Rock Candy Ep. 117: Lemmy Kilmister - A Weird Game of Duck, Duck, Goose


Answering who would win in a wrestling. Match Lemme your God trick question. LemMe is you. You never sire heads did you. You know I've never seen air. We need to fix wait a minute. Wait a minute new. Never seen those air have such a classic movie. That's Brendan Fraser Right. It is and boy. Did he look good in that movie? You know what I'm not GONNA lie. Brennan Frazier Wake undercover. Fuck fucking Heidi of the nineties. I would say Brennan Frazier still could get it. Because I think he's a really fun guy and I think you'd have a good time with him in bed. He's a real mushroom lake. What he's a fun guy. I hate you got this pond pistols. That came out. I saw him Yeah no he's a real he's cool. Dude Yeah I feel like you could have a good time with him in bed. Yeah he was cute east. I his real dad but like that's not bad. It's not bad being a dad ain't bad and hit my God yet. Like in a real world sense totally fine nice looking middle aged man right like Ken. Ken Fuck Him what fuck him sure. Yeah also lake when he was in that Tarzan movie. Wow Baber Ham Lincoln. I mean I would go for airheads. Brendan Fraser Commandments. To me muscles but also like I don't know his face he was he was really cute. No even in the mummy he was really you. Freddie Frazier can get it can get it yeah also. He doesn't live far from us so we could go get it. I don't know that works. Yeah Can Rock Candy. We're we gushed about Brennan Freezer. And we're also your weekly podcast. Fill the sweet treats from the world's music and this week we got a super sweet tree. Yeah we're talking like a very like cigarette in Whiskey Phil Tree. Oh yes okay. Just walk in a cigarette. Ashes and Jack Daniels okay. Yeah that's mostly what it is. Yeah we're talking about we're talking about Lemme of motor head. Yes just in case. You didn't know who love me was some no. I guess not. There's people out there who need to be educated. You really to. If if you're not into Lemme ask you get with the lambs guys. The well with the Lens looking through those limbs looking. LemMe is like it. We're hosts Maggie. I'm Ashley Choking down a Gulf of beer something that as highway your host. I'm GONNA fuck over. Got Her got are also thought. We should tell you who we are. Yes so we're your hosts we're going to bring you stories about Lemme God. There's so many fucking stories. Guys my notes ashes been on a journey with notes. So we're kind of jumping right into it 'cause so my there's a lot to get into and I left so much out. We'll say upfront. We know we left some things out so much but I could not physically put everything into one episode. Couldn't do it but at the same time. If I put everything in it would literally be just repetitive. Like this happened again today and Antica. Yeah they recorded. They went on tour. He fucked a lot of women. He drank a Lotta Whiskey. He recorded he toured. He fucked women Golota whiskey. It's a very repetitive thing. It's so weird. Game of Duck Goose Duck Duck. Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Goose Fuck. Fuck boobs. Fuck Fuck Booze. I we did it. You guys went on the journey with us. Hope you enjoyed it all right. We'll see you guys next time. That was LEMme. LemMe so you need to know fucking boo boos in booth yes there. That's pretty much all you need to know. There's a whole lot fucking more to the story. There is a whole fucking more. Yeah and I will forwardly admit that I don't know a ton about LEMme. Yeah I do like motorhead that I know you know a bunch of motorhead. 'cause I don't yeah but you should because all of it is pretty fucking great. It really is yeah. I mean I did some listening throughout the weekend today. This is I mean Gresley. Apps motorhead definitely had formula to music but at the same time it worked nearly every single time and they are such a blueprint for every after literally everything I mean. I'm going to get into that but seriously I can really tell where METALLICA got thrash. Thrash metal was hundred. One hundred percent was like Oh motorists doing gonNA take that. Yeah Yeah you know we. We listened to deep purple and Venom and stuff and that was cool. But it was fucking motor head that gave thrash. It's sound absolutely. Yeah like if you listen to motorhead you will feel it in your bones and highs will kick you in the Dick if you try to argue otherwise even if you don't have a Dick we're gonNA put one weekend. It's going to happen. We're going to order one for Madam and Eve we will and we'll put it on you and then we'll kick it can happen by the biggest thing I just remember about. LemMe was that. He died two days before Bowie. One day before Bowie When did Bowie die? January sixth so sixteen. He died about a week before. How is it a week? Yeah Damn I actually have a picture of some graffiti that found in Bushwick when I lived in Brooklyn and it was riff. LemMe and David. And it was a very crudely. LemMe like impo is like lightning is. That's adorable. It was very adorable and very crudely drawn like the cutest little middle schooler but probably forty year old coolest middle schooler forty year old man that ever existed right. Oh my God. I love that when I saw it on my comment. Somebody's having a really fucking tough week. Yeah well let's talk about. The beer. Wants to hear about beer. Get into that so to accompany us on this episode journey. We're drinking arrogant Pash. A Oh he said that. Very Lemme lake good. Oh I'm already kind of drunk 'cause man because we drink this in our during another beer and I'm gonNA drink another beer. I'M GOING TO BE. LemMe Drunk by the end of this. Let me like got drunk. That's the greasy. And then I'm not going to get. LemMe Turn GonNa get drunk like I drank like me but dare you got heating get drunk. Yeah I also for some reason as I'm getting older having less of you know a shit. No I just can't tolerate my booze anymore online. I thought you just you gave it be. That can be both I who puts out arrogant bastard stone brewery. Oh does not say I'm sorry is that rate. I don't know it doesn't say I'm looking at the can not seen it. I mean I feel like though. I think it's stone when you go to the beer store and you walk down the aisles. There's like an entire stack of arrogant bastard. Yeah every time so I'm pretty sure stone. Very don't quote me on that but yeah I'm pretty sure. But at this point that brewery has become so synonymous with arrogant bastard that everyone should have a Erica methods. Brute can buy arrogant. Consortia is that he said yes. Yeah you right yeah. So that's what's US anyway there. It's great it's good. It's you know I feel as Farah. LemMe Brownell Oh really. Yeah because it is seven point. Two Percent Yeah. It feels like a stout it does create but yeah. I figured arrogant bastard is very lemme. Also they have a alcohol bastard so yeah no. It's perfect. It's actually really good. Beer pro tip. Make sure it's really cold. Yeah we drink it warm and it wasn't it wasn't bad it just wasn't the best that it could be second pro tip put fresh raspberries in it. Yeah and Actually Yeah. It has a very fresh taste to it or give it that for sure. Yeah I think it was very cold I would have liked it a lot. More women way better. Yeah it's definitely a beer that needs to be cold and honestly those those raspberries helped but like I failed and I went to the beer before I came here. I want to say the beer store should have had more beers. They should've 'cause they were out of just about everything and whatever guys quarantines getting scary corn tears. Oh God that's sad. The beer store right. Well let's get into it talk about me on that sad. No more no more tears until the end. Hold your tears kids okay? Well let's get into the story of Lemme Charlene Metal Punk or old school rock and roll. You probably have motor head on your list of influences. That was a great thing about the ban. They defied all conventions with music. That is all genres at once. Get his genre all its own a fuck you attitude of punk the Galvanizing Guitar riffs of Thrash Metal. LemMe Kill Mr Helm the motor head jogger not for forty years only stopped because of his death in two thousand fifteen lemme was more infamous than famous rumors. Abounded about his truly astonishing drug and alcohol intake that would have killed a mere mortal decades ago. He was well known for his bedding as many women as he could get his hands on and he could get his hands on a lot of them. It was rumored that he slept with over. Twelve thousand women however even. LemMe himself downplayed the number saying it was more like a thousand still pretty good. It's a lot of women. Still a Lotta clap. Yeah but before route you know. He got it at least fifty times at least. Avoid the clap guys listen to Jimmy Dugan but before Lemme was lemme. He was Ian Fraser. Kill Mr. he was a cookie. Monster's last that such a such a interesting and apropos. Last name I. It sounds made up it does. Yeah Yeah. He was a Christmas Eve. Baby Born on December twenty four th nineteen forty five a day after my birthday. We Kappa Corns. Do you cap or call cut. See People Capricorn. Ones now work. We're costs if it is not so Kev colonel. There are different okay. Never mind. They're different MAG- different and he grew up in the burst. Limb neighborhood of stoke-on-trent in Staffordshire England host chiding. Ooh I don't think it was that fancy probably let me. Father was an air force chaplain and left when he was only a few months old. He didn't see his dad again until he was six. But even at that young age he was so unimpressed with his father that he really wanted nothing to do with him. That's the fucking best thing I've ever heard. He called him a miserable little. Dick heading glasses like just imagine six-year-old? LemMe Looking at his dad like miserable. Little decay glosses. I just picture he already. Has that mustache at six years old. Yes and long hair. He already in the hat he already. Has those aviators miserable little take classes? Yes you that is exactly what six-year-old. LemMe is house but but so foot son. Father Mel told me to fuck off I should. I am fucking off now. I suppose I'll fuck off now. I am a little tick heading in this day. Rally and I don't think you fall. We'll be back anytime soon. You called him a little Dick heading glasses. I WANNA kick them in the Dick State around. Had He addict me to kick off right toward candidates? Little Little Lemme here for it. Now I want your little Lemme. It's just cheesy. LemMe didn't is growing up without a father. Didn't