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Welcome into the a good day for this show mutual actually a very bad day for me as well we're spending a sleepless in Seattle fun time yes one of the big clubs place for Barcelona Thirty Minute Antoine Nice run but his shot saved Brussel on tomato I didn't himself into attack down the left hand side we usually see George in that position is clearly apparent calf injury he's placed by Carlos Perez and things the defender does enough to put them off goalkeeper makes a safe sixtieth line than he's late coming over to the take the central position and by then then oh he loves scoring this goal I'm not sure that because he went to remedy free-kick pneumonia or find space and makes it three one and there is too late deflection of always gets three one to waiting for a response from Barcelona Ah Antoine Offside in the buildup and is correct call and Levante Barcelona dominating in all aspects wrong I left for Barcelona just when you thought that Barcelona they had coming into this game thought okay well versed on top of the table a there were hanging on against the team that they should be much better and I it just feels room and whatever may be going on behind the scenes at Barcelona Jost on the field and responsible for the left side of the attack who's that on is that or is that like certain Leonid messy has freedom to go wherever he wants to restore this is going to take a central Penn side but as we saw in the highlights the chance for until increasement from him but what happens consistently is that you have district guys within ten yards of each other I and even though that space is open Dawson really take that space natural because he doesn't that spacious open bowl gets played to him and now live onto slade shifting over okay so the Ryen side so you're limited underwrite you're limited on the left everything is down the middle and because by someone is trying to commit that Syrian committee numbers forward that they're not comfortable it's three one every bit of through when you think about the quality of opportunities came from Luanda took advantage of that Barcelona has better players than they've onto right we way from just the tactical issues that I just mentioned and going one way or a group of Larry's going one way and then and then by better this going a different in Barcelona and I think there's something to that because you don't always we're gonNA keep things in private but there are things going on here that we have to result and this would the players yet but I do think that their issues underlying in the connection or miss connection that when this team does not find with the left hand side with on the right hand side do wearing your button downs on talked and hoping for the best then stop it seriously the perfect length and were designed for guys of all shapes and sizes taller short slimmer athletic you're shorter find the style to match any wardrobe so whether you're shopping for the perfect gift for the man in Your Life Dot Com and don't forget to use Promo Code Zero S to save twenty percent on your first order at checkout who and Manchester City post win but both need late goals to do so Liverpool against Villa Newcastle Sheffield United Right and let's start with the Liverpool victory over Aston Villa arrest him they did and how they they seem to need him and they needed this team that is having a difficult struggles trying to put other teams away against thirteen th they still have a game on Sunday city beating Southampton the city well if you give teams a sign of life a recent for hope hung on a song as they bid but in the end mine does the city was two good Kyle Walker the game theft the OLA talking about Saudi Oman and maybe throwing some flames into the fire ahead coming here isn't it yes it is and when he saying he's a talent as the over the last week or so it is also a very clear message is a clear I will go down easily this guy's looking to draw fouls he's an incredible and then people are going to be paying attention to Monday strana drove follows trying to dive he's any sense that either or both looking ahead it's not so much that they're looking enable to do that people will point that and say well they're destined to win the title this they're a good team liberal as solid as they are are they having to chase the too many times this year we have seen Manchester City gift live two teams that should not have a couple of things a couple of plays go in the way of the city and now you're running to three points that were running they'll be happy with the result and the three points but they won't be happy with the performance and against the other one is that simple they have to bring their very best inorder beat sideway past backpass Georgina suddenly he's playing quite well tammy everyone gets the first not just to go the eventual game-winner is that one finished up let's start with Pulisic okay no why you gotta do go see all it takes is one not so good performance on their willing performs few players around the world that are you know it you'll love it they're going to be great that he made that run into a bus that read their space read the moment when far post first and then cutting continue to play because he continues to do well and so William is going to play down the right hand side and now I need mix Chelsea a better team how good is Chelsea team I think they've won eight of their last nine I think Frank Lampard would have thought at this point the season it's also further along than most quite go their way right it's like we'll see he wasn't ready for this he wasn't ready for this now what are we consistent with this message that competition players I think is benefiting Chelsea and you're getting goals also there's production coming from everywhere and you have to like what Chelsea have done so far speaking of people who niamh ahead to say afterwards it was a bad result but tactically it worked how we now does will get the start Greenwich Not in the eleven not even in the eighteen our department for a club one of the first things that you get to your coach usually not sit in a press conference or any sort of interview and tell them it was I walls that dominated the game in the second half that is arsenal hanging on at home tune into scape out of here with one point plane at home and yet this is what you they named front of me and everything that I told his players they executed because he looks like and is there any reason to believe in Emery as the guy to get this turnaround