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<music> procam to the qualities a subscriber exclusive podcast qualities just shorthand slang playing for a qualification round which is something you do prior to the race just a little bit quicker qualities podcast features episodes that are short and we're hoping for less than ten minutes each which highlight the best questions topics tactics etcetera disgust on previous episodes of the drive. We recognize many of you as new listeners to the podcast may not have have a time to go back and listen to every episode. Those of you have already listened may have forgotten so the new episodes of the qualities are going to be released tuesday through friday and they're going to be published exclusively in our private subscriber. Only podcast feed now occasionally. We're going to release quality episodes in the main fee. Which is what you're about to hear now if you enjoy these episodes and if you're are interested in hearing more as well as receiving all the other subscriber exclusive content which is growing by the month you can visit us at p._t._a. Dot com forward slash subscribe without further delay. I hope you enjoy today's quality. That's another change in my belief system. I think today versus. I don't know five or six years ago. I think five or six years ago. I didn't think exercise was that important to longevity which actually sounds ridiculous for anyone who knows me because i was probably exercising four hours. There's a day but not because i believed it would make me live longer. It was just sort of soothing my addictions but i think today i feel i am much more convinced. I buy a lot of the data. You've described certainly the central stuff when we publish this paper earlier this year with richard isaacs unite. We're talking about her before we started recording. We wanted wanted to get a sense of like if you took completely unbiased approach and look at the literature what was the single most compelling thing you could do to generate or preserve brain health and we came away thinking that it was actually exercise and i remember when the analysts were kind of going through this and showing me all the data. I was like come on guys. There's no way exercise is could be the most important thing for brain health and again. I'm saying this is a guy who loves exercise more than anybody but it just struck me as there's no way and again i think part part of it was i was just thinking about it through the vascular lens and obviously you know i think better than i do that when you start to think about brain health you have to think about it through a vascular lends a metabolic lens growth factor lens. I mean there are overlapping but distinct pathways that are going to influence brain health and so i was kind of humbled by that and now i guess in many ways. I'm a little more adamant about it with my patience. <hes> not that i wasn't you know adamant before but this is like boy if you're if you're every day we got to change that. I actually the the main reason i exercise for. My brain is certainly just not only for br printing nerve genetic disease and atrophy and all that but just because it affects my executive function and effects may already levels. It affects my ability make decisions. I absolutely if i have have something that's bothering me. You're giving me anxiety or have to make a really important decision. Going for a long run really helps me and there's been studies showing that it helps with executive function how long term planning like aerobic exercise specifically you know and the and high intensity interval training all that stuff they all they all do different things you couldn't didn't we couldn't tease this out of the literature which again probably is just a limitation of shitty human clinical trials but that's the second order question right which is if you're gonna take the tim tim ferriss approach which is what's the minimum effective dose because there are some people like maybe you were. I who i think just generally like exercise and also get these other benefits. These endorphin benefits fits but there are some people who are like look. What do i need to do like. I'm gonna treat exercise like madison and i think in that setting. I'm still not clear so if you were that person. Would i say rhonda and as long as you are lifting weights one hour three times a week like if you can only give me three hours with that be how i'd want you to spend it or would. I rather you be doing being anaerobic. Aerobic type thing. I mean that's to me. Those are where these biomarkers start to become very important because we're not gonna generate hard outcome studies with that level of control once you try to control that many variables and be that strict about it. You're going to very much lose a heart outcome prospectively but if we knew what to measure right right and that's you know would we be measuring in integral of i._g._f. For example so how much arises how much it falls and then what that looks like over time but i guess that's the funny anything right like the more we learn the lesson. We know yeah absolutely. I think that we definitely don't know the answer to that question but i think there's a lot of data out there showing the for example strength training and you know there's benefits on the brain that's been shown published this benefits on preventing muscle atrophy. There's benefits on preventing cancer incident like that's all been shown for strength training aerobic and you know this high intensity interval training is also also seems to be making its way as well like like there was a study that i that i found via to max's you know the ability of your your body to transport oxygen during exercise which also indicator of when you're not exercising and obviously transporting oxygen to the brain for examples extremely truly important the o._t._c. max declines with age like one percent per year. I forgot starting at what age but you know so ten percent per decade almost parallels the muscle almost clone does it does parallel exactly and there was a study showing that twenty four sessions of high intensity interval training where it was like a forty five minute session five minute warm up five minute cool down and then you know in between the max intervals which were like pretty long like a minute there. Was you know the seven percent max water anyway so twenty four of those increased video max by twelve percents. You're literally taking an entire decade of decline and like reversing it with the twenty four th that's that's actually a good point i when i was was more active as it sort of competitive cycling you we would get to max tested about twice a year ryan flaherty who we were talking about before the podcast one of my close friends and you've got to in to know him as well i learned from ryan that actually to max is not the most important indicator as a runner a cyclist. It's viva to max or p vio to max it. Matters in other words for for a runner veto to max is much more predictive of performance. Which is the velocity you carry at via to maximum for a cyclist. It's p. v. o. Two max which has the power output. Would it be okay max that said every time you go to test. You want the test well so you know over time. I learned how to game the system. You know i wanna make via two max's in the seventies which again to put that in perspective like that's not at the level of professional athlete or something like the guys that are winning the tour de france in the high eighties or low nineties in terms of milligrams per per mil per kilogram but nevertheless just altering my training for three weeks before lovie two max test and dropping my weight so if if i shed tequila grams did those types of intervals i i actually had it down to a science where there was a workout i would do you know in carmel valley. You've got the fifty six that goes out and and it's got a bike path next to it. There's a section of that bike path that is one point six miles long and it goes up at about four percent and just doing repeat intervals of that which takes about four minutes all out to go one direction and then about six minutes to cruise back four of those that was it twice a week for like three weeks and your video to max exploded now of course the question is is that like you know cramming for the test getting the results but not necessarily like you have to keep doing that to get the decade-long benefit i i don't know the answer but i agree that like if you can maintain muscle mass and you can contain peak aerobic performance it's not it doesn't even matter at that point. If you're living longer your clearly living better right like if you if you don't budge edge anything on maximum life span you've dramatically improved median lifespan right and that's <hes> you know i think for most people that's what matters it is yeah for me it is i mean what's the what's the maximum among life span the like a human's lib one hundred twenty hundred twenty four or something like that hundred twenty four one thousand one hundred twenty four million like that yeah living beyond that i mean that's i think the goal is really to at least for me. I think that's a lot more achievable is increasing my mind median health span right my health span you know so so basically preventing staving off cardiovascular disease cancer alzheimer's disease those sorts of things that i'm so that i'm living healthier and also you know a little bit longer but obviously not one hundred twenty five or six. If you enjoyed today's quality now sit tight for that legal disclaimer. 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