ACS (Part 1): Rick Fox and Jace Hall


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And we're hued help froze, get the job done with the products and brands you trust technology to keep your job on track job site, delivery, to save you time at bulk pricing on over four thousand items every day to save you money when you've got a job, we're on the job. The Home Depot. More saving. More doing. From Karol wanna studios in Glendale, California. This is the Adam Corolla show guest today from the g g podcast, Rick Fox and Jay's hall with Gina grad on news and ball Prien on sound vaccine. Now got passed over to beat from press secretary because the press corps, frowns upon multiple uses of the word. Adam Corolla the ad get it. All got to get it on a judgment. On this have the show brought to you by rocket mortgage shave club and simply safe and Castrol as well. Good day, Gina grant Hugh. Where how my phone? Rick Fox partner's coming in talking about all this gaming and all that's going on at a talk with max. Pat, basically, the Super Bowl of gaming was the second most watched program after the Super Bowl really worldwide that's make century start factoring in China and all that kind of stuff, but still nuts pretty soon, start calling the Super Bowl the football. Yes. I it really. I mean the notions gonna fall down the ladder. You know what I mean? Yeah. No, I mean that's I know it sounds like Pro Bowl gate right now. But it is the Super Bowl of the gaming things. Go to take over head Harrity has a these guys are going to get millions of dollars team owners like Rick Fox are going to be multi Jillian airs for owning gaming teams. It's, it's all there. It's all we're showing concussion fuzziness say. Free certainly a former football hotbeds, California. A lot of parents aren't letting their kids play just the town's going to dry up. Well, not only that, but the simulation of violence. So violence is such a strong part of our DNA. It's obviously not acceptable in our civilized, society. There's no jousting or dueling or you know, on guard or my second. So call your seconds at dawn, I swear to God, I think my biggest problem with dueling would be dawn. Yeah, I'd be like for me like we're both gonna take musket pistols, and we'll take ten paces. I'd be like yeah. Okay. And we go back to back and we take ten paces, and we turn, and we exchanged shots of musket balls. That'd be okay. And then they'd be like Scholl. Have my seconds. Visit you at dawn, and I'd go. Ooh, I'm on board on board. The more the all all of it. I like I like the like the knee high pants on the shoes with the buckles. I like the high socks this, this thing, first off, can we get a Cup of Mead and us coffee or whatever some grueling us on up sundown? I'm just I'm not a morning dealer. So. This is going to get you. We love violence, and it's not acceptable. But we shall simulate the violence, and this is how we shall simulate it. All right. I have some clips and some stuff I was thinking about something we haven't visited in a long time. I don't know. I just found this interesting talk into Nate over at the other shop about doing a series about cars and cars that were lost, and we're gonna do some series with the history channel the cars, and the stories and the baba blonde. That's interesting stuff, one of the first ones they wanna do is James, dean's five fifty spider. Porsche Spyder probably retails. I mean, not with his name on it just a five fifty spider in sort of that, trim that he got it in probably about a four million three point five to four million dollar car today. James Dean, bought it like nineteen fifty five. He went and drove it to button, willow, which is not near which is sort of little pass willow springs. I marvel at the two places in the entire San Fernando Valley, where I could buy European hinges and closers, and sliders when I was doing that kind of cabinet building at the time. One call one place with. And this is when it was specialty items stuff. You couldn't get it at Home Depot. One place was called sid Sajid. Places called sid Charney. He's and I was like this. Accumulation of the same name, then the only place you get the custom laminates where force plying far west by which, of course, is just going to be confusion. All the time if you think you're going to sit GNC nets Charney so far west. But it was forest, it's why it's crazy that they're two tracks in this entire area. And one is willow springs and others button willow. But when Ozzy said it was just say, willow then anyway, on the way to willow springs springs will go to button willow and famously James steam wanted to break in his five fifty that he bought out here and I think downtown back when it was real exotic have a Porsche in Los Angeles. And so in order to break in the motor, which is what you'd have to do back in the day and still a little bit in the race car world today, he opted with his mechanic, I think, to drive it to button button willow and down. The grapevine and on the way with the sun going down that cars about three feet off the ground convertible. I mean it comes up to your it's silver. I think the son was like setting and there's some guy driving a big Buick the other direction and they didn't see him and he turned, and he was instantly killed the dual the dawn, and there is I know at noon ish, and there is a. If you go there, it's like a big gas station, supermarket, whatever have cut out pictures of James Dean, whenever they're capitalizing on it anyway. That car when known of as little bastard, or little bastard, before there was a little Wayne, there's a little bastard, and and, and had a number one thirty on it. And he took that car to George barris, who is like the only game in town and car, customizing builder of the batmobile builder of the monkeys mobile builders of all those mobiles and custom paint shop, and blah. Blah, blah James Dean took it to George barris. He told him put a number on it. You know, custom paint a number and write little bastard on the on top of that. It was like on the trunk lid are on the back, so that car became a little bastard, and our little bastard, and it was one thirty and he painted up and then he. Took it, and he got he got killed in it, and also really. There's a crazy video that's weird haunting video where they were doing a PSA with James Dean God. No, I'll tell you what's haunting about it, and max paddock and probably find it is doing this stuff on the fly. So we'll give them a little time but there's a PSA video or James Dean, it's like he's clearly in his trailer. And somebody said, hey, can we just shoot the sing real quick for safe driving, and blah, blah, blah? And the script was watch out there because the person whose life you may save maybe your own and that was the little thing. He switched it up and said, maybe me. Wearily I probably weeks or months before he died. He the script and said drive safely, the life out there. You save maybe me spoken to exist, check. It means something to people. They don't wanna kill James Dean. And I think that was hayme just putting his own little twist on it. And I don't know when, but it couldn't have been twenty years, karma, GAAS did not like that. He was killed by someone you know, just driving Buick, and his a little bastard, and. Barris ended up purchasing the five fifty Porsche for twenty five hundred dollars. The mangled won the mangled one now that car. I mean, the engine and those cars are three hundred grand but that cars, I don't know. I don't know what price you'd put on the James Dean part of it. It'd be one of those ten million dollar vehicles now because, you know, the St. the five fifty has a price of three to four million bucks. Already that minus any James steam, the car from bullet is a Mustang that has a price that's worth nine thousand dollars. But it's four million dollars now because Steve McQueen in bullet so who knows what the four million dollar vehicle could be James? Dean on it. I don't know. He owned it. He he traveled around to two high schools for automotive safety whatever's, how they do that, to take that mangled car and they put it in the parking lot. And they wanted our right everyone. Come out and for me anything, but study anything to find good. There's gonna car. Oh boy. Right. So he did that. And then it was stolen and it was stolen and it was never seen again. Never seen again. And somebody, it's in somebody's underground, sort of bunker collection. No doubt in my mind. How would it even be stolen on a flatbed? I mean it certainly didn't run. I imagine it was getting shipped from. One port and the next port and Florida and I don't know if you know anything about Floridians or guys who work at ports to sometimes they can be compromised. You're going on turns out, blue collar guys who worked near water and Florida. If you would like to give them some walking around money they will do extra things for you. Oh my God. You're kidding. You know, the stacks, and stacks of shipping containers at Florida ports or really any port. What percentage of those stacked sky, high have no illegal connection whatsoever. Nothing illegal inside, no ill-gotten gains illegal money zero percent. Go connection I have no idea number in nineteen seventy four. If you wanted to Greece, some dockworkers palm, I am sure he'd be more than happy to take that