Europe's Waiting Game Continues


Welcome in Monday's edition of ESPN AFC here on ESPN plus on Down Thomas Abbey Moreno. Hercules Gomez stevie nickel. Donna Julianne the Wrong Guy Mark. Coty all joining me later on in the show. We'll start with Solomon Kalou. He's got himself into all sorts of trouble. Made the brilliant decision to livestream himself in the heart of the lane locker room and not only that it showed him fist. Pumping is teammates trashing at tasks breaking a lot of the protocol that the Bundesliga introduced since he has been suspended. This is what the Hertha Berlin. Gm Michael Pretenses say Soloman. Kalou with video was pulled her through a great deal of damage but above all in the current discussion within society about the return of wounded Sega matches and the role of professional footballers given the impression that individual players. Don't take the corona virus subject. Seriously let's welcome to the show cabin jobs obviously every week. Do you corona idiots of the week you recorded your podcast too early to have Salomon. Kalou is your king. That's right. We won't be sending him the Coveted cove immediate award. This week although I think we might WANNA maybe we'll we'll we'll we'll discuss renaming the Salomon Kalou award. There's so many things that make this worse one is obviously he wasn't filmed doing it. He he filmed himself doing it. Which makes you realize that you really has. No understanding of what's at stake here The fact that on Wednesday Angela Merkel the German chancellor and her government. They're expected to green light or not green light as the case may be the return of football in Germany and people have worked extremely hard to try to make this happen behind closed. Doors the fact that he's entirely nonchalant even as as people around him go and tell him. Look Erase that. Turn it off. The managed thirty five years old and based on today's evidence seems to have the mentality of the twelve year old and not very well behaved twelve year old either. It's a consensual. Joe's isn't it because as excited as positive we are about the return of Football Veasley in Germany. We have seen incidents. We saw England with Carl Walker. Sort as well Jack. Greeley's inevitably there are GonNa be some outlines in this. Yes you're right although Kalou taken into another level let's be honest. There's some this thing that you could do in your own home. And you could break the rules and the social distancing that kind of stuff but do any like this in your dressing room E. R. Your club in front of everybody including your medical staff who were taking some tests when you went over and crushed one of your teammates taking us having these tests done. It's just completely stupid and I mean someone. Kalu is a waste of time for her to bed. It's been a waste of money is what he's played five games. This season is thirty five Gob said. And surely this is. This is one of the most disgraceful things that we've seen so far in this crisis. Okay let's turn the page. Because I was GONNA start the show with a real positive vibe. Because we've heard when I've gone to calve in the past. You gotta see what happens. See this and that but Gab. On Your podcast today. I thought you sounded more optimistic than you ever had. Especially when you look at the figures that we solar of course. Germany releasing today. What ten positives out of seventeen hundred tests? Yeah and this is of course. Ten positives out of a seven hundred twenty four tests. It's about forty forty nine or fifty per club. These include both players obviously backroom staff. You know the people who need to stay healthy and need to stay virus free and before you know the really more hardcore more stringent quarantine warranty and conditions Stepped in and we know that three of those are obviously the the three clone. This concerns the the first division and second division clubs. It was a lot of optimism and saying that you know these guys are already generally healthy. And there's only a few things that we need to do to to to go and monitor the situation and have them play safely This was hugely encouraging. And but of course that was before the Kalou video came out. Let's just hope it doesn't jeopardize everything and brought fun duly influence. The government's decision of course shows you got people saying okay. What happens if they're positive? Cash only then everything has got to shut down. This is kind of proves the contrary to that. Yes and also the way. They've handled the case in in Cologne where those three the two players and the the backroom staff member who then when into self-isolation but not the rest of the squadron not the rest of the little groups in which two players training with and clearly testing the other members of the club. And no one. Nobody has this positive so they've they've clearly but listen they have this. I mean yeah okay. Sometimes you might have someone who's positive maybe not showing any symptoms maybe showing some some and you could always find a way. But they've got this under control the holiday before anybody else for the rest of the population. The heavy for their football players. They have protocols in place. The discipline the organize the everything that they're not in the permeating for example. So of course you would expect them to be the first one to resume football and he will be it will be kind of normal and it will be expected and fair but even then you're not competing hundred percent. Sure and I said you know. We think they will give the green light on Wednesday but there's also a possibility that she waits another week. Maybe maybe another two weeks but then already there. Nobody nobody else in Europe is ready. It's going to happen though. Gab. Isn't it. We're going to see on this thing action this month. I mean I'm leaning to the fact that it's going to be more yes than no at this stage like I told you. I was all positive and cheery this morning when I did the podcast and not just about Germany but more cautiously about Spain Italy too. I think it's leaning in that direction that that number that ten out of seventeen twenty four gives you a really tremendous baseline a to start with the tells you yes if you take the right precautions we can. We can