Ep. 3,024: UFC 247 preview, Jon Jones on First Take, Gaston Bolanos is back, more


Title Roll Baby on May Junkie Radio with with gorgeous Georgia. And this is what we do in why we do it baby. We're covering MMA from all all over the world this is the premier stop for all your combat sports needs MMA junkie radio from the Mandalay Bay resort and Casino in the fight capital of the world. Las Vegas Nevada. The lights are on at the Mike. Sir Hot it's tied to get your. Ma Fixed Junkies take it away. Big John Gorgeous George goes. Are you ready Junkie from the fight. Capital of the world inside the beautiful Mandalay Bay Racist sportsbook listening to another episode of the Junky Radio. Show the only only show that matters and I'm your host Gorgeous George with me. As always as the devious industrial he goes. He's Co host goes. It's time to talk. You Have C.. Two forty seven. We're getting into put up or shut up time now with About twenty four hours ago before weigh INS and just over two days before the the actual fights year. I mean I'm I'm getting a little bit. More excited. Watching some of the embeds is helping a little bit but That this is just a card that I felt like needs a little bit of help. It does and folks quick reminder goes on I will be doing in alternative broadcast based on sports caster Saturday night ten PM Eastern Seven Pacific go to sports caster dot com Ford slash enemy junkie. However let me spell sportscaster Mr for you? Because it's not the conventional spelling it's S. P. O. R. T. S. C. A. S. T. R.. That sports caster right there so. WWW www dot sportscaster dot com. Join US on Saturday night and watch the fights along with us. And if you didn't order it then even better will be your eyes and ears. I folks buckle up here. We go with the breakdown of the main card for. UFC Two forty seven in two thousand and eight a former D.. One football star pulled off a robbery so daring and so strange that it went viral worldwide side. It was a perfect crime story. There's just one problem. It wasn't the real story of what happened. The sneak is a new serialized. True true crime podcast from four the wind and USA Today Sports. You can subscribe now on Apple podcasts or get it anywhere you get podcast on Tuesday January fourteenth go. Oh so on sports caster on the broadcast you and I will focus on the main card. Dip In maybe for an extra fight just is to make sure that tees across dies audit and the sounds good and all that good stuff but I'm not even excited about the the main card hard I mean honestly goes you're not gonNA believe this Andrea Leeann Lauren. Murphy's the fight I'm most excited about the prelims to they're on ESPN eight PM Eastern five PM. Pacific and then at ten P. M. Eastern. Of course like we just mentioned it'll be the main card. So let's let's talk about Andrea really in Lauren. Murphy Really Quick Lauren. Murphy you know I think she's part of the older guard And Andrea Leah's part of the newer generation of fighters Lauren Murphy's Somebody who I felt out of a lot of the old guard like she baiser Lauren. Murphy Affleck a lot of them were. We're still trying to cash that check of. Hey I've been in the sport for a long time I paid my dues whereas my recognition like I'm somebody in look all all respect. I mean a lot of these young ladies did fight all over the world is just. They came along a few years too late before it really mattered. Which is basically the U. OF C. And a little bit of what bell towards done with some other divisions or even strikeforce back in the day but I kind of I dunno Mansi. Hansi rubbed me the wrong way on the ultimate fighter but now cheering for her. You are yeah. They're not the it's nothing against Andrew Lee Andrew Lees fantastic fighter But Maybe I'm seeing what happened to some of the old guards that fizzled out like Shayna. baiser wound up going to pro wrestling. Doing well sorted Ronda Rousey but then ron arouse he's also also just on my God just had this weird fall from combat sports all together with a bitter taste. You know what I mean. But she's had more of an attitude. Lauren Murphy just Kinda Things and I think she feels like she's probably owed a little bit She doesn't have an attitude about it. Rhonda had an attitude about it. Yeah Yeah perhaps you're right I don't know I like barb haunch for example Everybody Kinda crowned her as the flyweight champion champion of the world before the season ever unfolded but she didn't get on my nerves. I think she was at the time. She hadn't fought in like three years and I think she just showed up opens. And that's nice that people say this but I still gotta prove myself whereas a lot of the young ladies that I've seen in these reality shows like don't you know who I am. That type of thing. Yeah anyway she wanted me back because she worked hard and she got some key wins here and there so I'll be rooting for. But I think under Louisiana went Andrew Leah. I think she's a