TTW's All Star Ballot


Walk me through the wire. It is time for our official. NBA All Star game ballots. Hopefully already I mean we've been talking about this for a while and I know Yeltsin with a lot of time together your personal lists you deserve this by But it's aluminum spot and I'm glad you said that goes before we get into this disclaimer. So people are going to be left off so you know what I mean. Don't tweet he hit me up was talking about why this guy's not here is the I don't have any bias. I did this. The most fares waited i. Could you telling me Markus is more than make your all stylists exactly. I don't want those type of mentioned everybody can't make it. Obviously and these are personal is and like I actually have a ballot. Yeah Yeah Yeah we get about last year we thought it was GONNA be this year this year we sent his next year. We will get the media about these lists. You know mean something for our episode but in all reality I don't want a hundred tweets mentions talking about wide input. This guy here as if my shit is actually the real ballot it also. There's the things that we're we're not predicting who will end up making it. We're doing based on right now. Who deserves to be here There is still like two weeks before the official rosters are released so there are certain earn players that can they're stocking gross player Stockins rob which is based on right here right now and any other disclaimers this real quick to for the east. This is Joel embiid because he is hurt And they didn't say he's GONNA be back in two weeks they say they're going to be reevaluated. And my thought process just what I'm thinking if the All Star game is less than a month away. He's going to be reevaluated. In two weeks which which is Kinda even closer to the game I think that the seventy sixers and him. We'll take precautionary measures and don't play especially since they actually you know win against rustic. But he is there but I don't have them on my list because I just generally don't that he's GonNa play but he he's all are supposed to be our live so it's GonNa be a little bit different. I have resolved I mean yes. I don't think he's GonNa play so I don't have him on my thing just because I generally don't think is gonNA play interesting song. We want talk with the East East East Kevin's Gar Gar. Four four four. We start on I did. I did mind like five two. So who can I gar mine was Kemba Walker Kemba Walker for me to year. Okay because I felt like had a way better season and kimball so physically elite teams the question about the whole thing. It's always going to be a debate around all star game. Do you value player that maybe not putting up trae young type numbers but on a winning team and helping close out games a little bit more. Howdy y'all see the whole thing? 'cause for me I'LL SAY MY I. It doesn't matter to an extent stat but there's always going to players that are on losing teams. Making the game has happened. I think the exact set was like. There's an average of four players on a losing team. Every single all star game trae young is going to be one of those guys. Yeah Mellow was also started when the next one ten games But I guess I mean some people. It's about winning as as we'll see when we get to the West I have a guy in there because he does. He has numbers. His numbers aren't as better as guy and another guy but he's winning and I think there's certain people in certain guys I just come on say root beer me and my western conference thing and he made over somebody who made technically better but at some point we have to acknowledge players contribute to winning and they actually play. There's a lot of context each store. 'cause because I in the past reasons I booker was arguably could have been an all-star is numbers but he always gets no because people say he's not a winning player right to me his bouchut because it's just like what we we do. These things like that and we contribute to winning and then when players leave duties big three teams So that they can win because y'all said they didn't they can't have you can't have a war because they're not winning can be all stars who the non winning so then they're gonNA say shit since I can't have nothing without winning. I'M GONNA make sure I win. Yeah I look at the context team he was on. They're not expecting a team to exact territory we've got to put up. MVP numbers but even be closer to play their leisure laser. Now he's putting up crazy crazy players teams like the fact that they put up numbers like that says a lot because obviously the team like for tree putting up those numbers in his second year when a team team. That's the worst too by the way. Yeah especially they. Just beat the spurs to since they haven't beat the Spurs in laws. That's one or two years since they beat the Spurs at home. Okay so what they were like only twenty two because you only play one time and I oppose arena but yet that was a really good game in trae young and Kevin hurt her. We're the ones that close it out. trae young is my second. Is Well Kim Walker so we got the same guard so I UH-HUH STARTING guard. I've calories my second starting guard. Oh this now to see. I'm leaning on his side just from the winner. For this case trae young still still all star. No doubt for me definitely team of flow up was her still carry that team so at the lowry. Battling somebody and I don't know who I'm GonNa pick until so you get to them. Oh Okay I have that same thing in the western conference. I told Mike I'm Melissa. y'All pick y'all pigs and maybe y'all can help help me finish out my list based on pig. But I'm I'm glad that we got some different. How law has been very good? This season you remember free event fleet. Yeah Yeah but you've been hurt for a minute. And so they dealt with a ton hon of injuries this season and they continue to stay afloat because the one consistent has been cow law being calar. He's put up similar numbers to last year. He's playing