Adam Kownackis Manager Wants 2 More FightsBefore Deontay Wilder Title Shot


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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another monday morning additional the box and voice radio so if you had a gloomy day turn those frowns into smiles because we're here to discuss some good old fashioned heavyweight action last last night or should i say saturday night adam come nakae or cohen inaki or cow nakae how kevin from chicago pronounced it yesterday. He emphasized on count. How knock he wanted us to get that right. Put on a record breaking performance with chris areola took to the we post fight interview face by face face to face with deontay wilder and said that he's looking to become the first polish champion and he's looking looking to come for a title shot at deontay wilder but as the hours passed and you know cooler heads heads prevail kief conley. The manager of adam of nakae came out with some very interesting quotes that we will give you the details else to right here on this show so don't forget if you're just joining us today hit that thumbs up button so that you can help with visibility show plus. Lets us know that you enjoy joy. What it is that we're doing around here but when it comes to his manager and i quote i would think incredibly to more of these type of fights hopefully a little bit easier. I may have to do a little bit better matchmaking making for him said kief calmly so this is what we're going to be discussing you know the number one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one press one one time don't forget eh to voice your opinion right here on the voice of the people hotline and you can add nestor gibbs on skype and download that skype absolutely free anywhere on the android market or any iphone at market dome. Don't forget to download the patriot on absolutely free as well join us on patriots today for a episode of untitled our other podcasts that we do on patriot's dot com former last box voice where we discuss a little bit of everything and and all of your questions and suggestions so let me head on out to my co host bochum dot com the fan with which points it's called comp yo yo yo yo yo good morning good morning good morning everybody out there in tv universe. He's back with another one. Yeah adam kornacki managing. There seems like they need. Maybe a couple more fights before they get in the rain with the say water atomatic ratio on over the weekend really show they could <hes> draw some people out there and the barclay center. I think he did almost nine thousand so begins to adam but i mean maybe as manju enjoy a little bit right. Maybe they should take a couple of five before they try to entertain that seems like the aren't. They already got his cap anyway waist. You might as well tuneup shopping up and get better but we'll break down. Talk about it and give you the details what he said good morning good morning going on hannity cool monday morning bed led earlier. We stood up late netflixing it up. Excuse okay well. <hes> you know i i ran across cross something. I wanted to get your thoughts on. It was called the wave. Have you seen that. I haven't seen the wave yet me neither but i seen like a <unk> thumbnail or something but i don't have hulu so i was hoping you could put guy who but <hes> yeah man obviously every every morning we scou- you know go out on a scavenger hunt for headlines and come back with the best for our listeners so you guys can have something on your commute to work or during your work hours jim hours whatever the case may be and with this weekend's action in the heavyweight division being action packed and for some time now co nakae being linked to wilder wilder being <hes> bring side broadcasting felt like this was a good topic and for currently a two-man bits and a coke sorta yeah i mean look and and i don't think that he's saying doing anything damaging anything that we didn't already believe after watching that fight because i'm a huge food adam fan and i wanted to knock out i wanted the knockout i thought he would perform better than travis kauffman and we went back and film study that fight and you know kaufman made us believe kaufman drop chris arreola in the first second round with a nice right hand on the inside not that i thought no way adam kolonaki cannot replicate his right hand when he throws or night fast forward finite it didn't it happened and he took more shots than i would like more shots than his trainer. Keith keith trimble would like <hes> kief says he wished he hadn't taken his many shots but saw some size that the thirty year old was thinking in the ring wing and showing more wrinkles than he had in previous flights when he walked through most of his opponents and i quote he can actually bucks. I know oh you probably don't think so because of the way he likes to fight he can bugs. He can throw his job. He can keep his distance. It's it was either for the eighth or ninth round. He came out jabbing hit him with a nice one one to hurt him. I sat there and looked at our outmanned. Dan danny milano and said seeing this is easy said trimble right so like he believes he can box but he believes he took too many shots in this fight and if you go to the managers quote which i opened up i just i just want to reiterate it. <hes> on this point. I want to go back to this because i want to repeat this for you. And just i want you to hear this <music>. Where will bump up on all right. I would think and i quote i would you think probably two