bother Lemme too much. He was instead raised by his mother. Jessie Milta- and grandmother too strong and intelligent and kind women that let me truly admired. They shape Lenny's view of the world and because of their influence he gained a very specific view of women. And Feminism which is basically women are amazing. Men are pretty much scum. That's awesome. Sometimes he didn't express it so well 'cause he was often later outspoken against like the radical feminists which I get it like they can be much like pita people's they can be way zealous and right one way want equality quote unquote point. That was just completely ridiculous. Unfeasible yeah I mean not even ridiculous unfeasible. But it's just they basically wanted to take men with. Yeah which really. Feminism is just like Yo les saw just were on the same page here yeah and whereas we understand that people like that are pretty few and far between. It's just that they're making the most noise so then so they're the ones that are heard the most I think. LemMe thought that they were more. There were far more of them than there. Actually were. I think there might have been like present. Seventy S. I think there was more to yeah radical feminists now we have more politically correct feminists. And that's the part that he didn't really like. Yeah so I get it I don't think he expressed it very well. Just because before. The in the few years before he died he was. He was a child of the forties. He was a world war two baby lake. Yeah while he was just that's how he expressed his disdain for that kind of person. He's at person. You just sit down with me okay. I get what you're saying but you can't say like that he'd be like I will walk. Then I'm sorry and then he'll turn around and be like Nah fuck these Feminazi but these fucking I right. Exactly exactly like Oh. Here's another whiskey. Yeah each ten was a turning point for not just. LemMe but let me teeth as well. He had nearly all his teeth ripped out that year. It made him so afraid of dentists that he didn't go back to one for forty years. Why because traumatize? Why did they ripple out? Because they were fucking horrible because he didn't have any money so just hadn't worked out in Replaced I got to sing. Don't like this story. Oh on top of that. Lemieux's mom remarried to a rugby. Player named George Willis who already had two children from a previous marriage. Two Kids Patricia. And Tony were not lenny's favourite people and frankly neither was his Stepdad O. The family moved to Belichick which is on. That's not how you say it's Welsh. It is how you say. Oh never mind. That is how you say which is on the island of Anglesey in Wales. This is pretty deep Welsh country so it was a bit difficult for. LemMe to adjust. He attended sir. Thomas Jones School in nearby on Luke which that word it's the old a. m. l. w. c. h. What I'm look. I'm just impressed because you're a lot better than I am about researching how to say things. I'm just like how to say sorry. I even wrote the phonetic pronunciation. Yeah being the only English kid in a group of hundreds you stick out pretty good. Oh yeah he wasn't the happiest of kids but for the most part. LemMe enjoyed his time living in Anglesey. He liked being close to the ocean. He liked beautiful scenery and he really liked horses and there were plenty of them in. Say That's see really liked towards the way guys now. I just want Chiba. Let Me Riding Howard. I said in kick in his dad and the now that's all I really want is a fanar of Lemme but can the Horse be kicking his dad in the nats. Yeah Yeah Yeah for most of his life. LemMe was known as Lemme but there are many tales about how he got his nickname. Okay the most believed one was that he got it while he was in grade school. He was a lifelong gambler. And was he. Fucking love to gamble. He was old man that he was literally the old man at the end of the bar playing the lake video game. Oh my God. He's playing quick draw every night. Yes only got a picture. Him like aren't made a made up this game. It's called quick draw. What kind of old. Play it at the table during lunch today. I don't know what accent that is all of them and I'm kind of sorry it's fine. I'm also kind of drunk but anyway yeah. He was a lifelong gambler constantly. Borrowing money from other students for his gambling problem propositioning them with let me borrow a fiver or Lemme acquit till Friday. Eventually that I would let me turn into his nickname stop and later in his life. Let me deny this whole story so who really knows where it came from one hundred percent want to believe this story. Because it's fucking hilarious. Let me quit till Friday. I may quit Broadway like you have to stay at the way that he talks which is so hard to not talk the way. Let me tell Ozzy Osbourne with a pseudo Welsh accent. It doesn't say of course. Now it all makes sense why. His accent was so interesting because as British but he also spent so much time in Wales so his accident is when he was a young age. When you up until he was ten when they moved to Wales he grew up in an area close to Liverpool. Oh moved to whale. Yeah so the totally make sense. Why you can't fucking understand a word. He saying yes even worse Than Ozzy. Osborne who also grew up in the same area for that Wales Right. No not in Wales. But he was in Birmingham Birmingham which was basically on the border of wells. Burning man burning. Man You went to burning man. He is the wicker man. I could see that either way. Let me discovered rock and roll early and fell in love with it. It was little Richard Song. Good Golly Miss Molly that introduced him to the Specic delay of rock and roll love little Richard and he Dave Grohl really bonded over their love of little rich or I can one hundred percents of that but it was difficult finding records where he lived. There wasn't even a record store in the area I instead he would go to the electrical repair shop and have the owner or records for him and three weeks later he go back and scoop them up. I didn't even know that was the thing that someone could do. I guess I I guess it would make sense because if the electrical repair shop is repairing record players and gramophones or whatever. I don't even think they probably definitely had grandma probably board. Is this like the fifties in Airland yet. They still have gramophones so they were the ones that were repairing those so of course they had catalogs that. Had you know new records yeah price you can test shit out right. Wow that's crazy. It was a Beatles show in Liverpool that showed him just what he could get out of being a musician which checks. Yeah A lot. This was pre beatle mania but there were still lots of screaming. Girls all over them in clamoring for their attention. Here's the thing with the Beatles. Even when they were just coming up they were super popular anywhere they would perform people fucking loved that and then he noticed all the girls at school funding over another suit with Char so he started teaching himself how to play. It's like a won't get laid. Exactly you're gonNA lend some tall. Yeah exactly school. Wasn't me strong sue? And eventually he was expelled for cutting class. Too much checks. I mean Tam. I'm going my school. Didn't expel cutting too much. 'cause he didn't bother trying to go back instead. He took odd jobs working at summer. Fairs a Horse Riding School and a washing machine factory. A Horse Riding School Horse Riding schools. He loved he versus love horses. Yes I love it. Those days he only had one thing on his mind fucking today. And that's taking care of the horses and walking and I ain't got no horses so I guess I'm GonNa be fucking fucking. But as LEMme himself said only takes up half an hour a day so you better find something else to fill your time. You know what though he was humble in self deprecating? And that's why I love him. Oh I was GonNa say you know I know that missy Elliott saying I wanNA minute man and like you kind of just one like a good twenty minute session and you'll see. I'm good like I just got to do. Good with a half an hour man. That's fine I am. You know what and you know. I don't need an all nighter. Drank a minute man. Half hour man is perfect. I'm I'm impressed. You less our. Yeah no half an hour perfect still leaves me some time to sleep right like and Mike. Okay cool so like this isn't like just like two seconds of like and then you get off and you're not to pump chump right but this is like just the perfect amount of time for me to be okay for me to feel satisfied and still get a good night's sleep. Yeah thanks for looking out for me. Yeah right like this is like we've both meeting the middle here. Yeah I like it. So yeah he had to find something to fill his time with and his time. Waster music. Nice it's basically killing two birds with one stone. You WASTE THE TIME. And you get all the checks. Yeah and one. He landed was a woman named Cathy that he met while she was vacationing with her family. Oh he was only seventeen and she was fifteen at the time and nine months later the two found themselves new parents to a baby. Boy NAMED SEAN. Fifteen is too young. Who fucking Hernan ads? All the starch marks to have for the rest of your life. She fifteen she ain't GonNa have the storch masks. She's lucky right. I mean she's young. She'll bounce back from that. Her skin is still elastic so but they knew they were too young. And they put Sean up for adoption right after he was born. And Lemme never had contact with him again. Oh so we do. We still not know who like baby. LemMe the first is So Tracy ended up contacting him when he was an adult. Like not all that Kathy. I'm sorry I was like who's Tracy I'm sorry. Kathy and Kathy ended up contacting him when he was an adult and she was like. Hey I'm your mom I just WanNa meet you. So they met and then she later told. LemMe about the meeting. And she like she said something like he. She described him and he did it. Sound very physically. Like like Lemme at all. Oh and was kind of like Short Nerdy. And whatever and she was like. I didn't have the heart to tell him who is follower one so the guy never knew that. LemMe was his dad. Oh God he must now he must know. That kind sucks so yeah like no we want to meet your dad. Now he's dead. I don't think Lemme would be very. He would not have wanted to meet him to begin with because Lemme was not a parental kind of guy. I guess you're right but also you're right okay. He didn't have the fatherly bone in his body. He did not want to be a father dad. A dickhead yeah man and he was like I grew up