good fighter. Complete we but I would never I would never dabur as being an incredible favourite inner fight right and I don't think she's she or Lauren. have anything from our L. Dina. I'm not now but I still think the fight has something I think it's old versus New Guard Moving onto the main event ill TV. Versus Derek Lewis. Now Start with the odds. Derek Lewis minus three hundred yearly fee plus. Two forty. Dude it just basically comes down to size power athleticism with Derek Lewis. It's not like really. He's got all these crazy techniques in fact sometimes the almost relies too much on his power hand. I'd like to see a little bit more of a diverse verse attack. He's got the jumping switch kick. He's got you know some opera cuts and hooks and stuff like that but there there are times where I see him just loading up his power power hand. I wish I would see a little bit more now. That's it it works. He's got a ton of knockouts ton of bonuses. A ton of fans loved the Guy So do a lot of fans and I I think some point he'll get his hands on the TV TV moving up from light heavyweight dabbling with these guys and gals. I'll tell you one thing when I saw extreme for. He's a thick boy he is so I can see why he's thinking all right. You know I'm really in the heavyweights body and I'm pretty fairly solid. I just don't want to cut the weight or whatever but that there's a big difference I mean Derek is Kinda seen fighters like this that little bit of a smaller stature. More compact But the thing is like the thing about Derek. That really concerns me. If I've Poynton for heavyweight he's actually very very very active and I don't know at. What point do you take your breaks learn? New Tricks righty does depend a lot on that power so so in this type of filing Latifi has type of style that if he can stay away from that big hand. He's GonNa tire you out and I think think Derek's going to be okay in this fight but I also don't feel like the TV should be overlooked. Yeah look minus three hundred. I'm not GonNa lay that I'm gonNA just cheer for Lewis List and that's that and at the same time I'm not gonna Bet Latifi either because I need to see what somebody looks like at a way class before I bet them because is usually I don't mind playing the underdogs especially in like a parlay or whatever but um the hell of a jump though was somebody's been with us on the military trip. I feel like there's a a little bit more even more of a close bond with that fighter and I don't like the feeling of having to cheer against somebody you know what I mean. Probably the fight alone. I'm just telling those that want. WanNa know what we're thinking Lewis probably is the better fighter and I think a lot of it just comes down to size honestly Lose record. He usually beats most of the fight like most of the fighters. Except for when you get to the elites so we'll see Mercedes Versus Danny game side back minus one forty Dan Ebay plus one ten then probably going to hear some home voices here on the side Mercer Beck I think he put put it best goes Probably on triple show when Beck tick is clicking. He looks like he's got championship material. Written all over Now that said you and I have been saying this for about five years remember. He's had some injuries. He just doesn't is a fight that frequently that he's in front of our eyes a lot and then he's also dropped a couple of fights. The thing is once that Chin got touched Elkins started it. You can just see. Maybe it's been good that he doesn't fight frequently because the more timing as in between fights. I think he'll be able to recover that you you know. And and shore up the the defenses is Ebay that power striker that can just light you up on the feet not yet. He's getting better. He's more dangerous when he gets you on the ground and beat up that way. This fight is going to be really really close. It's going to be really really exciting. And it's a big big fight for both if he can take it to five and one. He's just is going to continue to climb the ladder now. He'll be able to get maybe even somebody in the top five who knows depending on what he says when he grabs Mike Antibacterial and get this win. Then maybe this'll be the comeback trail for him. so that said the extreme couture connections just a little bit too much for me. I'm GonNa go with Dan e but I've always enjoyed We kinda gotten to know him a little bit through a Mike Dolch as well. So may the best man win is concerned. I think it's one of those cases where you you told me the best Versus the best e Gay. I go with Beck Dick. But that's the problem is we haven't been always getting that type of performance from Recite Bek ticks. Oh I'll probably end up going with Danny Gay but this is a really tough fight for him. It's a IT'S A. It's a no win situation. I think think for BEC. Because if he wins this fight Danny as kind of like an up and comer and I think a Lotta people in the gym. We'll say do discuss