thing and put it in another container that was heading for Dubai, and no better place than Florida and no better place than the dock and no better place than the seventies time than the seventy right. We have James Dean doing the PSA. Yeah. So this is the same year he died, right? One more question. Do you have any special vice for the young people who drive take it easy driving? Life might say, might being mind. Yeah. Supposed to be your own where anyway, prophetic don't ever do a PSA. Adema. We want you to do one for cervical cancer. Get the fuck out of my house. I'm clutching my groin yelling out. All right. So the car was never found. And it was taken from Florida and I now everyone is dead. One guy still alive, JJ arms detective that went looking for. We've talked about this guy is JJ arms. No hands. No hands are arms and an action figure made out of him and George barris, whose dad got JJ arms on the case. Course he did. I had this vague recollection as Nate and I were talking about beating out this, this episode of what happened is cars, like o j j arms. Oh, George barris own this car. And then I was like, I think I interviewed him and on car cast in two thousand and ten and he explained like what happens. I'll just play. The late great George barris real character. But again did not only did he do all of the cars that batmobile and the monkey will be on the munsters mobile tenders, the green hornet anytime. They need a car that comes in when you are celebrity, you brought your car to him if you're Lee majors, fair faucet, you brought them, and they made you a custom car for you to imagine. Nice. I know the deal, fine max van you can find some of those cars for later, but it's just crazy. Like every she'll ever just brought him their car. All right. A pilgrimage to barris place here. Sorry. Here is Barra son on car cast from almost ten years ago, the funny part about it. Hey, years after the car was stolen. I had JJ arms a famous international detective sure they made an action doll after the guy had interchangeable arm. Yeah. Conflict part about it is I told him stories, let me investigate. He came back a month. Later says, you know what George, he says that car was not stolen from the truck was stolen before the truck, because he checked away station, all the way cross the United States and never change weight. So that means the car had been stolen from the dock in Florida. So whoever took it, it must be a collector, because it's not hiding it first off, hold on them, reeling criminals, and Florida ever ever heard of such, they're all such upstanding, citizens, JJ arms, by the way, was a detective who was like missing his arms. And they made some kind of TV show out of the dude, and then they made an action figure out of the guy yet, like a grappling, hook and a bazooka. I don't know if he cut his arms off to sell the dolls or if he didn't Vietnam. What happened? It was arms when his young boy firecrackers brew both of his hands, and that's how he lost his hands was for the fire cracker nearly days. And then he became famous he found Marlon Brando's kid he was really very I did a surveillance. Of course. Same wasn't really arms was it? Well that's the name. I. Spell it differently. Now he's still alive. He's gotta be in Florida. Maybe texas. Guys are they're never. They're never in Seattle, there in Florida, Kansas. Right keys. Right. Is born in Texas there. Yeah. What's his loyal name? What's JJ arms, Israel, name, how old is a khanate interview before he dies. And do we have the commercial from his action figure? We have the commercial right here you wanna watch anything. This file this under one more thing. I wasn't going to get when I was nine but I've still intrigued. No, you can play world's greatest investigator with TJ arms, the action figure with interchangeable hands. What today's mission pretend to find my missing atomic warhead changing to such in cups, you can make England of end in chip using hooks JJ signs down hot on the trail now quickly switching to JJ's magnetic, hand, you recover of a missing warhead alert day arms comes with everything you see from ideal while she did. You know, when you watch that commercial that was a real person. I member go in like no. I thought it was like an action figure as. Yeah. Like I figure well what they did is they had evil can even ones but they ran short on hands just like got some show some closer shin Jackson repurpose it. But then I start seeing like, news stories and stuff. And then there was, I think even a TV show if I if I my brain is in two rotted like one of the seventies TV shows that lasted one episode. Owed, or like there was a TV show. And then the real guy was like evil knievel not. I mean evil can even that he he had the same. Here's the same stylist. You know what I mean? Like notion of transportation with taking a Lincoln continental and put inside pipes on it to tone paint, like putting their number and rainbow tape like on the hood like seventy a garish. Elvis, kind of seventy big cover. Investigators writer it's right. Yeah. Like the team when you went to slide under the radar, you get a cut. Try drive like a maniac up down residential streets on two wheels black guy of the mohawk driving governing, her chain was not the guy could have been one of many though. Yeah. Who else on the coal the sack of immediately been able to point to the MP's? Oh, the nine living at the end. Yeah. They're prove my son was almost killed five times by that van when he was walking high on the plane site. Yes. Who would do that if you're, you're something legal? All right. So is there commercial mix man. He was he played the villain in a Hawaii five o episode of star command. Yeah. His name is not JJ arms RJR herald arm. It's. Julian, Julian Armas. Not too shabby Jay and arms on that one too. I like barristers like he was holding firecrackers big ass firecrackers, but anyway. Well, if you have the Hawaii five o clip now he's how old now. He's, he's eighty six years. All right. So anything he's in Florida. We got interview. Well, he would know he would have some insights to that. Plus, I just like to see Dan. That's a guy who's, Dan, you wanna try pot, right? Assigned picture for Marlon Brando saying, thanks. Yeah. There's a there's a Twitter for JJ. I don't know if it's a fine. I'm checkmark, I'm going to bet that he has a sunken, Dan, I stepped down some real, shag real thick shag. Couple of steps down. And we step right into nineteen seventy seven that's what I preserved great colors. Yeah. I bet there's like some, some autograph. There's gotta be some pictures of like Joey heatherton on the wall. What number wife a Riyan for JJ hard to hard to tell? Interesting one. Joey heatherton was like one of these seventies fixtures hot chicks who wasn't really known from one place, but had like the song and the dance and would probably pop up on love boat, all the time, and the great name she oh, we had their ten that name Sam familiarizing, Terry type. Like, like, she's she's known how much question, what for ES, you know, for being blonde and, and being able to regurgitate, I know the navy lines of script, I don't know, find out where Joey, what whatever Joey haven't. All right. I'll tell you about this simply safe. I don't know shoot shoot JJ tweet, maybe maybe will bring us up. All right. Make it a favored one simply safe. Did you know most break ins happen between six and the AM and six PM? Yeah. The happened during the day the middle of the day. That's how I got busted on my motorcycle that time. So I got arrested the copter out patrolling the side streets because people were breaking into houses. They break in it. Four in the morning or in the middle of the night, or whatever know they break in when everyone's worm. Yeah. So only one in five homes has security, most companies don't make it easy expensive drilling. There's pulling wires a hassle. It is simply safe to I simply say protect your home, every window every room, every door twenty four seven monitoring at a fraction of the cost. Just fifteen bucks a month designed to blend riding with your home. You don't even see these things monitors are so small peel and stick batteries last up to ten years, and they've won a ton of a ward seen it New York Times, wire cutter. They've won it all. Visit SimpliSafe dot com slash Adam to for free shipping and sixty day free trial. Let's do it. Simply safe dot com slash Adam to try down six day, free trial free shipping. Right. Let's see him. See, we have that, that homeless article laughing about our do we have the homeless, the homeless clip that Gary was pulling over there? What was the setup for for that? Sorry. Well, you you saw the clip? You're talking to Nathan rich for take a knee, then rich former scientologist but he, he was homeless. He was homeless in Vegas, Arizona. Maybe New Mexico loss Angeles and Seattle or Portland. I do believe he traveled around as a homeless young man. Yes. Yes. Sorry and go ahead. Well anyway, so you're gonna this article from the Sacramento bee is written by Dan shirt, and it's the influencers opinion. Section about breaking down the root causes of California's homeless crisis to find solutions bright and some. Politician cited a number. Yeah. So state, Senator Scott Weiner. Democrat out of San Francisco has pushed to increase housing supply