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BTM108: Reprogramming The Mind & Stock Trading Made Easy with Tyrone Jackson


This is the real Aaliyah, and you're listening to the before the man's podcast episode one eight you ready to be the master architect of your life. Are you ready to design your business and invest the needs that comed- the lifestyle you've always dreamed up to? Are you ready to learn from entrepreneurs and millionaires, who have gene a certain level of success? Hey, this is Derek location. Independent entrepreneur and you're listening to the before the millions podcasts. I am Gina Lofton. I am an investor and you're listening to the before the millions podcast. Hey, there, my name is Heather haven would marketing coach and global entrepreneur and you are listening to the before the millions podcasts. Hey, this is Mark script the host of the seven minute to podcast, global entrepreneur all round geek. And you listen to the before the millions podcast, I am MC lobster the cash loan injure, and you're listening to before the millions by cost. You're listening to the before the millions Fahd cast a whether you're looking to invest. We're cash flow. All built an online business. That allows you to be location, independent, you come to the right place. Mr. Hollywood himself presents the before the million spot cash. And now your host to Ray. Was was going on tribe, or back for another installment. And I'm fresh off of a seven day water fast Naff. You've been keeping up with my journey for the past, maybe two or three episodes than you know, that I'm on a seven day water only fast, meaning no food, no drinks. No, nothing. And I'm finally gun people have been asking me if I would do it again, and at first, like, right before I broke the fast up until maybe a day or two after the fast, the answer was most likely. No, but now I'm here about three days after the fast and I think I could do it again. I think the fastest shown me a lot about myself, and some of my mindset beliefs like guys, when you don't eat for seven days, you discover a ton about yourself, and who you are, and what you're made of. So today, I'm talking to Tyrone, Tyrone Jackson about mindset about reprogramming that mindset for success for wins four. Wealth. Right. Tyrone, is a stock market trader a mentor. A bestselling author any spilt his reputational his unique ability to trade in the stock market. So on today show, we come talk about the inner workings of our mind and why we have the natural tendency to just shy away from money, right? When we talk about some of the mindset blocks that we may be grew up with and how to start cultivating a better mindset, some exercises that we could actually do to create a better money mindset. So we're doing a lot of reprogramming on this episode guys and last, but not least we talk about how to choose stocks had a notion passing. Right. Had a build wealth through trading stocks. Again, there's a difference between just simply sending your money to a money manager and actually actively trading stocks, and we're gonna talk about that. One of my favorite parts of the episode is kind of just talking about how to visualize your destiny and kind of brought me back to the fact that I used to do visualizations and somewhere along the line kind of stopped doing those. So I want to get. Get back to that focus because I know how important visualizations are in our day to day lives, especially in the morning when you first wake up, and you haven't started your day and any and everything is possible for the day. It's just crazy how everything stems from the mind. So, again, this is what kind of love this episode just reprogramming our mind. I mean, even my seven day fast. That was a challenge. Right. But that was all mental literally. It was all meant that there was nothing physical about that asked. There's nothing physical about hunger. Right. It's all mental speaking of challenges, this show is brought to you by my five K challenge over at before the millions dot com forward slash five. K now this is yet another challenge challenge in which you can get started in real estate and start putting five ten K in your pocket because you've created a system to leverage contracts. So if you want to learn more about that head over to before the main stock com forward slash five K. So you're getting contracts inscription. You're getting videos, every few days that teach you exactly how you're going to be able to. To complete this challenge. That's how download guys download this new programming. Head over to before the man's dot com for slash five K me personally, guys. I'm always trying to upload new information into my mental processing. That's why read so many books year and it's imperative anyways guys, if you're not already subscribed to this podcast. Go ahead and subscribe, so that you're notified every single time we drop a new episode and while you're at it leave us a review. It helps so much more than, you know last. But not least let's connect socially. Let's connect on Instagram might Instagram handle this derail Elliott. D. A. R. A. Y. O. L. A. L E Y. So dropped me diem on Instagram. And let's connect. Okay. Now let's get into the tip of the week to raise stoop of the week. Okay. So let me start by saying that this is not illegal now may be what's the word deceiving. But this is not a legal. So they get away with it. They're allowed to do it. Okay. Now, some of these mutual fund companies they like to show what is called an advertised or an average rate of return as opposed to an actual rate of return. So imagine if you invested ten thousand dollars in a mutual fund at the end of that year you end up earning one hundred percent on your money. So you would now have twenty thousand dollars ten thousand ten thousand in year to your mutual fund doesn't do so, well, and you lose fifty percent of your money. So you're back down to that original ten thousand the same as at two things happen in year, three and year four so in year through the market goes up your on one hundred percent again, and now you have twenty thousand dollars again but in gear for market doesn't do so hot, the mutual fund loses fifty percent and you're back down to the. Regional ten thousand dollars to start a whip in year one. So what does this actually looked like on paper and what do they advertise that it looks like, well, you know, and I know that you get to zero dollars like, you didn't make any money over the past four