Sopranos Sitdown S06E05 Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request Cut To Black


I'll tell you one thing. I'm not ashamed to say I estimate of John Sacramento. He has a man just fucking plummeted break. We hear emotional day to cry like a woman. That's a fucking disgrace. It's fucking coach turned into a pumpkin leaving. Cinderella didn't cry comes the daughters. All bets are off scene tougher guys than Jon. Cryer wins. Let me ask you this. They can make him cry and if he's dad week what the fuck else can they make them. Do I gotTa agree with Phil Thome. Oh you do do you even Cinderella didn't cry. I don't think there's been a better line line reading than that. Welcome to cut to black soprano. Sit Down My name. Is Jim Scam Polian. I've seen every single episode of the Sopranos Rose. My Name is Jacob Burroughs and I've seen seventy episodes of Sopranos and we finally reached season six episode five. Mr Her and Mrs Johnson cremony request Dot Dot Dot big big wedding big wedding but who put this thing together Jim. It's such a big production in all these invites who made it happen. this episode was written by Terence Winter who's the Sopranos Mainstay and it was directed by good old Steve Bush Emmy that's right Tony Egg himself as returned back behind the camera to direct this episode so yeah Dream Team if you will very get so this episode it basically is like we're back to the Sopranos now kind of feels like because it's like oh it's the Sopranos and very much for Tony as well well He. He's back to business. You know that's how we kind of start out. He's he's limping a bit but it's like he's back to it and has the reestablish his credit and everything and yet it gets us into the swing of things post junior shootout. What did you think of this episode. Just overall overall. I liked it quite a bit and I always forget like they kinda seemingly packed so much in one episode and I feel like this is one of those where if it even though it seems like it just takes place across this wedding but like a lot happens and especially like not that we're getting into beats but I guess we were getting into beats already but I like the beginning threw me off because it has the bizarre like it opens on the invitation and we see rusty again. It's remember rusty. Remember like back in the days of season five. When you know there was the whole the battle through the boss or whatever and then it does a weird six weeks later and it took me a minute to realize like Oh yeah. This is a nice way to kind of skip along ahead with. Tony's you know health stuff as well. You know it's a nice easy way ties in with everything. It's something they have mentioned is coming up but it's a nice way to pass some time time. Even though at the beginning it threw me off because it's like what was going on yeah I think is mentioned at some point that he's been out for a couple of months or whatever I think but you know who's not out Mr John Sacramento or whatever his name he is not outside still yeah exactly sorry he's still in the can and and like you said it starts. It starts like you remember us. The and I'm like no. I don't sorry but you know it. All makes sense by the end like you said we skip beheads six weeks and we see him. Get a suit and I'm like Oh. It's for the wedding but no it's the suit for the hearing to get permission to go to the wedding showing up at of the you know the the hoops you have to jump through to get this sort of thing approved. Yeah I mean I I. I don't know a lot about Irish courts worth or Swedish court wherever you've been been when you've been picked up by the Law Miss Jacob Boroughs but it's you know it's a whole thing of an image like if you go into into a courtroom in your prison blues or your prison orange. It's like cast the aura of you being criminal so it's all about putting on a suit he's just another guy coming into court to request some time off to go to his daughter's. Wedding makes sense what about so like from what I learned from television as you can make bail and then he can go and not be in lock up while you're waiting for trial but they can do choose not to do you that. If you'RE A flight risk. Am I right. Yes yeah and I think with Jonny sack Tom. I don't know if it has to do with the type of charges that are against him where he wouldn't be given bail or even like a uncle. Junior House arrests type situation where I believe he he'd he'd be a flight risk. There's something that could try to disappear or even make potential witnesses are or what have you disappear or just operate his business in general if he's he's not behind bars so since you mentioned Swedish court I only ask this because everyone really really upset about rocky. Didn't they yea yeah well actually before you're getting sweetest. They wear the wigs the powder wigs they do right yeah. They say the yeah they do yeah yeah every court except the good old USA whereas part of wigs we all know this started saying I'm sorry you hold this perception of us but and also you WanNa pick on me but neither of those will be accepted at this scenario. We don't have any of them oils that don't have fancy courtrooms like this one the big seals and flags flags and it's just like well. Maybe there was no but like it's just a very boring better call. Saul courtroom at most and I don't think there's even like a podium for the judge. There's table sort of thing so yeah I mean I'd say probably most courts even here are not like what you see on TV anyways just lots that what what you see on TV so every TV show has it and I was just saying if they're not letting John Out. Why should we let tap out here and he was a flight risk. Just leave the country. Whitney and I mean I don't know how much our listeners even care about that. But what was what was the point of view in Sweden on you guys keeping a sap rocky hostage ridiculous yeah well He was suspected of committing a crime so they put them on trial. It was fairly quick and we don't necessarily have early. Wasn't it like a month yeah yeah. I people are waiting trials for longer. According to your American television shows yeah okay well. Do you think that if we had Swedish Rupaul or something something keep them anyways back to sopranos so yes so Johnny does get the approval which it's it's. I feel like it's a reasonable request but also it's a reasonable answer to he's going to. He's going to foot the bill. He needs to have stay marshals with him or whatever to make sure he doesn't just take off. I feel