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Falls From Grace: Jerry Lee Lewis


Hi It's Vanessa and thanks for subscribing to historical figures. You've probably noticed that. Over the past couple of weeks we've been sharing episodes from the new season of famous fates titled Falls. From Grace. Every Wednesday falls from grace features to new episodes. Each focusing on different scandalous figure from history. Carter and I are incredibly proud of this season and strongly urge you to head over to the famous. Fayed speed and subscribe today. These episodes are all free and only available on spotify. In the meantime I'm excited to share one of our new episodes on the rock and roll pianist with a rocky and controversial personal life. Jerry Lee Lewis if you'd like to hear today's other episode on record producer recluse and convicted murderer Phil Spector head over to the famous fate speed on spotify and subscribe for free. Today were it was nineteen fifty seven Christmas season in New York City and twenty two year. Old Jerry Lee. Lewis had the biggest single in the world. Great Balls of Fire. Now his legions of fans were lining up to see him. Play live at the world famous. Paramount theatre. Jerry Lee was nicknamed the killer because of the way his frenzy performances slade audiences true to his reputation on Jerry. Lee finally took the stage. The crowd went wild but even as some of the most beautiful women in the big apple through themselves Jerry Lee he could only think of his brand new bride back home in Memphis at just twenty two years old. He was already on his third marriage. But this time he was certain he'd gotten it right he and Myra would be together forever. If only the world would accept but she was his thirteen year old cousin. Hi I'm Vanessa. Richardson and I'm Corduroy. And this is season two of Vamos fates falls from grace this season. We're examining once revered historical figures. Who Stories ended in less than savory ways every week. We're bringing you two episodes examining the lives of two fascinating people in the same industry. They were beloved for their incredible accomplishments until they were reviled for their sins. You can listen to all of PODCASTS. Shows on spotify or anywhere else? You listen to podcasts. This week we're covering to music industry greats in this episode rock and roll superstar Jerry Lee Lewis whose scandalous marriage to his thirteen year. Old Cousin derailed his career at the height of his popularity in nineteen fifty seven Jerry Lee Lewis second single sold a million copies in. Its first ten days making him one of the most famous and popular men in music but in his heart he was still just a pious country. Boy He merely become a preacher until he got kicked out of the South West Bible Institute for Playing Boogie. Woogie covers of hymns. There was another rock and roll country. Boy who made it big in the nineteen fifties one Elvis Presley. The papers portrayed him and Jerry as rivals. Of course Jerry. Lee enjoyed it when his singles crept up the charts past Elvis's but the truth was the two men were good friends. They'd shared many long nights at graceland sitting next to each other. Elvis's piano singing old gospel songs. Their personalities were quite different. Elvis nicknamed the king was growing shy and withdrawn under the pressures of his worldwide fame. Jerry Lee was a rapidly rising star. Who got more extroverted and Brash? Each day yet the two men knew and understood each other better than anybody else Both men were born in nineteen thirty five in the neighbouring deep South States Louisiana and Mississippi both began their recording careers at Sun records with producer. Sam Phillips both started by copying the sound and performance styles of black performers from the south but playing to white audiences. Jerry Lee's I hit whole lot of shaking going on was originally recorded by a black woman. Big By nineteen fifty seven both men had become international celebrities and perhaps the two richest young country boys in the world. Jerry Lee was making fourteen thousand dollars a show. That's about one hundred thirty thousand and today's dollars. Elvis still made more but word on the street was Jerry Lee had a shot at surpassing him in December of nineteen fifty seven. Elvis was drafted into the US. Army it was announced that he'd served a two year tour of duty in West. Germany fans wept openly in the streets and wrote angry. Letters to their congressman. But for Jerry. Lee Lewis as manager. Oscar Davis. This was great news. His clients biggest competition would be out of the game for two whole years. Oscar got busy booking series of concerts. That would help Jerry Lee vault past his friend both on the charts and in fans hearts while the king was away. The killer would play specifically. He'd play a nineteen fifty