Episode 352: Skinwalker Ranch Part I - The Utah Flap


No place to escape Tunis news. The last time cast on the left. Glade cannibalism started. Recording of this city. Off the Pacific coast here in his duty. I'm George Noory expert, Dr cheesecake, Melendez telling. Skin Walker spending so much time in the desert. Should they be using moisturizer? Looking to the last podcast of the left. Everyone. I bed gets with Henry with Henry Zabriskie's in Los Angeles. I was just with him in Los Angeles this week. But as always as usual, I'm with Marcus parks here in beautiful New York City. It's actually a nice day beautiful day. It's fifty five degrees. I'm on top of the world. Absolutely. I tell you what speaking of skin walkers every single night. My wife is gone at the casino. I check her closet Justice. He just for the hope of seeing some form of penalty guy OT or FOX. I am allowed by law to put a bullet in her mouth, goodness, George Noory, taking a turn to the dark here where my wigs to the family reunion. Full. You have Mr. Nori. Thank you so much for joining us today skin Walker ranch. That's. Definitely. So the subject of the next couple of episodes, and this has been a long time common folks have been asking for skin Walker ranch. And you know, what we do here. Like, the Lord actually like the opposite of the Lord we give you what you want. Take away your best friends. Okay. Now, we're not doing Christ. No, this is this topic is obviously one that we've been wanting to do for a long time. But a lot of people have had a lot to say about the skin Walker ranch over the years. And so a lot of times you see a lot of people talking about it. It's like, well what last Paul cast will can we awful. What can we all to the scene? Studies talk about Skywalker ranch. But you don't have discovered really what it comes down to it. Is that this gave us an excuse to read about it? Yeah. Yeah. Well, because we have to work it into work. So that we can then devote our entire week to it. And man, oh, man. I love being up to my pert- fuck and sweet dimply nipples and skin Walker ranch employee nipples. How can you and any nipple how many divots it's got little? That's a putting green after a hail door. I could make you stand up when I wrote the talk. You're just doing that. It's marcus. Awesome. And by the way, do you want to say I watched a lot of YouTube videos than I came in. And I was like I've got some pretty good information. And then Marcus that all the YouTube videos are wrong. So. Where we started. Skin. Walker ranch is a four hundred eighty acre area of land that has been home to some of the most fascinating paranormal activity of modern times featuring phenomena that runs the gamut from you Phosa, adding two orbs to poltergeist activity to crypt. It's to cattle mutilation. It's got all the shit. And it's absolutely spooky. Because here at the show when we wanted do paranormal topics of the big thing that we always hit the wall. We kinda hit is is it been flagrantly debunked. Is there point where it's like it's completely totally fake right in walk a ranch and all of the stories involve can walk ranch still have the ability to crawl into the skin sort of like my acting ability. Absolutely not with the cattles that are mutilated. They still trying to sell those white castle. The meat still good. It doesn't matter. If the eyeballs and it's tongues in its, but well, most of the meat is gone. And the bud is gone. Most of the the butts, but we'll get into that later. Okay. The assholes gone. Rump is still there is the more wouldn't art. I mean, like I'll get at the asshole eventually, but I always start with the room. That's a Lutely now, although the activity in the area has been present for decades and still occurs to this day. Most the more disturbing activity occurred in the nineties and involve family known by the pseudonym of the Gorman. Man three feet to for all of them. Fucking. It's a pseudonym Kissel. Why they changed their name legally from the stump? Gorman's? Maybe they were just eating a lot of chilly one. Just call ourselves. The Gordon Gorman's were down to earth. Mormon cattle ranchers who moved to this isolated area of Utah for nothing more than solitude and business. Instead, they became part of one of the more famous modern paranormal studies witnessing phenomena, so credible and disturbing that the government has taken interest under the possibility. The what's going on out? There might be a national security threat. They say calling quota might be quote, unquote, national security threat. But I believe they look into the skin Walker ranch because he believed that they're leaving high tech money on the table, but we're gonna get to that next week cool. But it is also a fact that the story of the Gorman's was a victim of embellishment in the two thousand five book which brought the story to everyone's attention that book being the hunt for the skin Walker George net. Net. He's still fucking got it. He's got full headed hair drinking Beal's really makes a couple of jokes and couple of speeches about how he is. Like, you know, I love the craft beer here. Wherever city he's. So he knows. So he hit it because he he loves it. And he looks like he likes the cigarette and he likes to windbreaker. Oh, yes. Lakefront brewery in Milwaukee, worry, you could ever go to but as the so-called Mr. Gorman told the author of the Utah UFO display, even though there are some embellishments. There are no outright fabrications. And the fact remains that people other than the Gorman's have seen unexplainable things since. Okay. Corroborating witnesses a lot of corroborating witnesses but skin Walker ranch is only a part of this story. The entirety of the UN to basin located in the wilds of eastern Utah and spanning about seventy five miles from east to west has been hotspot paranormal activity for centuries. I mean, I get it man you're from out of this world you want to go to a beautiful location. You don't know anything about our religious practices. Some religions being weirder than others Utah's the place to be geographically it is gorgeous. Well, the funny thing. Is that some people do think that the reason why there are so many UFO sightings out there is because of the people's capacity to believe, oh, and you know, we'll get into this deeper deeper, but this kind of concept that you Afo imperil activity or eight say circuit, we're completing the human brain completes a circuit that allows them to exist, which is interesting to go to a place. That's so absolutely. It's almost opposite. There's nobody there because people were so freaked out every time they tried to live in the U into base, and especially the earlier original indigenous peoples they would go over there to live and be like Ono creepy factor is up to a nine. You mentioned the words deeper and deeper a little inside joke from side stores Deepa. I don't even know fucking. The listeners Joe better Naidoo fifty. Fifty. Yeah. Now. Yes. The things about the skin Walker Ranjith soda though. We're not going to try to give you a bayton switch here. We just like everyone else have no answers when it comes to. What is still going on today? It skin Walker ranch. A we hope to do is give you a history of the various phenomena surrounding it and occurring within as just the eyewitness evidence. Even if it isn't belched makes this among the more fascinating cases around. Also this this episode, right? These series it brings me back to what I I missed about. Even just the older days of doing last podcast for it's like, most of my research was about sitting back fucking putting some Kush on my fucking lips and popping on the coast to coast and just letting any stories work its way into your brain. Man. You got fucked you'd get into a head space to enjoy the just go to walk around. Yeah. Got some soft pants on. TV for the daytime. And you got some hybrid for the nighttime. We'll know I don't know. How's your research practices change? I'm fairly skirting that there might still be some shatter in your brain. I come to the office though. What goes on in? This place is truly mysterious. And at the moment, totally unable to be understood. But it is undeniable that something is happening there. And it's also undeniable that there some sort of intelligence behind it see when you hear the words skin Walker ranch. You makes you think this might be just another krypton tail just as I did before we got in all this and rest assured there will be plenty of cryptos represented. Thank god. But we're not saying that the intelligence is big foot, nor the manpower. Are we saying that the intelligence is native American werewolf witches? Oh, love native American werewolf witches. Yeah. Merican where will ever develop a stutter? I'm going to say that over. But both of those things are also involved, but they're just consequences of the phenomena. Overall, this episode isn't about big Foot's or UFO's or poltergeist or even skin walkers for that matter this episode is about what it means. When all of those things happen in the same place at the same time thing that's happening skin. Walker ranch is just the beating heart of what is happening in the UN to basin maybe amount of activity that has happened since the since the white dude showed up for the first time in heard their old stories, and then shit certain happen to they'll light Ditz and all this kind of stuff. It's played out till now all of this activity seems to be kind of centered around this one four hundred eighty acre space, and they're saying a lot of the talk about even more. So in the second episode is that what if this is a thin place. Yeah. A lot of people that grew up there. They say that this pather is wanted to be called skin Walker. Is because it's on the path of the skin Walker. And what does that even mean are they going from one realm to another? It's this weird inter dimensional highway that now also not only just features like all of the phenomenon we're talking about. But eventually people like Robert Bigelow shown up with all the acronym. Spook dudes with all these people showing up like in the middle of it. It's a thick Esu. Gotta follow the Bigalow. Wherever he goes. It sounds sort of I- paranormal activity field of dreams classic Kevin Costner film. And now, of course, I'm thinking about Bigfoot up to bat. It is you hit sheet his. It's kind of fun. Who knows what they do in the people aren't around. And they're like, oh, we got a call the game. There's some other utopia in around here. We gotta go scare them. The big Foot's are making eggs and watching baseball the Bigfoot baseball games themselves. Just having a nice time. But it's all underground. Well, whatever is behind everything going on here. Something far larger in far more mysterious than you know, just some goofy poltergeist activity or just some UFO