do it. It also tells you that Joe said having the players you know not locked up off locked up together but but core gene at home and then coming out to train. The system can work to help. Contain the virus. You know. Now it's up to two whether they can meet the other requirements and that's a decision that of Angela Merkel's pay grade and nobody else. While you mentioned the Premier League Joel Sings very much. Yeah regarding the resumption of play there. Obviously there's this vote on the eighth from the clubs to decide. How are they going to handle the return? Talk of neutral venues have never engaged. You said last week that you are confident they could be action backing the action attending in June. Do you still feel strongly as positive about that considering all the conflicting reports about the club's butting heads at the moment. I don't think there would be primarily in June. I think he would be in July. I think it will come back. Because that's clearly the desire from the government and win the leadership leads in that wind pushes for me. I think it will happen but just just to organize. Now there's just nothing in place. There's no protocol there's all those ideas players taking their own cars to go to a secret neutral venue that they will only know the morning of the game and all those possibilities and all those things in the end there's just nothing concrete and the players. What I think a lot of players are not so keen on going back through early because is all up in the end. They don't have any reassurances about test about what happens if someone is positive like we've seen in Cologne if if there's an issue somewhere why those terms though I don't turn a why this they've got no answers right nine and see the premier league. Give them an answer or answers to the questions that they haven't trust me the other law of questions which doesn't want to play again. I think all of them onto plague and everybody wants to see football again. But if you don't answer the questions that people have especially the players who are you may not set. You won't happen it won't happen. So unless the Premier League starts getting your groove on and got starts getting organized. I feel. We won't see football before July. So Gab considering just rather boon to say again how they seem to have dealt with it well in this seems to be a plan that establishing should see the return of football sooner rather than later. What are the primarily? Just go oh look. They're doing it good over there. Why don't we just do what they're doing? Well it's not that simple. It's a different country. It's a country that's at a different stage in corona virus pandemic. It's a country that has a much better health system. It's a wealthier country. It's a better organized country. There's one hundred one reasons why Germany is ahead. I think you can put some on the government but I agree with Jules. I think in other levels. They've been behind this business with the protocol and the latest is that perhaps on Wednesday they will finally get around to discussing a protocol for training sessions specific on initially approving it for for trading sessions for games. You know rather than all these leaks that we've had I think that's a big factor. Think another big factor is elsewhere. The debate has been much more public in Spain. You can't shop a have your table US up. The guy talks every hour on the hour nearly as well. There's been a lot of public debate in Germany. We've heard question Cypher. Talking not just to Germany's media but to the world's media and answering all these questions here in England the premier league's highest slightly different role. They generally tried to work quietly trying to work behind the scenes and not really say very much as a result. All you've really had these these leaks these fragmented leaks and clubs. Gary Neville Way the issue as well and what that's done is it's I think it's undermined a lot of confidence in people that they can actually get this done and the other thing is you know. It's great obviously. You have to wait for the government to give the green light. But it's much better if you have a plan if you have scenarios in place so that when the government does give the green light you can go to the government say. Hey we want to do these things this way. Is that okay with you rather than sitting there and saying well? There's no point preparing anything until the government gives us the go ahead because as Joel says you lose valuable time. Meanwhile in Italy Vincente Vincenzo. Four and not exactly making many friends. This is the front page of the sport there as dressed as the grim reaper. With a football very much I as a result of him. This is what he talked about. Return of football in Italy. I've I've read strange things but nothing has changed compared to what I've always said about. Full training groups will not resume resume before the eighteenth and now is the time to stop talking about restarting the lead. Gaba of everyone in Italy amongst the ministry. Imagine the Sports Minister. That'd be the driving force to try and get things back. He seems to be completely the opposite. End Yeah you would think so but you know he says well. I'm not the minister for football or for professional football on the minister for all sports from grassroots football to fencing swimming to whatever and I think the good news is that you know. Obviously he's got a saying this but you know he's not the one driving the conversation I think it was non plus a little bit because after the government relaxed certain restrictions on on exercise and different regions interpreted them in a very very lax way and that prompted a different club starting with Bologna and swallow to go back into training which they did today now obviously socially distance training and whatever else and all the other club jumped in and said. Hey let's follow suit and other clubs like this. You know told that superstars around the world. Hey everybody come back. Come back and come training. I think he just wanted to make sure that you know. What's all this momentum? Nothing's really changed and in one sense. He's right in the sense that I think is really the earliest date you can talk about having actual training