without a dad. I never felt I needed. Adad so I don't need to be a dad either. He Ain't wrong. Yes in nineteen sixty five. When let me was twenty years old? He joined the Rock and Vickers. Okay they look like a pretty typical sixties English rock group with ridiculous matching outfits and page boy haircuts but they had a bit of to them. Oh you say they rocked out a bit. With Lemme pushing the limitations of their music on their live shows he get a little greedy onstage purposely feeding his guitar to the amplifier to get feedback and drive the audience balloonists. Oh good nuts are bad nuts. Good nuts oh okay good nuts. You got like the cashier crunch nuts. Man Some doritos crime. All right that's the kind of nuts. He was driving them the cool ranch kind not little rant much cheese. His pension for women was just beginning in the rock in vickers and despite their holy name. Lenny's behavior was less than saintly After a show in Manchester he slept with a woman named Tracy in your or Patricia. I'm not entirely sure be Tracy Patrice is funny. Because when I was writing this I was like Patrice easy. Same Person Is Patrice Tracy. But I'm wondering if her name was actually Patricia and everybody just called her tracy. Oh maybe I'm not entirely sure. Or maybe her name was they called her tricia. And Lemme have strong. It was like It's trice satiety. Trish Tracy whenever I can focus name get over instant what Dick I know. I have a feeling they're the same person because in the documentary and Lemme He and his son his other son were talking about her and he called her tracy but when I googled her everything that came up said Patricia. And in the documentary they were talking about how she lost her virginity to. John Lennon would then when I googled it everything that whole story reference. Somebody named Patricia Inder. So I'm assuming they're the same person. Yeah and he just thinks her name's Tracy or maybe let me just gets the call or trays. Maybe maybe maybe I think one. His son doesn't have the heart to say anything but anyway trae portray portrayed see became pregnant and she said she became preg- earn aunts and she gave birth to her son. Paul Inder on May Twelfth Nineteen Sixty seven. I mean I get A. It's the sixties right. But Lemme wrap it up. Wrap it up serious like this. Is your second time doing this? Yeah have you have. You not learned. I'd hope earned after this one but I have an feeling he didn't. I don't know of any other children from him. Besides the first Sean and Paul Okay talks to Paul. Yes he still he has the. Let me fucking get all right kinda bothers again. LemMe really didn't want children but Tracy had to keep her baby of course so. She raised Paul by herself with. LemMe reconnecting with his son. When he was six years old he was in Paul's life much but Paul never held that against him interesting. He he would pop in here. And there and Paul knew that. LemMe was his dad and Lemme when he would see his son would be a father to him. Yeah but Paul just always had this. This idea like I know who my father is. He's a big musician. He's not really in my life. That's totally fine. When he does come around I think he's really fucking cool and he's teaching me how to play guitar so see. That's why it's like a kind of his mouth that Sean never knew who is. Dad was but lemme was seventeen and Cathy was fifteen. Nobody like later on in life. He could found out who his dad was. LemMe would've at least been nice enough but it also depends on the terms of the adoption. Because Paul wasn't an adopted he was raised by his actual mother. But Sean was adopted. The terms could've especially if they went through a religious Or Finnish organization to adopt shown. Al There could have been very strict rules that after or up into a certain age they were not allowed right to contact him right but I just feel like if the mom reached out she should have said something. I'm of putting it on. Who was the first girl Callie? Kinda put on Kathy. I Thomas Abbas the chance to like just say something to his dad but also if they met up he could have been like. Who's my dad? And she could've told him I mean like we. We don't know what happens if he didn't ask and she didn't have to tell him that's true. I don't know why I'm really fixated on this but I am oddly enough. I mean maybe he didn't really even even reach out right to either one of them. She reached out to him and he was just like a okay. This is the Weird Hill from into diet also could have grown up not even knowing he was adopted. Oh that's true. There's a whole lot of we don't know who's in this situation again. Don't know why I'm so caught up on this so you know what we do know. What do we know? 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Wow they had a consistent cycle of gigs around the north of England and had a decent following. But that's exactly what let me didn't like about the band. They didn't have much ambition to move beyond north England whereas. LemMe wanted to go to London. And make a big yeah. That's pretty much if you're a U K band and the sixty seventy Linden London London. Not North England. Lend lend London. We're going down like Oh my God we're talking about for you. Were talking about Lemme fair enough. After two years playing with the Rock and vickers. I mean left the band and move to London. He shared a flat. With no reading and Neville Chester's the bassist and road manager for the Jimi Hendrix experience respectively. Naturally they hooked him up with a job as a rookie for the Jimi hendrix experience. You know why I didn't recognize the name knoll reading 'cause you pronounce Noel? The Entire Code. Got The business for that one. Yup Yup. Yes you're right no all writing. I remember him yet. No already yes. So he was a Rhody for Jimi hendrix experience. Though he wasn't very good at it. Oh Per Neville Chester's quote. He would rather an instrument that carry it. So that Kinda gives you the idea. All though he was a pretty Shitty Rhody Lemme did learn a lot of things while working for Jimi Hendrix. Corvette he learned where to find the best drugs and getting acid and coke for Jimmy and the crew became part of his job description. Rumor has it that Jimmy himself gave Lemme his first taste of amphetamines and psychedelics. And Soon Enough. He was hooked. Yeah that sounds about right this with Jim with Jimmy. This a lot of this. You know this this straight line into drugs Ville. Yeah Lemme guys you young on. Take my hand. We are going down drugs bill. During those days street drugs were his drugs of choice. It wasn't until he started motor head that he switched mainly to just alcohol after that. A glass of Jack Daniels. Whiskey and coke was basically glued to the palm of his hand. Dreaming Coca- cocaine or Coca Coca Cola Coca Cola like the classic drink which is now called the Lemme after he passed away. Oh yeah is the grossest. It's so disgusting. I cannot was coke. I can't with Jack. I'm sorry. Let me I'm Jack. Daniels is just so fucking so there's stomach just literally hundreds of whiskies that are better than Jack Daniels and I get it. It's fucking bourbon and it tastes different. Whatever Hungary's bourbons setter better than Jack? Joel's Oh my God yeah. His approach taking drugs was straight a balls to the wall. If you weren't doing all the drugs all at once then get the fuck out. So did he just rub his balls in the drugs? Then rub the balls on the wall. Made people stiff the coke off right everybody. I'm co- come upholstered lately fill put a line on my Dick. LemMe be that guy at a party. He was definitely that guy at a party. Yeah he learned to function on five hits of acid at a time and frequently mixed uppers downers in dangerous combination once in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine. His friend's girlfriend was directed to get them some amphetamine sulfate which is basically Ritalin or adderall. Oh okay instead. The girlfriend got atropine. Sulphate which is used to increase the heart rate for those with Brady Cardia which is when you have less than sixty heart. Beats per minute which is bad? Nah Let me let me took so much of it that he went bonkers for a while until he passed out and woke up in the hospital then continued to have hallucinations for two weeks after ten. Still Alive at this point. Thankfully Lemme head a staunch rule regarding heroin but it came at a price in nineteen seventy three and let me fell deeply in love with a girl named sue like wanted to marry this woman. He was so mad about her but she died of a heroin overdose and he was the one that found her dead in the bath. All my God since then Lemme has been strictly anti heroine. He's also been strictly anti marriage because the one and only woman he loved enough to want to marry died and left him alone. I'm going to go cry. It's very sad so this is rock candy. Twenty years to cry about that. Yeah she's a sad. Try Not to let it go few. I'm trying But also saw so. He never did heroin no he did. Not because even before even really had a chance to try this woman loved died from fucking and he actually had kind of a controversial view towards it because he definitely advocated for the legalization of it. The the idea being if it was legalized. Then it wouldn't have such taboo on it so people wouldn't want to do it so badly and it could be more controlled in a way like make it a controlled substance almost not illegal but yeah maybe maybe lifting that taboo off of it would make desirable to people. I don't know I would argue that. I think the people end up doing heroin are the people who just felt deeper and deeper into drug use. Because by the time you get to heroin. You're just looking for that level of a high and a lot of people that fall into heroin. Use our people that got hooked on narcotic pain medication prescription narcotic pain medications and get their payment anymore. Get it can't get it paid for anymore. Or they lost their health insurance so they turned to street drugs to get the same kind of Pie. Yeah so yeah. It's I can see where he's coming from but I think like logistically. That doesn't work. I don't think it's a good idea. No all I really don't think anything after pot needs to be legalized. It's not worth it. And it's highly addictive. Yeah so anything. That's highly addictive. I don't think should be available. Not Not something. That's made like that now. Geno that's something that is that highly addictive. You're right you're eating it. I kind of agree more with you so we are at like what three weeks with. No heroin incident heroin incident but is not with the artists. We are talking about rights. We're doing good good shop. Guys Know Heroin Ruin Incident Cer- technically rem be. But I don't know that after the episode because we have a lovely fan who told us that he did heroin ankle states. Well I think he did it. And then he kind of fell out of drugs once they got famous interesting that he wasn't like super into drugs he wasn't like Kurt. Cobain fucking determined to have a heroin problem. We've talked about the problematic issues. Kurt cobain nirvana episodes to so many fewer about that. Yeah so yeah. Naturally when musicians are experimenting with drugs and Hallucinogens. It comes out in their music so as no surprise that. LemMe started getting into psychedelic rock. He bounced from one psychedelic band to another until he eventually joined. Hawk wind in Nineteen Seventy Five Hawk. Win We're a space rock band? Whose purpose was to put you in a trance through their repetitive rips at rips through there repetitive riffs and onstage strobe lights yes base. They mostly sang about sci fi themes and the even employees woman named Statia that would appear onstage dressed as an alien goddess usually topless so honestly that could have been a lot of their appeal. Yeah probably is the Naked Chick. Onstage writhing in the seventies. Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah Hock Win. Became incredibly influential. Not only to later prog rock bands but also interestingly Proto punk bands. So I'd okay. Yeah and you know what they were actually pretty good all right. I trust you. LemMe caught the GIG through the band's Keyboard as Dick Mick stop it. That's not a real name. His nickname was is his real name. Like Richard Mickelson's. Yes something like. Oh my God. Of course Dick Wreck. Oh my God i WanNa make friends with a guy named Richard Mickelson call him Dick and it still D I K M I K. Yeah who else are you going to spill Dick? I'm sorry. Was there another on your Dick Nick? Somebody was on some space rock drugs when they're like Nah Calming Dick Meg Fillet leave out. Those sees mad also. Can you start calling me Dick? Oh Dick was a friend that often joined. LemMe on his drug escapades. The two were at a show at Notting Hill Gate. And Hawkins Basis. Didn't show up. Dick Convinced Lemme to fill in on BASS. Despite the fact that he never played Bass Day in his life he wanted to be the band's second guitarist but after that show bassist and vocalist was his permanent slot. Okay but at least vocals vocals yet us. That's a win win to fuck you it is. Yeah Miami's fucking amazing basis. Ever I really think this trial by fire is how we how he kind of stumbled into his own way of playing base. He didn't know how to play it before he was literally thrown a base and shoved on stage with zero knowledge of what to do so he just Kinda played like he played guitar and it turned into his style. But like I feel like the best bassist. Some of them are the basis that just gets thrown into it and yet. I just got it up. And they're the ones that make up their own style like Peter Hook from joy division slash new order You Know Fuck employee base and you just do whatever and they had like both bands have such it intriguing bass sound because of that. Did He also come from guitar? Background now he just know how to play and he taught himself and if you remember from our joy division episode Like none of them really knew had play. They just fucking just played what sounded and they just did it. But sometimes it's the best and the same with Lemme so yeah. He knew how to play guitar and so he just took his guitar technique and made into was based technique. But I think the same was kind of fully getty Lee and even for Steve from Steve. Steve Steve Harris Steve. Steve Steve I'm talking about. I feel like the oldest got thrown into their positions. And it's like wow. I'm just GonNa do something. This sounds cool right Actually yeah that sounds really pretty fucking so yeah yes that's great. Yeah so now earlier when I said drug escapades drugs. Kapadia drugs campaigns. I mean Lemme and his bandmates ingested so many illegal substances that. It's a miracle they didn't turn themselves inside out that's on one occasion. He in Dick spent three days taking a stimulant called Deck Citrin. Then they took a depressing called Mandrax. Then they snorted coke shared eight black beauties which are all uppers fuckers at hogwarts like what are these. Six thir- taking mandrake city black beauties. Just use this off right. Taking some hogwash. Drugs up at here spectacle your drug stash. They took all of these drugs within a three day bender and then they played one of the best shows. Hawk wind ever had the best shows hogwarts it ever seen. It's Kinda what I thought you were going to say. This fucking weird hogwarts nounce fucking hogwarts see. He spent four years at hogwarts prefect really so good traveling around the world with the band. Ironically the end of his tenure came because of drugs what it started in. May nineteen seventy five when the band was touring the US. They were traveling from Niles Michigan to Detroit and stop to stretch their legs and get some Yum yum for the road. Oh Yum yum yum yum. LemMe Loves Yum yum. The out you just grab some himself Fox Taki maybe like a diet coke. No is one of those Japanese. Sodas where you push the ball into. Yeah he gets. He gets talking only AIDS Japanese snack. Okay just the fan. Art Lemme on a horse. While he's eating baby Lemme they she be. LemMe to be on a Horse Eating Paki with horse kicking his dad in the neds. Yes please but yet they stop Free Yum yum hungry so he walked around the area snapping pictures with his new camera before he knew it. Someone conked him over the head and he passed out the attacker making off with his new camera and all his money he finally came to only to realize his bandmates had taken off to Detroit without him like do they just not realize the guy was one of the members of the Van. Was just like yeah. We didn't know where he went. So we left though you you again for all you're not friends. Terrible friends your cells. Yeah he hitchhiked to Detroit took a two hour nap in his hotel room and then played the show. Could Sport Rob. It would've lost my shit. He probably didn't do it happily. The next day. The ban was off to Canada. Except let me get busted at the border for having drugs down. His pants that's hilarious. He was thrown in the slammer for a few days finally released after his charges were dropped. Apparently he had amphetamines down his pants. But the cups charged him for possession of cocaine so that was the cups mess up and they had to let him go. That's cops mess up you honey. Judge to fix that Shit and he did and Hawkweed had to cancel some shows because of Lemme being jail and once he finally got out and met up with his bandmates. Give him the news on account of his bad behavior and the fact that he liked uppers. When the rest of the band like psychedelics. He was out spill. Okay a girl problems of all first of all you fucking left him. Yeah after he got fucking mugged which isn't his fucking forced him to be late for the show. You're the assholes in that scenario and I'm sorry I like uppers. I like to be happy when you like psychedelics. Like I'm sorry that's who were and this is like debilitating retiring so I'm going to use also get through this shit as an extrovert triggered. Fuck you let me likes to go out there and have a good time man? Have you ever thought a space though like you and we're really sorry that let me more ladies than you are but like also reason to be? Jelly? Let's have a hot minute of talk young I Like boy could get hit it. Yeah even with the fucked up teeth man. Oh I think it was. The mole fucked up teeth. I didn't even care. I'm here for it here for it. I'd fuck that man. I would sit on that face in a heartbeat. Yep So like I'm sorry pan. It's that you're jealous of your cool fun. Attractive bandmate. Probably were really Chelsea was jealous. He was way more attractive than the rest of it. Seems like way more fun we owe it to do. Saket Delhi exponential. He went ahead then they just want to sit in their beanbag in trip for two suicide trip and they probably WanNa fuck listening. He wants to do coke and uppers and clean that fucking house. Oh my God I would have had a great time with. LemMe are you kidding me? Me and land may be best friends. But he's up in the house. God but we would we would do outburst and we clean the house and do a bunch. Karaoke and it'd be great that would be wonderful and then we can just chill out when you're coming down if I play the slots game. Yeah Oh you do the fleetwood Mac thing where you're a little too high season Kendall Buhl Choi- would probably the COGNAC COGNAC. Bringing myself down time. With LemMe Yeah. Fuck you would let me introduce you to the fleetwood Mac. Let me introduce you to the fleetwood. Mac Method Yeah Brown. Increasing Ruben Green. Frankly it was for the best that he got kicked out because what Lemme would do next would chain rock and roll forever. I'm sorry what was his former band's name Hawk wins where did Hawk Winco to England's Kentucky hot went on so many trips in their minds. Okay and that's the real reward. Yeah is the net. Sure Lemme wanted to put together a band. There was so loud so rockets and in your face that quote if we move next door to you your lawn will die. I love it. He originally wanted to name the band bastard but someone correctly pointed out that he never be on top of the POPs with a name. Like that ain't never be on top of the pops today like Boston video. Instead he went with motor head named after the last song he wrote for Hawk wins. Motorhead wasn't someone who's crazy for auto mechanics now. This was a term used for a speed freak. Yeah it's fitting because motor heads. Music would become the precursor and mean influence for speed metal and thrash. Of course he recruited guitarist Gary Wallis and Drummer Lucas Fox by nineteen seventy six. Both were replaced with fast. Eddie Clarke on guitar and Phil Filthy Animal Taylor on drums. Please tell me filthy with spell. Okay yes they fill then. Just call yourself filthy animal. Yeah everybody called him. Filthy Animal Good Gross. Good or or just called him filthy. I'm sorry it was the original guitarist not fast enough so we had to get somebody whose name had fast in it. Okay cool. The band played shows around the UK and gained a decent fanbase. Audiences were immediately stricken by the sight of these guys clad in leather and chains and bullet belts and Lenny's playing