Equine Forum - March 28th 2020


From the rail to your radio fierce is the Horse Racing Radio Network. Talk Shows Stanley. Welcome to the equine forum presented by Red Brand Fan. Burn bailing on the inside. We'll test these wire. A Berm number out there on the outside driving but Birmingham Alley are apart. A firm got a nose in front as they come onto the wire closing. But it is Rachel. Alexandra Philly won the best now. Here's Mike Pera. Good morning once again. Everyone and welcome to the show. That launched a network the equine forum prevented by Red Brand side here on the horse racing. Radio Networks Mike Baron of the backstretch with you this morning Operating from my home studio well. My producer Lee is in our Lexington Kentucky studios continuing to practice safe social distancing here on the horse racing radio network very happy to have all of you with me for the next couple of hours whether you're tuned in across North America on Sirius to nineteen Xm two. Oh one on our affiliates in Lexington Louisville and across the country or you're listening digitally horse racing radio dot net if the audio sounds goofy here this morning. We're working through a couple of technical issues again. Some challenges working from home with doing this remotely. But Hey that's okay. It's Florida Derby Day by the way so happy Florida Derby Day and want to wish everybody very safe and healthy Florida Derby Day. I know for some people. This is the last thing on their minds for horse racing fans. This is the big deal of the weekend and please stay safe. Please stay healthy with your families out there and and stay home if you can this afternoon. The road to the first Saturday September. I'M GONNA keep saying that with hopes that eventually I'll get used to it by the time we get there. The road to the first Saturday in September winds through South Florida today with the sixty ninth running of the Florida Derby sponsored by Hillen. Dale Stallion Kirwin. And if you're wondering about the countdown to the Kentucky Derby I'll give it to you. One hundred sixty one days ten hours forty seven minutes and seven seconds away from the run for the roses. Which will again be contested Labor Day weekend here in two thousand twenty. At least we hope. That's the plan right now. We hope that will be contested. Labor Day weekend but what a day. It is a Gulfstream today. Fourteen races I post eleven thirty eastern tent stakes. Six of those are graded. You have the mandatory rainbow six payout. One point six million dollar going in today's card and I'm GonNa talk with Billy Baggett. Who is the stronach group director of Florida racing operations? I'll talk to him at eight fifteen. After our first commercial break he'll fill you in on what the program's all about Billy's going to talk about some of the things that Gulfstream has done in light of the coverted nineteen outbreak in order to stay open. And should they be open? There was talk earlier this week. There was an article that came out. Actually that said that Gulfstream. Maybe shouldn't be racing that coming from officials down in Hallandale Beach Florida. I'll get a chance to talk to billy about all of those things coming up at eight fifteen in terms of the Florida Derby itself. It's going to be right. His race number fourteen post time of six thirty six eastern. We're going to have coverage of that by the way this afternoon on the network presented by red brand fence and the F. T. R. coverage myself. I'm Bobby Newman GonNa bring it your way. Five thirty eastern five thirty to seven. It includes the grey to Panamerican and the Grade Three Appleton. You can listen on Sirius. Xm To a one and various affiliates across the country. Of course you can tune in on our website to you can always stream us every time. We're on at horse racing. Radio Dot net a field of twelve going in that Florida derby the altar talented New York bred. Tis The laws once again back in the spotlight as the sixty five morning line favorite. He makes his first start since winning his three year. Old debut with the Holy Bull stakes at Gulfstream. Eight weeks ago you'll hear from trainer Barclay Tag Nine Twenty Eastern this morning. Barkley took time to talk with Bobby. Newman Anthony Stabile on our red brand radio. Show this past week. You'll get a chance to hear from him and his thoughts. Tis The law and the change in schedule. How is this affected what they do at? Tis The law and is it more frustrating for Barclay considering the fact that he has the horse that many people consider to be the favorite for the Kentucky Derby sitting here on March twenty eighth. Is it more frustrating to have the Derby move back but it had to be but is it more frustrating guy like Barkley tagging those connections? So That's nine twenty eastern the main competition for Tis. The law is expected to come likely from two rivals in particular independence hall who tasted defeat for the first time on February. Eighth in the DAVIS STAKES AT TAMPA BAY downs. He's third choice on the morning. Line at nine to two behind at Bay Andy on the Fountain of Youth Winner. Who was going to be written once again by Jockey. Flora drew and I'll get a chance to talk to floor on at eight thirty five eastern. What what a month spent for floor on a couple of months really going back to the risen star stakes when he won that race with Mr then. He takes the Fountain of Youth with at Endymion because back with Bonnie south to win the fairgrounds oaks last weekend and right back with wells value to win the Louisiana Derby. He's on a roll and I'll talk to flora coming up eight thirty five eastern time. Don't miss that interview three time. Florida Derby winner and hall of Famer. Edgar pro is going to be with me at nine o'clock now. Edgar was scheduled to ride Soros in today's Florida Derby but Soros ran yesterday. At Gulfstream. He finished fifth in an allowance race so he will not go to the post which does mean by the way for those of you that are handicapping at home and getting ready for the big carryover and the mandatory payout rogue element the maiden for the barn of Del. Romans drew into the field for the Florida. Derby today he was on he was the only one on the also eligible list. He is now in with the scratch of Soros so edgar prod is going to be with me and Edgar. First of all one of the classiest guys that you're going to find the sport a thoroughbred racing on Wednesday. He moved into a tie with fellow hall of Famer Angel. Cordero Junior for eighth on the all time wins list. He wanted to seven thousand fifty seventh career race at least Anyway Edgar and everyone else for that matter believed he had equalled Cordeiro. But there's plenty more to that story and Edgar will be here to talk to me again. Nine o'clock Bobby Newman. Moving me at nine forty eastern time again Barbie and I will bring you that coverage of the Florida Derby beginning at five thirty eastern and he'll handicap the Derby at some of the big races preceding the Florida Derby today so stay tuned for that segment toward the end of the show at nine forty. He'll also be here with your calling. All three year olds segments presented by spendthrift and we'll have our industry star of the week presented by Stewart. More all that up over the course of very busy two hours here this morning if you go to our HR website. This is kind of a cool thing a little bit separate from what we've been talking about well by the way before I get to that. Let me just mentioned this. One thing very quickly. Because I think it's very important Santa Anita. If you missed it came out yesterday and mentioned that they would have to suspend horseracing temporarily. Don't know what temporarily means. Don't know how long. I don't know if that I would assume it likely puts the Santa Anita Derby next Saturday into question and they did this on the recommendations of the Health Department and California and look. It's a no brainer. They had to do it so for now. Santa Anita has suspended. They're racing operations earlier this week jockey. Vr CASTELLANO posted a tweet and he was talking about the fact that he has indeed tested positive for the corona virus. And here's his tweet. I'm going to read it. Verbatim heavier said after being in New York with family last week I was asked by Gulfstream to come early to Florida to get tested for the virus. I was as symptomatic all along. Unfortunately the test came back last night as positive I otherwise healthy but will follow the doctor's orders to quarantine for the next two weeks. I have had no no contact with anyone that has tested positive. I appreciate the support from everyone including Gulfstream Park. Stay safe everyone and we will all get through this God willing and I texted with heavier and he did say he's doing just fine. He got back to me last night. He's feeling fine. Everything's on track. And he's just hoping to get past this sooner rather than later but we wish heavier and everyone who is suffering with that virus all of the best here this morning from everyone for myself and everyone is part of our. Hr All right. So I mentioned I started to get into this if you go to our website horse racing radio dot net. Now I'll start this way. If you've ever wondered ever wondered who might win a race this these are all Kinda cool things. If you've ever wondered who might win a race that included Secretariat Seattle slew? Spectacular bid affirmed American Farrow and so many other legendary thoroughbreds. Well you're going to get a chance to find out because with no Kentucky Derby this year on the first Saturday in May anyway. We decided that we just couldn't let that day go by without a broadcast here on H. R. N. So on Saturday may second we'll bring you exclusive coverage of the first ever H. R. R. N. Fantasy Derby. It's all going to start at five o'clock eastern and it promises to be. The greatest field ever assembled for any race in the history of the sport. And here's the best part. The coolest thing about this is that you helped determine who makes the field and who wins the fantasy derby and you do that by voting for your all time favorite Kentucky Derby winners all you have to go horse racing radio dot net slash fantasy derby. That's horse racing radio dot net slash fantasy derby to cast your votes today and just email them to me but all the details are listed there on our website so head over there. Check out that page as start voting. Now you have until next this coming Friday to cast your vote and let us know the horses you feel number. One should make the field in number to the horses. In order you feel should win the fantasy derby and it's a star studded field. I mentioned some of those names there. There are several others that are receiving votes Sunday silence and Smarty Jones and Thunder Gulch. There have been some really top notch. Horses obviously to win the Kentucky Derby but we're GONNA put them all against each other a full field of twenty full broadcast first Saturday. May It's the HR fantasy derby so head over there now and check it out all right poll question for this morning. GonNa it simple this morning. Who Wins Today's Florida Derby or we'll put it this way. Who are you taking to win? Today's Florida Derby. Give four choices the three favorites. Tis The law independence hall at Endymion or other. If you choose other please specify let us know who you think. Is a potential upset her in that Florida Derby today? So who are you taking a win? Today's Florida Derby Tis the law independence hall at the end. The end or other and you can do that. Hr In on twitter horse racing radio network on facebook going to get to a break. I'll come back kick things off with billy budget. The director of Florida racing operations for the stronach group. He'll talk about everything happening with racing. Gulfstream Park this is the forum on H. R. N. presented by Red Brand fence manufacturing the Mesh and Nankai Fence. You see on horse farms worldwide. The Florida thoroughbred industry is celebrating seventy five years with the Florida thoroughbred breeders and Owners Association. And what a successful seventy-five it is. Ben Florida breads have won nineteen triple crown races fifty two national championships along the way. Making one hundred seventy racehorse millionaires. Plus Sixty six eclipse award would to Florida Bred Imperial Hint and world of trouble receiving eclipse award. Nominations in twenty twenty. The celebrating seventy five years joined Florida for the next twenty five. Hello I'm Eric. 