in urban areas, and for digital financial support, the Californians who can no longer pay sky, high rent and his quote is about seventy percent of homeless people have neither a mental health nor and addiction problems seventy percent. Don't know does just regular folk they simply can't afford housing. So it's just the lion share of the homeless people. The people who at night sleep like when you're going down, western and underpass there at silver lake and the person that decides to sleep. And that sort of half a shrub slash dirt. With a cardboard box. There is a person that is only getting thirteen dollars an hour working at Home Depot. And if that person was getting nineteen dollars an hour, then that person would not be sleeping on the ground. I had no idea is that it's a lion. Share of the people. Seventy percent are not involved with drugs or alcohol. Simply not don't make enough money to Ford an apartment. And by the way in this state in the states are pretty big state. I mean, they're places you can go out of Los Angeles, and that rent will drop pretty damn fast inland. It doesn't have to be Carmel, right? Fulton Z's free. All right. So this guy says get that from where she gives at number from, I'm sure he doesn't cite any sources. Now, they are in their in this predicament, because of California's failure to build enough housing at any income level, California, has systematically underfunded subsidized housing for our lowest income residents, those at the bottom of the economic ladder, or at significant risk of being pushed onto the streets. Well, here's the thing about building commercial property's housing of any kind or production of any kind. We. Will either do it here. Or we won't depending on how friendly you are to us doing it here. If you make it fairly easy to do it here, here's the thing about California. Everybody wants to do something in California, all production since everyone lives in the Palisades all the guys all the decision makers live in Malibu, Beverly Hills Bel Air and the Palisades and in Sinoe. They would love to sleep in their own bands every night. They do it here if you make it difficult financially from a regulatory standpoint to do it, then they will get on a plane, thus me driving. Bryan Cranston to Burbank airport so he can go to New Mexico. Bryan, Cranston lives in Sherman oaks, he likes it there. He doesn't want to go to New Mexico for long periods of time enjoys his house in Sherman oaks. But if that's where the money is that's where the money is, what have been nice to film in riverside like they were. Going to people who build commercial units and housing, low income housing or any kind of housing, who I'm sure would love to be in Los Angeles, and do it. But if you make it difficult for them, then they shall not do it. And that then you will have a shortage of production and a shortage of housing. So it's a weird thing to blame the builders just like blaming production, which they don't blame. Well, they do they did blame the production. And they're like, hey, come on. Do the right thing. And then they did that for awhile, and the productions aren't really anything, but a bunch of numbers, just count money, that goes out, and count money that comes in. And so you couldn't tug at their heart strings because they didn't care because they're just a machine that calculates numbers. So at a certain point, they went, okay? We're going to give you a bunch of breaks and they went we're back, right? Well, that's how they do it. So now that we know that's how it works, then go ahead and ease up on some of the regulations and make it a track. Active for the builders to build. Seventy percent. I don't know when this thing got so politicized. I imagine. Your plan. If you're running this shit house is to sort of blame the blame the man, and the man are commercial guys who build stuff. So it's like blame that guy. Don't blame us blame that guy. And if you say that everyone is flopped out in they're all strung out on drugs and booze. That's kind of, on you who runs the city who runs the state, if you blame it on bunch of rich guys who'd rather go to Texas and turn a profit than stay here and do the right thing then that isn't your fault. Also, that is your over regulated it and got them to go. So both roads lead to you. But for some reason, there's a fixation by the powers that be to turn homelessness into something other than what it is like you'll hear Gavin news and the face of homeless. That's not out of work. You know that's not a junkie felon. That's a mom. That's a mom who's refreshed newly divorced. Lost her job, who has to take her famous. It's like. I you could go find that example person exist. But in small numbers and having just freshly comeback from San Francisco, where we walked to and from a venue in a hotel twice every day. These are not down on their luck moms with, with a kid into these were people chasing us with shopping carts, screaming bottles of people. Anybody who knows labor town. You don't have to know you don't have to crunch numbers. You don't see anything when you see a guy slumped over, and it's one in the afternoon, and that guy's in a zone filth and he slumped over and he's leaning against the stucco wall of an underpass, and it sort of hap, one eye open, and one eye shut that's not out of work guy. That's severely impaired drug. Attic guy. By the way, also the reason I'm bitching about this is if you would like to solve a problem. This is not the way to go. 'bout solving a problem when you need to identify what the problem is. What's caused around, then we can solve the problem? This is not a way to solve a problem because there is a very specific way to help that person. And it's not giving him another six bucks. Yes. Who's this lying douchebag politician? Again, this is state Senator Scott Weiner, and the seventy percents thing that feels so oddly specific gift so vague at the same time. Yes, I'm sure means nothing either way. He's a liar. So thank you for helping run the city into the ground. I'll just play the clip of. I talked to Nathan wrench. Yeah that's like a minute half. But it's just meet just going who's anybody homeless who's not on something. What percentage of people in your experience who are homeless were not addicted to something or who has a dicta- to sometime trying to do the math? But if we're including alcohol than say virtually all of them are addicted. So it's like basically one hundred percent of the people are doing something extremely, rare to find somebody who is on the streets, who doesn't have a vice. That's hanging over their head. Did you find anybody in your travels pretty extensive travels and pretty extensive time who was? We have a big homeless situation population in Los Angeles. And there's this sort of this narrative of, like, well, the factory closed down, and the next thing you know, she's living out on the streets and our, he's living on the streets. And I'm like it doesn't feel like just your, you know, you lose your job on a Friday and you're living out on the streets on a Monday. It feels like a whole bunch of stuff now in the homeless world, that, at least that I saw all up and down the west coast. You've got different sort of factions of homeless people different sort of types. I was what they would call street kid. There's also what we call the St Kitts, call home, bums weirdly, which are what normal people call like bums. Okay, I would bunch of hair, and he's talking to self selling oranges or whatever, but there isn't a sect of like oh, here's the people that used to have a job and then the job, you know, the factory closed down, and now they're just homeless. Usually those people have a route through, and that they can go. And get social security. They can get temporary food stamps gas vouchers. They can get all the stuff and get back on their feet. Yeah. Well, also, again, I'd like a gas can be an expert at everything gas fascists. It's, it's my second hand smoke thing, where it's like rob Reiner says fifty thousand American type seconds you go. I've never heard of anyone. I don't know anybody's ever died. I've heard of million diagnoses, and I've heard about this celebrity, or Luke Perry died mislead or whatever, but who side of second, and if you don't if you can't come up with a person, and if you can't picture that homeless person just the GM factory in van Nuys closed down. And this guy worked there for thirty one years in Dow, he sleeps on the ground. Picture that like you're gonna win that guy have friends that he worked with their family car. Yes. I mean I'm not saying everyone is wildly gainfully employed. I'm saying anybody? We know who was not severely impaired, who was not schizophrenic and not taking their meds. Severe drug abuser. Anyone, we know under normal circumstances could go crash on anyone sofa could put up and flayed -able mattress. And someone's garage for a few weeks until they found a job there is that distance between you losing your job, or you being short on funds or the factory closing down. And you physically having a concrete pillow. There's a big gap there in a lot. That's gotta go wrong before you physically get to the straits. They painted as. Has WalMart laid the guy off and then following night. He slept on the sidewalks. I know there's, there's a some phone calls to make how