like everything's kind of reasonable even though like later on they're like John's GonNa fit this bill and it's like yeah of course because most normal people wouldn't get this anyways so that's what happens yes in a weird way. I I kind of sympathize with meadows later later very biased point of view which is like her family and people in her group are like using they do this to just anyone unlike say I think she said something along the lines of like you're just you're innocent until proven guilty and yet you have to spend all this money to be able go to a wedding and all that yeah like you said it all seems kind of reasonable and he's kind of happy with it not realizing the at the time how much is going to have an impact on the day. Yes yeah okay so yeah then we have we meet muscles. Marinara which is Tony's new driver. I forget his actual. They call him muscles. Marinara one points. I didn't just make that up as a racist way to describe him. I forget his his his real name but yeah very and Nucci or something like that. I'm really showing my callers orders today with the names. I'm sorry you had the name before Yeah I'll and in Ziada Perry Ziada but yeah he comes to pick up Tony because yeah. It's Tony's only first day at work. Carmella makes the comment like it's like you know you had enough to first grade or something and you know she's the moms and off to school school because like the common thing throughout this episode is basically image and it's all about. I guess perception and I guess maybe being that Alpha because between or what's considered like the masculine alpha between Tony Johnny and then to another extent veto. I as we see yes and so yeah. He's he's in the car with. Perry muscles will call them and kind of talking about yeah. There was a time I could bench just like the lied or and what do you bench bro. Already looking at his muscles which features heavily later on so they get cut off and traffic and your muscles pretty hot headed about it. He's about to fight some some roof layers or whatever and he's like hey hey. This guy is great. Bryan me young myself and yeah I mean. Tony's also like when essence questions there's definitely some insecurity as well like already even before thinking about how how he looks in front of everyone else because I feel like he's like like you said they shove peaking at his muscles and then asking about benching and then talking about how he's gone onto the gym and stuff like that you know he's got a he's becoming an old weak frail man. Let's let's not beat around the Bush here yeah and interestingly. He's not actually driving him to work. As far as I always driving his therapist that's right so got a love toadies opening line line of like any chance of a mercy folk and the most Cadillac Israel like weird funny. It's funny how things things have changed over the years. Yes yeah and what are they kind of getting into here. Beside I mean I remember the mercy fuck. What is he talks about like nightmares in a good. Yes she kind of wants to dig at this thing that he got shot by his uncle and Tony as he's wanted to kind of clams up but in a way hey it's not that he's unwilling to discuss it. It's more that like he has been carried by this great wind of being happy to be alive all of a sudden and he's not gonNa go around and pity for himself whatever I I'm pretty sure he quotes that some point but yeah no he just seems kind of Smiley happy. She's digging for negative stuff and yeah. He just wants to pick up an he wants to talk about Aj how AJ's flunked out of school and that's what they get into which is that like he thinks he as the loser for working at blockbuster and so Melfi Canada tries to angle it more like isn't it kind of a good thing that he's not like because it was a one point trying to buy a gun to get revenge uh-huh. Yes yeah remember that not the Tony knows that but like she gets into that and Tony wants to describe this thing with junior as domestic excuse disturbance or whatever victim to abuse or domestic violence. You don't think it will happen to you. I Ah I forget if it's here or not but when they kind of bring up you know this is the second time and he's almost kind of saying like you know you warned me. I feel really bad that I mean I guess Melfi would know the extent of this that no one kind of understands hands that juniors not junior like they're just take people are just immediately. Wealth Junior tried to kill Tony again like this was his master plan. All along young was to be on house arrest and hope that he could get tony alone one night so he could shoot. Oh Mike I mean I guess it's it's easier to to for me to say that when I didn't get shot by junior but you know have some compassion and understanding for this poor man this poor old man who's not himself but yeah. I'm sure they'll get into that more throughout the season yeah and Melfi remeasured. She's sort of trying like to say that. Maybe this is the way for. Aj Learn from your mistakes which is a bit harsh but she's saying that like the ready abundance of weapons the ease going to violence the things people do and your crew. Maybe it's not the worst thing to work at blockbuster and he does sort of reluctantly agreed that yeah there are worse things you could do the work at blockbuster or worse ways to make money but I feel like he's thinking more like you could be like you know doing something that you you could even worse if a piece of shit like McDonald's that would be a worse. I feel like that's still what he's thinking but also I don't. I don't quite love her. Logic anyways ways because it's still more of a path to being like Tony than if he just stayed in school and did better you know like Tony also flunked data school but yeah splitting hairs here because then what we have Tony at century L. He's after with ah the gang's all there they start comparing scars at one point they give Tony One of his little sandwiches but what they have to take the onions out or something because you know he he's got to watch what he eats a little bit more now because a little sensitive tell me and I like that there's moments I think Silvio Silvio does what I've seen. Tony do a million times because Tony is in like medical mode so he's just talking about whether it be the drugs drugs they got him on or would he can't eat or dealing with this and that and Silvio is like trying to change the subject because no one else that's not going through. That shit wants to hear about that. Shit and I've seen Tony