more of these type of fights of these type of fights. Okay so obviously asli ariola was thirty eight years old who is leaning towards the retirement. You know that's that's what's being spoken of. When we talk of areola yeah he looked good but they're questioning izzy sticking around. Is he retiring. He said he's gotta talk talk to his family about retirement so again repeating keep commonly i think we probably i think i would think probably two more of these types of fights. Hopefully a little bit easier and i repeat hopefully a little bit easier. I may have to do a bit better matchmaking for him. I think he he been a little too hard awesome right there. I think the match making that he did over the weekend woods <hes> in pretty good i mean <hes> areola just came to fight man. We say determine a thirty eight year old man who wasn't ready to retire yet. Just random this somebody who didn't want to got a saturday night. I don't think the matchmaker it was bad at all to say the least i mean we got the most punches every tone everywhere belts plenty of of action in it and that's the issue right there that the trainer is having he's saying honestly and i quote honestly. It's cool that that you have a record for the most punches but in my opinion you don't mean to make all those punches said trimble. I would rather you make your punches. Inches count a little more instead of sitting there and going toe to toe slugging it out and he's right bro. This is the trainer he's right as adam fan. I did not wanna see him getting punched in the face that much. That's why i'm happy with sidestep and since we're we're talking matchmaking. I want travis kauffman for adam. Go travis kauffman route. You know keep that same body weight. Keep that same all action affair travis and adam will make let him get another brooklyn fight. Let them let them go from eight and nine thousand into now eleven thirteen thousand build them up listen. They said fights travis kauffman. I'll go to box wreck and then give you another another because you know i gotta go to my peoples in your we've talked bad. A common opponent with was a couple of years back. <hes> kaufman show a very very good against louise or teach so that's another coming opponent right there too so i mean i don't. I don't think trevor would be a bad abashed election but i'll tell you this. I hate to interrupt but it's been a brain convey what travis kauffman and he is absolutely especially. If you pack back to car right we'll get back to that because his second fight will be luis ortiz after a while the knocks him out so while the knock him out this year while the goes on to schedule his is february fight with tyson fury. If that's the route adam gets on that undercard wit lewis fucking ortiz why because because we're gonna build another deontay wilder or tyson fury opponent and he's on the undercard can luis ortiz all as back in after being knocked out to while louder twice or is it a young polish guy and it's a barometer if you're currently still matchmaking very well because now he's he's been knocked out twice now. He's forty one going on forty five now. Adam should be able to shine. Do you think <hes> <hes> after the water fight they will give tease interim fight just to get us back like maybe another haymond does not get into i ride. Jamal heroin went to shaikha coffin darius miller. Not everybody gets a sweet year but it seemed like ortiz hasn't got more chances than i he. Maybe has gotten chances but i i want to say this is a lot to do with deontay while as the people's champ he promised this dude shot the first time and the second time and that's wii happening. He keeps repeating that. I don't see this as anyone trying to. You know build luis ortiz up to be attraction. This is wild having in a soft spot for lewis situation in my opinion because you know once upon a time we'd like to this fight and i know that's not a word like the did but whatever you no and it's not there anymore. He's just right now like i would rather adam motherfucking luis ortiz fight for the for the right to fight the king not not this way. It just say it ain't right. Tom schwartz our getting fucking tyson. Fury pay days now. You've got older wyoming soda and wow. Ah you know like you go fight. I don't fucking know daniel wa psych now. We're going to talk about a little bit later today. Rather see the <hes> was duluth. I regret see him. Come mexicans like charles. Martin type in may be the winner of it faces a cord knock. I know charles marlon in kornak already filed by that might be a good fight. I thought it was a little bit better than <hes> than the areola vice so i think that if a <hes> at carnegie karnowski was the win against kaufman than you give them a try to stop more permanent world in in a perfect world adam can get it. Damn don't make sense because you're trying to build that them in brooklyn. I was gonna say this and just you know just for conversation. I guess we can slightly discuss it. I'm not really trying to debate because i already in my mind feel like it was a failure elliot of an option but david price right the reason i say prices because kief conley deals with obviously his other fighter daniel jacobs. He's got like richard kobe. He's got guys that he's able to put on different networks. He's already dealing with eddie hearn so can he somehow get this fight for adam but then i thought you know we need adam in new york so it's not ah david price now. If you want to grow his international exposure then maybe david price could be that option reprisal be sacrificial sacrificial lamb if he if you run out of course i mean dave balance a lot of rights though so i know dave elegant touch mission like that but i think the pace of atom kornacki yea <hes> the pressure of them will get today but price able a._b._c.'s able to learn their right hand me outta my have them <hes> some worry the first couple rounds but after that i feel like the pressure and just boxing ability of adam could be spelled guttural for for david price yell somehow thomas curb appeal you know it when you see it and with the home depot today's the day for doing boost just your curb appeal with the best brands at the best prices from new garage doors colorful flowers exterior lights to a new coat of paint inspiration to installation relation. You can do it or let the home depot do it for you. 