Episode 94: CC Sabathia Joins 3000 Ks Club - We Remember His Best Moments


The. Say. Todd five as go the Bosnian love these Aaron Boone the leader his first of the. Piggies? Just to the first. The porch. It roy. What's up? What's happening? Welcome to another dish of the short porch. Presented by barstool sports. I'm your host hubs along sat me on the other side of the laptop the vacant and stuff the club sa- cloud. Tommy, smokes Thomas Kelly. What's going on? What's up? I'm pretty hyped up right now. Just absolutely electric episode of survivor. Unreal tribal council. Don't want to spoil anything in case we need to be caught up, but best show on TV just keeps giving I mean, how electric could a tribal council. Smoking spoken like a true true small-minded before. But I've watched survivor like I've seen cool network canyon. Again. I don't want to spoil. It was electric some great theater as in someone pull out a gun and shoot Jeff props like that would be pulled something out, and it was incredible. Like a deck. I know how that made. It seem not why this is thirty eight right now. And you're still shocked by things I mean, what is great television permit. What could possibly have happened in season thirty eight of survivor that drops your jaw like show. Many do not think the game can evolve can happen in the year twenty nineteen ninety or they've been around forever. That is so different. There's new players every year. Thanks. Okay. Great. So okay. That don't change a little a little it's the same shit. I bet you turn on a random up. I don't want to trash belts. I used. So to your three arguments are that different players different results. You basically the new Madden game every year. Oh, it's different as promise. It's real exports every year. It's unpredictable. You actually did exactly disrupt. The new Madden like me. Like if my dad were to ask me like. Oh, what's different from? This year's always asked me. Why are you by the new man? Can you just play the old one? And just as the new players is changed. The change the rules were they do hit stick does this that now, that's it. Like, that's what survivors I feel like now very different because you're on an emotional roller coaster for forget it. I can't even bother with an I can't argue with a brain peasant with a mind peasant. Go watch the change of again, great movie. It's lean to. It's the survivor of movies. I like the change of some enough that the two favorite actors. Jersey. Achey news, very bluff forgettable, two losses in Arizona. We're pretty much very acceptable with the six and three obviously could have been better we come into this. This two-game set six in one on the west coast trip finished six three two losses. Could have won didn't win offenses pretty sleepy. That's going to happen when you have replacement players out there. You know, the Mike talk wins of the world are coming back down to earth a little bit LeMay Hugh being out or shallow being out in game. One will make you apple days. Hopefully, getting him back on Friday. Lisa expected thing very expected. The see this kind of result. I'm not mad about the losses at all. In the National League is weird and all that shit with the double switches, whatever find no more west coast baseball for a little bit. You know, I got to go back to normal sleeping schedule. And you know, hopefully, we get a few guys back on Friday, which me nice, and then we can get rolling. I mean, this is kind of what we expected from the replacement Yankees. And there was a nice magical little run last week with the angels, San Francisco and royals for a few games to fundament- the end of the day. These guys are, you know, they're replacement level players for a reason they overmatched by means at cranky just pitched great on Tuesday night and dieback good team. Now, it is people start saying key seven beat a team all year with a winning record, blah, blah, blah, blah in our five. Yeah. Whatever I, you know, don't five isn't the biggest apple size and banged up or whatever I'm not concerned like six if you told us last Sunday night, we're gonna go six and three in the road trip was a heartbeat. We probably set it on the podcast that we signed up. That was like are are we reaching for six three and we'd be like? Okay. Five and four five and four. Yeah. I think we've probably had four and five when pe- the absolute end of the world, given all the injuries. So six three you'll take it. Get home got a couple tough tasked with twins. And mariners. The teams that are performing so far this year. But we do seem to always beat up on the twins. But we'll see I mean six three overall in better spot the star of the road trip better record and more guys coming back to be healthy. And like it does sound a little bit like oh, thanks for replacement players. But like SIA like we're moving on not the case at all at all. I was listening to Evan. Robert Evan Roberts in beningo earlier this week avenue since to the show so with Evan. But I had a caller forgot might be like a Wednesday and the guy with weren't on Oktay's Wednesday. Isn't it today? One. Yeah. So it wasn't. So it was like Monday Tuesday. And the caller was saying how we can't get rid of these guys. These are these replacement players like a half the start like they were like we have to move off on the starters. And it was like all right. We'll give me some examples and the guy just kept repeating himself and just would not give an answer and Evan was about to strangle the guy on the phone. He was so this went on for like four minutes. He just kept ranting and stuttering