more minutes than taking more shots but his numbers are pretty similar in last year. He's an all star Four spot number one number one I I I just had his during this is for sure. And he's a captain Captain Janas seeing anybody debated and if you are you need to cut got it out. CUT It out. He is probably if he could send us this. And the Bucks Katina's second Africa season going to win every game. That was my preseason pick even though again it is a born pig but Janas is that type of guy like you know. Even he put up exactly season three point. He's he's he's gotten better. In every statistical category it does year. What's his? MVP crazy to say so. Yes he is attention like sixty percents. Central didn't was it thirty percent. I don't I think he said I'm only sixty percent of the way so you and then human few years ago Joel Embiid was asked. He said he was sixty. Nine percent healthy the album that Jane grow says something and then he was like on. Sorry I'm eighty one percent on this. That's what he was they perform. Here did the Players Tribune thing where he's like. I'm not trying to. I'm trying to win a fucking title. I like that. I like that from him. Money is a Jimmy Butler next. Frontcourt player Self explanatory that he got the heat a lot higher in a lot better than I think anybody. Nobody could have predicted. I'm interested to see of the. He has another player for. y'All know as far as star. Yeah Yeah because a lot of people was asking that is specifically. I don't I have to Miami. He team y'all spoiling spoiling. They don't have it in East Twenty nine twelve wearing the best home teams in the League at eighteen one and I just like to approach Jimmy Brothers made the year. He's not really emphasizing. Anything about statistical numbers. He's you're showing that and again. This is a this is a guy what we're talking about impact statistically there's a lot of players who maybe it maybe have better numbers than him when you talk about impacting winning impacting culture putting your DNA into a team in riding going. He's done that as as a better than anybody. Almost the season Brazier undefeated still with him. Having a game he takes less than six shots which is all he makes less than suggests which I'm not saying he has to shoot shots but he doesn't care about being a twenty plus it's all about winning from and they extend extender numbers and do all of these crazy things but he's just kind of. I don't think that's true definition of leadership where I'm going to let tyler hero and Bam do what they can do to be comfortable because I oh okay can do. Any of those Underrated Thing that goes with it as you build a lot of confidence in those other players. He's going to be ready to take those shots. Obama BIOS not going to think twice about trying to make a play without Jimmy S.. SMART because why. He's going to need them as much as you know. They're going to need him. Say That says good to do that now. Now when the playoffs come they already have kind of like water. They need justice ones though because they have so many playmakers already battled emerging flipping this small. But again on you're going to. I mean I understand what you're saying but I just don't know what they would even get. This is like where does he fit in. The course of it's all up in the air. Come back though. 'cause I need you. I got Pascal. I got spicy spicy. He now spicer music case similar to like the Joel beat. He's missed. He's played thirty games a season. He missed a chocolate of the year. But in those thirty zero ladies there twenty one nine and there's thirty games and he started off the season. Just shut up the doubters. The doubters in the very game sees a put a forty four and we relied could he kept up and he so far. This season has been a credible twenty four points per game seven and a half rebounds about four system we run an warm forty five percent to thirty nine percent from three is the one s surprised. Surprised the hell out of me coming into this season because last year so okay on his. MIT season he went from a guy that cannot make a corner three to guide to be one of the most assistant ordinary. What is it that sunset? Because when I watch him he does take any actually takes them off the dribble and six point one four thirty nine percent of six point want threes. which is that is ridiculous numbers again? He went from twenty two percent to six to thirty seven percents Almost forty percent tennyson. Yeah this is one of the real. G's we bought them up this one like I started about Pascal Seattle and I was like taking three Ooh over thirteen over the and then also a couple episodes after that we were just talking and I was like. I'll take past gus yakking. Wherever be superstar player like I was we were talking about their roster and here we are? We not by superstar just yet south to Rico hines but here we are all star starter for me at least in other guys at the table. Also last but not least all-star starter. Just because like I said before I am not I'm in the mindset of Joe be won't play an all star game you'll probably going to have a replacement so I didn't have him on my list Just for that reason if how will be my my Uh In my Ma starters but I have pascal so I have trae young Kimball Jimmy Janas in Pasco Joel was start putting in my starting lineup. I also did that I didn't really take into account that. He may be back before the if he's not back before the all-star break where you don't have three or four games leading up to it. I could definitely we see him getting a replacement and I think it happens like every single year. Somebody gets voted in and he's injured like we had to Wayne Way CALC over the Angela Russell with I forget exactly who was last year but big. Yes yes so. I had this all the time but I did have to be. This is like still in my eyes. He's a top center in a year when he's on the court he's impact with one game to hopefully hopefully does the reevaluated. Instead of back