Filmmaker Series: Emilie on Election


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This is a two thousand sixteen Walter Hansel from the Hansel family vineyards and Russian river valley North Slope Vineyard Pinot Noir. It's a bit of a splurge urge and it is a lovely bottle of wine and we were just remarking we haven't had we just wrong the cabs and then basically yeah like you know boy that deeper and deeper and it's hard to go back but I forgot the Pena's have all of this like like they are so varying variety which is not usually the case. It's good. I think the key for us is to have a peanut that packs a little bit of a punch yeah because they can be a little lighter yeah in but this is I'd say medium to full-body superfly. I give it five grapes gorgeous. Five grades rating system sure went up final clink Nolan I do <hes> are rare crushed judgments. We give it how one out of five thumbs instead of thumbs up her thumbs down just total just total thumbs in whatever direction they're pointing because that's what we do so oh no. That's all right. I had some. I had some Trivia in here and it didn't save it is going to say they don't have me at home to email you. The document that you need five minutes before you start yeah. That's on the happens here. We'll get a text. Are you still at home. Go on my computer emailed me the thing and Mike the one that you were working on thirty seconds left service cloud right deal <hes> aldus look at the trivia later because there was some kind of interesting stuff and I remember it anyway <hes> Trivia if you guys ever have a chance to play trivia with chuck get on his team. Are you kidding me. I've got a great mind. These people live to be attributing. I mean Pat Yourself on the back. Well no because it's fun. I'm saying they could play against you but he's you know take me down no whatever Hashtag missing the point to start draper clicking yeah so we did election in our Alexander Payne <hes> oeuvre from nineteen ninety nine written by Alexander Payne and his writing partner Jim Taylor <hes> from a novel. WHO's the guy's name? Do you remember no it was a novel and a guy apparently wrote this novel. After the <hes> George W Bush Al Gore election <hes> he was depressed to write something and so you had an idea for a teen for a student council election right which <hes> well you told me when we did <hes> sideways that all of his an screenplays were based on bets which not realized Tom Peralta or Pirata wrote the nineteen ninety eight to chiller novel starring Matthew Broderick of course sending quits but I've never heard come come out of your mouth. It means it's titillating. Yes thank you reese witherspoon. Who got a Golden Globe nomination for this did not know that? I don't think I realized that either. She was so good boy. I mean she's great anyway well. She was a baby but I forgot how like great she was. When she was a kid? Yeah she was great. She looked sixteen but she was how old twenty four I think if my math is cracked twenty-three or twenty four twenty three when they made it obviously because it's usually made the year before recess Tracy Enid Flick Tracy this one of the things I love about. I feel like there's nothing wasted in this movie like as far as joke mining for jokes like to make your Middle Name Lina yeah of course because you can get one more laugh at graduation yeah well and she drops it in their branches. That's when she shows up to vote. Tracy Enid pickwick shot in Omaha Nebraska Nebraska of course pains stomping grounds and he discovered <hes> Chris Klein for this movie launched his career Chris Klein was a high school student in Omaha. Okay I'm kind of now into Alexander Payne and he said that he had been at a bunch of plays and community theater so it's not like he had never acted before but this was his first film he was great and I got that piece of information while important to mention this was nineteen ninety eight eat money nine. I think shot at ninety eight. It was twenty years ago yeah which like crazy yeah. I can't even get my mind around that gap of time 'cause no because this is an Oldie not at all that means we're oldies but yeah Chris Klein. I don't know about him as an actor in general but he went onto the American pie right wasn't which was released later this year so I think he like immediately started getting worse well. She's activity so it was great. He played that lovable dumb puppy like to a T. Oh Man I mean the most virtuous character in the movie is him yeah I mean he's the moral center which is really funny <music> but when he was laying in bed fraying and prayed for sister basically like I mean you're just like sweet. Guy told is in the large peanuts and yeah that's that's a great scene when they all three of their prayers and I didn't notice it's been the trivia they all three have fo- tiffany lamps by their bedside study. They're nice little production nod well which is a great way to start this because the mundane sprinkler shot yes this high school like like greenspace whatever it was and it's just yeah and you hear that before. It's just a black screen and you're like what is that and then when you see it. That's just there's something about Alexander Payne. He captures the every day and the Monday Monday better than anybody else vol because it's still there's like kind of it's like comedic almost like what's great about that but it's like the framing is usually like you know. The sprinkler was right in the middle of the frame. I don't I'm not going to do justice despite at like right behind the spring like the camel sitting down the field and everyone just the sound of those sprinklers it's very reminiscent go across the fielding CH- yeah way back so great but it was just like one funny choice and this was early on in his career to write like there was before. Was this a second movie. This followed citizen Ruth Yeah which I can't wait to Oh yeah. We've got a lot of order but but it's funny to go from like sideways which was that was ten ten years ago right more than that I think backwards just in his storytelling what he focuses on and but he's still and then right into Matthew Broderick walking into the crappy teachers lounge like there is nothing sexy about this teacher's lounge. It's so there's even like I noticed there was like a piece of industrial machinery like crammed in the corner the refrigerator and there's nothing our department meant well but it is the beauty well yes. It's there's extra department but but normally life there. He invented the life layers far as he like he like life layered the life layer he he double double life. W with the mind flare <hes> people are so happy little stranger things nod so they introduced in always go on and on the show about the efficiency of character introductions and like telling you all you need to know and it's broaddrick working out at first and then he goes through the school and in that like you said the Teachers Lounge Getting Ready in the gym like the Gym Jaka Ram based gym locker room which is equally Graham and I need to say this. This is so silly but anytime I e Matthew Broderick running anytime I see him in a shower in anytime I see him doing his hair. I can only think yeah but I will say remember this was. I don't know I can't remember what he did between Green Farris in this but it wasn't a lot I mean this is ninety. Nine Ferris Bueller stay off is like eighty six or something but I remember seeing him in thinking Oh my God Matthew Broderick has old. He's all right age or is a little bit older but compared to the fairest whereas I guess I don't remember like there wasn't a lot of watching him grow up and then he's like this kind of like he was like saying baby compared to how he looks now. At the time I was thinking this is all Matthew Broderick because no totally really but now like what was he just in that we saw was he was in things right yeah therapist to say a little while which now he looks like a GRANDPA and finally after one hundred dollars he doesn't GRANDPA's the baby face and then they introduced tracy flake in the same manner and she's just so from the very beginning she's organizing her clipboards and everything to get her campaign signatures well and there's a face this person of the lips crisp quality that in which she speaks like she felt flares our nostrils a lot of makes her nose look really angular like she she just nailed that character of this lake hyper organized tentative competent person like you don't WanNa go rounds will yeah because that's the whole thing. This movie is like it. It really says a lot about <hes> popularity and friendship because Paul's like the most popular in school he's done as Iraq but he's also really sweet and generous and giving and she's motivated to hurry ambition has