anyone out names, eventually give or shallow and Evan already said. Like, I get it. I want or shell it deserves to have a role on the steam we've already stated that he deserves to be on the twenty five in roster for the foreseeable future. And then he was like who else, and he just couldn't really name anybody else. He said he might have said. Doc men like I love Mike talk on the sock, ma'am when everybody's health. Like, you're not playing Mike talk over Aaron Hicks play. Mike talk with Clint Frazier. You know, it's that's not happening. And just and after that, it's like you don't have an answer. I think there might be a case for camera. Maybe I don't really consider him a replacement player. Like he's been in the league for so long still speak compla- all out three alpha positions until Foley healthy in the outfield. He can find a role on the team. But guys like Tyler wait when we get an fully fill back. We love Tyler Wade. But when we get a fulling full, you know, he's not going to have much playing time. Talknet. Same thing. Strada? I think is just not the caller dimension. Astrada don't think in the future for sure right now. He's just a good guy to have on the bench. If you have room on the bench, if not then you know, you move on. I think there could be a case for Mike Ford because the backup first baseman thing, you know, he might be a little bit better defensively at for it depends what the whole situation like, but he's not a bad bath have of the bench came up today. He had a weird west coast trip because with the whole no D H. He's really obsolete because you know, voice not going to be sad, especially during the streak. So he's really reserved to a pitch hitting role. Did get up today which men on and worked nut. Heaves felt out to meet Lii. And then worked good walk every about he has very solid. So I could see a role from Mike Ford for sure for a little bit. But everyone else like come on. Let's not kid ourselves. Here. We want the guys back. Hey, Mike Ford's a guy that we can see have a role longer because the injured guy. He replaced Greg bird and of all the injured guys. Greg bird is probably the least likely to come back at anytime soon. No one could see right. I don't even count him person. So yeah, I mean, I think Estrada we talk men those will be sort of the first victims as these guys start to get healthy that will see get either setback down play or just have less playing time. They it's kind of a case look like I said last week. We had a nice little fling with these guys. Nice little fling. It was fun one nine and a ten games but to degree distance does make the heart grow fonder. And you know, as we get used to play more and more sorta get exposed by big league pitching were now ready to get back. You know, the guys we expect to tab at the start of the season shell is legitimate. I mean, he I'm not even counting him. Yeah. He is. He's like a regular plan point. He came in today. I start heating play on Monday. And he comes back. Today. Just rips doubled online gets the third on on on narrow on the throw or bobble. He he's legit. I I mean, it's crazy that we just found lightning in a ball of him. But he's gonna stay for no one when ender har- looks like and horseback Friday, they haven't announced anything yet. But everything's gone. Well. I would think he's going to be. And that would mean or Shelby or third baseman. I think that's the plan moving forward. I hope that's the plank is both guys should play too low had a setback with calf thing he had hit their hit in the leg. And not not great. Not good news too low. Great. And we don't need him the second like that's not. Yeah. I think we could live without him for a little bit. Other injuries think Stanton's progressing little bit hick. Sounds like it's progressing more everything else pretty pretty much status quo. Judge though, I said very interesting role near times say really, I don't know anything. Yeah. I don't think we're gonna know any any real news for about few weeks, whatever until he like, he's not doing quiche completely shut down for a couple more weeks. Maybe even more which not great. But hopefully, they can get stand back. And Clint Clint sounds like he's close to it. Appears he's been running in the outfield on flat ground Ellsberg couldn't do that ever. So maybe we get Clint back in a week is ten days from the counter. My head seemed to be coming up close to be done, but we will be out there. Yeah. So but judge has had this. So basically when you get hurt like the way judges, and it's gonna be long term. You have the option of going down the Tampa and rehabbing down there or you can stay with the team. It's really left up to you case by case basis. Apparently when George was the owner and the live he didn't want he felt gives the distraction to both the players who were hurt and and the players who were healthy. And he wanted you to just go right on the Tampa just handle your business down there. Now, it's more lenient says this article and judges opted to stay travel with the team, and he's basically become the hitting coach, which is good news. Our normal hitting coach Mark stems is completely incompetent. I definitely like Aaron judge teaching these guys that hit the market stems. You have to wonder what Marcus SIMS has been doing this. I mean, how badly did he get shown up one like our judges showed up and showed everyone had hit. I mean these bats were during. Well, I all these guys who were, you know, really lifelong minor leaguers or journeymen are the hitting solo. So they just they just got hitting coach