it. He's going to get better but I don't. I know that a lot of the fans are gonNA say. Hey you got he gay. You know what I mean so as wherever you were to be back I think that would be a big deal for eager to take a bigger jump But it'll it'd be a really good fight. This is probably the fight that I'm looking forward to the most the entire night and like I mentioned many times the loser of a fight like this. This can have anywhere from an eighteen month. Two Year setback specially this division. This division is just stacked right. Now you have the possibility of a rematch. When all the guys get healthy meaning I think vulcanology had a injured tom or something him and Max Holloway and then you have guys like zoo? Beat who are you know chasing chasing these types of opportunities Yeah Year Rodriguez out there Keno there's also missing here kind of spacing it Jeremy Stevens now Jeremy Stevens Calvin meter earlier yeah cater lost his Abi spider the Korean Zombie I got my my divisions mixed up a little bit and I actually froze there for a second but Let me see here. I WANNA make sure I don't Miss Anybody feel like it's been awhile. Since we talked about the way Josie Aldo dropped to thirty five. Frankie is finally going I think going to drop to thirty five or take a shit. I what Patricia Tricia Afraid Ian McKee being over there bill or get the scroll down a little bit before you get to some of the other guys mcconaughey experienced a couple of losses. So maybe it's not as big of a setback because I thought but either way it's a stack division. The guy named off the right names Arnold Allen can't forget about him he's won seven straight so it's going to be a lot of guys chasing my point is you just. Don't want to fight at this. All right the next fight one adams versus Justin Tafa one atoms minus two hundred just in top plus one sixty. Who Do you like in this year? I'M GONNA GO TAFA the thing with one atoms. Is these kind of like one of them devastating type of guys. I don't know that he's a complete fighter but because of his little beef with Homeboy From the hardy. I think that Kinda like elevated him to a level that I don't I know that he was ready for just yet and so I've heard some pretty good things about this topic and I am actually him. You know one out of is a really really really big guy and I I thought he was just going to be like power player. You know what I mean. He's lost two in a row and and I'm also on offer not just because Oh that's the guy that likes underdogs I just. I don't know I feel like he's got a type of skill. Gilson were he can beat Adams just based on his power alone We'll see we'll see you know how this plays out but I'm GONNA go with with Tofte I'm GonNa go with the dog on this one. The next fight is Kayla Kagan versus Valentine. Shinko would you like year. Valentina Ayaan Tina to me is is one of the most complete and dominant fighters all of the UFC. The girls just amazing at what she does she you. You're never going to hear her goofing off or doing anything silly outside of the cage. Her life is dedicated to martial arts. I I don't know very many people that could beat her in the sports so I I pretty much pick her every single time unless maybe you match up against the Manda and even then should give Manda Hell in those to fight right so Price still picker I now. The question is which Valentina are. We GonNa get beginning to get the Valentino. That got beat Jessica I with that head kick. Ko where. We're going to get the Valentina that just kind of decision Liz Carr Moosh. I think we're GONNA they get the head kick one guy that's kind of what I'm thinking is well I I think Valentina now has gotten a taste of how you can win as a champion and what that does you know what I mean. And I think she's now all starting to realize I'm a notch above all these ladies one or two. I can win how I want when I want. I feel like I mean really. She's only had two title defenses so long she's had this long distinguished career or anything like that But I think now that she had a little bit of a version of both types of fights. I think she's going to go back to being like the contract. Killer the assassin per se. So I pick her to win by by devastating type of Finish more than likely on the feet. I just think she's. It's too much for killing. Kagan to Kagan is tough. She's you know I've seen her ground games. Diesel or standard games decent but I think Shevchenko moves at too high of a pace and she blends the martial arts very very well wherever she goes. The only thing. It's every scared me about Valentine. If you're SHANECO is her isolated training her her sister and her coach not allow number starring or any of the. I've never seen her as part part of a big Jim where you can go where you can say she handles herself. Wow versus these other fellow. UFC BANHAM leads or flyweights. Or whatever you don't see too much of that. Yeah you've heard the stories where she