf traumatic traumatic childhood that being said as we often talk about it on this podcast. Everybody's story is different. I would really like to write a story like that. I would or or something that tries to communicate this very complicated idea to people who maybe haven't had this experience. I think it's you know, it's really hard. And by think, it's really important. And I think it's something that not like people talk about although. Want? Another example, I think that Dodie Smith's I capture the castle is another good one for that. The. That's what I wanna steal like wholesale is concept. All right. The who do you think that the complex grief? He have in that. 'cause like oh shit because her mother did just I I everything that she went through the beginning when she first left ethics gonna go through again for years. And I think actually that's evolved reason for her not to have married for years aside from all the good reasons not to do it. Just also quick side held is then. Yeah twenties. Sure. We don't know you could be early twenties which a four year difference is in that isn't really that weird. If they wait to get married. Yeah. And also do also notably. He's got his own child like problems. He grew up in an orphanage. I mean, we already got that establish. There are so many reasons why loved this movie it's step which is like the like dates not as creepy as it could be all sorts of things. It's great cool. I've I've got something that kind of jumps off of cats. Okay, and changes tangled and part of the narrative and accommodative in stories is finding your real parents, and the people who gave birth to you or your real parents. And they're the ones who are going to love you. And the person who is not biologically rate to you. But who maybe raised you is the bad one and for like adoptive parents. Maybe that's not a great narrative. So what if it was something where mother awful wasn't evil? She wasn't using the flower to her own selfish, Gabe, maybe she was just right up actually protecting it. Ooh. And as much as I like puzzles parents what if they were evil tentant in greedy. So maybe the golf doesn't kidnapper puzzle because that's still bad if she somehow games guardianship of her or she's like if they heard the tower mother, Gotha somehow still get to end, and then she can be the adoptive parent. Who's the good one, and you're Bildt parents? You can read yet if they're bad you and disor flipping that part of the narrative because there's not enough stories for up to parents, are you taking more of a couple more long block kinds of the witch from into the woods, then now still bad. Although I mean, technically she was punishing wrongdoing. Pointed out that repels parents were fucking Seve's. I'll say stealing her greens. She had already clear boundaries and violated them as I played the song goes into some detail. The which in into the woods defense while she was still awful insurance done it. She seemed to have very clearly loved reponsible. Whereas I'm not sure in tangled if mother Gotha actually enough to repel definitely not so just because you love them does not forgive abuse. No harder for the kitchen therapy later. But yes, so it's always the evil wicked witch and the real parents were going to take you away from all of this. But sometimes where you start out from is the bad situation that place. Yes. Maybe your doctor parts better maybe need to find your own family. And yeah. So that's on. I think love it. So mine is completely different. Not a springboard off of either of you. The best. So I'm going back to basics here with the very first thing that we're introduced to in the story. The fact that the sun can have little droplets of power be falling onto the earth. And all that that's going to create some weird power dynamics in this fantasy realm at least I think because these things could be dropping all the time for all. We know. And maybe it has different powers every single time job fall on Elsa. Maybe dunton. I was gonna get to that that could have been either the justification for the frozen powers or we're going to have where wolves maybe both both Boeing both is good. Both is good. Because the thing imagining is now you have these various fantasy kingdoms vying for control of like, various items and people that have had like this literal drop of magic fall in. Into them in this world. I want to talk to you about the about the sun drop the negative. The sun drop initiative to finish. Dancing through to draw up the dog. Make us clearly clearly reponsible has like the holy healing magic. I mean, that's always cool. But maybe somebody else has like wicked sick fire. Magic. I mean, I think it would be the apple initiative for Snow White and all the princesses are a part of it. See if you consider fucking the one with the troll in it. As a Disney movie that means Princess Fiona the hulk. Thank you. That's entire goal. That's the one with the ogre in it. Shut a Shrek is DreamWorks movie car care. I'm putting your in there. I want her there. That's my secret. L O is what's the what's the main care with what the what the defining character trait of DreamWorks films, always raising up one eyebrow over the other. Okay. But if we want to get the other Disney things in there. I mean, we have Leila who has alien companions. We have a Hawkeye Hawkeye. We guy we do guys whole tell you about the, apple insured. That as ING and the plot of kingdom hearts four. Should have been the plot kingdom hearts three just saying. You realize we also already have a built in like villain squad to 'cause isn't actually cannon that it was like in one of the weird after noon. Disney shows at like all the villains get together like a club or something like that the house of mouse is house events. Yeah. It's like we already have like the league of evil mutant. You also have their descendants to that's a popular franchise. So are we all in on this? I think we're all in on this one. Yeah. Does this have both versions of malefic? F- isn't an hour. Now talk about once upon time the TV series. I don't know enough