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Look let's go ahead and when people say that God is back God bread it is back. We're taking questions about my upcoming album. I'm a musician now. Please subscribe to call Chelsea Peretti. The podcast you can call. And now I've got to get back to playing piano man shoutout to Jason Schwartzman. Who helped us all to this? This is She says what she means. It's blown members. Sloan love Ban Slow Navy Blues. They're actually going on on the road and plan this Just learn from his radio. Show cooking radio. They're playing their Al Menfolk All right we have the brothers this the cheap seats happy Thanksgiving we are grateful for you for the show participating with us in this foray into the world of sports awards unfiltered opinions with comedy. We know what your holiday weekend. You're not Wherever you are but if you're taking a little break from your family all your basting the Turkey and waiting for it to cook on a low temperature? Thank you for having us in your house. I love the J. thinks that people are cooking the Turkey on Friday because his trump's on Friday and not on a Thursday. There's still basting. You still details. Are you talking about people preparing for Thanksgiving the day out of the next day. Oh okay all right great Well again. We are thankful for you guys And thanks for the world of sports. It's because some crazy stuff is happening in the world of sports. Let's jump into the top take of the day because on the show. We're going to have a nice. Br this this episode is nice tight and compact like a great stuffing. We stuffed it nicely J Putz Amazing Pitcher. Relief Pitcher Most notably for the diamondbacks just got selected on the hall of fame ballot. Now whether or not he gets in that's a whole other story but he's on the ballot with gene a number of other great players so fascinating we're talk to him about that and what that meant to him. Former University not Michigan Baseball player. We'll get into it with him and and literally get into the season as well But first let's talk about myles Garrett Jarrett whatever That huge obviously obviously we talked about it. We talked about last week. We spent a little bit a little bit but like the the huge fight that happened so it came out this week and we know we're recording a week in advance. Maybe maybe other things will happen by the time this comes out. But just for those who don't know and who didn't see it. There was a humongous Mason. Rudolph the Pittsburgh steelers continue to drive them into into the ground Rudolph grabs his grabs Garrett's facemask and tries to rip his helmet off. Can't do it then Garrett rips off Rudolph's helmet just take the whole thing off Rudolph is down. He gets pushed. He gets hit and he goes down he then gets up and goes after myles Garrett Yup and there and then miles takes Rudolph Helmet and smashes him on the head in airy five move that got captured on camera. Miles is then Suspended indefinitely the rest of the season and my guess is probably at least four to six games for next season half of next season. It's not a good look. He knows he made a mistake but he came out. He came out initially me and apologized. And said I let my let my emotions get the best of me and I apologize to my team fans and everything like that and you thought okay. This guy is actually doing something that you don't see in the NFL that often admitting that he made him he's dating that he made a mistake and he messed up badly. I'm like okay. This is the first step to two full redemption initiative you literally say a huge hands up mea culpa this is what it is however. Now he's saying Ralph had a racial slur set a racial slur towards him which none of his teammates are standing by. You know if it was true. Well Odell Beckham. Junior is saying Dang I respect the guy in the most roundabout ways is saying I can respect the guy and he's a man of his word I didn't hear it. But if he he says it happens then it happened to happen. That's not saying I also corroborated this. Also he didn't come out and say it right away. If that guy comes into the locker room and said look I went crazy. I saw red. Because he called me the n word he said this to me he did. These five instigated things to me and if that was the narrative from the get-go then they said okay to me. It seems like you're backing your story into something that you feel like you. You focus grouped it out there and you realize is that things. Don't look great for you even if the guy was being an asshole even if Rudolph was grabbing your how how how and making you feel like you could get injured and you're trying to defend yourself. You gotta understand the optics. You are the bigger dude. You just drove this guy into the ground. Everybody's up. Oh you did not stop you. Swum with your helmet onto his head is connected his helmet and connected with his head so you didn't swing it and hit him in the chest you hit him on the head. Only that would have been worse as the guy starts bleeding right and has it brain injured. I think no blood. And the fact that Mason Rudolph just