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The Walking Dead Season 9, Ep #14 Recap | Scars


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We're trading your car, check out truecar today. The Walking Dead season nine of fourteen is over. But we're just getting started with our recap of scars here on the Walking Dead polls show recap. And now. Now here are the two people who may or may not have some cool scars to talk about. I am a rob sister. You he was just the lease. Just how are you? I was very on brand for you. Rob. Thank you very much. My my my brand is hot iron. Indeed. That's my brand. Yep. That was that was definitely there's some scarring material in this episode. So I guess it's an appropriate name for the episode scarring in jarring episode of the Walking Dead. I then I'll Frazier. Yes. In the open. I just I didn't want to speak for you. I don't have any cool scars. I do not have any cool scars myself apart from I guess, technically tattooing is kind of like scars because scarring yourself, but if you inflict the scar on yourself, it definitely doesn't count as a cool scar. Okay. So just I really thought this was a phenomenal episode of the Walking Dead here tonight. I saw that it was I think like five years ago that this was the anniversary of the grove this weekend, which is another high water, Mark. And I feel like this was the best Walking Dead up that we've seen in a while. So every five years, we gotta kill a bunch of kids. To impress. Yeah. It seems like that that's really where they hit the stride. I guess so I don't know. Rob. I was I was watching this episode thinking, I'm going to come into this podcast and Rob's going to be so high on this. I'm I'm not as high on it as you are to be honest. And so I think that's gonna make for some interesting. Discover why why did you predict that I was going to be so high on episode of the Walking Dead because every week. I talk about how I wish that they would kill all the kids on the show. Well, there's that. Only the one current. She didn't kill. Honestly, Henry versus Winnie. I don't know who wins that annoying kid off. Yeah. All right. Well, let's get into this. Interesting story that was going on. Now a lot of this episode. I think served answer, you know, some of the back story questions about you know, we had talked about like what happened Michaud is referring to some sort of an incident that something went down. We didn't know exactly what that was. And we do get that answer here tonight. But in terms of the bland that we have saw glimpses of that's been that you were really super curious about getting the backstory on. Well, the funny thing is rob. We've had this conversation a few times, I think over the course of the season, and you have said very much. You don't think it really matters. How that all happened? And you think we were even going to get that nice to get we're going to get that explanation. We're probably going to get it at some point where we're going to be stalling for time. I think that is where our fundamental differences lie here because I knew this was coming. I knew we were going to get this. And I knew we were probably going to get it at a time where we might be really really ready to see what happens next in the main storyline in. That's where my chief issues with it lie. I've thought it was a beautiful piece of standalone, storytelling. But I also think we can scoop this up and take it right out of the mythology. And nobody's going to miss it on a binge-watch two years from now. But isn't the journey part of the ride in terms of like a of getting where we're getting is the fair all that great. I'm I haven't seen the fair yet. So I don't know if it's going to be great. But I do think that we're leading up to something. And the more times you keep reading that bell of something's coming something's happening. Something's huge, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. You do that too many times you risk building up the suspense too much. You have cried wolf, and I'm not interested anymore. And I think taking a step back and telling us some entirely different story and being like, yeah, you're waiting for the real story. I think that just increases the risk that we're not going to be as shocked by the real story as we wanna be. Yeah. No, I hear all that. I think you make a compelling point in terms of. Yes. This was. Side quest. This episode not necessarily something that you know, people were. Dying to know the minor details, I think we were a little curious about you know, what changed in Michelle. But I feel like that. If they stick the landing on something like this. I feel like it was worth the excursion. Yeah. That's that's fair. Because it was a really well produced episode. It was well thought out we haven't seen miss shown in forever. And I think it was really a great opportunity to give her something really important to do which let's be real. She really hasn't in a few episodes. And it does kind of fall into that that kind of Tabitha the goat category. This is a great story. Well, done well done by Missouri. Right. And I think it's okay to have unnecessary things. But let's not kid ourselves into thinking that we needed to have. This piece of information before we go into whatever's next and happy that the episode is being well received tonight by most after a rough week for deny GRA after. She was a left off of the billing of the avengers endgame poster. I think deny girl's life is fine. She's fine. The best thing I saw was somebody had Photoshop the poster. So that every face on the poster was her that was much better. Nobody was branded the whole right? Not