Aaron judge. I mean, how a masculine is markets tenants where he just doesn't do anything general shows up. And it's like, hey, like, you're gonna teach them anything. And then he just now the hitting coach. Yeah. Voight said it's kind of nice to have that guy you can kind of lean on task those questions about because video can only do so much pretty much exactly hitting coach should be. They just have a real that hidden coach it's nice to have a real hitting coach. Marcus. Tim's a judge. Yeah. It really I mean, he's going to be the captain at some point just a matter. When maybe it's like he is someone or World Series. I or whatever. But I mean, he does all the things that a captain should do. He just needs. You know, he has like the unofficial St. basically honors as your as nice nice update from him in that. He's contributing that way, you know, I feel like I would wanna do the same thing. I I would hate to be separated from the team I would wanna travel and be with these guys and try to especially if you have the status of Aaron judge, and you know, you can impact young guys like this like a Mike Ford and stuff like well Ford is actually probably either older or just. Yeah, he's probably will. But like, experience wise judge has it on them. So, you know, guys like your shelhah thyroid Strada, client, whatever so nice to see that from judge good. Good stuff with that. Everything else. Eject Nelson called his first game. I noticed pretty good to be honest. I enjoy the little breath of fresh air from him. He's kind of funny. He he's pretty smooth that he called the game in spring. I guess I did not hear that game. I didn't listen every game. I would watch my phone on mute sometimes. But I thought Nelson was pretty solid. What time do I did like have he immediately yesterday Tuesday night in the first inning trash, the I'll Germany we got a call it the injured list now used to be the disabled list. So that I automatically. I was like all right. I like this guy. Yeah. He's fun. Fact, I met jail. Well, I don't know if I know I just saw him on an airplane. Once see didn't meet him. That's really there's really nothing fun about that. I just saw Jeff Nelson. He was getting his bag from the overhead. Okay. Now, the big news. Basically is that she's Matthew history thousand strikeout I mean that was the biggest news of the week for this team. Obviously like in terms of the actual games. Pretty slow CC becomes the third left evil time in history baseball hit three hundred strikeouts. And then he is the seventeenth ever to do it. Which may be realized this milestone is pretty much the most allusive out there, you know, less people have this than three thousand hits less people. Have this them five hundred home runs, obviously less people had this in three hundred wins. It's pretty much the most elusive one out there. I'm concerned. It's the most allusive one that people still get that. That makes any sense, right? Like seven hundred home runs is more lucid. But it's obviously smaller club. Yeah. I mean, I I don't know pitching milestones to me. Aren't as excited? I think to most fans ish aren't as exciting or sexy maybe as hitting milestones. But it's equally impressive or more. Impressive in a lot of cases. Remember Roger Clements hitting his three thousand four thousand. I remember that was thing. It was like a Sunday night game against the cardinals Ave was school. I mean, it is weird to think that not that many people. I mean to be only the third lefty to do it is crazy. But I think if there are any doubts about CC being a hall of Famer, which I don't think there should be. I mean, it's not like this really puts in perspective that he is in get two hundred fifty wins, which is basically the new three hundred gala World Series. Gotta Cy Young been a workhorses entire career. He is I think a hall of Famer in every aspect of what it means to be hall of Famer. Yeah, he's gonna hit thirty five hundred innings. Two hundred wins said six time all star. He won the Cy Young. He's one of AOL CS VP and a World Series ring. I think he's a shoe into Bohol famous. Only question he gets in his first ballot. First time. I don't know that might happen depends. If like just the floodgates opened with that after Maryono, I don't really know. But I think he's a hall of Famer my mind without a doubt. He's only the second Yang. I mean, there's only seventeen players ever. He's the second Yankee to hit three thousand as a Anki Phil Niekro did it like in his two years with Yankees. They could just so happen to be then you wouldn't think Phil Niekro Yankee. But. Yeah. I mean, pretty fun. Crazy these hell career we figure we'll use this podcast is kind of not. It's basically like a tribute. Thank you to see just like what he's done pretty much been one of the better Yankees of all time like in terms of his tenure with you know, like if you think like who's been with the team for bitching, pitching wise. I mean, we weren't hand up to us. We weren't alive for Whitey Ford. Like didn't seem like in terms of our lifetime. He's number one. I think is a start shirt. Yeah. I I mean, you put I fact checked myself there with Roger Clemens I knew it was something with the cardinals. How about this night for Audrey Clemens? I now remember this so June thirteenth two thousand three against the cardinals. As Yankee Roger Clements on the same night. One is three hundred game. I got his four thousand strikeout. Jesus. What remember that? Now. That is quite that is insane. Yeah. Nolan. Ryan having five thousand strikeouts is preposterous. It's crazy that three