many I know I know ton of people who went back home. I know men and women who've literally at age twenty four just went like I that a problem with drugs or booze or a life kind of was too fast, whatever. Yeah. And they literally just went back to their old room and got their shit together for eighteen months. Hated their parents. Every step of the way, which I love because I was like, well don't move back home, then old oldish person this door. That is open to you for some reason. I always love that when the twenty four year old moves home. Like my dad still thinks he can tell me what to do. It's like, well, the landlord said, take out the trash. You're eating food. And you should be employed in living on your own. But okay, we've all we've all seen that and heard of that. Okay. I've heard of that of her. Getting, I've had, you know, I had I mean look, you wanna get homeless. I mean my best buddy, Chris's dad was going to fucking prison and he, he got dumped out of his apartment like three weeks or month before prison. He calls early admission. Accepting. Yeah, he was treating it. He was out front of the prison like they're dropping the new apple iphone. Wars jealous. Cute up. Graham story now we show look at a one bedroom apartment Ida one bedroom apartment with three dudes and and, and Rick shows up with a box with cowboy boots in the box and Dinty Moore stew, and, and his water bottle any like plops down. And he's, he's sleeping on the sofa. They've slept on the sofa for a few weeks. He crashed at his son's not his son's house, not his son's apartment, his sons friends apartment is where he crashed. My dad got divorced. He went to inlaws out, I slept in Grandpa's office. There's a lotta options and also when the choice is or sleep on the street MO my grandparents. I'm sure hated my dad rightfully so nobody wanted that sack of shit on their sofa less than grandpa did in their one bedroom. One. Through m- eight hundred square foot pile of crap. In north Hollywood. Yeah. Dad, but they still went like, okay. Just flop on the sofa. How are they're still there? Yeah. The story goes that might dad doesn't have any dignity. So his thing is like a while, I'll stay on the sofa long, you'll times, let me stay on this show foot because it's free, but it is certain point at least here, my grandfather say, I think my grandfather I several months like my grandfather, just went like, hey. This is my office. Johnny Carson here at night, any work. Can you gotta get out? You got to find an apartment. I know that your family lacks conventional traditional dignity. Right. But I have wondered before would your mom like Papua for Sunday dinner and be like. Oh, hi. Because that was her family. You're here. She hated. She hated her fame. I guess she hated my dad's so she hated everybody stayed away from that house. She was lukewarm on the cat and other than that, she hated everybody cars, the house circle, don't go here. So, and then she couldn't really, she couldn't cast judgement because she was living in their other house, which was supposed to be a rental property. And she was flopping at for free. So she couldn't go over and cross her arms. And look at Jim and go, oh, what a loser, you're living because they go well, you took up the fucking house. At least I just took up the Dan. Yeah. Well, that's an argument. Yeah. A real couple of Trump's. That's how we grew up like the Trump family between the two of them. They had my grandfather's, Dan. And they had the other shitty house that they owned that being that my grandparents they're zero deeds property. Anyway, whether it was Rick Boehm or my parents, or whomever, they just call. All their pathetic relatives. And by the way, nobody liked anybody. It's not like they liked champs like, well after all Jim has done for us. The least do. Jack squad for anybody, but they're like, okay, just plop on the sofa. And we just told wreck you just bring your Dinty Moore plop on the so funny plopped on the sofa, like people are pretty. Especially it's weird. But the lower the income, and the harder, you have it and like the last bathrooms and all that weirdly the more, tolerant, you are that I think that's true. I got I got seven thousand square feet now and I wouldn't put up with it, but and multiple bathrooms. But back then had no square footage in one bathroom. Let them crash, a very this might as well happened. Today is also like it's already were floating educators, -i. Somebody already took a shit in it. And now this guy's pissing and it's like. With a turt-, and, like, okay. All right. So anyway, seventy percent of homeless turn out, don't have any addiction problems. So it's just that one thirty percent. I if that's the tick is true. Let me put this message out to the seventy percent. How about you ask? Why get your shift together? If you're totally sober, and you're able bodied, and you're just sleeping on a sidewalk use, and get up and see find a job and guy ahead head heading to the inland empire or go find or go to get a southwest ticket to Nebraska and get a job at a textile mill or something walk, and you got time, right? All right. We have JJ JJ arms from Hawaii five o is hook man to man, the play this is nineteen Seventy-three. TV dinner with. Stabbing. Officers accident repeat officers at Ceuta and Keever in car seven. Mike to one two contacts are cider on frequency. Being alone on the Matic. Guns rock of machine guns proudly displayed. Are there any flip story speaks Mexico? He's, he's not a talker show. Just uses hooks a ton. Per up with it with his hook. I guess he was an actor I and then started the physics. The silent film era. LA talkies a longest seen without dialogue. How long was the script nine pages this episode? I thought he would be opening. Laura talking. Don't walk through, gene. No matter with that grabbed scissors now going to cut his hair article. Well, he could have a business where he cut hair. This is all impressive. By the way, he's, he's sizzling. Here's the word. The I, I guess this is just a slow Caballo him in how how desk areas with his able body? All right. Well, anyway, max RAD, if he does say, anything, let us know the hour long episodes co-stars. Oh man. Wow. JJ arms still alive, isn't their credit? Does it very long arms? Yes. Him exclusively nothing but JJ arm just doing everyday household things with to not speaking thinking, considering during there was dating. There is an action figure. It's a crazy. You can't make this stuff up. And he was, it was just one of the run of the mill guest guest stars on a seventy show. Guys. I'm trying to think. We had in the seventies we had these things we first off. We have these sort of human interest, fascinations stories. We had like those incredible people. And those while this whatever's good people like you look at evil knievel evil knievel was probably the most famous person on the planet for maybe a decade. He was known everywhere to everyone on the planet. There was action figures. There was evil knievel, the movie starring George tan guy. Judge? So here's how famous evil can evil is in one stretch. There's evil knievel the movie with a young George Hamilton playing evil knievel. And then there's a movie called Viva knievel starring evil knievel as evil knievel. So imagine there's who movies out. Freddie. Mercury was still alive, and they had MO hime ramp the out. And then another one, he'll Freddie, Freddie, with him out at the same time like that. That's not him famous, so we have these, like personalities or think of Howard Cosell. You know what I mean these big personnels that everybody just knew. Sometimes they didn't even possess a skill like I mean, not a scale but what they weren't actors there were everyone knew Muhammad Ali, but that's a little something else. And then the richest these big personalities and Howard Cosell's Riva knievel's, and your things, and they did stuff, but we were char- house. Yeah, yeah, chara, we're always looking for the next who is this thing that we can all get excited about detective, who was missing his arms named JJ arms. And there were certain yardstick t measure, like, if you got an action figure after you that, that, that meant something if you're showing up on TV shows, and we had all these kind of Friday night shows where they're talking about those crazy, people are the most amazing people when we love these weird human interesting. So I don't know if we're so much that way. Now, maybe the internet is help that or hurt that or there's. Too many names or too many people. I mean saturated how, how many famous people, there was no such thing as a famous person that a whole group of people had heard of when I was a kid. Now, when you go the BT awards, and you start going through all the rappers go, this guy famous, this guy's multi-platinum blah, blah, blah, like, okay, I'll take your word for that. I do not know that name, even if you were foreign, you reach certain level of Palay, or Bjorn Borg, everyone knew who that was back in the day, who knew jussie, small let was before the thing. It's like oh, he's a big star is on empires. It's like nobody. No share of people people watched empire. Didn't know who he was. Right. Right. All right, Lynch, provided a response to me, making fun of him following the band fish which was pretty funny. He tweeted me back. It's. You can go