do a similar thing whenever someone gets into their shit. It's like yeah. No one wants to hear that. We don't want to hear about sickness and death because you know it's all it's it's. It's it's everyone's chip is a chip on everyone's shoulder but we don't want to be reminded of it all right so take your fucking. Morbid Shit and keep it to yourself now definitely heard Tony do that like someone someone start talking about their family held or whatever and he's like all good now instead of pats on the show but yes so he gets cut off the interesting thing about the scene is that everyone's sort of rushing to help him and like you know we got you slow going to give you a big cushion to sit on and if they do that but basically that's what they're doing thing which is. GonNa negatively affect. His image is standing as you'd later realize there's also this character is like our want a different life. I could have worked in healthcare and I'm like WHO's this guy. I don't remember big before but I'm not sure the guys talking about how he took care of his mother and Kinda Kinda helps Tony later too yeah I don't. I think I vaguely remember him being in scenes but yet remember him having lines or much to do beforehand either yes so let's look here. Yeah obviously kind of gets to win the poker game as we see as well. That's another aspect but before we get to that we have a couple of court-related scenes. We have the one where juniors new lawyer is trying to get him. I don't know to go to get to go somewhere to be taken care of rather than just locked up because he's not all there and yeah this shows up open a newspaper later and it's like you said he he isn't really there but to the outside world they don't know that so if you the headline about some Mafia boss being you know put away for mental care or whatever you'd go sure sure is yet will in especially especially because I mean even as the audience. We've seen junior play with this a bit before. where it was a kind of is year isn't he but it was more? It was more isn't he. At that point and now it's like fully now. He's not there where he has flashes but you know this is kind of a man that needs to be taken care of yeah and we also see John Planning or being part of the planning of the wedding. It's clear that he has a stake in in what's going on because he's like Oh. These people can't sit next to people and whatever and yeah it's all very important stressing out bride but yeah it's all you know it ends quite sweetly with him going like yeah you know. I only care about how's my family and that includes you eric the new kid on the block yeah and it just kind of a fun. it's a scene you could see you know whether it be in real life or even just some rom com or whatever of like the old the the politics of the family who can sit with who but it's done in a visitation Asian Room of a maximum security prison and everyone else to stop at a moment when he can has one of his vintage Jonny sack whereas voice cast to get really loud because he gets really pissed off so back to the Poker Game Phil Leotard. Oh shows up and he wants to have chant and Tony agrees to go outside and apparently there's no chance of surveillance if you go outside the place where you're at all the time this is something we come back together and again like sometimes it's we all. We gotta play music or whatever sometimes it's like. We'll just take a walk this fine but yeah so johnny wants to knock off rusty. That's why we saw at the beginning at its comes together a bit here. That's the plan and Tony you know he doesn't see what's in it for him really which makes complete sense like it it really really like you know why. Tony to be involved in this bullshit again I mean I know he already indirectly involved himself by you know going carmine initially way back when when it was what the Ralphie situation an or whatever but it's like he doesn't need to deal with this but John is trying to shield himself because again I guess he's what another captain or something and this could make it look make him look bad so yeah you you know just typical mafia politics going on here yeah so Tony Coming back from his first day at school. He's just a little trouble walk up the stairs and he's really tired and takes a nap with Carmella which is really nice and sweet actually yeah yeah then we cut away like a backrooms strip club. Where of course Chris is there and his his his Arab friends show up where he he's. He's selling them stolen credit card numbers. We get hilarious back and forth where he makes a reference to don't leave home without it like the credit card commercial. They don't understand what the reference cultural differences differences this is great but then they casually ask for some tech nine guns so so there is like wait are we are helping terrorism or by just thinking that helping terrorism is that racist just because they happen to be Middle Eastern descent but but then who knows any more who knows I mean if if there were Swedish mobsters they would also not understand is commercially go. We don't know award this car this fall we only use these and even that's not very much so yeah and they brought some dates for uh for Tony. Whatever is great. There is a cultural clash air because we don't understand but yeah they want some automatic rifles and yeah so. I don't think he's on the phone. He's been yeah. It doesn't really give us a definitive answer but I think it's just there to give us the like I it's a classic Sopranos especially at the time well. This was in too close to nine eleven at this point. This is two thousand six I think but you know they love throwing up little like. Is it a red herring. Is it something there that they're gonNA pay off later but yeah he gets a call all they don't really give a definitive answer. I mean but they're definitely playing with something because what Christopher had that conversation with one of the agents who had been who had come back from from being in the Middle East and they're talking about terrorism. Blah Blah Blah was especially. It's big thing in America what is the headline here when in-car goes to get the o Don Squirrel Squirrel Yonne yes cushy cycle. I love that too whether it be winter or if they had to be in the writer's room like throwing out different headlines they've been good one yeah because rushes out to get got it 'cause he's gotten a call but that's going on doesn't really feature much in the rest of the episode though except we do see him eventually