kept her from even like focusing on French at just not even that's honored to do this and she's called Bitch Bitch Cont I. I Will Tammy Tammy yeah but uh-huh sidebar. I was thinking about the frequent use of bitch and this movie. I know and jarred me every time because that's just like this date. I mean there are a few things in this movie that you probably would especially men calling yum young girls bitches Astorg Tracy. Oh my God you could never seen my ears and really did kind of make me like a little bit but I mean I think that's exactly what went on behind closed doors at please. It still does but it's like it's not this much because principal at least today would be scared to say that in front of somebody and there was something about my <hes> my student council experience. You know I as you know but I'm I'm not sure I think they'll listeners know this stuff but I was that was my jam I was I was sweating but not good enough to be on like we had really great varsity sports teams. I wasn't good enough to be on those far sitting volleyball so I know you can and softball aw <hes> but I did student government and <hes> ran in <hes> was the vice-president of student council and <hes> it was great. I had a great time. It was really really fun in this. Just I think he spoke to me. Partially because of that sure I mean I wasn't involved in those elections those banners those things in the garage and like Hung Emma voted in this yeah but I mean I don't know how much of the source material cereal really nailed it from the book and how much it was just Alexander Payne Jim Taylor and art department but they just really well I remember those paints and those those big like roles of colored paper because that's what all of the homecoming coming up on those rallies or whatever thing and all the dumb <hes> the little slogans like you bet slur vote Metzler Paul's posters yeah pick flick jinx and then the very beginning of the film <hes> there's there's a bit of a like the gun goes you see the gun enact one. He knows going to go off an three but in this case the gun is spilled Chinese food on the floor. Oh Yeah you don't yeah no it. The first time you see this movie you just see Matthew Broderick spill the Chinese food and you see it wasn't an active aggression even cleaning of course but the janitor was like a fuck that guy <hes> the janitor who was a real high school L. Janitor by the way Freddie Krueger actually which was a high school janitor. Freddy Kruger had classes. He looked like a different kind of serial killer. I saw some Freddie Krueger <hes> but that is the thing that ends up being his undoing and it happens right there like the first five minutes like that is the thing that screw them in the end. Is that janitor finding those votes in the trash can but that to me was such a silly kind of like I'm back because obviously the of course everything in Alexander Payne movie West but yeah you're right. That is the thing that ended up the nail in his coffin and Alexander Payne said he was interested in a movie with multiple voiceovers and multiple perspectives. I don't think it ever really hit me as hard as many times as we've seen this like every single one of the main characters their own relationship with and they're all telling the story story as a recollection so it's tracy it's Matthew Broderick. It's Tammy and it's Paul and it's almo sounds like they're almost being deposed or something because they're telling the story of what happened back then like the <hes> prayers to Jesus and Oh yeah it's like this great voice over from the future of them like recounting what happened yeah it like you know I don't know how it all started with that darn student council his at least two because his life went from you. You know picture book to moving to a completely different city true why wait for cyber Monday November when del Cyber Monday July is on right now and it's the biggest one ever scored daily doorbusters up up to three hundred fifty dollars off this Monday through Friday on the very latest Dell and alienware computers including laptops with Intel core processors plus. Get Free Shipping on everything everyone and don't miss out on the amazing selection of electronics and accessories like Sony T._v.'s just call eight hundred by Dell or visit Dell dot com slash cyber Monday. That's eight hundred by Dell for massive deals. Today you talked about freeze frames per minute. They're brilliant and what's so great is because it's always on tracy flick when Matt what's mcallister Mr Talking about her making a judgment on her usually freeze frame was kind of perfect for all of that first one where she's I. This is where it's like. How do you describe what third slip up is a very unattractive right in the middle of like explaining something in class which she already irritated the shutout of by like she was like ooh pygmy student and he was like kept trying not to pick her yeah? It's hot I'm here. I'm over here should Alabama sweating but yeah so he then begrudgingly picked her and then just suffered while she taught so the free on her kind of like annoying no it off face that says it all to about their relationship because you can tell right away the he that she annoys him tolerates her yeah but then we also find out that that this is probably exacerbated by the next reveal bragging to reveal that but yeah that she has been having an affair with Dave Nevada needs they've Nevada ni his colleague and that's friend best friend. His wife is best friends rinse together and the I'm not going to get away with it fucking funny and you can never do it even as joe today now. It's too horrifying because she's a minor for the level of the whole time he has one line. He's like he's lucky didn't end up in jail yeah like he should totally totally be in jail and our current yeah under nineteen like if data I guess calling camp who plays <hes> the great calling camp who plays Mrs Flick Yeah or MS Flick Mama Flake Mama Mama Flick <hes> she clearly doesn't know about because she had him arrested. No she did didn't find out about these fair. You know what it's funny because I in my mind when he was reading that the the the crybaby or what you call him if he hadn't become such mushy of certain people yesterday people haven't gotten so much because any wrote her that silly card like that's like so I know he so juvenile he's like on off on this juvenile fantasy with his high school motivated dated high school girl integrate line. He says she wants to read my novel. He goes you have written it yet. He's but she wants me to write my novel yeah. She wants me to write it so she can read it. which is like you just picture your wife rolling or is Jesus I with your novel Betty? It's terrible and it's so creepy like she thinks Aaron love. He thinks her in love there in an old man band together which that that for in itself is just great them in the basement doing foxy lady but what's interesting is she so she feels seen by him. He's happy he's having hot sex with a young girl as new friends like yeah connection at school now yeah but that's I'm saying for her. She said I just miss our talks for him. It was like I'm in love with her because I'm having sex with Roy Young girl who worships me street my novel so like from her standpoint you can see where this happened from his you're like hey lech right and he puts three times a lady by the cringing cringe anyways because of what's happening but gender can play that for laugh yeah yeah because it was it was hysterical because what like Oh my God. You're just like humiliated. Forum Tracy Ni- are totally totally. In Matthew Broderick says I'm only going to say this once. What you're doing is really really like? He just can't believe like dude yeah. What are you doing so funny so you think too and then like the the morals and ethics part well yeah? That's glad you brought that up Pacific part of the movie yes and it's funny because the movie yeah exactly but so like so for this he is morally and ethically opposed to this event <hes> but then he start you know it's a very slippery slope like once once you make one to like how decision leads to the next suddenly. You're like this person that you didn't even know existed yeah they. I mean if you haven't seen the move any while they have this great scene early on the one. That was the tracy flex when she was trying into volunteer for the answer he was it was the definition and the difference between morals and ethics civics class or something. I love the way on this kid's answer to because it is a real like when the thing happens yeah pain is this is the master of real yeah and then <hes> the whole movie though that's what the whole movie is it's the theme of the film because every single character their morals and ethics or