eight European tour years before the Beatles and the British invasion. Atto headed blonde rocker from America's segregated South plan to play twenty seven shows in England. Something No American rock and Roll Act had ever done everything in Jerry. Lee's career had led to this moment. His first single whole lot of shaking going on which hit number one on both the rn be an country charts his nationally televised performances on the Steve Allen. Show and Dick. Clark's American bandstand. Even that incident in Nashville where a crowd of screaming fans stripped him down to his underwear. Now he was poised to become the very first true transatlantic rockstar if his record sold out his UK tour to he'd find Elvis's thrown waiting for him when he got home but before flying off to Bonnie England. Jerry Lee had some personal business to attend to. There was someone he wanted to Mary and he didn't want to wait even though he was still married to his second wife Jane Mitchum. We can't say there was a woman he wanted to marry. Because Myra Gale Brown wasn't yet a woman. She was only thirteen years old. And she was Jerry. Lee's first cousin once removed the daughter of his cousin and bassist J W Brown but in the second week of December. Jerry Lee proposed. Anyway Myra accepted the two were married almost immediately on December twelfth nineteen fifty seven. Because Myra was too young to legally wed. They had to use a fraudulent marriage license after obtaining it with the help of a twenty year. Old woman pretending to be Myra the couple took their bogus licensed to Hernando Mississippi. A particular baptist. Reverend in that town was known for marrying people who are obviously not old enough as long as they presented a marriage license. That had the right names on it. Twenty two year old Jerry Lee had married for the first time at the age of sixteen and his two sisters were married off at twelve and fourteen respectively. He drew the line at Siblings. But a first cousin wouldn't have been off limits. In fact in the old south kinship unions were commonplace more than norm than the exception for the wealthy planter class. In the ANTEBELLUM era wealthy white people in the south live far apart. On account of each family's large landholdings interracial marriage was out of the question and even marrying someone of a lower social class was taboo so many of them married within their own large extended families. Jerry Lee Lewis was born generations after the civil war but the tradition had spread to white southerners of all economic backgrounds. So Jerry Lee had no idea that people from other races and regions didn't marry within the family. Myra Brown who became Myra. Lewis that day in December had grown up in Louisiana and Tennessee. Unlike her famous cousin she had never traveled. She spent her days in school learning about the Cold War in the evenings. She called herself. Deputy mom to her toddler brother from birth. Myra had been told that. The pinnacle of achievement for a girl of her social class was a rich husband. Tidy home a baby in Rose Garden. Jerry Lee Lewis was offering her all those things plus a brand new cadillac convertible. It's unclear now whether or NOT JERRY LE- pressured his cousin into marrying him at one time in legal filings and a biography. Myra said she was frightened and reluctant more recently. She's given new interviews and written a second book in which she describes their elopement differently. Myra now says she believed at the time she was grown and ready for marriage. Of course Jerry. Lee certainly must have encouraged her to see herself that way. However Myra felt about getting married her father was livid. Jerry Lee didn't ask for J W Brown's permission before taking Myra has his wife in fact he wasn't even brave enough to tell J W himself. It was the housekeeper who spilled the beans after finding MIRA's marriage license in a drawer over the years. People have told a few different stories. About how J W reacted Brown recalls that he fully intended to kill Jerry Lee others including Jerry lead have said that J W threatened murder but he never meant it. He did come to Sun records with a pistol but producers Sam Phillips talked him down. Although the marriage of a minor without her parents consent was illegal. Jerry Lee was never prosecuted. J W considered pressing charges but the local district attorney's office convinced him to stand now after things cooled down between the Lewis's and the Browns Jerry Lee moved into Mira's parents home temporarily while he figured out their future. Now not only had jerry. Lee Married Myra against her father's wishes he was sleeping with her under her father's roof. It's a wonder J. W never fired that pistol. Exactly hiding his bride not even from his estranged Second Wife. Jerry Lee didn't tell Jane married again without divorcing I but he didn't tell anybody not to tell her either when she found out she couldn't claim surprise. He had still been married to his first wife when he took up with Jane Know. Where was he hiding the marriage from the world? The new couple openly bought a house in Memphis Dave and traveled to Jerry Lee's native Louisiana together to visit his family. None of his kinfolk were bothered by the age of his third wife. Of course the same could be said for the rest of the world. That's coming up next. Our cast has an incredible new series. Aim to brighten your days and renew your outlook on life. 