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You're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network presented by red brand fence and dance is charging on the outside as they come to the top hair comes. Stella Madrid bar drinks up front dummy outside sat down for that drive instead of Madrid. Takes Eight special happening? Leg-weary second goal Proganda taxonomy outside. Fear comes and color stomach sixteen. She's going to go. Come finding relax and sweet. Roberta was up for second and father back. Stella Madrid was third in a little tight as they moved into the turn. Randy Romero got her out of trouble down the backstretch and unleash the power pro. Run to win. The Breeders Cup poured juvenile filly. Tom Durkin with a call. That was the nineteen eighty-nine running of the Breeder's cup juvenile fillies. The great go for one part of her stellar career. Trained by billy budget and billy is now in a position where he is doing a lot of things with Florida racing including acting as the director of Florida racing operations for the stronach group. He was set to join us here on this program right now but had to cancel just got notification that he had to cancel is actually heading into an emergency meeting with the city manager. And I told you that. This is a very fluid situation down at Gulfstream Park again. The Florida Derby scheduled. We run this afternoon the last race on a really good fourteen race program but earlier this week it came out that Broward county officials were not necessarily in favor of Gulfstream. Staying Open and the city could handle any kind of enforcement and any kind of penalties against Gulfstream Park. As a matter of fact there is a quote in the article from Ric Barrick who was Broward County's assistant director of public communications and he said that they do not fit into the essential category listening and executive order. They should not be open. Any enforcement would be handled by the city that they are located and he's not talking about specifically Gulfstream but businesses in general with that executive order and Gulfstream is still scheduled to run today so I was hoping to talk to billy about that. Obviously with him going into a meeting now with city manager there is there. There is still ongoing conversations. Even the morning of the Florida Derby but there's look Gulfstream. Really wants to get this card today. Obviously they have the mandatory payout into the Rainbow Six. They have all of the unbelievable stakes races carded and of course that Florida Derby. But I think when you're when you're talking about a global health pandemic some of those things kind of have to take a back seat and that's not going to be a popular sentiment with a lot of our listeners. Who are in the horse business necessarily but I really do. I think you have to take a long look at that and say what are we doing here? Every other major sport has said no no. We can't do look at baseball. Baseball may not come back until July major league. Baseball may not start until July. Maybe I saw something yesterday. Kurt herbstreet from ESPN was on talking about the football season this year college football season the NFL seasons. There's no guarantee they're going to even have the season this year. Let alone start on time. Same thing with the Kentucky Derby September fifth. That's optimistic and I hope it happens. Believe me I do. I love to see us get back to normality but in the grand scheme of things. I mean it's horse racing. It's what we do we love it. It's our business it's our life it's our passion but sometimes there's bigger things to consider and I got a feeling that billy is going to be having that conversation right now with the city manager so anyways with my thanks to billy attempting to be with us here this morning. He was excited to join us. And talk about that Let let's let's talk about the positives that program today is absolutely loaded. Equality has a unbelievable program. Fourteen races. I mentioned all of the stakes. And then what is it ten stakes races and six graded stakes races? In that one point six million dollar carryovers really gonNA take things to another level. I mentioned the Barclay tag has the morning line favorite. Tis The law and maybe the favorite for the Kentucky Derby Right now sixty five morning line favorite but independence hall who is owned in part by Aaron Wellman in his eclipse thoroughbred partners was undefeated going into the Sam F Davis. He finished second. That day wasn't embarrassed. They learned an awful lot about independence hall that day an earlier this week. Aaron took time to catch up with Bobby Newman on our red brain radio. Show and here's what he had to say in that conversation about Independence Hall. We learned a lot about him. Actually a few things went wrong. That were slightly out of our control. I he lost his tongue tie in the warm ups which didn't do them any favors. But a little bit more substantively. He lost his right front shoe coming out of the gate so he basically ran that entire race in the Sam Davis on three shoes with no right front shoe so those are excuses. That don't really matter now but they are some things that obviously everything in our power to control next time but You know I think it's the ultimate what have you done for me lately? Gamely played here. And if you really sit back and Digest two Sam Davis it was a pretty darn good race chased very hot pace on the occasion. Was the only man. Left standing was anywhere close to that pace and still kicked on and he got beat on the square by horse. Who came from way out of it and had a good trip in Soho Lante who came back and ran a very race in the Tampa Bay Derby so they were clear of the third place runner and By all accounts we think it was a very very good race. Obviously when you're three three you've won those races by a combined. Twenty some lanks in your odds on the Sand Davis you WANNA take care of business and it's disappointing not to win but at the same time. We walked away from Tampa feeling as though we might lost that battle. But we're still in a position to win the War Independence Hall for those folks who use speed ratings or maybe sheets. He was faster than basically anybody at that time of year. In fact his his numbers in both the national and the drome still probably faster than any other three year. Old has run this far. So what led to the decision to skip the Tampa Bay Derby and wait for the Florida Derby instead so the partnership group which consists of twin creeks Randy Goulette. Steve Davison as well as varieties. And of course. My trump that at the helm. We all huddled up after the Sam Davis and the Tampa Bay Derby was on our radar but it was still coming back quick and it would have meant that he would have run A bunch of races in a pretty short period of time had we opted for chew other preps prior to the derby including the Tampa Bay. Derby twin creeks folks and eclipse have been down this path before going the temp route with Destin. Who won the Sam Davis and the Tampa Bay Derby and eclipse as well with Capri who won the Tampa Bay Derby and the timing of that race makes it a little difficult to determine whether you should just it out and train up to the Derby or have another prop and Both those colts ended up running. Okay in the Derby ran very well the Belmont but with independence hall. We really wanted to try to make the right move for the Kentucky Derby. Obviously all hell broke loose sins and now the Derby's in September so that Kinda. Mix All our plan but really would oil down to Spacing and the fact that the Florida Derby is a great one on a race track that should play to independence hall strings. His Sire Constitution won the Florida Derby his Dam Sire Capetown Florida Derby and independence hall was fortunate enough to pull off. A victory. Comes Saturday in the Florida? Derby it would be a huge brother and his cap and really enhances potential as a stallion prospect Aaron. Thank you so much for joining us wishing you nothing but the best not only in the Florida Derby this Saturday but going forward with independence Hong. Let's hope that he gets a good trip. That all the equipment works the way it's supposed to this time. And we get to see the real independence hall appreciate it Bobbing New and Everybody out there. Just stay safe and healthy. But if you don't think that the connections of these forces spend countless hours calculating and planning their approach to picking out these races just just listen to what Aaron Wellman had to say about the decision to go to the Florida Derby. He got into the pedigree of Independence Hall. He got into the timing of the race. Of course that was when they thought the Derby was likely going to be run on the first Saturday. At least they were hoping it was and then he got into the track surface a surface that he felt would benefit independence hall and that he would handle and the great of the race being a great one. That's a big deal when you're talking about potentially having a horse that could go onto a be a stallion winning that grade one taking your shot on a race track that you feel he can handle. That's paramount winning grade. One is a huge deal when you start looking at the stallion prospects for these horses. Barclay tag talked about that with his law and again you're going to hear from Barkley coming up later. But one of the things that he talks about is the fact that when he went down this road the triple crown road and he wanted the. Derby preakness with funny CIDE. Funny CIDE was a gelding. They didn't have any of the inquiries that they're getting with his the law as a stallion prospect. That's a whole new game and Barkley admits that this is all different it look Barclay tag has had a believable horses in the past. But this is different. This is a horse. That is the favorite for the Kentucky Derby on March Twenty eighth in most people's opinions and in most future books and he's not a gelding like funny cide so things are different. Barkley in that team again. Barclays interview comes up at nine twenty eastern coming up in the next segment. You're gonNA hear from jockey floor on Giroux who is an ego her right at the end day on in the Fountain of Youth. Coming up later Well the Fountain of Youth Winner in the Florida Derby later today and then three time Florida Derby winner and hall of Famer Edgar Product will be with me at nine o'clock eastern to talk about allegedly allegedly tying the Great Angel Cordero for eighth on the all time wins list this past Wednesday and I say allegedly because there's much more to that story and looking forward to talking with Edgar coming up here at nine o'clock you know they. They Call Edgar Produ- The attorney his fellow jockeys calm the attorney because he is always so dapper when he shows up at the jocks room and then he'll put on his glasses and he looks so studio when he does it and quite often. They'll call the attorney because he kind of looks like an attorney way shows up to work and if for some reason a jockey needs to go watch movies with the stewards as they call it for an infraction. Eggers often there to support the young riders. He may need to talk to an attorney about this situation. coming up with his Equaling of Angel Cordero Junior. I'm looking to that visit nine o'clock and then of course we'll handicap all the big races at nine forty eastern time with Bobby Newman. Our coverage of the Florida Derby five thirty eastern presented by red brand fence and the F. T. B. O. Five thirty seven you can listen serious to nineteen Xm affiliates across the country and you can stream is worldwide at horse racing radio dot net are going to get now to our lexus legends of the TURF. It's brought to you every Saturday at this time by the Lexus store of Lexington. When I come back Florante Juru is in the saddle. This is your lexus legends of the d'oeuvres on October. Twenty seven thousand nine hundred seventy four at and suburban Toronto Canada thirty seventh running of the Canadian International Championship stakes over the testing distance of thirteen prolongs was the feature race on the card. There were a better than twenty five thousand fans on hand and typically respondent autumn weather with the foliage appearing. Is the mother. Nature had reached down with tender tendrils the painter countryside and the splendiforous golden hues of the season. There was a young lady in the field who had already chucked upstate scores in four different countries and was bidding to become the very first ever do one stakes in five different countries. She was an elegant