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Luckily sent a deal or you can go to the potential where adamec was already selling out in his prime again. We're thinking easy fight so anybody ready you know turning their their eyebrow up or rolling their eyes we get it but if we're taking these quotes literal from his manager he wants better better matchmaking. He wants easier performances. You know these are the guys adamant. If if you can find dominic brazil i quote <hes> adam goes on to say maybe i'll get down to fifty five my trying to say he wants me around two forty five and two fifty five so that's what our aim for the next night came out in <hes> insert the idea that he looked a little bit fleshy <hes> in the live chat i did. I did <hes> say that. Some grad blamed it on wate- hello where drinking water is exactly what he said. <hes> let me see if i could find the close this and i quote. I feel good. I drink too much water because i had to take urine tests for this fight that suck said kornacki <hes> when asked how he fell other than some swollen on the left the a product of areolas right hand landing flush all night he looked like any other all right whatever so yeah so he just said that that <hes> you know he felt good but he drank drink too much water so i mean moving onto the other half of the of the title 'cause like if you do at a mic then kaufman or kaufmann then aerial <hes> luis ortiz <hes> i know copies a good opponent i i'd rather see christine christina christina but kristen i am. I think he didn't give stop calling diggers ram something like that so i think the hammer by hammerstein he doesn't the kaufman at least comes to fight. He's throwing punches. He's trying to get ready for a world title fight or trying to get ready for a club thing i no. I'm not gonna say he's a horrible opponent but he's not the elite elite. Elite hammer has been there would the elite in in in that gabi elite elite round so why not try to piggyback off. I'll i'll bet you know what i'm saying. I mean if the if the idea is to get an easy you don't really wanna have adam go in there with someone on that. He's got a chase and you know go twelve rounds but i hear you because at this level you. I don't think he could go back to ten. He might get dropping rankings right now. I don't know how that works. Now things <hes> i think it's tough team right. I don't know because this was a twelve around the and and they gave him a title like who knows he might be swerve into. I wanna talk about that. Come on bros. Obvious like he might be swerving w._b._z. Rankings and that's why he just got a interim belt in the i._b._f. Rankings he's ranked number four in the i._b._f. So you think about what will keep commonly rather do. He's ranked number five in the w._b._z. And at the top is the wilder the baddest man on the planet according to himself right then and then in the i._b._f. He's ranked number four adam governor but andy ruiz is there. I mean he feels more comfortable. They've already called each other out. When andy didn't have a fight they were supposed to be the <hes> the i think as opposed to like. I don't know if it was talked about heavily but i i know that was interest. Thanks for most is bro and if you're out you pay you pay while the good let him go do his thing. If lewis could get the win. Absolutely you look to do at a member because you gotta give me some time to shine. He just bought a mansion shot out the ruis he putting it out dead. I was thank you you'll give her. We's he's areola before. I pay how big joshua i you can look at areo kornacki then while for a for a read next year area just to give them their hometown like mexican big big fight <hes> kornacki to give. We're not gonna chance to to get a world title but also give a give andy another <hes> a nice little volunteer not an easy one but against a one. That's going to pay him some good money and then that's what you do you put me. That's the that's the big site of twenty twenty it. We haven't made yeah so we're not saying that. <hes> atom needs to fight better competition. We're going right on par with the quotes from his trainer and and he would wear your else anything wrong with with. I mean kaufman. Maybe a little bit book hammer. I i love coffee is right there. Yeah what everybody else says any like in the thirties. Let me see was kaufman that he's right there. We everybody else but he he he. He got stop by ortiz. Uh i just want a guy who was stopped by or two you don't send just a just trying to get the comparison and trying to get over amber because <hes> the way ortiz not worth fighting. The amer twenty five already believed up the way ortiz was fighting against hammer. It was like a lot of lows. It wasn't like a whole lot of action so maybe if a car is able to push the action and get on hammer add. Maybe he can get a hammer out of there. 