fuck yourself with a P A an apt response. A respectable response. I liked it. I liked it a lot. Comey writer. Yeah. All right. Let's see. We got a clip from Denver comedy, works, what are we got in there? This is you talking about dick picks dick picks. Here we go. I've never taken a dick pic. The ass, you know why you welcome. You ever get a stanch grab? What's the snatch version? We need a name for that. Well, we got a label it something that, right? There's no reason to take a picture my day by took a picture my dick and I sent it to you guys. Go. There you go. Dick. I can't see him before. It's not big. It's novelty about it doesn't have like a dog leg or. Saying trap, or anything just, just dig, like no reason. Taking a picture of my dear it'd be like, if you and your buddy was, like walking down the street you're like. Is that a Camry? We got beige with a cloth interior get over here. By those. Do that shit. Eight thousand got less than ninety on it. Get a shot of this. Reason whatsoever to take a picture of my deck. Although you should wait a couple of beats before you reject my cock, and such a wholesale fashion. I go, I'm not gonna take pictures, you know, you're. Seri- about Dixie elements, a picture year dead. It's true. But let it breathe. Pretend you're thinking about. Picture. Corollas knock. Forget like that. Like you're digesting a little bit said your quick wholesale. Knacks. If my dick. My dick is so plain. Dick was a character in a sitcom. It would be potsy from happy days. Sweet kid in a card again. Do stand next, but we're not gonna spin off series. There were three like hot chick sitting in the front and the head to do that move that hot chicks. Do just like being hot you go. Well, there's a thing where you go, like I was gonna get naked and jump in the pool. But is pleased down thing where it's like okay. Do you have to pretend like first off? Maybe it'd be funny or whatever you don't have to, like, I, I think that I don't take picture my. Yeah. Thank you, like, okay, we get it. You're hot and you have to provide this commentary that lets us know that your hot rejecting my dick, I get it. Wow. But I mean you don't have to do that. But at the end of the day, I do that. There was a three top a hot chicks center front row. There were three hot chicks front row, who had too strenuously pretend like they didn't want to see a picture of my dick, but I knew what the truth pretending. They had to act. They are putting JJ arms level acting. Silent like JJ. Funny. There were checks, max Vanna. Oh, yeah. They're pretty hot. Yeah. He did not miss them. All right. Let's see what do we got here. The walking in our guests are walking. All right. So why don't we take our selves a break, and then we'll come back and chase Rick box who I think I saw at match game with the Alec Baldwin. I saw him. We'll talk to them right after this. The price tag on that. 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More doing. Corolla drains. Thanks, JBL and harming audio partnering with us on sound the girl a family barbecue. They let us use this bans gear. They're called ever ride. You can learn more at ever ride official dot com. Take a listen. Follow anchor Corolla drinks for pictures and video from the Corolla family barbecue, and thanks to JBL ambassador band ever. We appreciate it. Presents definitely. Two. On the role is shown. Saint Paul Minnesota of fifty nine year old mother and her twenty year old daughter were arrested at Domino's pizza for threatening staff with a handgun because they had not received their order hot way. Definitely not. Rick Fox in studio. Jas hall is partner in studio. The podcast, g g podcast new episodes on Wednesdays apple podcasts and podcast one. And we got the game or stuff to talk about how big good see you guys again. Who do you see all Jason seen in a million years? And then Rick, I saw nine months ago in New York gruesome little match game action. Yeah, it's a good. It's a good vibe over there. Isn't it have a little funny type of show you can do they hand you drinks at eight in the morning? Encourage you to get hammered. That's like this is me this, what happens is every commercial break. They just come out hand your new drink. And at the end of your third taping you have no idea where you are. You've been drinking. I said, what if you went to a bar and you ordered a MARTINI and you were just like watching hockey and sipping off the MARTINI? And you were going to sit there for five hours, but someone just kept refilling your MARTINI like how should face the end of that game? Only on one drink. Yeah. You've had one. It's bottomless bucket of drinks. So let's talk about just how big this gaming has gotten and the teams I know you guys are team owner and the notion. Or can we say owner Rick Rick is? Yeah. I'm on Eastport professionals organizational owner and my my dream and passion was at some point after I retired from official sports was to maybe find my way into ownership in a pro NBA team. But it it may be a reverse plan here because I got into sports ownership through east sports which is professional video game play at the highest level. Let's talk about how big it is internationally Christmas. Telling me, basically, the Super Bowl was second only to the Super Bowl of for bowl of e sports, can you explain that? Well, you know, every year we you'll come across the NBA finals or World Series Super Bowl. Major globally sports events rival, those none. Numbers in media, and, and the in China alone against the world championships legal legends. They sold out the whole Olympic stadium of a hundred thousand people. So you're getting the type of attendants type of viewership numbers that very quickly now have garnered the attention of sponsors and fans alike as this generation's desired choice of celebrating competition. Well, you know, I as you're as you're describing this, I'm saying, shocked faces on the other side of. Let me sort of put a theme around it. What's happening in why? Suddenly, you know, you're hearing so much more about this. Everyone's been playing video games for a long time. They've been around for since the arcades, right? But everything's always been focused on the video game as the point of interest. And what started to happen with streamers and all this stuff. Is it starts to matter who's playing the game? And when the minute you start focusing on the people who are in the activity that becomes far more interesting too far. More people are just, you know, and so that gives rise to e sports and, and, you know, people personalities like ninja who he had on Ellen or what have you. And so it's really exciting to be sort of part of that. And Rick actually was part of the catalyst, where you have a professional NBA accomplished player coming into this space and saying, hey, the activity over here is similar to what I did over there. And I remember when you went on the view and they just laughed at you. When when you took a very. Very controversial stance at the time that they were actually athletes. Well, can we anyone was allowed to say that it would be, you know, to anything anymore, like Brian says who knew LEGO the movie was going to be such so huge as a great movie such a great franchise lay goes? No. I am on its face may started off, you know, tank Abbott and he's fighting dumpster. Losing, and losing, he's losing to dumps there like it was, like, come on. And now the biggest thing ever, like we're not in a position to poo poo, any idea, any more, because it's all potentially good. I mean it doesn't guarantee anything but you can you can no longer go that will never work, you could be entertained that at the end of the day is I think why people are tuning in. They were entertained as players of the game, they grew up playing video games they've evolved, we've evolved to generation. Now that won't be told put down the controller and get out of the house because if they do that they just play on their phones. So the technology's advance the access to viewing this technology through streaming platforms advanced. And so, I think just as a whole. Evolution is taking us to a point now where in sport this generation that have played video games see that as their form of competition that they want to express themselves through that they want to chase a career in whether it's in competition or whether the coach journalist analysts the person covering it the physical therapy, you know, person that's working. Whoever it is all of those career paths really parallel any traditional sport, France, you know, experienced sorry, I will say that I came up in the Nintendo second Genesis EROs, beg in my life is young, you know, ten to twelve year old or whatever the air was. And of course, it was more fun to play the games. But there was something very cool. Even like you know, the Neo geo streetfighter era, like seeing the older kid in the neighborhood could just kick ass. And like you kind of watched an all like oh, you could do that he could do that. Like there was kind of a cool thing to watch courses more fun to play. But there was something cool about watching, what was real interesting about what you're saying is you go to an arcade. And you'd see people playing. There was actually a physical limitation of how many people could gather around the machine to see it. Never really got