thousand is such an elusive and important number that only seventeen people have done, and the guy was the most of all time has double that base. Gretzky ship insane. It's yeah. It's like you take away. Oh, by the way, we were talking crazy stats Barry Bonds. I mean, there's a million Barry Bonds stats out there. That are weird. Did you see this one? I tweet about yesterday. Barry Bonds has more intentional walks in his career in the entire Tampa Bay rays have as a franchise in their history. It's seed. The other one someone like replied to that tweet and said if if somebody are so from two thousand one until his retirement bonds walked one thousand sixty eight times in that same period. He swung and missed six hundred eighty six times at in. This one was really crazy. If someone for a full baseball season went two for five with a home run every night the end of the air that have four hundred average a hundred sixty two home runs and their PS would still not be as good as bonds as wasn't for what was zone arrest. I know this the CC podcast. But if we're talking crazy stats I had to give those to shout out because those draw dropping what was his opiates that you're fourteen twenty two. Oh my God. Obviously steroids got to Barry in that. That's the whole blemish. But what if Barry's using a different product, Tommy? Well, he was using CBD. 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Unlike roughly ninety five percent arrests this industry, and great news extract, lamps has an awesome deal going for all stories out there. Use the code barstool an extra extract labs dot com for twenty five percent off your next purchase. Make sure file at extract labs on also media channels for more awesome deals in giveaways, and tell them that I will send you. How about that? One more Barry thing, it's wild that the year he broke the home run record. He was walked two hundred times. So like in actuality if he people actually through to him he might have had one hundred home runs. Yeah. Cr- his if you ever get door just go look at Barry bounces baseball reference page from two thousand one through two decades legitimate last favorite things to do or just a YouTube compilation video of him hitting home runs. The one. He hit old Yankee Stadium is preposterous makes her remember, no sense. Assisi's career. I mean, I think it's one of the more. It's probably the biggest reclamation products project like in recent memory, at least in as far as as long as I'm watching baseball. I mean, the guy goes from power pitcher to just completely losing it. And for those few years from twenty thirteen twenty fifteen. Bet. He wasn't good four eight one era, and this is after finishing in the top five in the Cy Young five out of six years. And and then he and he wanted one of those years, and then he obviously has he'll alcohol problem. He goes through his way to shoes and he has to reinvent himself. And he develops this cut fastball. He starts pitching backwards. You know, these, you know, starting the first pitch at bats backdoor slider and just like he had the reinvent himself and be just a crafty left instead of this power guy, you know, who had foreseen fast foods blow it by you and it worked. I mean is the IRA the last four years has been below four, and he's become this, reliable stopper. And it's honestly just so fucking impressive like a work ethic that he had to just you know, he could easily just hung up a couple years ago. I honestly don't 2016 he'd be done. And it was. Yeah. These knee injuries year after year. And the do just kept on fucking truck and around and he's still here pitching in twenty nineteen and woodsy area blow three to start the year. So impressive. Yeah. We see. I mean, I remember in nine, you know, before then we really hadn't seen in a while eastern. Our lifetimes, true Yankees ace. I mean Clemens little bit. You know, earlier Messina would have the year. He won twenty games. But news consistent more like a two or three really pet. It was always kinda more to never that dominant ace and CC came along. And you know, we knew we needed someone and he wants for those four years own I through twenty twelve especially the first three, but really all four years. He was as good as anyone in baseball. You could set your clock to it. He'd start off the season a little bit slow. And then I just remember summer days summer day games on the weekend sees pump in ninety eight ninety nine you knew you were getting seven eight innings of shutout baseball one run. Maybe two runs. It was just dominant. He was. As reliable and dependable as they come true workhorse. You could pencil meant for two hundred innings every single year. Big game pitcher guy on the mount had agree postseason nine big moments. After that to like, I said he took a downturn. But to see the way he's reinvented himself. Now, we've seen always seen him as the dominant flame throwing lefty who just relies on stuff. We saw him be bad always seem to be the crafty veteran lefty that we always hear about it's been fun to watch eleven years. He's the greatest Yankee starting pitcher in of our lifetimes. Yeah. For those times as you said you could win for two hundred thirty innings, and he was in the area blow three five and that just doesn't happen anymore. Not gonna see that. No one will ever. I mean, not many, you know, maybe max sure something, but people who even clips two hundred anymore, and I even go back to pre Yankees with him. Which is what was what was your? Oh, eight. Eight. Yeah. I wanna look at this game. Log his oh eight with the brewers. I mean. About