years. Like you literally have the exact same amount that you had in your one, but what they're allowed to advertise as that you had a twenty five percent return because that is actually your average. Right. Of return that is one hundred percent plus negative fifty percent, plus one hundred percent plus negative fifty percent divided by for years. So they're allowed to advertise that this mutual fund is earning average of twenty five percent rate of return when naturally they've made us zero dollars on your money now into factor in taxes fees volatility in lost opportunity costs. I mean, you're losing a whole lot more money than zero but their advertising twenty five percent. So be sure, you know what your actual rate of return is versus your average. Right. Of return or the advertised rate of return, this will bring peace of mind. Now, since this show is primarily talking about stock trading in the stock market. There is a way to invest in real estate through stocks. And these are called real estate investment trusts, otherwise known as reits are IT s now these rates can howls a ton of different real estate deals, so you're not going to buy a single family home or even an apartment complex. You're going to buy shares of a portfolio so that you are part owner, you owner percent of the shares as opposed to outright owning your own property. Now I not only invest in property. I also invest in reaches. Well, real estate investment trusts. Now the way I go about invest in reads is through a financial technology company called fund rise. I've been investing with fund rise since twenty seventeen I might actual returns today are about seven percent. Which is not bad. I mean with fun rise. You have the ability to kind of change your portfolio mix. Right. So right now, I'm invested in total one hundred sixty three active projects half of which I have a debt position in half of which I have equity position. Now with a company like fun ride. You get access to different types of real estate investment trusts again, reeks, or different funds funds, work, very similar to reits. So let's say I'm looking for appreciation. I'm looking for growth. I may want to invest all of my money or a large amount of money into a growth rate, but let's just say I'm looking to quit my job and I want more passive cash flow. I want more income, I can invest in an income rate. The difference between these two reaches that win is focused on appreciation, while the other one is focused on income. You may look at my modest seven percent of be like, well, I know a ton of portfolios outperforming that, but you also have to look at the goal of what that investment is doing, again, I may be looking for an income play. You're looking for. Appreciation play there. Even geographical reach like the east coast in the west coast rates, there's an l a fund, and you can diversify all these reits and funds. So again, I'm invested in about one hundred sixty three different active projects some are doing really, really well, and they're they have returns of sixteen point five percent some doing really, really crappy and they have returned to six point five percent a highly recommend fundraise. I think the minimum investment is maybe five hundred thousand dollars, you're on your way, you can start putting your money into real estate in a way that is very, very passive for you literally don't have to do anything, but log in every once in a while and the platform the interface is beautiful. You'll love it again. If you wanna learn more about fundraise head over to before the millions dot com forward slash fund rise. That's F. U. N. D R. I S E now, let's get to the show and now your feature presentation Taryn. How's it going? That's great day. I'm thrilled to be here. Believe me. Maybe take back a little bit and talk about the inception of Mr. Tyrone Jackson. Absolutely. Well, first of all, one of the things I want to emphasize, I own real estate, right? But I make most of my money in the stock market and Ralph is not either true. Well, what I have learned is not either this or that, it's both Amion. Right. And so, you do want to owns real estate while you're making millions in the stock market as well to me, the whole journey began, I was raised by a single mom, whenever I speak in front of Raj group. Czars, ask people to give around replies. A single moms really hard job and not only like most people, that's where I got my introduction to my early beliefs, but I got my early introduction to beliefs around money. And for some reason during which I cannot explain, you know, we all arrive on this planet with different missions, and different, soul purposes. I just always loved money. I always loved wealth. I was so curious about it. I grew up in federally subsidized housing with my single. Who did everything she could just to make ends meet monster monster monster mud? We were Nadan poor but I didn't know that. Because my mother taught me bags like eat the -partment clean, and his conduct yourself and act like event somewhere else. So no, I was acting like, you know, we were so run from very early age when it came to money, though, my mother didn't have a financial education. So all she knew. And other words her beliefs were very limited. So the best money advice, you could give me was when you grow up I for rights, and be really hard. But when you grow up, and you get a job, make sure that a job that pays over Todd like that was the extent of her wealth coaching at that point, which was like get an over to get a job of his overtime. So like a government job. Right exulting that was secure, but she has he's Nablus very interesting saying that remember either, you get a job that pays overtime, the more you make the more they take meaning the government. So has this reprogramming like the way I was programmed. Hey, get a job that safe that pays overtime. But even when you work overtime remember, the government is still going to get you 'cause they're gonna take a significant amount of what you thought you earned and what was really interesting to me was, like, for whatever reason that acquaintance never made sense to me, like, why would I you trying to get a job or make overtime? And every once in a while, and miss, very small apartment, we'd have people over for Labor Day holiday, and mother was also a great cook and his the deal when it was on a when the holiday was in a, a Monday. Everybody hated having to go back to the job the next day. So as the sun came down, it