a sense of how many people might be interested in watching it just because of that limitation. But the minute people could start to stream their game play and anyone could watch it. Well, now you're actually seeing how many people in the world. Actually are interested in scenes that time affair. And to talk about this being new. I mean, the documentary king of Kong is something that we all have enjoyed this has been going on for a while the other thing I never really thought about, but you're when you're talking about playing in the Olympic stadium. I did, I think about all these big venues and all these big venues like Dallas stadium has a huge Jumbotron hanging from the middle the place and you do feel kinda stupid buying a ticket sitting down at the fifty yard line nine rose back and then staring up at the Jumbotron because there's a facsimile of that going on on the field. So it's kind of weird, whether it's a concert or whatever it's kind of weird. When you're you find yourself in a suite at the dodger game. And your back is turned to the field and you're staring at the screen above the bar. But this actually is made to be watched on a screen like you don't if you go to see one of these events you don't feel guilty for not looking down. I guess I'm picturing it as a as a. Sporting event, you know, that's a really good thought. I don't really think about that so much because I'm a pure video gamer. Right. So, so the idea of going watch sports is sort of a little more foreign to me in terms of, you know, it's natural for me to want to look at a screen, but I having been at these events. There is an added element of seeing the players sitting there sweating it out, the, the subtle interactions that go on between the two teams that are literally sitting side by side, there is more there. But yes, there's no guilt in, you know buying your ticket sitting in the seat staring at a giant Jumbotron, Rick every every weekend in support of our team. And it is grown on me. And really when I think back to what really I bit me. With excitement was an experience at Madison Square Garden in two thousand fifteen where I went to witness a North American championships legal legends. And I walked into an arena tonight played in for years in my life hundreds of times, and it was sold out. The energy was electric the fans were feverish the merchandise. Sessions every everything you get from experience of going into a sporting event, or a concert was there. And, and I watched for five hours and enjoyed myself and it was in that moment that I ran into to Adam silver, who was Commissioner of the NBA, they're experiencing it trying to digest what this was himself. And I asked him, I said, what is it about this event that you're here, you're the NBA Commissioner, and he said, Reckitt goes at the end of the day, they're filling arenas, I had thirty owners who own arenas, and so very shortly. After that he created the E sports division in the NBA just to explore and understand where this was going, and then a year later he started to k league and you have the NBA involved with two K E sports competitions where they draft players. NBA teams own sports, you know franchise within their organizations. And now you have the NHL looking at it. And if everyone is now you know, evolving to this place where they're actually incorporating that into revenue model of their their business. If you're Adam silver, you don't want to run into Rick Fox, I can tell you when I did dancing with the stars. And I had to stand in between Jason Williams. I think we'll see the and for. Taylor. By the way, you guys should have some sort of competition, Rick you thought you're pretty. I mean, we've have the over six six caramel division guys in the senior crew, or whatever division with their is I dunno. 'antonio Bandera step. I can't remember that guy section city. There was that guy. And there was looking. Between those guys like a fucking pig doorstop like there. No, that's accurate. Those guys were so got damned good looking, and there were so tall and they're so crazy that you don't normally feel that bad. You hang out with cousin, Sal mix and short. And they're dumping their ball and everything you stand in between us guys, you feel you want to kill yourself ever blind. And you know, Adam silver's, not easy on the eyes is what I'm saying. We would go run into a Rick. Kinda get a buffer in between you two. Jeff Ross Jeff arousal stand with green, Jeff tell. Tell Adam between that. No silver. No. Because he's without being without being fat. He's unattractive is, is you get. He's weird looking he's like eighteen next to Elliot. Right. All right. Who did I do that? The guy was like the guy was like, Toro delph way go or something who put pen Gillette in between you guys. You gotta find a good one. Of Jason's on the right. Got to find a good one of that guy. Didn't he should of Gucci one? Right. Oh. You're saying in the over six five caramel colored Chris vision. So you guys are on full like football, you know rock. To be real logs real tough to tell who's easier on the eyes. All right. So this thing is, what is a guy like. I think my son was telling me that ninja made like eleven million dollars or volunteers, nineteen million bucks right up with the top professional athletes in the world. This is good for you. And I'll tell you why. Because we grew up with our fucking moms, and grand-mom's going that guy gets ten million dollars. Take up ball and drop it through he hits a ball with a stick. We millions of dollars. Well, now they can shut the fuck up because this nineteen million bucks for playing joystick in front of a computer. We at least the guy with the basketball is burdensome calories. He's doing the thing. They stop doing. That's right. But those games down, there's no such thing of telling again, you can't say what won't work. No, I can't tell my son. That's a horrible idea when he says, I want to end the blind get scholarship for it. They're definitely doing that. Now, the other day mastery, you know, celebrating mastery or watching it or wanting to understand. It is actually interesting. What is I agree? I think we are perfectly capable of just going who's the best at anything it could be passed fishing. It doesn't it doesn't matter. We will champion what does a guy on your team like how do you pay your guys in some cases of money? You know, we've had players that we've had to let go that. If wanted, you know, seven figure contracts. So the, the average salary, I think, in a legal legends, one of one of our franchise games. Right now is I think the average is three fifty three hundred fifty thousand with the high end being one to one one point two million. Can you walk us in economics, because is it all prize money? You're taking. Short at this one. We're novices so walk through the how, how does eighteen make a lot of money and dust pay its players? Well, you know, depending on the game that's being played the economic shift a little bit. I'll talk about a special one in a second. But in something like league of legends the, the, it's all based on how many people are watching and cooking. So it's very similar model to, to normal sports in that, if you got a lot of a team that's got a lot of fans and a lot of people viewing it, they can make more money. So in so you have teams that will pay their players salary, certainly if the team wins, there's prize money that the publisher of the game might award to the league one second, hit with a lot of people watching to make money off that these are you running an ad or something in the bottom of the so similar to some really? We, there's merchandising, right? And but with publishing rights, you know the in game owners became owners can actually share revenue of in game items. Okay. So you're talking about not only you, are you selling merchandise out on the streets. You can wear a t shirt, you can buy, plus she or some type of doll, you can actually buy that same item in game. You can't have it in your locker in your account or whatever. Well revenue split with team owners because we as a team our have paid franchisees to be in this league and for that we're in agreement partnership with the publisher and we share revenue, what, what countries excel who are the top dogs, I don't know. I think of it sort of like soccer, there's just some countries taco other it depends on the game. But you'll definitely get a lot of high end players out of South Korea as an example, part of that, just relates to the culture that general culture of. South Korea in terms of how acceptable it is to play video games. So elebrate it's celebrated far more than in, you know, other countries are lagging behind, but they're getting there, so that encourages more participation, more money involved more. So you got a real lot of really, really good players coming out of South Korea. That's for sure. Yeah, you can get in the case of Doda prize pool. And dodo was I think twenty one million. Well, so I was gonna talk about that, so Toda which is the, the short version of defender of the arena defender of it's a game. It's very similar to legal ages. One of the things that the publisher does is they create a special item at leading up to a big event that you can purchase as a player of the game. It's an Ingraham item so it's like a special t-shirt, your