sightings. And it's it's especially since the best debunk IRS can do this. All this information is just give it a well placed. Yeah. What? I am your thoughts. And if you wanna core for your sixty th birthday, you're not going to be stopped talking to me like that. I work at the mill. Ever wait 'til your mother gets g can witness beating the head all goes in UFO's are here saying until then I'll be here with my makeshift blowjob issue. But before we begin let's aknowledge are two aforementioned sources properly. The first is the two thousand and five classic hunt for the skin Walker by Colne Kelleher PHD and George net. Which is the book that brought the skin Walker story to the world. The other is the Utah UFO display by Dr Frank be sows berry. Anybody named after a classic cafeteria lunch. I trust with my UFO information. I'll I loved we did cells berry stakes on Thursday Zeynep Pete's middle school in Stevens point, Wisconsin. And I loved them. I love cells bury St. no, the Salisbury steak, Rochester, independent school district was just shaped like a traffic light. And it tasted like shit. Well, that book focuses mostly on the UFO activity in the UN to basin that occurred decades before the nightmare that the Gorman's endured in the nineties originally written in nineteen Seventy-three sows bery rewrote, the book for a new addition in two thousand nine to update his findings and include his perspective on skin Walker ranch, which he never even heard of back when he wrote the book the first time really I can't stop my praise at the Utah UFO display. I love this book and part of it has to do with the fucking indexes in the back. Yeah. Where it's like, he basically go with the help of a science teacher in Utah in the nineteen sixties put together all of these heavily documented UFO sightings. And it's a lot of people with multiple people viewing these things, and it's really cool. It's very compelling stuff. Nice. Now, the U into basins like many places in the American west has a story that is steeped in conflict, blood and broken promises that. Involve both us whites. And the native people of the land fighting amongst each other. What do you mean us whites? You took a DNA test and you're ninety eight percent European. Yeah. I know no under percent European part of the pure blood Europeans that came to this country that kind of set up what we got going now. All the bad. Maybe some of the bad. But some of the different the way that we came to this country just made it different. Trying to debunk wouldn't Marcus was saying calling us all white. But then I didn't put the science in the front and then as soon as I got to the sides partisan. That's right. He's right. What you say European of the two tribes the define the conflict in this region. More than novel and the utes and a large part of those conflicts were precipitated by the arrival of the Europeans, which also coincides with the first UFO citing in the area outside of tribal folklore during an expedition undertaken by two friends Siskind priest named the Nasional Dominquez and vestry Bellas day Escalante in seventeen seventy six they were there to find an overland route from Santa Fe to Monterey and while they were out there. They saw something unexplainable. See today the easy pass. Oh, very nice way to get through New Jersey easy pass. It's a funny Z pasture. Records from the trip show that while these two were camped in the basin. Father Escalante described seeing strange unexplained fireball fi over the sky at the camp something far larger than a mere shooting star. But that. Ludi men, but are winning the borough. Pedro he he been to over, but it'd be bored. We be being launch. Being renamed. But these. I remember that guy thought to be that is so many being a lunch, and he'd take a foyer go put it behind his cooled on who've Ruth goes dynamite. I do remember that when he lit his when he let his farts player there. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's always great camping with you. So you're saying the fireball you saw a looked like that is that the I guess so. Okay. But that was just the paranormal aspect the trip the real life consequences of the Spanish interacting with the Navajo in goot tribes at this time also introduced the slave trade to the area it's gotten serious it gets actually second. Yeah. But it all has to do with the story. Now, the native American slave trade in the west is something that isn't talked about very often. We're not gonna go into detail about the native American slave trade here. So we just kind of added to the list of awful things that humans have done each other on American soil Grayton. But from what I've learned this week. There were quite a bit of raids done between native American tribes with the purpose of capturing other native Americans to be sold into slavery. As far as the legend of the skin Walker ranch. Goes this practice goes right to the heart of where a lot of the local folklore comes from namely the stories that involve the creatures known as skin walkers. According to hunt for the skin Walker. The youth were particularly gung ho about the slave trade when it came to capturing and selling the Navajos. Although other sources I read said that the Navajo were pretty into it as well. And it was really the pie. You tribe who got screwed the hardest by everyone. It's always the ones that are super peaceful. Yes, it's me. Get screwed by everybody else around them. Yeah. And you can see that if you played red dead redemption staring at you because he didn't finish got bore or some great native American conversations happening one one younger boys extremely upset. Rightfully so in the father says, I just want peace. But you're right. Sometimes you gotta fight. That's the Franciscan. The Franciscan monks going through there. It's very interesting because a part of it. I believe it like will we talked about when we were talking about Hellier. Onside stories we've talked about other things in home in the psychic world even outside of this. The the concept of synchronicity and many of signs has been built into many. You know, the the reason why the viewed they could show up into the middle desert, and essentially just take over this whole community that was already there was it stuff. Like, I believe when they showed up and they see saw this fire in the sky. They were like God's telling us. We're right. Look at that. That's God's saying. Hello where and then all of a sudden is just turns into slavery for everyone. But really was just a UFO poke and its way through the fucking sky hold as far as what the utes did. They also cited with legendary frontiers Mun kit Carson during the earlier Indian wars that also happen to coincide with our civil war back when the union was fighting both the south and various native American tribes across the American west. So according to. For the skin Walker because the youths were seen by the other tribes as betrayers the Navajo were said to have put a curse on their tribe and the name of that curse was the skin. Walker cool and skin Walker ranch. Just happens to be a tiny little island in the middle of the unit reservation. In fact, the ridge to the north that separates the ranch from the reservation is said to be quote in the path of the skin Walker, and as such is off limits to believers, this is it's very interesting because the concept of skin Walker is a there's not a lot of details because it is essentially proprietary information of the Navajos within the world novel. It kind of that is kind of their big boogeyman. He doesn't exist in other indigenous peoples like other groups and other tribes. But then he's a very scary figure to the Navajo also. But they don't tell a lot of shit about it talk about it. I under. The hesitation to want to share their lower after what's happened to their entire civilization. But the novel culture is so fun. Yeah. It was like, I just love hearing more and more about it. And I love the native American people, and we have a lot of native American listeners. Of course. So yes, we love you very much so courting to lower that spans across quite a few different southwestern tribes skin. Walker is a witch who was able to shape shift into a humanoid version of any animal that they so choose and once transformed the witch then takes on the attributes of set animal would it their platypus anything. But in also spills apparently apart what they'll do is that with their clans skin Walker clans, we'll get together got some of this from a cryptic hunter. Who was a very often against Costa. Go say a man by the name of. JC Johnson who is a fucking character. I would I would I think the term is a piece of work. He's got one of those that beard. He's got beard hair that goes up to the bottom of yes. Markelle kind of thing. But he basically said they practice because he married into the Nava like his wife is not the host. So he Benchley is like the son in law like I'm not going to name names. I have a member of my family that is related to that has merited into my family who constantly wants to sell everybody lighting fixtures that jeez cheesy Johnson married into the Navajos. And the only thing you want to talk about skin Walker and your role made very uncomfortable about it. Right because it's very forbid knowledge to know about and so he needles them. But he got one of these guys chief, Dan, basically, tell them the skin walkers practice, they have these like meetings where they get together in these giant yours, and they get different skins out. And they put them on. And they literally all coach each other. It'd be like, no, no, no, FOX does more like. Parkas? We're like. Abair grunt is more like. A dog kind of know what gonna a lighting fixtures. 