was like, there was a competition in my home or had it worse. I hate to have to go back to that job. Oh, you think you have it bad my supervisor's, an idiot? So now they're all competing for how crappy their next day was going to be when they went back to work. So as a young person, I was like, wow, I clearly don't what that life. So a lot of things that just weren't adding up at around sixteen seventeen you know, when you really started to one of the by things my mother had another rule in our house, which was don't ask me for any extra money is, we don't have any don't ask me. We don't have any right circle. So you wrote like if you want something you better figure out how to get it because the rule was non doesn't have any money, so I want of taking my allowance and aging myself a little bit. But there were things called bookstores back at our go by, like an eight dollar Brooklyn. Like, what is it mutual fund because I knew there had to be away to millions because I would see immigrants come here. They would be federally subsidized housing. Then they had a car, then the have house and might they were moving on and we were stuck in the same complex. So I realize as I was doing my research that there was something that went on with my belief systems about money in about wealth today. Right. As an educator. I say, I wasn't programmed for a millionaire mindset, so I had them we program myself to expect great things to happen, and my life, my naturally, and then I needed to learn to mechanisms to make that so. Right. So it's great to go. Hey, I wanna make millions. But if you don't know the next three steps to take, we just lapping you desire. So it was that combination of desire, and how do I do this from where I am said, I could be worth millions. Have a great lifestyle timid my consciousness about money and manifest exactly what I wanted to have happen in my life over. And you think about the fact that at such a young age. You know, you're reflecting back on, on what's now twenty twenty for you, but you reflect back on some of the things that were instilled in you at such a young age. You know, don't ask the more you make the more they take a lot of these philosophies that I think many of those kind of grow up with, like, subconsciously, ninety two realizing that these are. The guiding principles in our lives. And, you know, most of us, we never find, you know shore. We never break out of best, and we never even discovered that there's another way, but from young age, you always had this against this innate yearning for there has to be another way that has to be something else, and I'm going to try to figure that out. So we started going to bookstores and started educating yourself and I know that this wasn't the beginning of another that this wasn't the end of the story to where you're just like, okay, I figured it out in, I now know that I need to change my mindset to become wealthy, I know that you have many trials and tribulations through this point. So let's talk about maybe your early twenties at some of the things started to do to maybe create a better money might say, but more importantly, start creating wealth for yourself and your family. Yes, the, the I used to know some of it was, was just instinct, like, when I was like a lot of teenagers right? I would Raya round in the living room instead the ceiling and dream about what my life would be like beyond federally subsites house. Now, today, we call it is 'cause relation back then I call it thinking my mother used to say, yes, so lazy all you do is lay around on the couch, and which she realizes after Orbis visualizing. I was doing the car the house that I would have. And all that I needed a nap because I had actually been working on. Visualizing. So as I began to my more, I realized my mindset had to change I needed a discipline which I didn't know that no matter how much money I had could I put twenty five dollars away in savings account, which then led to a mutual friend on today at cheese, people wealth as a series of positive habits. But back, then I just knew if I could pretend like I had more money, right? Putting some money away that would be a good first step. So the hardest thing that I had to recognize by the way when I went on to college. I also studied psychology. So I had some inner awareness of like my thoughts and beliefs and all that the hardest thing that had to overcome was realizing that everyone around me and my family, who was poor or working class was there in part because of their programming. So like my family, like my, a lot of African Americans Emily's really came from the south, right? And the people came. Up north. They were broke. But whenever I go down south as we used to say, like all my relatives had like homes and multiple homes. Right. So, I was like relies the people in this hour have like homes, which is really like wealth with people have north are struggling, I realize that people up north. They didn't have the skill set to make it in an urban environment. So brought into a certain kind of program. So my biggest challenges was realizing that I was programmed to think a certain way about money, and if I could just way program myself, right? Which is hard when your parents don't have anything if I could pretend if I could act as if I was meant to be a millionaire, then those habits that millions have I could put those emotion like putting money away. Like I said in a mutual fund, which to me at that time at twenty one was like, wow, nobody in my family had a mutual fund. So it was step by step by step reversing my habits pretend. Finding that I was going to handle my money like known as candle dares. And that thing created something called momentum right? Because all of a sudden, I'm when I was seventeen years old, and I had seventeen hundred thousand neutrophils that was a lot of money, right? And I remember thinking, yet seventeen hundred dollars but I'm building my empire why wasn't a dollar amount. I tapped into the habit and happened to the abbot your consciousness changes, and then you can move beyond your limiting beliefs over so much, and I think about your setting in your environment at that time in the fact that you would, you're a psychology major and knowing the background that we now know of you come from a single for us from a single parent home as said, I and you're watching your probably your mom the food on the table. Make ends meet and try to provide for her kids trying to provide for her son. And