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You get your podcasts now. Back to the story. Jerry Lee was happy. His parents were happy for him. That was all that mattered in his book. He didn't even wonder what people might think as he set off to New York in March of nineteen fifty eight to start a domestic tour. His last chance to perfect his act before those important shows across the pond. There were three headliners Lewis Buddy Holly and Chuck. Berry the package called. The big beat had been put together by Alan freed. The New York Deejay who popularized the term rock n roll. The only thing left to decide was who would play last because Chuck. Berry was black in his early years. He sometimes had shows canceled at the last minute when he showed up and the booker met him in person now he had little interest in yielding the closing spot on the concert program to someone like Jerry Lee who gotten famous by playing black music to white audiences the way they settled the argument has become a shaggy dog story of rock and roll as the often retold tale. Goes Jerry Lee? Initially las the fight he would play second after buddy holly and before Chuck Berry. He turned in a characteristically over the top performance kicking his piano bench back into the wings. Where Berry was waiting. He flailed with just about every part of his body. He stood on top of the piano then while he played great balls of fire. He poured gasoline all over the piano and lit a match. At least. That's the legend while it makes a great story. There's no evidence at actually took place. The big beat exemplified everything that made rock and roll a subject of mass. Parental hysteria teens in the audience drank hard danced dirty and passed around handfuls of pills that went for Jerry Lee two. He could hold his liquor once bragging that he had to drink a fifth. Tequila is sober up and do his shows but his big habit in those days was amphetamine pills which kept him awake and energized for those frenzied hours of beating pianos to death on stage. The long term effects of popping few uppers a day weren't yet well understood. Doctors and psychologists still mostly thought of addiction as a weakness of moral character. Jerry Lee still a God fearing Bible owning Christian despite his rockstar lifestyle. Assumed be able to stop anytime he liked when the tour hit Boston on May Third Jerry Lee got himself pumped up with his usual mixture of amphetamines and liquor. He intended to give the people what they came for. No more no less. He'd play breathless. Don't be cruel and big legged woman. Then his first big hit whole lot of shaking going on finally for the big finish. He'd bring down the house with great balls of fire but it was clear right away that this would be no ordinary show. The audience was unruly and wild eyed. The Boston arena was filled with a strange electricity. As Jerry Lee started playing the room over. Suddenly teenagers and young adults were rushing the stage. They blew through. Police barricades chased by uniformed officers brandishing. Their truncheons cop shut the show down. Big beat promoter. Alan freed took the microphone and yelled I guess the Boston police don't want kids to have any fun as the police in question shoved concert goers street Jerry Lee Lewis and his fellow rockstars had sneak out of the venue with no help from Alan freed. Who was busy being arrested? Freed was later charged with inciting a riot two days later on May Fifth Nineteen fifty-eight Boston's Mayor Band rock and roll concerts when Lee Lewis's long awaited. Debut album dropped. The Boston incident was better. Promotion than money could buy. Even though Sam Phillips inexplicably left Jerry. Lee's two biggest hits off the self titled Album. He was sure it would sell. Well the only thing left to do was tour and promote it. The rest of the world was eager to hear music so exciting. The teenagers in America were rioting over at Jerry. Lee had twenty seven shows lined up for his UK tour later in. May and tickets. Were selling fast. All Jerry Lee Lewis had to do to become king of rock and roll was keep doing his job. Show up every night pound the daylights out of whatever busted piano the venue set out for him. Maybe sign a few