it. He would pitch every day. I'm he pitched every single day. He pitched from from July eighth to September twenty eighth clicked on the wrong. Fucking thing. He made seventeen starts and then the team went fourteen and three and those starts with an he had a one six five year reign, though, seventeen starts any literally will that into the plus eight impeach well fairly well in the playoffs. But I mean, he was fucking good. And he great to get in that point. And that's where we signed. We saw that we want that guy where he gave him a lot of fucking money. I will never forget Sunday September twenty eighth two thousand eight the Mets the year before had had that epic collapse. Seven and a half games or seven and a half game lead in seventeen games against the Phillies the collapsed, they had a minor claps away too. I mean, they were up a few games in the wildcard I may three and a half or something lost that to the brewers. I remember that Sunday sees at the on the mound watching the game in my me. And my dad watching the game in my basement watching C C, they're playing the cubs throw a complete. Game knowing how to win that Sunday. Knock the Mets out of the playoffs. My mom who's a methane upstairs. Just hearing her like cry, and we're rubbing it in cheering down after every strikeout. CC were get that game. I wrote my bike over to my met fans friend's house and just yelled his window been leg Mets up. Go CC cici's about the even before he was providing us with great Yankee moments. He provided me in awesome moment when he was a route brewer are knocking the Mets up Lyles. Yeah. And I'm looking back in the game. Log starting September sixteenth. He went four straight starts three days. Rest. Jeff out was crane net. Think about that happening today. Never you go once three days rest, it's like all right buddy chill out. You're gonna get Tommy John. He's fucked. Now. I mean, yeah. Did he tire on the playoffs? And that you're fine, whatever. But I mean, you know, delicate ruined his career in fried. We started and you know, less to World Series does nine one forests. I mean, he was I mean, we're talking like he's dead. He's still got a whole year to go. And I think it would be fitting for him to get one more playoff chance because you know, the one against the Red Sox last year didn't go his way. And you know, that's for number reasons whatever, but I think the guys more than capable of maybe starting one more playoff game. I don't know, you know, maybe we don't want that. Because with our starting rotation ideal. You have would have Severino, but he could be a four. Maybe we're not confident what hap- at the mo- to going in. And we're more comfortable Cici could be the four, but obviously would want Severino. Paxton and Tanaka now does that mean are is getting about side to Mingo fuck forget forget about sometimes. But I mean, there could very well be several not coming back this year which could put him right next. Did you see? See what happens after three thousand strikeout with the whole the sheriff droplets. Yeah. Isn't sate. So this is the treat odd sight this morning when two in uniform officers from the Maricopa County sheriff's office strolled into the Yankees clubhouse canine dog in tow to get autographs from Sobat and attempted to get signature from judge before set officers were runoff by club security. This is a strange seat site. See until this week don't think he'd have anyone's ever seen uniform officers with a canine Andrew clubhouse locker to get a fucking autograph. I mean, he was just that's how good CC is though. And judge. Yeah. I mean, a little unprofessional there as a journalists that I hate to see that to taken advantage of of passes locker room access past never saw me walking around with the ball asking for an autograph. So it show a little bit respect there about the whole John. Ryan Murphy thing, I mean, it's everywhere. So he called of everything do you? Call twenty fit he caught strike on twenty five hundred he was strike three thousand and he was whole Rivera thing. He caught Rivera's pot Rivera's last pitch or whatever last appearance, and there's that famous seen him on the mound when jeeter up to take him out and Rivera's crying his eyes out into pet. It's arms, Jerry Murphy. Just standing off to the side, you know, baby face looking like a twelve year old just in all with his mouth open of what was happening around him. What a bizarre, and he's the guy we got. He we traded for Aaron Hicks. Yeah. I mean, this guy's charmer. Murphy. He's like etched in stone with Yankee history. He just can't escape it. It's fucking guy. Weird for a guy who's a relative backup in this league. So we figured we would give you top five moments that we had I figured we're gonna have a few that are similar maybe different spots. But this will be the first ever short porch top five and for that. It is brought to you by quip. It's time for spring cleaning and quips got an easy way to start with. You're brushing habits. Just two minutes. Twice a day can help pave the way to a healthier mouth in mind. And now, the whole family can get refreshed with quip, the new kids quip as the same two minute timer, which is awesome. 