strained with rose and a few others but I haven't seen any of it. You know what I mean. Maybe the reasons why she stays injury-free to could be now that's a testament to the coach. The coach is doing something right No 'cause you're schenker only Antonina has a loss Well until engineers got a loss. I shouldn't say Valentina doesn't have a loss. Bouncing losses are the top dogs the top the top though. Yeah so Pavel Fedotov. I believe he pronounces last name. It could be that he's just onto something. You know what I mean but I I don't know enough about the foot. Maybe he had other subjects and they were either doing well or not be judged the level of of her who's who's training her whatever but anyway it's she's always been a little bit of an enigma and it's working so the odds on that fight are by the way are minus minus thousand for volunteers for Cinco plus six fifty for killing Kagan deep match. I would never let thousand on anybody and to Kagan plus six fifty. I suppose if I was going to do something I would do that. But SHINCO falls under the military some military love so. I'm just going to enjoy the fight. I'm GONNA enjoy the greatness of Valentina Shaneco Moving onto the main event John Jones versus Dominic Reyes. John Jones minus five hundred dominic gray is possibly fifty. I gotta go John. Jones here The dudes basically sleep in virtually unstoppable. There have been some fighters that have maybe shown a little little weaknesses air for four John but John Figures figures out how to put it all together. So it's hard to bet against them now but this is the type of fighter that you would say could give him trouble right. It's got a long range which he's got some powerful shot. This would be the type of guy that would give him trouble but the other thing that's kind of stood out for me is John Mentally. Seems like he's in a good place. I think he's been tested a few times mentally here in this camp with questions. That have been asked his way and and he's just seems like maybe he might have matured a little bit so I think everything seems to be cooking for John Right now. Michael John Jones going back to Spain back click and I thought I heard you say something interesting interesting John. j-o-h-n is good at finding away. which probably means he's good at adapting? He's got succeeding. I write up a game plan. Dance right when he was being tested coming off that lay off. He kind of found a way right but still a guy who fought as the middleweight. Mostly then moved up to light heavyweight onto bad legs one especially just shredded leg. Come to split this. I can't get that out of my head and Dan. I don't know if that meant John Jones slowing down or John. Jones was stubborn to be in there with somebody who who was so damaged. I you know what I mean. The IAGO Santos was damaged in rounds. Three four five but even towards the end when I guess you could argue the fight was still oh in question feel John. Jones could've turned it around now. John Jones does limp out of the cage every single time. His Shins is feet. I mean who knows what that guy goes through. It could be that he's just you know he's basically fighting on adrenaline at that point. So maybe that's his version of slowing down now. But Man I I I wanna I WANNA see raise not my gun to the head. Pick but almost confident enough to put them Imus my staff pick. It's just that the staff picks don't matter in the sense that it's just basically competition between us. It's never held against against me. If I don't get a pick right you know what I mean I feel like I can dabble there if I put twenty bucks on raise or twenty five. Well it hurts. Of course I don't WANNA lose it but I feel like it's worth worth the investment of of possibly hits. I would never do gun to the head because I feel like a fool going against the greatest of all time but something tells me goes. This could be a weekend prime. I'm for upset. That is the same guy where Matt Serra beat George saint-pierre I agree this kind of has that feeling. It's just it's hard to say that what's going to happen when you got a guy like John. Don't but everything else on the other side makes you feel a little confident Dan. Tom was saying being the fighters that can hurt John. Jones the most are the ones that can counter off of John. Jones's kicks And that's something Dominic Reyes isn't really exceptional at but that said John. Dominic Reyes is has power. He can kick box. He has wrestling. We always sees a football player and he was but he was also wrestler so he may have a little bit of what it takes to be. 