Hozier 'Thrilled' With First No. 1 Album: 'I Genuinely Didn't Think That This Was Going to Happen'


Hey, everybody and welcome to the billboard dot com. Pop. Shop podcast. I'm Keith Caufield senior director of charts at billboard. And I'm Katie Atkinson deputy editor digital for billboard. Hello katy. Hi, keith. How's it going to get about yourself? I m swell. Great. Because as always the billboard pop. Shop podcast is your one stop shop for all things. Pop on Billboard's weekly charts. In addition, you can always count on a lively discussion about the latest pop news fund, charts stats and stories. Neil use it and guest interviews with music stars. And folks from the world of pop today on the show, we're talking about new number one's on both the billboard two hundred albums chart and the billboard hot one hundred songs chart and get this. They are both by acts that have never had a number one on those respective charts on is that so Hosea debuted at number one on the Bill. Two hundred with his new album wasteland, baby. While the Jonas brothers. Bow it number one on the hot one hundred would their new single sucker. And wouldn't you know, it we've got an interview with hosmer himself that it's like we planned it or something we caught up with him the day after we announced his debut at number one. So of course, we got his reaction to the chart topping debut. How he celebrated the achievement and more. So stay tuned for that in just a little bit. But first before we get started. If you enjoy the podcast subscribe to the show on your favorite podcasts providers. You will not miss an episode. And if you want to explore more podcasts from billboard. Visit billboard dot com slash podcasts. Let's talk charts. Let's start with the Jonas brothers. Don't you know, they're back? I hear. I don't know siblings. Kevin Joe, and Nick and they debut at number one on the hot one hundred with sucker. And it's their first number one ever on the hot one hundred the thirty fourth artists ever to debut at number one in the house and look at you, even in the script in you. I might have had that it's something about. Their previous high was number five back in two thousand eight with burn enough sucker starts off with the big bang. It earned forty three point seven million streams in the weekend. In March seventh of course in the United States. According to Nielsen music, it sold eighty eight thousand downloads, and it also arrives at number forty six on the all genre radio songs charts. So sucker is the Jonas. Brothers eighteenth chart hit on the hot one hundred and third top time aside from burn up. They also not top ten with tonight in two thousand eight which peaked at number eight notably the Jonas brothers are only the second group to ever debut at number one on the hot one hundred. I have a feeling Katie knows this because she just whipped out that thirty four a second ago. But Katie do you have any guesses as to what was the group that was the first group to debut at number? One hint it happened in nineteen ninety eight man. I actually I we have a gallery, I'm over dot com. That is all. Thirty four people who debuted at number one all thirty four songs that debuted. Yes. And I, but Meanwhile, I just was adding in the Jonas brothers and trees. Oh, I did not actually look at the entire list. So it gives you a solid hints. I mean, my first thought is going band direction. Nope. Nobleman rock bands. Oh, interesting nine hundred ninety eight I mean, no, I don't know try Aerosmith. I don't want to. I don't want to. On. Right. Written by friend of the podcast. I on wall ring. Oh, well now that we've done the quiz Katie behind us. Kevin joe. And Nick all posted the reactions to debut number one on social media on Monday, all in hilariously different ways. Definitely go to Twitter and see them all but Kevin posted a video saying in part that he cannot believe it billboard hot one hundred debut number one baby. Love it. Yes. Kevin named check that hot one hundred dollars. Kevin was writing the room. Didn't it? Remarkably great Kevin pressure and the Nick wrote on Twitter, my heart is so full of gratitude. There was a time. I wasn't sure if I was ever going to be able to make musical my brothers. Again. Let alone have a number one song on the hot one hundred's. Right. Hot one hundred name check that hot one hundred chart and Joe he shared a video. We we should say your video where he was wearing like a jar banks mask or no it wasn't Dardar banks. What was it two masks? Yeah. Spiderman underneath some weird colorful Dr Benson Dr bags. He shared a video saying, oh, MG MG. We're number one. I can't believe it. This is crazy. You guys are amazing. Yeah. He said something else too about wanting to punch something and then inflatable inflatable on the ground. I think. Yeah, they were all quite excited. Yes. So if you want more, I mean, there's a whole lot more stuff about the job rose. The Joe Nye debut at number one Garry trust who manages the hot one hundred wrote a big store. Sorry about all the fabulous achievements. That are related to this. You know, all about, you know, sibling axe and brother acts with the word brother in their hayme number one. He did all that stuff. So read his story that he post on a Monday, you can find that at billboard dot com slash chart. Dash beat but in other big new number one chart news singer songwriter hose, your debuts at number one on the billboard two hundred with his sophomore full length album, wasteland baby. The set launch has top the tally with eighty nine thousand equivalent album units earned in its first week. Of course, the week ending March seventh it's his first number