about that to adequately dicit anyway, Brent DVR of your. I d railed it myself. If you do that intitiative. Right, right. I leave anybody Alex cool. So you know, that thing we were joking about at the start. About we joke about many things about the tangle frozen period of whatever country is going to war was Aaron Dow, let's do this. Okay. So we've got a. Puzzle. She earns that hurt here's a heels Daf. So she learns how to utilize it. She creates in mortal. Army armies on army and good Lord. And. Sorry, brendan's. Good Lord is for funding. Fucking thing. That's happened. This entire. Right. And and during the coronation of of of Elsevier adult who she and Finn were there, we see her briefly. That's true. So you know, what fucking happen was out on the beach get frozen aided. And so the needing the countryside. And now, the Hoover puzzle is swearing revenge. I also like this is a really good example of the different things you can do with stories. Just Alex you're doing a, you know, you're your sequel ising it Brendan's diving deeper to the world building. I'm using a I think and pipping I think you're unite are both using themes, right? Yeah. But different ones. Sorry. I just wanted to pop in there being like, hey, aren't we clever in awesome, gone? We do and you to audience you too can utilize these very methods. Because listeners at the time of this recording the frozen trailer doesn't show what's going on. We've just know that Elsa is training. Now. We know what she's training four. Oh shit. I love that. She's training a coat across an ocean. What do we know is across an ocean fucking. Republicans army of the damned. But also, what is she doing to herself to make herself cry these tears of of magic like soc there? She is like self flagellating and tower her husband's like, please come out, it this isn't worth it. She's like, I must then here's how she's been talking to his crazy ghost. Oh my God. At this point her. She she's got tears of blood going on. So right. You love it. But she make Batam mother awful like a banshee. Oh. The just just her hood is just floating around guy. And then you have to wonder is it real or is that really like or she'd like just so traumatized from her place in both her childhood and from her role in her mother's death that she's just like seeing it all the time. And she keeps hearing mother offals foist telling her mother knows best trait. You should've remembered mother knows best just constant whisper over over and over. Meanwhile, PASCAL like, I I don't know what fuck do anymore. Out. This is fucked up right here. Only so many funny colors. You can turn before you have to you do not know what to do here. Pasco trying to be supportive at what point does his support. Winston Ebeling her. He's tripped like forty seven guards that that tower. Eventually PASCAL catches on. And then of course, you get into whole like theories of of, you know, a hell abuses generational, so what she do into PASCAL or God forbid any children. She might have had Flynn wound. Yeah. Do you think any for children hit inherited powers? Of course. We'll wait. Now, we have two can we get Janetta spec out here is it? Do believe that magical sunpower's are a dominant, gene as you may have noticed that it dominated over the parents genetic makeup when repel was bored. I am wondering whether or not this is a Toronto genyk change and will not pass onto the next generation bring the Royal biologist. Different voice, different voice. Go go. Hickel Betty oil biologist hang gold at eight. Aren't you? So glad you're taking those improv essence group into Republican the power absorbed absorbing the flower during the in utero in the euro for the placenta, what's the placenta? This is you let's use. Time the Turkey. Thanks waiting the leeches now in Butte with. He's magical leeches fuck where where does the rabbit hole? Go. All the way down. It's turtles all the way down. This is way too much fucking fun. We got it. Getting from this. We should do. Disney movies more often over to. Over to. Sorry older. We made the. Feel unwelcome. What happened? He blacked out. I had to enter a few state sometimes it's okay state wizard. Yes. Man. Are you guys? Have we killed this yet? Joe, I think it's take a thoroughly killed it. Job us fricken army of the dead. I fuck that. That was beautiful mad. How Alex always comes in? Could be the. Goping home guys. You know, true. I mean, I thought I was going to have a little rigor with where wolves but go. And rate few army of the debt. Yup. All right. So do we have time for a game? Let's. Of life. So how about we do exploit all the things we haven't done that one in a while. And I think we're in a proper garbage person Sita mind right now. Speak for yourself fair. Fair. Pip you are. You don't talk to me or my dumpster ever again. Matt Murdock doing and why? I'll have to ask. A brand. Can you tell us what this game is all about? We're gonna take a good plot. And make it worse with one. Simple change. Right. And I believe I will go first. Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, yes. Don't do it. Absolutely. Do it mother awful, redemption? Oh, that's yeah. You feel you feel just with that one. Don't you? Yeah. Oh, then she's like I was wrong along, and then you're stuck with just how hideously abusive the whole situation was with no fix. It makes it seem ok to the ID. And I'll just be in this tower. Now, you can visit anytime remember, I love you most. Oh, hell why remake it worth to all the things? We did tell them to do it. We did. It's my fault. Why did we not listen to the warning? Giver, I can raise you, and I can also when you okay, I got a simple one K not as not as dark as as Alex's in. This one Eugene is not horrible at everything. He actually drives the plot forward in his standard, boring, storytelling. He actually comes into tasted at the end. Yes. Sandy, just Errol Flynn's. It's flimsy. Yep. No fight ref Ryan pan. Even it's a sword. It's swinging from chandeliers, which is know fun. It's but not for this story. I did appreciate how Finn go the rescue reponsible