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Hey guys it's Meena for started. I want to remind you to tune in to the last dance which concludes this Sunday at nine PM Eastern on. Espn you can listen to the RAPA podcast hosted by Jalen and Jacoby immediately afterwards brought to you by state farm. When you're a real deal like a good neighbor stay farms their coverage is also brought to you by eight t you can find Jalen and Jacoby wherever you get your guests. Welcome back to the Munich kind. Show featuring lenny we only podcast were one of the hosts thinks the last dance. What happens when you get on your hind legs at vague for supper? I've had some strangers on the show last week. We had corey CRAIC from the Ravens. We head Bobby Wagner from the seahawks. Today we've got an old friend Bill Barnwell from the ESPN. I should've show bill. It's been a minute go barnwell a NFL Hall of Famer checking in and it's a tough corey was really bobby after me. You haven't Bobby Wagner after me so it's tough for anyone to stack up against bobby. Yeah not great but I thought our pass it. Because I'm delighted to be back on the meantime show featuring lenny. Thank you so much you know. There's a few things I've been wanting to talk to you. In particular about two big stories one the ongoing debate about Dak Prescott his contract and I think more broadly whether or not you can pay a quarterback a. x. percentage of salary cap and still compete in the NFL. I also want to talk to you about whatever the Patriots are doing or not doing at the quarterback position but first we have to get to the big story which is the SEAHAWKS ABORTED ATTEMPT TO TRADE. I think like a sixth and a seventh for myles Garrett or the source was it loves nudes was reading. Just an incredible. Nfl Story. And I was line for like two hours. Which is you could miss. Entire new cycle started by a user. If you're off for two hours I mean this guy was. I started out so many lead up. Did you see his post on right? It like explaining how he had leveraged his first tweet about I guess credible. Then get this trader. More out there while we're by maintaining is read at handle of everyone loves nudes. I appreciate that he wanted to state shoot himself and his philosophy about but he chewed off this trailer and then never need establish a tiny bit of credibility for himself. He's like well what do I do? What would make sense? What would get me the most attention? And he's like a really terrible myles Garrett traitor K. J. right to a six and seven for miles share it widely. Make It more realistic. I made a more realistic. Might have even said it'd be on local sports radio. You had one shot at this rumor like this Dorset. Put it in that and see if you can make a viable trade rumor at least have it. Make a tiny bit of sense if you could start adding NFL trade rumor and just sit back like elmo in front of fire in watch NFL. Twitter burned to the ground. What would you start easy? Odell back to the giants yes perfect. Yes yes that's possible. See I was gonna say Rogers to the Patriots. But that's not plausible enough whereas Odell anything involving Odell. You can get some legs. Oto BACKSTA giants. Dave cattleman talks. Computer guys realized this mistake I would love it. It would be so good great drafter Dave gettleman all right. We're not going to talk about that anymore. Although the seahawks are still out there being a ca they still need an edge rusher? What they don't need is a quarterback because they've already got one they pay him a lot of money and I think most rational seahawks fans would agree. It was worth it. However according to Stephen Jones sh was not a great segue. You cannot pay your quarterback x percent of the cat and okay. I don't want to misquote him. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa read the quote. There's this is to profootballtalk. I think their pockets. There's all sorts of analytics out there the show with your qb takes up too. Big of a percentage of your salary cap cap that a decreases your chances to win. We're just trying to figure out the right fit. No one wants to sign to a long term deal more than Jerry Yadda Yadda or so the assumption is. He's referring to the oft cited statistic about the. Let's see how do I put this lack of super bowl winning quarterbacks with large contracts right as far as I know yes I mean what else? Cb timeout rate. He seems basing this on analytics quote unquote which I mean I heard. Nfl coaches refer to analytics a lot of different ways some GM's and of course. Stephen Jones is I see qualify as an owner the son of an owner of EPA. I don't know how to characterize Jones role in the cowboys organization. Titles but at the end of the day. This is just counting. It's not like advanced metrics. It's just literally saying. Oh who's won a super bowl and who has made a lot of money and I. I know you talked about this a little bit on TV There's a lot of holes in Stephen Jones argument. Well I mean the I know is that it's not analytics. It's literally it's like a small number right like we're just talking about a like if you the offsite in numbers referring to the new. Cba So the last ten years or so That's such a small sample size and there's so much randomness which teams even beyond making it to the playoffs advanced to the super bowl. What I complained about on TV. I think I've played but complained about it in every platform at this point you know you can just point to every I most setting aside. The Tom Brady thing okay. The fact that his contracts totally skewed conversation. You point to so many moments in recent. Nfl history where quarterbacks who were paid within the top ten. Let's say could should've almost made it to super bowl. Matt Ryan Case won the Super Bowl. I mean there's the Rogers NFC championship. There's drew brees and the pass. Interference is the examples. I cited but there's a ton of examples. It's just so random right and I think there is this sort of idea that this is being used as an argument to not pay certain quarterbacks and I don't think anyone out there I don't think anyone who citing this argument as a reasonable viable argument like Steven Jones. I don't think he's sitting there saying. Oh we shouldn't pay Patrick Mahomes. We shouldn't pay Aaron Rogers and his prime. We shouldn't pay Russell Wilson. Those guys all deserve their money. But the implication is that there is a tier of quarterback. Where if you pay that guy a lot of money. You can't win a super bowl with that guy and I just don't think that's really borne out by reality. I mean we saw guys who were that. Good at at a level below deck. In my opinion you're nick foles. Who Joe Flacco your man's to pick a guy Who wants rolls before? They are super bowls before this period. guys we're getting paid good amounts of money winning super bowls before this. We saw guys like you mentioned who came very close to winning super bowls. Where you know Matt Ryan was awesome throughout that entire postseason one league. Mvp was incredible