lovely statuesque young lady who simply exuded class looked every bit apart and she was a Kentucky bred. She was by vaguely noble out of charming alibi. Honeys alibi and was racing of Nelson Bunker Hunt. She had won the Prix. Yuck oh left. In France to at three she had scored in the Irish get to soak the King George the sixth and Queen Elizabeth stakes in England and the precinct. A Pre de la Grotte and the way in France and further she had humiliated and outstanding feel of international runners and the Washington. Dc into national. An invitational at Laurel Park in Maryland at four her age at the time of the event being recapitulated she had one stakes in three countries. The ground predisposing clue in France. The King George and Queen Elizabeth stakes and the Benson and hedges Gold Cup in England and the man of war stakes right here in America. She was already a thoroughbred millionaires and this race. If she wanted would add another ninety one thousand plus who were already most imposing bankroll? She went posts words in this race. At odds on eighty five cents to the dollar or Bevy of backers. Were not the least bit disappointed. Were her effort this day. On a firm grasp course she towed it or one hundred twenty three pound impost to front running. Fractions of forty-seven and one for a half one thirty seven and three for a mile and a final time of two forty four. The one and five eighths miles while winning with veritable. Ie's she had in the process clipped opole second off the course record for the distance set by acts in nineteen sixty three and he went to distance in one an four-fifths seconds faster than secretary had had done just the year before in his winning up or she had become the world's leading money winning distaff or and it pulled up. Something never done before and the tire. Lustrous animals thoroughbred racing history. He won stakes races in five. Different countries England Ireland France America and now Canada she did have a Nemesis. I'll newer to citation or affirm to Alydar. That horse was named Ali France. The letter defeated a subject for this piece on all six occasions when they met over three racing seasons her lifetime. Statistics Twelve wins and twenty three trips to the post with composite earnings better than a million two hundred thousand this lassie lassie bonafide elegance grace poison statue around the racetrack. Who firmly planted or hoof in the pages of criminal racing history with capital letters and cap marvelous career with that win at Woodbine October. Twenty seven one thousand nine hundred. Seventy four was the great data. Visionary Design this Arro- performance and imaginary technology. That's Lexus when every detail. Every moment at every emotion is crafted by Lexus. It leads to amazing experience. Artistry THAT INSPIRES DESIGN. That compels an engineering that excites this is. Mike and I can tell you personally. As Alexis owner the enjoyment you'll experience from driving any of the Lexus. Model Lines is unparalleled. Visit the Lexus door of Lexington. Today and see what I've been talking about for nearly fifteen years. The people truly make a difference. Lexus has also been a longtime supporter of the Horse Industry with a keeneland shop located at the Lexus store of Lexington and through their sponsorship of Keeneland Lexus Raven run stakes each fall. And remember when you go to Alexis Store Ask for the Godfather Tony Diatta talk horses and experience amazing in your brand new lexus studs. Alternation is a top ten third crop sire by earnings black type winners in graded stakes winners with nearly seven million dollars in earnings today. Alternation was represented by six black type horses in two thousand nineteen from the second crop three year old daughter. Sara Getty empress on the two thousand Grade One Kentucky Oaks and was runner up in both grade. One test and acorn states. Seren getty empress finished the year with a strong third to older mares in the Breeders Cup distaff and a finalist for eclipse champion three-year-old Filly by distorted humor millionaire graded stakes winner. Alternation stands at Pin Oak Stone. I'm speaking with Joe Brown. Nicholson of Nicholson Insurance Agency. Joe Can you explain how the claims process works knock on wood? I haven't experienced a claim recently and hope I never will but what happens when Mike After. We are notified by the insured of an accident or event we will submit a claim report to the company giving basic details of the claim a claims representative will then contact insure to walk them through the claim settlement process. Most claims are settled promptly efficiently and to the complete satisfaction of the insured. Well that sounds fair. Basically the insured is buying an insurance policy which is a promise to pay. In the event of a covered claim. It also provides peace of mind absent of claim. That's the way it works. Thanks Joe for all your equine. In general insurance needs call. Nicholson Insurance Agency at eight. Five nine two two four seven zero eight zero. You GotTa Know Joe. Airdrie Stud is proud to announce the arrival of grade one winning millionaire preservationists the exceptionally talented son of Arch Foundation Mares courtly Manatt on on the top and bottom of his blue blooded pedigree on the race track he was one of two thousand nineteen best taking the great one Woodward Saratoga and historic suburban Belmont Park. That preservation has has suburban by Paul Lakes over Catholic Boy Abo- preservationists another exciting addition to Airdrie Stud stallion roster. Think about it. I am Kayla's draw and you're listening to the Horse Racing Radio Network. You're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network presented by RID BRAND FENCE. That comes out the final sixty where drew Mr modify? Mr monoploy mates them home. And the first division other risen star stakes won by three inside the Funnel Sixteenth of the Phasing Tipton Fountain of Youth. And it's all about biancone it's all about FDA Indian who wins stylishly. By six or seven they pass the Sixteen Bonnie south up to take the lead four. Own Gerardo twinspires.com fair grounds oaks. That's Bonnie South Bounce home by two and a half well value who still finding mates by three New York traffic bonuses a one piece third major fed enforceable take store the inside but it's wells wells by you in New York traffic wells by you to win. That's friends fires dot com but we had a derby welcome to the forum presented by Red Brand Fence right here on the Horse Racing Radio Network Mike Pana Baron of the backstretch operating remotely practising safe social distancing here this morning coming to you from my home studio our producer Lee de la Pena's in our Lexington Kentucky Studios Doing his best to make me sound good this morning and I would say doing one. Heck of job His any jockey Ben Hotter over the course of the past couple of months. Jackie Flora drew. I don't know he's winning every big race that we have in the sport today and you heard that little montage started with Mr Monti. Moyen the risen star at any on came back and won the Fountain of Youth. Bonnie south took the fairgrounds oaks and wells by the Louisiana Derby in back to back fashion at fairgrounds last Saturday. And I had the privilege of welcoming to the program Flora. Good morning my friend. Thanks for taking some time. Hey what what's the secret to this Hot Streak that you're on eating goodall. Come on. It's a pretty good. You gotTa have some kind of chemistry though. Don't you little bit but nothing? Just what kind of opposition or people are offering you to be honest. You know he'll come over for some of the people maybe sometimes can make a decision. Who are the winning one but making quit team? And I don't have any pressure from him he just gave me free rein pretty much time to good use the also some nice. He's like Patrick. And some of the guys I mean symptoms just Emmy Free Range. I think it's a big Chris as a drug to do what you don't think too much just to let you do your thing. Yeah let's start with you mentioned Patrick being cone and at Tj any ongoing to the post later today in the Florida Derby. So let's start there and then we'll talk about what happened last weekend at the fairgrounds which was a special day for you but at a Horse that you won the Fountain of Youth. On last time you were aboard for the very first time in that race. I I'll share your thoughts on that performance. I was been pushing. I thought he had a good chance not to win that they and I think he you involved in taking him to You know we've defined logging. Oh you know you do a wreck on the competition. I know that day was During the fall filed siding was able to cook very easy and You know he was like you couldn't even with Freeman. Did you know that you were going beyond the lead with him? That day just happened not just happening. What was different here calling? Hold but after you know. I'M NOT GONNA try to make the just to make the region and the hostile you're at the end. You know just how it on the radio so my my campaign was trying to push forward and get some kind of position and when they end up on the lead in order to get teachers in that race you broke kind of from the outside going a mile on the sixteenth postition tents. You're outside that day. You're outside again today. With Andy on mile and an eighth at Gulfstream. We always hear that. That can be a challenge. How come yeah because you know? It's a very big People White towns you know what not snow much stretch so the towns you know are a little bit longer than most restaurants. Compared to the second one is very long straight and Short term Job. She don't the Symptom Kuno Titans. That's one coming into the town or client to get you know secure knowing nicer sporty inside because you can get throat it widens so when you go into the starting gate today and you're out there on the outside again with this horse Obviously the break is always important. No matter what position you have but without giving away your whole strategy flow what's the mindset as you walk into the gate something You know Y- tied again. There's or truly today so it's GonNa reduce the defense a maybe closer than you know. Number two hundred eighty dollars sauce crutches. You today and I believe closer but I haven't extra secure bike walk. We story also last time. It was a my after me. Do the eleven or the mice you understand me as the twelve but you know now is the eight and eight. So some seminal set of mine you know just break shop and I said you know if you make the read fine you cannot just took a position but defense you get the game going to discern mindful. I mentioned that last time in the Fountain of Youth was the first time you were aboard day on. What did you learn in that race flow that maybe even helps you when you go to the post with him later today Reason pension money three or four times a lady Visa they could haul to go knows a great move it to Y- pre you know like with which to be gracious on. It can put forward out of Kabul by the way it's a big plus because some of those two learning you know three They beat you know immature. Sometimes something between all season they can get you know. Leave it scale and sometime or the team's not necessarily the joke wants stoop. But he knows. I don't need to worry about withholding professionals like talking with jockey floor on drew here on the Horse Racing Radio Network. Use One one thousand five hundred sixty six races in his career and it seems like he's winning every big race with every good horse that he sits on these days. Let's go back to last weekend at the fairgrounds flow. You take both the grade to fairgrounds oaks and the Louisiana Derby you fairgrounds oaks aboard Bonnie South and they come back with wells by you in that Louisiana Derby. Just tell me about those two victories and those two horses. How good were those performances There are very good both of them. Were very proud of the houses and honestly both of course you know we like them. Walking Great Bunny sows sows. Maybe more surprise. You know for things like Outside of people or racing fans no better viewers but we will not that That surprise you know we saw steam team if you was working rate Last time she was about to be a city name or suggest the devil who came back and wanted only be. I don't raise at the bottom. So you a line on the L. spearing on some of the stuff new using your Increase US know. You know there was no video of a finite which we respite. You know very much but you know what sometimes