as you get older, you now, perhaps want to take on the role to provide for mom to find a way to make a better future. For your family, but don't have the guidance you don't have to. You don't have somebody a role model. That's in front of you telling you, hey, make this, right? Make this left don't do this to this. You're creating you're almost creating the squirrel going around. You're, you're meditating. You're visualizing you're reading books and you get to this point in your twenties. What was your driving force? Was it your mom was? It your family was the situation. What was the driving force to make sure that you are gonna find successful matter, no matter how long it took another for the behind to believe for some people, but it wasn't a green plan. It's just other people around me were broke didn't seem happy. Was people of means they seem to happy and I just didn't wanna be broke and unhappy at that is enough of a motivator to say, hey, I want to take my life. So when I was in my twenties, because what happens is, you know, this is certain kind of is also a spiritual mindset to money too. And when you start to align you true desires with the universe. The universe is brings you what you want, right? So you write down your goals, and you go, I would like this to happen, and you meditate on them every single day. The universe goes, oh, because your consciousness is part of the universe interest goes, oh, you're going to be around more rich people. So I'm just going to send more. Rich people your way. And then you say thank you to the universe, and then you move in that direction. So that's what I did. So what happened was when I started to embrace this new kind of bought when everybody was going out and getting jobs to me, it was like a fork in the road. I do. I want to choose a job that's going to pay me do I have a greater plan that allows me to? Make money and it really wasn't that hard. It was just a simple series of choices. Hey, don't wanna be broke? None of my broke friends seem happy wanna be rich. Rich people seem happy. So I was just at an intersection where I could go left or go, right? And I chose the wealth path, which is actually radically how I got my first piece of real estate at twenty three because I've been started out as a stock market. Trader I thought for me meal estate was the first thing. So I had saved up this money an opportunity to corroborate with a partner mind. We put our money together, and we had a quarter of a million dollar condo in Manhattan at twenty three. Some you shift your consciousness in the universe in you align yourself with the universe things happen. Really quickly, so at twenty three while must my friends had jobs, I ready had a tune of thousand dollar piece of rapidy that was renting to people who may even more money than I did. Well, I love the elevator and I wanna dissect that a little bit more and talk about why. You chose the path of real estate. I mean you had already started investing paper assets what the of seventeen or even four seventeen because by seventeen you had seventeen hundred dollars saved up, what caused the shift or what made you think that realistic was the way to actually start formulating your wealth success formula like kind of walk us through that a little bit true story it. My, my store is not very fancy. I a guide on TV that said, if you wanna be rich by books and tapes. Well, I got one hundred fifty dollars and again, I'm dating myself. It was like tapes, not like seems like it was cassette. Timpson a booklet, right? So I throw on TV late at night. I was like, I wanna be rich, I guess, real estate is the way to do it because I didn't know I bought the books and tapes, and within ninety days, I had used it's warm ULA, which was partnered Simoni else. Get your first property. We both had great credit because we re on and we in the collecting the rent off this property. Now, this story doesn't have immediately success because we failed at that piece of real estate and we've. Failed because we action wander renting to someone who had psychiatric problems who couldn't pay the rent, which pushed us behind in the mortgage payment. And then my buddy was, like, I can't afford to make up this mortgage without a renter. And he sold me his half of the property for one dollar, right? So now I was responsible for this property trying to get renters in so on and so forth, and, you know, that's where I learned that, like Embiid is not enough. You have to understand the mechanics. So I actually bought that property from the developer by in Tribeca and the developer was clear I was not able to make mortgage payments. And that developer said, we will if you do something, cool, the surrender by you can surrender that property back to us you, sign it back over to us. And we won't sue you for quarter of a million dollars and control magin where I came from a quarter of a million, you won't see me. Wow. Sign a paper and. That's when I learned that, like investing is much more than desire. Like actually have that cash reserves and all of that stuff. But see, I looked at that not as failure like, oh my God members, these real estate at now failure. It was just like kind of like the price of admission brag because I didn't have anyone to guide me. So that's when I learned about proven reserves and it's not you just can't rely on the tenant paying rent, and I had a very chain realization like it was great that I was able to buy something between a thousand dollars but I should have started smaller, I guess you'd have grown theory. You got a fifty thousand dollars house that mortgage payment of my talented make the payment, I would have been able to cover that mortgage with ease only like six or seven hundred dollars. So I learned that my ambitions in my visualization wasn't enough that, you know, your investing endeavors after kind of like right-sized, right? I wasn't ready for it two hundred fifty thousand dollar condo. I was writing. For fifty thousand dollar house in Philly that way, if there were no tenants I could make that mortgage. So see it's again it's about mindset, right? Like some people would view that as a failure. It wasn't a failure. I've never really scaled. I've had some lessons a reference Ituri. I wasn't crazy about, but does mom's I see them as lessons I can brace them as learning experiences and then move on and rebuilt. And so in my mindset that I now have this, no such things failure. It's just an opportunity to learn a sometimes