autographs and give an interview but he wanted more not only did he want his UK tour to sell out and his album to top. The charts wanted my up by his side to witness it. His manager Oscar Davis advised against bringing her. The English papers already didn't care for the idea of a rough and tumble American from the Jim Crow South giving concerts in their country. If they got into this marriage they'd tear Jerry Lee two bits and the American media would follow suit. But not only did Jerry. Lee refused to leave MYRA MEMPHIS. He refused even tell her his manager had suggested it. He'd never mentioned to her that anyone. Besides her father might object to their marriage. Nobody else warned Myra either. She got no media training. Not even a heads up about the pop Rossi. Jerry lead did tie up before England on the thirteenth of. May he finalized his divorce from Jane? Of course this didn't actually make his wedding to my legal. Not only was he still yoked to a second wife. When he married my rough he'd forge the marriage certificate rumors began to circulate within the industry. That Jerry Lee was sabotaging his career at headed for scandal. Dick Clark's musical variety. Show bandstand canceled a scheduled performance. Just before the U. K. Tour began on May Twenty First Jerry Lee and Myra jetted off to England without a plan for dealing with the British media thirteen-year-old. Myra still had no idea that outside the deep south. It wasn't normal for a girl her age to be married as for Jerry Lee. He figured the fuddy-duddies would hate him no matter what he did and the teenagers would accept him no matter what he did so he didn't worry he should have as soon as he landed in. England on May twenty second. They were beset by reporters covering the arrival from overseas instantly. The journalists asked about the slender baby-faced Brunette on Jerry Lee's arm. My Room looked the thirteen. She was even a grown woman's clothes jewelry and hairstyle didn't make her look older. Still with no idea that this would be controversial. Myra cheerfully introduced herself. I'm his wife faced with the reality of explaining all this at teaming press conference Jerry Lee rethought his plan about telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth he confirmed Myra was his wife but he claimed she was fifteen and they'd only been married for two months of course in they'd been married for five months and even if it was to their marriage would still be illegal on the grounds of bigamy. Asked Myra about being such a young wife. She told the truth her truth as a southern girl from a family prone to kinship. Myra said that in Tennessee. A girl could get married at ten if she could find a man this center press conference into gobsmacked delight this was media gold a massive scandal gift wrapped in dropped in their laps in those first few days before the press could get out the story. Jerry Lee kicked off his tour to much fanfare. His thousands of British fans had no idea about his wife yet his first show out. Maybe this tour would still make him. The new king of rock and roll after all but reporters were busy at the Daily Mirror. Before the second performance of the two were they dug through American public records and found out about Meyers real age her familial relationship to Jerry Lee and the illegal bigamous marriage when that headline hit the papers the next day. Britain recoiled in disgust. Jerry Lee tried again to smooth things over with honesty. He explained that he married Jane only because she was pregnant and that he was already married to his first wife at the time which made the second marriage illegal therefore it didn't count since then he eventually divorced his first wife so by the third marriage everything in his mind was squared up. This fuzzy marriage math did nothing to placate the reporters or their readers. Here they wrote was proof that American rock and roll had no place. In Britain it standard-bearers where rednecks who took their thirteen year. Old COUSINS AS BRIDES. The second show of the tour went on but more than half. The seats were empty by the third show. People were chanting cradle robber and go home by. May Twenty sixth four days into the trip. Venue owners cancelled every show left on the tour. Instead of skyrocketing global fame. Jerry Lee was suffering the ultimate humiliation. Not only did his fans not want to see him. They were so angry with him. That venue owners were afraid for his safety if he showed up to perform Jerry Lee packed. His suitcase is child bride and his wounded pride for the long flight back to Tennessee as soon as he arrived back in Memphis. Jerry Lee made arrangements to marry Myra again now that his divorce was official wedding on June. Fourth Nineteen fifty eight would be legal and this time he even had her parents consent. But it was too