'cause hammer was fighting the his bike bike. That five comfortable wasn't go here. They dropped him heavy bro. He dropped to seventy helper dropped. The seventy six bro samuel pitas is ahead of my fifty. One enjoyed the walk ahead of my fifty two. That's crazy. That's crazy i. I'll you know what that's if you could give out. <hes> adam give adam alexander dmitrenko andy reasons last victim. You know what i'm saying aw aw or joey if you wanna get rounds right he he probably will knock out the welco but even though the wealth is tied up right now with gosse of three yeah. He got the win and he was waiting for the reschedule. I'm pretty sure he's finding gase of still very form against <hes>. I think would be a bad opponent but you've got to be realistic in alabama site. What about our recycling use the same tyson fury. Excuse you know where we need a guy. We need a guy for his high and get tom schwartz. They just did a a lot of p._b._c. pro- <hes> excuse me e._s._p._n. Promotion on him. You know somebody's gotta remember him right and you. You're not looking for the toughest opponent. I i mean briefly what you're around and a half you. Don't you remember the buildup. They built defied up use the s._p._n. I mean these guys is were talking about this. I'm i'm glad i'm glad i said it don't brush with kinda corny the doll ring along with the afro apple thunder fucking ready to rumble but apollo creed sam i didn't i didn't like it man but i guess i wasn't the only one <hes> but yet mantonse words. I don't know how credible tall sports is coming upon theory but whether you really the opponent or was he motherfucking sacrificial lamb when i got a dead beat yeah but then we'll get to see where adam is. Can he do it in tours. He gonna go twelve hello. You don't know i think goes to with that guy at the level of guy that i thought he was and that's what his trainer and his manager need to assess. That's why they look for two more fights. That's why they want easy matches they need to see and how do you see these barometer fights that have common opponents in them. Tom swore <unk> right now. On how many did he drive interfered. Let me check for chat with forty eight before a site some around there. He was fifty something before the fury 'cause i can't even find this cat's bounce from fury to him. I i guess it will be the okay coming opponent but in day winning see much resistance to for us thank the tump sports is gonna be in there where where anybody on the level giving giving him around again. Is that what they want. Do they want rounds or you know. Did he say i need to better match making you know i mean i don't know. Would you like me. I mean i guess i mean but in my opinion matchmaking is a guy that they're gonna get around get knocked out all new orleans with every other. He gave him rounds. If they was looking for rounds they definitely you got him with areola. They went twelve matchmaking. I mean a lot of people still fifty seven in this guy even the i don't lose much when you lose to the top one two fighter world one slot so i i mean look. I don't have a problem with making that. They did this past weekend nathan gorman. I mean nobody knows them though so it's not using using him in the u._k. How is that. I mean in in in the u._s. How's that gonna work. That's not even big name for big name for adamant. He's a prospect who was glad to repeal too so he's not gonna be looking in fighting out of course not not giving anytime so branko dave without getting into ads. We'll never been audis tickets in <hes> barclay the senate barclays center. Can you bring my hunter s. tighter though was the natural polish rivalry like brown know who to be like like mexico puerto rico is boxing rivalry like who beefs with with the polish anybody they go against whatever is ranked in terms of <hes> poland oh he's number one eight more nation winning and the polish jews of the art the spilka dan so it's really not that many if if those are the top three can use through egypt that way your yard like the mouth so he can't you again. There was emory's vodka in there. They're who's this guy's sergei real. You go get brad brad howard or somebody they use easily. He's he's polish weird polish and they use them in new york and it still i hold oh black versus white pick-up though two eight loss to do it over a polar. You're the polish do well damn use him then. He just beat them. Meaning got a picture on biometric any undefeated fucking weird fido rely on they pay cow is colder sub ship right it was it was weird by four but easels bradley manning got a picture on bochum. We need to get him when he ranked number forty forty four in the world this perfect right here all our polish fan brooklyn i mean is he alive though actually nobody seeing him but you got the amber alert osce milk cartons with his face ambler december alertus notice it and people yeah. Let's go out to the callers man. I want to thank. Everybody tuned in this morning morning. <hes> you know the number to call in one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one presser. I don't think the match working matchmaking was as bad as conly <hes> alluded to. I think that you had a game fighter comes there who wanted the victory adam due to get the win. I mean so. I was going at you like you're. What what's your to fight plans awhile but i mean it. Don't really matter aw i i i think i think the