style. I'm sorry so. They wanted to sit on their faces. That's why they were so taken. Yeah Okay Cool. These had their dicks out like snatches Dixon. Snatches matches fields of Dixon. Snatches ready to sit out their faces. Ready to sit on. Lenny's face yes. He only played rickenbacker bases and he played it hard and fast like a distorted Guitar Ace. He received curious stares at his microphone to perched on high so he had to tilt his head up to sing into it which nobody did. Okay I mean should look fucking cool know I never really noticed but now I have to go back. And Look Yeah. His microphone was like super tall tilted down so he had to tilt his head up to sing into it and people fucking loved it. It was loud and angry like metal but fast and simple like punk appealing to so many across various genres. They had a contract with united artists. But the label dictum around refusing to release their material labels digging so many. That doesn't sound right now. By nine hundred seventy seven. The band had had enough. They were penniless. In squatting at friends houses their label was refusing to release any music they made and the guys read each other's throats so they decided to call it quits but wanted to record their last show. Ever for posterity's sake. The ban couldn't afford the venues fee to record the show so Miami's friend. Ted Carroll a rep for the fledgling chiswick records offered the band studio time to record a single instead and instead of recording. Just one song. They recorded eleven rough track of Shit with a little more time in another studio. They managed to pull together a thirteen track album. She's us like where you live album. Jk WE'RE GONNA SINGLE JK here's an entire LP enjoy. Hey take advantage while you're given the opportunity you're not wrong. Yeah Chiswick pulled through where? United Artists didn't and release motor heads. First single called motor head in June. One thousand nine hundred eighty seven followed by the first album titled Kenyans. Is it motor? It's motor has lower head by boater head off of motor home. My bad company right now. Oh my God. It's so bad company. Yeah big country. It's bad company. Bad Company territory but the album motorhead was released in August of seventy seven. Did Pretty Darn well to reaching number forty three on the U K album charts status really good for an like theoretically unknown band haven't had a release before exactly and these are rough tracks. These aren't even super polished. No they when they went into the studio the Second Time. They polished everything. Nice either way like that's still really impressive. Cover was the first appearance of the motor head. Wore pig referenced as snuggle tooth much like iron maiden eddie or mega deaths vic rattle head the war pick would become synonymous with motorhead and it was designed by Joe Tag no who also designed the Swan Song Records logo for led Zeppelin. Oh Shit yeah is that yes the guy with the wings. Yes yeah where pig is supposed to be a combination of Baer Wolf and dog skulls with boar tusks also wearing a helmet and chains the spike on the helmet originally had a swastika on it. Your pressings of the album. Omit the swastika which now that I brought it up is a good time to talk about lemmings penchant for Nazi memorabilia. Okay let's have a conversation about Nazis about that woken a Nazi corner man. Man Man Man. No we have to corner. We have to play the Benny Hill. Montage so we need any any any any name any no Nazis. First and foremost no. LemMe was not a Nazi nor was he a Nazi sympathizer. Which was he was very much. Not a racist nor was he supportive of Nazi culture at all. Never struck me. Be any of those things some people. He was because of missteps that he made that made it very apparent that he liked Nazi regalia and stuff like that. What let me was however was a lover of World War One and World War Two history. Okay he doesn't speak Romantically of Hitler or Stalin or even FDR for that matter. Ooh He hated them all equally and understood the gravity of all of their actions in if Dr do wrong he had polio. Didn't make him like no also did create the new deal which was kind of crucial for he was also elected. Is it in three times because he was really good. I'm sure that there are plenty of things you can find fault for especially when it comes to World War Two. I'm going to leave that for. LemMe he also was really gross into as a law. Oh yeah but also eleanor was his cousin. So this is a lot to unpack. Salat as we're GONNA leave that there really. That's slightly open package over in the corner what you will with it kid. That's Haffey in Bagga crunch nuts. We definitely left up for you guys to finish it. Just so happened that he thought Nazis Headway Cooler stuff. He thought they had pretty snazzy outfits Embiid S. weapons compared to the English. I mean he's nine wrong but like I've seen some pretty bad English uniforms to so the Americans with the Italians Japanese Right right I mean although the the deputies accent Oh yeah sorry. It's hard to tell how much memorabilia. LemMe Accumulated over his lifetime. But it's safe to say that literally every square inch of that man's two bedroom apartment in la was filled with it. So that's awkward. But is I feel like that's an awkward scene to walk into. Yeah I guess depending on who you are but yeah I would feel awkward. I would just be like way got so much Nazi stuff. You're yeah you're better than me I would be like. Oh this is awkward. Yeah and depending on what his explanation would be if it was unsatisfactory. I would sit and have a Nice Cup of tea and then be like well. I gotta go and further record. He also collected stuff from all the axis powers. I know this is getting weird. Yeah he did but it was the access powers in the the allies and the axis allies. Yeah I bet. He probably had stuff from the allies. You're just saying that Niamh. Yeah he did collect stuff from Mussalini. Okay so who? We did a Japanese stuff to and it was mostly German stuff. Yeah still not looking great. It does not look great to most people and I fully understand that anybody who is a direct line from people that were at Auschwitz or were involved in Holocaust. Probably don't not look at that favorably. And that's and that is so justifiable absolutely justifiable. Yeah Yeah I would justify that before I would justify armies collection. Yeah agreed. This is an awkward part of the conversation. I also understand where. LemMe is coming from. Although I don't necessarily condone it. He is weird uncle. Who Like you can't read? You can talk to him because he is cool enough right where he has since you and take you seriously in. Have an intelligent conversation with you. Also some of his beliefs are like but I think you're better than that. Yeah it's like you can say I had this really insightful conversation with my crazy uncle but he still collects Nazi memorabilia. Exactly Yeah Yeah. There's always the caveat that he collects Nazi memorabilia. And you're like I don't know what to do with this and I guess the answer is you don't do any can't do anything I mean. He never he was not a white supremacist. He didn't try. He didn't collect weapons to try and use them on people writing ever. He's never you never seen him be like outwardly racist or ten based on race religion. And like it's like and he's not pressing his views on anybody else so like what do you do you? Do you do nothing? You can't do anything because he shit not hurting anybody else. So awkward strongly awkward. That's where I'm at right now. Yeah Motor head then embarked on their first who are called the beyond the threshold of Pain tour. Oh Jeez aptly titled Considering Right before the Tour Phil Taylor punched a guy in the face over a girl in broke his knuckles. He had to tape drumsticks to his hands in order to play. Oh my God. The Motor head can be metal though. Dairy fucking that's metal. Yeah even though Lemme insisted. That motor was not metal metal. And that's fine. I get where he's coming from. No I but at the same time. You're the precursor for a lot of fucking like also you collected Nazi memorabilia. About Your Sean of music. LemMe Lemme have the have this. Let me have this till Friday to still fair enough motor continue to record singles. Bronze records in nineteen seventy eight releasing a cover of Louis Louis and performing for the first of many times on top of the POPs. Ooh On top of the POPs. I talked to the pope's we're on Okay that's enough that it's not it's not. The last event thought they capitalized on their newfound. Popularity released two albums in Nineteen seventy-nine overkill and bomber overkill for one is a fucking amazing album. You right though damage case no class. Albie your sister metropolis mall classic motorhead. That album was an unexpected success. So they tried to keep the ball rolling with bomber. It works but recording. Bomber was a pain in the ASS. Because that's too much recording in two short amount of time. Yes but this is what they did in the seventies to four fucking albums in one year. Like we've covered this several times. Because yes we have weird. They worked with legendary producer. Jimmy Miller who at the time heroin problem so bad that even the rolling stones couldn't handle it and kicked him out of their recording sessions. Think about that. I am and it hurts the brand. I hate to rain a little bit. The band immediately followed up with the iconic album. Ace of Spades Yup. The Ace of spades single was released on October twenty seventh nineteen eighty with the album following in September. This became the definitive motor head anthem. Even if you don't know motor heads discography at all. You probably know ason spades the minute. Ashi said a suspends Braids. They sprayed all of your brain stood that collectively. You're welcome the brought motor head into the spotlight It was something people hadn't heard before their sound or look. It was completely different than anything else out there. Motorhead is truly the point on the map. Were all the different rock. Sub genres can trace the roots. Back to yeah fuck Elvis. Fuck the rolling stones. Fuck the Beatles Motor. Head is the true influencer. They are the and hold on. I do still want to give. Judas priest's there do because I'd have to play a big part to say Judas. Priest and motorhead are the speed bump into from the seventies to the eighties. So the only difference is I would say Sonically motor head has more of an on punk. Who and Judas Priest's yeah you right you right but I'm talking wise. Oh Yeah Judas priest to everyone route