yeah and I know they have an actual goal to win a championship so even if he probably is back a couple of games they might let him rest and just really fully recoverable. We'll see we'll see if he's GonNa play the obviously he'll be a starter but if not it'd be mustard. WHO's your guy might shelby two? So then we got a couple of players that we all agree. All how about your guard spot off the bench for the Eastern Conference trae young as my first guard. Make Sense Jimmy Jimmy Butler while we were we. Don't matter you our my Ben Ben Simmons for me I will Larry at this point we we are talking about. How Good Kyle lowry has been and again? He's one of those do so like for some reason he gets a lot of twitter. Hey maybe because he had a couple of bad playoff performances. But I think he's been he's actually perform pretty ruin the playoffs recently. He's been pretty yeah. He's been very good the last couple of seasons in the playoffs. But you know jokes lasts forever. I guess a second car. Spa I went with Ben. Simmons is is guaranteed. Lock even if you don't enjoy his offensive game. The defense alone has been incredible like all aw. NBA First thing defensively type things and then. Obviously he's also still giving you like sixteen seventy seven or something like that. He's still like carrying a team with your forgave him for me is now. He's doing Joel. embiid yeah again Alaska gangster. You've been doing. He's been prove it not prove me wrong but he's been doing what I've been asking like. Let's continue to. Let's say aggressive in the second. Half and the Bulls aggressive before on the court would appoint counterpart Big Desk. Don't don't go lower like like that again. Now keep doing that way some day right you wake up with my modest second guard is being Chicago. you know again this is one of those situations where you talk about the winning and what not you know. I'm going to hometown love and I'm not saying he deserves and make you just because he plays for saying but you know he's GonNa add to it but his playmaker jump for me this year which has stood out for me and I think he didn't make mine but he was literally early right on the border for those guards pilots for Ben Simmons and everything like that but his playmaking. I think he's definitely carry the offense for the Bulls for the most part of so. He's definitely improved. He definitely that flashes where he shows it. But it's not consistent a lot of games. He come out and have one assists now. I did not know my list hurts my heart but I think that the players have above deserve it a little bit more but it's not crazy because last year we were in Charlotte for all star. Break if you look at Kemba Walker stats until the all-star break compared to Zach Levine. Stats right now from the all-star Break Zach Levine stats are are are better and the team is more successful than the Hornets team. uh-huh now exactly the fan votes like Kemba Walker. But their numbers are so these numbers are better but very close. So it's not crazy like I was trying to say like it's crazy for him in his home. Exactly chance via as you know the system the playmaking whatever but I dislike that. He's taking consistency on leading the team. He is night into nine. Your best player early. In the season it was a little inconsistent but in the U. S. for I'm telling you grow up fro in the NBA. Some happened to you. Basketball League players have froze. Joel Jordan Johnson. Aw but over the course of time. He's really stood out of job. Best playing really put. Put Your team on your back. And he has some special games That didn't get a lot of tissue because you see a games. Yeah eight three even Charlotte game. y'All came back and hit the game winning shot. He just has all star moments and I feel like he's an all star player. He's going to be exciting nine. He's going to be a player. THAT PEOPLE WANNA go out and go out and watch and you know you gotTa Start Credit and people for being able to play on bad teams. They have to have something to look forward to already teams. He already not GonNa make the playoffs. So now we're still like four games out but it's about. I'm sorry it's populist you bet as now you don't even want to be in the playoffs so it's like you can't beat a team over five hundred because Dan. We'll we'll have that convenience fuckin- heat I think. Is there similar to like your last year's Devon seven booker. We're like yeah great numbers great numbers but I feel like some guys deserve it a little bit more in my thing with this. I'm not trying to convince anybody that I have the perfect list and I'm more so not arguing against anybody arguing for so exactly Wien is is a guy that I had as my second Gore. Let's go to the first four spot. I'll I'll go out and say Jimmy Butler is my first four fourth and steals per game and pass a flex and so forth and in a third and loose ball recovered. Those may nothing besides factor soda. Jimmy Butler still allows two way player. He's a hustler he's he's a leader in every sense of the word and he find that found. The perfect place is far as the CO chair. Miami just fits him perfect is reminiscent to like Chicago. Bull days got won't like we put in preseason. I'd say like I WANNA see the bullet from Chicago Bulls uh-huh and it seems like you're getting that with the Miami. 