little too late to save Jerry. Lee's star from falling his bookings got cancelled. Dick Clark one of his first and biggest supporters in the TV world. Stop taking his calls. He'd expected thirty thousand dollars for some of his shows in the UK worth more than a quarter of a million dollars today now he was lucky to get two hundred fifty dollars for performance and there was still that matter of his self titled Debut Album. That was supposed to be the thing that cemented his spot. As a legend now it was just taking up space on record store shelves. Jerry leave tried to fight back. He wrote a letter to his fans defending himself and published it as a full page ad in Billboard magazine. The letter barely addressed his marriage to Myra at all. He seemed to think that people were upset about Jane. His second ex wife. He pointed out that he'd be paying Jane Child Support Seven hundred fifty dollars per month. Worth about six thousand seven hundred dollars today. That of course wasn't the problem. Jerry Lee was just totally incapable of seeing anything fundamentally wrong with his third marriage. Oscar Davis the manager who'd asked yearly not to take Meyer to England quit that left producer. Sam Phillips in charge of Jerry Lee's career and he saw nothing else to do but to take the hit and move on when radio deejays refused to play Jerry. Lee Lewis Sam. Didn't fight back. Elvis is thrown suddenly look more secure than ever even with him still in Germany. The tide of public opinion had shifted. Now there was a good patriotic American boy. People said not like Jerry Lee Lewis the cradle robber. It appeared that Jerry Lee's career as a recording artist was over. If he just kept Myra secret by now he might be the most famous Rockstar on earth. There were only two things left for Jerry Lee Lewis to do keep playing live shows wherever they'd have him sometimes for as little as one hundred dollars and get his thirteen year old wife pregnant which he did in time for her to become a mother on February twenty seventh nineteen fifty nine at the age of fourteen. He was rarely home to help with the baby. Jerry Lee had no tour bus or charter flights to take him to his gigs. Now he drove himself in one of his many cadillacs. Every night was another dive bar or back. Alley Dance Hall. Most of the time. He felt more like a circus exhibit than an artist. Come see the free who married his cousin. One night only gotten a lot of fights especially when he ventured outside the deep South in Des Moines Iowa. He stabbed a heckler in the forehead with a sharp but of his microphone stand. Police were called but nothing came of it. He would later. Tell biographer Rick Bragg quote they just wanted to whip Jerry Lewis wanted to beat on my head seems like we had to fight every night. The killer now drowned his sorrows in alcohol. Painkillers and whatever women would still have him while fourteen year old. Myra was at home with their baby. Jerry Lee took his last remaining groupies back to his dingy motel rooms on the road. Jerry Lee didn't feel guilty about his infidelity the way he saw things. He was an honorable man. He'd married every woman he'd gotten pregnant. These little affairs on the road. Were just like the drink that sat on his piano every night. Something to keep him going until the next show. Jerry Lee even kept recording new songs. Some of them charted in England. Ironically the first country to expose his marriage was the first to forgive him but back home in the USA. He was shut out of the charts and as the fifties drew close so did rock and roll at least the version of rock and roll Jerry. Lino Elvis has started singing ballads. Other rockstars were cutting their hair and going for a more commercial mainstream sound by nineteen sixty when Jerry Lee turned twenty five. He was a washed up representative of a bygone era. His family life to shifted under his feet in nineteen sixty one. His parents divorced. They never had a good marriage now that their children were out of the house. The Louis announced they couldn't take it anymore. Terry Lee was devastated but nineteen sixty one also brought a surprising brief return to the charts. Jerry Lee's cover of Ray Charles is would I say made it to number thirty on the hot one hundred? It was no great balls of fire but it breathed a few more gasps of air into his struggling career. Promoters STARTED TO THINK JERRY. Lewis might be bookable again. They brought him back to New York. They even planned a tour of England Justice things were looking up on Easter Sunday of nineteen sixty two seventeen year old. Myra called her husband at a motel in Minnesota through tears. She delivered the most horrible news he'd ever received while Myra was cooking Easter dinner in Memphis their three year. Old Son Steve Allen Lewis wandered outside and fell in the swimming pool