those lessons or painful. And sometimes the lessons are small, and I can cost course correct pretty quickly. But now the way that I read my life, I usually, and I live in two cities, and, you know, LA Malibu, New York and all that I still apply the same skill set, but I can tell if my emissions of the too big in its ahead of where my businesses is. I'm exent near that makes perfect sense. And I think about your ambition it that. Tender age of twenty three and out disconent this one deal could have actually changed this project -tory of what you've got was possible for you could have actually had you thinking, like, hey, this real estate stuff is not for me. I mean you see it happen with so many people that they're I feel, if it's terrible one if it's a nightmare story, they often shy away from whatever it is that was. But you persisted, I wanna talk about. Maybe give me the spark notes version of your real estate investing journey and the journeys up until the point where you decided that it was now time start looking at the stocks while run happenings. I realized this is the other thing about real estate for me, right? Like I'm not handy. You know what I mean? Like I can't repair pipes under the same. I don't know anything about rooms boiler systems like I own multiple homes now. And people coming to my homes that are actually living in this is the broiler Magog. How does this work like that? Explain everything to me, like, I'm subbing spot enough to figure it out. But I must have smart. Enough to know like what I'm not good at. So after this real estate deal didn't work out. My father who didn't live with me, who's now Aiden something right? He said to me, you know, I'm watching your really ambitious guidance. Oh and say you're really smart. And I was like, I don't know about that. Because you should try the stock market. And I said, okay, I is that what because we buy shares in the company, and you can sell them, which is called trading and he was, why don't you try that before you buy another piece of real estate? Now, the crew thing about the stock market is the online world. Stock trading just kind of Volvo is like netted need fifty thousand dollars. If you had seven thousand dollars, you can go down to Wall Street opened online trading count and you'd be like in the game. So it didn't require closing costs and credit checks turns fees, and I was like, okay, I will try that. And he goes out, turn you what zoos an senior citizen housing at the time I used to go see him once when I go see him he said, I'll get some books in tapes, and Brixton tapes at he's. Like I'll buy them for you. If you are willing to learn how to treat in the stock market, and my father never out of money, but he was very knowledgeable. So it was like I feel like that's better fit for you. So I gave him what I call that Scooby doo look like wall. Showed up, you had the books and tapes, and I'm telling you, I took his books and tapes home that night is these videos, and I've never been a brilliant math person. But that changed my life resigned stood what it meant to buy something at forty dollars a share and sell it the next day at forty one dollars a share, and I wasn't even like I could program that true in right? So I bought you know, a hydra chairs or something at forty bucks, two thousand dollar investments and the next day because the stock went up during the day, it was, so and I made one hundred dollars that was easy. Right. Because I didn't have to understand a boiler pipes cone. There's no attention. It was just the moment of the stock, and I said, if I had a thousand shares and I bought that stock at forty and the next day it went to forty one. I'd make a thousand dollars and the software would sell it for me. So what I discovered. When I did a little bit more reflection. The reason I was attracted to real estate was whether museum jewel income. Right. Tenant pays the rent, you keep, what's leftover this income coming in mortgage getting paid down a stock market. It was just residual income and no tenant while that was easy. Right. Because now everything that I'm good at which is buying something and deciding when to sell it. That's my skill set. So that's when the market came into my life, and I realized that everyone who's a billionaire, right? Is not flipping houses on the weekend. They are all in the stock market. So what's the old saying you wanna do? You want to become something done. What millionaires do you wanna be a billion? Do what billion is to why? Because wealth and success in the end is nothing but a series of positive habits so rather than looking real estate. It's failure is an opportunity, which led me to the stock market, which I. Ronna gli still led me back to owning real estate real estate. I could afford. But most of my wealth comes from the stock market. It's been Advantest journey mapping. You've kind of did on his head a little bit. You know, most people would say that, you know, once you get to a certain point, that's when you wanna start diversifying. That's where you want to start, you know, playing the stock market game and things of that nature. But you use the stock market to build your wealth, as simple as a lot of us, think it is to use real estate to build wealth. Because like you about people always say it's like the demands way to wealth. You've us what seems to be a complicated subject matter, and you've made it simple. You've use that as your vehicle to wealth because you see that the risk assessment on that as opposed to real estate in tenants of was was slightly in favor for you and your situation in your outlook on what was risked so many professionals invest in the stock market on, whether it's through their fro when chaos some of these are companies have, but they're not using it to build wealth. They're using it to save and hope that one day they're there. Prepared for retirement as we want to talk about how you've been able to be so successful at investing in the stock market, again, I want want to distinguish between stock trading remains leader money in a 4._0._1._K pyre, okay? Greg question, so I tend to teach people how to trade in the stock trading investment stock market, right called the Sesame Street approach. Right. I tell people what you don't realize, if you went to the fourth grade, you could be rich because all rough really is fourth grade math addition, subtraction. Okay. So when I placed my first rate, and I bought some and I bought something, and I had this software