'cause it's his team he can do what he wants. He's bringing the energy every night. The differences got a good coach right and I think for the team was like is he really is team. People still anticipate Niro's come back. It was a moment. Joe Kim Noah was like an MVP Buchanan. So I didn't. They Traded D. Rose and now Jimmy's team but like oh we're gonNA bring it away like tyler same. I didn't do this in order so I don't know who my first guy matter but I also had Jimmy Butler but I'm Jason. Tatum name out there as well is he. Salak we all have data. That's a pig a hell of a seen so far. I think he's taking the steps in the right direction in terms of becoming a superstar. I think Boston's gotta be a happy when it was between him and his same Jaylen Lea went with Jason Tatum. I think he's more impactful games. We'd like he had that forty one piece like last week. Is this like the Bulls where he hit the game winner when the Knicks is this like him he just turned our team so I think he deserves the more but I'm not I won't be surprised fries. Jalen Brown sneaks into it instead of him or or you will be I will be I think so too. I would think Jason Tatum is the clear. Cut The choice between those two not not to discredit Jaylen. Brown had a good response to get into Khan. I am talking about this. If Boston was the number one seed you could add three all star one hundred percent it will be debatable. It's great that the box onc- but they don't have Moat Walstein C. C. C.. You gotta look at the numbers brother August Christmas. So He's not on your list so he's he's close he's had to give them to. That's the number ONC- bureau warranty. They're number one. By far. We start putting out a pre show. PODCAST might get like fifteen minutes before you and we'd be talking about the show before he's close a fifty forty nine this year. He's having a better year as far as overall overall stats and he's playing like four five less minutes. Yeah that's what I'm saying. The most impressive things. He's doing this in two thousand eight minutes doing his work in my twenty plus minutes so yeah he he was was my Bradley Bill Okay. He's had a great season. He's so if you look at my list right there. We haven't got New Year but I'm contemplating between Larry and Bradley beal because Larry has kept their team a floating teams good and Bradley. Beal team that so so I grabbed the deal has Bradley. Beal has two things going against them right. He's missed a bunch of games and his team is trash. He's still played thirty. Four thirty four all right you. But in case he's all right. I'm sorry let me let me think of impasse Galkin's case he's missed a bunch of games but he's also a winning team like I feel like Bradley. Beal has those those two factors but then again on the other side. He's putting up his best numbers points per game sizzler game. He's still like the best top three shooting guard in the league and you also has like. He's been there two years previously right stuff like that. Mad Constant contact goes with everything that team that was bad. Yes not him please. By showing frustration. Russian starting. lineups out. There you would know why they also want without him. They were winning. So I'm not out the sound I get there My last frontcourt player as of now. Uh GEICO's bonus which is why I don't have Bam on Abbassi locked. Two meals is a bonus as well. You know you look at the Pacers. They're twenty seven and fifteen gene right in the mix with everybody else so they deserve an all star Malcolm Brogdon and had a great start to the season with a little bit hurt for like a month and a half and so you know as long as he just missed like a week or two. He's been playing like he's been bad here but before that Malcolm Brogdon was her four-minute Malcolm Brogdon thirty years. It's a bonuses thirty. I'm me seven thirty eight at this point because he was he's had thirty two double doubles at nine thirty nine games. That's that's big time numbers and obviously keep it in a flow Malcolm Brogdon and the rest of the gang is plan very well. It's been pretty good but the ones nineteen thirteen and four. He's hoping he's his wind. Shares four point join seven which is almost five. which is I think? Double Malcolm Brogdon. who was at? Let me see two wants that. So yeah he's he's looking like the best team as of now so I mean they're going to have three all star Bam Bam Bam damage still on my list official Guy Bam Bam. Jaanus and cardinal towns are the only ones in the lead to average fifteen points per game and ten rebounds forces and stealing the block. That's like one of those that is young things was with Larry Bird and Lebron but those are significant status. Show that a he can score be he can rebound see he play makes from the Senate position and he plays defense. Bam was my last guys. Well my down my last two. I'M GONNA go Bernie be over lower. Go Bradley beal. He's had a great season. If Larry made it over him I wouldn't care to. I'll just say Bradley. Because a lot of y'all have lowery three and then my last fight is Spencer dinwiddie slash careers just because I thought the the nets deserve somebody thought about carry. But he's only played fourteen. Yeah if they would have picked. I don't know if Carrie is going to have played enough games when they put this based on the fact that the people going to look at it and be like. It's not really an all star game without Kyrie's over the magic because the magical better team as of right. Now I couldn't think of a clear cut all star. He's had this year you're going to carry carry. Hasn't don't play enough to be eligible or whatever then sure let Spencer. I thought Eric Gordon was going to be an all star this year last year. I did too. But that's my trae. Young Cambe Jimmy Butler the Janas. Pascal with the Joan B won't be playing because it was injury than Jason Tatum. Khris Middleton demonte Bonus Ben Simmons that convenient love their Chris Medicines. I listened to a lot of podcasts. Not many people are talking about Him as an all star this year. which is crazy to me? 