by the time anyone saw him he was at the bottom. It was too late for CPR. The devastating loss change Jerry. Lee's life forever to distract himself from the heartache. He decided to fight one last time for his dying career. That's coming up next now. Back to the story On Easter Sunday in nineteen sixty two Jerry Lee Lewis lost his three year old son to accidental drowning. It was the latest in a series of tragedies following his marriage to his then thirteen year. Old Cousin Myra first career collapsed then. His parents divorced and now his little boy was gone. Jerry Lee had always thought there would be time to get to know his son later. They barely saw each other with Jerry. Lee always on the road playing these dinky nightclub gigs now. It seemed like the height of foolishness that he'd spent his time touring for crumbs instead of at home with his family. Jerry Lee sought comfort in the Bible. That had helped him in his younger years. He decided that God would want him to go on rather than collapsing into a puddle of sorrow he couldn't go back and spend more time with his son now instead he decided to move forward with his comeback tour of England. Jerry Lee went alone. This time Myra grieving stayed home with their family almost as soon as he landed in England Jerry Lee realized that this time was different. He played maybe the best show of his career. The very first night in Newcastle. It felt so good just to be in front of adoring crowd again that he played a fifteen minute encore while the fans went wild in the audience made signs read. Welcome back Jerry Lee seventeen-year-old Myra flew out to join him. Now that she new England would give her a friendly welcome. She was photographed on the tarmac. Dress chase but fashionably carrying her Bible. Jerry Lee brought down the house at every show now. He realized what a gifted been playing all those dive bars and strip clubs over the past four years. He never let his performing skills get rusty anything he'd honed them while playing crowds that literally wanted to fight him behind the venue but the joy of that. European tour was short lived. The world of music was changing in ways. He couldn't control fifty style. Rock and roll was breathing. Its last with the beach. Boys beginning to release music in the Beatles already recording at Abbey Road. It was a new era. Jerry Lee's tours nineteen sixty two and nineteen sixty three where the end for his brand of rock and roll at least where the Billboard Charts. Were concerned even. Elvis was now finding more success in acting than in music. Jerry lease contract with Sun records expired in nineteen sixty three and he signed to smash records that same year. He and Myra welcomed daughter. Phoebe caught the smash records years. Were mostly a series of failures for Jerry Lee. The British invasion was suddenly underway. Instead of England importing American rockers to entertain their screaming teens. It was the other way around. It took five years for Jerry. Lee Lewis to admit that his time as a teen idol and Rockin roller was done. Those were five hard years for Myra who would later write in court filings that she experienced every form of abuse the happiest years of their marriage she now recalls were before she became an adult but in time things started looking up for Jerry. Lee if not from IRA in nineteen sixty eight. The thirty three year old ex rockstar was approached by Nashville country. Music Promoter Eddie Kilroy. He'd heard the country. Twang and Jerry Lee singing voice for years and any thought. The killer should try country. Jerry Lee grew up on Hank Williams. He'd always been friendly with his fellow sun records artist Johnny cash now. He saw no reason not to try getting back to his country boy roots. He had no other choice. He drove his Cadillac to Nashville and agreed to cover the country record. Another place another time. It was the beginning of a brand new musical life for Jerry. Lee Lewis almost overnight. He became one of the biggest country stars in the world. At the time at mainstream country music was focused on the slick heavily produced country polygon sound of stars like Lynn Anderson. Charley Pride Jerry. Lee's style was more soulful and stripped down winning and fans among purists who missed the emotional honesty of old country music. Suddenly it was okay to like Jerry Lee Lewis Again. It was like he shed his scandalized reputation and become a whole new man country. Jerry Lee walked into musicals carrying none of ROCKER JERRY. Lee's baggage and after all an awful lot of country vans came from small southern towns where teenage weddings and kinship marriages weren't unheard of in November of nineteen sixty nine astronauts. Charles Junior asked Jerry lead to cut a special tape of his greatest hits the newborn country star obliged and his tape flew to the moon aboard Apollo twelve. Conrad later wrote a thank. You note telling thirty four year old Jerry Lee how much it it meant to him to have a taste of home with him. Among the stars Jerry Lee Lewis shot for the stars as a young man and despite falling from grace early in his career. He landed on the moon literally in the years to come. There was both joy and heartbreak in store for Jerry. Lewis between nineteen sixty eight and nineteen seventy-three. He recorded seventeen. Top ten hits mostly country numbers both originals and covers one. Notable exception was a cover of Kris Kristofferson. 