tested in their defined by whether or not they <hes> what they do whether or not Chris Client always does the right thing. He does always do the right thing. He's got this like like sweet mindset get to be president. I know when he brings me because last time we got suspended you feel so far behind again. He really is such a sweet guy and I love you like you're my sister. Even though you're adopted oh man he's so good. It's like Chris Klein's he'll never do another all this. Now that's for sure it was pretty great and just even like the blank nece in his is delivering these lines. There's nothing going back there except for just really genuine sweetening. It's very sweet but Tracy Flecha so nice yeah yeah Dan he worked so hard. That's really Tracy's thing yeah we meet Phil Reeves the great victories is the principal who became ended up becoming a Alexander Payne mainstay his name guys great. He's he so real like I didn't think he was an actor. When I saw this guy's a real support you sure I thought he they plug him? He's been in all the things they plugged him out of him to. I don't know I think so that's when he popped up deadpan but it's not even deadpan. It's just like yeah when he's doing the announcements and stuff. It's like every principal ever spot on yeah. I just haven't note in here. That says it's a perfect comedy. Script like it really is just far as the writing apiece to study yeah when things happened. They should try this out in class. It's like perfect USA voiceover. Yeah the freeze framing the story structure like it's just doesn't get any better than structure structure is your well because it's hard yeah good at it. Harmonious productive close and special also have so many funny lines at jotted down in here when Chris Klein and he breaks his leg in that greats rates ski accidents and he goes. I was so mad at God when I broke my leg at shadow rigid spring break. He's reading the Celestini Prophecy Yeah Oh man so roderick early on in notice yesterday he doesn't he says how much he admires Tracy and stuff and like that makes him an unreliable narrator like he's lying. Well I think at the beginning even well maybe it was obligatory because that's what a good teacher does because of the year and you're obligated to support the student that's trying to be such a stellar student and participator like you're kind a big asshole of its biggest go-getter also fire to the Dave Nevada mass. Maybe he did admire her and could relate to her a little bit more because he's a true you know so like her relationship with probably changed for him. Diana forget that that happens yeah like that color perception of her for sure of course and even though he says it's not Tracy's fall she holds our culpable. I mean you know just for the simple fact that she was like she kind of blew up wall to ultimately did blow up his life. Now that was one the things that led to the other things that you know chainsaw. He Must Paul running against Tracy because he's the most popular kid in school because he he does and not because but something I feel like something happened prior to that well but even at that point he is making his point of you know like it's not a democracy. If I forget what did you say like if the apples and then the one orange yeah he's like a choice yeah. That's democracy I so I I think he was trying to convince himself as well like well in my mind if if I'm truly living up to what I believe is an important lesson to teach these kids than there needs to be you know she's competition and people need to have choices so you know but again. That's like how he's he's still like the perfect teachers so he's trying to like yeah yeah. He believes example shabby but you can tell he's not a fan of hers when he finally picks her to answer that ethics and morals question until he blitzes out bell rings and he's like okay all right. Just like cuts are off. This is not a teacher. He's like the first time we hear the great tribal chant is that next morning when Paul is set up with his signature station in Tracy season yeah native American yeah. I think it's from a movie. It's an Ennio morricone score from Navajo Joe. Look that up and so yeah. It's pretty great because it's so like blood-curdling in Tracy scientists list even a game on so great well. It's funny because he's talking about how nice says and she's such a bitch to him. Why no up by Senate see well I know but I usually don't say that neither one of us do yeah but but I think it's just this character yeah probably but but she is it? She's not Super Nice when she realizes now. This is going to be our competition. Jessica Campbell plays Tammy Metzler and I don't think she's done a ton since then but she's so good and she was fantastic and again like with the Alexander Payne like the real stuff like everyone knew that girl who was you know she was she was gay. She didn't fit in. She was sort of punk. Rock shows like fuck school but she truly was punk rock because she didn't really care should did. She loved her when she got suspended yeah she that speech that she gives is just like one of the great moments in the movie. It's pretty great and she gets the entire schools our voting yeah high school kids WanNa hear all nice like the do gutters but they want the person's. That's like fuck this care establishment. Yeah never like Oh man. It's so good awesome was really like I remember when I I thought she was the highlight of the film for me so does not care her. She's a well rounded character because she's <hes> she's sweet to Paula when she he brings the homework remember. She is not like thanks Paul has about a sweet as it gets yeah but like you can tell that like she appreciated his his kindness. I think I think I disagree. I remember looking like okay thanks well. I don't think she appreciated having the work right but I think she's Kinda like I think she kinda thinks my big dumb sweet brother see. I think more tolerated them yeah. That's you know obviously we'll never know so our takeaways can be different but <hes> they have that one heavy seen though where Tammy goes to <hes> and it sets up the whole factor where she goes to think under the high tension wires because later where she finds another example of just how perfectly this script together later were tracy throws away the campaign posters but she's sitting in remember that really sad voice over where she talks about going under the high tension wires and what it would be like to disintegrate and not even be there <hes>. It's really really sad. I'm not remembering it's just like this. You know it's her voice over when she's out there and it's like it's the one really sad kind of heavy moment of the movie movie when Tammy talks about she dreams of lying under there and disintegrating would be if there's this world that she lives in that she into of course immaculate Heart Yeah <hes> another great line nine after Paul Hooks up with Lisa who was previously kissing on Tammy yeah and again everyone knew that girl to of course okay I'm not really gay and different from you but he said he's on his face when he's getting the blow job and he talks about just how out surprise and everything was he is in every day after school we go to Lisa's house to fuck and have a hot delivered in that just like yeah <hes> <hes> and then Tammy enters the race and so it's just like all these things are setting up in this movie just so perfectly tammy enters the race because she's mad mad Paul Paul now. She's trying to get them both back yet but Paul is oblivious. He's like why why mad at me. Why would you do this man and leases like she's doing this because of me and he's like why what a dumb dumdum yeah so then what you have is a parallel story? You've got the the student council election going on and I think that's what I love about. This movies is both the a story in the beast story are perfectly in zinc in time Mike Dovetail at the end <hes> with Paul or with <hes> Mr A._M.. And Linda nearby and there's the very first shot when he looks at her ass when she walks in her mom and her like practical call mom jeans baby style now but in one thousand nine hundred nine that was a really funny Mike pair of jeans to be wearing they install now aren't good in the eighties <hes> but why do want to shut out delaney driscoll as Lyndon Montigny so good she's great ah but it sets up you know she seems like she on a real person yet but I've seen her another stuff yeah for sure every now and then sets up their friends and all and then he has that you know go shopping and then he's driving uh-huh when we get a room yeah Oh my God. It's just like like that guy in that supply what's going on is his. He can get his wife pregnant. They're clearly I mean they're married seems fine but like they're sitting there at the