arrive in that place more importantly. It's time for the wedding and Johnny gets a visit from these marshals who he's paying to escort him there and back and yeah he he doesn't really even like acknowledge them. As people with yeah might be part of the problem maybe done that would have gone better but then maybe that would have just been seen. Zina's trying to sugar him up butter up but yeah I it doesn't work out when he's complaining about the shoes. I don't know anything about suits so I don't really get what he's getting there either than we have. Tony and calm dole out some cash for the wedding gifts and they're making notes of who who they gave to who and meadow has like some comments about that and it's just this funny joke of okay well. We need to make sure whatever we give. They have to give at least that amount and then it turns into a tender moment where Tony's talking about how you know in this new outlook on life. It's very important for him to be able to see meadow. Get married in hold his grandchildren and stuff like that. It's I think it's a very nice sweet moment yeah and meadows kind of like alright ride but at least Carmelo's all right because they do see more aligned ever since he got shot and this is one of those moments where she catholics fondly Adam. I think actually metal gives them more than you're giving her credit for Jamie Lynn Sigler like in that scene she kind of tears up a little bit righted sorry to call you but I was actually impressed watching it because I thought she kind of gives them a lot with very little on screen but that's just my those are my my two cents. She does roller is before leaving. Put that in there to a bit of both there but she she's now she. She doesn't roller is she. Flutters rise because she's getting tiered up so the tomato dude so very arrive at a huge line for the wedding because they got airport security to go through which everyone's complaining about putting their cell phones and shared on the train to go in Jay. Guess Makes Sense. I mean he could have been like busted out or whatever but like it's this is a lot of security as well but then they are like the biggest mob plan. That's GonNa say it's Hilarious S. because if any wedding would need it. It's this one you know because they are. You know th they're all guilty. Maybe not the wives but like they're Paul mobsters but it's just classic like the people that are actually part of the problem and then complain like you believe what we have to deal with. These cups could something better to do. You know it's the great dichotomy of the supreme. Does it's true and I mean at the same time I guess guess I wouldn't put it past them to bring a gun to a wedding just in case I also feel like they wouldn't do that yeah very true but it's all basically for us to get this smell with. Tony which is definitely a low point for him in the episode as far as image and everything where I mean airport security is stressful at the best of times and now he's he's wearing the suit and sweating and he's been line in the sun for a long time and Ben's over and I I felt like I would feel faint without being shot and carved up open also they're almost falls over and everyone rushes to help him because he's the big boss but if the big boss can't stand up how big of a boss can really be and don't don't they double check here don't they don't we see a quick point of view shot. Two of Tony like looking at the crowd is they're all looking at him being like Kinda helpless helpless here. I could just be remembering Miss Remembering it here but I mean obviously it's either way. It's an important moment because you know it's going to title into what happens with Jani later in how it is if you're going to be the boss. It's all about perception yeah. There's Pan. I mean maybe it's not necessarily like point of view. It's even like people we don't really know. Everyone kind of has that look like a poor. Guy Can't even fucking stand up yeah. He can't even I mean he's he can't he's sitting down facing the crowd where everyone else is standing up and he has to have someone help him take his shoes off and yeah so. This is kind of in their show. Obviously this is frustrating for him in itself but more importantly he's aware of how this might affect things already even if it's not something thinking about actively at the time I think and then yes we get the wedding and everyone's GonNa talk and bullshit like you love how this happens that both funerals and weddings and this show where no one's really there for the thing. They're such big parties that they're all like talking about. The bride's name is doesn't that mean cold medicine and so on and what but Allegra means what in Italian Galleon what the hell is it 'cause y'all means Mary or something like that or happy and and then Chris is like what the fuck is that GonNa got to do with the allergies cold medicine so yeah great funny stuff. I forget if we also did he directly. Maybe didn't that cookout episode that they had with like the barbecue or like the grandfather's birthday because you get even though the this isn't the full episode because I forget about all the other stuff around it. I love when we have these episodes where we get to hang out with everyone hanging out. There's always like little it'll fund comedic moments and then just seeing the different character interactions that you don't always see on the show virtually. Oh Yeah I'm not sure we can look that up whether Bush was involved there too but it has a similar field certainly yeah because we get see all these different people and they're air sort of us on what's going on. Obviously the people we just mentioned just trash-talking. Johnny's really happy about the whole situation. Tony's probably really frustrated and I think he's I don't know if it's Carmella that sorta looking over towards medal and is boo boo and so on and we have veto as well it was Kinda looking at his wife's hand on his and wedding ring there which is kind of like a shackled him. I suppose it doesn't look very happy about it. I let me correct myself that was directed by John Patterson. Put It was written by Michael imperiously Christopher. I just knew someone from the show that was involved in that but anyways sure so yeah we get the reception it's Super Swanky and like they point out like it's either this or or give it to the Fed so they just through all the money in business wedding which is hilarious. I like food the station over there and so quick question