turned in was like Capela. Headlining kept fighting or did you see that but it helps. I think that means he gets back into the League at some point right if there was blood or grain damage he he yeah if he knocks him out or there's blood or there's a concussion or whatever he never sees a field ever get. I still think it's GonNa be really difficult for him to get back because who who wants that guy on your team. If he can't control himself in this instance how is he going to stay football. Ready locked in loaded in again. You look look at a guy like and he's a great player. Always been a great player but he just completely squander that I when I saw this ran and this is my final sort of take on this. It may be sad sad. It may be sad for all possible scenarios if it happened because I don't know I wasn't in there I don't know whether dropping inbound. Maybe he did win at the bottom of the pile and no one else heard it. Maybe whispered into his face. Maybe that's what got him going after. He tackled him. He's now on top because he said that so I would be ashamed. I'm I'm sad. I'm sad to see that that's still goes on now. If it didn't happen it makes me sad. Maybe even more sad. I mean it makes me sad that that happened. And it didn't come amount of Richie Incognito Smelt right and it makes me also sad for future times when it does happen and someone claims that it happened and isn't isn't believed because now this guy's throwing around it's the crying wolf moment and so you can't throw this thing out there if it didn't happen it's it's bad for all the other people who will face racist comments come out about it because then everyone will be now. You're giving people the argument of like it didn't have. How do we know what happened? False information nation and we are living in an time of miss and disinformation and people claiming if something isn't does isn't desirable desirable to them. They claim fake news. It's ridiculous all right. This is bad idea Girl in red when we come back. Jj Pods great interview. The dude is a hall of fame on the Hall of Fame Ballot for two thousand and twenty. I love it from the cheap seats. We got more coming up after this break. 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He's on the hall of fame ballot and he's someone we just We enjoy all the way around. He come out to our comedy shows. J J Putz. Thanks for joining us on view from those words first of all. Let's just talk about that for a minute. Did you know what indications is. Did you have that you might be on the on the ballot this year. zero wow. I'm still kind of trying to figure out how I mean you had some great phenomenal years Psalm. Initiating years you have to admit that as a reliever yeah it's just You know you look at some of those was guys on that list and it's just Just honor to even be in the same breath let alone the same piece of paper and these guys are guys that some. I looked up to some I got to compete against writing. Cherish every moment of it. WHAT'S AMAZING ISN'T I? I don't think people really realize this about the funnel hard. It's hard to make it on a high school team. Yeah it's hard to be great on your high school team. And maybe you're all city allstate. Whatever then to get recruited to play at a college and and let alone a D One D? One college like Michigan where you played then to go from people. Don't even understand it. Go from the northern school like Michigan and then make in the make it in the major leagues just have a career. That's amazing and then to then be recognized for that career at this point whether or not you make it in the hall of fame. It's incredible to to be on that list. Listen I'm just hoping I get one vote to be. I'll send in Allston in about well. Can we get Ray Ratto should give you a whoever's whoever's the Detroit Free the press should give you a vote we hope so we hope so That would be amazing and you know what is so again. Who's the first person you call when you found When he found out this enraged? And how did you find out was your agent or what who tells you this. So here's how I found out one of my good buddies he's Played with them in Seattle forbid played with them Matt Thornton Big Tall left-handed another guy from from the state of Michigan. He sent me a tax at like six thirty in the morning and with that picture of the ballot house like watch. That's really yeah. I honestly I didn't even know how to like. Take it yeah. It was just kind of like shocking and then I called my dad. I mean there's nobody else you would WanNa Call Dad. What did he say when you told him? Oh my God well. He kind of started laughing as a kid. I was like I'm not kidding right. Dad is having a little more faith than me for my shot in the arm by the old man it was always good. Yeah well but he brings you back down to Earth but still. He must've been so frigging proud of that was definitely was crowd And then I was up a ten year old son that I coach right now and I just kind of put it on my phone and I said Hey. Here's a hall of fame ballot. Check it out and you know I coach with a guy named Paul Kinetico. WHO's