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And he's talking shit, Tennessee. She's talking shit shit back to him after they've given each other stairs during the inning and Hernandez like tries to him on which is not what an empire should be doing. You're just out of your life. This not when your job is don't fucking to stare. Do your job. Go get exchange balls. Whatever you gotta do in between ings don't stare my pitcher and just stares back image screams. Don't fuck and talk to me. It's very obvious. What he says? And then goon comes out. I believe gets checked. It might have been. I don't know if this Boone's first ojection, but he screamed right back out of them. And it's just so perfect and boon boon starts getting into it too. But I just love CC. He had no problem showing up and yelling and this. Just awesome. You're so clearly caught on camera. I love it. Yeah. I have another classic see attitude. My five moment is similar to yours where it's more CC being than is actual formats. But that's for you bitch. We all remember that from last September when he store at the raise sticking up for Austin remind gets thrown out cost himself. The bonus looked into the dugout and says that's for you betcha. Tampa Bay two shows what TC as leader guy's gonna stick up for his teammates cares. More about winning and protecting his teammates than a bonus. Yeah. And he ended up getting a bonus. They give it to him. Which I didn't think they were going to 'cause they're relatively cheap these days. But yeah, it was great moment. You know, fuck the raise, and I love I mean, just showing you how good that feels teammate for somebody's stand up for you. Like that especially veteran. Awesome. Forget who the hitter was do, you know, he was standing up for was it gosh, yoga Austin, Roma role mind. Okay. It was a catcher. Yeah. Okay. Number four this is random, but it was just going to the YouTube archives and shit. August six twenty fifteen. He struck out big potty with the basis loaded, and it was just like a big battle back and forth, and he gets them. And he just he looks into the Red Sox dugout is he's walking off the fuck outta here. And she's so like New York ish. So CeCe isn't great. Like, I Don, I if you go back and look at it on YouTube Yankee Stadium is fucking rocking. There's an August game against the Yankees and socks. See those are big. And I just love the emotion Hebron that if you bring a motion I'm going to be a fan of you know, every time. They're also wasn't that similar that was a different time. When remember the Red Sox kept wanting on him? He's just getting so pissed off. Jackie bradley. Yeah. That's different. You hated. Jackie bradley. Yeah. I don't I don't have that on there. But that's also I we saw Tuesday night him just refusing to cover first base could be annoying sometimes. But I respect the hell out of it. He just won't he did in the playoffs to last year. And it's like you can't get AMIS fucked. I'm not witness. I'm too old for this shit like that. All right. My four I have ale DS game five inning. Gene. That's my numbers. We're gonna have repeats. Oh, wait twenty seventeen. Yeah. Okay. Okay. You're not sure. Against the Cleveland, Indians wasn't the greatest start in the world. I mean, only went four and a third innings gave up two runs. No walks nine strikeouts. Though. It was when you know the ankles were coming back in that series from down to oh. And we just needed him to have you know, a solid star. I dunno. I just love that that postseason. Just so many good memories. Even though they ended up get- getting eliminated. Yummy LCS. I wanted to include that somehow because I had a good post-season six innings against the Astros is next coming up big in that game five just keeping the keys in the game until the fifth inning. And be able to set up, you know, them taking the lead a tip tip my calcium. They're a gamer. I really didn't think we're gonna have a chance in you know, you just go to Cleveland where they beat us twice and glue Bor kluber where you figure you have one run the play with maybe two, and then you know, Egypt CCC also playoffs. I didn't have this on. Do. You have any piles twenty seventeen. Yeah. Now. Okay. Honorable mention his start in game three against the the Astros down to baller. Like that was. I mean, you lose that series is completely granted they did lose the series in seven games. That's the six innings on right? Okay. Yeah. Or he might giving up one run. But it was just that I'm looking at. Okay. But that was the start he needed the team needed to even have a chance on series, and you know, one game from the World Series of ice still think about this day. Number three for me is twenty twelve this worth thought we had the same thing. LDS game five against the Orioles. She goes nine innings one run nine ks one hundred twenty one pitches. First complete game by yanking apply off since Clements in two thousand gets the Yankees to the AL CS just a fucking vintage CeCe. You're not hitting me not coming out of this game. I don't care if my arm falls off my arm isn't gonna fall because I'm strongman and he just bitched the Orioles. I think they won three to one in that game. Yeah. I so that wasn't my. So I'll just get my next to now because that's actually my number two. Okay. And I gave heavy consideration to making that number one that game five against the Orioles. I mean, I know it's not your they won the World Series. But I mean that game that was the Anki is needed an ace and OMON was he in as I remember that game five urban at my aunt's house for it. I mean like set complete game. Nine innings just came up big. I mean, not in not just the most vivid memory. I have of an ace is being a when he needs to be. And you know, going the distance is always awesome. I have that as my number two, my number three moment. So this is kind of a top. So I'll put it as this one. But I have two thousand nine actually the regular season. It wasn't me. Get the exact date may eighth at Baltimore. It was a Friday night nine inning complete game shutout eight strikeouts. One walk. It was the night that a-rod made his return and hit a home run in his first at bat. It was it was just, you know, a first complete game first shutout as Hanky, and for some reason, maybe it's just more of a personal memory. 