table having dinner not really talking much Vanilla Vanilla and then you know they have that great sex scene me up just like that <unk> out God him and he sees Linda's face like the the slide that comes in and the Tracy space and that's what she's like talking about being productive with her lips close up on her mouth but she say you said earlier <hes> whereas here Carmona's productive close in special just like that Mr mcallister but they alexander pains not afraid of like a dumb joke back then like his movies now he definitely went onto matures filmmaker with show like sideways and descendants. I think yeah <hes> that's what I'm saying like watching this like that he wouldn't do anymore more but that that kind of set them apart in his early directing career but it wasn't ever like American Pied. No it was still like smart satires but he wasn't afraid to like you know go base yeah for like faith or should we get a room so then we have our three speeches at the rally. Tracy's is such a like of course barking for a Republican congressman movie. She's a politician through and through Paul hysterical run on sentence with no emotion and he's just like hunched over the Mike that they can't get up forum and I'm so glad I got this nomination and I promised to be president and in thank you be winners just like last fall when I drove the team down in the fourth quarter touchdown that is what I want everyone to feel all the time but everyone's has seen that kid to against like they nail all these high school archetypes yeah like no owns running against the the disabled kid right like that is such a minor detail yeah but such a thing is running for that Vice President Post. Yes such a thing that would happen sure like in high school like he was a shoe in for this obviously yeah <hes> and then Tami's just great speech and that you know he sets the camera up and just pulls back very slowly and she's just like inciting anarchy basically yeah so good so then the beast story sort of intensifies is when Jim goes over to fix Linda's drain clog <hes> and then they had that that great kiss when they kinda waltz into the scene and that score you know Alexander Payne with this great scores and they Walton in their kissing and <hes> it sets in motion like this whole hotel idea when she's like. Let's meet at that hotel. It sets emotion kind of the funniest sequence of the movie gives a pop quiz and then fled the whole thing he goes into school. He gives them the pop quiz he goes out to buy chocolate and flour. Yeah Shimpo Walgreens. Oh yeah yeah he pulled up to Walgreens on their finest box so you got walgreen champagne and flowers and chocolate ah yeah <hes> but the one of the funniest parts in the movie in a Red Alexander Payne says that he took this movie based on the balls washing shot yeah which he stopped to do in the hotel yes he's setting up the hotel and he gets in the tub of any washes his ass and Alexander Payne said he read that and he said and I decided I wanted to do the movie just so I could shoot that which is very unassuming scene but you know what he's doing. These like motoring around I and driving around that little compact car yeah it's so good yeah and runs with his upper half yes she <hes> was that the was that when they showed the sort of whimsical <hes> like <hes> sports car in the south of France driving around fantasy or was that later on that was a weird thing when it popped in I think that was the end of it like when he pulled back up in that may be as hotel yeah kind of picturing himself and he's in in in like fall late fall Omaha like those uh gray and drab and that's another pain sort of having fun thing too though like he didn't do that stuff much later on now because I was a bit of a cheesy touch and watching it twenty years later but funny like you you didn't need that that's where he's had was but yeah for sure Tracy tears down the shit and that's when that whole plot is going to set emotion yeah as to you know the the ultimate in game. That's GONNA come which is important to. She didn't start off to do that. She's just trying China fixer poster then she falls and that was just like you can like she's been on a thin line with competition and stuff and that's the thing that breaks are but that's also what happens like some of these other decision. That mcallister happens. It's like things that happen happen. At the moment right they don't necessarily that's not their intention but it just starts taking stuff downhill yeah yeah yeah like it wasn't he didn't have some big master plan no and again he he can always justify though Oh yeah he can do the thing and then just she has stopped. They should all the people that we're GONNA suffer well. He's kind of right though I know because she is she's like she's really not having the social relationships maker an insufferable preferable boss and really really politician said <hes> Re said that she <hes> still today gets <hes> female politicians when she meets him. We'll say tracy flick and even Hillary Clinton said people always came up to me and said stuff about me might tracy. She was like not really had to take yeah thanks. It's funny <hes> but yeah even I forgot when it's a pretty important little detail because you're right. She doesn't go in there to cheered on the poster. She ends up doing it and even looks down at the paper cuts like you know like what just happened. Hands of she'd literally just snaps. It's like she's loses her shit. When you've got to think that's young child WHO's not equipped for this kind of pressure that she put yourself in clearly there moments where you see that are mom completely pushing her in this direction yeah well that site yeah? Maybe it's because you didn't listen my notes about your speech and take my you know single. Mother appears sure like I'm going to end. She's like a you know she was. What did she illegal but she became a paralegal after something else but she's obviously the super capable pursue? I ended up with the cards she was. She's GonNa live her life through her child right. That's why she got up and decorated four hundred ninety cupcakes at the guy. She is living her life to chassis. Isn't she yeah yeah she not doing Ernie favors though you you know she didn't have any friends yeah. That's like high school like high schools. Just as much about social development is about career more potential yeah exactly because if you don't get good then it gets harder later so did I hear that big advice line out of Emily's and I'm not saying you have to be popular. I was not popular you can still popular now. I was well like that's different than popular tomato Tomato <hes> so he knows she did it. Yes because he doesn't beat her on the Bush. He calls her on it. He basically accuses great seen he's a really because I think he did it. Yeah and she has a great argument. She goes with responsibilities. I often had to come in on the weekends and permission to do so. It's like she's the high school student that comes in on Saturday night yeah to like do Yearbook Louder Yeah God and that's when they have in high school now. I was sort of a I was in a lot of clubs and stuff but I'd never like you know me. I mean I I was like the hardest worker. They're SORTA like to sort of being around. That's how I high school which is not like me as an adult. I was not your you are Tracy. Flick now asking them No. I'm not take that back well. I mean as far as just your motivation I'm yeah in Phidias and organized and like Oh come on in high school is not like that. I was all about the social like but you have tons of France. I'm not saying like now. I didn't mean that myself out. Yeah dist stop talking. You were fine because I was trying to make the point which is that I was not that hard of a worker like I was told. Told many many times by all of my parents that it was not working to my full potential that was a like that could have been in my yearbook as late bloomer later bloomer we both are <hes> that's when and by the way this is when they had one of my favorite exchanges in the movie the certain people exchange is just what I'll call it. I think certain people like we were talking earlier. It's so good boy so heated and he like she does she digs exam. Which I'm the teacher power she destroys him well? She can hold around. That's when you know she's going to be fine when they can't even get their own wife pregnant faces just horror and I'm going to like cut her in her sleep God if they hadn't gotten so mushy. That was really it's certain people had been so mushy God. She's so good grades easy to forget and just sort of. I don't know that that's it's her and what she's like or something but like she embodied that character I was trying to think too. It's like she did cruel intentions that was huge for