also on this ballot? The best and he was like he's like all coach Paul's on the hall of fame out. I'm like Yep what about your dad. God Damn Kinda kept going downhill this. He's like no way. That's Pretty Cool Dad your summer between fortnight and Tick Tock Yeah pretty much pretty much elevated the elevated sterile. I WanNa talk to you as a Michigan Grad and somebody who played for the team what Michigan's sort of historic run this year in the turn in the Ansi Aa Tournament. What that can do for the school moving forward? Well I mean I think You know going even before that. What coach coach back and she's been able to do at that program And and you know one just put him on a national stage going to a couple of regionals and super regionals and then the run that these kids ads were able to make it. It was truly you know this is going to sound cliche but like it was a total team effort like these guys didn't really have that like ultimate superstar right. They had a nice group of guys that are very talented. A few of these guys got drafted end up signing and You know then there's the legacy with Jimmy Kerr like his dad and his grandfather powder playing there but as far as what this can do for the program. I think It definitely put Michigan back on the on the national map. And I think you're going to start to see that with the recruiting and it's really. Nobody's really surprised. That's close to the program. That's been around coach back at all because the this is the guy that we were praying and hoping that would stay at Michigan again right. And he's done that he's shown the commitment and now you're just seeing you know all the hard work that he's done with these with these young is so here's my question as facilities change. I'm assuming assuming the facility is at Michigan are better than when you were there. Okay at this point that that's a fair assumption. So being able to try can can you in a northern northern city. You know again in northern school because that was the thing it's like if you're a northern forget about it I mean can we blame global warming for Michigan's rise now but what I'm saying like in a northern city like if you have indoor facilities that were you can kind of eliminate that hayward northern school. We can't practice all year round. Well well first of all. I think you blame everything that happens. You have to blame it on global warming done but yeah no. I think that that definitely evens the playing field I think when these kids from down South You know from from out West They contain arbor and we all know. That's God's country. It's great some you know you get there and you see facilities got you know these indoor batting cages that they've got there. They have a looser facility that they can use Induced by now now. They've got nuts on the ceiling. You can pretty much almost play like a live game in there right and Yeah the the fact that they put turf Which I wasn't a huge fan at first but then you kinda step back and think about it? Well Yeah if there's no snow on the ground and it's cold you on a turf because it's perfect plankton. Perfect around malls and stuff. Yeah you can do pretty much everything out there now and you know what the wilpon Israel to do to to help build that place Just a lot of support around Michigan Baseball Right now. which you know? I'm happy about it. I think it's great so when we went there in in in kind of around the time for you was it was football and basketball and then yeah hockey was great. Hockey's a little bit down right now but I would say that. Baseball has kind of jokey heard sport at Michigan along with gymnastics and swimming diving living in softball. But like baseball's up the baseball and softball run that these girls that the gals in the guys had this past year. Were just amazing. Yeah it was and I don't know if you you guys noticed but my wife played softball Michigan. Oh really yeah so I'm very close softball program as well so are we and I love them coolest ever it. Does it get any better than Hutch touch she's a Rockstar do. She's a hawk in Rostov. You know she is and it's the point. It's it's like anybody who wants to say you know make. The divide of women's. Sports is less than than men's sports. I would highly encourage you go out and watch like a heist a college tournament of the Big Ten as the big ten tournament. We were in Bloomington doing shows and we just they just happened to be there that we can and we watch. All the Games went in the rain and watching the rain. They were so fun and what I love about women's sports and I wish this was in men's sports more. And maybe your wife die. You gotta get a little dose of it with the baseball run this shit but like the women have have so much fun. Like you'll see in game in game in game can have so much like go. There were women on the Michigan team like the third baseman on the Michigan team was dancing dancing to the walkup music of other teams player. I'm like yeah that's so you're having a blast which is really what sport should be too. I agree and I think You know just just they. They seem to just