'cause I know it was my I had my birthday party that day with all my friends. I remember watching the game for that day. We saw wolverine that night that just always sticks out to me as just an awesome performance. It was like all right. We got in a suite. Ace we've been looking for an AC, you know, struggle bit April CC and since that will may them through the rest of the season. He was an absolute dominant baller. And then as I'm Francisco survey catching that game. It was his first really dominant dominant start as Anki if I to go like a subset of that would be his second ever start in online with the Anki was against the Royal seven to third shutout innings on a Saturday night. I was bowling with my friends that night. So just those early great stars of him and own. I was like oh my God. We have an awesome ace on our team. Just really stick out to me. And I was talking bar radio today about it his first ever star. Also remember vividly against the Orioles on opening day in Camden, Yards six runs and four and a third innings. He was just awful that day. He walked five people. And I remember I think game I start at four o'clock. I remember calling my dad's. He was on his way home from work. And I was like dad we all problem like CC Sobat. Theo stinks. I ever start. Listen, I've been watching the game today. And every time he throws a slider. They just don't swing at it all the time. So it's was like the next seven years. He just gonna be throwing walls all the time because he can't throw a strike if they just don't swing it as pitches, you're gonna walk everyone. We're screwed is the worst contract ever really freaking out about that. And then that next start against Kansas City sort of calming me. And then the Baltimore start, especially sticks out. So that's number three's early. Great starts no nine but to make it one. Make it easy say that child against the Orioles with number two being ale- DS. You talked about good. Then you weren't like blogging back then game one game on completely write him off. Like, this is awful the wars contract ever. You would have been the quickest old takes expose the all time. My number two is that that's for you bitch. Maybe just recently by just always such a fucking awesome moment. And I remember blogging in. And it was just great and stick if your team a love that. So I'll jump to number one, and I couldn't really pick one out here. But this the whole twenty two thousand nine playoff run. I mean, he was just unbelievable. He was he piggyback off of you. You know, where we have our as well, this was the cement of that. It's like we have our he just want us a fucking World Series. So he goes five starts in the in the World Series and you'll nine playoffs. One nine eight era thirty six innings. I mean, he was just on absolute warrior thirty six comes out to just suggest over seven innings per start. He's just he's so good. He was unbelievably they all see us. And they believe he was the MVP. He made to stock people. Hank should've want it though. But baseball didn't wanna give it to. Yeah. I mean wouldn't have batter knife wrong. Either way. Yeah. I mean, but two of CCC starts the to start. He made the eight innings one run in both starts. I mean, he was just great World Series. You know, he was they did lose game one. He does come back and pitch game for and and gets the win while he can get the win. But the team wants him for. So he finishes that with a what would I say it was a one nine eight year? I I mean, just so so so good. And after that, and I see in my mind didn't matter what we paid him. Like, it's kind of like similar with the Red Sox and price even the contract William. Yeah. Similar price like up until this past playoffs. Like that concert was terrible. Now that he won your World Series. Like who gives a fuck what we paid him? He got us our World Series. That was see to me, obviously. A Yankee fan you want more than one World Series. But for me the fact that he did that in five starts he's in his first year, New York, just embrace the entire environment of the Bronx. And yeah, I mean, he was just unbelievable. Yeah. So my number one sort of similar I had own on AOL CS dependent down a little bit more the two eight inning. One run starts against the angels about how to really pin down. I tell you the game one. I think Saturday night, I'm pretty sure and he was just dominant. We had a couple of classic see fist pumps. I believe in that game. But yeah, I mean just incredible run for him up into that point. He hadn't been the the most reliable postseason performer with the brewers Indians right to see him put it all behind him and just really become dominate during that run as I fail. C S win the MVP. I have you know, I don't wanna repeat too much. What you just said. But I had. Yeah. If I had it make it a specific game. I say game one of the two thousand miles, but over autograph just say, you know, the nine playoff run. Yeah. Evie? We talk about for hours this shit him. He's he's the best starting pitcher that Cashman's ever signed. In Kashmir has a history of not doing well in that department trading and signing pitchers not his forte as the great track record that C C's been been incredible. In fact, he's still doing it. This