before anything Aj's girlfriend different girlfriend's girlfriend still oh. I didn't notice I think maybe it is a different girl. I guess always you smoking. It's the girls smoking if it's not the blonde girl because the last girl for an IRA member and maybe forgetting someone between was that blonde girl who was Richard Than Him because she popped up in a later episode as well the only one I remember although yeah there. There was this bit where he was speaking of. He was an event planner for a little bit there and then someone mentioned that here in yeah. I'm pretty sure Tony does and he goes. Where do you get this shit and that's like the second time they've had a thing like that. Where yeah that. Wasn't this episode but those a similar thing to win. Tony brought up. How at the dinner table. Aj brought up going west point or something like that and then Asia's like I said that what are you talking about but that came more from at the time when he brought it up twenty made fun of him for I kind of feel like that is why he was like. No I would never have done that. This is even maybe a little little similar because we now Tony. At least pre coma was a little bit more homophobic than he is now yeah so hello. Vito shows up and they're talking about some building contracts and I think the point of this is to underline that vetos really really great hands an envelope even though there's all the security here I guess this is the place to securities is out the door I guess but still the the marshalls there and they all decide like this is a great time talking about murdering people and given a given money and all this shit but you have do that and butter him up a bit and then Johnny shows up and asks in person through hilarious consequences that he should do the do the deed what up at the the date with rusty before that though to veto also doesn't he never misses an opportunity to make a comment thin as well like look at spinster over here what he says he always us to make a comment whenever he sees them and yeah they'll make beautiful grandkids and yeah you're right. This is just kind of to put the the exclamation point on the fact that be veto is like one of the top guys for Tony like he makes he makes moves. He makes things happen and he he serves up fatty envelopes and going back to when he when Tony has to deal with Jonny sack here sopranos gets is to use old people again and I feel like maybe better call Saul Kid could compete with Sopranos with how great and Hilarious areas you use the elderly because Sopranos. I've commented on many times. I love how they have aloof like confused old people. I mean in in a in a uncle June sense. It's like heartbreaking but then you know a wacky little cover story for them discussing business business. It's hilarious yeah exactly so there's sort of their eaten away and trying to chat about things but not really there. They kinda hear them but it's not like they would be able to kind of not the Kinda do and it's like they're he say Janis says the jar that rusty is like a cancer sir or whatever and one of them recommends a doctor those sorts of things but yeah it's like is that it's a it's a great use of it and Johnny basically makes it's like a personal plea like appeals to Tony's better nature and ask them to bird this person and Tony Tony agrees eventually yes and they watched godfather in a long time but they haven't hilarious like what's Chris and Tony when they're talking about godfather and it's like the offer you can't refuse but then it's like well no technically John's the father of the bride and he's supposed to not be able to refuse an offer and they like they're like go who refuse but I think the important thing to with Tony and Chris back and forth because even just initially watching get Chris's talking to Tony Way different than we've ever seen him do it before like he's. He seems more comfortable. He calls it. A PUSSY ASS move A- and I think it does point to this whole thing about you. Know Perception and Tony is kind of being more even though he they still are like yeah. You're the boss boss. He's perceived as weaker because he got shot in the gut and almost died yeah. Although I have felt that this whole well maybe not this all season but lately in general Christopher's Bene- Bitta too big for his Britches even though he has a captain now and all but he really does like flex that he's a captain and my it gets into here about things but then so does all the other captains except Silvio except that one time so we move want to the big dance and it's actually yeah seems like a really nice fun time again continuing how Tony are getting better along. They even have have a slow dance. They're just quite nice and then we just cut to junior getting into this home for people with problems uh-huh yeah. It's fucking sad. It's it's really it's really a bum out that because junior I mean for all his faults whether it be when he tried to kill Tony but because I still see people on like the facebook groups and the Sopranos groups that are like teen of should even let him back in the circle after what he did did a bad move your try to whack them and it's like but no I mean it was understood within the rationale of the show that he was kind of not so not so much manipulated violated but you know it was more like Libya's hand there and I don't know I loved Tony and junior together that scene when he asked don't she loved me with the never had the makes varsity athlete episode you know very emotional and he's such a fun character and it's it's coming coming to such a depressing conclusion. which I guess is kind of the norm for any Mafia story? It's always supposed to be about the highs and lows but you know when he it does feel like he's. He's junior here when he's in the room and he's like why would I why would I shoot my nephew. You know it must have been something with the gun. It must have been this and he's like pleading because he doesn't understand stand. Why he's you know like literally alone now and he doesn't even have his previous lawyer that was at least like more of a friendly acquaintance like like connected guy? It's just this seemingly like court appointed dude. Hey this where you keep you this and that guy is still kind. China doing him a favor because at least he's here and he's not in a prison cell but it's not a great place to be yeah because junior is getting desperate say I I did it but while function and everything and like you said this is him being more lucid