The Hollywood Fixer


welcome the kids miss and mysteries near host kept crumb today the hollywood fixer hollywood's golden age stretch from nineteen twenty seven to the late fifties for almost forty years there is something called the studio system warner brothers and gm paramount and r k over the biggest they were the biggies with universal united artists and columbia being the little guys by nineteen thirty nine there were over fifteen thousand movie theaters in the united states top stars were paid upwards of four hundred thousand dollars a year equivalent of seven million dollars in today's dollars is one of the techniques used to support the studio system was the block booking system this would be selling multiple films to theaters as a unit such unit five films what's the standard practice for most of the nineteen forties typically included only one outstanding film the rest of mix of aid budget pictures sort of lesser quality of b movies actors and actresses were assigned to a studio and occasionally loaned down to another studio but only if it was in their contract theaters thrive during the depression with admission ranging from five to fifteen cents stars were cast in a golden light starpower meant the viewers came to the cinema to watch and actor an action and they would attend any movie their favorite actor start in stars were filmed attending various hollywood events they loved in mansions end to the viewing public were made the look larger the life but columnist like keta hopper and luella parsons competed tarnish the shine is surrounded the stars but each of the studios had a fixer gail parties were often arranged for the stars could let their hair down and then there was number seven forty nine hollywood's brothel to the stars that catered stars like spencer tracy jean harlow and clark gable who hasn't turned out rape loretta young during the filming of call of the wild of course this is all covered up along with the lesbian upstairs who credit garble but the sexual appetite to the stars often lead to a young starlets disappearance or worse in nineteen thirty five buddy actress selma todd was found dead dead there was elisabeth short found brutally murdered in nineteen forty seven often referred to as the black dalia both the loss angeles police in the county coroner often paid off to overlook bypass resulting autopsy when they would re the hollywood brothel the madam would have champagne and caviar waiting three hollywood deaths were despite suspicious circumstances written off as suicide or accidental death the facts surrounding the accidental death the selma todd nineteen thirty five was found dead in a car in the garage filled with car exhaust what's not as cut and dry as a corner would have you believe clues pointed to prominent actor role and west lesson thirty years later marilyn monroe's death was determined a suicide and is still question as being truly suicide or not the cover ups were often attributed to eddie mannix the fixer forever gm we'd never appeared on the silver screen everyone in hollywood knew who he was a new not the crossing but he always seemed to stay in the shadows and it was understood that he had connections with the mob george reeves the man who played super man the man of steel and had a near decade long affair with mannix his wife that drew the fixer out of the shadows in nineteen fifty nine chores reefs broke off that a fair to web blood nor lemon for weeks leading up to the wedding reeves received threatening phone calls driving down the freeway he was forced off the road by assemble i later the breakthroughs grain from his car while out for a walk he was nearly run over at one point then just three days before the wedding he left a group of late night visitors in this home to go bad moments later shot was heard the man of steel nude body was found flat on his back with his speech still flat on the floor he was dead of a single gunshot wounds to the head the corner reported it as suicide but george reeves franz disagreed when his mother hired a private investigator evidence pointed to murder between nineteen twenty seven and nineteen sixty disappearances rapes murder and sexual indiscretions filled the gossip columns so it doesn't valet newspapers because of the lack of convictions

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