'cause great so we Adam or did you not. I gave it the Brady bill so I like that. We do have some some difference in this because Bradley beal to pop baby. Yeah the West Butts before before we get to the West we gotta take our break. So now we're back with the Western Conference We start off with the guard. I guess my first Garden Danz audits Luca locked. Don't even need to explain why this is a great second guard is hard hard hard no on. I feel like we're going to have the last artist by frontcourt players. Lebron Co why I have Anthony Davis. Well we obviously. That's kind of boring. I'd expect somebody to put yogurts in their song lineup. No the West. Pretty Oh he. That's me intro. Because I was like. Oh that was easy easy but then it got but Yokich was my first reserve that I thought so I. I just want to make the case. For Kuwa- his net rating differences differential is plus thirteen. That is insane and over the past two weeks or so. He's been absent like thirty five points for some people are yoked because he has missed a quarter of the season so far stuff like that play more games and a lot other people sure Fisher. Then he's one game the cat he has yes. which is we'll get to first Franca player? Hey Yo I hear your could swear Yokich Yokich second frontcourt player. I had Paul George Paul George. He's not on my list. So here's my case against Paul. George missed the game at the end of the day. Paul George's Paul George. He's a great top blink and the League he's do but he's just missed so many games and then honestly honestly they haven't been very good what I was gonna say. He has a he had had a couple of games he still has. It doesn't feel like he's found his rhythm whole team. They Suni Tunnel Joe. Everybody's Miss Time. That's one of the things I don't like is when he does play is like Hawaii doesn't hit the for the first two games of the season. Like Damn you put. The team has been better without him. Dog Never said he came on and said like by game. Eighty two we need. We're going to be playing our best basketball because we're not not that good right now. It's like data Mississippi Sixty that gave me the seven wins. I'm perfectly fine with the having him though because it was a it was a tough decision for me but I gave it to them I wanted to give some as another piece. I'm glad to know that I wasn't contribute when I was sitting here really thinking if put him or not It just wasn't a lot of front court people that are like 'cause I was GonNa cat and I'm like the Timber Wolves I you you know. I know exactly what she's missed. Fourteen gain recently fourteen games. Moore's haven't been really that good at all and then it's like where do I go. Yeah I there's some guys the I guess. Paul George is on my list with another wing player with two brandon. Ingram he may brandon. Ingram may bring me interesting raining. The whole reason is what appeals is now in the playoffs so discussion. We got both of them. Who else as far as fraud court hears this? He's Malacca Uh last yoga but I've been on my list. I didn't the numbers crazy. Yes so I was just like I can't give him. I'm not going to just not put him on some love man. Put Yoga's Rudy in Kenema. Where who? So the centers did they're all rudy can and Dan you carring yoga. Yoga Yoga Tuna Rudy Front quivers. Yokich Coburn Ingram. Okay I guards my two guards the bench for Russell Westbrook Donna. Mitchell is EP three and booker. CPI through again we were told her about the TV. Three has a very good case. So you are not disrespecting daimiel Dayton quick even the starters Rudi I think we've got Mitchell Dame on my list too so let's say let's take it one step but attack. Okay we all have to go. He has been the most impactful defensive player for the past three seasons and the offensive -ly opposite offensively. He's been aggressive. I made a tie video. Basically going over why he deserves to be an all star. Is that how he plays space without being able to shoot a jump. Shot is like God's here you're actually wasn't bad obviously in the previous the average like seventeen points but this year feels more impactful. I don't know I don't have a reason for it. Were you telling me about something about his screen green in there. Something History The giants have one of the best pick and roll. He's a big part of it. Yeah he's he's ever less points than last year that I m his offense has been better outta mind. Explain it explain to him and Joey and it's been great he's fifteen. He's rebound abroad. The best. He's ever fifteen fourteen to block in. That went down a tad bit but when share six point four. Yeah just the the aggressive when getting off into rebound or when he does he literally looks at Dunkin China Donkey. He's not trying to use ago of salt. Leo's Leo's now he's trying to donkey lucky. Now who flees man to do. We all have Damian Lillard. Yes does the Portland. Trailblazers situation is so terrible. They have been battling injury book. Yo Oh you now. Cj went down with an ankle sprain last night. It's like man man man. That was a winnable game for the it was tough. But Damian is still doing Damian type things Louis. I'll have ingram I am I having having we all don't have power doors. I'm the only one ahead yes. Do we have booker. Do have book. I decided it was time to. It's time to stop in at stigma him because they started off the it season good and then they started to lose. But it's not. His fault booker is a slash with Russell. WESTBROOK and I. I think I'M GONNA book or two because when it comes to Russell Westbrook the only thing that's going for him. He's averaging twenty four points a game his his field goal percentage is three percents own off. Numbers is advanced. That's they're all in the trash right now. Devon Booker and also Westwick has the fact that he's playing on a team. That's obviously better. I'm going to have a book or though I'm GonNa go Devon Booker. Also because I mean he's giving you twenty six points. He's giving you four rebounds six assists he's almost at the fifty forty nine thousand three ball at thirty five point seven percent if he can get that close to forty by the seasons. Antwon me tough but he would be fifty forty ninety club four point one wind shear. I mean yeah. The team cool down from his star Yes yeah. That's a real cool staffer suitable score. I think that has the different fields taking open. You know catching Shusha shows that journalist fishing you multiple times and I mean. He went on a tear. He had thirty four thirty two thirty three thirty to thirty