you all run a operational but well hoping ore to win but more looking for second and trying to get some Some type with you but it worked good at the end. She was to extend Australian of the rest of the mind though she'd roof. You're pretty good performance. Then you come back with wells by you. The son of looking at lucky who wins for the second time here in two thousand twenty. Tell me about that when he was a little bit easier in game plan and And they're going to raise your children. We'll talk together in the collection It wasn't always on early. Broaden myself on agreed our run in this was a nine through sixteen instead of running mobile just because you know based wise was also known as Dr who crew speed agree. Seven eight who takes all in California was also Muslim no payroll a lot of speed also was earth. We ought to be who can speed your and you know. Sometimes you get hooked and you don't know if you really belong in this kind of racist or just the Patriots kill you so we just Wanting to look like it wasn't much Patient going into the race and not much what you want to relearn unusual vagrant person from there or something and there is a shot. Hold Snow from the gate. The plan was like tube on the lead. And if somebody really wanted us Myself you know. Follow the signal to Jackie Flores through here on H. R. R. N. Flow there have been some writers including I rod Ortiz Junior and Rajiv who stepped away and then came back and I Raad has chosen not to ride because of the concerns with the corona virus. But how about for you? You decided to keep going. Did you ever consider saying? Hey you know what I need to take a break for a little bit. Yeah honestly and they're kind of things you think about all the time You know management and not everybody raising. We're all best not to stay. You know their Web. The situation with the corner virus when laws. No mask and all kinds of stuff and try to keep the social distancing stuff. It's hard commitment especially at the phone was the biggest weekend who of my season over. There are some holes is ready to go and I just feel a bit. Unfair for the connection to stay away and This weekend I haven't. Who's a commitment you know Eighteen and also be tidier. No but afterwards you know my take time off. I can't think you're scary there but not just will not through war. Yeah we've heard a lot about different racetracks and acting different protocols with the jocks room trying to make it a a safer environment and comply with what the Centers for disease control has recommended for everybody around the world. What's it take me inside the jocks room at Gulfstream? Now what have they done and what was done at fairgrounds to to make this a safer environment which is not as much as we can. We're all together in the same room and we're all spread out because you know we have facility for also with me to stay no somewhere in the dark and and you know because we know we're eating out of the ratio so with and we need to get all the way up in the six floor But no everybody's spread out to them. I'm a kind of Neil. The southern area wide open. Everybody looks like camping over there. But what walks? Are you comfortable with the way that things are being done? Right now. For Jackie's yeah? I'm comfortable but I said no government People you know higher than than the restaurants are making making into more difficult for everybody and I just feel tired. I mean It doesn't matter how much own to run. You know. We have to keep their job. We in the very tight Sometimes you have a twitter poll street you keep you from dissenting you to your twitter group leading the horses You're GONNA you know divided. You know something all things. It's twenty four twenty four people of Color Grooms and hot working on stuff is Teri people already together. You know and and it's the were just keeping it. You know the the minimum. It's not like I'm just. I'm not even counting the trails and I see some of these well most of the no. No yeah you know. I mentioned earlier in the program that have air sent out a tweet saying that he had tested positive for corona virus us now in self-isolation for the next two weeks he feels fine. I texted with him last night. He said he's doing just fine and just hoping to get this behind him. He was a symptomatic all along. What what's the reaction from fellow jockeys when they hear about a guy like Havi or Castellano testing positive? Well no but for him just keeping already. We hope feeding and of course she was worried about you know you know. He's because he's been with them knowing especially among wish the one who's living in south Florida when she older so they're supposed to coach. You know his mother wife and kids notice. What's those companies line you know or the people to get sick but on the other to turn to include Like I said you know he wasn't talking stuff like that. Keep US sitting symptom. That's like I said no very continuous. And you know just even him. I'm sure he was aware of the vision to to get the virus. Just call it. Yeah we'll flow listen These are crazy times and unprecedented times. Get through today safely and then continued to say safe and healthy. My friend and I can't thank you enough for taking some time here this morning. What good new one. Good bit of news. My friend You still have one hundred sixty one day so the Kentucky Derby now so you got plenty of time to decide on which horse you're GonNa read executive some of my more comfortable. Maybe you know what Off for your rookie canceling. I guess. Yeah might be your mouth for the Breeders Cup. Classic too so thinking ahead couple of races appreciate it flow. Stay safe my friend and safe trip out there. Okay thank you Flora Chiro here on the Horse Racing Radio Network You know I mean we can go online about what's happening here in the world and what's happening at Gulfstream Park around the country with tracks are still continuing to run in the jocks rooms and all of the different things flow did nice job of laying out the situation. Yeah he feels safe and yes. They're separated but he also went on said but there's a whole bunch of people involved here that are that are all involved interacting in some form or fashion some way and you talk about hobby or Castellano yet his family. He was home in New York with his family. A symptomatic but as we know that can you can still spread the virus. Even if you're a symptomatic but he was there with his family and he said his mom was living with them down in Florida. You know. I always concerns there. But let's get through today safe and sound and hope everybody has a good trip and stay safe and then we'll deal with it after this Florida Derby today but my thanks to floor on your roof for being with me here on the horse racing radio network going to get to a break. I'll come back and get you set for the second half of the program this Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network. Your home for the Kentucky Derby and triple ground our anchor down has belva five with just a sixteen to the venit anchor. Down wins the Westchester Passion Anchor. Donna still they're coming to the sixteenth. Pull Tab Marco's can't get by and anger wires. The field in lockout also performance gains way stallion anchor down a son of three time champion sire tap it and a top miler who won the grey to Kelso with a final time of one thirty two and four fists posting a one. Oh Eight Beyer. Speed figure a half-brother grade one winner. Sweet Lulu Acre down strongly resembles desire and buyers agree at the recently concluded obese. March sale a two year old Colt by anchor down breezed in nine and four fifth seconds. Selling for two hundred seventy thousand dollars to John Ford Brilliantly fast anchor down standing at Gains Way Power Passion performance. You know I'm talking about gains way far I tony. Hey Matthew. There's a reason why Tony steaks and seafood is my favorite restaurants because I wanNA feel part of the family. Isn't that right Tony? That's right there's a saying on the wall that I truly believe in. There's always room for one more at our table. We just wanted to be part of our family and believe me you will be. It's Tony steaks and seafood right across from Triangle Park visit them at Tony steaks and seafood dot com. The Florida thoroughbred industry is celebrating seventy five years with the Florida thoroughbred breeders and Owners Association. And what a successful seventy-five it is. Ben. Florida breads have won. Nineteen triple crown races fifty two national championships and along the way. Making one hundred seventy racehorse. Millionaires plus sixty six eclipse awards with to Florida Breads Imperial Hint and world of trouble receiving eclipse award. Nominations in two thousand twenty. The celebrating seventy five years joined Florida for the next twenty five. It's time now to shine the spotlight on the Darlie taking the reins performer of the week. Golden Sixties. I liked though I. He's the only danger by Adele point. I still at length golden sixty. He's running out of time. He's coming now. Golden Sixty drives. He won a golden sixty. The son of Darley stallion medallion Moro. Won The two point five million dollar Hong Kong Derby on March twenty second and in doing so he becomes only the second horse to sweep the four year old triple crown. He has now won. Ten of eleven lifetime starts and he is your Darlie taking the reins performer of the week. Darley's stallion Diadora. Was the horse with the MIDAS touch. He is equaled only by Mr Prospector. As stallions sired seven American grade one winners in a single year and no Stellian can match his sixteen million dollar yearlings since two thousand sixteen learn more about Medaglia. D'oro all the Darley's Dalian's by visiting Charlie. America DOT COM Steve the official bugler. Churchill downs and the Kentucky Derby and. You're listening to the Horse Racing Radio Net. You're listening to the equine forum. On the horse racing radio network presented by rebrand fence less than a quarter of a mile to go its poor gala. Turn under a product with three langlade. No Vendettas flat to the board campaign. Blitzes third finally the Mile. There's been a lot arrangement throughout the racing world that have never come close to a milestone victory that Edgar bottle attains. Today it's wind number seven thousand and fifty six four at your product. Ori four-length winter campaign blesses second. Finishing third was no save day in one eleven and one Cordeiro tied Edgar P l the call that was a claiming race at Gulf team this past Wednesday race number three Corey Gal under Jockey Edgar pro and you heard Pizza Equaling Angel. Narrow junior seven thousand fifty seven career victories. That was short-lived and you're going to hear more about that story coming up in just a few moments. Of course Edgar came back the next day Thursday and WanNa race at Gulfstream so he is officially tied now but If you go by what. We were thinking on Wednesday. Everyone would corey Gal. He would technically be one ahead of Angel. Cordero junior but not the case tied. And that's story coming your way in just a few minutes. You're going to be with me. Nine o'clock eastern time here on the network Barkley tag took the time to visit with. Bob Newman on radio this week. His interview talking about Tis. The law comes up at nine twenty. And then we'll wrap it up with bobby joining me to handicap the big races at Gulfstream at nine forty eastern time. This morning I told you at the top of the show that if you ever wondered who would win a race that included the likes of at Seattle slew spectacular bid affirmed American Pharaoh. You name it so many other Great Kentucky Derby winners that we've seen over the years well you're going to have that opportunity to find out on. Saturday may second because we thought. Hey there's no derby but we need to do a broadcast that day here on the network we always broadcast the Kentucky Derby. So we're going to put together a full broadcast of the HR N. fantasy derby first one ever five eastern. Saturday may second. We're going to put together a field of the greatest Kentucky Derby winners of all time which will be determined by your votes and the votes of those in the industry. All you have to do is go to our website horse racing radio dot net slash fantasy. Derby that's horse racing radio dot net slash fantasy derby to cast your vote for your favorite Kentucky. Derby winners do that. Now and help us determine the field and it's pretty simple you just email your selections right to me. Mike