in that game itself. Was You know? I don't want to get into the second half of that game in the fourth quarter of that game again it had nothing to do with Amac Ryan in that game You know I just like like this. Just one guy that Ryan winning. Brune this argument. I just don't see the strength of the DEA the FLACCO EXAMPLE. I think is a good one right. Because here's the thing. He caught binding in a bottle or whatever he he was. Awesome right that postseason rush. If Joe FLACCO had continued to be that guy they probably would've made a backdoor. He continued to play at that level. I quote tweeted this thread from Catholic. Pf Don't what your real name is going to be you. You have to call him move. That's that's what Sir. Mu Actually looked at the performance of other position groups on teams and examined whether or not they correlate to how much you pay your quarterback and he found out. He vowed that they did not right with successive. A team depends on just. Is that quarterback good right? If the Raven struggled from that point on because Joe FLACCO was bad greatly. So the lesson is that you do not pay a bad quarterback a lot of money so if you believe Dak. Prescott is a bad quarterback or an average quarterback. That is a different argument together. One that I'm happy to engage in. I don't agree with it. I think you can argue that. He is not great that he's just good that he was great last year. But if you look at his career so far there's been ups and downs reasonable. We can have that discussion. I just object to this notion that like. Oh once. Your quarterback salary hits X. percent of the CAQ. You're screwed because really bill. We're talking about differences between forget the rookie contracts between your average veteran and the top of the market. You're talking about like ten million dollars right. If you're a good jam you should be able to find the value elsewhere. Right into your point. Like Take Russell Wilson Take Russell. Wilson's career where he wants to roll on a rookie contract almost one second super bowl. You don't have to get into it but you know to to two trips on his rookie deal. If I'm not mistaken gets paid. They have not made it back to the super bowl since but you know having watched them pretty closely is that because they haven't had the money to pay it's because they've had bad drafts and injuries address in injuries. Sorry no I agree. Like they've traded some. Traffic's picks away for for players have not necessarily panned out. They have handed out some bad contracts here and there but they've mostly been pretty good they just haven't had draft picks at you know where where they had them was a tweeted out. They had four hall of famers. Enrique WH- chairman Walston Wagner and Earl Thomas and You know they did in half dilatot Thomas Go. They chose to you. They didn't have to determine kill. Maybe if you hadn't got an injured they might have kept him. But in the long run they still could have afforded to keep those guys totally and they lost April and chancellor prematurely right. They've had bad luck in the drafts with McDowell etcetera like ten million dollars if you find an elite corner or pass rusher in the draft. There you go. There's your ten million dollars right. Like this is now obviously. It's better to have a mahomes or Russell Wilson. Hundreds of course. But here's my question to you. What are the Chances Dallas is going to find that guy? That's that's the thing. That's that's the downside. That's the flip side of these jobs argument right where it's you know. It's the problem of what the cowboys did with Jerry. Jones is their personnel executive over the last twenty years or so it was basically troy aikman under Jimmy Johnson. A lot of junk like Quincy. Carter's your chat Hutchinson's and those those guys. It was drew bledsoe for a year. Then Tony Romo. They found a tunnel drafted free agent which hate happy found him But you know a guy who they did not even think was worth drafting which is telling about what they actually thought of his ability when they drafted him and then back and they drafted Dak famously after they try to get Paxton Lynch and that failed they tried to get Connor Cook and someone traded up for him and they settled back. And you know I think that gets turn out to absolutely I think. Even the most egregious DAK hater would say. He's exceeded expectations a fourth round. Pick but then. I wonder if from the cowboys perspective. They're still sitting there saying. Hey you know in even maybe subconsciously in the back of their head this idea of. Oh he wasn't even the guy we wanted so really want to commit that much money to a guy who was our backup to a backup in terms of draft options. I really think that's a valid point because draft position in the NFL follows. You write it just influences. The way coaches organizations look at players and we see it time and time again in that first round draft picks especially at a top are constantly overrated and they hold onto that for a while whereas like guys who were drafted later even if they play at a higher level. They often suffer for it down the road. It's just one of those weird things and the NFL. And I and I the way the cowboys have treated deck contractually suggests that that is happening. Now I think I agree. Look their track record of drafting and the fact that they're going to be a good team next year even if Andy Dalton was the starter there probably eight or nine win team. I think personally. I think there's the ceiling is higher deck so they're not going to be draft. They're not in the Tora Lawrence Justin fields game unless they'd have to trade a lot of picks such my question to you. Bill is okay so throw out the rookies. And then maybe as a dice roll on like a mid round guy. Would you rather have because this is really GonNa talk about the Duck Prescott thing whether or not? They should pay him questions. Okay what would they do instead? While the other alternative is to pay a guy veteran free agent like a Teddy Bridgewater trade for a nick foles. Who get in that. You know twenty million dollar range so my to you is if you're the Dallas cowboys and this is obviously not possible. But would you rather have Teddy Bridgewater at about twenty million dollars a year or Dak Prescott at close to forty and I teddy a lot but I think that has a much higher ceiling? People are giving him credit for. I mean this is a guy who was starting quarterback on an offense that was second in DVD last year. And I you know. I think they're going to be people who say hey like does matter. It's not you know either way. It doesn't matter in terms of winning. It does like at the end of the day like. That's a better predictor of wins and performance then raw data. Now the question. I'm going to ask you and I feel like this is opening up a can of worms that I am. I am afraid to open because sometimes I ask questions and then they come back become topics other people to discuss our company. Not You not you. What are the chances that