Ep. 43: EPL Weekend Preview (ft Spurs vs United)


All right, guys. Welcome back to SAM's army episode. I don't know what will call this forty three. Be maybe episode forty three Jerry. I don't know what we'll call this. But welcome back to the pod. Number one. Mike follower. How you doing? Mike. What's going on everybody up Sam? So we as we tease a little bit on the episode. The went out this morning. We have some news on the pod. You wanna take it away? Muggy gets colorful words. You can throw out there. Nothing colorful, nothing flowery. We were going to be taking some time. Hiatus we're gonna we we're not gonna have this pod on the box sports network. Not at least for now. And you know, we gave it a run what we're doing is trying to bring a lot of stuff in house at our Solter difficult to capture the barstool sense being an external podcast, and it's a little difficult to the little tough to talk on because I have two hats, obviously throughout this whole process. It's been difficult, but I love doing this. I love talking to you. We're gonna take a couple of weeks and figure out what the best way to go forward is outside of the barstool network. Whether that's continuing to do it or keeping Sam focused on writing more giving more content or still gonna keep some partnerships with major clubs. We've been working on a lot of stuff still will come from this brand. But the twice a week podcast will not for now. Yes. So it's soccer is not going anywhere. It's not like soccer's leaf barstool or anything like that. It's not like any of us are leaving barstool at the moment. We're taking a hiatus. We'll just sort of leave it at that. We'll we'll Lee think the direction and maybe through new layer paint on revamp rebirth. We'll see we don't know what's going on. We're basically just playing it by ear. But. Can't thank everybody who's been listening, and you know. We're not dying. We're just we're just we're thinking about real in from here. Yeah. And take day by day always been what we're doing. So stay tuned. Just keep falling us on social and stuff will come out. Go. So let's get into the pot now. So we got a we got a big week of gains big week end of games. I should say before we do that though Hicks flying. So if you're running out if you're tuning out now, you got a problem if you're tuning out right now, then you don't think might takes are gonna be flying around here. This is the last one I got nobody accountable. Let's do this. So the first story is not actually preview of the weekend. It is this ridiculousness about leads championship team. So they had they had a, quote, unquote spy who was caught at Darby counties practice. I don't know if it was today or yesterday. But I think it was today. You know? So a spy basically, a scout from Leeds was sent to watch Darby counties practice and Darby county like caught him. And like, I think he was arrested. Like, I it's just this. It became a big thing. It's like, you know, the New England Patriots, obviously got in trouble for for spy gate and all that shit. I do you think this is a big deal. I think it's hilarious. I do not think this is a big deal at all. My first major takeaway that spies terrible at his job. Yeah. It's horrible. Horrible spy what a bad by what bats just supposed to spy on a championships club. And you can't even do that horrible just tear. What a terrible spot. Get it. Why thing in American football? You know, it's basically like, you know, these these they're set plays that are very big. And you can see the setup you can see how what they do. And everything in soccer. I can't imagine why this is such a free-flowing game. It's like reactionary. There's you know, maybe a set piece here and there, but like why is this such a big thing for for soccer? I I don't think it's it's almost stupider to make a big deal of leads guy watching. It's almost stupider to do that than it is how hell restored was to send the spy in the first place like leads just scored. So currently the spy is not working by. Well, this is working. He probably sent the he spent it probably sent the information real time back to like be Elsa who admitted that he sent this by by the way, which is crazy just through. It's a ridiculous situation. Hilarious though. I would like to say Derby County with a four point lead in to get into the playoffs and leads comfortably at the top. Don't see why this was such a big deal. It's it is what it is. Apparently, whatever the spy did works. So far. As ever been something like this other than spy gate. I feel like I feel like number of teams have gotten, you know? Accused of it baseball teams do all the time with you know, stealing signs and everything guys in center field. Looking for things we've been accused and stuff. I can't really remember it and soccer though. I would like to say that they're probably focusing on what like setpiece alignment, I guess. Paul who's healthy who's not who's playing with who. And what what formation? I mean. I just. Yeah. It strikes me as like the value. Add for sending the spy is minimal compared to the risk of. I guess looking like an asshole, which is what feels so on. Sure. I'm sure they let scouts watch young players train. Right. Like, you couldn't just pay an already existing scout to just give you some