like promptly fuck and fails. Got through the window at a mmediately stabbed. Yeah. Oh. Okay. Oh shit. I feel like we're not that. I think this covers it I think that a related point to that. And I'm not counting. This is my own I related to that is the is Flynn being the driving force entirely for repulsed rescue. Yeah. That's actually what I was. Yeah. Trying to get that. So yeah. Yeah. So it takes away all of all of repels agency. And makes it about a fuck and dude, and oh now I feel sick to my stomach about this one. I will. How can you be up dimissed about the? Pip? What do you get ready? Simple one. Okay. If the animals talked. Oh, that's unnecessary. Right. Break anybody's heart. Saying that'd be obnoxious. It would it would make it a demonstrably worse film, though. It would very simply. Yeah. Oh god. What if it was like a character actor or like a comic like a bunch of comics who's Dane cook? As a Maximus the horse Steve Harvey, the camelia, although that was back in two thousand ten so it'd be like something really bad. Now, only see k. Scale. Ed TJ biller together. So gross. I can't I can't. Oh. And then of course. They would be having their own weird rivarlry in the background drawn focus. Yep. Oh, jesus. That's terrible. Oh, it's no mother author redemption ark. But yeah, I mean from other definite is still I think the worst moment. Cat. Do you think you? I think that should be that match even got little beat. Shit. I'm trying to think here. Okay. I'm gonna do a weird one. So, you know, how remember Batman movies Batman movies for whether fucking reason have to villains? Oh, yeah. I'm gonna add an extra villain. Not just mother girth. Go Girdler fucker name is gospel Mumma, Jay. And I don't just mean in terms of like, the lesser Batty's of Flynn's, whatever because they were you know, they were entertaining chess pieces henchmen were hidden spear-carrier sick having but legitimate extra bad guy. So for instance, a real villain opposed against Flynn, not Maximus, but an actual a guy out to get him in a really negative and willing to do the wrong things to do it. So you have to add extra scenes of him threatening the guards. And if you don't find the Flynn rider, I'll have your heads. And then we see a head in a jar or some shit. And then eventually you'd have the two villains like striking up together, and maybe they're gonna betrayed others. So basically, it's this entire unnecessary plot. It's it's getting the sin of pulling focus, but a a different one. I know and when keeps betraying those two guys Flynn with working with amick onto the take for them to realize, it's them thing. Never. They don't hang out with the loveable rogues and that shop net Barnett by they clearly need friends. Maybe that's what happens to them. Now, they get to have a redemption are kit 'cause they're like siblings, aren't they? Yeah, brother. Yeah. And they did trust Flynn like Flint's one who fucked that up. Yeah. True name. We're all in an honest business arrangement, and he crime what you'll yes. But then he decided to double cross them. And frankly, I think that they have legitimate what they did not need like they had no idea that mother gafa was a fucking, you know, going to betray them. And they actually just keep trusting people's at actually thin. Maybe not wise in their line of work. But it's legitimately a problem. I think that they do need redemption. Our biggest weakness is that ship trust to trust to easily. And I've got this thing with my with my arm. But that's that's a different thing. That's a different thing. But yeah, I think the reason that the Hench guys aren't this extra thing is because yet they actually aside from being we don't know anything about them. They're just auxiliary minion type things, but even in their exhilarating nece within the realm of who they are as people they're acting reasonably it makes sense that they're fucking pissed off at Flynn. You know, I mean, they've spent five minutes is company. Yeah. Imagine if it was an an unreasonable actor if it was way over the top villainy the high chancellor yet, or if the captain of the guard had taken over Maximus took over most of the capture the guards actual search for Flynn. But imagine if the captain of the guard was actually like super evil. Oh, do you guys. Remember the zero movie within Donovan Deras, Joe. I was thinking about that yet. Remember, the blonde confederate captain or whatever the fuck. He was heads in jars. Yes, him imagine that opposite mother. It just would have taken away from the whole story draws focus. Just like just like the comedy thing. But in a different way. I would have ruined it. It's still not as good as. God damn. God, dammit. So. Yeah, tangled that was fun. Tangled? Disney movies. I'm a simple girl of simple pleasures. If think tangled kicked off kind of the latest run in good movies. They had right. All right after the time nine yet. I think that was one that I own. Oh, hey, the freidy animation movies that aren't Pixar can be good. Also, I think that also thing with the fact that the animals don't talk. And we see that again going into frozen. Does saving it from the snow talks, the Iraq's those are different doesn't spend doesn't. And that's what I'm hanging my hat on who even though reindeers are better than people. I feel like that's a song. It is his it's the only one that Tony award nominated Jonathan Groff sings in that is not moving. Lasts for a minute. Not. It's like a thirty second song. No any eventual closet is. Oh, that's right. Oh cross sauce. All right, guys. I think that we handled that one we ready to sign out. Yeah. I think so ready to leave this tower. That's when my life beacons while fight may. Okay. Well, I'll fight you with a frying pan. Yeah. Doing that audience. That's always if you have. Always fuck you pip as always if you have a story to submit head on over to know stories sacred dot com slash submission, follow us on Twitter at no story. A secret or send an Email through contact at no stories sacred dot com. 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