theory is going to happen but it's no no no. No i mean for adam to fight. Plant manager wants to fight before four while doing twenty twenty barclay center that he feels let me read that quote. He feels like they'll sell that shit out. There won't be a seat left and a house. He says <music> to exit out of change after the vicodin academic put on hair goes and i call a fight with deontay wilder in this building. I don't think they'd be one seat. That wasn't so so so i would say in the next year he'll be fighting. Deontay wilder four title to fight christina me kristen the hammer or ortiz. I'm like i like to fight right there though the mileage teeth are you still want from me so minds a still kaufman ortiz these we'll just have to get a victory before he fires adam again that that'd be curb appeal. You know it when you see c._e._o. 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These calls are brought to you by el camino electrical services experts and electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation visit us at el camino electrical services dot dot com going out to boomerang. Go straight to the point that those addicted deficit deficit coming out me now you tell him that. I thought i just went to sleep. My basseterre went off i am. I'm a little confused of. He said he looking careful to warn easy fights. He trying to go to fury route yeah. I don't know oh man. I just think he was adam to give more explosive not council. If that's the case then i guess i'd asking for preparing for a fight with wider. Maybe maybe urano something. I don't know what he is it. It just don't make sense to me everybody. Everybody wants to easy fight except wow. They think that's make them ready for him. No you know what i was thinking yesterday your like now what what are we almost a year removed you know from from from all the slander and propaganda i mean i literally deleted like seven or eight wilder joshua eddie hearn audio clips you know fifty million you know oh you can negotiate on youtube channel channel all those clips i deleted it and make space and hit me like but people used to say this dude's a bum awesome and look like adam is offering adam is up and coming heavyweight broke up and coming young guy was like twenty eight and he could not knock out areola. He was in a fight ariola a me. He may be heard once or once on agassi with just. I don't think i'm addict for us. I think are not ever going to be ready. Water bruce a <hes> put in perspective too. It's been what a year two years and daily away still hanging off. The ropes like close goes out to dry and a some day still looking exhausted and the championship rounds and still getting dropped in a championship rounds but wow the bump against it. That's what they wanna. Say man like we said before. We just let them talk. 'cause that's all good. I talk doc cream. Cream is causing that at this very moment. The cream is rising because we keep seeing eddie eddie's making it obvious he don't want putting these fights vice out there for us to see so many heavyweights week after week. We got the way in his life. Damjanovic a woman's yet about the ones like i like the way devante fight because because he getting rid of the dude i never heard of like yeah going life endeavour dudes. I never heard of alma god that we're gonna be talking about another heavyweight yolk lease. Make sure you push the thumbs up. It should every episode of the boxing voice podcast. Is this t- busy for life as always say if you don't pay draft <unk> base here man with these these networks in these deals new platform we have been able able to see a lot of these heavyweights and some of them just ain't just saying looking up to partner on samba. Maybe just could be nervousness. Maybe be can be matchmaking but most are respecting wilder and his victory more stuff even if i show me that's probably even f._a. Like people was already speed in him up like yo your watch while the duck f._a. My man went ten already with semi you know said was f- bram type. Come on man. I'm not saying the people say you know. I know exactly what you're saying. I know exactly what you're saying. You know i even deleted that your world bros. Broom yeah and it was so many sound buys where he's mocking wild and is like look you still wiping off your face chan chan to grope nope. You're fine man to dig on fighting man. Hey man you gotta get to ruis. Ruiz just just bought a mansion the size a mother fucking local park okay. I don't think he'd ready to lose. Maybe going youtube just drop. I don't think anybody lose you ain't spending that type of money to lose and he ain't make a lot. I mean it wasn't the see that's how we know right then and then let me tell ya again used the sound bite right here as reference. This is how we know that that check nevada reporting is bullshit how to fuck you by phantom how you look if earl earl chain costs four forty were we came in at least two hundred twenty because there's a little thin hang on front. Euro should talk you know irwin. They both custom but earls as you know. His man down is big. I didn't even click on it because you know that ain't my thing and i told you they all look the same with everybody. Even paul haney got one on other days. Damn everybody might we cubans. We had to get one mike fucking. We've got to be the first podcast host with dumb ass change cuban leader in there and right. Now you know 'cause damn brab wa yeah. I'm still embroiled from the u._k. That's how i'm doing. Let me go out to some more boomerangs. Rags man is