her and was great twelve in that <hes> she's adorable is so darling pictures of her in the girl scouts and this movie on the wall pretty great cute is about trying to think too. She was in fear that Marky mark movie. Oh that's right but I'm trying to think of you know. She was like teenager so this was like occur. I kind of like starring role probably kind of cool role yeah. Yes like India movie Alexander Payne. You've got good Chris if you're in one of his films like I'm trying to think if there's anything else that would have like you know so she she was a a bit of a blank slate. I guess is what I'm saying. Don't you don't have this idea of who you think re reese witherspoon is so she played the so well like that could very well have been her yeah. Maybe so yeah so good in her hair like the he always he's just such a great job with <hes> his this supporting detail well his crew here and make up like her wardrobe yeah spot a tight she was wearing and the sweaters gene still oh she totally mom jeans in the in the hair that you know the curled hair yeah just so spot on yeah otherwise. He looks like a little like what it'd be like going to be a politician yeah. I need to look up like his crew members and Cheltenham out you know K._p.. Worked on some of his movies really what movies Oh boy I think he worked on sideways and I think he worked on about Schmidt. I did not know that and maybe Nebraska our friend. Kevin Pearce folks who we knew <hes> in Atlanta I write you did yeah I kind of Newman. Atlanta got to him better now in L._A.. Capeeze a great guy and we got semen her friend's wedding. That's what I was thinking. We're sitting at the table with well though and I don't know that they knew each other so i. I don't know that working yeah yeah you're right because it would have been Mike. Hey what's up. I think certain older wiser people did the mid Western accents or so great in this too yeah so tammy the heavy interrogation seen when he's interrogating her about the posters and Tammy. Lets her off the hook. That was a pretty great reveal because you think Tracy flex about to go down house. I know did it. Yeah yes at face yeah little shitty like I know whatever I'll tell you I guess but this proves. She doesn't give a shit. That's that's when you really realize that this is an act like she really doesn't give she was trying to get out of that school not trying to help reese witherspoon not at all you know that was just a byproduct of her. I guess trying to just get special out of the school probably all such nonsense but that's ah I remember like the first time I thought it was like no tracy flex going down in the she took credit for it and it's like what what is Tracy do oh she yes she yells. You'll pay for my after all that so much about the yeah it's pretty great right so good indignant self righteousness. I have written down here. Matthew Broderick running so famous Bueller so then the next thing happens the film that is probably my favorite detail this whole movie. Do you know what I'm about to say no. I'm letting you lead so I've totally blissed out the beasts thing. Oh God yeah that you know it's it's funny because at the end up very something about Mary like I realize like that just exaggerated and it really does add to the events that happened because it's like so sad sack and what it does is like there's there's no reason to do it other than to belabors make every worse for him like the worst worst we have more beleaguered and he <hes> it mirrors his downfall the I gets worse gets more slowly gets more disheveled young and more like unkempt and he's sleeping in his car and he's pissing on the front lawn but he's ends at this point like his life is literally just imploded and he's like trying to keep it together because he's got the reputation nation but but you see him start to slip even the ways talking to the kids like he's always been Mr m in this trust a guy and he just starts. He's like starts being asshole. I know it all just unravels my favorite things to seeing a movie really it it the unraveling like a funny unraveling of a character I only want someone to unravel if there are terrible person but when he gets stung the way Don's on him about how bad it hurts because at first he puts his hand how how Jesus Oh yeah. He's leaving the framing us. Oh fuck is almost like an aside building in the heat settles in how bad it hurts many mentions. They're like what happened. Your is like Inc.. Most people get stung by A. B.. I. Swell most people get Stung. Nothing happened yeah. I swell up yeah. You're better remembering Nashville. It's it's a disease paraphrasing. <hes> thank you so he gets busted <hes> in his be plot with the affair by his mistress goes over and tells us wife and their communing while remember how it's <hes> how it was revealed though like the again with pain just is the subtle little things he goes in. He's had the worst day ever yeah. He gets stood up at the hotel right. He gets a beer and what are you here in the other room the baby crying here the Bay Bridge Yeah little pain details GASPARA. It's more effective than if he had walked in and they'd been sitting somehow fucking baby and he knows it's so good anyway you know he walks in and they just look at him and he all tearstained wounded. Oh okay to enter. He kinda peeps around and then like it's dawning on me. He's still I think is hoping that maybe like that. What he thinks has happened has not what Oh yeah because you think you would have just turned tail and walked out but he liked pops around like hopeful and then he looked they both look at them like you know he's just like shot a puppy and he's like okay man <hes> well? The another funny part is when he goes back to the hotel guy goes. Do you want the same room but ends up sleeping in his car that nine I think because he's waiting in front of Linda's house to try to like he really did. I looked in the Trivia He really did pee on that tree. In the really funny is and my mind the way you know like this stuff usually builds up a cop pulls up and arrested for indecent exposure. I haven't remembered a lot of details of the movie waiting for that to happen because it's just like the on the guys on well yeah exactly but that didn't happened. That's that wouldn't be a pain move like a big budget movie move. That's American poets exactly cop shows up in the COP. Is You know fucking the rockers. He throws them against the car. The the election happens Paul all but does he do he. That's her tracy votes portrayed which is funny because that ends at being. I know her winning so it's perfect really was perfect yeah in the in the moral center once again yeah yeah he has his great voice over who explains like always wonder and he's like when I saw my name. It just didn't feel right for myself. I know which is what does he do later in life what what I think he does you know what job is. He gets works at his dad's company and Guy Yeah God that takes clients out yeah yeah right because at the end through this great Mexican party Shit that party was great. It didn't get to be president and didn't get to play football pledge by yeah. Well and it's funny. There are a couple times where tracy flick is in her narrative. These rich kids don't know how good they haven't and Bob but then she talks herself out of it so there's a and you know that comes from her mom like there's the kind of like the like. She doesn't have the advantages to. She has to work twice as hard plus. She's a woman through twenty. These are all very true and it bugs her but she's trying. She is on verge of the Democrat could happen anytime with the pressure and like the knowledge that she has but she won't. She's the kind of person and I've known people like this. That won't crack <hes> no they town or they'll they'll walk themselves and their the closet right and screaming to the pillow right and then come out and fix their hair right and go back into the party. That's what was so funny about the posters because she did crack 'cause she's a kid. She's not been able to that of course she's GonNa lose it but Tracy. Where does we know she gets in politics but where she ended up in twenty years she's I think the exact same person twenty years later ruthlessly ambitious didn't have a ton of friends yeah bike her work as her her work her husband yeah? I mean maybe she you know gets married later in life kids that is more setup for affairs. I think like like romantic relationships too much exactly yeah because she's so career oriented. It was really funny. How the kids are always telling Mr 'em how the election is supposed to be done? Well too early. He would've normally cared about right with the signature. Are you supposed to keep that. He was distracted every time you know like he's got all this