play like carefree. I don't know why that is but they just seem to just be just happy to have that em on their chest and just go out there and just play you know just for fun. Go out there battle Al Your teammates and you know I but I but I think that also goes back to the top with Hutch and without coach packages and and you know they. They expect them to work in between games and practices and stuff but when they get out there between the lines it's like hey we've already put the working. Just don't have fun. Let's go have fun and play the game that you love like if you love what you're doing we feel that way you came and sauce. Do Comedy it's like when you love what you're doing. Boom you have. The end result is better. We know you have limited limited time so we only have a couple more questions for you WanNa talk about obviously the unexpected run of the nationals. This year they lose Bryce Harper addition by subtraction. They become You know and this comes down to the basic question. That Randy and I have is better in baseball to be a hot team or be a great team and I think a hot team proved it this year. The hot team won. You can't say the nationals. Were the best team necessarily but they got hot at the right time. So I I would agree with you. I think A lot of this is timing right How many years in a row have you seen the you know quote Unquote Best Team in baseball record? Wise not win the world series. And you know I think that the the nationals They got hot at the right time. They had some some great starting pitching. I don't think anybody would ever bet against Sherzer in Strasbourg back to back the hall hall of Famer without a doubt as I hear about it. There's your question about it. Yeah and you know I just think You could just see the passion that those guys had playing playing with one another really it was almost they passing the bat each game. Who's going to be today right? It's going to be you know rendell and one day it's going to be Kendrick one day eating. It didn't matter it didn't matter if you know your top all three guys who are struggling in the middle of the order would pick you up that day and I think that's the true definition of a true team in in in in the professional world and they proved it It was great great to see. What am I good buddies? Daniel Hudson closing it out for them. It's just good. He was so good. And this is a guy that's come come back from like hell. He in fact about Tommy John's was he was his wife said they were. He was this close to shutting it down this year. GotTa work out may the Blue Jays and then he's a world series champ. I mean that's what you gotTa love about sports that is and if you've got the talent you can make it there it is it does take that special sauce. You need something in there. The two thousand fifteen royals the two thousand eleven cardinals. I mean just something happens then takes you up and over the edge. It's why we watch the games why you're like. No team won a home game in this in that that to me is the craziest world series stat. Ever all your so you will be. It will always be the world's weirdest stat. I mean that's never happened. I'm not sure you're ever going to see that again in our lifetime. Right but You know who cares about home field advantage down right. It's a matter it's all who cares about how you get had in. Who Cares if you stumble into the playoffs if you get hot at the right time and you don't have home field advantage all the way throughout you can still win? And that's what these guys proved which is just fascinating amazing and it. You're going to hear managers all over the League and you come first spring training. Hey guys it's a grind. All we do is get in. Let's just get gotta get in. I mean it's going to be amazing. It's a question for you. Sure when the hell are you guys coming back out to Phoenix. Because the group of people I was with that night are asking. I told some other guys that are asking. When are you guys gonNA come back and play Phoenix again? Because everybody wants you to come back here. That's awesome first of all. Thank you I think we're looking to do it. Maybe into the summer this this coming summer when start coming every year every year and it may be in Scottsdale and then we'll just sorta rotator on the closer we love it and we'll come back and do our other podcast on people town live there and that's one you guys should definitely come up. We'll definitely look ahead of time. It's listen I want want to tell all your listeners. That are out there. If you haven't gone to stand up and you're a fan of these two guys come out and see these people. It is a different world out up there in the STANDUP THE END I. I'm new to it. I'm new to the scene and you know we're always watching and always wanting to go It is it's truly a special special event. I mean when you go there the intimate crowd that you get and just was great. You're looking for a good time to laugh. Your pals go to stand up. It was so forget got about that. Yeah it's great to see stand up and and it was just so great to to see you didn't get a chance to meet