'cause I know. In terms of I believe the term is lumens. They really get out there interest in. That's what it's nice to have a bigger family. Yeah. One guy selling your lighting fixtures. Maybe someone knows how to fix a couch. So even though skin walkers can turn into any animal. The most common form for skin Walker to take is a wolf or a dog. And is it only animals that they have seen in there. So it couldn't be a platypus, and if you do away all and then you're on land. And then you're com. Been questions. These are the no. Hannibal? I just want his isn't have to be could you be away on land? No, no, listen. Hey, chris. Yes. Sure. I guess, but let's just go through the process of how skin Walker may do their practice. Okay. We'll stories have been told even as late as the seventies of totally sober people. Reporting men with the heads of dogs congregating and smoking cigarettes together. And that's what the paintings come from them gambling pokers. Yeah. Said to be the most evil creatures alive skin. Walkers are also able to control mines in order to force people to do things they wouldn't normally do such as commit murders on the skin walkers behalf or even commit suicide. But since these powers are extrordinary, they require an extraordinary act receive them as it said that the only way to become a skin Walker is to murder sibling or a relative. And this is in addition the skin walkers being necrophiliac's, so. I missed this part of the garden of Eden story we had to Kane. One of those killed each other. So the the we seems to go is that there's a I'm trying to piece together because I went on. I went on a skin Walker path to try to figure out like more and more details, and it's a novel hold magic to be very very sacred. And they in their shaman is such an important part of their community right in a part of it is that he heals. Everybody seems to be is that they do certain amount of rituals in order to gain. The these these kind of these abilities to connect themselves to their mind in the universe. And give those powers to their people in our take care of the community. But it seems to be the skin Walker people that do these same kind of rituals, but they do it for either nefarious purposes or they do it for own purpose purposeful, self gain. And it requires more and more as the years went by for them to gain this very powerful ability. And then basically have to do is you have to either kill your brother sisters. They said it's like someone very very close family or be in the room with someone who's hired to slit their throats in front of them and has to be surprise. And then you take the dead body you fuck the dead body. Oh, everybody's fucking body do out with an girth there. Around is this. This is true. Like, and then they have to eat the body. They Trump up chunks of it and the eat of the soft tissue. But then they're supposed to use every bit of it. They're supposed to go. You take the bones? You can make a poison out of the bones. And then you take the head and you make a soccer ball out of the head. I'm not sure that straight. Yeah. I don't know that would be a hard soccer ball. And then you do all that. So you can have the face of a dog. That doesn't seem like a good payoff thing. How nice alive puffing lives puffins story. I although I I had my New York City parents watch him over the weekend. And evidently, he's having trouble jumping onto the coach. Which is apparently a sign of being overweight. Whatever why does he have to even be on the couch, Georgie can hop up my lap while I work in anytime. She wants looms of cheese. Welcome to come up on all of a sudden, it's like day. Yes. Betrayed by the skin walkouts. Powder. A weird old native American woman. 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Like Henry said is pretty damn limited because the Navajo aren't to keen on discussing even amongst themselves much less leading the rest of us in on the secret. And there is historical proof that at least at one point, which is were very real fear for the tribe in eighteen seventy eight of forced March done at the behest of the US. Army killed hundreds of Navajo who were taken from their lands and confined to a bleak reservation devoid of life or any real sustenance and has a way to try to explain their sudden bad fortune the tribe decided that they're gods had abandoned them and like so many other cultures throughout history. They decided the reason why the gods had abandoned them because the tribe was chock-full full a witches. Comes the equalize in part anti which party that seems to happen every fifty years or so my goodness. Which has got the brunt of a lot of accusations over the years always. Well, I mean, it's it's an easy way to try to fix the problem. It distracts people gives you something to do. And it gives you a way to take your anger out on somebody and to do something very tangible, very permanent. They're just they're just hurting all of the coolest chicks in town. Well with the Navajo believe it was men and women. It wasn't like a specifically like gender specific thing. Like, it is a a lot of times. Like, pretty sure in this case. It was everyone. Okay. Yeah. So to restore balance more than forty Navajos believed to be witches by others in their tribe were murdered one of these supposed witches even had their stomach opened and stuffed with which AKU trauma, wrapped in a bur- wrapped in the broken treaty. The navajos. Signed with the government God the government was the problem. Focused your anger elsewhere. Yeah. Physically the way the Navajo describe the skin walkers is terrifying. One writer who spoke to the authors of hunt said that the first thing you'll notice about a skin Walker is that even human form their eyes glow. Red like hot coals. That's just me when I get back from the dispensary yet. But I do understand this this shit gets freaky because out there too. Because remember this in the wilds of Utah out in the middle of the desert and they going through. It's like these do you weren't supposed to go out at night. They said the night was for them the night was for other life. It was not for them. And they said you go out there and the night and you'd literally scan they'd have these big spotlights like essential lot of these. Ballots and put out their new see red is out in the fucking forest. That would be such a fun thing to do at night though. We gotta go camping out there we do. And if you do see the true face of skin Walker, it said that they're bound to Killian to keep you from finding out their identity because if you know who they are and you're able to identify the skin Walker and the skin Walker dies. It's kind of like Rumpelstiltskin vote with faces. I see interesting and the way they seem describe it. Also reminds me of twenty five percent of the people. We met in Vancouver. Where it's a lot of the times the skin Walker is seen shuffling, the real life shuffling on the street with like with glowing red eyes with like a blanket over going by she by biking by like, very very intense. Very strange weird little people because then the goal is. They do their ritual. They sing specific song. They put a the hide on top of them. And then they transform Vancouver. Does have a heroin problem, which is quite serious. Very serious serious common weapon of the skin walkers. What some call corpse powder to keep their identity. Secret. The skin Walker will blow this powder made from a dead body into the victim's face powder causes the tongue to go black. That is followed by convulsions and death. And I was listening to one cryptic hunter. Who's talking about? How like he he was they were doing some research project out in Utah and this fucking snort huge dog did snarling dog comes in attacks him and his family. And he's like, you'll only thing. The only thing I could do to defend myself was the grab a two by four grabs two by four. He pizzas dog the death with a two by four right? Tense night. But he said he got sick and his tongue started to change. And he started fucking convulsant and shit and doing all fucked up. He had he was going. He thought he was just sick. And basically his Navajos body was like you need to come see the shaman. He says like nobody I don't trust their shaman shit. I don't trust the shit and the shaman then I don't know where contacts that guy's front. He's like your friend is sick right now. He needs to come. See me. Right. The fuck now he's going to die tomorrow. And he's like, I don't know how you know, my, buddy. But okay, they go in these scoop up the crypt hunter take him back to the shaman. John makes eat a bunch of shit that makes them foam at the mouth and foaming. And I'm shaking, and he's like I took a huge ship would straight up had massive massive diarrhea and those black shit came out of him. And he said the next day. He was fine. He was he was still jacked up, but the shaman was like you couple hours from now you would have been a victim of the skin Walker because maybe the powder came off. It's as you were beating a dog today. Oh, yes. Maybe I didn't realize that. Molly was often you American. Traumas? But that is fascinating. We got we got a two by four little hacksaw Jim Duggan reference there. Oh, yeah. And then we also have with the blowing of the dust that kills. You Papa Shane go. That's right. Upper shingle here went onto later become a pimp, which different I don't know how he went from pop shaneco to a pimp. The godfather they've got of course. But that was also Archer is a great finisher as I was screaming all this at Natalie. She said, it's also very it's very similar to Don. Right. And this concept of people using what? Now, we know is ambi- powder. And then they have which is made out of this base component called scopolamine, which is essentially it makes you come highly suggestive, and they go in the essentially kidnapped people you by blowing this powder in their face and make them take all their money. Other ATM, sir. Your wife, your wife didn't get a professional wrestling reference. No, your wife, just sit there on the country. Like like, go on Doug. To not marry a three hundred fifteen pound man from Wisconsin. I see different people different takes another Jose that they have ways to protect themselves against the evils of the skin walkers. But they're not sharing them with the rest of us Henry story aside. But really that's not out of spite it's mostly because they say that skin walkers normally won't bother those of us who aren't of the southwestern tribes. There are stories though that suggests that this isn't always the case and nineteen Eighty-three non-native family was driving through a Navajo reservation along route one sixty three in Arizona on their way home to five staff when they felt something was following their car. It's a police officer and their lights are on and they pull over over. And we just kept on. Mr. what is the sheriff Joe are pie? He's the real crypt at of Arizona. Well, the family rounded a bend. They said the atmosphere changed and time slowed down. Suddenly they sit a gigantic black hairy creature with yellow eyes wearing a man's clothes jumped up from the roadside ditch. And scared the ally, but didn't attack attack him. Just it just kinda went. That is the joke that I'd love drifted practical, Joe. Tried to forget about it. But if you days later held on you tried to forget about forget about that you forgot maybe was just a polish construction. We don't know. But I remember though, no the promises that when something truly weird happens, and this has got to come up again. And again, it's you talk about skin Walker ranch. When something so outside your fucking normal everyday experience just jumps in your lap. It's very shocking. Very like good, truly imagine. You're driving the street like all the goofy shit aside, you drive, and you see this fucking creature. Go up and go like. Goes back down yourself even weirder than at attacking the car. Just