sell it for me. I was hooked. I didn't have to going. With also say for me the stock market played to my skill set. Like I said, I don't know how to fix a leaky roof, but I do know how to count. So I had that of my safer. So what I had to learn was MRs why a lot of people think the stock market is so scary, because it does require a financial education. But every game that you want to be successful at requires it a financial educator. Or requires an education. So, for example, you know, this assist them to winning monopoly right? You go online Google to win monopoly, and as a system. Demise worked out this system for winning it to TAC toe. Most of us known you dominate the quarters, you get the corner. The axe. The other guy is yo- you have a greater probability winning. So and it's not market. There's a system to being successful. It's not that hard is that most people who are really wealthy. Don't have the Destin interest in expanding it to other people, because there's some limited beliefs of, like, oh my God, if I share you I make less Mattru, because my true nature, as human being is by discover something great, I'm gonna tell you particularly your friend of mine was very natural media. Explain what I learned in the stock market, so his like the big secret that can help make you rich. Right. And when I say, rich and well, I mean financial freedom and five years, or less some measurement of binary vibe years left in this not market, there thirty stocks. That are stable that have soured earnings and they'd lead the market, and they're part of something called an index, and thence index is known as the Dow Jones industrial average, it was created by two guys who just wanted to look at the top thirty stocks that lead the market and one guy's last. Name was Dow and the other guys last name was you guessed it Jones. Right. And they said, if we just Charlton's thirty stocks, they represent how the market's doing overall. So what are some of the stocks being of by ninja dictation and the Dow Jones industrial average companies like most of us now for rising apple? Mcdonald's Johnson and Johnson Nissa. Right. These are companies that have established earnings. And when they go out they pulled the market up when they go down. They pull the market down when what makes a stock price go higher channel speaking revenue. The amount of money that accompany is actually bringing in. So what would happen if you only purchase stocks where rubber new was rising? And what if you look at stocks as dates these companies you're gonna fall in love with, but you just going to buy some shares every time they report their revenue, which is on a quarterly basis if it continues to rise, you will buy mush as if the revenue goes down. You won't buy more shares. Right. So I teach in what the investor program look at stocks is dates. Right. Most of us when you get above thirty year on a date, someone if you're not married, whose income is going down. Right. That's probably not the person to partner with in your life. But if the price in this kind retracted to them or good curve in their charming interesting. And their income is rising that would make a better partner because you wanna marry someone who's incomes rising as. Your income is rising. So you can have a better life together on the stock market. It something similar if I am constantly, buying stocks, whose revenues are rising in the market likes it. I have a shot at wealth as a visa apple shareholder that's called investing could you invest company, whose revenues rising when a lot of people do is they go out and they buy some noting stock with no history of revenue, and they say, I must be doing the stock will rise will feelings are for your personal life in your relationship, not for your money, right? So when you get in the habit wealth is a series of positive habits, you get in the habit of buying companies with good revenue, your investment rises. But they oftens investments in these doused dots in rise faster than the value of real estate. Therefore, you're getting metier faster. Does that make sense a low and? And I think about the fact that many people many Americans, you would say have a 4._0._1._K plan. What's, what's currently wrong with the traditional way of thinking. What's currently wrong with their system in. Or maybe if there's not something wrong can people change about the way they're currently investing by default now to maximize their profits rear tot through biz douse of marketing, that we don't know how to pick stocks, so we should turn our money over to someone else. Who's, I guess brilliant, right? I don't want to name the companies, but their countries that's been billions of dollars in ads in the Super Bowl convincing you that a high, they know how to choose these Dow thirty stocks, but you couldn't possibly look at five year charter Microsoft reviews are McDonnell and foul the stock up. You can't do that as complicated. So what happens is when it comes to retirement return that money over to somebody else, because we don't have the financial education in stock market, we go. I hope that. There. They know what, what they're doing instead of me action, just choosing these TAOs dots on my own. Right. So we've been programmed advertising marketing that they're the smart people. We work return money over to them. Right. Which I have found most people trae an invest better. Once they have -education than the guy or girl who they turn their money over to. So very game is a shared mindset because if you really understood how much wealth is really generated in the stock market, you wouldn't turn your money over to somebody else's charging you a fee to choose stocks that you could choose your own. But with at that education, it looks like they are somehow smarter than you are. Now, his thing that fascinates me. Valid to the fourth grade. They learn how to count to ten you probably went to the fourth grade, you learn how to count to ten tank that education of prior to the stock market and your life will change. I love it. I love it. That's beautiful advice, and I want to walk down your path, and your journey a little bit further. I wanna get back into that in talk about how things have transpired and maybe walk away ups until present day. What are you currently doing, what is your business consists of and I know you have no, you do education, but your, your primary business still stock trading than you do real estate social just talk about how everything is