June 9, 2020: Jake Lingle Shot


Today is Tuesday June ninth twenty twenty on this day in Nineteen thirty Chicago Tribune reporter Jack Lingle was murdered on the way to a horse race. The hit was carried out in broad daylight in the midst of a crowd, and yet the person behind the ninety year. Old killing remains a mystery to this day. Welcome to today in true crime up podcast original due to the graphic nature of today's crimes, listener discretion is advised. Extreme caution is advised for listeners under thirteen. Today. We're covering the death of Alfred. Jake lingle, a prolific reporter for the Chicago Tribune, who made a living covering salacious crime stories? Let's go back to around one o'clock on June, Ninth Nineteen, thirty as lingual went to catch a train. Jake lingle had a full day ahead of him as his wife Helen packed for a trip to their summer home, he hit the streets his job dependent on him being out, and about constantly he was not a traditional reporter, but what was referred to as a leg man, the tribune paid him sixty five dollars a week to go out into Chicago and gather whatever stories he could, which he'd call back into the office to be written up. His name rarely appeared in a byline, but unlike his colleagues stuck in the stuffy newsroom. Newsroom he had his finger on the pulse of the ever changing city of Chicago. It was a job that lingle had been doing for eighteen years and one. He considered himself to be very good at today, however, after meeting with his editor and a few select contacts, he planned to partake in one of his favorite pastimes before leaving for their summer home by Lake Michigan, Jake planned on doing a little light gambling that afternoon he exited the Sherman House Hotel, and made his way briskly to Randolph Street terminal four blocks away. As he headed down the street lingle started to suspect that he was being followed the previous day as he conversed with attorney Louis Be Pecan on Randolph Street, he become distracted by a pair of men watching them from a blue sedan, not finishing his sentence, he bid the lawyer goodbye and ducked into a nearby store, and now he felt a similar sensation of being watched. Today the block was packed and he couldn't pick out any suspicious characters around him. In the throng, he stopped briefly outside the station to by the racing addition of that day's paper, which he opened and read as he entered the tunnel, his attention focused on the paper. He didn't see his pursuer. Way through the crowd behind him, a tall blonde man with grey silk gloves, the stranger stepped up behind lingle and produced a thirty eight snub, nosed revolver from his pocket. Without saying a word, he fired a shot at point blank range behind lingle's ear. The bullet passed through lingle's skull, and he fell face first onto the ground. As the crowd around him erupted into chaos. The shooter paused over the body. He dropped the firearm beside it and walked nonchalantly away. Police found the crime scene surrounded by curious onlookers, lingle's Straw boater hat lay in front of his head, and the newspaper was crushed beneath his prone form. The silk gloves worn by the shooter were found nearby, but like the firearm did not help. The police identified the assassin. The murder shocked and horrified the city of Chicago, though it was no stranger to sudden bats of gang violence, a murder in broad daylight was almost unheard of and what's more, the murder of a reporter? The Chicago newspaper industry, insisting that lingle was murdered for knowing too much about Al Capone's Chicago outfit posted a reward of fifty five thousand dollars for information that could lead to an arrest more than eight hundred twenty thousand dollars today. Police rounded up over six hundred sixty four potential suspects in the immediate aftermath, though none of them were charged lingle's June, twelfth funeral was one of the most extravagant. The city had ever seen a veritable parade of police, officers, firefighters and brass bands. It even had a military escort. The intent of the funeral was clear to establish that the city of Chicago would not forget any martyrs to the cause of fighting crime. Only Alfred Jake lingle was no martyr as local newspapers were writing celebratory articles on Jake's legacy. A Saint Louis reporter named. Harry Brundage was growing suspicious. There was something about lingle's story that didn't seem to add up. First of all. lingle's lifestyle was far too extravagant for that of a sixty five dollar, weak leg, man lingual reported an annual gross income of sixty thousand dollars over seventeen times his salary for the Tribune, his colleagues claimed he had very recently become financially independent due to a large inheritance. One claimed that he followed newspaper work, not because it paid him what he was worth to do it, but because he loved it. Brundage was unconvinced and looking deeper still into lingle's finances soon turned up a different story. It turns out the inheritance that supposedly made lingle, so wealthy was only one thousand five hundred fifty dollars lingle held almost as much money around fourteen hundred dollars in his pockets at the time of his death, his financial interests were it seemed far more diverse than initially believed. Subsequently, brundage turned up a six figure stock market account that lingle call owned with Police Commissioner William Russell establishing a close link between the two men a link that turned out to be mutually beneficial. Will explore the depths of lingle's corruption after this. So I've been playing this exciting mobile puzzle game called best fiends I've been playing for almost a year now and I'm up to level three hundred thirty. One of course I didn't do all that myself. My kids love to play best beans to I like to play because it requires strategy while the game is casual I. Find The puzzles challenging and fun, so I try to. 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On June ninth nineteen, thirty thirty eight year, old reporter Jake lingle was shot in the back of the head while entering Chicago train tunnel, the assassin fled the scene, leaving behind the weapon, a pair of grey silk gloves and crowd of horrified witnesses lingle was dubbed Martyr by the press, a victim of Chicago Gangland vehemence, but that picture cracked and faded the more scrutiny it received. Saint Louis based reporter Harry brundage started digging through lingle's personal finances and discovered a number of unsavory details lingle had received large donations from all sorts of people Alderman, city officials, and even a number of. Years. It seemed that lingle and police. Commissioner William Russell. Were the men gangsters bribed for police protection in the city of Chicago lingle himself accumulated eighty five thousand dollars in various bribes, some of which even came from policemen, paying him to talk them up to the commissioner and earn them a promotion. lingle's friends included AL capone who had covered generously in the past he wants referred to capone as a citizen with an unblemished record, hounded from his home by the very policeman, whose salaries are paid at least in part from the victims pocket. Capone often delighted with his work had given him a diamond studded belt buckle as a gift just before Brundage's story broke on. July Eighteenth William Russell resigned as police commissioner. But brundage's story only cracked the motive in lingle's death. Police still had to determine the shooter. In. January of Nineteen thirty one police arrested Hitman Leo Vincent Brothers for murder. Though the murder was in broad daylight, witness testimony was divided on his guilt, seven said he was the shooter, and another seven said he definitely was not in spite of the conflicting testimony Leo Brothers was convicted and sentenced to fourteen years in prison, the minimum sentence for murder. He wound up serving eight. This specific reason for lingle's murder remains a mystery. If brothers was the shooter, he remained completely silent about who ordered the slaying since his release, many theories have been proposed about why this corrupt reporter had to die. Some say he owed Al Capone a significant amount of money, or had gotten on the wrong end of his famously volatile temper with the number of connections lingle had throughout the city. It's difficult to save for sure who wanted him dead. He was a compulsive gambler with his hands deep in the pockets of some of Chicago's most influential figures. It seemed that at some point in his eighteen year career. He had gambled away his life without even realizing it. Thanks for listening to today and true crime I'm Vanessa Richardson for stories like this one. Be Sure to listen to the podcast original unsolved murders, true crime stories today in true crime was created by Max Cutler and is a podcast studios original. It is executive produced by Max Cutler. Saad designed by Dick Schroeder with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carly Madden and Joshua Kern. This episode of today in True Crime was written by Robert Teams draw with frightening assistance by Abigail Cannon I'm Vanessa Richardson.

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