stuff going on in media worried about is his life falling apart well. Aren't you keep that he just didn't want to hear it from her but yeah that was the rules ends up pitching that in the trash which has no consequence it's weird. I was thinking like that breath through something that he shouldn't have but it was it was so like but he's still cared at that point by the time he got a little bit yeah to the election. He was so distracted. WHO's the kid the great I I love his face? Larry is wonderful. I think he was a real kid. I think he was and then he's been brought along in a couple other yeah. He's I think he went on to like act and stuff here. Real ass on something and I remember thinking no. Oh No I told a Nicholas Doug the Gosto he's great as Larry F- Ouch column fouts which is Yeah Jesus leary. We're not electing the fucking pope here and the look on his face. He's just like well. He's still hurt because like it's supposed to be done a certain way it is he cares about that and Mr m at some point cared about that. That's when you know Moss it because Mr these values tell us into these kids about elections and how come Horton this processes at role as he's like. They're like you've got the key as eastern walkout of to the ballot box digging through his crappy drawers trying to find it then you finally we just pulls out a kind of lecturing like ripping apart like bowls the lock off like this is a man in like downward spiral. He's in freefall students are so focused on the rules than the way you do it that they and you were mentioning. The teacher acts like a person when they kind of break that teacher terrier and you start to see some of the grants when teacher has a bad day yeah like I remember how that just fucked with my head so much like it didn't happen much but I remember a few times where the teacher had a clearly had shit going on there and like melted down a little bit kids. I remember one Mrs Burson Teacher. I don't remember. I don't remember the exact she she had this really tight smile mile with these big white teeth didn't always seem authentic. It seemed like in retrospect. It was probably a woman who was trying to hold it together right something happening. Don't remember what she like. Completely lost. I remember that and it was but it was a spectacle like as to do that. Of course they're not enough. You're breaking the rules when you've got to maintain respect. You've got to have like a wall up with your students. Are you are yeah yeah you let him in and your hoes unless you're a different kind of teacher. SORTA like you got a hold it together. Do you can't bring that shit in the classroom. Yeah I don't believe in speaking make it but you have to teach because they will eat you. Alive teacher named Mr Wagner <hes> <hes> that <hes> the rumor was that he drank and may have been true may have very much been true looking back. I don't know I bet he was probably drinking days where he would come in place at how many teachers industrial arts yeah. He's industrial arts more worrisome well. This is different. This was <hes> like <hes> we did screen printing and photography and stuff like at that I wish I know it's pretty great. I still have all that stuff by the way I would've loved a class like that at school better than how Mac Fermi those also shop class might not have known that about me but I took him he did. Did you have to seven apron. No we did cooking and stuff my my mom's stayed up all night and said my fucking Abram because I can't so you cheated well. I guess I'd just past yeah I cheated jaded. What would you do for Klondike? Bar is back in a new snacks. I series starring on a Farris Watch on a disguise herself and go undercover with a hidden camera to find out what crazy things real people would do for their favorite ice cream. You can see the full videos at Klondike bar dot com slash videos and I'm telling you guys my favorite Klondike. Bar is the old standard Klondike Vanilla in the center. It is so delicious and I'm going to be checking these videos out for sure you can also share what you would do for Klondike bar using the Hashtag at four the number four the letter A. Klondike Hashtag for Klondike. That's Hashtag the number four the letter A. Klondyke and show them what you do for a Klondike bar and you know what I would do for Klondike Bar <hes> just about anything yet mister wagner will come in and <hes> some some days would just shuffled sort of to his desk and say today's just a free workday sort of do your thing and he added Sorta sit there so yeah and fairness. I did cheap at the abuse for my mom for having to fix this for me kind of off said that I paid for my crime judging anyway. I can't so that's true. <hes> where we're here all right so the election happens the vote count happens <hes> inbetween all this the beast story is playing out and he he he has that <hes> the the couple of voice messages that he leaves Linda just increasingly they go back and forth between desperate and pathetic rash yeah you ruin Diane's is life. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm just losing it kind of losing it right now. This is Jim I love you remembered that from our first viewing the whole thing. This is Jim. I love you. Oh my God. It's so sad very great. <hes> <hes> Tracy wins by the vote of course he rigsby election. He throws away the papers. He says it in the voice where we didn't need to like he I think he knew in that moment when he was going to do although he says he didn't until he saw her jumping well yeah and that it was so she says you believe that I do because you know 'cause he still again. He like you know these running doing things. The right way was ingrained in him but he was in crisis. I'm certainly not defending him it some of that <hes> he's in crisis. He's in crisis and Tracy Pekhtin and there were two students in the room was kind of devotes. What was the other just like a watcher her a security guard too so she looks at any kind of gives her thumbs up and she's jumping down and victory to know yeah the free great because I was it was funny? Face is but he sees sees her and it just enrages him like the the already is not behind this and it was just like one thing too many again he snaps. This was his snapping moment. It's almost like it's the one thing he can control at that moment. Yeah you know because everything else is out of his hand been sold sure he doesn't always gonNA live. He doesn't like his whole like personal. Life is in up in arms yeah but he also but then he justifies it as he has all of his other decisions where you know he's like I'm saving countless others even and says she has to be stopped yeah but it's like she's a kid man. I know well but she also has proved to be a worthy roussel ruthless opponent as well when I think ahead she faced him. I think there's a whole key that why this movie works though so is she's she's not as a kid treated adversaries and equal but she she goes back and forth between acting like a ruthless adult and then like wounded kid. You know he says sloppy though you don't throw that shit in the trash can like that shit like put it in here in your Hockett. I mean come on take like or the ED grab it later even like before you go out. I'm not like a cheat but if I did I better than figure out like a much better plate Lamichhane. Actually I just expose myself as well so I know how to cover Larry again. He's so incensed like that. Kid is just all over. Righteousness is so wonderful because it's so pure you know he believes in this system and doing it right and he knows he even he keeps going head to head like I counted the total votes like he knew that something was not right and the teacher. The principal finally tells them back. I know well L.. 