more info. Let's make more sense to me. Boom. I just fixed. It I can't imagine Scouser getting paid enough that they'd be like, Nah, I don't need that extra scratch like boom fixed. It what's the next problem? So just stupid stupid, but hilarious and leads apparently good bad deed as being unpolished. However that saying goes to beat Derby County, that's a huge game, by the way, leads Darby at the top of championship. Yeah. I mean, that's a. I mean, that's a huge huge, huge huge. So we'll move onto the huge game of the weekend, which is Tottenham hosting United. So, you know, there's actually some pretty sneaky good games on the on the docket here. This is obviously the one that's going to get all the headlines because you know, United and Spurs quote unquote in the title race, which they're definitely not. This is this is this is like the litmus test for Ola gunners. United like has. He actually made a difference. We're about to find out this. This game is is where we're gonna find out. You know, he's one six no five out of five. And if you win six for his first six games winning all six that's the best start for United manager in history. So that's impressive more impressive would be beating. You know? An actually a good team in Tottenham. I'm not sure they can do do you think you think United is a different team. Now, they they think of in this game that neutral field which helps. Yeah. That does play good start. I'm not gonna ever stop that. No matter whether I have a microphone or not. I I don't think it happens. This game screams draw because it's like cooling one team down. And then like catching a team that might have had some favor like some very very favorable results throughout the course of their third season. So far, I could see a draw. I don't think it's going to happen. I think taught him win this game. I just think when you see these two teams you got one that's finding itself in one that's known itself for a long time. And that team usually would set game. I don't disagree. United spent the last week chilling out maximum, relax and Dubai. Reasons, I guess nicer weather, and then a Manchester. I'm sure I can give I give you two big over Eason's whether super number one. Yeah. And then probably the currency rate. Okay. That's not a bad on going to say it was city. They could be doing some some handshake with their their paymasters. But you know, I was thinking more along the lines of like women. But yeah, leave that one out. I'll just I'll just leave that one on said, what are they going do cancel? Just a hate here. United night. It's been out for a week. You know, they sort of been relaxing, pudgy, Tino throughout a very strong eleven against Chelsea in the make believe up. So that's definitely advantage United on that on that front. I think everything else is vanish Todd them. They're strong defense. No question. I mean, that's like the big difference midfield bit of a toss up. Now that bog was playing. We're should still say Spurs a little stronger and then Spurs have carry Kane. Whereas what do United have from Lukaku? Marcus rash informed wrestler, the Marcial. He's just not the really the that number nine though that resent says is healthy again. Well, NIA now that Josie left's Lucille Starr, pleading again, I'm curious to see how they line up here. How you think they're gonna go? I would play Alexis through the middle. Yeah. I don't know if he's actually earned any he starts any minutes at this point. He needs to put some games together before I would again Spurs. I would start. I all I would've start every arsenal player. They're the only ones that get it. By the way, I left one thing out. I would give a United advantage in goal. I'd give it a, you know, a nod over. Yes, inc. Who goalies one of them gets drunk every now and again one doesn't although listen DG's had a couple of howlers the season two. So let's just. I'm in both get drunk. Well, so I think basically, you know, we got all this talk about Oleg owners United are they different or the different. Let's remember that like United just they got their asses kicked by Tottenham the first game in that game was at Old Trafford. I don't think that only gunners had that much of an impact. And I know for a damn fact that he is not fixed defense. So I'm going Spurs to win. I'll say it's close to one. I was gonna go with either two or two one Tottenham. So I'm gonna go with two one. And I don't see any way. You guys lose agree agree. Hope. I mean, every time you say that I'm gonna leave that one alone. So to once. Next week got a quietly competitive, high quality match cities hosting Wolverhampton. So cities looked beatable lately. Wolverhampton have been like just the giant killers. You know, they've been like the kryptonite for the big six. They just beat Liverpool. Granted that was like a b minus squad the Liverpool throughout their for FA Cup. But was great against all the big six teams. In fact, they look really good against city. The first time round, I think they pull out a one one draw and in fact last season, if we're just gonna go wolves and city wolves were the team that you know, pull out a draw against city when city was at the peak their powers last season. I think it was the I think it was the make believe Cup. So obviously, you