character can wear as an example. Right. And they'll charge twenty dollars for that. Well, there's millions of players of this game and almost like the all wind up buying it that turns into forty fifty million. Dollars of sales of that item and a huge percentage of that of that revenue goes to the winner of the event. So that's why you can see particularly Doda very large prize pools. Right. In the crowdfunding kind of fashion. Yeah. Yeah. And I guess if you think in terms of sports, you think, well, God, I seems like football's kind of trailing off because none of the parents want their kids out there, making the contact and have the head trauma, and baba blah. So you look at a sort of, let's look at the twenty year chart go. We'll nobody's playing pee wee football. Like I, you know, when I was a kid, everybody played pop Warner peewee, whatever contact tackle football. And now in my neighborhood, none of the moms, and none of the kid, by the way, it's not. The mom's not letting the kids, the kids are full blown pussies. Do they're like, I'm not gonna do that my son, by the way, what are you going to do with your brain? Come on. I've seen your brain at work. It's nothing special. We work in a car wash, you know, but like I'm not doing that. So the kids aren't doing it. The parents don't want him do it. Nobody wants to do it. I don't know where the next, you know, NFL always going to be huge. But if you sort of, we're looking at twenty year prediction, if you're not having a bunch of guys, come up, if everyone knows neighborhoods, aren't putting on those helmets and running around. It's gonna fact the game I video gaming it's going the other direction in everybody plays something. Right. And a lot of people don't consider themselves gamers, but they sit there on their phone tapping away at whatever crush, or whatever. Right. And clash royale, so, you know, I think a lot of interesting opportunities, going revolve for players of all, kinds, and certainly, the, the youth that you have this thing where there's a whole social aspect to the games that you're playing participating in the community. You know, you have a parent who sit there and see their kid in the locked in a room for twelve hours a day and think. Things being antisocial when, when, in fact, he or she is actually talking to hundreds of people super socially more than their parents ever did. Right. And they just don't know that the that that's taking place. So I, I would I would definitely say that the future is bright because it beyond just a sports leads to other careers. Side note or something somewhat connected, but dry, I felt like drone racing was up in growing for while and I saw a lot of that on, like ESPN three and stuff. And I don't know where that's at the drones like the race in inside the Coliseum and stuff like that. Thing naked secure. You know you start to see it probably in the summer in the off season. You'll start to see more drone racing on TV again or somewhere, you'll you'll it'll pop up I went to the Olympic form in lasagna about a year ago. Now where they did their first ever e sports forum so that the Olympics and the sports community coming together and understand what the future of video games, and he sports might have in connection with the Olympic Games and, and in that we met all the different two hundred federation heads that were heads of federations for different sports. Whether it's sailing, whether it's, you know, basketball, it didn't matter what it was. They were all there, and they were sharing a ready their plans for their e sports expression as pertains to their, their vertical of sport. Under the pick umbrella right now. The Olympics will be having shoulder content around the gains that have an e sports, you know. Into it, and eventually, I'm sure decide whether or not to included in the games or to create their own e sport, global games, which is they have to use games or limbo. Right. So I think that's where they're probably thinking ahead to but to your point drone racing. I spoke to a lady. That's a head of the drone thing. You know, you know, I name is Joan every. I spoke to her. They have skiing have ever skiing sports, which is more virtual reality. They something that's kind of interesting is taken the Paralympics or some other the Olympic Olympics, where like people might not have the use of their legs or their function, you know, wheelchairs, and whatever, and connect that to some of this virtual stuff because obviously, you don't you can be confined to a wheelchair and still kick. Some ass out all the battle. Yeah. Most definitely. Yeah. The president of the Olympic mission Thomas Bach. His he's trying to wrap his mind around some to which you saying, how do I incorporate video east video games into the Olympics? When it's very it's not him yet physical enough event. Right. And then he put on the VR goggles and did the boxing simulator and took him off. It went, okay? I think this is the way in at some point where you have virtual reality playing a role in eastbound. Well, the other interesting point about this. Eastport stuff is, it's genderless men, women got goes, they all compete in the same thing. There's nothing there's that doesn't have to be the men's division is your. I mean, there's no wait division. There's no men's soc. It's really accepting. And it's also sort of controversy for a because now there's all these things were that the woman is transitioning, the man transitioning to woman and now she's taking. Record for the hundred yard dash, but then the women are pissed. Right. But then they can't get past because they're gonna call haters. You know, there's a weird it gets a little murky and, and there is none of that anymore. There's, there's just how good are your eyes and how good your brain are there any based on the results? Are there any differences between male and female competitors methods more just because men are more drawn to games boys are, but, like, are their results wise like the same percentage of women do wells as the percentage of men does that make sense? I would say it's hard to get that measurement for a couple of reasons. One is our overall culture, does not doesn't encourage a lot of female participation. Right. And so you get narrowed numbers that, that way. And also because there's a lot of anonymous sort of gameplay women will come into. Video game environment. You know, guys will be very, very harsh with each other, especially if they're anonymous very lock Quinton, very, very blocked room. And so a woman comes into that environment, it is not she subjects all of that, too. So a lot of people don't want to be in that. So it's getting there where, where there's, you know, better behavior and all that sort of stuff. But frankly, there's no reason at all that a woman can not be at the top of the video game food chain versus a man. There's, there's literally no reason at all other than whether they have the interest to do, so the we have a clip, of course. Rick three times three Peter with the with the Lakers. Famously Jay she must have played. Where'd you play? Okay. See, I'm I'm, I'm. I'm a favor. I look like I should. Seven or eight four two on the longest I'm not. I got about of the basketball court. I'm one hundred percent. Video game player from the let me to really cut you. When I'm Rick they call him five. I didn't even know who he was. I thought he was I knew him from the TV series is. He played Jacksonville you. I didn't know him about lake like none of that stuff. So. Right. But you faker but you understand if you are six eight how tall I'm six seven six eight something like that. And you Bill. Well, jas hall Chand's like if you're making up a movie where you have a blue chip looks to come up who's gonna get first crack at chase hall. Please high-near lay Cleese cast, Nick Nolte. He got to play with career. He had to play against cream Abdul Jabbar. She was it was it was awful. He just like, you know you in business. I'm in the video game business, I was running at the Time Warner brothers, interactive entertainment. We go over to someone's house. He's got a built in Lakers basketball court part of his house, and so were there and they're like, hey, that's all play basketball. They look at me like you guys go you obviously can play. So we start trying to play an N walks Kareem Abdul Jabbar in his friend or something. And they're like, hey cream. Why don't you play with us? And since I was the tallest time I had to guard Kareem. It was it was he the Ellen in like his elbow was permanently planted in the center chest. People story to have Jay, I've played for the Lakers, played NBA basketball fourteen years, I didn't get to play with or against cream job ever in my life. Then you didn't taste the sharp elbowed that was would be constantly pressing. You're saying to your chest. He I couldn't do anything. I'll be trashed octa called them Lou. I'm surpri- did. Did did. He was moving. It was good. This was this was just like maybe two thousand and seven someone on there is. But also, you can't hang around the Rick. Fox, the problem is seem like a team. Yes, I like a faker. I'm ugly friend. That's the faker. The we have a clip of the Commissioner talking about moving away from the term owner, it's ironic that Ricksen ownership. How we liked the term owner. But there is let's