in groups but you do feel as if the general sense general momentum has shifted the clubs at least believe that there is the possibility of starting again and the government's going to have to to make a decision in the next two weeks. Schools decision made in France last week. Canceling football until September. Joe's I just wanted to get your opinion of what they not President Vladimir Keita had to say. I'm not a politician but stop trying to tell us how to run businesses. The right decision was not taken. It is very hard for the clubs and links in a single plan did not want to restart all they were asking for was to do. So is this an outline? I always think general opinion from most amongst French football. Jill's been mixed really some people now with a bit of hindsight's and it's been almost a week since the decision was taken to stop. The League of the season story realized that maybe that was GONNA be too early. Maybe they could have waited another couple of weeks maybe three weeks and see especially what was happening in other countries because now if Francie the only of the big five leagues not to resume and everybody else does it would be a disaster for French football and for the French in that League for sure one hundred percent. There's no doubt so I think more people now coming out and saying June awas may be actually in hindsight with. Oh i. It was the right decision because he was cleaning deemed. Not Safe Enough and healthy enough to resume. But maybe we could avoid be more and more discussions around there. And Clearly Vladimir Kita the non owner and president that highlighting. The road doubts and amassing. Our New sports minister played in France. And I don't think she entered the very well and certainly. Since the decision was made last week she'd been quite critical on the club that we're not so keen on stopping the season which I think was again wrong from her. So you would see more. People Live Vladimir. Putin is another one in Yuma have some lawsuits towards the French Federation and the French government and things like that yours have half of the league. That was the right decision and the wisest not to take any risk and because he was not safe enough to resume the season to make the right decision a lot more from Gavin Gills. Today on the less of a podcast you can download it now over on the website a lot of speculation about the future of team. Oh verner this is really hard to say. If a move where to become an issue at some point would be more tempted by move abroad the move to by Stevie Echo Don Hutchinson with us discuss. This don't diamant of course former. Liverpool player doesn't fail at team. My van would fit into uragans crop. Side what do you think? Well why would disagree with on team for quite a while now and everything I say. say a top-class play play as a non eka playoff. That left unsigned super-quick. He's got a great attitude could work. I think the trouble is Liverpool. Fans my argue way. Is he going to fit into the eleven? You haven't really tend to road site. He's best players but he might need to. Whenever the nation's is played Saudi-omani is going to be away. Most sellers going to be a way not just thing it gives them more ammunition it gives them more goals and you know going into livable. I can only say that as a positive does he. Get in the starting eleven. Tv Don't you start to get start? Eleven listen team will would be fantastic for Liverpool. Yes three that they have. Raynaud are arguably the best front three in the world. The best team strike is when your heart and and this is not the time until all the things you see and it looks like he's desperate to go and join clubs and Liverpool so he could play anywhere low not frontline. You know one of the things it did. He doesn't think he could. He could play for me. No role what happens when for Newman. For me. No doesn't play. He plays Sala there. That's one thing. Salad is not good that it's net and things together but it still was Liverpool's still make it work so those don't question team could play either white or he could play the right. I'll pay for me no place so I think this is a no brainer of Liverpool can say this guy absolutely get it done all the talk though is about how they won't be as much transfer money around during the summer so then if I was to give you a choice between Kula Valley and see my verner dawn. Who would you go for because the Bali of course it's being linked to Liverpool as well? I mean that's a hell of a decision. I mean I think it Coulda. Bali comes to the door on plays long. Solid Virgil von Dyck. I think you look right. There is anyone better the woman another partnership like it. The best defenders at European part of the Premier League at the moment is mainland. Screener I in my gut feeling is he's going to join pep at Man City and alongside him as Cool Valley thing at twenty eight and he's a great age. He's got good pacey strong as a leader. I think he walked straight into Liverpool's lineup and he makes them harder to be a physical presence. You wouldn't WanNa play against find dyke all cool Bali how on earth as a strike to even think about getting any joy those two so a really tough question to answer but if if you had to push me on it I would probably lean towards being cool valley but you won the title by a million points. Is that really what you need to reinforce on? Well thank so Steve. Probably better equipped than I am. More TAKEMITSU planning goal gets. I think you'RE GONNA win. Titles and you want to Liverpool has to be harder to be you have to go into European you have to have people like Kuna Bali who could lead you into Europe. You can try and go that way. When if you want a clean sheet could've volume van Dyke Robertson and would be non impossible breakdown alison behind them and it would just put fail would imagine into every manager every play that lines against Liverpool thing in or trying to come up with a game plan. How you're actually going to score goals Liverpool's weakness going to be cooler. Bali and Van Dyke and Allison is trying but left three. They would take some big Steve. I know you go get like Don. Obviously but maybe you could chippings this conversation anyway. Team Verno Kula Valley. My goodness listen