you think the twenty twenty two week one starter for the Dallas cowboys is Aaron Rodgers? I take you're listening. Bill Barnwell just suggested that that's possible. No it's not out of the question that that's the cowboys two years after Ray. So if they were willing to get out of the franchise Dak for a year right and then move on. That's actually another point. I should mention right so when the cowboys say. And that's even Jones what they say At the same time Dak has to. We've tried to pay him and he has to accept what we want to pay him and the answer to that is no he doesn't. There's no recently has do because act breath got making what thirty two million or so this year on the franchise tag. He is like Kirk. Cousins Mountain is Within reach. That's right clear him he can get there and God he's GonNa get paid not only not only can he get there but he is going to hit that thirty year when the CAP is going to probably rise pretty dramatically either that year or the year after because the NFL's new TV deals all those guys this year we talked about it on ESPN daily talking about those guys who signed short term deals thinking. Okay I want to get back to free agency in two or three years for one last hit on salary. Cap might be three hundred million dollars. Two hundred seventy five million dollars was supposed to. It's a right around two hundred right now so like that's GonNa get thirty two this year. If he doesn't sign a long term deal is GONNA get thirty six or so next year and then his twenty twenty to franchise tag would be fifty four million. Which is you know like. They're not gonNA do that as punt of money in free agency so then of course on top of all that you have guys like the Shawn Watson and Patrick Mahomes who even if you think they're better than Dot Prescott and I think both those guys are better than Dak Prescott in a vacuum. Those guys are going to raise the bar for what quarterbacks can ask for it again by the way. If you're on that whole you can't pay quarterback and win a super bowl wave. So you'RE NOT GONNA pay him. Mahomes you. Where do you set that bar like? Where is because the mostly no no? You can pay a great quarterback. Well how many quarterbacks are in that group right because the your data set is includes those includes Russell Wilson who got paid includes Rogers and anyways right. I think that's the tough part. Is that with in terms of like when he was saying he has to excite one price is only going up the prayer New York. Going now cowboys. Screw this up and I couldn't deal done last year. We all did that because the only risk today at this point is drastic decline in performance. Which oh by the way they just gave him like the sickest set of office. He's GonNa Shred Okay. So that is the risk and then the other risk is injury which totally reasonable. It's why guys sign long-term extensions early every day that goes by every year. That risk declines that risk last year when he had two years left. It seemed like okay. You probably don't want and by the way. He was worse the year before the season before. So that would have been the time from the cowboys perspective. When they had the most leverage it has shrunk dramatically. He just has to get through a year to get there so like we know what he's doing we know he has no incentive to do a bad deal. He has no incentive to hold out by the way he just needs to play this year from the cowboys perspective. I just think they're options are not what people think. I mean they're great. They issue their draft accord. We've talked through the challenges there where they'll be drafting their history potentially free agent which. I haven't looked at who might be available next year. But there's no obvious contenders the low. You know going into this year. Who would have thought Rivers Brady right? I guess maybe and Janus who the heck knows what's happening with them right so I was fan. You super excited to life back. Prescott go so you can lock up James Winstons or you know like you just outrageously suggested way to use took Aaron Rodgers. That was Bill Barnwell. Copyright Bill Barring Wealth for listening and you're the producer of a talk show. I just think your risk is lower with Dak by the way into years. Let's say you saw him to thirty six million. I don't know your that's GonNa look cheap in two years. Not Cheap but reasonable. We've seen we've seen this movie right like we've seen how this plays out with quarterback contracts so you take the short term pain and then you're not on the market and it's a difficult market to beyond so here's one of the things. I WANNA say about it. If the cowboys were the Patriots and they had reputation like oh we are the team where you have to take a pay cut to play here and the Patriots have for years not only pass. Tom Brady. But also whether it's trade someone like a Randy Moss or signing some of their guys free agency they basically said hey like we can't keep everybody. We're going to let some people go but to keep as many guys here as possible because Tom Brady was taking less money. And I you know that's a whole other conversation but it can at least a little money than he could have on the open market. We're were enforcement across the board. If you're Devin mccourty you can get more money elsewhere but you have to take a little bit of a pay cut to come back here with the cowboys. It has been the exact opposite as the problem. Yes everybody whether it's Ezekiel Elliott. Whether it's Jalen Smith whether it's Amari Cooper whether it's Tyron Smith every homegrown player they've had run Mark Wright player deck on extra okay. I'm sorry I guess it's also fair but like every player every young player. They've had they've signed to a second contract has gotten a market value deal. In fact in some cases more than a market value deal allowed the contracts. They find it out going back to the PRIOR GENERATION OF COWBOYS. Players with your. You know your Marion Barber's or your Roy. Williams those contracts were overly expensive and didn't work out so when I look at what the the cowboys are enforcing here. It's sort of like we like you know you were okay paying top. Lemond and you're okay paying all these other guys Top of the market value on long term contracts. Now you're settled like. Oh we gotta be frugal now. Have to keep things with doc of. You're starting quarterback of all players. That's that's the confusing part to me. So let me ask you this bill because we this larger conversation of should you? Can you win with a highly quarterback we agree? Yes but we've applied the caveat. It has to be a good quarterback. Where is that line right so I think desk dot? Prescott is a top ten quarterback in the NFL. Is that line? And we're talking about top at the top of the market quarterback money. Is it top ten? Do you think right because like so. We're coming up. What's the next draft? That's going to get paid twenty eighteen twenty seventeen when he does Shawn and yeah those guys. Okay well so the John. Pat Are obviously