even though he doesn't remember what happened and yeah so uh I was also thinking of the older lawyer how he would have handled it and now this guy handle set but it's just Kinda like you even not only did. He drive everyone away in his life. He also fired his lawyer for no apparent reason just because he got mad and probably wasn't even told me now will his lawyer at a stroke remember. That was one thing like just terrible all around like one of the things at least at this point the sopranos is like getting old is awful. because you know you either go crazy you turn on the people you love. You have a stroke people. Don't want anything to do with you like most of these threads when you get old. It's not good news yeah or you just get used as a distraction when someone's talking about murder so we're back at the wedding and Tony has more fun looks at the I guess they're cutting the cake at this point or no. There's no sorry sh- allegra dancing with Jonny sack and Tony looks over at Meadow Eto and I will say at this point meadow is definitely more teary eyed and like oh definitely I feel like the earlier scene gene bats sunk in at this point and now we're on the same page I feel yeah. I feel you and I do like that. They Sh- they take time in the episode to show these moments that which Jonny sack especially that that it is genuine because you could just as easily have this be a thing for the character like when junior was just trying to go to funerals so he could get out of the house like because is it almost could've just been a thing of like okay. I got some business to handle. We need to make sure this rusty hits going so I'll use my daughter's wedding as a as an out or something but there's many times the episode where you see that it is it is a genuine thing here and I mean obviously it does build up to his reaction at the end because between him just breaking down in front of everyone in just the scene of him having to be back in your jail cell like it's almost got to be worse now because you had a taste of like not just a regular day of freedom like just hanging out of your house watching TV like one of the best memorable all days when you're out with your family and now it's like. Oh Yeah I remember an hour ago House having wedding cake and now back in fucking jail what the fuck yeah so that starts to happen as they do have the cake cutting and the marshals come up saying it's time to wrap this up and his lawyers even they're saying I try to get them to budget includes transport or whatever so I kind of expected him to be gone in the next scene when they're sort of coming out there because obviously the party still go but it seems like he kinda pushed his luck here because he wanted to be here for this big moment and I mean the marshalls are being Dick's right. They could have grabbed a second later like literally second later. They're not as ruining John Johnny Day at that point. They're ruining the whole wedding and for no reason in particular unless they're really really thinking. He's gotTa jump in the fucking just married car and try to get them out of there. I'm not sure why they time it so badly other than let's make this as traumatic as possible for Johnny so he can start crying yeah yeah because it almost seems like they're being dicks when they're like all right we gotta go and it's like the cake things happening bening but it's not so bad. It's like all right. Well Fair enough but yeah when you see that he's still there and it's at the point when they're like yeah. They're just clapping them away to the car to drive away away. It literally would have been like twenty seconds later right as the car drove away. They autumn there to zip out in front of the car. Hold everything up. Make a big scene and yeah you know I it's it's funny though because with it being the Sopranos it's like you're waiting for the the okay. What is the moment. That's going to happen and they tease you a little bit where it's all they're. GonNa make a big spectacle now. During the cake eating thing because you know something is going to happen been like this but now they kind of save savor it like right up until the end Johnny has has his breakdown and then what Yeah Ginny passes out the brightest come running out of the Limo and make sure her family's okay. He's getting handcuffed. Well actually even before that fills great line what say hi to Donohoe for me or whatever and everyone laughs. It's such a cheese ball like bullshit moment to call that out. Yeah I mean no one's going to be talking about Tony and his shoes. That's an upside to all of this. I suppose but yeah it is just like the martial car. Even Guy Pulls up in front of their cars. They're driving away. I think going on the wrong side the wrong way around the roundabout as well just because the kind of get in Alydar we gotta get him right now right now and it really fucks up the situation and yeah fucks up his rep as well as we see in the next scene as is was heard in the intro to cut the back is such a great quote and a great line reading my estimation of John Sacranie as a man has plummeted kilometers so great and just the fact to going back to like hollows reading. Chris talked Tony and even a little bit was talking about last episode or maybe it was the episode before of like you know. You got one boss. That's in jail. That's kind of powerless. Our listen a weird way and then at the time you had tony in the hospital like it's definitely like the vultures are going to start to circle because just the fact that they're all out in the open talking like this is kind of a statement in and of itself. It's not like it's not just saying it to Tony. Maybe pulling him into the side and being like are you serious or even just one of his guys in his grew. It's like this is like everyone just gathered around and he's just yelling about how Janis at the at the celebration that John's paying for yelling about how he's like a piece of shit. You know what I mean like. This is pretty pretty big deal yeah. My subset at the time was kind of like I guess. Tony's just going to have to pull out of this whole murdering rusty thing because like it's by. It seems like this is like the the death blow for Johnny Sacks Yeah. It seems like 'cause he's already like locked away probably going to be for a long time and then his rep takes a hit. I I mean when you're in when you're in you can ask as up about this but when you're on the inside your Rep Kennedys go up you get presidents tweeting about