shown you. Hi, I'm here. He's got his parents over at some crip did beautiful mansion. Where's bobby? He said he wanted to go scare cars and traffic. He's you as long as he's not playing video games house. Get out of the house. That's true. The family did try to forget about it. But a few days later when they were back home. They woke up to the sounds of loud drumming coming from outside. And when they looked outside they saw three strange men like creatures standing outside their fence, so cool once the creatures were seen the creatures tried to climb over the fence to enter the property, but for some reason, they couldn't get through. Instead they sat outside the fence and the darkness chanting until finally they gave up and left Connie Honey, come here come here. Look if Matthew mcconaughey. Bach a dog. Now, do but there are others who say that. There's no way in hell that the Navajos would unleash a skin Walker upon anyone whether it be a white family taken a shortcut or another tribe that wrong them in the past. See a skin Walker is not a weapon to be wielded, according to lore, their evils, selfish creatures who exist only to spread misery and pain and Navajos, according to anthropoid, Dan, Benny Shak would more likely kill a skin Walker before asking for help. Really? Well, it seems also have been a slippery slope of intention of by the skin Walker were at first there like this ability was used first thing I to go and spy on keesa doors that were coming to basically, the the Spanish coming through their land right would go, and they would they would basically have someone hide in the guise of an animal. They would go and listen to what they were saying in secret and trying to find out the plans that can keep the doors. Eventually went towards the US Calvary. But they said one chief Dan JC Johnson, which I thought was very interesting. What he said was that essentially after what they call the long walk, which is what they said when they rounded up all these native Americans and put him on a reservation thousands of died. They what part of that was that the alter our version of property, and all of these these kind of western ideas, infiltrated their society and a lot of it. Some people use it for good. But the people that are using it for selfish purposes, eventually the skin Walker started to get used to be like, my that guy over there has a new truck a want to go, and I want that truck for myself, and they win basically hire a shaman to act as a skin Walker to go and ruin somebody else's life, and eventually more and more like the that magic and that power became deeply corrupted Henry that thing got a Hemi. Just trying to entertain edgy edge to edge. Tina populace thing got a Hemi. I didn't even know what it is. Because then even know what a Hemi is. Thing got one. Oh about it. So they would dress up like animals. Yeah. And rocks and stuff like that. That's not rock. Here you go around. You can't hold up as he gets you up like a floating ice cream cone animal. Oh, I see you can't do too. They said one that was interesting one guy showed up as a nine foot rabbit and for me. That's actually scary. George Noory was making familiar you've made a tell me we're being scared of the Easter bunny. Wig slides off the top of his skull villa? No actually think could nine Abbott scarier than a fucking wolf any of our imaginary friends during the holiday season, we're real the tooth fairy. Which is just it's universal. That's your round. Oh, yeah. The Easter bunny. They would have to be killed immediately. Him shoot at my house. That's my child property. You're coming. Hearing kids mouth puts it under the pillow. And then you've got to have money for suffering. When this economy takes downturn. We'll see what happens with these tooth fairies in how they go about getting their precious little gallons of teeth. I heard another possible explanation for skin walkers. And this comes from the skept podcast. Even though they discount the entire story skin stories skin Walker ranch from top to bottom, and I didn't listen to the podcast. I just wrote it, but I just read the article that they wrote about skin Walker lore on their website oak. Hell, yeah. Well, they point towards clinical like canopy when it comes to explaining where the legend, the skin Walker comes from now as a refresher clinical that can't be is when a person has the delusion that they can transform into a wild animal, and as such they behave like a wild animal catman member catman, remember Katmandu all the plastic surgery in the world. Apparently, he was kicked out of his house because he was like, I'm a cat. And then you would just take dumps in the living room. You have to get a pretty big litterbox. That's a lot of shit scoop. It is just a playground. It is it is a sandbox that children are supposed to play. I'm in. I'm in my Katie. No, there's truck we dump truck. It's children play. They'll find it later. Well, the very real psychosis. That is clinical I can't be has been traced to hundreds of vicious murders over the years, including Spain's first documented serial killer Manuel Blanco Roma Santa who killed thirteen people in the nineteenth century and made soap from the fat of his victims. But dogs will make so that dogs don't make so no, well, he wasn't aware wolf. But what the skip toy podcast wrote is than in many cases of clinical. I can't repeat the suffers believes that their condition is a punishment for some horrible past transgression in this falls in line with the belief that skin walkers were required to kill a sibling or relative. So it sort of a chicken the type of thing it's a crime that repeats upon itself as a kind of coping mechanism you kill someone you feel grief. But since you're already a bad person, you say fuck it. I'm gonna go all the way, and you kill more and more getting more and more vicious all to keep the cycle going under the belief that you're now aware wolf or something. So there's something to this. I believe that there's something to the psychic edge of this. I think that it's 'cause they're ways some people have said the witnesses of certain skin walkers. They've said that the both seen skin walkers in the form of a creature either an oversized creature or a half humanoid creature or from another angle have seen the same said person who's running with the. Looking skin tied around their shoulders like Cape. And I think that there's something about this this belief cycle to right where you believe in this so hard that you've been any because of your grief, almost you're projecting an image of the fucking bear. You're doing already succeptible dislike behavior. See this type of thing. And it's weird. It's like a fuzzy bluetooth connection. Yeah. Absolutely, Mark as you mentioned vicious cycle. So they so they feel almost like a hung over a little bit. After one kill they wake up on Saturday. Like, the only thing here. This hangover is just one more. But like. To twenty and then Sunday, the only. One more. But like is that on a serial killer? This is the sentence that we can now crop out of this show, and we can bring to your doctor, and we can say. The bud lights to learn this is what allows him to learn. I see. Okay. Interesting to prolong the suffering of realizing or dealing with what you've done. Yeah. It's like I've done this. So I have to be right. It's actually a plays right into what we were talking about in the Mangla episodes where you know, some of the non got more and more evil as time went on because the more evil they were at the more. Right. They were or will they had to you gotta fucking by in now already this far you already killed your brother, you fucked his corpse his meet at this point. It's like well might as well run around with deer skin on and right people out. Yeah. How do you like I just feel bad for the guest at the dinner table? When all those people get together for the first time, you're like five years, it's been so you just don't talk to each other. Talk to anyone sex with a corpse and eaten it together. Feel like you just compartmentalize we've met a couple of people on our travels five left. He did the same thing. You had fun. Jeffrey dommer doing the same shit. He managed to put a shirt on his and his put his pants on the right way around and got his way down to the chocolate factory. Yes. 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Upset squad so much well northeastern Utah's not quite the sasquatch mecca that say Oregon is the area has had quite a few sightings over the years with a lot of the more recent ones happening just north of skin Walker ranch, and the utes certainly have their own views on the creature. This is what sasquatch is all about. According to them, according to one you who sounds kind of like Charles Manson when he was describing the creature in the book, really that's watch even old name lives on a mountain comes in. Just comes in looks at people that he goes back out again. He just lives there all his life man takes care of himself and just smells real bad. Almost like almost like that guy. Like, he's dirty dirty human beings males. What it smelled like all real deep bad bad odor. It smelt like dirty bad underarms the closer. I got the worst smell got it. I should know because I invented smell. Red witness here. Credible witness who saw squad, and there are other strange creatures out there as well. It said that a serpent haunts reservoir known as bobble hollow so called because it used to be just big hole. People would throw their empty liquor bottles imple- names, but this reservoir just happens to almost directly but skin Walker rant. What doesn't what funds? It's term locational. It's a very it's a legitimate term. What does it do it? Research, marcus. How did you work on this dog meat? How did you get? Hello. How many hours hours at least this week? Yeah. What does it do? Not too long after the whole was filled with water back in the seventies long before the stories at the ranch became public. There was a tragedy. See almost immediately after the hollow was filled stories. Among the utes began circulating that a large. Aquatic snake was sometimes seen in the water in an incident occurred that might support that one night a man and a woman were swimming and bottle hollow. While a few others were hanging out on the shore. Suddenly the woman screamed saying that something was pulling her underwater, then she was gone it's fucking horror movie companions he dove underwater and grappled with whatever the creature was but by the time he'd got the woman free and back to shore. She drowned now Dr Sowell's berry points out there, certainly are more logical explanations for this incident than a paranormal serpent definitely could've just killed that woman that's possible. But the witnesses on the beach support. Voted the aquatic monster story