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Food Production I. Oh I'm Marie you start. I don't know how how this starts. Hi Amanda Hey everyone I'm Amanda I'm media and this is your daily Big Ones. Matron live when the Squirrel Horse head is set up one hour of squirrelled. That's as Sarah your sister. That's a good. I have to just preface this by saying we are recording this and we're also live on instagram. So Murray is non sequiturs. Our instagram live comments. That she's reading referring to a horse head that she got me which also doubles as a squirrel feeder. And if you WANNA know what I'm talking about go to adamant a fun buttons on Instagram. And you can watch this live because it will be up on my fee for twenty four hours but anyway we're going to do some riddles today. Riddle need this riddle me that Oh my God in Amanda. Okay you gotta say hold on. Why don't they have that? Hold on a minute hold on you. Keep going in and I'm GONNA I'M GONNA be right back. Okay just trust me okay. Maria piecing out but I'm finding riddles. Okay here's good riddles brain teasers and logic puzzles I always just find these online but if you all have riddles that you want us to answer then please by all means. Send them in okay. Let's see Riddles riddles riddles. Hard riddles to test your smarts. Ready to be riddled. Yes Sir yes I am. You measure my life in out. Now we know this one. Some of these we know. Okay what word in the English language does the following the first two letters signify a male? The first three letters signify a female. The first four letter signify a great. While the entire world signifies a great woman. What's I don't know what that means? I come from a mine and get surrounded by. Would unknowing know these ones? We know all those. Amanda Ono is the clown are here by the Clare owner. No GLOWERS YEAR. Get someone called nine name clown or Maria has a clown mask on his. I the clown her. This is so scary. Okay Maria clan. Are you ready for a riddle? I'm ready to. I'm ready riddle me. This a murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms. The first is full of raging fires the second assassins with loaded guns and the third lions. Who Haven't eaten in years. Which room is the safest sounds like? A clown is dream the room. What Dancer Answer is Tis? The RUA is the room that they're standing in correct. Let me see the third one. The lions died of starvation Easter. A okay ready for another riddle. Of course I am I am the clown or what can you hold in your right hand but not in your left. I know your left. Hand your left hand too is that so what do you. Yes yes I am correct. Why how you ready for another one clown or clown went on a break for a second. The got got a little tired okay. Two girls ate dinner together. They both ordered ice tea. Rose one girl drink them very fast and had finished five in the time it took the other two drink just on the girl who drank one died while the other survived. All of the drinks were poisoned. How did the girl who drink the most survive One of them added Lynn again. Antidote in it to girls ate dinner together. They both ordered iced tea. One girl drink them very fast and had finished five in the time it took the other girl to drink just one. The girl who drink one died while the other survived all of the drinks were poisoned iced. Tea What are you guys? Anyone have any ideas? This one's kind of hidden going. This people are saying the Ice Cubes Ripois. And let's see if that's right. I guess that makes sense because one girl drink them very fast. Okay it's gotta be. The poison was in the ice as she drink her one. Drink MELTING ICE released the poison. Brilliant that son of a bitch a doctor and a bus driver or both in love with the same woman an attractive girl named Sarah. The bus driver had to go on a long bus trip. That will last a week before he left. He gave Sarah seven apples. Y Sad again a doctor. I know this creepy because the ALLL DAY DR. Away at your is a woman. That's funny. Well it's nice. The bus driver has a nice sense of humor okay. Why was the largest island in the world before Australia was discovered Australia? The yeah that's one of those trick ones. Oh Australia. It was still. They're just not discovery. Of course that's the question that my orthodontist asked me. Once who's buried in? Grant's tomb grant. Thank you did you get it no. I just laughed nervously. Tried to get out of there. Ok Riddle me. This what word begins and ends with an e but only has one letter e no okay. Let's let's keep guessing what word begins and ends of the e but only has one letter envelope. How did you know I guess dead? That's good. Yep Gun envelope okay. What Rock Group has four men? That don't sing. Oh I know it's It's like statues Called the faces in the rock. The president of those the President Mount Rushmore Mountain President Mountain. Mount Rushmore. We were right. What type of cheese is made backward? What type of cheese is made backward? not string cheese. What TYPE OF STRING? Oh Way really. What's the question? What type of is made backward? What's what type of opinion? Yeah I guess what type of cheese is made. Backwards is on a type of cheese on everyone heard of that. Adam what does that mean? E Dam that's what people are saying e Dam. I'm tall what I'm and I'm sure when I'm old what am I. I'm tall when I'm Young. A candle it's always a candle okay. This five letter word becomes shorter when you add to letters to it. What is the word? This five letter word becomes shorter when you add to letters to it five. Oh my God you're have mastered two thousand and says short you guys yes master. Yes sure what are the next three letters in the following sequence j. f. m. a. m. j. j. j. j. f. m. a. m? Jj a what are the the next two letters once. J. J. F. A. M. Jj people have gotten it. Apple got it. Why are they saying? S O D. Nevertheless the wrong. That's wrong oh it's it's Essa Wenjie. It's s away because it's the sequences the first letter of the months of the year so good. Okay when you need me you throw me away but when you're done with me you bring me back. What am I when you need me used to away away but when you what what's inexpert but when you're done with me you bring me back. Lebanese. I can't love vs on. Oh Boy Oh when you need me you throw me away but when you're done with meat let's see trash bag. Nope sorry an anchor an anchor when you need me you throw me away. What can be seen once in a minute? Waste a moment and never a thousand years again. What can be seen once in a minute twice in a moment and never in a thousand years the letter M. Ho how did