elite quarterbacks so and deserve all the money but that next round. There's GonNa be a lot of interesting questions now. There's still so many questions with darnold and Allen and Mayfield's you shut your mouth but a word for you. Where do you draw the line on? Okay maybe this guy is the one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL but he's good enough. We're just GONNA do this to not sort of entered the limbo you and I have been discussing. I don't know I think it depends on how you want to build your team right if you think you can win a super bowl with quarterback and a lot of draft picks and a few free agency. You're keeping around the sort of like a colts Paid marrying team. Which by the way I know it's previously but I'm sure pay on a super bowl. And he was one of the highest payed quarterbacks in football I I think you can do that. But then you have be selective about the choices you make elsewhere. You can't sign everybody. Can't be the rams and sign everyone who choir to a big contract and then assume it's GonNa work out And if it's you know if it's the in that case you can probably win with. You could probably paint a top fifteen die and still win a super bowl him and hope that you're drafting and development still sound on the flip side if you're someone who wants to go out and sign a bunch of free agents if you don't think you can draft develop your Detroit. Seven your pick for veteran players then. I think you have to be more selective because you can't get away with paying top fifteen or top sixteen guy because of the money you have to put you can only be a top ten guy at that point but I I mean I think we overestimate how difficult it is to win a super bowl. How exclusive of a quarterback you can be to win a super bowl? The broncos had a painting playing soap replacement level football and won a super bowl with a great defense the Eagles when a super bowl with nick foles as their quarterback. Joe flacco Eli Manning twice. I mean it's honestly if you have to have a top ten guy or top fifteen guy to win a super bowl. It's just your chances are going to increase. You're going to increase if you're paying them less all right on that note. Let's take a quick break. Answer some questions. And then we'll talk about the Patriots later. Question Question Lenny for your thoughts. I don't know how to say this word to to you. Know the mythical creature who to sit Tulu for Prez asks Oh boy so we had the QB value discussion. What do you think this questions about is a dog value? What do you think the future of the running back position is? Could we go with the team having a rotation of h backs and slight receivers step into the backfield? Where do you think this is going? Robots robots the robot in Singapore that the dog robots from Boston Dynamics that are enforcing social distancing. Know I WANNA do a longer podcast on the running back position and like morality. I into a long discussion with someone on twitter because this is something I think about a lot right like I have written about it in the past and you because we say we'll take the analytics people like you know. They deserve to get paid. It's like yeah but you can't force teams to allocate money inefficiently or can you and how would that would that look like? I suggest it in the past letting running backs coach skipped a draft but as a longer conversation anyways I mean we're seeing more and more teams go to committee right like I probably like I mean how many teams I mean still teams with every backs but that has really changed. I mean there's what I don't have the numbers in front of me here. Like in terms of guys who were you know? I? I can't imagine how many two hundred fifty carry backs. There were fifteen years ago and now last year there were you know I. I think I don't know what you think about sort of sort of about about the the morality of it but in terms of the football elements of it. I mean it's good to have a good running back like I don't think every running back is exactly the same. I don't think they offer the same exact value but what I wonder is you know. I think at some point. We're going to see teams. Maybe maybe it's cyclic. Maybe it's not just that team's going to change their mind but we're going to see teams just cycled through guys on rookie deals. Yes and I think that's the logical thing to do. I mean you know having Christian. Mccaffrey is great. And maybe it's the same question as the quarterback question of like having Christian McCaffrey for four million dollars. It's valuable having him for sixty million dollars. A year might be another question altogether But I think the game is changing. The game is much more of a pass the game and it was ten fifteen years ago. And that's naturally GonNa make running backs less valuable. I I would like to see. Running backs get paid. More legacy rookies in general get paid more. And maybe that's where it goes. Is that just you know. Maybe it's not. The CBA are making more money. Because I do think that even if rookies were making too much on the CBS to CBS. When it was like the Sam Bradford era. I think this these to pass as have made rookie players of all stripes running back position at left them undervalued and Easy to explain right except for of course. I Ron running backs who get contracts. They probably wouldn't get if you got rid of the draft right in. Like what Zeke. Get on his first contract a lot. I mean if you're a running back in your draft in the first round your instantly. One of the highest paid running backs pressure. Yeah the way the markets did now. We're not seeing them so this year. It was the last pick with Edwards Hilar- but the previous year was anyone taken in the that wasn't a penny draft was so that was on Saquon. Oh saquon okay. So it's still have associate so she can twenty six. He got four years in twenty five million. I think he would have gotten more than that. But if you got a ton more than that yeah it's interesting and then the again this prologue conversation but like if they didn't have tr- talk if playing college you hit the market twice. That's a different pockets. F- Menier asks well. He's long suffering jets fan and other kinds. I guess there's short suffering jets fan. I'm a jets Fan who decided to bandwagon the team. His wife is a cowboys fan. They have a bet of who will be the first of the two to win a super bowl clearly account actually. I think the judge could be better this year though. I don't you also wants to know. What did the jets have to do to get rid of Adam? Jason Higher Eric. The enemy so you could win either way this season. But I don't know I think what they did in the draft. I Like I think Sam. Darnold is better equipped now than he was last year. I E that's going to be a really Turkey one by to go back to our conversation about giving these guys contracts Not Tricky because based on what they've seen they're not gonNA pay him but like he's been so set up to fail. Can I ask you a minute came? Show featuring lenny exclusive question