and investigators on the scene took the report seriously. But cryptic words are only one part of the overall story here. Yeah. Did the sightings of big Foot's and lake serpents are nothing compared to the wealth of UFO encounters that have haunted. The you into basin for decades zoo in this area of the world. The local expert is without a doubt a retired science teacher from Roosevelt Utah named junior. Hicks guy is got the coolest job in the world is just he was a high school science teacher on who. Just everybody would come to him with a UFO stories to the point where he was like fuck it. I'm going to research this fulltime, and then you'd go and he'd spent his weekends out there. Counting out all of these different UFO stories that people's at this time period in the sixties seventies. Anybody that lived in that area of town Hussein? I think the present he said he was like one in three had a you story. It was just it became so prevalent seeing you a foes in the sky like full and not just like lights orbs fucking crafts like full on nuts. And bolts bullshit they were seeing. And it was it was it was thick with two seas with Barry fun. So he's living the best life. He is by nineteen Seventy-three junior had amassed a collection of four hundred sightings. And that was starting about like nineteen sixty six because around like nineteen sixty six nineteen sixty seven UFO sightings in this area. Just exploded. I mean there been a few seen since father Escalante back in seventeen seventy six, but in the six the late sixties who's been really exploded and junior said that by his reckoning most of those were just either satellites or stars. But about eighty of them were credible. As in people saw something. That was unidentified they saw an unidentified flying object, which does not necessarily mean that it's aliens or whatever it just means that they saw something that is unidentified. I mean, you go what is that a big deal? Maybe the aliens once we got our nuclear technology, really primed up pretty solid. Maybe they came down. Here wanted to milk us for that. But they also talk about which will we will again, how Jones is. But these these things also happen in waves or flaps bright. So a part of this is that a wave of activity can happen over a period of years. And then it goes away and comes back, and then it goes away, which is kind of what we're seeing here is that from nineteen sixty six to the mid nineteen seventies. We were we had a huge ask you Afo flap. But then pop the beginning of the nineties with the stories of the Gorman's, maybe they were just maybe the aliens traveling through to a different destination. It takes them a long time to get out of our little solar system. So maybe take ten or fifteen years and now they're off some place else. Yeah. I mean, the concept of alien or does visitors and time that's definitely a big part of it that maybe time works differently for them than it does for us. Who knows we have no idea so nineteen sixty six junior attended a talk about the possibility of life on Mars at the association of Utah science teachers, and who happened to be given the talk, but Dr Frank sows bery junior approach Dr sells berry after the talk and told them all about the activity in the basin and two years later, the two started working together on a fishery documenting all this activity, which eventually became the book, the Utah UFO display one of my favorite stories from the book as Dr Frank when Dr Salisbury showed up when he went to go to visit junior Hicks. He gets pulled over for speeding. The cop comes over to take information in in Dr Sowell's Bury's been like, I'm a deck or fun things. My question to you is can you put me towards we're the UFO's armed people who've seen you is like, well, you can actually ask Justice piece when you go to pay your ticket. So then he goes to meet the Justice of the peace who was the town barber. Barber with all of these members of the city council, and he's like so have you guys seen you photos, and they're all like, we've all seen UFO's, and he sat there and the he collected stories right there, man. That's my much my dream. That's when I got an RV Natalie and Wendy two and three because we'll have cloned. Russian for fucking foes, man. It's unfortunate. What happened with ten thirty three program when the military signed up with individual police departments to militarize our local law enforcement, and you're gonna shoot you. You can't you're looking for you oppose. We'll make you see stars with this. When I wail on you saying time as past guess past unfortunate. Now, the first big UFO citing in the area occurred in nineteen fifty one when thirty students and a teacher saw a cigar shaped object sitting on the ground during daylight from about fifty feet away. But the most active period of UFO sightings in the basin were in the years. Nineteen sixty six and nineteen sixty seven and many of the testimonies given to junior occurred during that period. One of the first witnesses in that time period was dean Powell who was delivering the mail in Hanna Utah at about ten fifteen am June of nineteen sixty six when he saw a perfectly silent. Silver craft who hovering in front of a hill. And these are not Lookie loos. These are people like dean Powell because remember specifically in the book is like he asked for Dr Frank cells Bury's identification, like he's like, you told me who you. Niece going like this shit's freaky. Yeah. Donna massey. Was another witness who saw something strange, although she saw a different kind of craft all together. She had just finished a long night, a canon tomato juice when she decided to turn into round eleven thirty pm. Is that fun? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Of course, as she was going to say goodnight to her husband Volva. She noticed. Yeah. There's a lot of strange names coming up here. Yeah. That's all good. Yeah. Volt is a funny name for a million. Yeah. All the Massey. Is a funny name for a man. I love it. Yeah. Well, as she was going to say goodnight to her husband Volva. She noticed a strange red light out to the west it started moving towards her. But the closer got the more. She realized that the light was actually a craft and much larger than she originally thought. She said that it was round and his big as a house and was emitting a horizontal red beam which changed colors to yellow and green before softly coming to rest on top of a no near her home. Just about the time that it landed though, the local Mormon Bishop a one Garth Batty showed up and sat there watching it with Donna finally, they decided to get closer. But as they approached it in garth's car, the craft flew vertically so fast that it seemed to just vanish. With people talk about what these lights, it's a very different property of light than what you normally used to. They way that a lot of these specifically in the Utah. You Afo display in the way, they talk about these specific groups of sightings as that. They describe it like it's boiling light that light is coming out of it. Niece kind of morpheus waves that are not generally lighting things that literally things are not eliminated in told the cloud of light touches stuff. And they said that a lot of times it looked like they could take if they could be close to the object. It's like they could hold the blight in their hands. Like it was a blanket. Interesting. Now, the behavior of this craft is among the first examples of the UN to phenomena being what you might call a little skittish. Yes. Whatever it is. That's out. There does not like being approached nor does it like being photographed her recorded, and it will do whatever it can prevent these things from happening. And of course, the debunk IRS can. Say how can Venios of course. So basically, we are dealing with an extraterrestrial UFO that has the same personality traits as Alec Baldwin. Talking about here punch. Punch when he's already done do it again. Oh, yeah. But it's one thing if you've got one dude saying he keeps seeing something the disappears, right? Is he's pulling out his camera. If you got a buddy, it's like, yeah. See this thing every night, but it just disappeared. I mean, that's one thing. But in the case of the UN to basin, you got hundreds of witnesses like Donna Massey. Spanning decades there were Radi sightings some of those sightings had like ten fifteen people all at once. I would love to talk to an alien and just be like what's up? What do you think is the biggest problem with our country is right now, it'd be like honestly, we used to visit you guys a lot more. But all the TV cameras are really, you know, they're a big threat to us. And then we could just bound over the police state. We can be great. But a part of this gets into the enemy. You're gonna probably take longer up to sort of even want to understand this Jacques Vallejo talks about again bring 'em up time. But he says when we were talking before this Manama is an circuit with our brains. It only. Exists because of our attention to it in its way. Right. That maybe it is either being pulled through injured, mentally or something it is here for us and bias for some reason, it is fhu. But when when you look at this this phenomena, a part of it is it's almost purposefully saying, oh, you want your pressures proof you want your video. A you want your video evidence you want to evidence you want to be able to scoop the soil and measure it you want. All this totally understand what you want that. But guess what you literally can only share this information by sharing personally story by story from person to person trying to also show you in some weird way. Maybe it's a way that we don't understand yet. And I don't fuck understand. But it's this trying to understand the universe is far more deep and complex. It's supposed to be. It's like our own brains or trying to tell us that by helping manifest this information that it's opposed. Be personal story. The keep talking about these you afford as we go through each one. Like, it's a performance Bacall. It a performance they see these things are are manipulating reality around them in order to basically show like we can do whatever we want. And so can you? Oh, you could figure out how to break through the fucking horsh. It inspirational message coming from the extraterrestrials very nice hang in there. I say, hey in there. And sometimes these people saw these objects in the US basin multiple times Donna saw her object three times a few months after the first sighting. She said that she saw the object again, except this time it shined with a light. That was so bright in yellow that she said it looked like you could gather it with your hands. It had wait a bunch of a bunch of bananas. And they weren't the only ones to see this object in particular. Although Donna was the only one who