keeping more than good morning. All moaning box dot com dumb to fuck with the thirteen william base going no official boy h. money. Mr does oh the box invoice two thousand nineteen rookie year in this. Can you hear me good. I'm good yes. Sir are a mess lowest my birthday today. A man aged money. You know what's up drunk. I had a great life. You know what i'm saying me being star. You know what i'm saying me. Fucking would-be outside router come straight from south central l._a. To sell myth is i saw gain. You wanna say e._m._t. Emotion the best fighter in nestor gives i got anthony hours undefeated the city. Jimmy undefeated mexican station. You know say shut the debbie hi ni nice. I've just got to say thank you for the opportunity. You feel you know i'm the best in the world. The best rattler on the brass boys stylist had a lot to say yesterday stainless. You'll fucking intro garbage. It's not what i'm saying. Come with a new intro you you say you nashville memphis and iheart safari be the fun is my birthday. I want to say yes. Yes why or resolve conversation. Where's this h money ness. You won't are- let me tell you to the next level. I'm a knock him. He's a pitch clock. Fish cut yeah. I wonder if he's going to live up to this right now. They have rap battle now. Now we miss mario now that all we need for new the state of car back. Stay out april. Listen out though it's hard to control these young on guys may can't control them. You know well these young guys they own mr a the baby st l. is good stick box. Talk man guys talking about these jason right bottles. I didn't hear that one thing about boxing so i think adam that will knock you since he's it couldn't go areola and he had a beautiful slow. I think he should go again. You call them out. Would you now now inaki a- decide you. Did it says aura or <hes> bucking epa bucket. Why why are you trying to build them in new york because the next fight is we wild in new york. No no no fuck that national to saw oh. I know he's p._v._c. and i represent p._b._c. I wanna see another slugfest. Fucking producing slugfest nigga i mean yo- ceram iran is a is a dangerous fights are still got knocked out. Power may still be i would that began his right hand for real and adam got caught with a few oh man but i mean he should be able to out work to in my opinion. Let me go out to t- plums on skype talk to me going out to baltimore troy talk to me troy troy going once truly trap mortuary <hes> he gone oh he must be immutable stainless on boomerang tall to me. That's that's what we're doing. Now only note the side of that yard though may. I think mr p._b._c. had it right. It's distinct sticked boxing <unk>. You i am in nashville and i should only at three hour drive from you breath so you should call them down 'cause i. They really were-they <unk>. Let's stick with this. You know what i'm saying even in bars on my kill uber i mean i'm older here on my ulji. You know what i'm saying you trying to get the ma status. You know what i'm saying in a radio talking in the way you going. You ain't don't make breath so stop that you know what i'm saying man up a little bit. You know what i'm saying well at least try to act like one because as i was was addressing yesterday for me today the first day of school. I'm just fortunate that i got my kids out the car tim minutes before that nigga got off. You know what i'm saying so and it's it's other people that's driving. A key is with. No you know what i'm saying is families out there in in a way he key going at people who is real disrespectful his unnecessary notes of boxing podcasts. You know what i'm saying. The platform is for us to discuss in debate. Bait <hes> topics of current news in boxing law saying if you don't have the wits about you to do that then just stop. You know what i'm saying. Stick nick to being. You know what i'm saying attach role. You know what i'm saying. 'cause i can read your stuff in it in a chat on date redwood. We ain't got time listening and as always say. Please make show you push. The thumbs up is i'm gonna do when i get off the phone and share this in every episode. Boxing voice podcast is t. b. v. for life interview interview. Anal patriarch is 'cause you stoop these man. <hes> let's go to step. They might lose. I wanted to be cutting h. money or when he go off topic man. I'm gonna have to regulate that again. You know i used to tell people to stick to the topic and then it just became <hes> the normal but it looks like we don't have to consistently remind <hes> because it's true man <hes> i have plenty of people the hit me up saying you know they listen to the show with the kids to try and tone the curses down that is something that is difficult to do but i keep guys in mind all the time. We got good morning. Supercharge from igloo would up t._v. Zone doctor over there man living life in miami man shit the the miami at the <hes> assets. Should i anyway <hes> t- plums ready. He might not be ready. I'm ready already. I'm ready. I'm ready to take good morning and is it. Is it fair to question adam's on knock out power pass like the first half of the fight now 'cause <hes>. He slowed now like he. He he really did look like he was moving. In slow motion and then there was plus i mean they hurt each other a couple of times but they threw way too many places to not not somebody up and i think that's why wadi broker heavyweight record because everybody's think don't throw that most places especially not do nothing with it. <hes> before that fight i was like you you know adam. I