sure during the draft when you saw Adam Gates with his family could use. Could you stop thinking about the article about how he left his wife in the delivery room because I could not stop thinking about it? Oh my way okay. Oh yes okay to be clear. Not Leave his wife. Sorry I was. So what did I miss neuner year? He didn't he's it's the same woman leans means. He went back to work. He went back to work like ten minutes minutes of the child being born. I mean it's not like the kids see him and remember it probably read the article. No that's funny right. How old is the kid? Now like ten I saw one child metric that child exclusively but you know what I mean break like this weird like contrast like family man and also refused or I thought about it. The whole time was articles after that. We're like coaches realized. They can do work from to and a twenty minutes with their children without looking. I'm someone who watched your at stood of preseason last night on my own willingly room to talk we'll talk about that later. Madden mobile play right. We actually answering this question. Oh it's the cowboys do. That's the cowboys getting rid of. I mean if they go yeah well. On born twelve if they have a losing record. He's gone you really think he'll survive another losing season. He was only there for one year but I guess he wasn't their first choice. Either I'm what's his name? Matt rule was their first choice. Now yes so I guess. Yeah maybe because he's second choice if they don't go if they go seven to nine. Pm after make sense. Madden MOBILE PLAYER ASKS IF WES. Welker who I once confused for John. Lynch. It's not very nice about it. If you use a super bowl curse. He has zero rings. He lost with Brady Shanahan manning and now Shanahan wait welker never one with brady drop at giants pass. He's got there when they were there in a seven and then he was with manning the year the seahawks won. And then now oh this guy's onto a I take style story. I love this Guy Manning mobile player and the fact speak for themselves. John Lynch would never former Patriot. Judge I remind people who don't know the Super Bowl in Miami. I WENT UP TO WES. Welker and asked a question for John Lynch and Hughes unimpressed they look frigging identical and I don't see Eagles Forty One. Two three zero three forty one hundred three six. Wait wait what was the question if the curse is real. I saw it. Yes okay actually I agree. I guess yeah no question okay. The next one wants to know if Roger Goodell asks you to reorganize teams in division C can move any them around. What would you do? He suggest just moving the cowboys out of the East because they aren't in the east. Guess THE EAGLES. The Eagles the cowboys and the cardinals were in the east. When I was like it's a small child could not figure that out whatsoever. I very clearly I move is to get the Patriots out of the AFC. Okay I would swap them with Washington and put them in the NFC east. Let's let Washington feast on for the Patriots. Have the hardest schedule in football? How how did that? How what a coincidence this we'll get to that so I would do that. What else would you do? I WanNa keep the AFC south exactly. The same belongs together. They really do. They're like the corentin houses. The one where it's like nobody picks That's a good one. I the NFC WEST. Is You know we're talking by the way do you? We're talking about which division is the hardest and football and we agree it's the NFC west. Right yes I think so. I think the AFC north. I think is quite good this year. Yeah I mean it's definitely better. I think that's the like you figure the angles are getting better. I have faith in the browns. Getting better the bengals other is going to be a little worse but yeah I could see those teams. I would is better. Yes dolphins and Colts. Because dolphins the colts used to be in the AFC East Dolphins are in the AFC east. They are about as far south as you can be in the United States of America. And they're in the east not the south so I feel like they should be in the south I think about it I think we need to create new rivalries right Dolphins Jaguars a rivalry twice a year. That Florida interstate got the AFC. South is so good now with brees and Brady. I won't believe that be. I'm so excited for like the first buccaneers game in September. When there's like a two and a half hour lightning delay before Tom Brady takes the field in the fourth. Quarter happens every single year for the bucks and then is it in Tampa Bay. It's got it's gotta be in Tampa Bay right. Yeah probably I don't know I mean I may home game in September only going to happen guys airline God that boat. Nobody should be on that boat. And not just because of social distancing yeah I do. Abc West I think could be decent so that's division moved after the NFC west. I'm just kind of like everyone's playing for second at this point you mentioned the NFC north. I don't see it. What don't you see. I think the bears are not going to be good well last like the most depressing team in the league in a lot of ways and they went eight. That was their floor. How bad they were they have. I try not to use this word as much and I feel like I should have a penny jar for every time I use it but the bears I feel like are one of the higher variance options this year. Because Nick foles is just like a rollercoaster. You know you just never know alliance could actually yes. I do yeah. Africa was crushing it. Less he's why are there that like they're going to be not number one on the list of teams likely to improve this year. I don't think they're going to be the niners but they could be a playoff team teams that I was just testing with someone about this. Which teams do you think like could be better and you know people were thinking about? I mentioned the lions the Broncos. We're one of my teams. You're on the chargers bandwagon. We yeah the charges. What would what was their scoring games. Yeah it was a little. A lot was their record or once every year term is going to be weird team the I would assume the cardinals probably a team. People are going to be better. Yes the cardinals Colts obviously out. Do you feel about I was talking with us about with Dominic. Foxworth what do you think about cuyler? Murray's MVP chances this year. Where I I saw the odds and I remember thinking. That was the best odds. I liked them. The best Huge cuyler fan. Who'd you see taking that leap and not not having the same sort of season? I don't think the team will be good enough for him to win. I think that's I think yeah. I think he will be. He has a very strong chance of being most improved. Or whatever and being in that conversation amongst top five quarterbacks potentially but I don't think the team will be successful enough for him to win. Mvp I don't think that defense has improved enough. Okay last question for you to Patriots. Sports Guy five asks if brandin cooks catches that deep in the rams win the Super Bowl. Is Todd Gurley still on the team? Oh Yes autistic histories