you and and truthfully like when your friends saw that you on the ballot. I was looking at the battle because always like I'm fascinated by that stuff and I wanNA see who's up and whatnot. I look down the list and I saw that your name was on there and I was like Oh my God I got a Conta- And I contacted you right away. That was later that day. It's just amazing that someone we know is is in the incident we really like is is in that and by the way great for you. Great for the University of Michigan is great for a Jew and jeeter great for a fantastic man. And whatever happens. We're proud of you and You know we're guest toasting Jim Rome's a radio show at the end and TV show at the end of December. We'd love to have you on that and we'll do a more extensive one with you on on this as baseball season years again but thanks so much for coming on and doing the show with your kids. Happy Thanksgiving all that stuff. Definitely right back that you guys great blue. Maybe oh boo live. All Right Blake went on Thanksgiving. All right J J Putz Man. Unbelievable Hall of fame ballot her. That's a big deal. It's a huge deal This penny and the quarters We're GONNA we only had him for a brief period of time because he's going to pick up his kids and I just love. He gave us the time. And what a sweet dude this is. You are giving me some other. Love Penny and the quarters quarters. Thank you Matt Bearden for giving us this little pro tip on this band. He gave us some love when we come back Randi. I'll tackle the quickest together yet. That's how we do and then later on the show snail mail from Liam Neeson. He's trapped. No it's not Liam Nathan it's Chris Berman Chris Berman. Okay boomer go do that now we will get more from Liam Neeson's that's coming up soon all right we'll be back with the track for this. A bad unclean and begs the moment guys. Welcome back to the show Want to remind people if you are in loss Angeles Next Monday On the second we will be doing a live. Dumb people town At Largo here. Our guests weird weird Al Yankovic Demetri Martin. 'cause I tyler had to go to New York which will get her back on the show but weird Al Yankovic Demetri Martin and Dave Longstreth the lead singer of the dirty projectors actors Get on that. There may not be tickets left but if there are check it out Largo and then we're going to be doing a live show standup show On the Fifteenth Eighteenth of December at a flappers in Burbank. So have some really good friends doing standup on that show too. It's a great chance to see. Do a nice full set in La. That's on the Fifteenth Eighteenth December. If you're there check that out could be doing amy manns. Christmas shows at Largo the ninth tenth and eleventh which will be a blast and then we gesture announcing we're doing a live dumb. Some people town for sketch fest. In San Francisco on January seventeenth serve. You're in San Francisco at the Marines Memorial Theatre. It is a huge theater. We want to sell it out. We love to see. Hi there. Good a superstars dot com. We'll put all dates on there. You can check that out Let's get some quick right now shall we. Let's do it If you are not the he'll in wrestling maybe it's best to leave the racially insensitive comments. Is it out. Owed the broadcast so look I. I don't know how people I feel about wrestling. I know people even though they know that it is not. The competition isn't necessarily real because it is scripted. The physicality is definitely real people. Take it seriously. The announcers are free to say whatever they want to say. Right and add me on a recent episode of Nwea a power It was removed from Youtube today after a line from Jim Cornet long time announcer. Yeah drew his comment drew fire from fans. This is the moment occurred during a non title match between Nick. It always occurs during that. You're not on the air you're on your best behavior. Not on the very edge of what you're doing here. So Cornet attempted to describe the strength uncovered and encourage murder. So you're in the heat of the moment all right. We're you hall in a game. which sort of unconscious in your digging into your unconscious to describe what's going on? This is described Murdoch Murdoch. He's the only man I've ever known. Construct a bucket of fried chicken on his back and ride a motor scooter across Ethiopia. I don't even know what that means. What in the world like you ha- by the away that's supposed to be by the way a compliment for the dude and a lot of people were like I don't even understand how that is like mixing racial slurs in a way that you just shouldn't do strap a strap a bucket it fried chicken on your back and drive a motorcycle earlier this month and W.. UA released a statement in regards to comments. Cornet made making light of suicide. I would love to see the band. NWEA do a song about this. Yeah I think thank you know. It's a bummer. Because by the way wrestling wrestling cuts across all racial. That's the beauty of wrestling that everyone gets mad at the he'll it doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman's if he's the manager of a bad guy and he makes