to wish list. And yes I would. I would wish to have killed a Bali alongside Van Dyke but if you can only have one choice I'm GonNa go with team over. You know I think I think the front three neither a lot more rotation the than the bike lane you know the way Liverpool. Play the way that front free press. He's when they play together. You know eventually is going to catch up with them. They've been unbelievable for the last eighteen months. But you cannot keep up for six seven years. You know you need a break. I think defensively Gomez has done enough to to make be comfortable. He's not cooler Bali. But say what? He's not that far off and so if it's a choice between the two. I'm I'M GONNA edgy. Towards team. Move Elena meanwhile moving onto your boyhood club one of the many. We support dawn talking about new. Also everyone agrees pretty much that partic- no is the man they should get as the coach. What about continue coming in? As one of the big stars this move makes sense to you on one hundred percent the most important man at the moment to try and get through the doors. Latino you have to fuel the owners and the chairman the you all this money beyond junior pump into Newcastle. The first one you have to get right is the manager. Because you get a world class manager an important on a guarantee of plays in the Premier League plays all around Europe will be looking at Newcastle thing. Dot could be a club. I want to join because they go one way. And they're going to go right into that top six and hopefully taught for it reminds me when Kevin Keegan took over in the early ninety s and they have Newcastle's best chairman John All and Newcastle came close in ninety five ninety six and should have won the tile but they were full. I wouldn't say galactic goes but superstar players and they got stronger and stronger than also fell apart. Newcastle need a massive rebuild Katina is not GonNa Win Newcastle Title. On his arm with the current crop applies is not even take them into the top four six. It's GonNa Take Pocchettino to come for. The Dole then continued then. Come in then all of a sudden everyone will take you seriously because at the moment you know it's not done it's just a pipedream. Pocchettino and continue in Newcastle. I am pretty Chal. The best place in the primitive on Europe would want to join Newcastle. If you're a partic- stevie will continue to be at the top of your list. It would be on the list again. It depends on things you know. Clearly of Poetry Tino signs signs on Newcastle. The only thing you know us there is a huge war chest because otherwise poetry. Tino as go nowhere near there and you have to start somewhere and right no continual would be a huge upgrade on anything going forward that Newcastle Hav. So yes. He's on the list he lost on your list. Maybe not but think to get the ball rolling. You know one hundred percent with dawn. The false false move has to be poetry Tino and after that if the monies available. Then there's no question you'll see big name players go into Newcastle once again. Gentlemen as always thank you very much reminder. Espn AFC on your screens. Tomorrow join us. Your home is important. That's why GEICO helps make it easy to save on Homeowner's insurance because home is more than just a place. Home is where you build a giant pillow fort in your living room and when people ask why you have a pillow fort in your living room. You say it's for your dog. And when they ask what kind you say chocolate lab and we have a web of lies. That's almost as intricate as the crown molding in Fort Pillow. The GEICO Insurance Agency could help protect the pillow. Soft fortress you call home call Geico and see how easy it is to switch and save on Homeowner's insurance what's that you want another interview from. Hercules Gomez let's face it who wouldn't latest victim Gucci on? Yeah Oh this is what he had to say about that. Infamous fights with latter. He says that if they don't break it up if the team doesn't break this up. When are you going to die? Did he say? Did you get more out of that fight? Yeah we got a lot more. Gooch's a character and to go toe to toe with one of the world's biggest main biggest personalities that moment I think gooch is keeping a close to the vest of what didn't happen but he surely tells a lot of what did happen. I'll do level these stories that have come out and I know you and I know you'll character. I'd imagine that would be a point in which you would reach where you would step up and say maybe that's enough is that fair and that's a position not taking time and time again when talking about Latin and the fact that he said whatever. He said to his teammates with the Galaxy and teammates in the galaxy instead will taken upon themselves in facing slapped on head on when he was in the locker room. Now we just get this to sort of kind of he said she said and we go back into dark corners and talk about Latin while he's not here but there was an opportunity and there was a moment to address to take this head on to take it up to slide down. All right. I'm here. Okay what you. WanNa do about it. Let's talk about this and if you don't WanNa talk about it. We consult a different way. That's if that's what's required but the truth of the miners were teammates whether you like it or not. We're going to be here in this locker whether you like it or not and we're gonNA need each other to win more games nod and so we need. You scored goals. But you're going to need me to do my job as well. This is a team gain in less. You acknowledge the fact that we are important to. This group acknowledged the fact that you have to respect your teammates. Then we're GONNA have a problem and I think that would have in some way. Softens Latins stands and gain more respect from the players that actually had approach him and said. Hey Buddy enough is enough. We can do this together or we're not going to do it at all. I just think that right now is way too late for the galaxy players to kind of take a step back and continue to complain about what was and wasn't instead of having addressed it when he was right in the middle the locker room and you could have taken care of the situation then. Meemaw these quite Shurmur Josie antidotes future. Surprise me