'cause he's sort of makes a veiled threat. He was like those votes. Were there when I gave him the box in the principles like I don't like where this is going yeah young man but it's funny because he's right. That kid was in masters of sex. Is that what you were thinking yes and he was a bit of a jerk. arquette yes. I'm yeah. That's really department good show. That was a good show so then we go to the restaurant. Paul sees Mr for meeting by himself and that's another funny thing like teachers. There's breaking down in class and then seeing a teacher in the wild. You talk about that a lot so we're. We've seen it with Ruby. Oh Yeah Oh they're out <hes> the Libyan Chan Marguerite the look on her face. Yeah I'm sitting at a table rock. Your world that they exist outside of that is just their life yeah. They're just teacher there waiting there for you spending the night there until you get back to school sure I remember when I saw wake rubies face when she saw them she was it was like excited and she didn't even get like the drinking yeah that would really see teachers. Drinking did drink beard drink beard <hes> inside joke for just the two of US cover well so tracy is destroyed. Her mom gives her a valium or something. It's hysterical. She's giving your kid like you know anxiety medicine whatever because she probably treats her as an equal in that how well again yeah yeah you know like like she's her mother but I'm sure she you know like she treats her as a younger version of herself right like if the mom drank trace who would probably drink wine at dinner I could have been deleted scene. She gives her a glass of wine down. <hes> so mcallister mcallister can't go home. This is when he goes to the hotel actually and <hes> that is when it's like Alexander Payne you know the whole thing about <hes> the screenwriting axiom is you take your hero making climate tree and throw rocks Adam now. That's sort of the I could probably pick out ten scenes where the drama apparently is like elementary and throw rocks basically obstacles but the final of that day the worst ever when he looking vending machine thing hold hangs he just loses it. You know it's funny. When I was watching that I was like how art department did that? I get it hang up yeah. I think I figured out what do you think I think they attach the bottom. So when it turned ended flip forward but the bottom of stuck I had another moment in this movie like that remember when the poster was <hes> the corner was feeling I was like how are they doing that and the way it was framed. I think there was and it was right by the door of somebody I think there was someone on ladder department in that room and they were just reaching their arm around the corner and like unfeeling it because the top edge was out of just interesting feeling like like a piece of <hes>. What's the clear like monofilament monitor's on yes yeah? I wonder if other people do this or if it's just like former film crew people. I don't know because I can try not to but I can always see the P._a.. A just out of range or dropping the feathers during the pillow fights or whatever well it was funny because when I first started working on movies it did take me out of it and then I was able pretty quickly to get back to just like vanquish that yeah yeah so. I don't think about a lot but maybe movies I've seen a bunch. I start to notice more details about more stuff like that. You can't like obsess about that stuff. Now it will I mean working on the film. Crew can ruin some stuff yeah. That's what I'm saying. Though I love movie so much I finally like I like the first year or two I love my career in the film industry at I would be like Oh. I was standing especially something something I worked on this was happening or it's like. It's kind of hard to take seriously but that is funny. I'm done this was like I was actually four feet and then they were laughing laughing right before she hysterically started crying right so then the big reveal <hes> when broaddrick you remember he wakes up in the hotel and he's like today's a new day yeah somehow he's able to talk about mindset. We were having a conversation conversation about mindset. He's able to like this is a new opportunity. Start fresh with my life and you know he's like no morning time whatsoever no yeah no but maybe it dawns on him that and maybe it's best to this. Movie didn't go to deep down that the voice over rabbit hole marriage wasn't so great after all that stuff now kind of like he's a practical person yeah yeah for sure but <hes> he goes to school but the benefits spring the principal wants to see him any barges in and goes you right because there's that great shot yeah of all of them tracy her mom the principal Larry Larry Yeah who's like looking Larry cowling his faces so mad fiddly just like you are dogs. He thinks he's on the bottom of his shoe. We'll get to the <hes> the Malloy's they're just like. It's it's funny because he was very underused. Always there was like an extra face and then the janitor of course but it's funny because Tracy is not mad. She's upset which is such a kid reaction like how could my teacher do you know she's just got like a big frowny face okay. Her mom is like I will shoot steel. Being your liver with my is right now. Why do you like that's how specific they could be target his liver like you know as you would? What does the mother like like when you turn around? You're probably going to die swift kick success. Yes exactly especially for her. Yes like that's the one thing you you're not gonNA. Fuck yeah especially again since it's been message appointed like she's it had to rise above obstacles. She wasn't thing the teachers trying to take yeah. It's such a great shot and such a great scene and they go through all the faces so it's like he gets all the faces and it's just like an around are in the great eight line. It's so sad he said it was in the end. It was very simple. <hes> I offered my resignation in the accepted my career at carver high over so where do you go oh no but then then he pulls up to the stoplight stoplight yeah and we get the great scene fucking spits on rolls down his window and you know it's going to happen and mcallister's kind of watching him and then he just McAleese even before that sort of gives them a little like like sort of like. I'm sorry Hoxha Laghi on his window is utter like you are garbage. Broderick does so good in that just that face he makes face acting going on but within the best part that really just is the nail in the coffin for everything is that it's a little news item that he said it's one of those things that is just like weird enough or whatever to be picked up by the news wire and then suddenly yeah email it to one another and posted on imposed on bulletin tim yeah so it's like in this day he would have been like eyder celebrity like in a bad way for it but he kind of and it would have been ten minutes. They showed a map and it just spread like wildfire because it's like do that. Does that then he's persona non grata basically. There's no where he's got to leave. He's got no job yeah. He's got a reputation Ford Fiesta or whatever nevertheless where do you go New York City living in his garden apartment basement. It's funny like the resolution of all the characters it's really neat to see because of course everything works out for Paul he goes to college and everything's the great privilege exactly he's got a wealthy father. He's well yeah but again also like he's nice guy. Don't hate him. Having these things Yeah Tammy ends up at Immaculate Heart Perfect China Donovan's will never be apart ever yeah but her obsession is a little bit concerning the way so into these school every love. Is this love you know she's devastated stated. When Lisa left was wasn't even gay? She was just a few times. If you're experimenting thing yeah <hes> Tracy ends up <hes> of course working for a Republican congressman and and successful but <hes> alone you get the feelings still like you can't really tell well based on her. I was thinking about before that she talks about everyone has that lasts voice over and she said there were no signatures in my yearbook yeah she said for somebody who or did you say it. I'm not I'm like mixing up for somebody who was able to win a big election. You think they'd have my friends. Remember how that if you said that or she said that whatever but she looks at Chris Klein take being surrounded his ear but signed people's yearbooks and she standing there you know she'd like she's Lee she said. I don't feel how you're supposed to feel high. School is what she'd accomplish. It was sad like there was a sadness to that wistfulness and she said that's these are the moments when I mistake because of our conversations. He really saw her like he got her. I wonder what he's up to now tagging groceries at a Nina what it was though stop and shot and those on the Trivia that's actually it was the hardware store same hardware store where Kirkwood Smith worked in citizen Ruth. Oh no way yeah it's a little insider stamping the stuff that was huffing no spray glaze or whatever they did that. That's fantastic well. Here's another one then <hes> you know how they kept showing like little close up new of the news articles. If you freeze rained on one it said had words whatever side Article Yeah but you know sometimes you could I remember when D._V._D.'s had freeze frame and I would like read that Eh because our department makes that chair and it said by the way if you're reading this now in seeing if we really real stuff you'd be better served to go out and written citizen Ruth in in watch that that he's of your time than sitting here and reading in what art department is trying to do to the blankets pericles really funny remembering college you could just fill them with like