'cause we always said if John Jones's decides is the wrestle everyone mostly everyone's in trouble even DC got taken down by John Jones. So trust me I know that Dominic Reyes and get taken down by John Jones but I. I think that's John's Xanadu. It's a lot easier than if you're Shogun for example where you have basically. I don't want to say no wrestling. I'm training wrestling. But no wrestling background. And Dominic Reyes is six four and you know all too old five probably two thirty on fight night versus show gun. Who's maybe six one? Maybe two twenty twenty five on finite to thirty in that to twenty to thirty is kind of like a soft two twenty five to thirty definitely not doesn't have that wiry strength of John Jones. It does because there's only John Jones is a to forty five to fifty Guy Jonky inflates himself. He's actually an undersized light-heavyweight but I just think he's naturally wiry strong because of his frame his wrestling background. He can cause a lot a lot of problems for a lot of fighters Saw Me give you my pick. Dominik Ray is going with him. Nice uh. I'm SORTA win you in a way to win decision. I think he's just gonNA catch them in the John Jones. We'll come back and beat Dominic Reyes and then they'll eventually have to have a trilogy. I don't know if it'll be right away kind of forecasting here into the future to get wakeup call for John and So then things will be shifted everywhere. He'll still be one of the goats but he won't be the current Aaron Pound for pound king. It's it's Habibur mogomedov anyway. And by the way if he wins I might have to put them above Hobie because he doesn't fight frequently so even the Habib has no losses and neither does John he only has the technical loss amount Hamel. I feel like just doesn't fight as frequently and this'll be John's fourth fight in about fourteen months. It's not a bad pace that he's picking up all over again and who knows maybe just if he wins might have to take a look at about putting him above Habib if you lose. I think he'll come back hungrier than ever. But you know he's got. This is the second go round as a light heavyweight champ and this'll we'll be as eleven title defence it would time with Dimitris Johnson. For the record it would separate them from and civil who had ten uh Anderson's were ten consecutive and Dimitrios for ten consecutive. Johns had two stints because of the problems with I think that's what different is Dimitrius. Just did it continuously Yeah But once you get the twelve that's no longer eleven. You know what I mean. So we'll see. We're not there a yet and John still in his early thirties. So then he'll have plenty of opponents. Still you know in these now that said walkers out rack each lost. He'll have opponent. I mean Corey Anderson is foaming at the mouth to the man. I can't wait for this again. Goes in. I'll be doing a sports caster on Saturday night. An alternative broadcast sportscaster. I should say sportscaster dot com forward forward slash enemy junkie. Check out the fights with us on Saturday ten PM Eastern Seven Pacific All right so you say hold onto the title. I say he loses it. I WANNA to be with you I I because everything does seem prime for upset in this. If you were to ask me to create a fighter to beat John Jones. He would probably look a lot like this. I just can't say it. You know what we keep forgetting. The Aga Santos is going to be back at some point. Healthy yeah you know and a split decision loss I mean I don't see Dana. May giving them too many fights before he fights fiscal on. Yeah just once you get them right back there right. So I can't forget about that guy I can't forget about that guy even though we lost rackets and Walker as immediate contenders dion still around. I thought Anthony Smith had a great rate comeback fight from a loss when he'd be Gustafsen. That's how you do it. You know what I mean And you know John Jones's stats versus Teixeira. The stats are very similar as well to share even though he got mauled by Jones. He's quietly amassed quite a career in the you have C.. Especially because it took him forever to get any and all those Veasley quietly as a streak she sure does he has like five. Submission Wins Ten K.. O. Wins There was an article I believe it was done by Mike Bond just talking about all all the different things that John Jones Dunn's career the list quite impressive. Check it out a lot of good stuff on anime junky. Who If you click one story leads to another one but if you WANNA get your yourself more familiar with the combatants on Saturday Check out these articles. They're there for a reason. So that's basically the main card there what what's been your thoughts on embedded it. It's been interesting. I mean I think some people have been saying that. They've been trading barbs on on twitter in the main event and I don't really see it that way. I think that stuff that John Tries to do to help sell the fight but raises spin pretty honest Like the thing about Kobe. You know maybe giving him that extra die hard lincoln. Yeah but it it's it's been it's been okay. It's embedded get a little better. I think right around episode for which is four which is what I think. We're going to be coming up on today. You think Israel out of song is going to be active on twitter on Saturday thing so I don't