helford definitely influence yaw gay men and I'm here for it. That's great I'm so fucking here for. Yeah no but you're one hundred percent right in a hundred percent agree with you. That motor head is that is you can see exactly where motor head is the trunk tree and their branches are all the different genres that came from. It's like that prison that you put in front of the light. Yeah some motor heads that prison and then like all the rainbow color comes in all the fucking different genres. I like my analogy better but I get what you're saying stand. I'm just saying Hashtag just saying spray. Where IN SOME LULA? All the same to me three. I can't finish. Thank you okay anyway. Anyway they had planned on going on tour in nineteen eighty to support. Ace's spades. Believe it to filthy animal to fuck it up again again. This time he led a friend. Lift him his head to test his strength and the friend promptly dropped him on his head and broke his fucking idiot. Laughing but terrify out laughing when you need to look up videos of Phil. Because he was just he was literally animal from the muppets. Bonkers this totally checks for him. Oh my God. They cancelled the tour. So Phil could heal. Then they went on a short. Uk Her aptly titled The short sharp pain in the neck. Tour Lemme was a funny guy was a funny guy. You right well. As speeds did pretty well new. Uk Charts their first number. One album was alive. Album called no sleep till Hammersmith embar eight. When did this come out? Oh boy one thousand. Nine hundred eighty eight right. Didn't species took no sleep till Brooklyn from no sleep till Hammersmith. Yeah Yeah So. This came out in eighty or eighty one. Yeah yeah that's right. Wow I did the beastie boys episode Houston Card. Remember that I didn't see. Even the fucking beastie boys were influenced by motor head on you. It's the prison raise. It's a tree. It's a prism. The tree of life the prism of fish chattering annuals running through the veins of that tree. You can pour Jack Daniels out of prison. Just end up with a wet prison. Will you just stand up with a drunk? Both are great. They embarked on a USO tour with blizzard of Oz. But went right back into new. You'RE GONNA laugh at that. Blizzard of is it was ozzy's first attempt at a solo career. I don't believe God hopeless GonNa have to play free. I have it on vital. I'M GONNA have to play for you. It's literally called Blizzard of Oz. Things wrong with that anyway but after they toured with blizzard vase. They went right back into the studio to record. Nineteen eighty-two Iron Fist. There was a lot of tension surrounding the recording of this album. And it would be the last to feature the classic. LemMe Clark Taylor lineup. Oh because did get hurt again. No wow question mark. They tried to mix things up for the for the Iron Fist tour but it just taught them not to fix shit than eat broke. That's fair up. Until now they had been using what was called the bomber lighting rig at their shows. It was a lighting rig literally in the shape of an airplane. Ooh That was suspended from the ceiling. It was cool and was a staple at their shows but they wanted something a little fresher so they tried making giant fist. That will lower from the ceiling of fingers would open up the bands and intrude. This is spinal tap fashion the rake malfunction during I because of course it did during the first show of the tour making a rude gesture at the audience and forcing the band to have to climb down off of it to get to the. It came out as a middle finger. Yeah first of all. I would love that if I were there. That'd be hilarious. I would fucking eventually. The bomber plane made its way back to the motor. Shows that idea in the meantime problems simmering between Lemon Eddie. Fan Steady too fast and furious. Diesel all non during the other one that nobody Les Walker. No He is dead. I don't know I never watched fast. Furious both the other one that nobody. Nobody likes anybody in those movies. Now Shirley's thrown she and she's in the last one. I don't know if you watch US and furious. Help me with this analysis. Who's the one that nobody likes? Isn't there one. Who's the guy in those movies? Wow Guy who's bald? And he was in like the action movies Jason Stefon. That's his name the Trans Porter. That's the movies. Yeah I don't think Houston fast and furious did I. There is only one room for one bald man in the fast and furious. Fucking diesel. Okay I don't know I believe you might be thinking of the Italian job. Sure that's a movie right. Well can rocket we don't talk about movies. This is why that's why I don't know. Oh yeah so fast. So problems were simmering with Lemmy and Fast Eddie. It culminated in east departure and it was all because of Wendy O Williams. Yes Lemme decided that motor head and the plasmatics were going to collaborate recording an EP. That included a cover of. Tammy WYNETTE S- stand by your man which is an amazing cover and we've heard it and it's I love it. Nobody likes this. Everyone hates it. I like it just because it's Wendy. And Lemme me. I thought that's why we liked it. That's why I love it but you really sit down and listen to. It's not a good song no but like but it's Wendy and lemming. Yeah it's what you expect to get from. LemMe in Wendy. Why expecting a good song. I Know Wendy Lemme. It's literally going. Then that's all it is and that's exactly what everybody did. Wendy Wendy Wendy and Lemme is Lundy lemony Oh kill. Liam's like that you do good your Mary Go. Yeah almost fucked it up but I got it got it anyway. Eddie refused to play on the record but agreed to produce during the recording merciful. Act Real Communist over here during the recording sessions when he couldn't get in tune and had trouble landing her parts which annoyed him not playing on. The album also annoyed him basically made that choice. Basically everything pissed him off and after he and Lemme exchange some harsh words Eddie quits fuck. Eddie in quitting was something every couple of months so it wasn't a surprise but this time. Lemmy Phil didn't ask him to come back. Fuck Eddie Yeah instead. The band hired Brian Robertson. Former guitarist of thin lizzy to replace. Eddie Phil was huge thin lizzy fan and pressure. Lemme into hiring him and they're pretty hard up for guitarist with the tour looming overhead. So he agreed. Okay from the start. Brian Robertson did not fit in with the band. O On Stage. LemMe infill would come out in their leather and bullet belts real metal looking. Yeah and Phil would come out wearing satin and sandals and Terry cloth headbands like he was coming straight out of a dire straits video. Wait a minute wait. Brian is from. Brian was from thin lizzy. He was down with the metal. Look no he was not. Oh because you said Phil came out with starts own. I'm sorry I wrote my notes wrong rare now so I got really confused. Wait did just change his like little tune. He's like I want you to hire now thin lizzy to everything back was no let me and Phil. We're real metal looking but Brian Robertson came out in the satin shorts and the sandals and the head is that within lizzy used to wear no not at all. So was Brian just thinking. This is an easy going retirement gig. This was just like what people were wearing at the time like think of a dire straits video. Not The I want my MTV right. I right but one where they're actually playing like. This is the outfits that they would wear. I this is also. You're in fucking motorhead. Yeah he didn't give a shit rice for the job. You Walk Motherfucker. Maybe he didn't want the job. I don't know Shit Brian. You're not you're thin lizzy and respect but also like come motorhead. Yeah you're in motorhead. Come look the part apart or pay the price. I was going to say that but it didn't. Then you said it. I got you Brian. Robertson didn't stay long he votes say he remained in the band through the recording. Of One. Thousand nine hundred. Three's another perfect day. Which was apparently fucking torture for him forever. Everyone good the album. Didn't do well and thoroughly confused critics and fans alike after the subsequent tour ended. Brian Left. They held auditions to replace him. But couldn't choose between two guitarists Phil Campbell and a guy named Russell. I mean you should pick worzel because you already have a film that's too many fields filler fell. Yeah but they ended up taking them. Both okay I mean like you could also have a resume lead. Yeah but just as the solidified a new lineup Phil Taylor left the band in nineteen eighty-four thinking his fame and fortune laid with Brian Robertson. And the satin shorts. I'm sorry what yeah he just left. What's yeah spoiler? Eight didn't lie with Brian Robert. So Saturday Phil was briefly. Reprint replaced by Pete. Gill of the Band Saxon. Before rejoining in nineteen eighty-seven limbless slurry glaze. Would lock to join us again. I didn't mean to leave snivelling with Dick between his legs failing improperly filthy animal or you're just a filthy asshole just filthy bitch. Ooh Girl No. He's actually a really good Drummer and I mean. I'm sure he's a great drummer. I'm not eating langmore artist person ever but you know. He's dumb fell. He learned. He came back very but yeah. Nineteen eighty-four was turning out to be a crazier as it was also in bronze records started. Acting Shady. They decided motor head wasn't worth their time anymore since we were in the middle of hairband mania. So they did what every record label would do. When they decide to band is dead. They released a greatest hits album. No Miami's Mama didn't raise no fool. He knew what they were up to own Dan. As soon as he heard about the record he took over the project. Personally selecting all the tracks plus insisting the band record four new songs to be including four. You're here greatest sits out. Yeah no remorse was released in September. Nineteen eighty-four and the single killed by death did reasonably well on the charts though it would become a stable at their staple at their shows. It's a pretty solid jam. It's a good one. Yeah everyone was killed by death as so stupid. No it is funny. It's supposed to be funny. Yeah like you kind of stupid. But I'm sure they meant it to. He knew what he was doing. Yeah let me. He's no fool for the next two years motor head were involved in a court case against bronze records in which they claimed. Bronze was not promoting them properly as a result bronze ban them from entering any recording studio. Yeah instead they toured relentlessly for the next couple of years as it was the only way for them to get