one, and it surpasses the number to debut and peak of his self titled debut album, which of course, had the enormous smash single. Take me to church on it which also hit number two on the hot one hundred all those number twos. Man wastelands also the first rock album to be number one in a little over. Three months since Mumford and sons, delta opened number one on the December one twenty eighteen dated chart. Delta delta, delta. Can I help you help you? Yes. All right. So like the Jonas brothers hosmer was quite happy about his number one. And we caught up with him by phone to chat about the moment. We actually spoke to him the day after we me officially announced his debut at number one on Sunday. So we talked to him on Monday. And also when we talk to him it was the day after his tour started. So he had a lot going on Indian we chatted with him about his thoughts on debuted at number one. How he celebrated the achievement and more. Plus, we also talked about its fiery new video fiery, literally new video for dinner and diatribes what feedback. He's been getting from fans about their favorite songs on the album and the support he's gotten from his fellow countrymen you too. So take a listen to our interview with Hosie or now. Welcome to the billboard podcast hose ear. How are you? I'm doing. Well, I'm doing really well taking this week. But I'm yeah. I'm thank you for me. Yeah. We need to start off by congratulating you on getting your very first number one album on the billboard two hundred chart with wasteland baby. How does it feel to be number one feels good? And I don't know how to have someone if use it feels really good. I'm I was proud of the album. I was true of just to get it. Is there, you know, when I was glad the people so coming from and join us, and for me, it's it's it's really encouraging the exciting. Yeah. I've got you know. Yeah. Those peoples to the people think I'm through you know, I actually at billboard. I'm the senior director of charts actually, manage that specific chart that you are number one on and every Sunday, I write a story for billboard dot com. That announces the new top ten and the number one. And so has really stoked because I got to sort of fishy announced to the public that you're number one. But I'm assuming you didn't find out about I'm assuming you didn't find out about being won by me. How did you actually find out about being number wanted? Someone call you from management or from the label. How'd you find out we we found we I last night in New York? We had spent a couple of like fourteen days in New York do the week before the dropped in the week week after just kind of doing a lot of print media during a bit promo and working with with the label of of Columbia. Of job, and we have dinner vote after a hersal the night before our the way Sunday detour is again. And so we decided to to 'em just have thinner how nice Lila, thank you. And we will kind of you know, it was funny weak, I kind of was sort of resigned to to you know, I didn't think that I think that that's what's going to happen. And so we kind of we had we had a call come through. And somebody who was saying, you know, it wasn't gonna be announced of Bush that the numbers were in. And it was it was as good as it was. You know, what I mean, it was it was good as as happening. I'm we got the celebrate that together which I'm very proud of. Not in New York. We had you said something in that moment. Just now you said that you didn't think that you would maybe be number one. And actually, I I wrote a story last week saying that oh it looked like our Agron might be number one. But hosmer isn't too far behind. So he could surprise. So, you know, people could have gone either way. So that's pretty exciting. And and I think it's pretty cool that you get to be number one. And you know, that nothing more to say to that aside from your number one. That's magazine. Yeah. Oh, thank you so much into it was it was one of one of Christ. What I'm I'm of. Yeah. Absolutely. And so you posted some festive photos on Instagram. So it looks like you got to celebrate the news a little bit. Yes. We did. We did. I think I think what it was. We were going to celebrate. Because I think we heard we had an idea that we were gonna be number one in the traditional kind of album sales charts. And so we wanted to wanted to Mark that occasion. Anyway, we want to thank you. And then because everybody had worked everybody worked hard over the last few weeks. So we we had dinner both in and then the billboard being being a Bill, you know, being number one on the billboard charts. Was was was was a surprise me. And so, you know, it was just it was a nice win. I will forgive me. I'm going to fall into a chart rabbit hole. Just for a moment. But I swear this is going to go somewhere. So just bear with me in the history in history of the billboard two hundred albums chart only three albums with. The word baby in their titles have been number one your album, Britney Spears's, baby. One more time and your fellow Irish countryman U2. with Achtung baby. Yeah. So we're where there's a point to this. I swear, you know. Well, we actually saw what are that you to like reached out and congratulated you on the new album and encourage their fans to go. Listen to it, which has to be special thrill for you. I'm assuming you grew up with this music. And now it feels like you have them in your corner. Supporting you what what was that be like again is what's good? Good feeling. And you know, it's a real to me is not always. I mean, I have to say that the ban you too. And it's again, this is so weird saying stuff like that. But like you to