you all sorts but as soon as you're out cry nine. No one wants to see it. Take orders for your anymore as up nope. No one wants that we didn't mention but veto did leave the wedding early early. His wife does have a comment like he always gets like this at weddings because I mean it's just gotTa be a stark reminder that like you're not doc quite living or you. Don't have what these people have because whether it be you're straight or gay or whatever like never mind just being single at a wedding you start getting all emotional welcome. I don't have that only have like someone when when they're saying their vows and whether it be true or not when it's like. Oh you're the one I found this is so romantic poor veto veto doesn't have that. I mean he's married but he clearly doesn't have that connection that he's looking for so he lumbers portfolios wife who goes home and watches is a romantic film to kind of get some of that of that buzz going zero goes out to get some collections so yeah you know poor or veto. He's he's really the one is getting the rough end of the deal here right yeah very true yeah but you know what. I mean 'cause I was just say from his point. Lina view but like even if you're just in a loveless marriage I'm sure it amplifies everything when you're an environment like that and it's got to be tough to kind of have it in the back of your your mind then we have what Tony Carmen bed. She makes the statement what we've been very lucky. I forget specifically which is getting it here house. How's The kid yes yeah the hospital and everything and like Jonny sack obviously they just saw that whole breakdown so they're kind of like oh we still have all of this and and you're out of hospital and he's not out of jail and Tony says like you make your own Lucky House. My main would take away from this scene was because we haven't seen in a while. I'm like God bedroom is fucking. Gaudy isn't it they have pillars and I know this has been the same for years like pillars with big pillar like a- vases of flowers big painting on the wall all these ugly as lamps. It's really bad and makes me think Oh. It's probably a good thing we didn't get to build cows and didn't get to decorate it because no one would have bought it with all those pillars all over the place yes yeah and then as we as. I mentioned we have the scene. We're Johnny has to go back to his cell Alan. It's Kinda back to reality here after being out and then we go to one of the most like cliche gay clubs you'd ever see Omo. I guess I mean I'm sure a club like this as to exist but it's almost homophobic and itself just having this be the environment in a weird way right like is it just is it just to completely squash any doubt like if it was just like a more normal. I mean John What's the normal I guess but if it was just like a regular gay club and you know just a bunch of gay guys and they weren't all wearing leather with their be at least plausible deniability ability that vetos like oh I just came in for a drink or something like does it have to be that he's in a lead their hat and wearing like pulling a guy a leash what I mean ah I mean he's definitely leading into say that he's he's really leading into it. in the scene. The club is as well and its core. Gore and everything but yeah probably right. I mean some people do love to lean into it and I will say no the gay bars. I've been to like this then I it could be going to the shit gay clubs. That's also a possibility I mean. I'm probably being more harsh saying like it's too over the top because again. I'm sure they're like fifty percent again clubs. This don't don't get me wrong. I get it. I'm not sure I don't think but yes then. We have sal kind of some. I'm these nobody's like that. We started working certain anyways these New York nobody's and vetoes there. He's got a guy almost by Lee. She's like dancing whipping his arms around having a good all-time getting all that getting all that sexual energy out from the wedding and he runs into sal and he tries to like play it off a little bit like hey it's just the joke man like don't even worry about it but he has shit cover story. He never thought that this might happen. Sister Joe Commod aw sure Jan and yeah he goes home and grabs a knife a knife a gun. Sorry this is America. Grabs the gun and a Mike. I'm assuming he's going to go and find these guys and kill them but that's not the case. No no yeah 'CAUSE I. The same thought like Oh oh he's GonNa pull like a big pussy where you have to show up at Elvis's house and and kill him before he says that he saw at the that was just he saw what the department store for with someone from that he said was from Dover that was actually his informant but we he goes on the he basically Sigli lambs it goes to a motel they do call out that they're playing this three bell song which they also played in the previous episode they played the first verse in the previous episode when I think baron was like rowing under that bridge. That's right yeah because I immediately thought like I've I heard this recently and I thought it was maybe a movie or something obviously it was because it's pretty prominently featured in the previous episode two and now comes in and now when he gets into the Motel Room. I'm like ninety percent. He's GonNa shoot himself in the head. Yeah it doesn't happen either well. It's funny because I thought the same thing I was like. What did I see this like. This must have been in breaking bad or something like Google Google Song like Oh what what show was. This was like the fucking sopranos you that's Hilarious bad times at the L. Riyal and there's a film where where someone goes into a motel room and I'm like I said this was the same song just in the previous episode Nick so he calls Silvio to just China asked what's up or something and it's just a check if he's heard I guess but you just feel him out. He's trying to let's see with word got out. I mean I guess he's kind of thinking. It would be that fast but he you know he's like what is what do you say House Tony Doing just check it in Silvio's obviously annoyed three three in the morning but at least he knows the for now the word hasn't reached at least Jersey Yeah Yeah and so I mean there's only like five minutes left to the episode but we still have a greatest ending less so tony we get a quick wixom with Melfi where he sometimes this is classic. Sopranos of Melfi saying something where he's like yeah yeah it he goes and does something that she definitely