stays insane. So now, hopefully, he gets another place star. You know, he stays healthy. Just crazy. How the dude I mean, I it was very dramatic in my tweet from death's doorstep to immortality. But honestly, like do the guy on we've talked about this podcast if the guy gets on the plane with Jackie Bradley to go to London during the off season to promote the London series. The doctor said he would not have come back. He would have died. So that's just insane. And the fact that he's pitching he's pitching. Well, he's happy. He's doing his little ESPN gigs. And you know, he wants that his podcast is great RTC to it. Ryan ruko. Shoutout a short porch Allom, and I mean, yeah. Can't be nothing. But happiness for the guy he deserves everything and more and hopefully. His knee holds up the rest of the year. And he's able to finish out his career the Aki it going to Cooperstown. As the Yankee, do you believe will retire fifty two? I think we will. I don't know. You don't think I think we're a plaque in for sure in monument park out of retired. I think I don't know. I would lean no on a really not that. I don't think it should. But. I don't know the number. I've always thought the number tyrant should really be reserved for lifelong Anki. And I mean, they haven't done that. Because Reggie Jackson had it. He was Yankee for what five years. I think given how many numbers they do retire. He deserves it. But I wanna be surprised if I want peace prize, not retired. If they win this year. It's a look like if they win the World Series this year, and he's a two-time chantey crimes walk. I still give it to him. But I unlike lenient with that shit. I like that shit. I like, you know, deserves in my opinion. He's been a Yankee way long. He's next to Gardner, the longest tenure guy, right? He's a second. Tenure guy garner is up for leave like a Cup of coffee L eight. I think yeah. You had it. He hasn't by few games. Yeah. Shadowed see? So thank you. Thank you for giving us up to talk about on this podcast because it was pretty light without boring. The two games we're in Arizona. Things are going to heat up now. Hopefully, get back on Friday don't know deals there. Too low. Obviously setback not great. They're Clint sounds like he's not too far away. Hopefully, Giancarlo thing. Hopefully LeMay, Hugh is okay. Little school weird. He wasn't. He didn't pinch it in the Wednesday game. Sterling was very irked by it. He thought for sure like LeMay Hewitt's a massive setback, basically because he wasn't pitching. But yeah. Hopefully, we get healthy. We've got the twins twins this weekend. They're legit. I said it I don't know if this podcast, but I wanted to bet on the twins to win the central because they just thought they had approved. So well, so so nicely all season and the centrally hadn't I just got an update Corey kluber, broken only bone. I don't know what that means. I don't where he got hit today. You got hit comebacker and lead the game broke something. So that doesn't sound good. The Indians are gonna have some trouble there. I we were talking today on radio about some bet since two I haven't met in a while. At least since March man is probably before that. But I was looking at the lines in the Indian say were minus one thirty five against the Marlins with kluber on the mound to I know hasn't been as good this season. But I still would just like how do you have clue? My only minus one thirty five minutes. The Marlins took that looks like they are yet. They long lost. I also took Shaer's minus one fifty they're about to lose to the cardinals. And I cook the Padres against the Braves and they lost to. So just went quick Owen three in my return. And this is why I'm just gonna again knock Campbell for a while. I got Baid into the Frankie Borelli sickness, and I took the Allender. I almost bet the hurricane just to be dick. I wish I did. I don't know why the moment put an in. I was like the hurricanes. Don't lose at home. They just they've routed everyone at home. Like a destroyed the capitals at home on a lie. Didn't take even the plus one and a half which was like minus a ton Scott swept in that that suck. And I have Denver and they're getting mop right now. This is a terrible Wednesday. Yeah. Do you have anything else for the show Thomas? Tommy Canley if I'm gonna talk about this this weekend the two-game series. He just proven day after day that he's just so back. He's disease down the one five four now easily my most trusted guy the pen. Just eight. Yeah. I think he's number one. I know I still go Vena. Out of those two very solid tube. But you never know sometimes out of you know, can have that control issue that was considered a little bit awesome. He's been you know, really better like twenty seventeen version better. Sesa had a good bounce back on Wednesday to shut Eddings three strikeouts. He needed that. After was it Monday. Yeah. No, no Sunday. He was terrible. But Saturday this added I lose track of the days, whatever whether day he tried to hit a home on five hundred feet and failed also shot a Luke void forty one consecutive games on base. He just passed Jiri believe. Who had forty and he's one behind Scherer from just gone my head Zeki human up the heat a fucking laser homerun today. He's just he's locked in men. He's locked in. So over that continues against Minnesota. We get a little will home series. I'll be nice get some guys back and we'll be back here on Monday. So later, this is John sterling you've been listening to short porch. Byproduct of barstools.

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