automobile incredibly encouraging incredibly supportive as since maximum. I would and Yes, Anything that tweets was incredibly incredibly kind of credibility. And you know, they just they champion champion a lot of I rish talent and have to been incredibly supportive. Yeah. It was. It's an amazing feeling and there's there's there's no higher praise in ways from there. They're such a hard hard working just. Incredible group musicians. Well, obviously in addition to you to loving the album fans have really been loving it as well. What reaction if you've been hearing from your fans about the album so far? I'm just I'm just reading enjoying. I dunno. It's I just you know for me. It's it's I wanted to I wanted to make music. That's right for me about felt honest that it was coming from a personal place. You know, I wanted to make sure that I was I was kind of writing and producing myself as best I could and the people people are just enjoying. I think it's an can't pick kinda group is on. And I've kind of always at that. They're this kind of they're all little fourteen different viewpoints all sitting in the same wasteland or kind of sitting around the same the same awful bonfire. And I think I think I'm just enjoying people people finding their own their own favorites. And and which is which is something that be just Redick for me. Have you any particular songs really seemed to resonate with fans there some feedback? You're getting the something maybe like a non single surprise you that fans are especially loving. Yeah. Yeah. Am I think there's been a lot of love for no plan on that record? And which I think we might we might look at that single around. I think we choose been a love for him personally, making an uncle talk to those. I mean, my my favorite is is the title track is, I mean our country my favorite favorite favorite child. But I'm is that the the on baby is is, you know, I just I love seeing, you know, people, you know, showing though for that to that you say, you know, you recently released a video for the track dinner and diatribes, and who boy it is something else at cinematic. It's sinister you end up on fire at the end of it. No spoilers that spoiler alert who who came up with the concert. What's the director? Or did you come up with the idea? How did that video kind of come to be? Yeah. So that's director Anthony burn name. Another fellow Irishman, not we're not related them, those he he directing peaky blinders at the moment, the new the news just finishing up on on the news series of people into incredible credible director, and he he kind of kind of starting points, and how that had had some treatment and had some ideas for it. And we kinda got together and through some ideas around, and it's a pretty, you know, it's a pretty it's a pretty uncomfortable. Watching a lot of ways, I think I think that's what's what was that. To me. What was interesting. Interesting and exciting about it. I just really wanted to be set on fire on, but I don't Judy. I I realized that we're coming up on time. But I wanna make sure I ask this. Because this is I think hilarious how you seen any of the comments on YouTube from fans on this video out for the dinner, diatribe. Uh-huh. Video am I think I think I saw couple of them. And then I I was look I was actually it was it was such a busy week. I kind of stopped stopped doing the they'll thing of checking blow. Oh, one or two they're highly amusing, I'll just read you too and just sort of gauge your reaction, maybe you'll get a chuckle. I hope I one Hosea went from tree father to horny mustache man in three seconds. And here's a here's a really good one bothered by that pesky male gaze set it on fire. So I thought those were two. Yeah. Kind of. Yeah. I think that's I think they they nailed it in morning. So we were talking to you now on Monday, the eleventh we're gonna put this show up tomorrow on Tuesday for everyone to hear. But you're too or just kicked off last night. How how did it go? Yeah. We we had such and such a credible crowd. And there was so much low on so much goodwill. And I think after thank them as well too. And you know, that was that was a few hours we win. We you know, we hit the stage a couple of hours after the official announcement of going number one. And and the guy was so so kind, and you know, I kind of I just had my thank yous to to to the audience and at the man in those just sort of just such good. And I I was quite was actually quite I was quite softened by I have to say, I'm touring with Jay bird at the moment. She's an incredible talent. I'm just has such an amazing voice. And again, just very vital pretty fight on staff. Songwriting say. I'm gonna join enjoying her being being part of the tourists to the tour will continue on through most of the rest of the year. Basically, I think you have some time off in maybe July, but affectively it goes on through the end of November. So you have your viewer kind of planned out. Are you the type of artists that is is writing on the road? Are you already at work on the next number one album? Am I can I can do my bad. I certainly didn't. I didn't on the lower. I'm Ryan, and I struggled I managed to cultivate, idea I'm gonna just to kind of gather, a huge amount of ideas, which is which was good for when the album to end books, very hard to guess actual Papa worked on when you know. You're just surrounded by people. You're you're living in the pockets of fifteen twenty of the people that you know, and and for me, I I write best in kind of solitary space. So I think I try and certainly don't want to be I don't I don't plan to be kind of away as long as. As I was between the