that I could tell you couldn't really see anybody's lower back. It wasn't really kind of poster. What's with Jocelyn, branding, everybody? What is she cowboy ex? That was weird. Like that didn't even make any sense. Like, why are you? I unless it's just one of her like weird cult he exercises to get her little Mad Max beyond thunderdome gang into the killing spirit. But there's really no good reason to be hauling around that heavy iron still like brand people. Every so often before you kill them. Why did you put a J on them? We'll get into that too. I maybe she doesn't have good blacksmiths vision needs to go. See Earl Henry one hundred is you get him onboard. It'd be perfect for he hasn't had any blacksmith training whatsoever. At this point in time. I don't want Henry doing my blacksmith thing. Okay. Let's talk through the timelines. I guess the episode opens with a flashback to Michelle on going and looking for Rick with Darrel. She does find Rick's gun. No sign of Rick. Well, no sign of Rick because well, we know what happened to. Yes. Yes. And it's like, okay, Michelle, if you if you knew what had happened to Rick you probably would stop looking for him Yali stop trying to figure out any of that. Because I think even miss shown doesn't want those movies. She only knew that he was off with Jada somewhere. Yeah. He got a helicopter and went off to cloud-cuckoo-land. So that was the start of this episode. We end up with Rick's gun in his shoe box for Judith. But we end up with the introduction of this character Jocelyn who what's what's the story here that she just was like a wounded, and this was all big Trojan horse to get into Alexandria and steal their kids. I don't know if the wounded part was I it's hard to tell. It's the part that I think through everybody for a loop is that it turned out that Jocelyn Michaud were old college buddies. And I think nobody expected that part. But it does seem like maybe she faked a serious injury to get people to take her in. And it's like, oh, I've got kids. Let's take these couple of kids with me are group's been separated. We need your help as just to check out the settlement. And see what there is what they can take. And who they can. Right. So miss shown knows Jocelyn and Jocelyn sins off emissions people to go and track down her team of young people adjustment is not unlike a Maistre Khyber n- that she has basically this army of murderous little birds. Yeah. Yeah. Like to me, it looked like nothing so much as Mad Max beyond thunderdome where there's just like this bunch of like murderous kids with like two adults, and they're all just kind of waiting around for the pilot to show up with Joscelyn's and game here. Well, I think I think this is such a comic book thing. This is nothing. None of this happens in the comics that I can. But this is such a comic book thing that we are watching happen here because I feel like the tactic that the comic book and show to a lesser extent. The checked they always take is that everybody that survived. Zombie apocalypse is going to come through it damaged and crazy in some way. And they're all going to have this very specific worldview that involves this very very particular type of exploitation, whether you have like Neagh in coming up with gladder day piracy or you have alpha thinking we have to wear the skins of the dead. And I guess Joscelyn's thing was I'm going to build an army of feral children. Yes. We're just to get this idea. I know seems legit. I guess. The governor. I'm gonna keep bunch of people's heads at aquariums has this particular psychosis. If they're going to go on to beat leaders in the Walking Dead universe. I guess I mean how Jocelyn gets so good at this. When they win the Joscelyn's like headquarters, they had like all of the documents up. Okay. Here's how to skin a deer. Here's how to eat a rapid seemed like that, you know, Jocelyn did have this whole system worked out. Yeah. It seems like. Well, it seems like I would have guessed that she was some sort of child psychologist. I'll be apocalypse. But she probably if she knew miss shown, maybe they knew each other from law school or something. But it. Yeah. It seemed like she had she must have had some time post zombie apocalypse to work out this whole system because it really seems like you can't just like the day after everybody dies be like, okay. Here's how I'm going to put in this plan that I've had that I've had in my back of my head in wing. You gotta have some time to shape, inform, these ideas. I don't think anybody just comes right out of his ambi- apocalypse with this fully-fledged plan. So we see sort of like this big barbecue that ends up happening. These kids are like expert hunters somehow these kids are like better hunters than anything we've seen between you know, Darryl and anybody else that we've had an any of the crews that they're able to just like a feast. Yeah. And you know, Daryl's been hunting since he was that size. But these kids are really good because it really good Joscelyn's train them. Well, yes, where did Jocelyn? Learn how to do all this stuff. If. She was like hanging out at like boozy liberal arts college with Joan. We don't know that. But these children are capable of anything. They are future treat them. Well. Well, yes, yes. Let them let them lead the way Jocelyn. And this ultimately goes into that. Michelle looks at the manhole cover in the present day, and then in the past we see that that was how Jocelyn got the local kids out of town with some supplies down the sewer, and we've seen that manhole cover be a plot device to get people in and out of Alexandria before probably shouldn't be able