blame them. I always talk about hubby versus Connor in that stadium. Right across from this Mandalay Bay here By think is versus Jones could qualify too. That's my backup could. It isn't the first to build it up at Johnny Dizzy. Yeah I agree Let's touch on a couple years from now. We'll get out of here all right. So did you see Max Kellerman interviewing John cajones on. I Take I did and I was actually kind of blown away by John handled himself. Well right yeah. He gave his answers where he still. Oh clown but he didn't go over the top and like punk somebody which he's more than really he can if he wants to because he's already accepted Arab. Have you want to be the bad guy. I'll be the right guy but it seems like he's still wants to be the good guy and honestly he's been on a decent run. Now this Graham thing is GonNa go away because you saw this kind of changed just a little bit of you know the bar that that so. I don't think that's going to be a problem. He hasn't been in any trouble. He's been active title. Defenses have been one after the other had some pretty good fights including that split decision win over the Agua Santos thous- pretty interesting. But when he went on I take take he was asked a little bit about Conrad and Habibur Mogomedov and is answers. Were good I liked them. Basically paraphrase with Conor McGregor. He was asked you know. I think it's the duty of any mainstream media. Just throw Connor's his name out there. Because of the popularity of Conor McGregor but in reality John kept the real. He's something along the lines of look when everyone's sitting around talking in the barbershop. He's it's really not gonNA come up in the goat talk Mo only if you say but what about the gate that he brought the pet the masses of people the pave. Yeah Yeah Okay that is. That's what's he got himself some Cao's over some legends champ champ everything but no title defences been away for a while. He hasn't racked up those numbers that we are quoting earlier. Josie Aldo had seven titled Defenses. George saint-pierre had nine title defences Anderson Silva had ten to meech. Johnson had ten John Jones. I've had eight. All those ink. Consecutive goes the won the title and then defended it that many amounts of times John Jones of course came back and got another two. That's why he's at and Conrad Zach. Had none of that. You know what I mean and barbershop. Talk means expert talk because those are the people that sit around and obsess over sports. You know what I mean so John Jones Jones is not wrong. You know what it reminded me a lot of that. 'cause I thought John did great. I thought his answers were great He still had a little bit of that. Swag with a little. A bit of the laughing and stuff But I thought overall he did great but what it reminded me of when he brought up that barbershop talk and all that was a little bit of pro wrestling. And and you look at guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin and and they took wrestling by storm but nobody really talks about about him being like one of the greatest of all time because his matches weren't really that exciting his energy that he brought in the character. How it kind? Hi change pro wrestling a little bit. But as far as what he did in the ring. You didn't really go. Wow can you believe you know finishing move or or how he put up with this this type of match or anything like that. It kind of reminded me of that. When thinking about Conor McGregor his point and I think that is something where we'll look back and look at his contribution to the sport but I don't know that we'll talk about him? As being one of the greats. I agree I found the exact quote he says it's about being the guy that people are going to be talking about at fifty a hundred about fifty one hundred years from now that's really what gets me out of bed in the morning at the end of the day no disrespect to connor because I love what he's doing for our sport I don't think he's GonNa be in the conversation. People sitting around at a barbershop talking about the greatest martial arts artists in the world He's right the the only thing that will happen is you'll get that one while cargo. Hey Bob out that Conor McGregor man. He sold some paper views. And then everyone another head and fist bump and I five and do whatever because you gotta give give him that. He really really did change the sport in that regard but as far as those statistics all time greats the ticks. He's not there yet now. Connors career is not over over. Maybe he'll get there. I don't know in fact hanging anelle on Habibur Maga made off would be a great start if he can get to that but no disrespect to Habib he's still. Has Tony ahead of them. So we'll see and that's a whole other conversation. The other guy that was addressed was Habib. Magomedov Kellerman was has basically he backtracked a little bit on a statement. Yeah here's basically Here's what went down. Callan was trying