horse racing radio DOT net. But you have to go to our website to do it because there's a list of Derby winners to choose from and there's a spot for you to give a write in vote. If your favorite Derby winner is not among those horses that we selected to be part of the field it will be a full twenty Horsfield and it's going to pit all the greatest derby winners against each other should be fun the HRIS fantasy derby that broadcast what was going to be Derby Day. The first Saturday in May on May second I got to get to the second half of the program kicks off with Jockey Edgar Prado. That's next right after we pause ten seconds for station identification. This is the horse racing radio network from the rail to your radio. This is the horse racing radio network. Victory Gallop is third. But he's coming real worry victory by talking two hundred twenty running up the Kentucky Derby. This is odd again. Look team possible. Welcome to the equine forum presented by Red Brand Fence. Thirty seven. Wait is over good now. Here's Mike Welcome back hour number two the equine form rolling on this twenty eight th day of March twenty twenty case. You're wondering that means we are now just one hundred sixty one days nine hours forty seven minutes and twenty seconds away from the run for the roses Saturday. September fit the first Saturday in September. This year still trying to get used to that the first Saturday in September. The run for the Roses. We will be there. Is Your official radio home of the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown here in twenty twenty and partnership with NBC Sports and Westwood One So happy to still be of that coverage for you and looking forward to bring it your way if indeed we do run it on September fifth will be there and I told you at the end of that first. Half of the program that We are anticipating a big field for the HR and Fantasy Derby on Saturday may fifth and you can vote is to who you think should be part of that field. No doubt big red starting to get a lot of play and he's going to be one of them is he the greatest of all time. It's all determined by your votes ago there right now. Horse racing radio dot net slash fantasy Derby The Hall of Famer. Who is a three time? Florida? Derby winner is Going to join me here in just a moment. As a matter of fact we have him on the line now so we won't make them wait. What did the classiest guys that you're GonNa find the sport of thoroughbred racing and now tied with Fellow Hall of Famer Angel Cordero Junior four eighth on the all time wins list among Jockeys Edgar? Good morning my friend. Edgar Good Morning. Can you hear me? Yes good morning all you good good good good. Thanks for taking some time here this morning but look at it was funny. I reached out to you after you won that race on Wednesday at Gulfstream and I said Hey congrats on the milestone. Would you be willing to join me on the show this week to talk about it and you sent back a tweet or a copy of a tweet that said hey yeah it looked? I want it. But then echo base found something in their records it said No. I'm still one behind angel so so tell me about that. I was actually surprised. You See Somebody down Find Out in the Senate who my in Greenwich Information from not very good. Yeah it actually moved you back to seven thousand fifty six so officially one behind and it was. It was weird when you. Here's what I'm going to read the One Holidays last week. I'm sorry starting Thursday. Yeah so now. You're you're officially tied. But it was funny because you're tied. They took it away from Ya. And now you're tying again which is wonderful. Yeah what what's that mean? Edgar to equal a guy like angel. Cordero eighth all time before an owner to talion Alleging Cordeiro. He's done with so many He's been a great For this for many years Highly him know and Berry Berry. Good on the Egger. You kind got off to a fast start when you burst onto the scene and you're winning races left and right and and you knew the Edgar product could really ride and then here you are in this position today but did you ever imagine that you'd be sitting here in two thousand twenty eighth all time and number of wins an all you have to really speak to achieve something. Big Some Always wanted complete something better than in the day before so I was looking down either. Um Winning Doro your applauding. I trying to accomplish something you know. I I if coming my five hundred winner benefit lens out in the two thousand twenty four and when the moment last seven thousand he's continued to work Harry in King. He's writing and winning. When I reached every thought into well why not keep you know translates cordell and from important now east keeps moving hopefully At all or live with the kernel we come normally originally. Yeah you're now fifty two years old edgar one of the senior members of the jockey colony. What still motivates Edgar Prada on water that describing the feeling winning Being a horse in you horse anybody any anybody again you the truth to win the competition. Not a moment. You knew direction. I it's not working out and then you have to do it. You know how grain is I've been for many years and I feel like in Hudson treated when I wrote my first grade. Yeah you know so. Many great athletes yourself included Edgar in every sport. They hate to lose they. Have this will to win. That oftentimes even overcomes any kind of a talent deficiency. You have talent and you have the will to win is your is your will to win still as strong today as it's ever been. I think if you went to win is graded the within ski. Continue to work harder and tried to be professional. And don't sleeping you Laura. I mean whatever you do get the visit done in twenty. I can't something better than tomorrow. Do you find Edgar that there are times in certain races. That all of that experience that you've garnered over the years actually helps you to win a race. Is there something to be said for that young? Definitely you know. I'm sometimes I'm I'm breaking slow and steady rush the horses to save some ground See how develop in front of me trying to take some ground consummate. The right move. I don't know how you trying to Don't make another state them already copying because we are already slow so I mean that's because experienced environment for so many years and put them in practice when when you're writing in so many other things you know how tried to relax. The whole house is trying to say ground And how you fit into hoes and the Post parade you know if I water them up on nineteen quite so all those you learn with experience riding on. Can you put them in practicing? Hopefully you make the right decision when you when you write. How much longer are we gonNA see Edgar Proto in the saddle when when we don't know yet because I stopped writing Friday in today and tomorrow on from Get better outside Just WanNa stay with my family and hopefully this thing goes away soon then made on and you see me again. Attracted to I'm feeling great. I mean I'm I'm trying to stay healthy and try to stay in good shape and ready for the poor -TUNITIES COMES. I the longest one Hollywood turns to ride horses and thinking. Winning are around probably belong. Well you're eight wins behind Perry boots. Who's next on the list at number seven so there's something to keep in mind if you're looking for a little extra motivation but doesn't sound like you need not definitely no we're going after human hopefully Momentum going in and we go from there talking with Hall of Famer Edgar Pro here on the Horse Racing Radio Network Edgar when you think back on all those wins. What are some of the moments that immediately? Come to mind for you moments in your career that you're just never gonNA forget. Definitely my first win and Baru in I was riding I was looking for my third wing and it is insatiable and get a feeling how he feels win. He's saying when I win a race in the war and I was so excited I was so happy you know in their winnings people coming in common and the United States and definitely my favorite when you say was great too because I was looking for new beginning and New Place I started side is hoppy them on my first win in the United States and more than keep coming up you know I was very happy and in subways them got these beautiful gifts right horses by when when the Kentucky Derby was undescribable. I mean it wasn't a war. Don't say how glad hobby and it wasn't accomplished and then even without win for my family. My friends the people behind through in the washing one in the race. He's as good as it gets. He's hall of Famer. Edgar Prado here on the Horse Racing Radio Network Edgar. Listen the stay safe. Stay healthy and as always you're always A Class Act and always very gracious with your time so I appreciate it my friend. And congratulations on that milestone. Let's go get up the number seven next. Let's all right here on H. R. N. He is our industry star of the week this week. Who better to be our industry star the week then hall of Famer Edgar Prado? This segment brought to you by Stuart Morris who offers Boutique full-service bloodstock Operation Stewart wants to thank his owner says clients and his entire team. His success is because of you and with multiple stakes horses over the past three years including the likes of Henley's joy our brain trust and Malagasy. Stewart. Morris is your source for success at the highest levels. All you have to do is visit the Stewart Morris consignment at all the major sales coming up this summer and fall boy edgar products. And when I say that I mean I I talked about a few people like that that they are all class and there are a lot of people in the sport that are like that Edgar Prado was right at the top of the list. And the cool thing to me is here. He is fifty two years old and he talks about the desire that he still has to win a race when I asked him what motivates. What still motivates I group radio and hear him say that thrill of winning. That feeling you get when you win a horse race. And I've asked that same question to fellow hall of Famer John Velazquez in the past and it stands out to me. Because Johnny gives you the same answer. That feeling of being on the back of these majestic thoroughbreds winning a race. It's like a drug I can remember. I asked Johnny question after he was injured in the breeders. Cup by I WANNA say it was his spleen. I could be wrong but I wanna say it was a spleen and he was out for awhile. Nsf Johnny Listen. You have a beautiful wife unbelievable family. Surely you've been responsible with your money. And he has a why. Why keep doing this? Why keep coming back and putting yourself at risk and when you ask that question of a guy like John Velazquez and any of these top jockeys they will tell you. It's like a drug the feeling you get from winning a race and I can tell you just on the ownership side of things owning pieces of a few horses and I've been fortunate that all but one has gotten to the winner's circle. There is no feeling like it even standing on the sidelines. So I can't imagine being a board that horse at what that must feel like but according to every Jackie and you just heard Agar say it. The that's what drives them. That's what motivates them and Edgar Again. A three-time Florida Derby winner won't get the chance to compete in that race today because his mount with scratch. If you missed that in the first half of the program he was supposed to BE ABOARD SOROS FOR GUSTAVO. Soros ran yesterday. He finished fifth in allowance. Races at Gulfstream Edgar wasn't aboard him yesterday That means that rogue element draws into the Florida Derby field. Who's the only also eligible trained by Dow Romans owned by Kelly? Matiz Samedan over three. He was second in a maiden race last out but he'll get a chance to run today if they choose to do. Some trainer Barclay tag is in the next segment. He took the time this week to visit with. Bobby Newman on red brand radio and had a chance to talk about the morning line favorite in today's Florida Derby. Tis The law. Who has been just so so good. Hasn't run since winning the Holy Bowl. But he talks about that with bobby in our next segment. And then bobby will join me right around nine forty two handicap all the big races including that Florida. Derby stay with me. This is the forum on H. R. N. presented by Red Brand fence manufacturing the mashed non-client fence. You see on horse farms worldwide blow. I'm Michael Blown. Founder of old friends thoroughbred retirement farm one of our highest priorities