to town earlier. Yeah. I guess the reason that she might not have in the past is because that's how Carl got people out of Alexandria. And it's like, maybe we're sentimentally paying tribute to Carl by leaving. We'll cover open. But it sure seems like this was sell this felt a little forced to be that. She would look down like in present day. She looked down at the manhole cover, which is now bolted down. And then he would look like way back into the past. And see the manhole cover ajar, it's like we could pick any object. Literally any object Alexandria. We could just stare at it and like use it as a mental portal through time. This was this was a little forced in a little ridiculous. Okay. So we seem shown in Darrell they go out, and they are conducting the search for all the kids, and they end up finding a one of these other kids PJ and they follow PJ into. What does this like an abandoned school? I would imagine just for extra poetic Justice whom fits probably school probably a school. And we end up where then Darryl is looking for MS shown, and the kids are sort of like holding a bunch of weapons at her Daryl ends up taking an arrow, which is also ironic guess lead irony, and then miss shown in Darryl are going to be hung up and gagged. It's not a good look for either one of them. No. But we have Jocelyn. Now, this is like some sort of like a training exercise and just this so much of this going on in the Walking Dead zeitgeist. The idea of that only the strong survive you need to be strong. Kick. Can't we? Yeah. I I guess it makes a little bit of sense. But it's also how many times do we have to see this play out in like strange little psychotic ways. I feel like this is not even the first one we've seen this year. It's not even the second one. We've seen this year. If you recall in fear, the Walking Dead that dirty filthy women, Martha this was also her world view. This is her view. It's ALPHA's worldview, I feel like sandwich you like about Neagh in but negro never made value judgments on people's wreak Nisar strength. He's just like, I'm the strong guy and y'all are even whole giving yourself. Yes. And so ultimately, we're going to see branding for both Daryl information, they get the x x marks the spot. I need. I thought this always echoed to me like whenever they showed that scar. And they would like zoom in meaningfully. I swore it looked like they'd had a kidney taken out. Yeah. Nope. Just just got branded by Michelle college friend. Again, this is this is one of the gripes. I have with this story line because I feel like we were given a bunch of Domino's like the setup a bunch of dominoes. And they here are some mysterious things that we want you to think about over the course of the season, we want you to wonder why is miss shown so isolationist, and why did Daryl go off by himself. And what is with that weird scar on their backs, and they keep bringing it up and keep bringing up, and I feel like good storytelling would drop clues in that would have us zoning in on what actually happened. So the point when it's given to you. You are like oh, wow. I feel smart. I kind of had that halfway figured out. But in this instance, nobody was spending the last two months sitting there thinking, well, I bet it was machines old college roommate who had a Colt of children and decided to brand people as a training exercise. Is to show their strength. That was not on anybody's horizon. And that's what makes me think it's slightly subpar storytelling. Fair point fair. And I don't know how you put these things in place to lead us to this story because that would have been extra weird. But. It is out of nowhere. This entire episode is dropped on us like an and Ville out of nowhere. And as good an episode as it was in a vacuum. It hot envel- a very hot envel- with like big ExIm Boston. It takes us nowhere. It leaves us. Exactly where we were at the end. I feel like that. I mean, it gets us to the point where my shown is willing to go to the hilltop and take Judith. And then like a company that people that were going to the hilltop. Yeah. I guess it does kind of get everybody into place, and they're all going to looks like according today previews for next week. They're gonna sign the document. But it's also we didn't need we didn't need this arc read off. Didn't need miss shown to go on a walkabout and come back and feel reconnected to everything like we didn't need any. We could just have her be who she was. It'd be like, okay herp. I'm going to the kingdom. So maybe the mistake was the turn went from that Michaud already said everybody could go, but she was like reluctant. She was like, okay. You guys do what you want go. If you want to. But I think it's a bad idea to then coming around saying like, okay, I understand why you want to go and. You know, I guess we should go. Yeah. I feel like we didn't even need this like Michelle could have been heartbroken at the loss of Rick and not willing to welcome more people in as a result of that. And then just have her say all right fine. I cave. We'll all go to the fair. It's like my wife's friends or having a barbecue. And I'm like reluctantly going. I'm like, I don't wanna go. This is a terrible idea. A mad. I don't want to go and then like a whole big flashback of events occurs. My kids run away. I find them and say, yes, you're what you're right. Let's go to the barbecue. I would love to go to your friends barbecue. Even though I thought it was. Yeah. I mean, you're you're exactly at the same place as you were when you first heard about the barbecue, but I'm not reluctant anymore. You're not reluctant or you're at least less reluctant. Let's I mean. I mean, let's be honest. I mean, it's probably not going to be that good of a more. Yeah. But I would say it probably would take more than murdering a bunch of children and having a heart to heart with yours. Children to get you to leave your house like they might make tacos on the fourth of July. When all I want is hot dog and hamburger. Yeah. It's like what people's barbecues get to high-concept? Dow now, I don't over think it. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Same advice could be given to the Walking Dead is what you're saying. Don't over. Thank you. Don't get to high concept with this stuff. John. And I realized every time they have a villain, and they defeat the villain and they come back to their equilibrium point. You'd have to have a bigger and better villain next time. But it just. Okay. That's why you need the top Dylan, you need an alpha need alpha hands. All these other villains. Our own little betas. Alfavilli? Little jocelyn. She didn't even she was had a bunch of children. I all fight like a bunch of kids all my inch men a grown people. L found a bunch of little babies would these people for lunch. Yeah. So how did Daryl get free to beat up the guy who was guarding them? He got free by being Daryl. Yeah. I mean, the the happened in the commercial break, it was a bond esque like, okay? Well, we could kill you. But we'll just leave you here with this one henchmen while we go figure out other the stuff to do. Yeah. It was. Well, it was almost like they wanted them to like, hey, we got all your kids. Come get your kids. But we did see like the very first shot. We got of Daryl machine strung up. You had a very meaningful zoom in on Daryl's hands tied up with the rope. And you saw his hands kind of moving back and forth. So I assume the whole time this was all happening. He was working on getting out of those ropes. Okay. No eagle scouts in the Jocelyn crew pantley not. It's it's like Logan's run. Like once you reach eagle scout. They just kill you. Okay. Boy, mousse show really took a beating in this episode of the I mean, this was like uncomfortable till watch that I mean at every every turn. Stabbed the two by fours to the face that just a an insane amount of injury to miss shown in this episode. Yeah. And she was what like seven months pregnant at this point. Can't be good for the baby. I guess it's good that RJ turned out. Alright. Yeah. So as Daryl and Michelle and try to make their way out then Jocelyn tells like a bunch of like these murderous kids like no get her. Yeah. That I got to be cooled. Yeah. That'd be pretty cool to do that. To tell a bunch of children to kill a pregnant woman that this special kind of cold, right? And she was like, I don't want to do this. I don't wanna fight but the kids are coming at her with knives. Yeah. And they're doing that Bruce Lee movie thing where they come at. You wanted a time you series advised. This is one of those things like the question of like would you rather fight one hundred horse one hundred duck size, horses or one horse size duck. And the thing is anytime, you're fighting one hundred of anything they're going to swarm you. That's the whole like if your little and there's a lot of you. That's the one thing you got in your favor like these kids clearly were out of their depth. Yeah. So Jocelyn does not really teach strategy in terms Jesus them to murder, but she doesn't like teach them group murder apparently not and you would think they would have better fighting skills on the other hand, I. The other thing you have going for you with your murderous child is that people are going to be reluctant to murder you back. Right. You saw Michelle do that. She's got her sword up. And it's like sure physically it's nothing to her to like make one swipe of the sword and cut them all down with like one fell swoop, but their kids, and she's a mother, and it's making her hesitate. Yeah. So much shown comes running out the back that she tries you sees Judith young Judith here in this flashback, and she comes running out the door in Jocelyn is waiting there with a hacksaw Jim Duggan. Esca two by four nice pool. To just a Samak poor shown in the face while it's not it's not the one that made me cringe. Like, I eat out dudes when they watch somebody get take a really hard hit to the nuts they voluntarily cross their legs. Yes. When we show gets lashed in the belly in the belly. I did that. But those were the I think those were the two those were the two, you know. Really tough things to watch in this episode. Yeah. I mean in terms of the machines beating and then killing the kids also difficult to watch. Well, they didn't show mostly they did not show a lot of the kids getting killed. Yeah. It was I thought intercut well between present day Michelle killing a bunch of the walkers. Yeah, that's a that's a favorite shot that Walking Dead likes to do is somebody is in the past doing something unspeakable, and they're doing something slightly less unspeakable to zombies in the present. We've seen that lot. Yeah. And so after shown gets through a bunch of the other kids because the the order is given like, hey, go kill all the other children. Yeah. Which I think that's the one card you have left to play at that point. Here's your leverage is all these non murderous children up in a trailer. Yeah. You would think that they should have maybe said, okay. Like, hey, like lettuce live, and we'll give you your kids back. Yeah. You would think, but they're also they don't teach negotiations at the Jocelyn academy negotiation is a grad school, level course, rob. Yeah. I mean, they could've started with the low ball offer