absolutely right harder. They keep that entire team together. The the last year's total they keep everyone around and jared goff gets even bigger contract extension than the one he actually got. Probably Corona virus never reaches American. That I take Producers that's me times. Do you think Tom Brady still patriot. I think Tom Brady retires. I can't beat him. I kid too good such a hater talking about the Patriots. Are they trying to win? I want to preface this conversation by saying as alluded to earlier. I watched some Jarrett student. Preseason yesterday well hair 'cause I study if you granted ground grounded I ground that tape if you ground the tape. Tell me what you what you saw. How ass you for as my podcast okay? I'll say okay well. We should preface by saying the PATS Rolling Bill Belichick. Do you have to figure at this point? Like there's no one else who Joe? Flacco I guess could theoretically get the team to be allergic to the idea of Cambodian. Yes Bill Belichick. These you said. Recently he's raving about stemming you know I mean he just he likes anyone no yeah he likes that so then there's the question of okay. Do they like him? Do they want to win? Do they think they can win? To their competitor or are they trying to tank. Is this just a experience to see what they have all? I think reasonable questions. Low PATRIOTS FANS. Give very angry. Why didn't they go for Dolton? Who I think. A lot of people linked with the team seeing sort of a caretaker. So the the facts. I'm willing to step here. Is that was gonNA be a starter? They liked Jarret. Stidham question is do they think they can compete and win the division with Jarrett Stidham. Yes do I do I think they will? I would say no. I think they think they can win. Football Games with Dirksen quarterback. Yes I do think they can and I think I think it's not out of the question. They can even. If you're skeptical about Jared Stidham. Now I mean this is still a really good defense. They secondary is largely in tax by the way. And this is a this bill back to front. We talked about that a lot. Bill check could start you and me at outside. Linebacker Bill Barnwell and we could generate a pass rush for sure. We have like twenty seven seconds to get to the quarterback. So we're actually in. They got the we find defense. Okay I think this is going to so this kind of cuts to what I saw out of garrison in. I watched the Carolina Games. We Three by the way they pretty be a long time that I came a Cya left and that was it. So what I size okay. Pyramid takeaways from watching him. Not as athletic because I thought it would be. I was told we're going. I guess compared to Brady is more vocal. Try More Mobile. But he was not. He did not look particularly fast to me He got sacked allowable that had more to do with the he was not great at recognizing pressure. Made a couple of decent throws in the middle of the field up to seems to Kobe. Myers also made a few throws that should have been picked. Mostly it was just off of play action. I I don't know. He looked like mid round quarterback to me. I'm not saying he's going to be awful. I'm just obviously this against you. Know twos and threes by then in the game for the most part. I don't know I I didn't see anything. Let me live. Yup Woo you know. Wow that's the guy. It wasn't like a disaster. You know so that was I mean my take away from watching that is they're probably this patriots offense which by the way it's not like he's giving given a lot to work with here. I think they're going to be a lot like the early two thousands types patriots offenses. I could see that. Here's a couple of questions I have to ask you. Okay actually one point. My one question question is this. Do you think they're going to change their style of offense at versus what they do with Brady last year? You know. I think he's GonNa look very similar to the offense last year? I will wait room medalla. I they drafted those two tight ends the draft tight ends. They brought in. What's his name? Jed finch who used to be with the rams who I could see them doing more play action action getting more using that blue limited mobility. That's has it's more than brady sort of getting him out more on bootlegs and getting them out of pocket more frequently whereas Brady obviously was operating almost entirely out of the pocket I see them sort of trying to use his legs. More not like. He's going to be like a runner but more just sort of similar to me like a Garoppolo in terms of just having some ability. That's what I was hoping to see the look one time about one game guys so I could totally be wrong and I'm like I said I'm sure I've read in half a lot of data the work now. There's not allowed to work. I've heard that he's fairly mobile. Kind of how? I thought the giant US Jones more last year. That's what I expect them to do. Wisdom the other year interceptions were concerning sure that's that and then sort of the inability to diagnose pressuring coverages. I think is going to manifest itself a lot sternly. At the beginning of the season you figure teams are going to throw every sort of exotic pressure they had him and he's not going to diagnose them he's going to get hit he's going to get taken down. He's the guy who did not throw a ton of interceptions in college. Just thirteen picks on eight hundred forty eight attempts And I know his numbers did go down pretty dramatically in that final season Here's what I would say. This is where I disagree with you about the Patriots. I think the core he has around him is pretty good like do you. It's not like it's not as if he has the chiefs offense of weapons or anything but number one number one that offensive line is good and the did Karnak gear which I'm scared about but keeping Joe Tony. Even if it was not the best use of their cap space they have a very stable solid line in front of sin. Now of course guys get hurt. They don't have a ton of depth there but they're healthy one through five line is pop tend to me and then you get to the receiving core. I think we're underrating based that would happen at the end of two thousand nineteen when you had Giuliani woman playing on a bum leg. I had multiple search at the end of the season. I think it was. I think it was a leg but he was her for sure. You had who had joined the team in mid season didn't really know the playbook and suffered a high ankle sprain and was basically a shell of what he can normally do and I think that's new is still a pretty good number two receiver and you had and kill Harry who was a first round. Pick who missed half the season and rookie receivers generally do not do pretty well in this offense to begin with so it wouldn't shock me. If they're wide receivers were much better in twenty nine thousand nine hundred twenty four and twenty nine and then those tight ends. I'm not super thrilled about two rookie. Tight ends in Devon Devon Siasi. I drafted the other one dynasty. Some hoping Donald Keene is the real target Monster Dalton Games out like a patriots tight