eight. Forty thirty four one. Two three you for five six seven seven game stretch from November December twenty seventh to January every seventh where he just scored over thirty. Yeah he was averaging thirty four point seven and they they with winning and losing but that just showed would you that he's doing everything he can. At least and I think they have some inconsistencies. You know what I mean. It was cool Baynes. David hold it down for a while. But after a while he started to miss the Andre Aid I I saw that I was listening to a podcast and it was act. Low Baynes Baynes Deandra in display like ten games pharmacies rights. Ten or eleven. The I'm GONNA guess how many free throws he's attempted in those ten or eleven games less to six fifty five fifty five. You said six. I'm guessing fifty five until isn't that absurd three. I'm guessing it's eleven. We'll talk about a Senate as back to the basket. That's not drawing fouls desk desk with Greg. He's not being aggressive. He does this turnaround jumper. Kobe used to do instead of as yes either way. I I gave it to Devon Booker but I do think ended up in an all star. Probably over Chris Paul. That'd be my guess because Russell Westbrook right. He's been there a thousand times. He's a fan favorite and he's not having a bad year by any means he's having his worst year and X.. Amount of season slow comes a plane with James Heart GonNa take a little dip on the know his stats. That's are you talking about like the the inbetween line. So he's talking his course that's he's averaging twenty four last year. He averaged twenty four swail. So Clamor Paul George. He's he was a second last year too but his field goal per se. He's finishing at the rim when she was two point one. He's finishing at the rim like close on all time low for him like these that we knew Russell Westbrook has been great throughout his career. He hasn't necessarily been great at it. And I can give you the exact number. So last year at the ram he saw sixty three percent which is top eighty five percents in the league. He was incredible at it this year. He suited fifty eight percent. which is he's in the middle of the road if you look at my computer right now? There's a lot of fucking blue sponge which means that he's called in that that's not that's not good man. But he wound up making it. I think he also started. Seasonal slowing shoot is picked picked up recently aspect. That can kind of help you case but the timing does matter. Londer is a good a good story I think he will be happy with that. CPI VP three. If I'm not mistaken was last year the year before where he didn't get the Ni- when he should have. It is so neither years that the rocket city make it and he has some some good some good numbers But the the Fuego story I think three is GonNa get it. He's he's all mind. We all have sleepy three. Sorry I don't have me control. Do we all have booker. Yup Well I had Russell Westbrook instead of CB three Dame Dame Donovan Mitchell and D- book interesting interesting. The mock as for Chris. Paul is the fact that he has been the leader of the o'casey saint has been a surprise and it's been like four or five five games a season where he takes over in the fourth quarter and wins them a game. That's enough in my eyes and never seven seat dot Mitchell though. I don't AH force. Twenty playing. His team came down to him and his teammate. And I had to give it to Rudy Donovan. Mitchell has been playing great. Yeah they deserve to all the I think he's taking the next episode especially when my colleague being on the main guard. He's living on the controls. The offense when Joe ingles doing it makes sense. They have this one lineup. And it's been there star lineup since since my colleagues been out dodd. Vomit you Joe Ingles Bogdonovich Roy so near Bear They are plus twenty two point. Three points per possession is at one twenty two which is like the best in the world basically and they do everything right. Offensively incredible The pick and roll no matter. WHO's the ball handler has been amazed? uh-huh lot of space lineup Damian. Lillard Donovan Mitchell. Who are you taking him for the All Star game here? Just it's tough because Donovan. Mitchell team is so much better his winning his impact is so much greater than I'm taking issue. Yeah I didn't want to think about the winning any aspect of it in Donald Mitchell step. He's taking this season is done with Mitchell. And because number who outnumber strike pretty similar. I think they'd be a little probably ever do but you don't. Yeah you'd have a laptop right now so you can look it up yourself when twenty documents averaging twenty five four and four emulators averaging twenty seven eight and four wind shares the point to four point. Oh Yeah I don't Metro Damian Dame Damian Lillard when she was on a level Rudy Gobert who picked over down. I think it's very interesting. Because one of these jazz players will make the officer game. It's weather which one does the coaches love more. Do they want to take the guards that question too so if you could only pick one jazz player speaking which one are you taking. Why Rudy Gobert? Just because I know defensively team would be shit without him and offensively. He's the big the reason why there have a great offense because of the screeners I take Rudy Gobert as well. It's his sister is like it goes to the fact that will do you want. I'm I'm poking I'm picking one of my best player and I'm going to Donovan Mitchell. I think we're good to statistics lethal because the defense. Yes yes but I don initials their offense often offensive weapons no has Mitch do. Do you WanNa know something crazy grunfeld. This is so off topic but if Grunfeld right the old yen for the WASA wizards wasn't such a ask US next year. They could have a lineup of John Wall Bradley. Beal Kelly Oubre by Donovan and Thomas Brian. That's even be incredible not your question. No doubt ribeira factor picking one for the All Star game specifically