today the US International. Saying when I go back to Europe I want to go to a place like the Netherlands was in contact with fine old last summer when Sam was a training there but didn't become concrete. I'd love to play at a club fine as OPEC again. That would be great. I suppose I mean the reason these surprise me I would just say. Oh Jovi fine in Toronto taking the money until he retires yes and I think that still the case. I think this is a little bit of posturing and the reason. I say that if you go back to a report that came out in January reported by the way was put out there but I very very trusted source. Hercules go miss In terms of saying that the public criticism all just the outdoor regarding Mike Michael Bradley's injury and the way that Toronto seed dealt with that injury born in some ways create a pathway which to run to see would look for Josie. Alto to go elsewhere. Well I think this is a way of juicy alternate insane. You're looking for a way out for me now. I'm looking for a way of myself and you don't tell me what to do. I do what I do. It's posturing I think on both sides because when you look at the numbers. And what has been reported in terms of salary and guaranteed compensation for Josie out the door There's nobody out there in. Mls or in the world that is willing to pay that amount of mind. We're talking about guaranteed compensation over six million dollars a year. Who out there is lining up to do that? I don't think that's happening there and I don't think that's happening major league soccer and so it would be very difficult for Toronto seed to Move Jesse. Anyway and I do think that if Josie alternate wants to go elsewhere then well he may have to take a does he want to do. I don't know that that's the case either. So I think you'll see alternate is trying to take control the situation and send a message to Toronto. Say if you WANNA move me I don't care I wanNA move my myself. Actually what do you think I think it was on to something? I think what he says is posturing by those sides. I think that may be the case. Toronto did did want to move him in Toronto entertaining offers. And I will tell you this. I received phone calls from League. East ownership groups sporting directors asking about Josie outdoor and. It comes down to money just like one. Hundred says well north of six million dollars. Guaranteed compensation for Josie Altidore. That's a hefty bill for any club around the world right. Now there is a reason Josie. Altair would have a market or would want to go back to Holland. That's where he had some of his most productive years in his career. He's a very good player for a big man. He's got very soft feet but that relationship with Toronto whether Toronto wants to admit or not is deteriorating public criticized Sebastian wrinkles exit. One hundred nine already touched upon this. Mls Cup injury. Michael Bradley in the way. The club handled that injury moving forward. He criticized them there. I think if the right suitor comes along for both parties is something. Both parties would honestly consider now his age thirty years old his compensation. I agree if he wants to go elsewhere. It has to be the right situation. He would have to come down from that north of six million dollar mark but I do see something there where there's smoke there's fire and many many have already led me to believe that something could be in the works. Make sure your daughters are. I asked forget money. Could Josie do something in the Dutch? League? Thank you could. I think he can score goals here and there and I think he could be a unimportant piece for for a team. Depending on what team is he has been successful there now. This was a while back but I still think that there is something about that. Feels very comfortable in going back to Holland and an continue to make a mark there. I don't think he's going to have to sort of productivity that he had his most successful years there but he may be productive for a group of for maybe an important part for a team. But I don't think that team would be willing to pay the sort of money that he's now making Toronto. Fc and so if there's a deal to be stroke then they have to be a happy medium and most of all you have to say whether Josie likes to hear this or not. He came self has struggled with injuries over the last couple of seasons. And that's something that whatever team is after him whether it's Darah or somewhere else. Hercules Franson League Max. Minder let's not forget hectolitres getting phone calls from sporting directors and technical directors and coaches. And everybody's asking about every player in the world. This is important Hercules ease but what was it is Hercules or Josie. Or whoever? If you're not healthy you can't play and so if you're going to make an investment it's got to be a guy that's available to you out on the field. Meanwhile you spend your time. Speaking to bigwigs leaguer. Annex Perusing Ultra vitale's instagram accounts and I was quite taken aback by site event with an into Miami background What is going on? It's very simple. Telemundo A television company out here in the states posted an instagram story with him. In AN INTER MIAMI BACKGROUND ASK HIM. He's the next bombsite navy's the next big signing and he goes and re posted to his own stories and this causes all sorts of rumor mills Injure he quickly deletes which prompts people to think. Maybe there's something there listen. I think at the end of the day who want to live in a city like Miami who isn't interested by major league soccer player abroad the law of the curiosity. I don't know there's anything actually there but if you ask our major a majority of these players if they'd want to live in Miami I think the answer is yes Ali. Forget on the pitch. Imagine Sarah Vitelle be a great reality TV show in Miami off it and that's part of that you have to take into consideration when making this decision. There's been a history of. Let's say irregular behaviour from our course of his career and it's been readily lauderdale. Tell you that much. He's got real close to Miami beach and there is plenty to do in Miami beach for do that. I assume that there's an allure therefore him and makes it appealing for him. But if I'm making position from a front