recent this time, right? Well, Hosea we really appreciate your time. And congratulations again on the number one and good luck on the rest of this tour. Thank you so much. Thank you pleasure to talk to you guys. Thanks for having. Thank you so much. We appreciate your time. Great you too. You too. Thanks again to Jose for taking the time to chat seriously like podcast Gus hose here. Yeah. And it's still I have yet to actually I maybe I've seen him on a red carpet somewhere. But when you're came in last, he Katie had him all to herself. Did it was when we were sitting in a different office even? Yeah. Really nice chat with him. It was it was twenty sixteen. It was three years ago. Now is a lovely lovely guy and tall. He's very tall. Keith to practically seven forty four nine nine one. Yes. Correct. To anyone that is nine one. Like, what's the tallest basketball? I don't know what the tallest person ever basketball players. There's like seven that's more seven to nose on normal. Okay. Not normal a normal basketball players in the mid to high sixes, but the seven footers crazy because you have to be able to actually move. That's super tall. But he's not. He doesn't break seven. Really? Yeah. Okay. Now, I'm like, I'm at a computer. So I need to know. You're you're gonna play basketball. I'm sure he's asked if he doesn't all right? We're just going straight. I keel Neil heights. Also, a musician. So we're. He's seven something. He is a, and I didn't know it. How tall he's seven one. Oh, y'all Ming the super famous Chinese basketball player seven six. Yeah. It's like how to even function. Well, you do somehow because they are shack seven one. Anyway, maybe we'll add at this out. You'll find out. And now, let's do the chart stat of the week. This week in one thousand nine hundred seventy one before there were the Jonas brothers. There were other sibling axe to hit number one on the hot one hundred including the Osman's the brother act, which was then comprised of Alan, Wayne, Merrill, j and Donny Osmond top to the hot one hundred for five weeks in nineteen seventy-one with one bad. Apple the track led the tally from February thirteenth through the March thirteenth nineteen seventy-one data chart so this week in nineteen seventy one that's the whole point of this chart stat of the week. Katie shaking her head for some reason. I don't know one bad, apple one bad. Apple don't spoil the bunch girl. Something like that girl. And I'm pretty sure says girl in there to through that in. I'm pretty sure there's girl in there. Well, anyway, one about apple was the osmond's first chart entry of thirteen and the first of four top ten hits on the list for the act now while the osmond's never got another number one Donnie top the list on his own in nineteen seventy one with the solo single go away little girl. He also flirted with the top again in nineteen Eighty-nine with soldier of love which peaked at number two. Speaking of runnerup, slots, Donnie, also recently finished as the runner up on the hit reality competition show, the masked singer as the peacock. And of course, was great because he's a hit making singer. He's a showman. There's a fun twist here. Katie I wouldn't amass senior was on. And when it was revealed that Donnie was the peacock. I said, you know, what's interesting is that the same thing sort of happened in terms of he was kind of wooing audiences in a mysterious way. He did this once before with soldier of love when he had recorded soldier of love. I think in the UK it was sent as I think just a like set Singler vinyl seven single to the program director at the time of z one hundred I believe in New York or a big radio station, New York, they love the track. But there were like if we say, this is Donny Osmond on the radio. They're not going to want to hear the song. Because you know, it's an awesome. And you know, and there was a lot of kind of like weird vibes from the Ottomans because we're like the squeaky clean, you know, group from the seventies. And you know, thumbs kinda like the Jonas brothers when they started to in. You know, it's interesting so Donnie was able to they they started playing the song on the radio soldier of love on this New York radio station, and they called it a mystery artist became a huge hit. And then they revealed, it's Donny Osmond. And by that point song was already big hit went regional national. And then it hit number two on the hot one hundred. Why do we keep making this man hide? I don't know why. He's he's he's Donny Osmond. He's an incredibly talented individual. And then so I thought it was interesting that now he sort of had a sort of small moment of, you know, public awareness again in a really really big way, thanks to another. I've hidden myself in a mysterious way on the mass our it's really interesting just y'all just listen to Donny Osmond. Yeah. Just Donnie anyway. So very hot it. Sorry. I digressed this week in nineteen seventy one another brother act the osmond's were at number one on the hot one hundred with one bad apple. Okay. You can hear the end of our notes, we have reached the end of our shoe, a great show with the Joan I and the hose ear and the Osmond and the osmond's just chock full a talents week any parting words, Katie. Oh, man. Well, feels like we should go out with you too. Sure because. Yes, do something from acting baby. Ooh. Well, the fly mysterious ways who's going to run as one, but I feel like such a Downer to go out on even real serious ways would be Mr.. Even better than the real thing to then we can on that one. It's all good even better than the real thing. Yeah.

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