for the author game. Michael Donovan Mitchell. Because it's about the fans enrico it doesn't have a game that the average he doesn't but you know rudy made a good point last year and he was talking about what you want to kiss. You know what I mean like. He deserved one appearance. I'm not saying we have to grow from every year. Seventeen doesn't make it he's got to be an NBA defender again and they don't make sense Bro. How many to time to visit players have never made that? Don't make Serano test. It's been all star from that mistake. Our how it don't really make sense that he's never had one all star appearance. Yeah and you know just given more Donovan Mitchell. I think it's GONNA be down. The line is going to be perennial all star to go. We need him one. Just one acknowledge what he's done and then after that he had to go but if you deserve it in the future and let them keep avenue and you thought about the coaches. I think it will be the first see but we get less less. Mix It up with my coach. Exposed to make sense I took isn't here either Frank Frank Vogel going to be the coach exposure is up there. Yeah it's between us so obviously anybody WanNa make billions and had a good time fat. What the Hell Jenkins? What the Hell is this? Man's first name. James Taylor Coats your God. Damn it I wanted to. He was on the list. Rosen was also on my shortlist Ashley. Westbrook who didn't end up making it for me There's so much good talent in the NBA. It's crazy we gotta narrow it down to twenty four. I think Joslin have a similar thing to look good and make it his first year but now next year it's GonNa be hard to have the the only thing that Luca wasn't in the playoffs degrees. This is our right there. They've the Klay Thompson is going to be back. He's going to be an all star so y'all don't people so some people might not be here next year. One hundred percents. This is the year to take it. Yes Kevin Durant will also be back and guess so we may not see. I don't even know make because we'll pass. That won't be a starter. Sure you'd have a New Year. You never know you never know. That means they don't even they don't even need having Starter Heaven Center star they have Katie. Pass yeah sure came they sure can i. Just I love this. A Lot y'All like the fact that they took out center as position. And instead it's making everybody forwards you. Yeah it's kind of it kind of made it easier to make this list to be on. Yeah that's an extra center mass don lineup. There's no senate. Anthony Davis is classified as a center. So COA wouldn't have made it and then we had to throw a Yokich there instead of something like that. Yeah it's tough you know. That's why I. I took the approach of just making arguments for people in Oregon against people because how can make Donovan. Mitchell isn't deserving. How can to beat at Russell? Westbrook is deserving or whatever do we all have cat I did. He did not make this for just because the miss was a district was you had. Yeah so Was a person that only one of mine was probably news. You can you. I would die among him and did a volley all you have to take. Yeah no I think yeah I think we pretty much senses a couple of things to change him. I the most part we kinda had the same with I would love to show some Demar Derozan who's been hooping as of late but unfortunately they just they've been losing some gains. They should probably win it. Would it would help case so much more if they were winning these close games closing amount. Yeah Lamarcus legit has been hitting like fifty percent from three this year This calendar year not like this actual whole season. He wasn't even. I don't even know if you've taken many three now. Him and rose one. Yeah I'm I'm trying to think of some other players say obviously guy that can be a conversation John Moran as we mentioned a Malcolm Brogden. Nobody thought about Andre Drummond. No no no enemies any en ese now but I mean he can get too many players playing better than an tough but I mean the numbers are there for for him. The question comes back on the twenty. Second Yeah Yeah. I think he makes he's GonNa plan the rising stars game even though he'd only would play like eight games before in the past. Now you just like. He's kind of kids. Might say he's the type players bring so many views that they're gonNa if if he's eligible young someone's young talent something we're going to get enough from his international versus game. There's so many good players in their first or second season. This is like we should. We should do that list to eventually. Maybe that's not as enjoyable by. There's so much deserves to be in those games. That is a such hands. It is when Lebron is all said and done we got Janas when who's when James Harden's down we got Luca and there's this beautiful thing any other news or whatever you want to talk about for the last couple of minutes now we gotTa Bring Kyri Shit. Talked talked him. Could you ask our just curious because I know you had a lot to say about it when it first came out. I mean we're talking like eighty he's saying and when I yeah I was just like anything he's GonNa take it criminally and he came emergency room. Stay the fuck out of type mentality meals. Yeah I like it too. I you know his initial statement statement just so it no confusion or misunderstanding. I don't think he should have said it. I think anytime you're dealing with Names it's dangerous game to play. I mean even when when you think of that House highlights if I was to go out and make instagram posts on a shoutout people that we work with. It will be a dangerous game because all have to do is fish. Twenty eighty four people on the Roster H. O. H.. Now so if you forget one you know what I mean it could be offensive. Not like even things that aren't intentionally extent like if actually hit control on the head with my elbow even. I didn't intentionally do it. It don't stop the fact he just got clocked in so this is like even if it's