see what he has to say. This all just went down the other day. So I thought, well, good timing. Here we go. Moving away from that term owner I do. I don't want to overreact to the term, because as I said earlier, people end up with themselves into knots waiting for the word on we moved away from that term years ago. We, we call our team owners governor team alternate governors. But so I think it makes sense said, I, I don't want to overreact he'll find the word throughout memo's with over the past decade in the NBA, but I I'm sensitive to it. I think. Teas are moving away from the term. We'll stick with using governor. Did you feel governor Jerry boss, the owner, the Lakers, could you feel the tension, wreck back in the down, Dr bus was, I think the greatest owner I've ever known and, and potentially could have been in the NBA. He was just great. He feel like he owned you I felt I felt I felt like the Lakers owned me if you feel like. This is what I'm saying. I don't think he should call himself Commissioner that has overtones like Commissioner, Gordon and Batman police Commissioner. What about all the poor Brown and black, people that are incarcerated day stays is this guy should be calling Commissioner. I don't like it threatening also. Also, it has over Tigres that he should grand wizard. Adam silver, should call himself something other Commissioner to me, owner and Commissioner makes is much like if you're gonna make an argument for owner, then I'm gonna make an argument for a commission now. Governor. Okay, go, go. We're both governors. Are you govern the governor's governor governor governor governor governor governor? But there's also an English version of governor. Got. Whatever code for blow job is yes. Indeed, mary. Poppins. That's what that means. Then you may start sweeping caliph Reggie list chimney. All right. Let's see little piece of business here, and then we'll take a break, and we'll do some news. Castrol edge, you can tweet us at Adam Corolla show with your hashtag Castro challenge with your questions for cash real challenge brought to you by Castrol edge formulated with fluid titanium technology reduces friction engine performance and help center before it's times, three times stronger viscosity breakdown leading full synthetic. What are you got mex- better Aaron road. Hashtag casual challenge. She says, I don't have a Twitter account. But she emailed us asking them to explain why IMSA and llama racing is always prototype in GT cars racing. Samll tain. He's clearly the prototype. Cars are much faster and have to continually pass the GT cars. What's the point? Well, I don't think they wanna do to. Twenty four hours of Lamont. They don't want to be the forty eight hours Lama, so they let everyone go at once they've always done it that way, but they divide by class or no. They stink. They divide they divided by class, in terms of who wins GT class wins the prototype class, but when they're on the track everyone's just racing and the guys in the prototypes, are hauling aunts. And the guys in the GT's are going fast. Fully built corvette racecar fully built nine eleven Porsche fully built for our of three four eighty eight whatever. But you, you really get an appreciation for the prototype when they hit them all on straight, and the guy just flies past him in the prototype. And that guy's driving the fastest car in GT that you've ever seen. That's part of the challenge is like, how do you negotiate these slower guys out there? I think the biggest problem comes in when the two prototypes are racing. And the one prototype makes it past the GT, and then they start setting up for the corner and the other guy in the prototype doesn't want the slower guy in between them because he's going to take off if you've got now you gotta pass that slower guy. And so a lot of guys will push it to try to stay on the tail of the fast guy, the racing with and not let the slow guy who still going fast get in between them, and that's that's racing. Can I ask a question you mentioned the MAs classes, what, what? Oh, twenty four hour. Large class you go. Fair question. Once you get the twelve hours of Seib ring, you go see section. I did their gaming guys. All guys. The hand look through a screen. Oh. Oh, rain. Actually just beat a pro. Or now they've done. They're now doing a thing. That's right. I think at Loma and other versions of endurance racing where it's like a three man team, and they are taking one gaming guy and putting the gaming guy in the real car he's had so many countless hours on the simulator at Loma or Spar or or Daytona or whatever the track is few got five million hours going around a track. Virtually but everything, and I've talked I've talked to the I mean I've gotten into gotten into it with the forts guys before. I mean every pebble every tree every crack and the road when those guys they're detail. It's no longer. You know, stick figure Fred Flintstones. It's like you're in that the seats vibrating the cars, the wheels move, and so you get a guys a million laps at Loma. And then you get a you know, he has to get acquainted with the. Equipment, but you, you get the practice and those cars are video games. Now. I mean the steering wheels. And it's not what it used to be, then this guys could go out and do that. Yeah. I bet they could do the same thing in a fighter jet agree. Why do we have simulators for pilots? Into the whole thing, why have pilots and we're getting the well. If you're a drone shutdown down over. That's right. I was an automated, right with some piloting it automated. Well he lost that race. That's. Joan about that. I don't know. I just be nice for name is Joe droning Joan. All right. We'll take a. Yeah. Look into that max, Pat. Or what was it? Let's see. I think at Lamont. I think some team talk. Well, look where we go. And of course, we're going here. You don't have to. It's not daredevil shit anymore where you're not shifting and flying by the cedar pants. It's a space. You're in and whoever can operate the spaceship better, not the crop duster. But the, the spaceship future kind of guy sat in that cockpit for million hours going around that track. It's going to have an advantage. I mean. Back in the day, when Paul Newman showed up to do Lamont, and seventy nine. He add a few days to learn the track. Like he had to go learn track. I mean, he could look at a chalkboard with the drawing of the track on it, but he had to go learn the track. It takes a while. All right. Let's take ourselves our minds. Are we about to go to break? We'll take a break. We're going to get kicked out. No. Okay. Because I just wanted to to, you know promote our. Oh. Podcast. Oh, yeah. We'll pour about it. Okay. Because that's what we what we were talking about that video game stuff. They'll our whole idea for the podcast is to for the regular people out there who aren't super hardcore video games at the kinda wanna know about the space. And that's, that's all it is. That's, that's what we're talking about on our podcast. So it's great to, to be able to, you know, bring some of that here is really cool. Good questions. We'll be back. We're not going anywhere. G g podcasts. New app says Wednesdays on apple podcasts and podcasts one. All right. Quick break. Then we'll come back. We'll do the news with Rick and chase. The price tag on that. Hip new pair of jeans never says about forty dollars a box of mini marshmallow. Puffed cereal isn't starting at four ninety nine. So is the price of a new car such a guessing game at Hyundai? It's possible to know the price of the car, you want up front. We call it transparent pricing, and it's just one part of our all new shopper assurance program, designed to save you time hassle and headache. Because shouldn't find your new car enjoyable as driving home car buying eighties year. It's possible with Hyundai shopper assurance. Visit Hyundai USA dot com slash shopper shirts for program. Details. There's a difference between do it yourself and do it for a living at the Home Depot. We get that. And we're hued help froze, get the job done with the products and brands for us technology to keep your job on track job site delivery, to save you time at both pricing on over four thousand items every day to save you money when you've got a job, we're on the job. The Home Depot. More saving. More doing. Muller to testify. I'm Jacky Quin with an AP news minute, we're getting word special counsel, Robert Muller will testify publicly next month before house panels that are investigating President Trump and his associates, the houses poised to approve four point five billion dollars in humanitarian aid to care for migrants, especially children being detained at the border house speaker Nancy Pelosi addresses GOP, critics, who want more enforcement measure. It's not this fail. What Bill can provide aid to these children? President Trump was asked about detention conditions little food, water or supervision, very concerned, and that much better than they were under President Obama by far California, Republican congressman Duncan Hunter facing new charges of illegally using campaign funds. Prosecutors allege. He was financing at least five extra marital affairs. This is the tenth anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. I'm Jacky Quin.

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