would not approve where she just says fake it till you make it or whatever you know just act as if he's like I Could Act Ziff Jeff and comes up with this brilliant plan of that act as if yeah the buildups great because the way shot I mean obviously we cut to Tony's point of view a a lot is he's kind of sizing people up and it hearkens back to features good old jail story of you know what you do when you first. Let's get into prison and you look for the biggest will think he says biggest black guy but tony's s size and everyone up between you know. Are they a credible threat it and also I guess I think I mean muscles is obviously got the muscles but I think he also Kinda is we as we saw earlier episode. He's a hot head where he would fight back because maybe even some of the other guys even if like Bobby's a big dude would bobby necessarily fight back just because Tony was talking shit and like like maybe sucker punch to in this year. I'm sorry about the only exactly impression but yeah I know he wouldn't fly yeah. I guess in retrospect that is what's happening but him looking looking at all the muscles in slow motion. Yes kinda homoerotic in a way I mean that's got to play there too. Because with the with others current episode run sorry continue yeah and like he was talking a lot in the car with muscles about like benching and everything and and he also we we didn't mention it but when he goes into his medical facts earlier he's like it's fucking bummer that it eats away at your muscle not your fats when you're in a hospital spittal self and I'm just a big ball of fat and all of that and everyone else's short sleeves and he's got kind of longer sleeves there and yeah I mean it is to to size them up. Buy Yes but is it to get the biggest opponents or is it just as because when. I watched it I was more like thinking. It's more like we're all big tough man. I got to be a big tough man kind of thing but maybe is picking who to pick a fight with yeah. I think that's definitely there as well but yet to me. I totally read it as he's really early. Like kind of size people up on you know who's a credible threat and like how it's GonNa look to in front of the rest of the gang. 'cause isn't everyone's there and this was a nice public show that he's about to do here. Yeah muscles is great great choice because he's new like no one on cares if he beats up muscles and it also makes sense because they probably know he didn't with the fridge door or whatever but this is also just classic. Tony where he would beat someone up just because he's angry and it's hilarious that in the past that's been like oh he's he's real. He's he's muscles Marinara. He's a hot head. We KINDA GOTTA watch out for Tony's not stable and now it's like. I gotTa make sure they know I'm not stable or the order of the micro wrong so yeah gives them a punch and he muscles. It gets back up and tries to fight him. Antonio's credit share out of them so well. Don Sony Yeah yeah he firstly hit some kind of with a sucker punch knocks him down and then everyone like takes a moment and they even like don't do it. Don't do it because they know muscles kind of goes back at them but tony catches his arm slams against the fridge edge for slamming the door and then you know hit some with some shots to the body like knees him in the Groin. I guess punches him in the face it it's it is pretty great. It's it's such a great ending. I have seen some recent comments going back to like some of the facebook groups or whatever where I saw. There's some people being like this is so cringe like muscles would kill Tony and like I mean I guess you could argue that but I don't feel like it's that implausible that Tony Beats them them up here and maybe that is my naievety but I get that muscle. He's he's. He's a young Jack Dude but that doesn't necessarily mean. He's like the toughest guy you know. Yeah Tony's more people or I would even believe if they said like muscles fought. I'd like I mean he has a hard head so he probably thought some people but Tony's fought people probably to the death so yeah so I totally believe that as well but it has the perfect non it's like if you just Kinda just office shoulder and that was the end of the episode you'd go like Mike while this is fucking bullshit wish fulfillment but I love the actual ending of him going to the bathroom immediately spurting throw up all over the place which is also like read you probably have internal bleeding caused by this showy add to make but then when he gets up and looks in the Mary frigging grinning showed him but then he throws up again Ed yes another reversal. I love that it is great yeah. He has a little grin like Ha- still got it. You know see and then yeah he's throwing up again and yeah it is like he's like throwing up blood or something here and it's kind of the Nice like ceiling point of view you know T- it's Tony like the big tough guy but he's on a heap in the bathroom floor throwing up. It's perfect. It's great. Yes very good and like we you said this is the return to the Sopranos feels like after a sort of stint in hospital the Sopranos where you know scrubs and the Sopranos Rana's came together and formed like a brilliant sort of I'm an Ospedale room get visited by all these kooky characters making friends with my house. Little neighbors like that was kind of a different show and now it's like. Oh Oh this is familiar again and this is a great way to launch as back into that and presumably we'll stay in that space for the rest of the season. Yes absolutely so yeah great episode. If you have any thoughts on it you can send them over to shows which you know show at and of course we greatly appreciate reviews a cut to black on apple podcasts or your other pod catcher but if you even if you don't use apple podcasts please log in Minnesota Review. It helps the show tremendously tremendously as many people might not realize if you have an iphone. You already have an account. It's very quick and easy to leave review otherwise life your window scum like me. You can just use any old computer will work so you just go to apple podcasts and leave review. We'd we'd love you for it forever and we might hunt you down if you don't so bear that in mind and of course shows what you know dot com where you can find all our other programming remember blank meets the one. We shoved down your throat by putting it in this feet. Are there's a new episode out where we combined. 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