of. Okay. You just leave and we'll keep the kids. Yeah. An image and could counter. Well, no, I'll just I'll take the kids and then just leave, but they ultimately agreed to that. I will kill you all and then take the kids. Yep. And I think again, this is one of those things that's a win lose negotiation. And it's true. I think it's one of those things like if we're playing one of those genius gains. Like Michaud got all of the chips there. She got all the rubies. Okay. Which which which genius game was it? I can't remember which one it was they had to the bedding. And it's been about. It's been about a year since I've watched any of the genius. So I was probably a bad reference for me to scamming horse race. Yeah. Might have been scamming horse race. But anyway, we're getting far off track. Let's not podcast about it. And you'll have. Oh, I haven't seen it again. It's one of those situations where I think Joscelyn's crew might have lasted as long as they did. Because nobody they had met at up to this point was capable of just swatter a bunch of kids, and they had never met my show. Yeah. And it's interesting to me because if you really know this universe. You know, there's a lot of people out there that are capable of slaughtering a bunch of kids. Sure. But I guess they had the good fortune not to meet them so far so far. Okay. So Winnie is the last person left to be there. And please Winnie. Don't do. It. Don't go in there. Don't go. Don't go kill the kids and Winnie ultimately is going to drop her weapon and run away. Just do you think is this the last that we've will see of Winnie I think three seasons from now we're going to see a meaningful flashback to this scene, and then winning gonna show up again, she's going to Merle Dixon her way back onto the screen because so if you don't die onscreen in the Walking Dead, you are not dead. Could Winnie be one of the whispers now? I guess it's certainly possible that she got picked up by somebody. And it could well have been the whisperers. But boy that would be roundabout that would be also troopers. I get the impression that the whisperers have not been in the area this whole time because if they had been I think we would have ready to by now, I think they are Johnny-come-latelies to the Alexandria slash hilltop slash kingdom world. And they just think everything is their turf. So I would guess that. There was not necessarily whispers around for when he to get picked up by. But we I don't even think your whisper material. She did throw down her weapon in bolt. Instead of doing the strong thing that wasn't a strong thing. Are you a good liar? Okay. Then we got to see Michelle and everybody return and CDC ultimately checks out Michelle as they as they come back with all of the other children of Alexandria. And the children are mostly unharmed. I was really glad to see one of my favorite tertiary characters. Scott make another appearance. Oh. Was he one of the redshirt parents? Yeah. He's one of the redshirt parents. And I didn't know he had a kid part of canon up until this point. I don't think but he's been in Alexandria from the beginning and the actor is married in real life to sneak with Mark green. Oh, okay. Okay. So it's fun that he's still around. And he's one of those guys that. He shows up in the background. Every so often, I'm like, oh, good. It's got his still there. Okay. Just guess in the present day in this episode. We had a lot of stuff going on also though at the same time. Fifteen minutes of actual story. Crammed into forty five minutes of episode. Just there was a lot of stuff going on that Henry, and Lydia and Daryl showed up at Alexandria. Yeah. I hear all recap this for real quick Henry and Lydia, Daryl and Connie shipped Alexandria emissions. Like, I don't wanna take you. Okay. I'll take you a little bit. Okay. I'll fix you up by by. Even fricking Henry in his couple minutes of screen time. Oh, so he gets sewn up. And then he he's with his girlfriend Lydia, and he's whining to Lydia about like. Ooh, look in most scores going to look, so gross. No, right. Rob. I have I have something to say about the scar in the comic book zone, but we'll get to that. Okay. But if he really he's like a winding. Oh moon. Loose scores. Skirts. It's come home disfigured. Like, dude. Do you know that your girlfriend walks around with dead people skin around on her face that do you think you're impressing her with this little baby attitude about your this niece, scar is so unseemly? Well, the whole reason that conversation happened was because the episodes called scars, and we talked about other people's much bigger and more important scars. But hey chicks dig scars. That's just going to make him look like more brigade. And right, right. Right. So that is that be I wanted Aaron to walk by behind him with his metal arm cannon with his metal arm that he lost be like, sure. And for you Henry sorry, this medal arm that I have from when my arm got cut off after I was bit by a Walker. Know, I don't really even know where it has a mind of its own sometimes. Yeah, that's not even that's there's not even a scar. There is just a big piece of metal. But it's like a three inch scar. That's on my knee. If I were short pants people are going to see it now. There aren't me short pants. His cock lips. That's just so impractical. Granted we are in the mid Atlantic states. Ensure it gets very hot in the middle of summer, but you don't want to leave all that exposed flesh zombies to bite. I nobody's doing that. We Darryl bonding with Judith a little bit. I didn't know that Darryl. Judith had a relationship. This is also kind of strange because we're given