encompassed, and then how you're still able to operate your businesses in live, what we like to call style design, because you just tell them that you spend half your time so half of your timing. Lay Malibu in half your free time in New York talk about the ultimate lifestyle design that you've been able to build that you've been able to build because of your businesses. Okay. So once you have the mechanics of a rough building machine right? You're gonna build that if your desires there, you're gonna build that machine over and over. So all I did was designed my, my life and I know tend to, to say all I did. But I got to appoint row was generating. Let me just make one other point wealth, what I discovered, and I can say this have. Been raised by single mother. Ralph is really about more residual income in your life. Right. You never going to get financial freedom or most people don't get financial freedom, working for a job, right? You need something that has the potential of generating ten thousand thirty thousand fifty sixty thousand dollars a month because that capital that's coming in. You can take and you can invest in something else, that's going to grow that money. So that's number one is that shifting mindset that trading time for Dow's at a job is not gonna make you rich in, you'll make living. But you won't get rich. So you need something that we do is produces residual income. Is that strategy in stock market, quote, covered calls and all it does is produced Wakili residual income for me. And my students wake after week after week without leaky pipes, by the way. So I love covered calls for that. So what I decided with I need to get to five to ten thousand dollars a week trading in the stock market. And then why would I tonight the residual? Income? Why would I want to live in one place? And so I was always running backwards and forwards to L A, New York. Because at the time, by the way, I spent thirty is doing commercials as a performer. So I decided I loved knocking LA and as luck would have it. I wound up at a friend's house in Malibu, you know, all these multimillion our homes and I was like, I'm going to live here somewhat some day. So I figured out how much it took to live in Malibu and have a house in New York as I started trading with that intention in mind to hit that goal. And while I was trading since I was spitting out so much residual income of the market was giving me so much residual income. It was easy to go from ten thousand dollars a week to twenty thousand dollars a week. And then I realized, if I took this money and I started a business like the business would kick even more income, and I would just be in the cycle. So I started some small businesses that did really well most. Of them were around teaching and then and the past couple of years, I got into buying bricks and mortar businesses. Right. So things like recording studios and a bunch of other businesses that I was very familiar with, and I could grow them. And, and that would be even more capital. So the money just started to grow over and over and over and over again, and that led to even other businesses. So now in addition to teaching people, how to trade stocks. I also own a media company, which generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in digital revenue in subjects that most people aren't even associate with me. I learned how YouTube rack, so I just launch a whole digital division, just on YouTube, and essentially grows out of the idea that wealth is a series of positive habits. But my core way that I make money is trading in the stock market. So it's as if the stock market gives me money to go out and buy other things that just make a lot of money and. And so, or at the deal is pick a dollar Mao. I like mentally goals. Right. Like, what is my goal do I want this business to earn a hundred thousand dollars a month? Do I want this business to earn five hundred thousand dollars a month and without getting to the whole system? Because I know we're gonna run out of time. I'll just say this mess businesses lead an online component. Right. Because if I were, you know, in a brick and mortar business, and I found out this way for me to deliver a similar product to the entire world online. I wanna add that digital component to the business. So I buy businesses that I can digitize Zohreh that I described them, and then a hire other people to run them, according to my philosophy, and it's not always easy, but it sure is a lot of fun most days. So the principles that I think are most important to go from, you know, to reach millionaire status is a you have to start getting in the habit of residual income. Then you want Beth MRs. Produce residual income without you having to show up. You hire somebody else to run them. And then you add that online component. So you can reach the entire planet, and that all is powerful and you recycle that money back into the stock market and you stay in the Dow Jones industrial average and some other techniques Enright cover calls and all of a sudden you're insist him. He just Emma system of making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month and that system ideally is never really going away. They're you heavily gentlemen. I love it and the sleep. That you've been able to add so us Tyrone, so I appreciate your time, I think about residual income, and I want to end with this before we get the last final round, but I think about residual income. I think about, as you said, they're the you can be a landlord. You don't wanna be landlords. We wanna focus on those as of investing that do produce passive income that producers income in ways that we don't have to Eric re-involved, so where the best invested in primary abilities or less investment in res whether that's investing with partners, whatever it is. But we want to have that same type of lifestyle design that many people in the stock market are able to have. Now when you talk about residual income is that something that comes in passively every single month without question or with very little question. So we're talking about maybe tennis, payload and things like that. But it comes in every single month and I wanna speak to that fact starts really because I know that certain stocks, do pay dividends. But are you able to build up your residual income similar in real estate where, you know, in future years? You can get to that five that tank came with all of that. You know, you're making it works that you can leave your job