to these living legend safety. That's why the fence we trust most at old friends is the V. Mesh keepsake from Red. Brand keeps teachers be Mesh weaved prevent hooves from getting caught and the Mesh design flexes on impact learn more about the quality safety and long lasting value of Keepsake de Mesh corresponds fence by visiting Red Brand Dot Com. The Florida thoroughbred industry is celebrating seventy five years with the Florida thoroughbred breeders and Owners Association. And what a successful seventy five. It has been Florida breads have won nineteen triple crown races fifty two national championships and along the way. Making one hundred seventy racehorse. Millionaires plus sixty six eclipse award with to Florida Breads Imperial Hint and world the trouble receiving eclipse award nominations in Two Thousand Twenty the FDA T. B. O. A. Celebrating seventy five years joined Florida for the next twenty five time-tested broken vow continues to deliver quality black type state sources at a fifteen percent clip top son of unbridled sired over one hundred fifty black type horses eighty black type winners over seventy five million dollars in earnings among the twelve type horses sired by broken vow in two thousand nineteen was dual Canadian. Classic winner tone broke winner of classic races on dirt and turf also the sire of instruments speaking Lynn graded stakes winner of over four hundred. Forty thousand dollars in your mirror. A great start with approved sire broken vow standing in Pinot stock war front. This son of Danjaq ranks among the world's elite sires with great one winners on dirt and turf and star performers. Both at home and abroad warfronts success as an international superstar is unmatched recent grade. One winners include Omaha beach and preakness stakes hero. War of will in the auction ring. Warfront was the number one sire by highest average at keeneland September with yearlings commanding prices. Up to two point nine million dollars warfront standing at claiborne. Farm Visionary Design this Arro- performance and imaginary technology. That's lexus when every detail every moment and every emotion is crafted by Lexus. It leads to amazing experience. Artistry THAN ASPIRES design. That compels an engineering. That excites this. Is Mike Pana and I can tell you personally. As Alexis owner the enjoyment you'll experience from driving any of the Lexus. Model Lines is unparalleled. Visit the Lexus store of Lexington today and see what I've been talking about for nearly fifteen years. The people truly make the difference. Lexus has also been a longtime supporter of the Horse Industry with a Keeneland shop located at Alexa store of Lexington and through their sponsorship of Keeneland Lexus Raven run stakes each fall. And remember when you go to the Lexus store. Ask for the Godfather Tonio Talk Horses at experience amazing in your brand new lexus. Unanimous champion two year old and three time grade one winner classic empire got off to a fantastic start with its first weanlings at the November sales. Averaging over one hundred thousand dollars from twenty seven sold to eight times his initial thirty five thousand dollars. Stud fee right on the same process. Champion Freshman Sire. American Pharaoh Classic Empires Outstanding Race Record is backed up with stallions pedigree. Being from the family of Harlan's holiday ride the rails and bold Megyn standing for just twenty thousand dollars. Classic Empire looks like a serious value for twenty twenty by this. Is Chris Mccarron? You're listening to the best horse racing show on the radio on horse racing radio network. You're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network presented by red brand fence and his the law in less than a quarter of a mile to go in the Holy Bowl. Tis The law set sail under many Franko and move to a three lake laid at Indiana's pack the second well clear of Toledo turf in third with an eighth of a mile left to go to law. Shifting GROUND. Touched down toward the interrail. But he's in front at Indian his game but he's only second best to suck togas staples law your Holy Bull. Winter second is to India. They were a mile clear. Toledo restless dancer may vary. Deputy uncorked. Sabado an clear destination. What's again. Pd bringing them home? That was in the holy bull stakes. Gulfstream Tis the law. A powerful victory in his three year old debut will see him in as the morning line favorite in today's Florida Derby Again if you're just joining me coverage of the Florida Derby comes your way here on the horse racing radio network beginning at five thirty eastern. It's all presented by red brand fence and the F. T. O. A. Myself and Bobby Newman. We'll be live five thirty to seven o'clock I'll be remotely but we'll bring you that coverage here so you don't have to miss any of the action that broadcast also includes the grade to Pan American and the Grade Three appleton which are the two racist preceding the Florida Derby today. And of course we'll take you all the way through Gulfstream's signature prep race The poll question today in so many of you taking the time to vote appreciate that at HR in on twitter. Who are you taking in today's Florida? Derby pretty simple and we gave you a few choices. Tis Law the favourite independence hall at Tay Endymion and other and if you choose other please specify well so far. Tis The law. No surprise here running away with forty six percent of the vote coming in for. Tis The law. Some of the write in votes Gouverneur Morris that's an interesting horse gouverneur Morris getting a write in vote from From Chris and then somebody here say well not betting it but his law GONNA lose to five so pigging against them but no definitive. Pick their but GOUVERNEUR Morris the one horse that maybe outside of those top three you have to take a look at and he has Florida Derby winning connections by the way his trainer. Todd pletcher the all time leading trainer in the history of the Florida Derby five times. That's unmatched his first was in two thousand seven. Can You name the Horse? Quick now maybe you got SCAT daddy in two thousand seven under hall of Famer. Kurt Proto who you just heard from. Just a few moments ago. He came back in two thousand fourteen when it constitution who by the way extremely well represented with his horses today Then he wanted the next year two thousand fifteen materiality came back with the Derby winner always dreaming in two thousand seventeen and then audible in two thousand eighteen so todd looking to add to that record later today but no doubt about it. Tis The law is going to go post road as the favourite and earlier this week. His trainer Barclay tag took time to visit with. Bobby Newman on red brand radio. And here's what he had to say about his law Barclay. This is a horse whose accomplished so much thus far. Tis The law. He's three for four in his career. He won the grade one champagne at Belmont last year. He was third after some trouble in the grade. Three Kentucky or rather than the grape to Kentucky Jockey club over a sloppy track at Churchill took a little time off came back looks better than ever won the holy bull impressively share your thoughts on his win in the Holy Bull. He won that race by some three lengths. Well he just seems to take everything in stride and do everything easily and you know thought he could probably win it and he did. He's he's pretty nice he just It seems to be nonplussed about most things. Nothing you know. He does laying bother him. Just because you're out there and does his job unfortunately the loss that Kentucky race because it was a horrible horrible Jack and he got squeezed pretty good. There didn't come out of the gate. Will YOU KINDA slip coming out of the day or something? I couldn't really tell but you can't even go perfect all the time. When he won the Holy Bull. It was roughly two months ago the first of February. He's been in the news since then. He had a little bit of a hoof issue or a leg issue. Tell us what happened. And what's been going on in the eight weeks since that? Holy Bull Victory really pulled his shoe one time during her door to Gallup whether it was during the galloper after the Cowper hacking home or hacking out there when it was but anyway it It kinda got a boost. He'll out of it and and You know we just had to back off. Line we We kept trying where they didn't want to get into much time off or anything like that but we had to just keep going back and forth where we lost little time. He's he's all better now. He's in good shape so we're pretty happy with many people around the country. Horseface racing fans around the world consider. Tis The law to either be favourite or one of the favorites at this point for the Kentucky Derby but we know the Kentucky. Derby is not the first Saturday in May anymore. It's now the first Saturday in September Labor Labor Day. Weekend is it. A difference is more frustrating to see. The Derby moved to September when you have a horse like this that many people think is actually the favorite at this point. Well when you only get one every twenty years on other things to go wrong but that's life and I wouldn't trade him with anybody so we'll just have to see how he does the hardest thing to fit him into the racist as they put them on I'd like to. I'd like to make setup myself and had the ball go to it but it's not gonNA work that way. I'm sure so You know they're going to be more mature horses in the Kentucky Derby this time then there are any other time and this source has matured. Early and I thought it'd be a really good good shot in the Kentucky Derby but you never know now. It's just a lot of a lot of things can go by now. We will see this horse owned by Sachs Toga stable. Of course same owner and trainer connections as funny side who both won the Kentucky Derby and the preakness back in two thousand three the road to the Derby and whenever the preakness could be this year is obviously different Barclay with the change in dates. How does it change your strategy? What will you do differently now? If he happens to run a good race on Saturday well I don't know what to do. We'd probably If things just stay like they are we'd probably have to go out to to Oakland but if they got around to it and change it all around and put the preakness and the Belmont stakes back in order. Somehow I'd have to really consider going that way. We just have to see how how it works out. Anyway since you and the ownership group of Saka togas stable of already. Been Down this road. What are the biggest differences now compared to two thousand three back? Then when you were training funny side for Saka Toga stable. He was not getting quite the hype. As some of the other ones around the country I think empire maker was all rage back then now tis. The law is if not the favorite certainly one of the favorites and the more well-known three-year-olds coming in and if he runs well on Saturday or wins the race on Saturday Hill. Stamp himself right at the top of the list. What are the differences now with a a very very strong three year old looking at the triple crown races? Hopefully down the line as opposed to back in two thousand three a funny side. Yeah had three easy wins. In the fall they were in New York bred maiden race in two two little steaks and they were very nice but it was nice to and it was nice to win them and it was great for him but then he lost his three preparations for the Derby and I thought he ran well in the second to the first one. You know had a lot of problems in that but We we still are pretty high on him. And and that's what. He ran a great race in the wood memorial and he was just beating a little bit but that race he didn't he. He always had a habit of taking a little bit of a breather. And it didn't take as much of a breather in that race came back. Pretty strong was only beaten half a length so I was still hiked on him and Fortunately they ran a great race Kentucky Derby in one night and they came back and win the preakness decisively. So you know we. We like it from the very beginning. And we're disappointed that he lost his three preps but You know they're excusable their other. Good horses in there wasn't like he was really good horse in the He did come back and get the job done the derby preakness so we were. We were pretty happy with him and he was a very high strung horse. A little different than this horse. Choice is a little bit temperamental. But he's not as high strung and nervous. It's funny CIDE was so that makes it a little bit easier to handle and we're very happy with the wave coming along. Is there any difference in what your plans are or what the owners plans are going down this line with a Colt as opposed to a gelding? Of course funny cide famously won the Derby as a gelding whereas his the law is a full Colt. Any difference or when you're thinking of plans down the line. Well there's a lot of difference. 