office perspective I also have to take that into consideration and say look what is he giving us on the field and you're going to give us headaches off the field and if those things don't seem to match up then I stayed I. I would make the decision to stay away. Stay away because it's earning thirty three in late mates and his game. His most successful has been about energy and intensity and his ability to cover ground and he's ability to get into fifty fifty towns and win balls and be a physical presence and a guy that can get in your face and can sort of creating momentum and energy for a team. That's not the player. He is now a days and would not be sort of player for inter. Miami'S IF YOU'RE GONNA INVEST MONEY AND YOU'RE INTER MIAMI. I would suggest either. You go after a big name striker or you debi that money up and get you numbers get you three four good young. South American players Central American players that you can develop within Miami and already gives you a platform from which you can build onto the future. I don't think our dad is the answer for you on the field her. What was the conversation with David Beckham? Like when he called you to ask whether or not he should get. When he came to the students we had an off camera conversation that I can't share with you. I'm sorry which would you despite the headache off the pitch I would I would. I honestly would and I know all these questions about what he has left in the tank. But he's a proven winner everywhere. He's gone and yes. He is about that energy that presence on the field. But there's a big difference in what is lot legal wounded. What his Bundesliga? In major league soccer I still think he has a lot left to offer and I think he has that star power and this is the player is the type of player that David Beckham and that ownership reportedly it must have promised that big signing I agree with it has to be that forward because I think it's the position of need but I think are just makes a lot of sense here on and off the field. It's it's what Miami's about Dow's a big signing is he compared to the other names I think he is within major league soccer. I really do. I mean Juventus. Barcelona Barham units. You've got star. You've got the Lord of the globe. Those teams you know I. I honestly think he could be a big player but there are a very select players that really have that star appeal around the league. No He's not one of those but they're only a handful of those really inter- Miami they still don't have that star. That are star player Arturo Vidal. He would be a major upgrade considering. What the guy which is a little far. Let you guys go. South easy question wins coming back. That's a great question. What is it. They're going to start solo training in a few days. And this really boggles my mind because Solo training means you can not use the facility so you can't go use the locker rooms. You can't use the gym. You can't use the training room. You can't use the showers. You can't use anything within. You could only use the actual training field and you could only do it by yourself. You can't even pass back and forth the teammate. You can't shoot on a goalkeeper. Goalkeepers can't have their goalie coach shooting on them. You can only driven by yourself and run so essentially. I don't know where we are with that now. Going forward maybe something like neutral sites. Mls players unions going to have their own type of many preseason that they're going to have to have the league sign off on. I think we're still a ways away. We need clear testing accurate and fast testing before we can actually move forward or something. I don't think this is coming back anytime soon. It's a good step but not tell you we're coming back gentlemen. Thank you very much for more from Ali and her p short a checkout and videos on youtube where they joined by the one and only S- about Oh no you know it and you love it. One of the big stories coming out of the European note was published on the website. Last week was the future of Mara. Cardi's welcome back raw gabor to the show. God what's happening with him well? He's unloaded power. Senator Manny started brilliantly. With what was seventeen goals in his first nineteen. Games Inter Milan. Where like oh great. This means that Senator Man will pick up the option that they have to make deal permanent which which is really important injured because obviously spent a lot of a lot of money summer unlikes of Lukaku and CNC and they were hoping to be able to sell Yukata Fun. They couldn't sell them but they agree. This deal where it's a feed supposed to be busy between seventy and eighty million euros for the deal to become permanent. Psg now given all the stuff that's going on your mind. The premature end of the fact that you know. He was less productive in the last couple of months before the league grabbed a halt now. They're slightly concerned. That senator man might not actually buy them outright Which means you becoming back to Milan. And so would wanda and that creates a problem. Not just because he is on a very high wage but obviously that would be a big hole in their finances and and that's really makes them nervous gills. What are you hearing why this situation has committed changes that just said back in February? The idea was much four. Pse to buy candy to keep him happy with him. And it was the perfect replacement for agents and Kevin. Who's off contract in June now with all the Coronado virus crises and everything else earnings for with the ceiling finished in Franz. Now it's a very very different story. They won't have the money to spend on economy and on the other players are they targeting especially the bike and it'd be much cheaper to actually give an extension to Caveney one even two years and keep him like that. Then go and spend all the money for economy to Inter Milan and on top of it. Spending money on these wages as well. So that's the reason at the moment is clearly things have changed in the situation in Paris. Now thing right not getting Kevin. It looks more likely to stay and he called you to go back to the other. Aranda was two months ago. Meanwhile staying in Paris the front page of La keep saying that confident as going to sign a contract extension gills. When