is there similar system, which are able to do that with stock market investing to where you have what is actual residual reoccurring? Revenue. Yes. But you have to have a financial education in order to do it period, all advocate all wealth is taught. Right. You don't know what you don't know, until someone comes into your life, and says nut me shown the system and you go. Wow. Without that system, it was all mystery was this system, miss not market, all of your listeners Choubey, selling covered calls. Why come causes like renting out a stock and getting paid for it right survive by one hundred shares of XYZ stock. I find someone in the marketplace, and I say, hey, would you be willing to buy the stock at a higher price? They say, yes, this all happens in your mind, trading account, and I'm taking residual income from that stock. If the stock hits the price that they want known as the strike price negative by the sheds for me. I make money selling the shares when this form of residual income I can do. Monthly basis a week or a weekly basis, it's all a matter of getting that by Nansha education chimney, your mindset, you'll belief system and most importantly, gathering outside of your comfort zone, you wanna be rich you have to be willing to be uncomfortable for certain period of time. And that's how you introduced to a brand new broiled right? Shift to be uncomfortable to get comfortable to get the financial education to move on. Why? Because wealth is a series of positive habits of the elevator and always say it doesn't matter what vehicle you use quite frankly. I mean, whether you're using assurance vehicle stock on the mutual fund rose. Stay gold precious metals the feel-good doesn't necessarily matter. It's all about what's between your ears is all about. Getting education is all about mitigating risk by learning. Exactly what it is that you're doing inherently, I don't think any of these vehicles are more risky than another vehicle. I think that's behind the visual who's invested in these vehicles. So start with the money, mindset get educated in the craft that you wanna pursue go after that lifestyle design acceleration Hanks. What is your favorite before the millions book secrets of the millionaire mind by TI Becker love? And that book is a favourite on hair, so you guys definitely check that out. What is your favorite lifestyle design at this can be a business app or tool? I'll man I'm not huge on apps. I don't know. I just go to the website and track stocks that qualifies. I love it. So download the CNBC app. What do you enjoy most about the way your lifestyle is currently designed my God food that I can eat anything at any restaurant and any city that I want, and it's tax deductible because my corporation pays for it. I love it. I love it. That is probably at the top of the list for me as well. What were the sacrifices that you knew you had to make before the millions to get to where you are today education, if I wanted to make a thousand YouTube, I knew I was not going to be going out on the weekends. I was gonna be taking courses on YouTube and going to live events if I wanted to get better as a real estate manager, I would have to study somewhere. So it was not going out on weekends, where everybody is at the beach and playing around. I was willing to put in that time if I wanted to make millions on mine, either learn how guru worked and YouTube. So I'm willing to put in the time to study to hit every simple goal. That is important to me, who was essential to your growth before the millions and why my father my mother, my father did not live together. But my father spent his whole life getting money for minority businesses in the form of government grants. So I used to hear him talk about means a lot, and I was curious as to come. How come he didn't have any and as much as I loved him. I know I. Didn't wanna guy be the guy who talked about millions but didn't have any millions so. And plus, he was really loving at the same time. So definitely my father, awesome. Nice, not least why do you think so many of us are stuck before the millions even though we have every intention of getting to the millions fear most people fear what they don't know. And I've been on your show, and I thank you for this time, I've talked about, you know, the stock market and most people Feerick why they have no education fear, and negatively, we also listen to people. Sometimes we take their advice and they're struggling, right? So like who is around you really matters? And that's what's great about this show as it gives people exposure to people might not necessarily, be the every day world, but who've expanded beyond fear and had a major shift in their consciousness. Alot perfectly says this has been phenomenal. And I've taken so many notes, and I have so many things to go look up. I've heard about the type of a stock trading that you that you just referred to definitely. Have to look into that myself. I definitely suggested listers look into that themselves. Anybody wants to get a hold of you learn a little bit more about you, learn about some of the products in the offerings that you have on your site, where can I find some information by basically have a free gift for everybody listening right now? All you have to do is go to vow wealthy investor dot net. The wealthy investor dot net and download the free trading stocks for wealth e book that will give you the free education that you need to learn how to trade in the stock market, some of my most successful student started out as real estate investors, and when that they could make even faster money in the stock market, and I'll just say this wife is not either this, or that Ralph is both. And so it is possible to be very successful real estate and be very successful in the stock market as the universe wants you to have it. All right. Not just choose one avenue. That's limiting. So we want to be able to have it all. So in the. End we can turn around and help other people own. There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. I love it again. Everything that we discussed on the show. We'll be in the show notes of this episode as one, thank you again for the service that you provided not only to our listeners, but the provide on daily basis, Tyrone, simply spectacular, and I've learned a lot from you helpful listeners have as well. We'll talk to very, very soon. Thank you. My pleasure. Thanks for having me.

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