unintentional. It's still happened so I indesit dangerous game but more so than just. I'm kind of disappointed with the media. I how to media you know what I mean. Instead of deep dive and really talk about things if I understand or or decipher things they take things and they just run with it and old will get you know just like it's how you get the Devon Booker for cool shit. He's got us. They're always going to take just a bad thing about it. Was the timing of it. You just play two games after missing twenty years kind kind of what is well. Yeah I was like he Nikkei debate. I read the message being K.. D. He's GonNa need more and then he didn't he left out. Joe Joe Harris Salleh right because he I think assessable when he was going there is. He's best friends. Okay be he is best friends with the Andre in those are the people don't forget. Jt Gt is what he called Garrett Temple Good Right I. That's why I think that you could definitely look at that and be like. He's definitely trying to take shelter team here. But I think Joe Harrison geared Allen pieces that actually fit passenger sure but I do agree with him and aspect that they probably are going to need a couple more pieces because Kevin Durant Iran is gonNA come back but I don't think it's smart to bring him back and put all of that weight on him to just because we don't have a comeback and it'd be no different and I think he's like that piece that has so much value that you can use them to get those pieces. Yeah you might Ortho or even like offseason moves like science someone. Or maybe he's saying Joe Harris. This is a free agent this off season. Maybe he's just office BRO. Trade him because we know he resigned. Because somebody's given Joe Harris fifteen million year because he's so good at what he do trade him now and get us some pieces for thing that only about Korean. I'm not questioning character just to take so much social media when you can't take it to the front office is that that is the case or something like that. I think the way he goes about things is I think I think he's a stubborn guy so I think he has that approach where I'm not going to let the media. Ah Anybody stop me from feeling speaking or being who I wanna be so if I feel like this I'm going to be able to say it because I don't want allow the media to control me and I respect that fully the saints I agree with you saying social media like you on twitter saying is but also with that point. He can't come out and say if you're not in our locker room state of guy when when he's putting the media in the locker room by giving them information that he should keep in but what that statement means is for the media to take it and pretend they know who was offended. That's being in Boca. You can't say that Joe here in Phoenix. What you'll hear immediately? I think attention all been thinking. So that's being in the locker room trying to decipher an predict how people feel. And when you don't fuck no but I did like the statement about we know we signed up for meaning we know Kevin around wasn't going to be here and we knew we all have issues so we need we need the handle it and be right now stop trying to You know brushed his year off and just like we need to get to the future. This year needs to count as something I do appreciate that approach and he did pick up cement. It did leave them up early in the interview. That interview. Six Minute interview which is wise. Had the problem with the media of taking that twenty five second clip when He. He said that his his teammates at his back throughout throughout the game because he struggled and they picked him up. And I don't and I didn't hear nobody you know Mitch and Net near what is understandable. You know what I mean. We're one of the only few type shows shows where we're going to address. Everything came out and said I feel like I'm in a locker room like yelling at you like yelling at everybody and it's nothing like that. Yeah he just need to find. Oh you know what I mean who he is. The leader was lead. He wants to be because sometimes he has that mob mentality where he's on a demand greatness from himself and his teammates like you said but then sometimes she has a Lebron Shit whereas like he's kind of passive aggressive and he does she talk to you for a week. You know what I mean. He has figure out who he wants to be in and if he isn't going to be the number one option or a leader. I think that's to think a lot of people with a lot of fans act like being a number two was bad about him being a number that'd be like a contender championship facts. Yeah I I've seen people on twitter. What China is media Keri Russell? Westbrook Chris. Paul wasn't winners. They're winning players. Yeah they're winning. They're winning players. I think all of them have had winning seasons. They want more than they Chris. Paul is not winning. They don't have a championship. You can't convince me SAR that's idiots. Mindset you do not have to end. You don't have to do have rain. You don't have to be the number one option being the number two who is pretty damn fine down in the history of the biggest shot that series of the war other than I think it was number two behind reality. Step back three against the spurs though when it came to like I was saying that's the best one of the shots ever ever moments most intense for all the more. He created that by himself. Zan Heating at Lucky but Chris Bala area and the right Chris Bass was there the timing of got balls. Like there's this amount of seconds. Let me get a bucket and that's a little bit more press to me but I think I'd say thank you so muscle Watson our ballot episode. Leave your comments and below you think guests know from our lists or vice versa. Somebody think that deserve it and we put over don't matter leave a like Rate US on nights on spotify all that we try to be known as the number one N._B._A.. podcast attorney twenty piece yeah.

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