they confident I will stay for next season steady summer. So that's a good start for them because obviously being with trying to To make a move for Kilian Mbappe this summer so I think that's the question nine everybody knows. Nps very much reassured yet. He's contracted finishing in June. Twenty twenty two so some point they will need him to sign a new deal otherwise they would risk losing him in the summer. Two Thousand Twenty one for choir low amount considering these common values so they're confident to a certain extent because he's happy in Paris the teams. The Tim clearly has improved in the Champions League because they qualify for the quarter-finals. Now she's much better than the last season so there's a bit of a progression there and I think he's hoping that is enough to tie him to a new deal. Finally shows deputy reporting in Spain. That name is winning fifty percent wait to go back to Barcelona yet while good luck with. Maybe he's earning thirty two million euros per year in Paris which is a love money and Cerny wage boss cannot afford now. If because into let's say six million euros maybe a little bit more. This is still a lot of money for club. Has Huge wage bill and we'll also on top of the half to pay the transfer fee to g to to get Neymar which will be above fifty million euros without problems so I don't think I can afford him. And I think people declared have already stated that Gab. Any hope of getting name are back. I mean unless they come up with some sort of a package where they send players the other way. I don't I don't see how they can and I don't believe he's going to take fifty percent page wage job. The only way that I think they can meet the demands in terms of transfer fees if the players the other way but when I say another way you know I don't Mean Antoine van pushing thirty I mean guys that Peres. Your man actually wants and needs so no. I don't I don't see this happening. I think right now. They're just different factions within Barcelona throwing different things One dates Neymar one. Dates is not Matinez. And they're just kind of seeing what sticks if anything gentlemen as always thank you very much for all the latest news by the way on the Trans is doing the rounds. Go to the website. Click on transit now before we go today. I've gotta show you what happened earlier on in the show when recording with Stevie you agree stevie percent if you think diddy him Simon was please. Oh perfect cat was just so loud when it was wearing a Mike. Well that brings us the today show for more from stevie his cap and don't stay tuned for extra time welcome as lettuce addition then of extra time pretty in pink. Stevie Neko with us as is Don't ask just send boys let's start with Real Madrid Were they too late to buy? Edna's auto already two thousand nine season of injury. A my only have two to three years left at his best. Don What he thinks. I think only in hindsight and no one knew that he was gonNA pick up this injuries. Struggle this need to stay on the Chelsea for as long as possibly wonderful job at Chelsea in the primitive gasping to superstar. So maybe you could argue that you ever see nearly as I said before you know. I think you'll still come alive more than two or three years. I'm pretty sure it twenty nine players are now going into the peak in and around. You want he too. So this is a good three or four years in office Stephen. Easy to turn rodents stop question. No of the horrendous seasoning. I'd lost Mainly because of injury and lack of fitness but I mean when the ball he was arguably the most so often midfield that was available on the planet. You know when we were thinking about Belgium winning the World Cup. We're thinking the only way they wanNA as if this guy tones are on so I think he's dead easy in hindsight to see the asked a question such a bad year last year. But there's no question the guys the guys challenger then I'll be shocked if he doesn't come back and chose exactly what he's made though. Don this may have happened to you. Consider in your long list of clubs if you scored against your former club would you celebrate? Did you celebrate And I would think I would. I think I'd give it to the fans of dependent on dependent on who no actually. I think I would participate. It's in my nature Just think before the game of go play cool down. Play it cool then once she school. I never knew what I was doing. I wasn't a good plan. Wasn't good celebrator of goals. I should let loose and go mad. Some pretty you're probably would staving. Would you have scored again? Would you celebrate against Liverpool? Actually the end of the day we coffee. You don't funds. I mean the farmer. The farmer of Sheffield Wednesday for example and my schools against Liverpool and. It doesn't even celebrate. I'm going to ask questions 'til yeah. I think I think I love. I mean he was the same as dawn. You know you're not quite sure. We plan celebrations and in my opinion. Do My head so I yeah I would absolutely have celebrated and some and some saw fashion no question principal calls between you two Donna. How many goals did you get all no idea? I wouldn't know no idea because we did the quiz quiz seven forty six. I remember six forty six. Yeah E. K. Dawn the goal gets hauled naked. Don't in the line of the comments by Rooney S. They of course Ryan is calling them about Ravel. Morrison is any play. You played with never reach the potential. That talent suggested can include player. That you coach Steve. Lets you don't. I'm just trying to think that was an Stevie Able to help me out. On the guy's name Liverpool signed a young boy from Oldham came in and he was meant to be unreal and was my first couple years at Liverpool and not heard all the hype about him. And how was it we in Harrison Wayne Harrison was? He's nine and he was meant to be incredible. He was meant to be the new. Kenny was meant to be sensational Crucial and these first or second season at Liverpool of it was just as I arrived. Now seen him go through. Rehab and he never he never got Fox to to anywhere near the standards. The He was before them went on this being plenty through the years. I think I'd have to lean towards Wayne Harrison. Being the will not really really unlucky not as crucial you