said that she could see shadowy figures move. Around inside the craft after the Donna Massey sightings, though, the sightings came in fast succession about a week after the Massey sightings two men named Chuck Thompson in Kent Denver to straight men out here. Decamping to shop ran Tiki. And we run a restaurant together me, and my best friend. I love baseball. What they described as a double conflicts ball of fire fine across the sky for about half an hour. Something similar was also described by a man named Boral hassle them and his family with two other groups of people reporting that they'd seen it as well. But one of the stranger fire like events was seem by a father and son duo named Orval and czar Rudy went to go out of style. When did that happen? What was the I haven't heard of any of these names before the Orville borough? I guess Orville is the overall reading it makes sense. You want kids Marcus, you got a name your kid one of these names to bring it back role. No. Was not ugly, Verwoerd parks. Sounds like an actual city park where everyone just goes. And does like a fake THC where they just Ketu. No. It's not good. Ken Denver, though, sounds like a weatherman of news, man. Completely straight anything akin to Denver told me I would have to believe oracle. And czar said that about eight PM one night, they saw what looked like a burning haystack and the distance, but it, but it didn't make any sense for a haystack to even be out there in the desert much less to have a burning haystack out in the desert. They thought that I it was just the moon playing tricks. That's just a million. It was an optical illusion. The moon was riot rising above the horizon. For some reason it looked like it was on fire. Okay. But the moon was already far above in the sky the moon Knight. Jamie. Kennedy. Whatever it was quickly flew into the skies still burning brighter than a flame and made a half circle around the real moon before travelling out of sight, like literally it was going like fuck you like it's weird. There's a lot of this shit. Did they the word that comes up quite a bit for these sightings as fuck ring? Little be like, we're not the moon. See our moon. Bye. Bye. But it wasn't just orbs and light objects that were seen out there. Some saw actual mechanics, Richard faucet and Moreland Buchanan were hunting at pelican lake on the evening of November fourteenth, nineteen sixty eight when they saw something that they at first thought was nothing more than a balloon. Hold other hunting at the lake at the lake. No you hunt geese at the lake. Oh you hunt. Jeez. Yeah. You hung as ducks. That's. Dove. Yeah, I feel bad for geese somewhat. But then if you've ever met a goose, they're very means. They are horrified. So they took my sandwich when I was growing up. Well from a distance what these guys saw did. In fact, look like a weather balloon with a string hanging below blown in the breeze. And since the sun was setting and it was getting dark for geese Hutton to figure. They get in the truck and check it out. Now, they thought they drive about a mile get out of the truck grabbed the string and say, Yep. That's a balloon and then just be done with it. No. But as they got closer the object got bigger pretty soon, they found they've been driving for seven or eight miles and still the object just kept getting bigger. And once they got close enough they saw that. The string was in fact, a tunnel about three feet in diameter descending from the UFO down to the ground sucking up. What looked to them to be just general gray matter? They said that the object. It was attached to was in fact round like a balloon, but it was glowing. As if light from the sun was reflecting off it surface. But the sun had already set it was dusk. And then the object just seem to disappear and the one thing Dr Frank sales berry said is maybe it does sound sort of like a dust devil day. Maybe it was some kind of way of seeing. But does not explain the balloon object on top of the big, shiny metallic balloons tach to it. And the fact that it was in the middle of the night. The normally these things are done because of the heat of the day. Yeah. Afternoon thing I was sort of hoping when you said that they saw the grabbed at the got to grab the string. They looked up and they saw an elderly men. Ten. Our wife voice, go. A house. It was nice house. It was just floating with balloons that movie is still very sad. It's extremely, but it's it's a beautiful movie. Good movie. The majority of the sightings happened in nineteen sixty six nineteen sixty seven at a rate of about one a week from lights that looked to be intelligently controlled to full on metallic crafts that landed or followed cars, and there's a bit of a paradox here when it comes to the car chases because as I said earlier, the phenomenon does not like to be approached filmed or photographed, but it loves being seen and acknowledged interesting. It is it is a personal experience. Yeah. Is you? And this thing would ever that intelligence is the whole object of it seems to be of each incident. It's been like, hi, I'm here, you see me. But guess what? No one else will. Because the there's a common trope, but they have a breakdown of what I love in this book to breakdown of all the different types of sightings. And kind of the things that are similar a lot of people have seen the same kind of shit, and it has the same behavior to same kind of more flights weird crafts things. Like flying refrigerators. This thing comes like. And then it's balls of living light seem to want to tag your car. You know, I like that though, everyone sharing everything it's nice to just have a personal moment. Yeah. People do think you're crazy. If you ever talk about it. But that's okay. I think there's something fun about that. Yeah. There's for you just for you. And for all of the ten seconds max, if you're out of concert on film, and yes, that's my thing. I do. I take pictures of the very top. Yeah. I'll do it. Like, it's never the first song. The second song. I take a couple of picks. And that's it because then I just wanted to edibles. I did if you go to my Instagram at Ben Kissel, one I did have a great time touring the wax museum, and I was alone. So I filmed that for the audience jokes in there. Yes. It's a great wax museum Marcus, which one the one on whatever Hollywood Boulevard in LA, legitimately fleece. No, not no Ripley's not save your money. And you went to Dave and Buster's in loss Angeles onto anywhere in the entire city. And he went to those places. You've got hammered David BUSTER. You're like if the entire Griswold family was murdered and to Bego slapped a beard on. Yes. I know what you sent that in a text message. And I said it's fun to act like a father of three without the children. No it wasn't. Dave and Buster's, and I was drinking my Toby L twenty. Yeah. Pretty good deal for six bucks, and I'm driving, and I want all of my racist because you're actually going against AI lie. They have your picture. I raced against myself because they had pitcher and got up after three matches in the family this this father. I said, hey man feels good to be able to drink and drive. And then he looked at me like I had eight heads and his kids we scurry away. Now. I could drink a beer and drive. You can't do that your life. Are you skin Walker mislead like what is it that? You do all day. Like, are you what people see like are you the type of the are you out in Utah? Have you been out there? If you've been buzzing skin Walker Reid might be I would love to live in Utah back to the UFO's. Thank you. The one seen back then they didn't leave evidence either. There are no photographs that I've seen at least from the sixty sightings. And there were no burn marks or indentations in the soil in the areas where the crash were known the land, and we see that in other UFO stories. You know, we see certain what was that wasn't Gulf breeze. Had some pretty intense of landing evidence, right? Yes. Yes. We have some indentations. And we've seen the things we talk a little of actually when do the rental Jim forest, and they talk about that incident where they had impressions that they took the landing gear, quote unquote of the UFO. But again, that's not the plaint of it. Well, in addition, the photos were in almost all cases, totally silent. And there was only one possible objection when two women reported that they saw craft while they were driving then they showed up at their destination with hours of missing time. These sidings also tended to last a lot longer than many UFO sightings of all the ones junior collected. Only fifteen percent were less than a minute. Half of them were less than ten minutes. But thirty seven percent of these sightings were ten minutes or more and fifteen percent of those were more than half an hour. D- were truly whatever. The fuck is happening in this part of the country at this time period, they were showing up and there were saying fucking look at me, they were presenting themselves to the people, but there was a dark side to all of this as well. In addition to all the UFO sightings, the basin also saw a fair amount of cattle mutilations. Academy relations are among the most bizarre and puzzling paranormal phenomena out there, usually how goes is that a cow will be found in a field completely mangled and dismembered sometimes with wounds that seems if they were done surgically by no means the work of a predator. In other words, in every case, there's no bloody mess like you would expect the way they described them as if it was done, and then present it, it seems to be it looks like it someone which is why people wanted to bunk them really bad because it it feels very purposeful. Yeah. Right now, the bunker say that cattle mutilation as fairly straightforward explanation. Cows will sometimes die of what's called the clostridium bacteria, then as the body decomposes the body expands it's filled with gases, and then the more fleshy areas of the cower exposed. And then those areas are munched off by scavengers reason, why there isn't any blood is because by the time, the munch and occurs all the blood has coagulated. Coagulating all that takes quite a bit of time in the next episode will tell a story involving the Gorman's that blows that explanation completely out of the water suspending a witch. Let's talk about skin Walker ranch itself. Ben were just getting to just getting started. Put it this way. So remember this? So all this shit has been going on. This is this this whole area that country's Fiqh with wackadoo activity a lot of tension between tribes and now Skywalker ranch is going to open its doors saunter end like me at a pant store. Oh, right confident this episode of last has left is brought to you by casper. Get fifty dollars towards select mattresses by visiting casper dot com slash left and using promo code left at checkout. Casper is asleep brand that continues to revolutionize its line of products to create an exceptionally comfortable sleep experience one night at a time. Casper knows a lot of us aren't getting the best possible. So their mattresses or designed by humans. Humans. 