Latin words that just kind of repeated if you don't close up on it again but the sad thing about tracy though like what we were talking about with like high school ins for her on a sad note yeah didn't get her yearbook. Signs still didn't have friends and she thinks colleges can be different right. She hopes to meet her. People in college is not just it's just a bunch of like no social people. It's people being social called called the world yeah and Mike it's sort of like this kid has to have this come to Jesus about how the world is and she's going to be the one married your job but usually people in college do find their people in her classes. She would find her people people in her major not necessarily inner dorm maybe when she puts everyone off yeah that's true but usually you can find some other motivated people to at least have friendly sparsely. Oh No that's true there are other Tracy flicks yeah of course but parallel play in three and then the great line from Broderick what happens when a man loses everything and it's got the close up that limp penis of whatever her the Museum of natural what happens when a man loses everything and again. That's Alexander Payne back then just let's do a close up of this like limp symbolism yeah. I didn't really think about that but that's what he ends up in New York. <hes> ending is perfect like you don't want him to be ruined of course not but it's funny because he ends up with another kind of vanilla woman you know like Eddie Vanilla relationship yes us and he says that like museums have volunteers and educators like myself who pick up where the classroom leaves. Whatever yeah we want Mr him to be okay? He was a bad guy well. He made some bad choices. You can also see why like why he made some of his choices especially with Tracy Flick. She's kind of insufferable. I know it gives you a pradeep patient. person movie like that's a big question. Does there have to be one. I don't know I don't but the that's what I like about my indies. It doesn't have to be so clear-cut all very fallible people right you know there are a lot of bad complexity choices made here yeah yeah yeah for sure <hes> and then ending you know he goes to D._C.. And it's just so oh great for the final freeze frame of the thing does he have the moment when he sees her where the no no no no no no I in my mind that happened no he didn't they didn't do the tribal champ her but <hes> <hes> that's the last freeze frame those is when she sort motive like is she does she him out of the corner of her. I think so I don't think so either and the line did the island any minute was like was it but <hes> he starts off that voice over so well written because he starts off to Sorta like magnanimous yeah and then it just sort of builds and builds and he's like you know it's fine. It's no big deal and then he's like but what's she doing that Limo when she thinks she found drink atr the car good and then does the Ferris Bueller <hes> and he has a great line to that's the great thing about America. You can always start over. It's one of the last lines of the movie <hes> I love it. I give it five thumbs five times. It's one of my favorites. It's pretty great and it's been a long time since we've seen it yeah. We laughed a lot last yes. Yes we needed it too yeah. It's been a little rough around the house lately yeah so it was it was it was a welcome thing yeah. It was good. 'cause you ask you were like which are we gonNA do election or <hes> we're GONNA do and I was like I need to laugh with watch knows it was either this or record with Paul for Birgitta so all right because live ingratiating myself into that of its pulsing cited Yeah we're GONNA record <hes> somewhere next week. Great Paulin there and then you and I in Paul are going to pick that up later. <hes> I think that's it. I'm I'm trying to think of this. There was anymore. I know it one point. He was gonNA <hes> cast either. Tom Hanks Tom Cruise. Yeah tanks could have pulled it off hangs lab and he said he was at that point. He said Matthew Broderick really just SORTA fit. Well okay that goes back to like. I don't know that there had been a ton that he was doing. I have to look at his broad rhythm career between Harrison hold on a no he was in. What was that Project X? Oh Oh God okay. I'm sorry about that. I don't know why how I ended up watching that movie. So does not for you know but I did monkeys torture yeah so I I watched it. So of course you can imagine in the middle of it and I've got a party to go to later on this Pelican ninth tenth grade. I am hysterical to the point where my Steve My stepdad asks. Do we need to turn this off. which for some reason I said no but I basically hyperventilating through that like why was that a good idea so he did project x right after pairs pillar he did boxy blues of course <hes> he did glory the kind of movies that like he did movie called? I Dunno lamb. I remember that he did <hes> the night. We never met remember with <hes> Annabella Sierra vaguely. That was one of your movies now. That was my movies freshman with Marlon Brando the gangster things he'd seen yeah see so for me. It was like Oh my God. That's fair is a decade later is the voice of Simba and Lion King. I didn't know that I didn't see that either Mrs Parker and the vicious circle Joel Quenneville. You didn't see any shit any of these. The Cable Guy Addicted to love was right before to love yes which was great that I'd seen so yeah I mean he was always working. Yeah God he did Inspector Gadget after this is my pointless though I didn't see message those movies so suddenly like an older Farris. Let me some some EMBI. He's really wonderful but a dream gusts and I love S J._p.. So one of the great couple of magic couple apple they <hes> you'd be really sad if they broke up on day be one of those ones where I was like it would shoot a spear through my heart shoot a metal laser through your liver lasers. No that's because the the that is out of anger. This'll be out of sadness. Oh here it is I wanted to mention this. <hes> the original ending was reshot in the novel and in the originally in the movie tested poorly he goes to work could a car dealership in Tracy comes to buy a car from him and they had this moment and she drives him home or he's like. Are you trying to like make fun of me or whatever and they have this talk and she drives them home in he ends up signing her yearbook and everyone is just like it's way too nice ending now yeah and it was sort of sort of forgave each other and Alexander payments like screwed up now should've just kept it pain yeah. Ah The band also like what part there'd be no without some like mitigating circumstances in the middle of that where something happened like what would do people back to each other to be peace. No not at all <hes> Tori Burch was playing tammy Metzler for a little while then left interesting. She'd be great. <hes> I wonder why said creative differences with Alexander Payne she'd been sad but she'd been great the the actress Kimball so apparently reese witherspoon wanted to play or she wasn't sure if she wanted play Tammy or I yeah which is so funny because like da so is Tracy Asie flight yeah but you never know does braces Tammy's braces really just like Oh yeah yeah for sure all right. You got anything else I believe so I think we think we did a good job here. What do you want to do next? I Guess Citizen Ruth Back Yeah Citizenry Yeah all right. We Love that movie love that we've seen that semi recently end it's kind of it's an interesting time to be discussing it to. We'll get to dig into politics and the rights of women all the things that may already everyone. That's it for us. <hes> look look out for emily again in <hes> probably another five or six weeks. We'll get you back in here. <hes> maybe sooner for for policy for Virgin suicides. I insisted on participating in that one and <hes> thanks for listening everyone. We'll see you next week. Crushes produced edited an engineered by Ramsey aunt here in our home studio at Pont City Market Atlanta Georgia for iheartradio for more podcast from iheartradio visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts outcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows hey movie crushers WanNa Talk About Navy Federal Credit Union because they have emission everyone that is to put members I by making their financial goals the priority there you receive a lifetime membership benefits to help you you and your family accomplish your life missions how how about a credit card A._p._R.. Average that has four percent lower than the industries or maybe members only exclusive rates discounts and perks access to three hundred branches and thousands of Fee Free A._T._M.'s.

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