you know that I know it? I'm getting good at riddles. It's either the letter M. or it's What's the other one that I say a candle? Which tire where the doctor is woman? What tire doesn't move when a car turns right? What tire doesn't move the spare tire bitch? This is I think you made some sort of deal with the devil. Because you're you're not even thinking anymore. The devils just speaking three and the devil does speak in riddles. You know how I know. Well the doctor is a woman. How the clown Er- says so tears I the clown or how? Why not tell me a one more riddle for I perchance may see it. So okay clown a window cleaner cleaning a window on the twenty fifth floor of a skyscraper when suddenly say slips the never know w said the tire is a woman a window. Cleaner is cleaning a window on the twenty fifth floor of a skyscraper when suddenly he slips and falls. We'd say that again. A window cleaner of a hurdle one is cleaning a window on the twenty fifth floor of a skyscraper when suddenly he slips and falls he has no safety equipment and nothing to soften his fall and yet he is not hurt. How can this be? He's on the first floor. People have already gotten that people have already gotten it in the chat inside the house. Julian bone says he's a she. He's cleaning the inside. That's right clown can easy enough. I want to do one more counter I believe I do. There are eight hills. They're all of the same size and color one pill way slightly more Indus poisonous. You have a balance scale and can only use it twice. How can you find the poisoned pill? They there are eight pills. They are all and collars. Put it a taste into your mouth. is the way pill way slightly more and his poisonous. You have a balance scale and it can only use it twice you. Divide them in half right and see which side I think you give it but a taste. No you don't taste it. Mattie cripes put it in the is what I from the beginning of the poison I see their eight pills. They're all the same. I think you do four and four right and it would. It would make one side be heavier the clown her nose not math. Let me try. Oh my God. This is an insane answer. Let's hear it the join a hero place pills one two and three on one side of the scale and pills four five and six on the other side of the scale if the scale is balanced remove all the pills from the balance place pill seven on one side of the scale eight on the other side of the scale. The heavier one is the poisoned pill at the scale is not balanced. Assume pills one two and three are heavier than pills for five. Ten the pill after this question. I'm just giving the mill. Okay remove all the pills for the balance plays one place pill one on one side of the scale to on the other side of the scale. The scale is balanced pill. Threes the poisonous pill. The skill is not balancing. The heavier one is the poisonous pill. You guys that was a lame. That was really lame so we should do one more. The clown would like one more. I am the I am the first on earth the second in Heaven He. I appear twice all you got it under the clown. Her nose riddles one more. The Connor went away. Because the Kleiner's tired again. The cloudy on Okay. So much many have heard me but no one has seen me and I will not speak back until spoken to what am I. An Alexa many have heard me. But no one has seen me. Will you see in an ought not mine and I will not speak back until spoke into what am I series? It a clapper Erie. Tell us you me. I think it's an Alexa. I think it's Siri. What is it? Okay? Someone is saying areas network says a toot. Graig Amazon Echo. Many have heard me but no one has seen me and I will not speak back many ever. I know. And it's an echo. It's an echo. It's an Amazon Echo. Yup and echo not an Amazon Echo just an Echo old-fashioned echo are. Well I think okay. I think we did it. We really really did it well. This has been another mini episode. It's in the books you can't you can't take it away it's happened it's race it. You can't say we never did it but you what's you we've never we never we we you you we talk and talk but you never see us but we only answer back when spoken to. Who are we the big ones? The Big One all right guys. Thanks so much for tuning in sticking around you know we have fun have fun. Don't we doing it I'm he? Has Julia Bone? This is aren't next episode. So spoiler alert tomorrow. You're going to be listening to this to this all over again but maybe you know what I'll do. I'll put it in a little or your editing. But maybe a man of what you can do is put in a little like music cue or something for the people or like something you could say in the middle. That just goes like I like. This is this is a little Easter Egg or something I see okay. I'll do an Easter egg. That you you won't hear no you'll you won't see it but you could hear it okay. I'll put it in an Easter Egg. All right guys. I'll put an Easter egg. All right I'm GonNa feel real smart tomorrow when I know all the answers says Sir create. That's so true. Yeah play this with your friends and then you can just you can go right she. That's firkin genius. Maria yes Siam Genius Ellen says I just have one question go ahead. I have neighbors. That are being really loud. Do I knock on their door and tell them that they need to be quiet? How often are they allowed? Is it just as a one time or are they always allowed in? You know I think you gotTa You. GotTa make a pro and con list and say if I tell them. Ask them to be quiet. Am I going to build up bad blood? And what's more important to you? You know what you could even do is you could make that pro and con list and then slide it under their door so they know what went through to even do that. That's true that's a great idea but yeah I think if it's happening a lot then you then you just ask nicely. Juden very nice way and you just go. Hey I just you know I need like God forbid I have in quiet time Okay she says it's every Friday and Saturday night. They were about five years younger than I am. I understand that they need to have fun. Do I look them? Have their fun until two in the morning. Absolutely not Novas every Friday Saturday. You need to save. Hey can you guys keep it down path? Tanner eleven whatever your bedtime. Unless maybe you'd like to be invited. That's that's maybe where you could say like. Keep it down or you could invite me. Yeah and then you know new friends. You've got new. You've got twelve new friends. They probably you just need to tell them to keep it down okay. Everyone thanks for listening to that Big Daily. Big areas impasse.

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