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See when Dr Frank Salisbury originally wrote the Utah UFO display nineteen Seventy-three. There wasn't a God damn word in it about skin Walker ranch. There are two possible explanations. Here either nothing was happening on skin Walker ranch or the people that live there just weren't telling anyone so Salisbury decided to find out the truth. Now one of the claims made in hunt for the skin Walker is that the previous owners of the ranch before the Gorman's purchased the property in the fifties abandoned by the late eighties. And we're happy on load it in nineteen Ninety-four. Furthermore, they say that the. Contract of sale came with a strange clause that required. The new owners to contact the old ones before any digging was done anywhere on the land owed. No, we don't know. If the authors of hunt got bad information, or if they just fudged few facts to make the story, simpler and spookier. But this version of the story is not the whole truth as Dr Frank Salisbury found out he tracked down a man named Garth Myers. Who is the brother? Kenneth Myers who had lived on the ranch with his wife Edith for almost sixty years and Garth was the one who had negotiated the sale the wrench the Gorman's. According to Garth the ranch was bought in nineteen thirty three by his brother Kenneth and as far as Garth new Kenneth and his wife Edith lived there without incident until Kenneth died in nineteen eighty seven at age eighty six Edith continue to live on the rents were another five years until she was moved to arrest home where she died in nineteen ninety four after which the ownership the ranch reverted to Garth and his sisters Helen Baxter and LA brea. Cell phone. Okay. Yes. Very good. Very good information. I love this book. Of course, and Garth maintains that in the entire sixty years that his brother lived there and the five years that his sister-in-law lived there alone. They never once mentioned anything that could even resemble paranormal activity, nor did most of the townsfolk ever hear anything because the Myers were pretty much hermits. They talked very few people in town. However, it is possible. Kenneth just never told his brother about anything that happened on the ranch has Garth Myers was what you might call a bit of a fuddy duddy when it came to talking about stories of the supernatural with Dr Sowell's berry funds, it's on you. I can see the line at thought. Right because Garth Myers wanted to come out and late on the line and say you wanna lay down the law and say nothing fucking happened on skin Walker ranch. My brother never said anything, but he definitely has an agenda in this Garth Myers from the tone in which the way Dr sows verse talking. By the way, he was talking about it with sensually being like, this is spoken nonsense. I'm sick of people talking about it. All it does is bring embarrassing attention to my family, and it makes them really really ski makes them really upset. But there's also a part of his I think that when you see when you talk about what what the eventually, the Gorman family would say is that this this type of person is very fucking private. And so the concept of this happening. And then being national news is so embarrassing that even if it was real would deny it. They would AVI I feel like at this point. They would say, no, no, no. Because if it was real that would mean that would mean something witty that's not right with reality that doesn't fit into their current. Yeah. Indeed. Yeah. And Garth Myers was I mean, he discounted. Absolutely everything is like, oh, yeah. All that other stuff in the UN to basin as just stories because Salisbury Azam's like, well, what about everything I was like, oh, it's fine. If they say that. But just know that it's all stories. It's all it's all stories. It's nothing true. Everything's bullshit. Well, unless you're forget there was. Large stigma around anyone who was like my own alienated like your local Yokel. Well, now, it's a little bit different. But no, it's not it used to be there still is. And it's still the same thing. I want to say because a part of it is this concept that everybody made money that like whoever was the Gorman family made money off the attention and the skin Walker ranch brought them and also it only destroys your life. Every single time. Anybody involves themselves in the world at destroys their life. I understand I'm flirting with it. No understand the danger in bringing to a life of happiness, and and any sort of any sort of peace by wanting to be a part of the UFO community. But it's looking rough on you. It didn't destroy Tom too long life from blink one wanting to. He's spoken St. is just hemorrhaging money hemorrhaging money going to ruin this could be could be well in addition to pas the possibility that Garth Myers might just be denying things for the sake of denying them junior Hicks distinctly remember that back in the sixties when he was gathering stories a clerk at the local drugstore told him that if you wanted to hear some real UFO stories he should go talk to eat Myers. They hicks. Just never followed up because everyone just came to junior Hicks with stories. He didn't have time to go out and seek more stories on his own see that is the kind of stuff that I missed with local small businesses just willing to like a client. You also want to be freaked out. I got words for you. I don't get that still all the time. How many times I've either like haircut or don't even know who I am. Or what I do. And they're like Hitler Clinton's. Definitely in charge of a pedophile, Rome. Great. I mean now every time you talked to someone who works in customer service. They're just trying to hey, have you signed up for clear. To LaGuardia Airport at JFK, please. Who then there's the matter of the digging which Garth has a reasonable explanation for as well, he said that it has to do with oil rights because the Myers retained the mineral rights to the land when they sold it. Meaning that they owned any oil underneath should it be discovered later, which is actually a pretty common clause out west drink. You'll. You'll. So it makes sense. The Garth would want to be notified if any digging should take place, but people who knew the Myers said that Kenneth was always quote, very fussy as to where one could dig on his property back when he was alive. And when they asked him why he was always very vague. He just said bad things can happen if you dig in the wrong spot. Now, they bought this land they'll part of of this. So they went to their three homesteads inside of skin Walker ranch, which is known as the Sherman ranch. Right. There's three different areas. Repeat lifts they had one middle area. That was completely abandoned. It was filled with these old bunk houses and shit where they said we'll go into the majority of the bad activity happen. Okay. When they went to the main home said when they showed up at this house is it the first thing they notice about the house was the fact that it had massive locks on the outside and the inside the and it had these giant pass these big gated areas for. Dogs and shit. Like, they put up all these extra gates. And so they don't want the fuck. This is the first they being like, well, what are they being raided by something? Yeah. Large heavy duty dead bolts on both the inside and the outside. That's what it said and hunt for the skin Walker, but Garth Meyer said he didn't remember seeing any of that shit. And he said that he could actually just kick the door open. The key wasn't working. But a neighbor the next ranch over said, he shirts. Hell remember, not only the door locks but sliding locks on all the cabinets and windows as well. Interesting. Yeah. Just breath your kitchen cabinets. They had sliding logs to keep them close child safety locks perhaps this is the nineteen fifties. The kids are playing with gun. Right. I remember that when kids could be kids the Myers were childless couple. Okay. But whatever the real story is the fact remains that the Gorman family, husband wife and two kids arrived on the ranch in nineteen Ninety-four as I said, these people were cattle ranchers, there were Mormons would moved from New Mexico to escape the small town gossip life, so they could enjoy a secluded lifestyle that would allow them to focus on their work. Honestly, these were cattle rancher. Yes, they're small town in New Mexico was to gossip. They had to move to deeper deeper 'isolation to run these. But they had these very very expensive DeKalb. Yeah. Yes. Serious cattle ranchers almost obsessive. I mean, these are the kind of people that we used to talk about all the time on roundtable who sell that super expensive bowl seem and the gallon those types of people also expense. Yeah. Really expensive, and these they also raise like extremely high quality heifers where thousands of dollars like show animals, right? These people were fucking Syria. Okay. And once they moved in all seem to be going. Well, they thought they'd found their own little homestead right there in the middle of reservation isolated corner Utah. Everything was going great. But everything changed the day that the wolf appeared. Now, it must be said that the father in this story told Dr Sowell's berry that this story as it appears in the hunt for the skin Walker was based on hearsay, but he did not deny that something. Very close to this actually happened. So about five months after the Gorman's arrived, the father and his kids were working cattle at corral near their house when they saw a creature in the distance look normal wolf, but just like the aforementioned UFO sightings as the wolf got closer, the father realized just how big it actually was Chris shouldn't like what the fuck is. That day is. Is it? And they see the singer like all wolves coming because he's fucking attracted to the cattle gonna come round. What are we going to dip? Well, the size of it is about three times would normal wolf should be suggesting that it was actually something closer to a dire. Wolf which is an actual animal that win extinct ten thousand years ago. Really? Yeah. Yeah. Dr wills a real what about a bail wolf? It was a character wolf to man, the Grendel is the monster. I thought that was the location between your man. Rundle man. I just if I was your English teacher in school. Imagine this looking at your big fuck and head. What about the? The dictionary across. A lot of trouble with the father said that as the huge creature of protest them. None of them felt like