to understand that Daryl's been living in the woods with a dog like a hermit for the five years. And sometimes he comes in visits and miss shown is convinced that Judas does not remember anything that happened like around the time of the disappearance of Rick and the scarring event with all the murders of children don't say scar. I just got one. My leg. Save an remind me of I need a middle hand backhand. I didn't even get that much screen time tonight. This only on the show for a couple of minutes. Rob what are you gonna do when there's an episode? No Henry in it. I have a bottle of champagne downstairs that has been on ice since November of last year. And I've been waiting for the first non Henry episode of the Walking Dead. So that I can open it up. I. A champagne flute, and then I'm just going to pour half over my head here in this podcast duty. Oh, and then drink the other half until I pass out which should be about two glasses in that's going to be a really fun podcast. Well, we'll see it's like the Cleveland Browns. Like a Bud Light refrigerator. It's under lock and key up until the point where we get a no Henry episode fair enough. Rob that you know, that champagne doesn't have a great shelf life that stuff's not gonna keep forever. Well. I guess could be very flat when we get to open it. Yeah. Well, here's hoping we get some phys in it and some. Yes. Judith has a photographic memory remembers everything I guess that. I would remember the time I got kidnapped by a weird cult that tried to murder my pregnant mother liked that would be a pretty formative memory, and it seems like that has borne out with Judas. Yeah. Which is shown in Neagh unseen. I think it was there for filler like most of this episode. But I think she really it does make sense that that would be the first place. She would go especially because that's been the source of friction for them. Pretty much all season was oh, you are talking to Neagh. And that's kind of weird we probably shouldn't talk to the creepy guy. Locked in basement. But there are parts of Judah that she has not revealed to shown that she may well have revealed to said creepy guy in the basements, right naturally. They're going to have that seat. But I I really do. Enjoy this stuff between miss shown in because one. We could easily be seeing like a heart to heart conversation between Henry and Lydia like ease or father Gabriel that goes, you know, talking about his dating status with Rosetta or any other number of stories of Tara getting into it with Tammy about the politics of the hilltop. So if we're getting mish own Neagh in on the screen together. I'm very happy. And while I don't know if I necessarily by the Neagh in is the straight shooter apart of the conversation. I did really. I mean, do you have to grade actors and a well act? Scene. Even if an ultimately is just you know, just to have seen in the episode. Yeah. That's certainly true. But it also it also kind of highlights. A key difference. I think between Neagh in and like all of these other people all these other villains. We've had with like as we've talked about earlier discount cast. We talked about their various psychoses, and like they're weird cults that they form around this post on the apocalypse way of living and Neagh and really didn't have any of that which I think is where he sees himself as a straight shooter. And I it helpful if we're looking at this whole thing globally to have that touchstone where we like, oh, yeah. This is okay. To have this villain still in here. Because he's not totally bonkers. Like everybody else that we've run in mission. Ultimately, ends up a tracking down Judas won't Judith plan. Judith was trying to get to Daryl to go help Henry and Lydia. I think so, but I don't know what she was going to do to help her say, no, I don't know really anything with her. She like maybe she had a couple of supply. Is. But she didn't seem to like she's not going to give him a ride. She doesn't have a car bright. Could you imagine something happened to Judith? Here's I in this episode on account of Henry's lust for Lydia. I think I would be really worried about you. Rob. This Lydia is a real Helen of Troy. Launch this whole season of activity based on Henry's love for Lydia aren't quote, one of my favorite movies of all time. Ten things. I hate about you, what's with this chick. She got beer-flavored nipples or something. I don't know. I don't know. But she did say to miss shown that she has feelings for Henry. Yeah. Which I guess he's the only teenage boy she's ever met. And he also doesn't wear dead human skin on his face all the time. I s those are really attractive qualities when you're sixteen. I thought you said you didn't even I came. Well, you never tell your mom who you like. I mean, that's teenager one to one. Lady and Henry Sydney in a tree. Essence I g. Live in a tree also mazing. Okay. When we see my shown, she tracks down Judith, and she's going to now tell Judith the truth about things that she is going to not just try to give her like the. The PG version of stuff. Yeah. And this is one of those things that makes me really like Judith. And this is kind of this is very consistent with everything we know of so far because Judith listens to all of this. And she's like, yeah. I know. And and this is very this strikes me as a very Judah thing. Like, she knows more than anybody lets on and more than she is. Maybe looks like she does on the surface, and she knows all this and she's processed at differently, and that's pretty much. Exactly what Nagin has said to miss shown as well. It's like, yeah. She is very much like you in that. She took all the