know said he'd probably had like a C-plus squad out there. But the point being the wolves have have sort of had cities number lately. But then there's a big, but they're city. Now have David Silva back. They know Fernandina back. They have these guys that really make them different team. Would you give wolves a chance and this one I actually don't this is after after beating Liverpool. I'm talking about city beating Liverpool. It's it's going to be an on. I predict five weeks of Oslo. Disagree. They're they're going to be missing Aguayo up top should point that out. But we got we got Mr. hatrick himself Gabby. Hey seuss. No four goals for since. Right. It's right. I lost. That bet you dummy. So I'm gonna I'm with you. I've city I think that you know, wolves will make tough they'll always make tough on everybody. I just don't think that they will have enough to beat city when they're when they got there guys. And there I'm going city two zero. City three one. Goal from who nervous? No. Because he no because Edison doesn't get beat by some twenty. I would say it's it's going to be fucking Jimenez. If anybody your boy, you enroll if this is the last time, you're hearing me for a while grow. As not a good nine suck on it. Sweet me. I don't care you're going to get a few tweets on that one. I don't care. So we both got city winning though wolves will make but we city when I think it's going to be a little I think it's going to be comfortable. I guess I actually had written down a close fought. But ultimately, comfortable two zero win. So I guess we're sort on the same page. Their next game is the other game on Sunday. This is yeah. I almost want. I almost wanted to almost form the safe for one but controls, that's that's a slap in the face or Wolverhampton, boys. Well, I just I just thought of Cody trying to defend three flowing city front three true. True. You're sticking with three one. Yeah. Okay. So next game is the appetizer on Sunday ahead of the main course, which is the Spurs United game. So this is ever ten born with and this should be hell of a game, not necessarily the highest quality. But Warmoth is most watch TV at this point like they they're just thinking score. They can get scored on. It's like Liverpool couple years ago as I said before to their credit cherries have been trying to figure out some solutions in the back. They got on loan. They got in the fatal Klein from Liverpool which I think is a good deal. Great player pickup. But, you know, him alone in turning the tide is like, you know, trying to fix like a gunshot wound with a band-aid like they're they got bigger problems here. So on the other hand, though, we've got Everton. So they haven't been hemorrhage Ingles. Or defense has actually been surprisingly not so badly for the most part, but they have been hemorrhaging points big time. So they've won one game in the last eight in the league Everton is this is a rough it's been sort of quietly poor. But man, this is a bad run for them including losses Brighton in LeicesteR. So, you know. I think this is a game wherever ten is fully healthy at home. Like, they're injured list is zero. There's nobody injured lists. That does like you never see that in January. I think Everton with pull up a solid win against a team still has defensive issues. So I'm gonna say three one. Okay. I like that. This is just a road versus homes, inC, for me. These teams are a coin flip. Like, I really believe that. I think that in terms of like if you look at the players, they're they're right around the same range as a cumulative rating for me. I know we like to do this thing in the Premier League where we branch off teams into these subgroups. And when you look at the group's Everton born mature at the ones trending down wants trending up in terms of the last five years, but I think right now, they're at a very big dirt a crossing point. And I would like to put my money where my mouth is in bed on a draw draw. I think there's a better I think Everton has more town cross I'm gonna go one one straight up one. No, I don't see what I see why you're saying that. But will you say that in two years looking back on these exact rosters? We'll see. I mean, listen them saying that it would team Ryan Fraser's banging goals in classical. Will you be thinking? He's not going to be banging them in for born with. That's for sure. All right. So you draw a comfortable win for Everton. Next week. Lester hosting Southampton. So Lester just shit the bed bad in their fake Cup fourth year team. But surprisingly, they've looked pretty good in the league. So at a really know what to take with that game Southampton. They got the new coach. This is going to be interesting game like a game where it's like a hot potato game or neither one of them want the ball like if there's ever been a game where neither team or basically both teams are less than fifty percent possession. Somehow like the game. They'll figure out a way. That's really funny possessions. That's forty six forty six. I see that even like seventeen to eighteen the balls just like in the air going back and forth. Like the other times. Would you would you bet on the team that has the lowest possession winning this game? Yes. In fact, I think the yes less ball. You have the better