to say this is a quote from Columbine. I don't mean who's more accomplished. I'm talking about just the eyeball test. Jones Jones needed more clarification. What do you mean by that? The eyeball test Kellerman says no magomed off in a sport where it seemed early on that the one that the one who's basis the ground game usually has the advantages guy who is best known for striking is the best example. I can think of a guy who's ground game is ridiculous Gillis and then can also stand up. I mean. I didn't believe other than that. Big Punch on McGregor hasn't shown US enough to be part of that sentence. Habib has gotten better for sure cirque with Iaquinta for awhile remember. He doesn't fight frequently correct. You're right he does. And and then toss out that example. You gave him Kellerman alluded to when I just said he just doesn't have much of a history as a striker. So this is what Jones says right. Yeah his standup is really not much to write home about now. This is like after a chuckle. He had to hold back a little bit. I really don't want to insult my fellow martial artists. I don't WanNA insult these guys. I'm happy before everyone like I said some guys are more popular. Some guys make more money. It's always going to be that kind of opinion thing but by the time I leave the sport. I don't think there's is going to be much of an argument. So he did well for himself he had to say something similar to what he said. which might it sound disrespectful to Habib? I really don't think he. His intention was to do anything other than promote the fight. He was just answering the questions and he had the put it that way. There was no way around around I thought he did great I o we give him an a plus on that on that performance for steak. Yeah so kind of interesting. Two Thousand Twenty were two guys that have been bad. Boys in the past are kind of holding their own McGregor An and John Jones now John Jones will see what happens. Going forward. McGregor Still Hill has some stuff to contend with on the other side of the pond but so far in terms of them predicting maybe the can fight three times this year in and be great martial artists so far Soga All right Well that's kind of it man. Look there's a lot of other news on the front front page of our may junkie if you want to check it out. There's used to forty seven pre-event facts. There's a catch up with every single person from the The main card of you've you've seen forty-seven and even some additional Fights fighter. Excuse me that are on the UC to forty seven card Gary Tanin wants a one and by the way title shot. Of course he was mentioned earlier on an episode because he's going to be grappling versus destined. Play it was on the spinning back earlier this week Gaston Bolanos is back in action goes. He had won four in a row member. We got submitted Yet submitted back in September. He's going to be fighting on a card coming up here. Rebel tour to thirty nine in Oklahoma Darren till still says he might be able to fight it to forty eight versus jared cannon here so first Dana White said he's off off. He's still saying that he might be able to to fight. On kinda says he's been nursing the injury for awhile now. My what I would prefer is just get one hundred percent and then make the fight happen. I think so I can wait till May or April but I really liked the match up. I don't want a hurried version of of this. You need did your ankle to get your mileage in to get your strength and conditioning in much less the fight itself. I'm sure you can put up with the pain for fifteen minutes but I'd rather get somebody cleaned up and have them be one hundred percent. Wouldn't you agree. Yeah especially with with a guy like der until his kind of giving us a little insight into what his mind in the way it works and I wouldn't want a guy like that going into a fight hobbled. Yeah I agree about the craziness of Colby Covington wanting to box. Yeah I knew it no me neither no just stick to ever may it was to going into the fifth round which means he's right there. You know with a tweet here there. He can fight for a world title again. I think Amaro knows that he belongs xenos. He belongs covy nosy belongs. You should focus on the main now fifty cents. The opponent right. Yeah so so. If if there's just a ton of money can stop that from happening. You know if there's two million there by paying fighters better if they paid fighters better fires. I just wouldn't be asking for ridiculous things like that breezes and trying to throw a draft Javelin 'cause or a pitch because he's being paid well to do what what he wants to do right. Supposedly got paid five hundred grand. If I'd Comorros Mun but if somebody's in all from two million to five fifty cent. You can't blame them for wanting to fight fifty cents all right a little bit man. Yeah but it should be able to be. I think when you look at overall what the U. of C. cashes in versus what the fighters get. I