information. And she went her own way with it. And I I really like this. I think and I think someone would grow up in this world being that worldly. And maybe it's kind of an extraordinary set of processing skills that Judas has in this situation. But she's also for what it's worth. Rick's daughter got some of that. Yeah. I really did like this from Judith as well. Although I can say that as a real parent. I do find it very frustrating. When my five year old says things to me like, yeah. I know that already dad. Yeah. I already know that. Yeah. I I could imagine my kid has not tried to one up me yet. We're still in the phase of please stop licking that fun. I'm sure I'll get there. You don't know everything? Alright. You didn't know that? Yeah. I already did. And so when Michaud n- and Judas were standing over the grave whose whose grave was that's Carl's grave. Yeah. It's got big see on it. Oh, I didn't know that. That was a see it was. I mean, it was like a ninety degree angle. I thought it was like in verdict. You I was not the upside down, you rob you is alive. And well. That's a that's a horseshoe. Now, they believe it is for cars upside down, you is an icon of class. I heard. Yeah. Upside down, you would never go out that way. So. Turns out miss shown Judith going to go on a road trip. Go road trip going to we're going to meet up with Darryl and dog and Connie and Lydia and Henry, and we're going to give them a lift to fill top. The hilltop or the kingdom. The kingdom became them. What do you think is going to happen? When. When we end up seeing here comes Henry coming back to the kingdom and reunited with his parents, Carol and king Hezekiah will like that. I met somebody. She's she's a whisper. Get out of my house, son. You're no son of mine. You know, so. Fine. And he flunked out a blacksmith and school on the first day. We sent you there to go. Learn to blacksmith, and this is what you come back with to the kingdom. Jerry, take him out of my sight. Well, you know, maybe now is the time for Winnie to roll up because at least she's got a little experience with blacksmith. What is it Carl's new apprentice what's his name? Earl Earl Earl sorry, Carl on the brain tonight. Yeah. Well, let's just one letter difference. But we see look who's watching the whispers, I'm a little bit over the whispers. And guess what? Jazz. They say we're gonna tell alpha alpha needs to know about this. What's this affair? They didn't even invite the whispers to the trade fair. Why don't you ensure? Skin. Yeah. You're gonna trade some like human heads. We have staff. You don't have any stuff. I she's got a bad ass belt buckle. I guess you could trade that I've got a belt buckle. Okay. So we'll see. Yeah. In the alpha barbershop right alpha cuts. Okay. Just to episodes left this season. The fair is kicking off. It looks like that. We will see the whispers show up at the trade fair coming up next week finally getting some some trade fair here. And we really did have to stretch it out. Like, we weren't. We didn't have three episodes trade fair. So I guess it's good that we got this. We're going to have to episodes worth trade fair. It's going to be it's going to be bananas. Now, how will the whispers get the jump on the trade fair? I mean, we have all our best people from Alexandria from the hilltop from the kingdom. They have weapons it's not like that. This is amateur hour here. How will the whispers going to pull this off? It's anybody's guess. And especially I would maybe imagine we've hired some. Strangers to work security. Oh, yes. Highway, man. It's possible that the highway men don't know the areas, well as they think they do and it's possible that some of them are exploited -able. Do you think some highway man going to stop the whisperers? I don't even lack Willie Nelson. Yeah. Beyond the road again after this. And beta is going to be back. So. Beta Rourke, he's rose running to the kingdom for next week episode. I feel like beta needs to sit out a couple of episodes that looked like a bad fall. I have a little concerned about oh, he's he's looks back in full capacity in the preview for next week. Now, that's some quick healing. They must have a hell of a doctor at the whispers camp. You haven't heard of energy healing. Okay. They got a Rakia special Ray key specialist in a whisper. Just anything else. You were talking about before we get to comic book zone. I think we've covered more than enough. Okay. All right. So here's Colin Latchford with the comic book zone talk about anything. But I I since tonight's events. Do not seem to be based from the comic books that just may not have anything that is going to be that sort of world rattling. So now, you might as well stick around. But for anybody who is especially squeamish about hearing something that happened in the comic book spoilers. Let's play you the intro com. To know. Now is photos on what you want to know avoid hearing until about record MS shown the lesson to turn your ring the intro com. Big zone. It technically we did have some plot points about a Rick and Michelle in this episode. So Colin Latchford is on point tonight. All right, great. He doesn't have to. He could hold off on rewriting those lyrics for another week. Hold off. Okay. All right. Just what do you got tonight? Well, I've got I've large Matic thing, and I've got a tiny gross thing. So you can choose which one you wanna do. I get the tiny gross thing out of the way. Okay. So we spend a lot of time talking about Henry scar. And there's really nothing to report here, except that in the comics Lydia is a big fan of scars to the point where she is having this relationship with Carl and