's Me and Bobby McGee a return to his rock and roll roots that shot up the charts as his career entered a new chapter so did his private life. Myra filed for divorce in nineteen seventy after hiring a private detective to prove that. Jerry Lee was chronically unfaithful. It was a messy divorce with Myra accusing Jerry Lee of both physical and mental abuse in addition to his many affairs Myra than married her private detective. The only man in her life that she can be sure was on her side. Jerry Lee however never settled down after Myra Jerry Lee had four more wives to died tragically wife number four Jaren. Elizabeth gun pate drowned in a swimming pool in the middle of their nineteen eighty-two divorce it was a horrific accident eerily reminiscent of the death of Jerry Lee's toddler son. His Romantic appeal may have held up but his health collapsed in nineteen eighty-four just shy of fifty years old. Jerry Lee stomach practically exploded after a lifetime of hard drinking. Opiates and amphetamines. He had a belly full of perforated ulcers he was hospitalized given only a fifty percent chance of survival he made it and went right back to singing country songs in nineteen eighty six. He was inducted into the rock and Roll Hall of fame at the age of fifty one in two thousand six at the age of seventy one jerry. Lewis released his best selling album ever last man standing. The album title is appropriate. He may never lived up to his full potential as a rockstar. But Jerry Lee Lewis didn't let scandal take him out of the ballgame forever. He crawled back into music. Back up the charts and back into the good graces of his fans through sheer perseverance to this day. Jerry Lee Lewis maintains. He did nothing wrong by marrying Myra. He's never apologized. In fact he's angry that he was singled out for it when it seems like every Rockstar of his generation had a teenage lover. Elvis who was the same age as Jerry Lee had Priscilla Ann Wagner living at Graceland from the time. She was fourteen until he married her at age. Twenty one chuck. Berry was arrested in nineteen fifty nine for transporting a fourteen year old girl across state lines for the purposes of sex. He was convicted and sentenced to three years. Perhaps the best words to close out Myra story our own in a two thousand fourteen interview. She said if you say to me now there's a thirteen year old girl over here. Who WANTS TO GET MARRIED? I'd say God. Please do not do that. Little girl go to college get education then figure it out Jerry Lee Lewis didn't exactly change rock and roll music itself like Elvis. Many of his hits were covers of songs first performed by black artists who were shut out of mainstream fame. However stars from David Bowie to lady GAGA HAVE OPTED JERRY. Lee's signature tricks like playing the piano with his feet and hands at the same time but none of them got quite the same reaction as a young Jerry Lee Lewis following a legendary career that has lasted thirty four years after his induction into the rock and Roll Hall of fame. You might think the killer would be ready for retirement but after surviving a two thousand nineteen stroke Jerry Lee Lewis announced in March of twenty twenty that he plans to record an album of Gospel covers. He'll sing those old numbers. He used to Croon with Elvis one last time before he meets the God he still passionately believe Sam. Thanks FOR TUNING INTO FALLS FROM GRACE. We will be back next week. With two more episodes you can find more episodes of falls from grace as well as all of casts other shows on spotify. Or WHEREVER YOU LISTEN TO PODCASTS. And don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram. At par cast and twitter at par cast network. We'll be back next week with another story of remarkable success. And even more remarkable catastrophe falls from grace was created by Max Cutler and is a podcast studios original it is executive produced by Max Cutler sound designed by Nick Johnson with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carl Madden and Joshua Kern. This episode of falls from grace was written by Yellen on war with writing assistance. By Kate. Gallagher and stars Vanessa. Richardson and Carter Roy.

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