chance you have to win this game. This is going to be like high school football game where the the offenses are like so bad that they start like punting on second down hoping that like the guy muffs upon on the other end. I think that's I think both teams wanted. I'm actually going to go. So it sounds like you may go with one of the I'm gonna go withdraw. I'm gonna go with a one one draw. Both teams muff one punt one one draw. I actually am excited for this game to be honest with you, I wanna see what happens in the midfield. I wanna see what the roles given to the midfielders are because I think you're right about the ball being it will bypass amid field plenty of time. Yeah. I wanna see how this is coast between LeicesteR and how they're managed and Southampton with hospital like I wanna see specifically what the roles assigned to the midfield players are. I think it's going to be a lot of second ball. So you'll see the attacking each other. And then one like eight like a box of box kind of running suicides the entire game. But I'm gonna go with this surprise, you Lester is so streaky. Whatever I have against the top six side of pick them. But whatever have them against the bottom side. I'm going to take Hampton. So I'm gonna take Hampton to one right? All right. Interesting. Interesting. You're so hot and all them unless they're a. I go I legitimately hate that team. And I know that I always talk them up because I'm like, I love Lester always have when I when you think about like the way they play. I just don't enjoy watching them play. I don't like the midfield crop. They have. I don't think that they're very good ball. Like, I don't I don't find any beauty in Leicester City. We got a big time. Lester hater, you're you're off the fence on that one. I mean, I was never on it. I just continued to write it as long as possible to next. We got a real live woman Darby so West Ham is hosting your boys arsenal. Both. This is such a bad sober January game. This is an interesting. I don't know if it's interesting or not both teams come in with like an injured. Reserve list the length of like. It's just it's miles long. I don't know if either team is gonna have eleven healthy players to put out there. Let's keep that in mind. But do you think this made it tricky game? Where do you think are still good? You think they got enough for this on the road at West Ham, not necessarily hugely difficult place to play. But you know, last last time we played them out to fix look like Pele, and we were bleeding chances early like bleeding chances and they will waste game when they played early in. This was the first game of the season. No, we opened with less city and house, right? Yeah. As a third game of the season as your first win. Right. And we needed it bad. And we were leaky. And they they went ahead early. Yeah. Yeah. I remember that I was I was human this like this game, especially with our now which just coming back and then having a port like a poor performance, but like a semi involved performance. And then the week off off me. I'm going to tell you. I'm gonna draw in this game. I think it's embedded so much scores. There's going to be goals from both sides. I'm going to draw. I mean, that's very very rude. But it's not it's not rooted in falsehoods. I would say for me out scores. I know that's happening which fucking sucks, but I'm gonna go with two one arsenal win. And let me tell you. If they win this game. It'll be a big win this Goodwin. I don't care how it looks. I don't care how it looks. If you give me three points. And I hate everybody. I'm fine with that. Are you are you rooting for Todd them to be United? No. Okay. Okay. That in mind. So you got arsenal. Close win. I got to draw Chelsea new. I think also I think he'll scores a goal move long shot on that one. I'll bet. All right, there we go next game is going to be the I'm going to come out and say there's going to be ugliest game of the week Chelsea hosting Newcastle. I disagree all this is going to be garbage. This is going to be so ugly. It sucks. This is going to be the the NBC game. So it's on at eleven thirty central twelve thirty eastern on NBC network television. I think is going to be absolutely got awful borderline unwatchable. Newcastle is good defensively. Chelsea we've talked edna's Eum about their their lack of punch up front. I think this is going to be just disgusting soccer. This was one of my favorite games of the year. The first time they played. Rafa Rafeh put a stranglehold on the game, and it was super ugly, and then Newcastle Kennedy was running like a fucking more on the whole game. Stomping guys should have been sent off missing chances. And then he gets a penalty in the ninety minute. Remember that that's true win that game. And he fucked it up. I do. I know where I was. I was on vacation. I was relaxed, and then I was just like I saw red that was like fucking Kennedy like for days, obviously rooting for Newcastle hard. And that I just I just wanted to see like Newcastle in the primp. I liked them up. I hate Chelsea come on. Can we get his so much? Listen, I want actually to spend money or sell the God damn team as much as anybody else. Get new cat. I think Newcastle. Take a lead and lose leading lose. All right. I'm going with Chelsea