any income and the lawsuit was eventually settled in the band's favor and they immediately went into the studio to record their next album. Orgasmic tron released on August Ninth Nineteen eighty-six six. This time it was released on their own label. Gw are what is Gw? Arstan for? It was like Craig Western route. Great Western road. It was the name of the street that the head of the record label lived on. Oh Shit okay. The title has nothing to do with orgasms or anything like that In fact it's a commentary on the hypocrisy of religion politics and war and let me was saying that these three things are like orgasm machines for people it makes no sense how people get so worked up to the point of splurging all over dumb things like church in elections and shooting. People is extremely apropos. Right now no. That's still still fits. Thanks slimy the band dipped into the Joe. Paterno well again. For the album's cover this time. He came up with the idea of putting the war pig face on the front of a train. It seems in Congress considering the album called GAZ Metron but that's because it was originally titled Right In with the driver at the time. LemMe was living on a houseboat. And I really hope he was like docked next to John mcphee. Can you imagine just like in the morning? Wake up like I I I do this morning and just WanNa you doing I picture. LemMe just living on this houseboat and just constantly wearing the shortest shorts known to man. Y'All because apparently he really liked short fucking shorts so I just picked him in the shortest daisy. Dukes ever just comes out in his leg. Takeaways see both Agassi. Oh bowls man through drinks together at eight thirty in the morning and bathroom. I want some Oprah's a you know. Some up was a on sapone yet. You know some call Neck Nang Jang Ninos. So he was living on a houseboat and he was really into model trains at the time. That's this is like the nerdy ass shit. I've ever heard I love it. All I can think of is a mighty wind the movie with Jennifer coolidge talking about model train. Yes thank God for the Model Trains. Or how would we have gotten the big trains so yeah he told Joe to drop something with the train on it so he did because he really liked. Murray like trains. It's okay. It's really cute. The band released the album rock and roll in one thousand nine hundred seven but considering they're crazy schedule which included touring appearing in the movie. Eat The rich and dealing with Peter Gill's departure and fills re entrance. They literally peace album together and shoved it out the door shit but also we should be eating the rich we should be. I mean Yeah Nam Nam Nam percent. Those are the Yum yum. Wanted to Albion's. Yeah in the meantime. LemMe Move to good old West Hollywood. Just two blocks from his absolute favorite hangout. Spot and second home the infamous Rainbow Bar and grill. Yeah he got himself a modest two bedroom apartment that over the years became quite the hoarders paradise whole and model trains hold on. How long do you live there? He moved there in nineteen ninety. He lived there for twenty five years. Who In the same apartment for twenty five years all right yeah? It wasn't just filled with war memorabilia. It was full of knickknacks and stuff fans had given him over the years. Yes lots of trash Oleg. Just trash trash. He was a legit fuck or he could have been on celebrity horner. Yes if that were a thing which should be thing. Why is that not a thing because he died and he might be the only one I. I doubt he's the only one but I mean yeah it was a tiny apartment was a lot of fucking shit in it. He could have just gotten a House. He could have the reason he stayed in that apartment for so long was because it was literally two blocks from Rainbow. And that's where he spent all of his time. If he wasn't touring or in the studio all right yeah he do. He does him. Yes but spent so much time at the rainbow that it didn't really matter how cluttered his apartment was. He even had his own corner of the bar. And the owner installed in electric slots game. Just for Lemme Oh. You weren't kidding. I was not kidding. He is the old man at the corner of the bar. Plan the slots game. Wow why he didn't care about the state of his apartment. He liked living alone and that meant he could live however he wanted. He's right as long as he had his collection of Nazi sabres and Video Games and a shelf of Jack Daniels. He was happy. I'm so I'm so like just torn about all this. Yeah I feel about. LemMe the same way Peter Steele when we did. Yeah the type of negative episode weird Uncle Weird on call you get in fights with them but at the end of the day still love him right. You're wrong but I don't think you want to hurt anybody and I still sit on your face about an uncle. That's-that's separate your that's different. We that is far removed from that is very far. That's like in another neighborhood. Yeah possibly state definitely stay. Yeah the same year. Let me move to the states. The Band went into the studio to record a new album producer. Ed Stadium got so fed up with lemonis drinking that he quits. Oh Shit was just fine with me. After he found out Edwards sneaking tambourines and Shit into their tracks which is eighty looking. No do not fuck input. No JANGLE frisbee track. I fucking Jangle Frisbee your face your face. Oh Yeah. They released the album. Nineteen sixteen in January nineteen ninety-one to critical success. Nineteen sixteen was the first motorhead album to be nominated for a grammy. Oh Shit also in Nineteen ninety-one let me took a little break from motorhead. Wrote a few songs for a dear friends. That friend happened to be Ozzy. Osbourne was recording his solo album. No more tears LemMe wrote four songs for the Prince of darkness including Mama. I'm coming home. Oh Shit and hell raiser. He said he made more money from those four songs than he did. In the fifteen years he'd been in motorhead at that point. Oh Shit yeah take that. It's Kinda crazy. He wrote Mama. I'm coming home. That's pretty all of it's pretty nuts. Yeah back in the studio. While recording for motorhead Lemme started to realize filled with just not working out anymore again again part to it was obvious to let me that. Phil skills weren't up to snuff anymore whether it was drugs or alcohol taking its toll on him or just lack of practice. He just wasn't pulling his weight in. LemMe fired him. This happened in the middle of recording. Their next album marcher die. This meant that. The album actually had three different drummers on it wow phil another prolific rock drummer named Tommy Aldridge who has recruited only further recording and McKee at the time CDs. Mickey D's just a just a freeman. He just fries fries. Mozzarella stared like he's just see plays a fry guitar. A freighter fright giant Mozzarella stick. Oh God that says delicious. Always at the time. Mickey is most notable for playing with King Diamond. After he broke from merciful feeds. Nice Mickey's first. Show in motor head was at none other than Saratoga Performing Arts Center here in our little area in New York SPEC SPEC now we here yeah except Fuck Sir Toga. Yeah also fight US Saratoga listeners. You'RE NOT GONNA YOU'RE GONNA pay somebody else to fight us. 'cause you're boozy boozy. Yeah good I'll have a lot more away do it's fine. Whenever nineteen ninety-five saw the departure of words. Wurzel presumably to work on solo stuff. He was also like an pretty fucking tired of Lemme and in order to preserve their friendship. He was like yeah. I gotta go. Oh the band didn't try to replace him. And although there were ten there was tension at his departure he and Lemme continued to be good friends until his death in two thousand eleven which devastated Lemme. He truly felt a close kinship with Wurzel and he was heartbroken over his staff. Was it just age? I think so. Okay he's been older not really use about the same age as Lemme just lake. Hardly academia I was GonNa say that hard rock rock life. He may have had like cancer or something cannot. Okay can't remember in two thousand and five motor head. Finally won a grammy. But of course it wasn't for any of their original compositions. No it was for a cover of metallica's Song Whip Lash. I mean it's a good For Parola as you couldn't give them a grammy for their own shit. Their own shit's real. Also DENV METALLICA cover motor and like inspired by motor and like yes. This is about motorhome. Layers of irony or like an onion. Now they're worsening. Yeah which is relying on you. I hate onion but also I kind of feel like ever since the grammy's fucked up and gave throw tall and award over Metallica. They've been jerking off. Metallica nonstop. Little the sorry Metallica and Lars Orix like why you better be fucking story for METALLICA. Give us all the All we got all the rewards and a Danish pastry birthday party wasn't going to be a tennis player. My Dad's disappointed in me. He he is though he is though it doesn't matter how big lars gets. His Dad has always disappointed in him. Since then Lenny's health wasn't looking so great. Oh he had been hospitalized in two thousand with the flu and along infection. Oh and since then had been diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension that didn't stop him from excessive drinking and smoking however no he had stated once that he drank an entire bottle of Jack Daniels a day since he was thirty years old. That's too much Jack Daniels saying that's too much alcohol can you? I'm saying that's too much Jack. Daniels imagine drinking so much Jack Daniels that you could drink an entire bottle day and completely function normally. Do you know the most I drink is tonight's Monday nights and I feel like Shit for three days afterwards and Mike. Extra never took a gun. But then I'm fine just in time for Monday's but if I hung Agean yeah being Lemme but if you're constantly operating at that level no normal but I can't imagine that that's what I'm saying like I can't imagine being lemme in doing that and not being like I'm fucking over this but at the same time. He's still drinking this much. He still smoking. He's still touring and doing all this terrible shit to his body and on top of that. He's now taking medication for diabetes and hypertension. He's drinking a bottle of Jack a day while he's on blood thinners. Oh no honey. No you're not supposed to to do that. But it's still alive and you still fucking fawning useful for a long time for that. Yes but the turning was in two thousand thirteen motor heads. Tour was cancelled that year because of Lennie's deteriorating