end. I know you sounds like us from New Hampshire. Look like drafted him. I know nothing about him. It was last pick just. But they're tight ends. Were garbage last year. And I don't want to disparage taste. Bad Matt Lacoste and Ryan is or maybe one of the league's worst heightened pairing so even having to above average athletes to athletic players might be an upgrade on those guys and then they're deepened. Running back I I. I don't know what's going to happen with Sony. Michelle a key might just be bad. That's not out of the question. But they have a bunch of good receiving action. James White Brennan Urban Rex Burkhead Damion. Harish play a bigger role this year. I'm confident they're going to have an okay running game. They added vital to play. Fullback after James. Devlin got hurt. They're not gonNA play a linebacker at fullback this year but like I think they have more around him than it seemed like because they were hit with so many injuries at the end of two thousand nineteen first Dalton teen looks exactly like thinking. Thank you good bye team second. I'm GonNa say something that you said to me. I think last time we recorded guest together which is settlement are on the wrong side of thirty and that I think is the case again. Obviously being healthy is better than not being healthy. I just I you're right. They're probably GONNA be better than last year just because they were so diminished. But it's still a a tough group I think especially. Yeah so I don't know what I guess that brings me to the next discussion right which is not the Patriots tanking. But do you think it's feasible? That Bill Belichick is open to the possibility of not winning. No he's an old man like he does not want to sit around career coaching. Have you seen his dog? You don't he'd rather hang out with his dog and right like No I don't think he's a position where he wants to take. I don't think that is something. He is super open to doing now if it works out that way. I don't think he's going to be heartbroken. But I don't think you know this. I guess this is what this is the same guy who told his defense in the Super Bowl to let Score so he's willing to you know wanted to give up. That's not out of the question for him but by inclinations as an elderly man who does that. Maybe have a ton of coaching years left. Who had the league's best defense by every measure last year? I kind of think he's in. The position of Gary can still win. I think if they were going to tank they would've left mccourty go. They would've had some other guys go. They try to save their money. Rolls him over for next year. And try to win with Whatever quarterback they're gonNA get in twenty twenty one. Here's the flip side. Though this style I looked up before I came on the show today meaner I what you watch the tape I get there in excel and I grind grind numbers you know that gives you. K- I can't list of every quarterback who was drafted outside of the top one hundred. Who did not start a game as a rookie? And then was there teams week one starter in his second season out of college on the list. Trevor Simian that is the entire list in the history of the national football seven. One seven seven Antonio pick and I'm I'm not sure why they started. Trevor Siemian I remember what the Broncos were doing that offseason twenty six birth parents always show his parents in the stands heavily a really blunt haircut. I remember that I remember. Indians mobs haircut. I haven't Ritz but what I'm saying like once twice in the jets. I think yes. You're right yes now I remember when it got down to him. Oh yes it is very unusual. It is very rare. Everyone's like Oh did what Brady Brady so rare the Patriots if jetsons good that will be unprecedented breeding history of the NFL. They're not going to go from one brady to him. Sorry yes that's like. An efficient is history thing with Brady where the draft drown. He plays like three stops. He's the third string quarterback that offseason. They signed drew bledsoe to a ten year extension. They were not expecting Tom. Brady to be Tom Brady in training camp here. He was better training camp for sure. But there's this thing now people say oh you know takeover for bledsoe that is an absolute. There's no no evidence at the time that was going to happen. Bledsoe got hurt. He had a shirt. Blood Vessel Brady comes in history history but have actually planning and saying okay. We're going to have this guy who was untested who was a late round. Pick START FOR US two years of school. No starting experience didn't happen so let me ask you this about the thanking stuff. I agree that it seems pretty obvious. The Patriots are confident injured student. We've heard from Patriots Puertas. He's awesome camp. You know they. He looks better than most rookies. They really like him. Obviously drafted rookie quarterback's before so there's points of comparison there. Why not bring in competition though like you know what I mean like I okay? He's their guy. But why do you not have like? Why is the only other option if they really WANNA win? Why is the only other option on their roster? Brian Hoyer what. If Bill Belichick believes that you can't win a super bowl with the guy making more than five yes and show under show. And if I teams are weird about young quarterbacks and like who they will and won't bring it you know what I mean. I think that's as likely as an explanation ship. Anything in terms of managing their psyches. What I mean. If you were the quarterbacks who are out there if you were Dalton if you were the best option would you have gone to the Patriots? If that was they didn't even call them by all accounts. They have not been linked with a single quarterback bill. Yeah I the only explanation to me is that they either have a really strong opinion of Brian. Hoyer which I think is the case. Was they cut him last year Or veith they they like. Jared said it but they don't want to test him they don't want them actual competition. They want to reinforce his confidence. They don't want to have a situation where if he struggles September that they are going to have a guy on the bench who are going to be clamoring for and I think there are some logic in that I do think we've seen teams who you know. Go back and forth struggle. I think Alex Smith's early careers example. Where he got benched over and over again and you know when the job and then have it for a month and get benched and there's that famous thing on Monday night football where the entire crowd in San Francisco Channel. We want car At Alex Smith just very sad. But I think you have to be I think you have to be judicious about how you handle their their psyche. Because you don't know how they're gonNA react with his struggle and so I think it does make sense to me from Belichick did that. He you know. From a perspective of developing jared stood in as a long term quarterback. Logical thing is we're gonNA quarterback Heston we terms like winning in two thousand twenty. It doesn't make sense to bring in a