mean i don't i don't i don't discredit him at all. <hes> i don't know if he just not looking up to what i thought he was going to be just a sort of light a good booed butterbean type of deal like dude relentless and he going to get you but <hes> i mean it's chris chris areola visit so i mean ain't nothing to really be assigned about it not like that but <hes> quick stop if y'all do setup on as money frit i'll put one hundred free just just for the record just if y'all do set it up and anybody want to bet on the boxes show so i'm gonna keep it boxing. Say this age money at at this point can't be trusted when it comes to setting up a fight because age money didn't sign up you know he called out a lot of people and a lot of people signed up to fight him and he chose to promote this time so i can't believe that he's gonna fight fred unto there's a signed contract. You know other than that. He just talking like most dudes do that. Don't fight okay but <hes> what what is your opinion all like adams power. I mean you know i want him to get the knockout br. I really thought thirty eight years old you know thinking retirement in his head. Adam would have been able to get the knockout and he went to the body. There's nothing i can say like. I can't blame it on you know him not going to the only thing. Is you know oh. He slowed down in the later half but i mean all signs point to. Maybe the pie. Wayne did mike new from the door. He wasn't gonna stop it and now i'm the one question i thought he could good because i seen kaufman. Put down every ola areolas been down eric molina her ariola first round before we put them out. I thought kornacki could do. I am you know now you gotta question the way or the power or the weight you know was it the way or is it that he doesn't have that that power power but let me go out to jay. We'll talk to me. It was going on yoga monitor everybody at the t._v. Land now keep it quick man. I seem to fight and even though i'm a fan end of adam <hes> the fact is chris always comes to fight so you know his history kind of speaks for itself but like i said if he can't put down this old old guy who's already has one foot out the door then how you going to be ready for the chance so i think maybe he should get a fight with the fifty-two fight option to fight tale. I think he should fight a common opponent not ortiz but maybe somebody like brazil because it should be six months to six months to nine minutes. After three months. After knock was brazilian even like we don't even know like honestly we don't know nothing he shutdown social media and why are we giving them big fights. Imagine imagine brazil comes back. Let's just hypothetically yeah. He earned because either one beat adam. Put like yo offer knockout. You come right back like i mean i. I don't know man. I mean i mean he was flattened. You know he needs something a little less aggressive than adam. He needs like eric malino a rematch or some shit okay so h money on the boomerang rank h keeping box for so you know listen you know i'm just bringing energy like i always do and you know it's my birthday nisa. I'm just saying i just put this out there. You know what i mean and if he decides to sign up if he if he's not ducking me oh you know what i mean signed. Me is all be easy word. He's admitted his oldest came up. You know what i mean. This is h i'm barbara south conversations on the knock your fucking period you cases in the circuit ring or in boston because you're a liar lionel ayar to get ahead come on which on like have a good show here. We go out to troy in baltimore. Talk to me troy you there going once to weiss troy definitely having issues news with the <hes> connection so on that note my final thoughts i don't i'm not mad added a hammer or to use the next to fight for a carton adding <hes> we there are some questions that need to be answered about him him in his power but maybe it was just a a a a night that we had a game opponent that he couldn't get about it as though <hes> excited to see where he goes from here but i agree what is manager two more fights before while fight should do them some good yeah and i i can't complain with two fights and you know ideally kaufman ortiz ortiz. You know maybe even wilder sidestep board sees adam and ortiz bang it out for the right to fight home <hes> to to to make it better and more palatable for a guy like mike you know who doesn't want ortiz the becoming off of a loss when getting a shot at adam <hes> that being said i'm your host. Mr gibbs instagram would add as g._t._o. We'll be right back in seven minutes to do another show on daniel dubois big announcement from today. He has a fighter. He'll be fighting for another belt. They're calling this one hashtag ever rebel l. <hes> because he's coming every bell daniel dubai the young up and coming heavyweight making noise in the u._k. So so join us for that one in a couple of minutes bass froze like you do it right find the best deals on what you need to update or maintain your properties lows this year to help with everyday savings and more more throughout the store stop in today get project source blinds and shades starting at just five twenty find the right sizes and styles and in the quantities unique plus save up to forty percents off select kitchen and bath fixtures including starting at just one hundred twenty nine dollars whatever you need for this job and everyone after do it right for less start with lowe's offer valid from eleven u._s. only.

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