The Toddler Attitude and How to Manage!


Hello, welcome back to instill family parent talk. I'm still glad that you guys are here for yet another episode. So today's topic is the toddler attitude. If you had been following me and my family, you know, I have a six year old boy and twin boys and girls that are five. So now I'm not sure if this is a toddler thing or girl thing, but my daughter has the biggest attitude all the time my boys on the other hand rarely ever. They are pretty laid-back and loving mom get me wrong. My daughter's my daughter's the same way, but she just has like a teenage attitude if you want to label it, so Now the the toddler attitude of my daughter, I don't think is like a normal toddler attitude. Please comment if I'm wrong or if anyone else relate, but she's very sassy. And what is the nicest way that I can put it here? Here's just was a slight example. My daughter has a terrible habit that really gets under my skin. So when she asked a question if she doesn't get an answer within five seconds of asking the sad question. She says, I guess that is a yes and like not like waves are head like a bobblehead and like rolls her eyes back and like please tell me I'm the only money that deals with us at this level and age like it's super toddler attitude and you know, I have been trying to Ends the negative behavior, but she seems to be pretty unbreakable. Now. I don't know if this is just us butting heads or if this is actually a good quality for a young woman to have maybe I'm just being hopeful now I don't want to break her strong-willed self because I thought that would be very helpful when she becomes a young woman. But right now it's literally pushing every patient button that I don't have available. And it's rough some days more than others to deal with but I have to remind myself that I was very strong-headed and strong-willed just as much as she is so and find out just fine. So I think she will too. I just have to find that strength deep within and power through it. So now let's talk about the tell the attitude of my boys. My six-year-old usually only gives me attitude when he's tired hungry or not in a good mood which is typical and expected for boys or girls. I can handle these moments because I can actually tell when it's one of these three things and it's minimal enough to not push any buttons my five year old twin boy, e is an entire other story though. He is my sensory child. He is an out-of-the-box thinker that likes to challenge another great quality to have but pushing. Every patient button that I don't have he likes to argue that things are not right. So unless you literally explain everything to him he will argue now. It's definitely not realistic to me at least to explain every single thing and how every single thing works. You essentially have to prove the child wrong with facts about logic and and that's what I mean by arguing and explaining things. And do you realize how hard it is for someone who is so free-spirited to give out facts all the time. It's very hard. We have very different personality personalities. I'm a lot more like my daughter's a lot more like me off Hiram is more of logic and facts and Hayden who is my oldest who is my six year old he is More of okay if you say so but then if he questions it, he will ask and challenge you on that aspect, so I'm going to make sure of of everything and I think all that has to be considered in in how to me and installed their attitudes, but I would love to hear how you guys managed hablo attitudes. So share your story in these comments below or on Facebook or my Instagram pages, but remember in some family is a place where families grow so grow through kindness because kindness matters, and so do you for more great content, please visit the family. Com. Thanks for listening guys.

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