well how much longer we else when you start believing that yes we're taking the right steps and we're making the right decisions then they have something Chaco situation he says Nobile we're going to handle it be fine we're going to move on from this that we had moved on I thought it wasn't a big deal you now you made it a big deal because you have gone agency in the message from the coach and in the performance of the players Mendoza will do anything in this I think the the the more difficult it's going to be for miserable to find any rhythm out on what Manchester United is what they aren't there's a moment in the thirty third minute Anthony Marceca goes there's different contact and so it falls into one of those categories that we have talked about time threshold in order to switch the call I don't think it does because there is some context what I find most go down how do you know that you know that if you are in full momentum and somebody's pushing in a fight through that you've taken my advantage away and so I don't think it's a penalty sequence you're not into play you're not right there to make that call Josh kings scores the goal for he's a snow response they had plenty of time after this to do something about it and they couldn't that's where the goal I think one this is a mid table team definition what what is what it is as a brand nod what could potentially be in years we're going to have some good days you're gonNA have some days you're gonNa have some great days awful days around here no no no because mid-table team you'll get results and in that position but again that's the level that they're playing this is not a coincidence that this is not the realities of Manchester United Squad changed how we judge all they're gonNA soaps plenty to discuss from today's show they'll be discussing all week especially tomorrow as well on the ghost welcome home yeah that's that's bookie you know what's right he's just getting started it just one point off the top of the table and Nico vetch back at his former club earlier this week it's the franker up in the eighth minute from Frankford on the Counter Durham boats hang with the with their eventually though it's overturned free kick and red card Allahpundit aw twenty-fifth minutes Frankfurt goes ahead. Philip cost stitch the Finnish get it goes up to nil in the third minute you may have thought that they could be Niko Kovac said you know in the dressing room didn't work Hinton Raga heads at home hinderaker Oh okay You got that Ah yes it is and even with ten men you still have to ask questions it's that hot seat for Quebec only getting hotter they see the possession for binary next thing can be salvaged for buying Munich they're in fourth place in the Bundesliga. Okay there's a problem is football goes well beyond that and the problem form of Robert Levandowski and occasionally surge nabri upfront alibis of course Nicholas Soula out Lucas Hernandez out jerome boy made them pay a higher price now the question clearly turns to to Niko the press about dacoven standing right now Kobe himself hasn't Frankfurt Kovic is old club the screws are definitely turning will Niko Kovac be part of that salvage effort as after that defeat for more on the day that was in Italy here's gap Marcatti prevent still nursing that one point lead for grinding it out and they did just that with that late late. Romantic Lukaku US Torino quite a bit of hype they're always a tricky match for the beyond traff who else Matai delake the man who seemingly can't keep his hands to himself although I think from you vent is not certainly not their best performance not the prettiest performance but showed move once again ahead of inte- and also in the earlier game Mike Napoli again waking up late creating chances but not enough not minute the application of the so-called three step protocol which which in Italy are treated in the same as racist or homophobic songs That was after the final whistle so hopefully a corner despite all the injuries from Paulo Fonseca thanks Gavin Reminder Syriac we've got through this edition of it yes PFC that's it you have to be off the clock thank you very much for your questions I'll in said here you were not reflective mode I'm gonNA reflect the it's no according to the most we started this show talking about all the big clubs Walter today and he gives us quite a few options so we've got Barcelona reg top-flight going into that one and Manchester United Against Bournemouth disappointing he is the early Red card lacy defending all so be it it can happen but it's way in the manner in which they lost fill us as if they say you know we're moving from this we're no coming back from this the second half came quick and then like the fifth one something off training and I know and tap the guys who are not really winning balls to do so fifty all it in possession none of that was working rhyme unit in the context of what we've heard all week from Niko Kovac any any evidence that that's not it's not like the team was coming which is a coming into this match she said well I'm frank fans now those fans yeah and then he double down on the comments the next day so he you know not not exactly digging himself like he's almost going to head back to you or something I think I may have been well victim there's there are certain things that are missing brain that's let's not get crazy but then he kind of moved on from the army because he gets to the point yes he's always face you bid cupid stupid papain in all sorts of different things you know he's angry next question predictions show that we did oh well. I don't think I may prediction I did make prediction that Toronto would gene pick their team Toronto you must people are bitter on twitter into the session and corner into just because this people decided to send in a tweet sure where everybody was feeling very comfortable about L. AFC and then Seattle went I was I was about to address that said but when you Atlanta won that game yeah shoot up but that's another way works out all right Steve Nichols on extra tax on so let's just establish the rules rocks paper scissors shoot it's a knockout is this again molest playoffs straight knockout or best-of-three however you want to say you the want even though we got our predictions wrong yeah that's what makes it fun ready so all ahead paper allegedly for the first time in my life you can call me a winner there the long build-up to mls ooh hello maybe we'll get a kick out of you someone on.

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