some statement like this. Okay Yeah crosses the line yes. We'll make people mad definitely. Awfully make people hate him. Yeah maybe that was. Part of the storyline he soothes. Come on guys gotta go. I hate to say it but I apologize. I would actually love the policy. I would love to see I would love to see exactly. I would love to see again a real apology legit apology and I'd say like look man. We do a lot of things in this and I apologize for what I am. I mean. That's inside of this dude. But if he's awakened to the fact that hey this is in me and I gotta get it out and it's not cool and it's not fair and I've heard the reaction I realized what I did and I realize it now to me I would value that person a lot more. If they said that your in Yemen Golf Heart Sport reading I play. We're not great at it now at a gallery close to you now. People taking pictures. Here's wind guys go off and gals go off the course like when you're hitting the trees and everyone is like giving you a small way to shoot through. I mean I think think I'm GonNa hit you're gonna hit someone in the face. Well someone not get hit in the face. PGA Golfer Brandon Matthews made. Something happened to him and made him. I guess reevaluating his relationship chip with God Gallery Gallery. Okay he forgive. He forgave a fan and adult fan with down syndrome. The drum who yelled during a very crucial shot. That cost him the tournament Vegetable Golfer Brandon Matthews. He was locked in a sudden death playoff tournament in Argentina. Eighteen on's when he heard a yelp from the gallery the middle of a crucial putt Matthews twenty-five years displays distracted by the Sonnen. This eight foot Birdie. PUTT off eight. Feed is not like that thought. I'd gainful Tam. Bait is makeable for these guys four foot. It's not tasked him the visa the opening day Argentina title in Buenos Aires. But and. That's maybe a half a million dollars but here is but I bet it's like the best lesson ever will so he thought someone had done it intentionally. He was frustrated. He was in shock. which is split up? Won't you cannot do that. But then he went back out found found that the guy he's so he went in and it was very angry. Said Hey guys. Coin can't do that and he was angry. Sure because he didn't so went into the house and passed I write I'm GONNA explain to. I'm okay. That was down downside down syndrome right. Who's just a big golf fan? And he came back out of the sky on the guy died gave him a hug and then and said it's okay. I love you man and I. It's whatever it happens with questions. I appreciate his phantom great so a lot of times we talk about how sports gets it. Wrong a Lotta Times. We talked about how people are selfish. Time to talk about how guys are. But this guy isn't tiger woods this guy isn't you know Brooks Kepco is this may be his the closest he ever comes to a win on tour. We don't know we don't know I mean yes. It's great that he's the check he might have had the tournament of his life down to a final PUTT in a playoff. So it's on the line at this point a sudden death playoff and that happened to have it crumble like that and it costs tim money like that. It's a big deal to me. You have to treat it like twenty five years old. I don't know how mature I was at twenty five. I don't know that I would come to me. You have to treat something like that like it's like the the weather you know like the wind kicked up in a way that you couldn't you couldn't tell what was going on and you don't it it. Blew down in a way that you just you know what I mean Finally you know. When does that guy you know? I'm fine if you're an athlete in your way and that's fine with me. It's not my path but I say beauty. That's what gets you know. Love it when people give all the glory to God or fifteen percent fifteen percent five percent to your parents parents ever parent took who sublimated their own desires and thoughts for your sports in dreams for you then there are those guys that go out there. I'd say that the brushfires in Australia are God's way of punishing us who is from this guy from the Westboro Baptist church the Westboro Baptist rugby. You're so look along the second. You can't say that you cannot say that. Brush that things are of of nature nature or God punishing people because punishing the country because they support gay people is that what Israel full loud guy. He shouldn't even be allowed to have been fired. Rugby star Israel Flou- claimed that the country's devastating brushfire crisis and record breaking levels global warming of drought that. Oh you mean global warming that humans created a little taste of what God's judgment his life during a sermon at the Church of Jesus Christ and said he was stripped of his for million dollar rugby Australia contract good or this year or a string of homophobic social the media. I the way I think I think all of his money should go to. LGBT cute Groups don't you are or he'd go to like tolerance he claimed that people were evil in paraphrase the Bible Pass through saying drunks homosexuals cultures liars and this sky is a rugby player so like he makes