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The Value Of A Personal Brand Avatar #750


Today I wanNA talk about personal brand advertising and give you a couple of great examples. Those little brand matters used to be called your reputation. Now we will talk about it as your personal brand and whether you would do anything in the confines of a structure and organization or whether you're out on your own an independent business personal branding is something that you really need to think about you. You really need to be able to explain who you are what you do. What is your core essence. Just want to woods. Ideally and even better if you can create a personal brand avatar and there's two examples that I've seen in the last week in the sperm wildest space who I wanted to highlight to you the first of those is Sandy Abrahams now. Sandy he is a breathing and mindfulness expert. That's her theme. What she's done is create personal brand. Avatar as the breath Barista which I think is really really smart. It's a smart way to be able to not only explain what she does but also gives her the option to create a whole character around that a little atop the other one I want to talk about. Is Beverly Spencer now. Beverly Focuses on leadership and Management and Confidence Coaching and so she calls herself the confidence connoisseur sewer which once again gives beverly the opportunity to build a whole Avatar a personality around the business that she has so. I think both of those two examples. I really really smart ways to explain number one what they do but also to create a little character. Create a mask if you like around what they do so food food you. What is your personal brand Avatar GonNa be. What is it GONNA look like. What is IT GONNA say. If you can find that out then do let me know in the comments below and actually have as an idea. What's my personal brand. Maybe I could be the the trump of truth or the wizard of Y.. I might be the wanker of why some of my friends would probably say so anyway. If anyone's got an idea about what my personal brand Avatar could be do let me know because I actually don't Nar Dr but I would also love to hear your own personal brand advertised because I think everybody should try to have a personal brand. And they should also try to have a personal brian. Todd if they possibly can once again Beverly Spencer Sandia Abrahams. I'll put link to their profiles down below so you can go check him out weld under you guys and That's it for today and I think if your time and we'll be back again tomorrow.

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