'cause it's a lot of money on the line for it was not much money on the line for a guilty so it's been very interesting with the offers and things like that. I don't want to win all that but It's it's it's a different different game but I think He can handle it all. He's he just seems like an amazing horse debate. It's just nothing seems to really bothering or getting his way and he does it so pretty happy. Heavy I don't think I don't think anybody could blame me for that once again. Partly tag joining us. Thank you so much for being with us on. Hris we wish you the best of luck. Tis The law. The morning line favorite in a full field of twelve saturdays grade. One three quarter million dollar curling Florida Derby goes race fourteen Barclay. Best of luck on Saturday and in the future with Tis the law. Thank you thank you very much. Yeah interesting stuff from Berkeley Tag. My thanks Barkley for joining Bobby. This past week on on our red brain radio show which by the way you listen to that show with bobby and Anthony every single Wednesday Thursday and Friday afternoon from three to six eastern time just head over to our website horse racing radio dot net and check out the schedule for all of our talk shows. We're GONNA continue as much as we possibly can to bring you. All of our talk shows as scheduled throughout the week as much of my race coverage as we can as long as they're running the big stakes races Will do that for you. Each and every week here on the network and again Florida Derby coverage comes up five thirty eastern time the afternoon serious to nineteen Xm to a one worldwide horse racing radio dot net and on our affiliates and Lexington Louisville and across the country. Tis The law emmy. Look this is a horse that you heard. Barkley say he feels like he has matured. Maybe even quicker than most of the other three year olds. That's why he's on top of the list. Obviously but he has matured beautifully to this point and Bobby asked him. If it's more frustrating for him to have the Kentucky Derby moved this year sitting here with the favourite Barkley was very Kennedy said. Yeah he said you can't do anything about it. Obviously but it is frustrating. Because you have a horse like this who you you start you pick them out as a yearling. Start breaking him you start getting into. All of the training is a two year old. You start to realize this forces special you watch him grow. You Watch immature physically and mentally you. Get up to this point where he is the top-ranked force sitting here on March twenty eighth. And that's all well and good with the Kentucky. Derby being on May second now is Barkley alluded to the whole picture changes with the September Fifth Kentucky Derby because all of the other three roles that are currently behind. Tis The law in terms of the development. Now have time to catch up all summer long so Tis the law even though he may still be the top ranked horse if we get to the Derby on fifth and he may still continue to get better but now all of those other three year old so their further behind even horses that are running in maiden races right now three year old maiden races that typically wouldn't even be in the Derby picture all of a sudden they are. And that's another interesting wrinkle to the whole Derby picture. Now you have to start watching these maiden races. It's a lot like backing the clock up to their two year old campaigns. That's where we are right now at least in terms of a timeline. So you have to watch those maiden races and you see some of those horses that burst onto the scene winning a maiden race and again if the Derby's May second they don't even they're not even a consideration make the field now all of a sudden they are and they could be one of the horses to beat on the first Saturday in September. We'll see if Tis the lock and continue to take the next steps along that road to Louisville later today in the Florida Derby and again we'll have coverage for you five thirty eastern here on the horse racing radio network getting into another break when I come back. It is your calling. All three year olds segment for this Saturday morning presented by spendthrift into visit with Bobby as he looks at all the big races coming up at Gulfstream later today. This is the forum on H. R. 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Millionaires plus sixty six eclipse award would to Florida read imperial hint of trouble receiving eclipse award. Nominations in two thousand twenty. The F. T. B. O. A. Celebrating seventy five years joined Florida for the next twenty five. Catch your round world class horseracing whenever you like from North America's premier thoroughbred horse Racing Destination Gulfstream Park with the championship in full swing. Join US Saturday. March twenty eighth for the grade. One Florida Derby as the top three year. Old thoroughbreds compete for their chance to legend. Feel the heart. Pounding action up close with viewing from the rail or enjoy. Within the comfort of our trackside restaurants visit Gulfstream Park Dot Com for more information Gulfstream Park rules at every turn but Dina Springs bred raced and developed awesome again and go sapper into important stallions. Now comes go. Staffers Best Son Shaman. Ghost bred raced and backed by the strength of DNA. A Hall of fame runner like his sire and Grand Sire. Shaman goes captured the classic Queens at three on route to his sovereign award championship at ages. Four and five sham goes made cross country history. As the only horse. In the past thirty years to capture both the Woodward stakes and Santa Anita Handicap word at Chom against unbe welding foursome allows sixteenth of a mile chumming. Ghost would go on to earn over three point. Eight million dollars. With repeated success at the highest level. Additional graded wins include the grey to Brooklyn invitatinal the marine stakes and PIMLICO special before defeating the likes of keen. Ice and California chrome would second to arrogate in the inaugural sixteen million dollar Pegasus world. Cup Go suffers best son Shaman Ghost standing at Adena Springs Kentucky. Look for his fantastic. First yearlings at the sales in twenty twenty high desert You and I listened to the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum. On the horse racing radio network presented by rebrand fence around the par turned. It is still wildcat. Read generally rod a half length by Cairo. Prints being sent along constitution is going to get through an opening on the inside here. He comes founding on the rails constitution up the head of that with wildcat red. Are they outside? Generally Cairo prince his wildcat constitution that it had the Tuchin he feeds wildcat read generally raw was third and Cairo. Spores welcome back to the forum presented by Red Brand Fence here on the horse racing radio network. Mike pinup Baron of the backstretch operating remotely from my home. Studio this morning. My producer lead Elefsina in our Lexington Kentucky Studios and Chauncey who handles all of our social media back in his home studio as well monitoring all your tweets and appreciate everybody for tuning in this morning. That was the voice of racing on. Nbc Mr Larry Combs with the call of the two thousand fourteen Florida Derby Constitution with a big victory that day for trainer. Todd pletcher one of his five victories in the race. That is a record. I told you that earlier. Todd sends out Gouverneur Morris in this afternoon's Florida. Derby he has a couple of horses. Actually Gouverneur Morris a son of his Florida Derby winner Constitution Constitution stands at Winstar and he has also represented by independent tall and favourite. Tis The law. Yeah he's done pretty well to start his stallion career Wondering by the way if Gouverneur Morris Independence Hall in Tis the law will all be among the top five in Bobby Newman's edition of calling all three roles which is presented by step spendthrift. Let's find out and they're all spendthrift farm presents calling all three year olds with. Bobby Newman fairgrounds. In New Orleans held their signature race last weekend. The great to one million dollars Louisiana Derby. This year's renewal was held a new distance of a mile and three sixteenths. It was a full field of fourteen and on paper. It seemed as though wells by New York. Traffic and modernised might all show speed possibly setting things up for any of the talented closers. But that's not how it played out. Well spy who was sent off. The slight favourite made the lead easily interflora. Njeru setting a very moderate pace. New York. Traffic was content to sit justin behind the leader while modernise track from fourth early. Lan when they reach the top of the stretch all three had plenty of closing kick but it was wells by kicking best and going onto the wire-to-wire score New York. Traffic ran a game race to be second with modernist getting up for third. They earned one hundred forty and twenty derby points respectively for their efforts. Final time was one fifty six and two today. Gulfstream Park holds their biggest race for three year olds the grade. One seven hundred fifty thousand dollar Florida Derby and it may be the most talented group of three year olds. We've seen square off so far this year the Barclay tag trainee Tis. The law is the six to five morning line favorite off his impressive scoring the holy bull stakes February that day. He defeated at on Dion by some three lengths and that one came back to air in the Fountain of Youth Four weeks ago. They both looked to have big shots today. But we'll have to deal with south Florida Newcomer Independence Hall. We last saw him finishing second as the big favourite in the Sam F Davis at Tampa but he had a few excuses that afternoon and could give the top two all they can handle if he fires. Today I'll be back with this week's top five list right after this word from spendthrift spent for farm added again now offering breeders are best incentives yet including deep discounts on young stallions and proven stallions and for the first time thirty days paid boarding at the farm of your choice so that you can read your mayor to a stallion from the most diverse roster in North America without the burden aborting costs serious deals on serious stallions only at spendthrift the breeders farm. Call today learn more eight five nine two nine four zero zero three zero or visit spendthrift farm dot com. This week's top five list of Derby contenders looks like this number. One is authentic undefeated for trainer. Bob Baffert won the San Felipe. Last out should run in the Santa Anita Derby next weekend number. Two honor second authentic last time out he's also pointing for the Santa Anita. Derby number three is independence hall suffered his first defeat in the SAM. F Davis last time out. Iran's in the Florida Derby today number four Tis. The law should be favored in today's Florida. Derby and number five Max field nearing return to the races. Possibly in the Arkansas Derby at oaklawn on May the second. That's your calling all three year old segment presented by spendthrift the breeders farm. Well as you heard me mention a few times throughout the program one hundred sixty one days away from the first Saturday in September and the run for the roses this year to be exact one hundred sixty one days nine hours six minutes and fifty seconds until the horses go into the starting gate and joined now by the man you just heard in that calling all three roads segment. Bobby Newman who will be part of my broadcast team. This afternoon. Bobby and I will bring you coverage of the Florida. Derby starting at five thirty eastern time that's presented by red brands and the F. T. B. O. A. Bobby one thing that struck me as I was listening to your top five list in this week's edition of calling all three roads. Tis The law who is the favourite on most people's lists was actually ranked number four in your derby rankings. That's true in another thing. Have about that top five list since we recorded that yesterday before Santa. Anita made their announcement. We don't know where authentic and honor. Ap are going to show up next since they were going to run next Saturday