his living being like I will move you the thing that's in front of I'm gonNA run right through so there is no give and take take with this guy. This guy is like I've got the ball right now. I'M GONNA blast rugby scrum. It is visibly one of the gay or physical. It's like Dude Dude Roddick. So maybe wasn't there but rugby out. Protest you too much. There was a rugby player player. Who in South Africa one of the only out gay athletes and he was like one of the best ever and you think to yourself okay? Rugby you've actually taken taking a step forward here where others have not. We always said that if a guy like Ray Lewis came out and said that he was good. Yes that would change for many people the way they viewed you know somebody who was not seen just seen in a different way. It would change people's minds to the point where there be like. Yeah I can dumb some people who wouldn't accept it might accept but you know what this comes back to and I'll add it on this and then We'll get out of here and we'll come back. And we'll get tremendous voicemail from from Berber from UH okay. Bullets Birmingham Athletic Ability. And talent doesn't give you the right to have any opinion agreed and also also no it doesn't we don't know whose body it's GonNa go into right. They could go into a dumb homophobic asshole or or maybe like the body of Mary. Carillo right who's like smart and aware and connected right inclusive right when you see it coming in this form a you say eighty yourself at bomber a waste. What a waste? What a waste of talent on a on an intolerant astle Yep bomber and by the way by taking money away you set a message and you send a message out there? That says you know what I can't say that stuff and you be the example. Let's say you can say just lose your money that's right We mentioned God. I love these guys so much There's off a lamp lip. Pros dirty projectors What is the time? I'll tell you what time it is. It's time for boomer voicemail and the other side visits visit view from the cheap seats. Happy Thanksgiving we'll see on the other side of this break a say Hey guys welcome back to the show as promised. We got a voicemail from Chris Berman And it's always good okay boomer is like a you know what it is being said by young people as kind of a derogatory it to anybody who's old and you knew the Chris. His nickname boomer would weigh in on this areas. Okay boomer take it away unbelievable. Run here a little bit for Chris Berman boomer as you all know me by boomer right now. It's been unbelievable since I've been back on. ESPN plus now Commun-. I have a little bit momentum or moving forward and I'm hearing a lot of things I'm seeing on the interwebs that there is a movement four boomer I see it right now all the means. You're coming okay. boomer all this stuff okay boomer registering to say thank you to everybody you know we joke sometime away and we came back for ESPN plus and now we know the boomer thing is bad. ESPN ESPN plus you could see. NFL countdown with me. Okay boomer I usually am not from Oklahoma people change old gay boomers and Oklahoma thing. I understand how it started carded or where it came from but I am not from Goma but okay boomer in fact I walked by a lady at work and I said I would very much like to kickoff for glass of wine and maybe sexual intercourse of course and she said Oh okay boomer dudes going to be dead anywhere. And he's pretty good thing. We got going pretty good. And she's all the way from where Tommy. Oh bill that's right you to Louisville was really good at that and as you okay boomers going on all the time so I want to thank all the Mola Neal's and all the youth generation Z.. See all of you for really embracing me and the okay. boomer movement has begun. We're GONNA be back on the mothership the big network soon enough and off of this. ESPN plus nonsense. Before are you okay. boomer I can't be stopped I remember. I'm GONNA do all right boomer all right but I of course he'd get it he got it he gets it he gets he gets it but some time with boomer young guys up. You're having a great Thanksgiving weekend with your families and just enjoying this time. I cannot get enough of this Jim Sullivan album love. It says lonesome pickers your favorite sign. The outside guys punch waterfalls. We'll see you at the live Largo. Show December second of people town to see you in San Francisco for a new era seventeenth at the Marine Memorial theater and just go to super squats DOT COM. All of our DADS are on there. We love you guys. And let's go to the end of the year strong. Oh by the way one last mentioned if you go to fluffy crate DOT COM. Because I know in all black Friday and we're in today is black Friday and you're you're getting gifts for Hanukkah gifts for Christmas. Pick up the new sweatshirt. It's the most amazing bro Country Sweatshirt so I love mine so much logo. It's the best thing the crate dot dot com and you put in the search words sklar march enjoy guys have a great weekend. Jim Salvin lonesome picker. We are out all the the starving podcast network.

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