quarterback you're contested center. Sorry Yeah Yeah No. You're what you're saying is the way all the NFL acts right. Like you. WanNa Wise Cam Newton on a roster what you just described like if you you go team by team and like teams. That should consider him well. There's May reasons but a team like I don't like Denver or Washington like why bring in a Kyle L. in you know or whatever it's because you don't want to bring in the guy where when you're young quarterback struggles fans are screaming. We want cam or we want them. To hear we want Dalton and all of that reinforces the really liked jurisdiction. It just like this. The only explanation. So here's my question. I guess if Jarrett Stidham has a mediocre year if he is yeah if he's like Mark Sanchez. The first MC Sanchez. Here with the jets. Like what are the Patriots do? This is why I think it's a tricky situation because we don't agree thirty two good to tank. Their defense is too good. They're probably GONNA win some ugly Games but I could decision the outcome. You're describing is very realistic right there. Like fine he's not awesome. They win some games ugly. The defense is still good. You're picking maybe like twenty or fifty. I you know what I mean. That's totally realistic outcome. Bill and things. I don't know I mean. Perhaps they think they'll be free agent quarterbacks next year and they didn't like it's no surprise like James Right but like the didn't like the options this year. I maybe I don't know or maybe they're waiting for Aaron Rodgers. Oh all right. Let's Rapa as always with five questions for you and now it's time for dinks dunks. I'm getting paid for this right first. Question pay attention time. Wording this who has a better roster the bucks for the saints is just like a trick question the bucks or something totally different. A lot of people think I've been hearing both answers the roster okay. So there's no university where she thinks about therapy team. Defense one hundred fifty three. I think there are about equal on defense. I think the saints have more upside. I think when the saints are more likely to get hot and have like a top three defense whereas the Bucks. I guess they did it last year. So I don't know maybe I'm just underestimating the bucks defense. Well the bucks defense. They've got all those young guys in the secondary right so that they could get better. I think there's dot option. They like ninety nine point nine th percentile season from Shaq Barrett last year. Though that's true that's true but I think Devon white could take another step forward they brought back sue AP AP they drafted Antoine Winfield Junior. I really liked that pick for the. I makes me very sad. That makes me it depressing. It's very likely he's a good player. Yeah I think there are a lot closer and defense than people give them credit for and then I think offense better I agree and I keep picking the saints largely because of the nature of the season right I think the saints are one of the teams that are like best equipped for the all the craziness that's happening the summer stat. Though is it is a negative one. Yeah Okay let's hear Which team. Nfl history had the fewest turnovers and a sixteen game season. Is it the niners? It's the twenty nineteen New Orleans Saints at eight eight all year. Oh sorry sorry defense. They normally misheard that I was thinking the two thousand eighteen niners right. Didn't they have like one hundred eight? Wow really Okay question to. I've been asking everyone. This what is a quarantine? Tv recommendation you have. You asked me this. Last time I was on the Munich. Swat cast return. Wait were you on during the quarantine. Yeah I think he's created it's been going on for a while now. I watched the show. I watched the show where you couldn't sleep with the other people on the show. The Reality Show. I watch to handle to handle. No I haven't lost to listen to your heart. Would you watch if you watch love island at all? No okay. So there's the narrator onto handle is making fun of the contestants and I don't know if I like that I feel like I wanna be in the moment. I want to empathize with these incredibly on relatable awful people. I Love I. I've seen the trailer for too hot to handle and I'm just all for anything that reinforce or reminds people that just because you have a British accent doesn't mean you're smart It doesn't mean you're hot though. The premise of the show question. Three if you could pick one. Nfl team to change their name to the murder. Hornets who would you pick? Thanks it's not like a really easy one here in the NBA. For example I PICK UTAH BECAUSE UTAH. Jazz is so the Utah Murder Hornets is. We're not going to find a murder. Hornet in Utah. Jazz Music Bad. You find a bad. Nasqad bad mascot I like the Liberation of Miami murder. Hornets Yeah what do you think? I like the dolphins though. I like that logo. Although I'd like it better when it used to be like acute dolphin but John. Do you want it to be like? Could you mix the two and a half a murderous dolphin? That's the logo already kind of murderous looking the box honestly. The box is terrible mascot. Sorry Yeah but then detour to the pirate ship just an enormous instead of the of I still work with the colors too. Yeah for sure okay. Question Four what is your favorite sub. Read it. I don't know if you're on red eye about regularly. What's my favorite separated trying to think once I actually go to on a regular basis probably travel ones. It's probably like like how to find. Cheap plants partly cheap flight. Ready fly someone like that. I didn't know there was a cheap flight. Sub reddit definitely is. I can't think of the name of it. But that's the one I would go with one or like like travel hacking question. Five as always comes from Lenny. What's up Lennie? He wants to know if you saw the story about the Lopez brothers being kicked off of all of the team's Group. Tech's because they're on android and if it made you reconsider your Archaic Phone Toys. Here's the problem you know. Here's the problem with me having an android phone which by the way the problem just described the problem is because I travel a bit and I am on Google Fi and so when I turn my other countries I can just use the Internet and after like Oh you but here is the problem. Why not switch to an iphone from an android news for the exact point you just brought up which is when I switch from android to an iphone. I'm going to be like. Hey guys I got an iphone. Adnew to the group chats and then I'm not going to get added to the group chat so I'm going to be very depressed about Belle. I look forward to getting from you. Never see these days more so at Geiko. We'd like to say thanks. Thanks for sharing. Your savage dance moves. Thanks for sharing your. Diy Haircut fails thanks for sharing your inner lip sync star. Now it's our turn to share with the GEICO give back fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current and new customers. 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