know in the early nineties when the physiotherapy what is good is what it is now unfortunately. Never got back Stevie. Think I can think of inevitable right then turn Bush. So I'm not gonNA force you know with this with this. Both sides with the sports science available today with the guys think they would be much better player than they were previously on. What do you think not really? No I mean my problems came off the pitch. I enjoyed my time off the pitch far too much. So that was that was no time was given. I didn't indulge when I shouldn't just too much on a Saturday night mid week but it wouldn't have made me a better player. I five played till I was thirty seven so when I was finishing my always finishing because of the injuries five Neil inside five years. The club's didn't know the I was going to buy operations to pay for the students of seasons finished I used to fly to Colorado and say Daca Stadmann a little clean out right by Capri sees carries on for five years and I think the seven is about about an insult. Wouldn't have thought I would have got too much more steamy. The question about sports signs and if they had the sports science that they do now back in your day with improved your plan. No no it wouldn't have made any difference to anybody as a pl- you know the sport size no is to do with furnace. It's not to do with the ability of any fled about keeping them in a certain shape keeping them absolutely at the peak often account of as long as they can Wouldn't make any definite ability or your ability to get better on the field of play. Just I mean obviously we'd be better and stronger but you don't forget you know back when I was when I was playing. There was no such thing but everybody was kind of in the same. Had the same effectiveness every team train. Much the same. So Don was the same. You know what I mean when when John came along but then every team came and came and started all that stuff at the same time so you will just on a level par we only other teams and all the other place so they would have absolutely nothing to do with making you better football player. Are you happy that you got to play then stevie where? It was fine to have the Diet that you had obviously the drinks that you had in the Chris that you had a very difficult question to answer because that was normal for us to go and enjoy yourself. You know button the guys today. You know they're used to and lifestyle and I'm sure the normal so maybe they're quite happy where I just wouldn't a fancy. There was absolutely no way that guy's day how much fun as good Italian as we did absolutely nowhere near but then you know. You can't do what we used to do today so I actually feel bad for them. You know this. There's lots of things that the mess show on. You know when you go around today and you have all these gentlemen's dinners that are so many ex-professional she'll stand and optel stories all the different things that happened. I mean what these guys are going to talk about. Yeah well then walls Schori. That book will not be as interesting as yours is. We'll be many pages and they'll be spas are stevie just one if it wasn't for. Heizo how'd you think livable side of eighty seven ninety two fed against the Great Milan team? We would have given anybody again telling you absolutely entity again i. Actually I actually played golf with Mike Von Boston few years ago and I said that very thing to say you know what I said attack. I said you know. I'm not GonNa Talk to say that we would have beat your team because it up enticing team. I said let's say well it would have been one hell of a game because we had a property. Just lay that so unfortunately guessing game but no question. We would have given them a game. Big Don the neutral rob have not been see those yea I mean they will stand outside they Liverpool in the in the in the. It were sensational alongside. You know not Milan side would just terrific. In Europe had legendary status Liverpool certainly hot dot and Steve Day meal an audit for water. You've I found into both hot it. And it's such a shame that those two sides together but you'll never know that's probably the beauty of it you know it's nice to try and think who would come out and tell us what you never know and that's sometimes is the best way Just because it just leaves up that gap in your mind where you could actually see it going either way. It would've just been an absolute goal. Fest Britain Shaw. It would have been a wonderful guy. Who is the most famous person you played with wall? I loved clientele like combustion. Stevie and I couldn't drop as many names there but my local golf club. We have Teddy Sheringham. We have Right Hound. We have Steve Lomas John Moncur. So it's not bad but south of Boston who was the best midfielder in that prime on SDN petites or ballot? All up got self spot for our liked money. Sem was just sensational lined. You know is it. Midfield play engine on him. Black Noga bilateral. I imagine my much nationwide ballot. Tenny wasn't an eye so manu out something about him and applied against the many a time and he could kick. You could have play yet. Graceful elegant on the ball traveled with the bowl very easy. Nothing was a stretch for him. This nine might be in the massive minority. But I would. I would go for a Stephen. You will have to absolutely. I'm going with Petit. Yeah how and do what? Don't shed there. But yeah for me for me. Petit probably bollock. Knowing the Difference Between Volley Bollywood finish showed but after that every other department. I'm going with Petit final question. We'll stevie a mustache like dawn. Folks Doggone I feel Oh yeah I would. I would take too long for me. It grew a moustache and you wouldn't barely see either but we flimsy daft thing. No you played great massages legends of the Moustache Game Stevie Thaw what are we start sooner soonest Rushie Aldo Journal Ridge at the Classic Towel Saudi? You couldn't call Russia's of establish. Would you call it but you know what the funny insects that can go talk be pillow now? Let's say that boys? Thank you very much as always. Thank you Steve. And Don Louis back tomorrow for more. Thanks for your tweets until then goodbye.

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