health he had a cardioversion defibrillator implanted in his chest. That would Joel his heart if it detected an irregular heartbeat. My God still. He continued to partake in these bad habits. It quote dogged insolence in the face of mounting to the contrary which I fucking love that's an mostly British thing I've ever heard but also the most intelligent way of saying I'm not stopping drinking. I feel I would love it. You know what if there's any fucking fan requests that I've ever made? Can someone please put that in a cross stitch for us? That would be wonderful. That would be honest the sweetest bestest thing I'd ever seen in my life. Yeah that is kind of my motto. Now insolence in the face of mounting opposition. To the contrary is great I love I mean. Yeah like right now. Yeah I mean if anything. LemMe was a fucking wordsmith. He was a very very talented lyric writer. He was straight to the point. Always funny always poignant's and always on point with everything he said. Yes great great here for it by Twenty fifteen. It was obvious that Lenny's health was in serious decline. He lost a lot of weight and was gone and had to use a cane to get around. He stopped drinking as much and went from smoking. Two packs of cigarettes a day to one pack a week all right. I mean like hold off you could have slowed down on the six MEA like he could've slowed down on the six back in the early off like get it. He started smoking when he was eleven years old. So honestly at that point. What is the point but two packs a day? That's a lot. That's a bit excess or sixty years also likes shot attractive. Yeah but he fucking managed array. I guess I duNno heels life. He refused to give up music though and recorded motor heads twenty second and last album. Jesus add magic which was released in August. Twenty fifteen to good reviews. The celebrating was lived however and a half to mention that I skipped over twenty years right at this point of. Will you motorhead in history? You kind of dipped. However it's it's literally just the record tour. Repeat Record to a repeal fuck bitches and fuck bitches in all the same shit in like he collaborated with a lot of people like from the stray cats and all this other shit something that. I didn't know until I listened to his some of his songs recently triple h his theme song. Yes he was very involved with the wwe and triple H in particular. He did triple. H His intro switch. Now when I hear you WANNA play the game. I'm like Oh my God. Of course. That's Lemme yeah. He also performed at Wrestlemania twenty one and performed at a bunch of other lake wrestling events. Yeah I don't I don't get it but like cool confer buddy involved around good for you. Claps around claps all around so the celebrating was short lived after bad. Magic came out first in twenty. Fifteen Lemme was hospitalized for a lung infection after experiencing breathing problems while performing He came home from tour to a big party for seventy th birthday but at the party his manager todd singer men could tell he wasn't feeling well so he immediately brought. LemMe to the doctor only two days later on December twenty sixth. Let me learn from doctors that he had prostate cancer. Arrhythmia and congestive heart failure. I did not realize he had cancer. Yeah that's what got him. The cancer was aggressive and had already spread to his neck and brain because prostate. Cancer IS NO JOKE. Now you might. It might be highly Tolerance tolerable like you can live it as long as long as it doesn't go past the prostate right. Once he moves past that you're fucked a moves so quickly you could be dead within weeks. It's ridiculous friend of ours just passed away at the end of the year last year. Within two months after being diagnosed with prostate cancer it had spread throughout his entire body. I can't believe how quick it spread. It was ridiculous it was insane. You're right it's it is a terrifyingly aggressive. You think you have so much time even if you catch it really early and it could just explode out of nowhere. That's crazy yeah. He went home to rest and the owner of the rainbow. Michael Magli Airy even had Lenny's beloved slots machine installed at his bedside so he could play it at home all his sweet and the doctor had given. LemMe two to six months to live but only two days later on December Twenty Eighth Twenty fifteen. LemMe passed away in his apartment very very sad and it. It kind of sucks that. That was the way it went. Yeah see lake. Didn't even have time to like Prep Oppress Statement Ryan press releases and like. Tell anybody about it. He really argued as didn't have time to even fully process what was going on right. I mean to be told you. Prostate cancer and lung failure heart failure. And all these things and like it's in your brain is in your neck in like you need a little fuck in minute to look at that. Shit and say okay. Let me process this and privately time even like start to get to the point of processing it. Hugh passed away. Yeah and that's fucking terrible. Yeah but at the same time. It's almost I don't condone condone. Like I'm not okay with how his death happened but at the same time it's kind of appropriate just because he lived fast. Yeah mast compromise. Nothing to live the way you wanted to live right so he was going to die fast and he was. GonNa die by something like cancer that was gonNA wipe him out completely swiftly and quickly is I actually thought it was just a total Coronary failure just had heart attack. I didn't even really congestive heart failure. To which if the cancer didn't get him the heart failure would pretty soon so you know it was going to be one or the other. Yeah I mean on all he I'm just I'm just wondering if he had just been cut down like one pack a day earlier today like if he had cut it down when he was in his fifty S. That's what I mean. Yeah I mean getting to two packs a day. Seems like maybe he could made it to like eighty. But that's stretching it like seventy three seventy. It would've gone maybe a couple years and that was it. Yeah I wasn't going crazy. Yeah but I mean dude was working nonstop up until the day. He died back for that. I think the last show he played was on December eleventh. Twenty fifteen and people were like You're not looking so good right. I do remember that like. He looked like half of the man that he used to look like he was so skinny and so just weak and I feel like Lemme was almost the start of everything. Yeah terrible think about it. I mean he's started it lose Limi- than Bowie then prints than George Michael then like it's just like Bam Bam Bam preparing for Brown choice. Michael died a long time ago. Yeah he died in two thousand sixteen at the end of two thousand sixteen. George Michael Yes no George. Michael died while ago. Dini in two thousand sixteen. Oh really yeah no. We didn't see did yeah. He died on Christmas 2016. He died the Day Inbetween. Lenny's birthday and when he got diagnosed with cancer. No because let me twenty fifteen. Oh he died in two thousand sixteen and George Michael Dell the that's right so like it started with Lemmy and then ended at George Michael. He'd never ended. Because we're still in this fucking black terrible. There is an alternate timeline. LemMe hasn't died yet. David Bowie or Prince or George. Michael and like trump didn't become president and like the current virus didn't happen or if it did happen. Someone more mature handle that. That was the latest timeline. We are currently living in the darkest timeline. I don't think we are in the absolute darkest but we are probably like two shades from black on the computer settings. Yeah relate those two shades of gray above it. Yeah exactly black. But they're not hodel black yet. I'm holding onto. Yeah thanks for listening. Guys everything's fine. We landed on such a shitty. No but you know what? LemMe lives on our fucking hearts. He does honestly. I missed out on years of really. Enjoying Lemme until I was close. Close my thirties. Yeah but I always appreciated him an honestly just he was the consummate fucking bad ass. Honestly yeah and for what it's worth. Yeah he died the way he died but I don't think he regrets it either. I don't really think every day. He went toys. Like what via Di? Di Yeah I would rather see him go out very quickly at age seventy then to just spend twenty years. Wasting away yes. So that's the fucking worse. Yeah he this is kind of the most appropriate kind of death for somebody who lived the life that he lived God and he lived such an amazing light and I didn't even get to half of the shit that I read about that. He talked about anything. So it's hard because you did so much motor had be also has done so much with other so much with girls school. Who is a hugely influenced influential all female punk bands that was also on bronze records He did a lot with Wendy. He really loved you. Any did Yes Oh he did a lot of ship. Yeah honestly like respect for. LemMe hear some weird uncle tendencies but but he. I don't think that he I think he was more misguided and less militias which is it was also you work with also a product of his generation. Yeah which is not an excuse. However it's an explanation of who he is. I think at a certain point. We have to be accepting of people who they are. Because no one's GonNa Change if you tell them that. I fucking hate you and think your gross right or if you just straight up say no. You're wrong yeah you have to listen to what their side is understand it from their side and accept them from their side and then they can slowly learn from you in you learn from them. I mean that's the point of relationship right wing. Learn from each other exactly. I learned a lot from LEMme. I also learned. I will gladly sit on his face if he were ever here again. Young Lemme we were born in the wrong time period. He's we would have been motorhead groupies inning second shits. Oh my God. I'd be fine without one hundred percent. Yeah but I would make him wear a condom. Oh Yeah Yeah and I would certainly be on some sort of birth control. No more little lenny's happening no more little emmys. Thanks guys for listening. We hope you guys enjoy episode. Yes thank you for sticking in for this long I literally skip twenty years worth of history we could do strictly motor had episode and pride dig into more strictly people who worked with. Lemmy episode in digging more. Now we can work on it and you can listen by up our website. Www Dot rock candy. Podcast DOT COM. You can comment on the episode. You can toss US email. 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