they were in any danger. They didn't get a bad feeling from. It was just a really big dog was coming up and saying Hello and affected walked up. They patted on the head is good doggie. Oh, the oral also like distinct came up to his shoulders. So he went into their little like nice, doggy, doggy patent on Ted while and they said the one thing about it had ice blue eyes. It went through an staring through them like this. Why creature that seems to like know what they're doing? I love it. But then before the family knew what was happening the wolf darted over the pens in a flash of movement on suddenly had its jaws clenched around the head and neck of one of the Cavs. So protecting his investment, the father tracked kick in the huge animal to get it to let go, but it wouldn't budge. So he sent his son to grab the three fifty seven magnum from the nearby truck. Over the way, they talk about the stories like damn, yes. Follow the big thaw entered do it. Yeah. Once the gun was retrieved, the father fired a bullet directly into the wolves chest. But nothing happened. Not only was there. No. But the animal didn't seem to be even bothered. It took two more shots from three fifty seven before the animal, let go and hold the whole family kicking it in the side, the whole famous thickness, and it you standing there like Kissel with the sandwich, and it's not budget for nothing. You can't get that out of my claws. But even then after the animal, let go all it did was wander a few feet away and stare back. So the father the boy for an even bigger gun the thirty out six oh. Six get me. No, go to my gun shit. I dunno. Where guns are good shit cabinet gun case gun cabinet gun room. There are some houses that have full gunshots country. No, thirty six is powerful enough to take down elk and should have have more than enough firepower to take down creature even as big as this. But still a shell from thirty out. Six didn't kill it. It was only after a second shot from the gun that anything seem to happen because slug blue chunk of flesh from the animal shoulder, which was finally enough to make it run off a father and son still gave chase trying to finish off. They followed its tracks. But about sixty yards before they reached the river that ran through the property the tracks just stopped as if the wolf had vanished. Instead, the part of it was funny was that the the poll like as they were going as they were tracking animal the annals seem to have been caught in this like foot deep mud, and they saw these huge tracts like like, it was pulling his fucking pause out of it. And then it got to this creek bed and Spokane disappear gruel when they return. Into the pen to examine the flesh that have been blown from the creature shoulder. They found that it already stunk like death as if it had been blown from rotting corpse who will in the coming days. The wife of the Gorman family saw huge wolf wandering the property as well and complained to the tribal police come get rid of this fucking wolf but much to her surprise. She was told that the last wolf in the area had been killed in nineteen twenty nine. Oh. And that was only the first of dozens of paranormal events experienced by the Gorman's all of which will be discussed next week on skin Walker ranch part two. All right. My favorite shit is really really fun of this shit skin. Walker ranch. Putt one in the books part two coming out next week that will be a lot of fun. Awesome. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you for enjoying the episode. I hope you liked it. We did our best to try to understand quite a bit of native American lore in history. Mike, I would love to if anybody out there that really knows this kind of stuff wants to send us information about skin walkers, because I'm very very interested in the stuff that I found was was very biased. And I know a lot of this stuff is very like, it is shrouded mystery purposefully, they don't want they don't like talking about it. Sure, if you know anything more about please feel free to send us an Email, especially at side stories L, P, O, T, L, A G, mail dot com. So I can hear more of this shit. Because I think it's interesting hand is I know I don't know any Navajo they won't speak to me. Well, I think it's because you're very intimidating small scary screaming person. Who is just one thing understand. I'm cute, right? Then fine. If there are Henry, and I you do a interview series for patriot. Thank you so much forgiven tour patriot they give if you know, anyone maybe a novel leader or elder that would like to speak with us. We would love to talk to them about their. Thoughts on skin Walker ranch and stuff like that? Yeah. Feel free to that would be really fun, and I'm really excited because next week we get to all activity. We're gonna talk about fucking needs. We're gonna talk about where who the fuck Robert Bigelow is which I'm very very excited for talking about the amount of money that was put into research on. What is my thing is about that too is being they spent millions of dollars researching skin Walker Ranji if something wasn't there they wasted their money. And I feel like they there's going to be we're going to talk a lot about motives super-secret you afford industry. We'll always follow the Bigalow. I don't know why feel that. But I just feel that I wanna thank everyone who came out to the echo plex this past Tuesday to honor Kevin Barnett in Los Angeles. It was a wonderful show and another great step in the healing process. So it was really nice to see you all. And honestly, it was fun because you know, Bob cat goal Tway. Jermaine fowler. Mike per bigly. Gave a great presentation reading one of Kevin stories, but our fan base showed up in droves. So your so sweet to walk on stage and just feel at home. Yeah. We look for representing us in. I wish I really wish I could have been there. It was he was he was strapped to the. He was strapped to the paddles of crawl. Greiner being stronger and stronger every day. I it was really overwhelming. And it was really very beautiful. I feel like I met some fans afterwards. And I was just looking emotionally white. Oh my God. I feel like I I wish I could have given more honestly people, but everybody that came and showed up to see that show was it was really really nice. Thank you guys so much that you again, we keep saying this. But the the the way you guys have lifted us up in this last month has been incredible shown so much. I don't know. I can't really I have no words, no words. A rare sentiment uttered by Henry's browse ski. So yes, it was so nice, and you know, just on a little bit more of a selfish level, dude. We're doing so good. Because it was so great to see all of our friends and fans that there was just walk into the crowd waiting in line to get my B L, you know, and so many people came up to me, and I was just like, this is so awesome. There's so many great people on the show in the fact that they were some people that were just like we got tickets to see you guys was like it made immediately. Hard feel just so great and Kevin would have loved that show. But this white, man. But now we're on the road. We're going to see your fucking asses there. I'm really excited we have a bunch of other dates that we're going to be releasing soon. We can't fucking wait for that shit. We have a couple of inter we're going Internacional. Very internacional. Yeah. And that'll be that'll be announced here very soon within the next couple of weeks. But until then if you wanna see here in America, we are going to be in Nashville on March nineteenth Cincinnati on March. Twentieth. Cleveland on March twenty second and Pittsburgh on March twenty third and you can go to last podcast on the left dot com to get tickets for those also we're going to be doing a little bit of a push for you pretty face go to hell season four, obviously, this is very much of my interests. The boys are helpful with allowing me to speak upon. Show which is a part of it. So we got that kinda shit. That's going to be coming very soon. I'm going to be appearing at sea to appear apparently which will be a lot of fun in Chicago. We're man it really is what a wild year, man. Happy new year twenty nineteen year. New me, man. This is what we're doing. Hopefully the year. I don't even want to say it can't get worse. Because next thing, you know, you're in news about everyone. And then it's all very sad. But yes, and if you want to do this, I'm the comedic relief on a paranormal show on I basically do what I do here. But the guys are in a school as you as you guys. But I do like, oh, I wouldn't go into that. Shed. I'm not sure, but I think it's called paranormal cut on tape. And it's it's just goofy. That's good. If you want to and of course, side stories checkout side stories, and again, we're still doing the final episode of each month. It's a double side stories week. So we'll get into the mind of Marcus pugs on. Everyone out there who's who support of the idea we a lot of people out there have been very very supportive of steak a little bit of time and having a bit. 'cause it's stuff the skin Walker ranch. And all of a sudden, it's like man this thing so fucking deep because we're going to one episode on it, and you're going through like man, we gotta fuck. And now, we gotta do the fick wake fucking do reading books. Watch it hours of bullshit. So they have the extra time to put together the fucking big tinted content that we like to put out there -solutely and thanks for support. And all the shows you're on last podcast network. Everything is going for things on the incline. Oh, yes. Couches of wizard in the inclined. They're sitting back. I would say replied. Yeah. I know it's well it's sitting forward. Yeah. We got paid seven. We got whiz in the Brazil. We got movie side in the Mads. We got Abraham Abe Lincoln's top hat for the how y'all have turned politics into sports. Yeah. It's it's an interesting world. It's a madman. Minimum world is there's a movie about that. I think you're fucking patron. If you wanna give three fuck in goals, cash, money dot com slash podcast and left. And if you want to be notified. When new episodes come out on the last podcast network. Go follow us on Twitter at last network. That's hail your selves, gene, Magoo stylish ins. He he you if you're new watch the skies. Yeah. Absolutely Rica, I loved Utah, by the way, we're we're working. Maybe we can figure out somebody cake us on a little tour skin Walker. It's a million dollars. Still on the table on us on the table. Yeah. Yeah. Six flags. Yeah. Naturally. Goodbye. This show is made possible by listeners like, Hugh, thanks to our ads sponsors, you can support our shows by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to go to last podcast network dot com.

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