in the Santa Anita Derby but yes I have a I have been a big Fan of independence hall along. I think he has some excuses. Last time out at Tampa Bay downs in the Sam F Davis. I think he's capable of a lot better than that and his best races. I think. Make him the one to beat actually in the Florida. Derby today you mentioned in that Segment that this may be the most talented group of three roles. We've seen in any one prep race and you know some of the horses from the West Coast may argue that. Because we've seen some good ones out there But yeah when you get into independence hall annotate endymion and Tis the law together in one race. You have to think that this one's pretty salty. It is very salty. And obviously it's a mile and nate Which we haven't seen From most of the other three year olds thus far. There are some others in here. Besides those big three. That are exciting horses. Gouverneur Morris has really done nothing wrong and his three race career. Two wins and a second place. Finish in that second placement was to Max Field. Who at the time? People thought was a lot of people thought. That was the most impressive two year old race of the year in the breeders. Futurity at keeneland back in October and Max Field. If not being the favor would have been the. Maybe the second choice in the Breeders Cup juvenile not Suffered a minor injury. But it's it's a great field you've got some up and comers in their men as seen on TV he's never run a bad race in his career and he gets the advantage of the inside post today with Pokka Lopez who seems to win races and Bunches at Gulfstream. It's really a very talented field and Happy that Not only we're GONNA get to see the race that we're actually racing Gulfstream but it's a beautiful day here in south Florida now and it may actually get to about ninety degrees. Oh Wow summer like conditions in the South Florida area today and again post time for that Florida Derby coming up at six thirty six eastern time. I mentioned bobby. Our coverage begins at five thirty. It also includes the grey to Panamerican and the Grade Three Appleton which are the two races preceding the Florida derby any thoughts on those two races and who might jump up with a big effort. I think they're both very interesting races. The appleton which goes race twelve will probably have the shortest price on the afternoon with Zulu Alpha who not only was an impressive winner of the Pegasus World Cup turf back in January but came back with a great win from way out of it in the Mac Dermott last time out. There's not a lot of speed in the race and the course. That intrigues me. As a horse that Zulu Alpha beaten the Pegasus. And that's number one channel cat. I thought Channel Cat has always been better laying up close to the pace. If not on the lead I think with an inside posts in the post in a race without lot less early speed in it. That's what we're GONNA see Jockey. Joel Rosario. Do What Channel. Cat also intriguing. Look we haven't read anything about this but don't forget that the pay raises all of the entrance both in the dirt and the turf had to run without the medication lasix now. We don't know if anyone bled in those races we don't know who absolutely needs lasix and who doesn't obviously it did not hurt Zulu Alpha. Maybe it hurt channel cat. I am just guessing. I don't know but I'm willing to give him another chance. And he's down on the inside ninety two on the line. I think he would be the best chance of upsetting the apple cart in the Panamerican Zulu Alpha work to win the thirteenth race. The Grade Three appleton. Wow this is a difficult race to handicap. And if you're playing pick four pick fives or that mandatory payout kick six today. If you have a strong opinion here more power to because to me. It looks like a total spread type of race. The favourite will probably be the todd pletcher trainee Samba For Lewis is who I think is one ten races in the last two days. At Gulfstream Park. Science has written Son of intimacy several times in the past It looks like he's getting better and better but it's not a layup for him. There are several other very talented runners and I know on my ticket. I'm spreading. Yeah I I guess you Kinda have to especially if you're playing that mandatory payout that this was a good day to play. I mentioned the carryover of one point six billion going into today's card but they have to give it all away today. Bobby so if if you're putting together a ticket you mentioned spreading in that race. How do you approach putting together a pick six ticket Like you're going to have to do today. Well these days there are so many very competitive races. You really need to find one or two races that you can narrow it down at least in my opinion or you're going to be spending a lot more money than you really want to spend Cer- for me I've gotten the race that I really like and that I'm going to single is race number. Eleven it's the great to Gulfstream Park. Oaks these are three year old fillies. They're going a mile and a sixteenth on the main track and the second choice on the morning line is number five spice is nice and other. Todd pletcher trainee. This one was supposed to be ridden by heavier passed a lot as of now. I do not see any changes for the card So I don't know who's going to pick up the mount on this philly. She's very very talented. Choose renting twice in her career broke her maiden a very impressively by twelve lengths and off that dominant score. She was actually sent off the three to five favorite in the Great Devonian Dale. Despite the fact that she was facing tunnel is shape who already four for four and a multiple stakes winner. So I think the odds were wrong that day. The public got it wrong. Spices nice ended up running. Second to tonal is shape only beating a little over a length. I think she's going to improve leaps and bounds. Not only stretching out going around two turns but being that this is just the third starter career. There's a lot of pace in this race. I think she'll sit just and behind them three to one on the morning line spices. Nice is where I would single today and then I would go from there. I could spread in some other. Races may narrow the curling Florida Derby down to two maybe three runners because I I honestly think that both That both Tis the law and Independence Hall are Tad Better. Right now than what we've seen from the other so I don't know if I would just use those two. Or maybe maybe throw in one more likely winner Morris But that's the way I would go single in that race. Two or three in the Florida Derby and then Kinda spread around that and Hope I get lucky. Bobby Newman with me here. On the horse racing radio network. You'll hear more from bobby this afternoon as kickoff coverage of the Florida Derby five thirty eastern time serious to nineteen. Xm To o-on Hake Ninety six point one here a Lexington and ESPN six eighty in Louisville other affiliates around the country also carrying that coverage. You can go to our website horse racing radio dot net to check it all out in the last segment. Bobby we heard your interview with Barclay tag from Red Brain Radio this week and I touched on this one thing. He talked about which I thought was. Interesting is the fact that he feels like his. The law has matured maybe quicker than many of the other three year olds to this point in the season and that's why he's the top ranked horse and that's what you're looking for. If derbies on the first Saturday in May now. He asked the hope that he can continue to be above all the others. By the time we get to the Derby on September fifth. I I thought that was interesting. It's going to be very tough. And it's unlucky for horses that are maturing at the exact point when the Derby is supposed to be That it gets moved back but you know what that's just the way things are every. Unfortunately the world was turned upside down a couple of weeks ago and everyone is suffering in some way or not whether it's financially or just being a gigantic distractions in their life and when you have horses like Tis the law or maybe authentic out on the west coast that basically fit and look like they're teaching right around the first Saturday in May and now have to wait four more months it's unlucky. You look at the other side of it though. The horse's like Max `field for trainer Brendon. Walsh who are coming back from injury now. They have the extra time they could be back in top form by the time we get to the Gertie. How about Bob Baffert Charlatan? This is a horse race twice. He broke his maiden super impressively. He won an allowance super impressively. He may not have had enough points to get to the Derby the first Saturday in. May He's got plenty of time now to try to get there the first Saturday in September. So the pictures changed. It's very unfortunate For the connections pissed law but hopefully he will be as good then as he is now or even better when we get to September. Yeah so many questions will have to be answered including the prep race schedule that these horses will put together as they move closer. Churchill will have to announce the revised points races that horses will need to compete in as we move throughout the summer. It's going to be crazy bobby. Listen to appreciate the visit my friend. Thanks for spending some time this morning and looking forward to our coverage later this afternoon can't wait looking forward to it all right. Bobby Newman here on H. R. R. N. Going to get to one final break. I'll come back and wrap this one up for you. This is equal forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network. 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Ob As march sale a two year old Colt by anchor down breezed in nine and four fifth seconds selling for two hundred seventy thousand dollars to John Ford Brilliantly fast acre down standing at Gains Way Power Passion performance. You know I'm talking about gains way far. Roman you're listening to horse racing radio network you're listening to the equine forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network presented by Red Brand fans a reminder that inside the march twenty eighth issue of Blood Horse magazine and tablet. You won't want to miss the feature stories including Lane Dense Diane Manager. Billy sellers and at every step for Horsemen Berry. Burkle Hammer thrilled with development of his young horses and of course smart move. That's the third big story in this week's edition Akwa Star Farm home to Pennsylvania Heroes Smarty Jones. You can check that out in this week's edition of Blood Horse magazine and tablet download the free blood horse daily APP or have an email sent to you once a day but horse daily has the largest subscriber base of any thoroughbred industry electronic daily newsletter. Get started right now by going to blood horse dot com slash daily. Well my thanks to everyone who helped make this show possible this morning including jockeys floor onto ruin the hall of Famer Edgar Prado Trainer Barclay. Tag was part of the show. He joined Bobby on red brand radio this week. And we played that interview for you. And of course bobby just a few minutes ago joining me from his base in Florida in advance of our coverage of the Florida Derby later today Big Article Stream huge card. Today I mentioned all the racist fourteen races. The Florida Derby is the fourteenth and final race on the program today the mandatory rainbow six payout. One point six million dollars carrying over into today's GonNa be a lot of fun. Don't forget that you can vote for your contenders. At least the ones who feel should be contenders for our HR fantasy derby that broadcast coming up. Saturday may second which would actually be Derby Day this year. We're going to present that fantasy. Derby head over to horse racing radio dot net slash fantasy derby to learn more into cast your votes today. You haven't till next Friday to do so and that's going to be a lot of fun fully produced broadcast pitting the greatest Derby winners of all time against each other all determined by your votes. Thanks to everyone who took time away in at HR and on twitter with our poll question today. Tis The law an overwhelming winner of that one. Everybody expecting the hill strut his stuff and get the job done later today in the Florida. Derby ovalles thanks to our producer. Lee Dela Pena in our Lexington Studios Chauncey for handling social media. I'm Mike Penner until next time. Stay safe stay healthy and as always go steelers.

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