think that's why they look look at it. And that's the biggest enigma in this sport is your right. What the UC makes they should share with their athletes? Fifty percent rough number. That's what the other leagues do. But the reason they don't folks is they don't have to. It's a simple as that. Um and I can't blame them for that. That's the way says I'll businesses. Yes Shit to get to that point any fighter. They want they just flat out. Don't I don't have to do it the only way they have to do. It is if all of them say well you know what. Then we're not fighting. Well then guess what the probably have like ten cards laid laid out from here on out and they have Debt payments that. They have to make so at that point they would have to collectively negotiate. Maybe for thirty days days maybe cancel a few shows but they would basically at some point after deliver a product. Espn you couldn't just have six hundred people on the sideline and then pull in. What's called SCAB? ABS- gathered people that crossed the picket lines. and Say I'll fight. I'll fight off fight. It's not going to be the AFC product that's the only way they can get to fifty. And do you think this collective bunch each of fighters who you've got an over the years whether you've only been a fan for one year ten years twenty years. Do you think they have it in you know. I don't think so there's a bit they called on them. Do but a lot of you not to work. Oh yeah a lot of people from part of the world or they're billionaires when they get home the last conor McGregor Carton. Look that undercard. You tell me mean you gotTa Scab. Carter wouldn't look that much different. Yeah I agree The only other the thing I wanted to say was lost it. Oh the Saudis WanNa pay Habib a hundred million to fight Conor McGregor No yeah and he answered by saying one hundred million for me to beat up that idiot again. He kind of did an interview where he thought he was. Basically saying Saudis. Save your money man. Like that's just not rational. You know what you're what you're are willing to pay. I thought it was bizarre. Usually people are like lining up like okay. Wire me the money you know. Here's my account number. Yeah that to me is very weird. Heard but He's the one guy that's kind of. It's weird because he says over and over that money's not really an issue but I think obviously there's been certain moments in in his life where it seems like it is so I don't know he I think he's just really hates connor I think he really wants to make him Pay By making him knock it special treatment. Yeah you know what I want to close the one more. Sorry Angela Hill has yet again. Answered the call for short notice fight love. I love her hats off to her. And she's going to be placed Hannah Goldie and take on Loma look at UC on ESPN plus twenty six. That's the card taking place down in Auckland New Zealand. And it's headlined by via Dan Hardy Paul Elder and lastly non-immigration related shoutout to our good friend Lucas macgyver believe it's how you pronounce his last name from New Zealand. Longtime listener may junkie. Radio looks like he lost. Grandfather goes the last few days he had a really really nice post there on facebook so shout out to Lucas and his family. Thoughts and prayers are are with you all. I'm sure you're going through a lot of pain. Man was grandparents are cornerstones man to Families as you know what I mean and there was some really really cool pictures that In his post enough you saw it but I did tell like. That was a mover and Shaker within the family. So those hurt I I just think of our last grandparent. We don't goes and I only got to meet two of our grandparents. They're both from their mom side when our Grandfather passed away off folks. I wasn't there but he was a real big figure. Eric Peru and goes on my line. Wasn't it. Thousands came to his and then twenty five almost twenty five years later. Our grandmother passed away and she she. She didn't have anything like that. But what I'm saying is now we became. We went from being kids to adults and we saw just how much everything revolved oft around. You know kind of her and she was a cornerstone piece. So I know the McIvor family must be experiencing a lot all right now but again. We're with you man all right we're GONNA duck on Outta here. One last reminder sportscaster on Saturday ten PM Eastern Seven. PM Pacific goes on. We'll be on the call all watch along with us. You've seat to forty-seven whether you order it or not. You can always turn down the volume on the boys and listen to us or have them both. Whatever it doesn't matter will be there? You should be there as well. Keep it locked on an junkie throughout the week. Follow us on twitter and instagram goes as that goes. I'm at enemy junkie. George the radio show is at Radio and we'll see you all on Monday to recap the event until then go out there and be champion.

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