in one of those patent-pending one zero yawn fest wins that they've been coming up with. And that sounds probably true to form you so far. I've not I've subtly agreed with everything you've said, so far, which is terrifying. Which means there could be sixty five goals in this weekend. Leave. Yes, take my take my picks. Go the opposite. Obviously. You're saying everything that makes sense. So three more games this one. And then I'm going to to together at the end. So this one is Brighton hosting Liverpool. This is a game that Liverpool. Withdraw points ninety nine million times out of one hundred ninety ninety eight point nine nine nine million times out of ninety nine million. What had to be what it'd be always drop points in this game in years past like, the you know, Brighton is a tough team playing at home. They know how to lock it down. Liberal seem to be a different team. And one other thing they sort of took a dive against wolves in the FA Cup and played like a b minus squad. Maybe C plus squad in the FA Cup this week. I think so that's obviously a high risk move by Klopp. I think I think that's the type of thing they gotta do though to win this league. The win the league title this year. So I'm I'm going with Liverpool in this. I think they'll they'll find a way to zero win, and you know, the FA Cup taking dive, I think it will pay off. I think this is going to be a massive overreaction weekend. I think is gonna look great against wolves. I think liberals going to draw at bright and people are gonna forget how hard it is to play there. It is tough. It is tough. I just witnessed it firsthand. Watching those watching arsenal get their asses kicked. I think it's one one I think people are going to act like this is some terrible result. When in fairness out of the thirty eight games people are starting to circle away to Brighton Ovau being. As like get out with your life. Yeah. And brightness tough brightness stuff. I would say one I'm gonna say one. And then of course, people will in start crowning cities the champions start starting on Sunday. I think it's gonna be a big overreaction weekend. All right. All right that part. I would definitely buy on. I think the ripple win. But if they don't yes people are going to just jump off the Liverpool bandwagon so hard especially because we've just analyzed so many games in such a short amount of time. And then we had the week off. Everyone's gonna talk this week following next as if like the sky is falling or their the king of the world for sure for sure. Yeah. Last two games. So battle the bums here. We got two huge six pointers at the bottom of the table Burnley hosting Fulham and Huddersfield visiting Cardiff. So these are fourteen four the bottom five teams, and for all we can pretty much say that they're going to be part of the probably the bottom four or about five probably for the rest of the season. Like, this is really this is a huge weekend at the bottom of the table. So at the end of the day, I just go for like who's inform obviously at the bottom of the table. You're not nobody's in great form. But then who's in horrible for him. Well, number one hundred field. They haven't won a game since the Truman administration. So they're they're out for me Cardiff is going to walk over them. I got Cardiff over Huddersfield. Then the other games were interesting Burnley. You know, they've won two in a row one of one one of them was against Huddersfield. So you can almost throw that out. But they've won to enroll full their defense is still hot garbage. They haven't done anything about it. I don't know. I guess I'm leaning towards Burnley on that one. You got anything, you know to. That stands out among these two games. First of all their way, we could play all of them together at the same time. Get it over with. Just just split the feel that halftime or something twenty times when he there is somebody said though, for the importance of these games, this is he this could be the difference between staying up and going down there huge. And I'll tell you the one thing that I look for in matchups of terrible teams is the same thing. I'd look at what I look at college matchups in America is set fee structure Sepap's disciplined setpiece ability who has that. So with that being said, no, you're not going to agree with this. I think Huddersfield. As a long shot. He get a point. I was gonna say beat Cardiff. And then I think Burnley easily beat full. Okay. Fulham's defense selling Burley's offensively dynamo. Full of Joe and turf more at the end of the day. I'm gonna shit on it. But I would be remiss to not end this, you know, this little pod with Burnley, not holding true to form and winning a game at home. Would you go one zero in their old school quintessential, Burnley or different? Let's do. It was too early. So that is the premiership. So we'll do quick lap around the world. Yeah. So Boone's league teams are still vacationing on the French Riviera at this point. So they're still off. Solicitor certain France. Oh, so PS, gee, just took a shocking loss in the in the coupe make believe I don't know. Actually what the in France. But so they lost to something called wind gamp. And I'm definitely pronouncing that wrong, I get. Okay. Now, they travelled they traveled to