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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Korva Coleman the. Us stock market opened modestly higher. This morning as the Senate consider bill to patch some of the economic damage done by the corona virus. Npr's Scott horsely reports. The Dow Jones industrial average jumped more than two hundred points in the first few minutes of trading stocks are building on Thursdays modest bounce after a sharp selloff earlier in the week. All the major indexes rose at the opening bell with the Dow and S. and P. Five hundred gaining about one percent and the Nasdaq climbing about two percent. Forecaster said the. Us economy will suffer a sharp contraction in the coming months as Americans are urged. Hunker down to avoid spreading the corona virus here in Washington lawmakers are considering direct payments to many Americans Milan with aid for struggling businesses to help them whether the storm the Federal Reserve is also acting aggressively to keep credit flowing. Scott horsely NPR news Washington the Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration says that the trump administration is working to help develop a vaccine to treat Kovic Nineteen but Dr Steven. Hahn warns that any vaccine is at least a year away. Testing remains a key point to help detect the spread of the corona virus but many areas in. Us still don't have enough kits Hans Book to NPR's morning edition about why other countries are able to test thousands of people quickly. I don't want to speculate on what the test that they've done are and how they performed. What I can tell you is that. We've been focused on making sure the most reliable accurate and reproducible tests are available to the American people researchers at Johns Hopkins University have been tracking the outbreak. They report more than fourteen. Thousand Corona virus cases have been diagnosed in the US and two hundred five people have died. Meanwhile some hospitals in New York state are suspending most testing. Because they still don't have enough supplies in May areas kids will only used for healthcare workers and the very sick north country. Public Radio's Brian Man. Reports New York has the largest number of covert nineteen cases of any state in the US but testing supplies remain critically low albany medical in Saint Peter's Health announced the cutback in tests last night in the state capital saying they'll focus on screening healthcare workers and the very ill adirondack health. And New York's World North will save their supply of cove in nineteen test kits for people sick enough to be hospitalized. Even people with Corona virus symptoms are being told to go home without testing to quarantine themselves the lack of community wide. Testing means officials have limited information. About how fast this virus spreading Brian? Men. Npr News New York. The State Department says it is temporarily suspending routine visa services and all US embassies and consulate all routine. Immigrant and non immigrant appointments are now canceled. This comes a day after the State Department told all Americans abroad to return home or get ready to remain outside the US for an indefinite period of time on Wall Street. The DOW IS UP ONE. Hundred. Fourteen points this is NPR. The Olympic torch has arrived today in Japan ahead of this summer's Olympic Games but there are growing worries over whether these can open in Tokyo as scheduled on July twenty fourth. Because of the world pandemic organizers insist. They will go forward despite calls for the Olympic Games to be postponed or even cancelled most K. Through twelve students in the US are now out of school to slow. The spread of the corona virus but school leaders are scrambling to make sure millions of children can still get the free school meals. They depend upon. Npr's Corey Turner has more. Ask anyone who's been working in the school food world if they've ever seen a challenge like this and you'll get an answer like this not my lifetime. Lisa Davis is senior vice president of the no kid hungry campaign. We know what to do in a natural disaster. There is a playbook for that but this is unprecedented right now. Most closed districts are adapting the playbook they use in the summer. They're packing up lunch and often breakfast for the next day and handing out these grab and go meals at schools where poverty is most concentrated. Some districts are even using school busses instead of picking up kids. They're dropping food and doing quick check. Ins Corey Turner. Npr news the national weather. Service says a significant storm is impacting the central. Us heavy snow and strong winds are making for dangerous travel from the Rockies to the northern plains farther south severe thunderstorms are expected. Heavy rain could fall on the southern plains to the Mississippi Valley. I'm Korva Coleman. Npr news from Washington.

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