she wants to see Carl's empty Izhak at. Where he lost his eye Ono and Carl obliges, and she's like, I think it's very sexy. And then she licks the eye socket. So you have this to look forward to you have Lydia's potential my girl Lydia's potentially going to lick Henry's leg scar. You have that to look forward to. Okay. So that's fun. You kiss you mother with that mouth, Lydia. Well, I wouldn't kiss alpha with any mouth because ALPHA's mouth is covered and all that like gross black stuff. So gross thing out of the way. And marching Matic thing. You are right that we did not see very much happening. This episode that had anything to do with anything that happens in the comics. Although it's interesting to note that miss shown as a mother is a theme that come that, the comics come back to you over and over and sometimes really off putting in quasi sexist way. Machines back story in the comics is that she had children she had daughters, but she was so focused on her career that she neglected her daughters. And she wasn't there when the zombie apocalypse hit. And she feels all this regret that she wasn't available to them more because she had her eyes on the prize. Which I found slightly off putting in a way that you know, the way Kirkman rights women a lot of the times, not great. But right was she not supposed to have a career because there might be zombie apocalypse? Yeah. Like, that's the worst reason not to pursue your dreams. And certainly in certainly it is hard to feel like you can really have it all, but I never loved that thing that comes up later much later in the comics, actually, we're not even up to any of this on the show. And I would imagine that we are never going to get there because canonical shown had one son than we pretty sure we know what happened to him because he was not very big. And she is not with him. Now. So this is not going to be a part of the of the show going forward, especially knowing that deny career is not going to be a part of the show, and we get to this. But it turns out later on that Michigan's one of machines daughters did survive and is around and feels like Michelle should have tried harder to find her when Michelle just sort of assumed in his ambi- apocalypse. Oh, yeah. My family's dead. Not even gonna bother. So that's the thing that comes up, and you get a lot of this feelings of the she is quite a bit more maternal as time goes on and struggling with this like she has so many other things on her plate. And yet she also feels a need to be maternal. So I was thinking about that a lot this episode. About how we're bringing this maternal miss shown into the show in this other way. And I feel like I feel like we need more of RJ because he's just kind of like bright, like even Judith. When Judith was that size Judas was around. And you kind of got a sense of what she was like and we've seen RJ twice. And it's like the back of his head to the point where people had read it. We're like is he a ghost is year? Real thing. I think he's not, you know, he's nothing right now he's like he's a non entity. And I would have liked more of him at some point to get a sense of like how Michelle has rebuilt. I've definitely forgotten that he has existed at various points during the season. I like why does he exist except to have a little piece of Rick Grimes live on because we know that it's probably not living on Judith. I guess is the only thing don't have to. Hang that on. And it's really a flimsy thing to hang it on. So I guess I feel like I feel like this five year old child needs to justify his existence. Yeah. But he's going to be running the hilltop after the next time jump we need. That's probably true. Okay. I'm on board with it again. Then so he'll be the he'll be there as more people leave the show, we need to keep introducing new characters to be able to have these sort of major roles. Yeah. I guess so care. Okay. Just anything else. You wanna touch on tonight? I think that's about it for this episode. I we're gonna have a lot of comic stuff to talk about to the point where I have to go back and reread this ark before next week. How do you do you have the issues? Yeah. I have everything digitally. So I just go back and reread bits of it. Okay. All right. Just this is only put the first podcast of a back to back and belly to belly. And I have to say that this was. Is a very fun one tonight. So I think that we are going to be already I feel like it'll be a great episode of the wiggle room on rob has a podcast tomorrow or we will be recording that late Monday night. So look for that in the we hours of Tuesday as we discussed everything from week four e. survivor thirty eight. I can't wait. I'm so excited wiggle room. Is like the highlight of my year waiting for Josh to go. So I can take over his spot. Okay. So we will have that up on rob has a podcast. Of course. Just also got to talk about some Star Trek discovery with Angela bloom. We had a great time doing that. And it was really I think we got a little snark year. Then Mike is willing to be. I think all the fans of Star Trek discovery really going to enjoy that jousts. And then also a week off on the game of thrones a rewatch this week. But then still time to check out our season seven episode five recap or re-watch of game of thrones. All right. Just this was a lot of fun tonight. Looking forward to our last to recaps of the Walking Dead season coming up anything else. You wanna say I think that is plenty. Okay. All right. I'll be sure to follow Jess on Twitter. She is at haymaker Hattie. I'm at Rochester New, you know, everybody. Good one by.

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