little less Omnion. So that if you like bloodbath know that might be your your pick of the week. I would say they're probably going to beat them eighteen nothing or so. But if you want competitive fixtures. So I got two games picked out. The the other one is a competitive fixture in Spain big game rail Madrid is visiting rail tease insa via so Madrid is cleaned to fifth place right now in Liliya, not not so boy, which is way behind little ass. And that nearly talked about enough elevates who's having a fantastic season. And they hate watching them play. They get play. But I love the burly from last year this year. And then you got bettys who's actually in six nipping at Madrid's. He'll so this is actually a big game. It's not going to be high scoring game necessarily unless Madrid find their their form. But it should be an interesting game. So in terms of the games that I would actually watch. This is definitely at the top of the list. We're going outside of England. I'll go rail tease hosting Real Madrid. That is a fantastic. And I know that that you're stealing my nerve game of the week. Wow. That really sad. Well, it's you know, there's there's not a lot of games. There's no Italy. There's no Germany, so we're we're sort of. Rece crashing the bottom of the barrel. Here I'm a big fan of what's happening with a legal this weekend. I think those games are actually really cool. I would say I had my game earlier. So it's in the league as well. So you like bettys in Madrid? I would say athletic club in severe is fantastic game. But I know that that's not true because it's not going to be a fantastic game to watch. So I'm going to go in France. Actually, it's Marseille and Monaco. Okay. So this plan is ready to go. He played. That's the question. Right. So it's Monico who if you haven't checked French table in a while you might wanna go ahead and do that or they still in the zone firmly. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks. Having a hell of a season there. So if yeah, if you look at the table right now, they are there on thirteen points and safety is eighteen points. And granted this is through eighteen games. Played. So that's all right. They've lost sixteen lost eleven games. They've only scored sixteen goals criticized for for putting himself in that situation. He Tyrian he must be good friends with Terry. And I know they play together. He must be good friends to go into that situation. Yeah. I think that's what I'm most excited for for this game though. Because everyone knows when you get a new player, and you get somebody of quality it tends to elevate the rest of your unit. So probably come on as a sub I would fucking love for him to be starting and Marseille. We've we've watched Marseille game together. Sam and it's not too impressive can be beaten seventh in the league Carly. I'm very very excited for this game. I will be watching. I wanna see how tear us Ceska wanna see what form sex in what he has left whether he plays, and I wanna see if Monaco really are going to get fucking relegated. That'd be a hell of a way to go out. I mean at one point you take a snapshot of the roster and look at where they are now in Jesus. What happens when you sell all your players every year and don't buy anybody back comes back to bite, you intially Southampton's feeling the pinch. It happens. There we go. There's lap around the world that is the end of this pod. So I guess number one, you know, just wanna say heartfelt, thanks to everybody for listening. And again to reiterate, you know, this isn't like the end, we're we're rethinking what we're gonna do. You know, I've been writing pods or blogs pods. But I've been rain blogs here for four plus going on five years. It was a long hard road to get the pod just like going in the first place, we hit a couple of snags early on, you know, things of they've been growing growing fast enough. I would say, and we'll we'll we'll figure it out. You know, there's there's there's other options out there. And you know, if you have if you like the pod, if you liked the content, you know, I guess let us know let other people know. I guess that's really the key. Yeah. Spam spam, usually works. Go. So you got any parting words say say, thank you. Good. Bye. I never expected to be on here. Yeah. Yeah. You so. You stepped in at a tough time. Tremendous. Thank you to everybody who tweeted Sam enough to make him sink. I was good at this or following along or listen to or follow me or any of that shit. Love army love soccer, keep watching keep tweeden. We'll keep interacting keep talking shit. Maybe maybe you have put a little thing in your blogging up with the scores every game or something stupid like that. Soccer is not dying. Barstool will sure hit so many hurdles and roadblocks over the years. This is just you know, it's another one we'll deal with it. You know, we'll figure it out. There's there's there's other options out there. And we'll we'll hell you keep moving ahead, and we'll still be right here. So keep following us. Keep phone along. And we'll start putting some stuff out Noten guy. So pre she guys listening, and we'll talk to you on Twitter. Nowhere else. Take care. Let me guess. Let me guess. As you. Receive?

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