Rushin Vaccine, Dr Pepper In Danger? 8.12.20


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Production of IHEART radio, this is a podcast where we take a deep dive into America shared consciousness and say officially off the top. Brothers Fox News Fuck Rush Limbaugh Book Sex and Ben Shapiro and. Per Karlsson. It's Wednesday. August Twelfth Twenty Twenty my name's Jack. O'Brien k.. I heard there was a special test that Donald took any owned the left, but you don't really care for Fox News do you It goes person woman man. Camera. TV. That's right. He's cognisant Fox reporters spreading propaganda. Gand. Prop who good that is courtesy Sam Bony Zamboni and I'm thrilled to be joined does always by my co host Mr Miles. You're. WACK. Your girl's a Hoe. You're broke the kid ain't yours and everybody know your old man think you stupid you be like. So I love my baby mother on never let her go and that is inspired by dark man x himself Earl Simmons one of the greatest rappers ply on the building right people you know what time it is double are all day thank you to everybody who got such a kick out of Ben Shapiro rap tunes I I think us say that is the song right those are the but you know I'm just going to start doing like grimy rap lyrics Really own it because there's a few X. Reese thousand you could actually not even say out loud in the. When without being arrested You know I will say this I I I like to energy the support for the Shapiro the impersonation. So I will try and hone that one To the point where I was freaking some people who thought they were listening convention I? Think our guest today said the said that he had that experience where he stopped paying attention when I was talking and then. You started talking Ben Shapiro again, and he was like wait. Did they go back to the recording? Was that miles? And how how quickly till Jack starts talking again, I get to check out again well we swish over to Maryland. We're thrilled be joined in our third seat by the hilarious. The talented. The writer of many a story that we cover on this daily Xikai is Mr j m mcnabb. Six Luke's Jam Good One. Great you so much for having me I'm here in my living room in another country. Yeah. We were just reminiscent how you're the like you our last show we recorded when you're doing our live tour. Ron Oh and just thinking of like how we're just looking back at that. We're like we got on so many planes and share so many drinks and joints people. by the grace of God, go i. The the open mouth kissing segment of the show. Yeah in retrospect. We're like Isaiah magic fans. So we'd like to start the show nice so. That's right. Baby Kissing. Oh, I'll ask this parent kissing I. Read. So many stories about how like you know fucking Americans just trying to invade Canada's at times. There are people like sort of seeing an influx of people trying to enter or people that are there and it's That people have Canada. Quick vibe check. Up North. Going on jam is that a whole vibe? It's Yeah. It's a bit of a Vibe I. Think People are pretty into the idea of keeping the border shut. I don't even know if I should be talking to you right now. I think there was a story about like a couple that snuck in across the border and was find something like thirty grand or something. But. There are still like there are still international flights going in and out. But you have to quarantine but like the border where you drive across I, don't think you can just going Alaska man just that's what I'm doing. Bro just going to power through. Hassen through. Everything here is on the honor system. So right that'd be just really quick house quality beach on Vancouver. Island. About now. Fun. Okay. I'm not that I'll go there I know it's out of the way but I am going to Alaska Anywhere Not Alaska. There's there's another thing that people were saying a lot of fake Alaska on the way to Alaska people. Then like camping places so Also. A lot of Americans like own cottages cottage country around here. So I think they kind of came in early and and we're able to kind of hold up there and you know right the manifestos. Yeah. But we will you know if if you try to come across the border, we will find you and then you know probably apologize for. So sorry about. That in and around your area it's pretty bad because you had those super spreaders come through right at the start of the pandemic. But in general is Canada like are things I was referring to us but. Things mainly open. So the joke was. Our. As, we previously reference to go. Now what what is the because what you're saying right and therefore Super Spreader I meant Cova nineteen because we're in the middle of the pandemic and what I was asking jam is what pandemic wise lease speaking. House Canada, doing I think generally like doing. Okay. I know like here in Ontario, the numbers have been pretty good for a while now but they're. Opening more stuff up just in the past couple of weeks like bars and movie theaters and things are a bit. Worrying Yeah, and then that's Open the bars just in time for reopening schools, which is the big debate. A lot of people aren't happy with how schools are being reopened here, but it's different all across the country. But so I think we're kind of in A. You know I know some areas like at West like we're doing better and then had some outbreaks again but generally speaking I think I think we're kind of at a crossroads because because we're coming to schools reopening I think that's going to be the big decider in terms of whether or not we kind of stay on A. Positive. Course in terms of the numbers or whether or not we see everything you know go to hell and. When schools reopened see she start looking like a little bit of the. A You know we've always thought anyway. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No. Bars. Really need to be the very last thing that we open. They're not necessary like if anything like I, get it like Oh, you got to get your your sip on cause that's your thing. Liquor stores stay open, but you ain't got to just learn how to make it work on zoom. INS. Across legit Holler across your. Street. Right. But now to each other's faces like you do at a bar yeah, I mean it's also just like it's it's literally they manufacture a product that will make it harder for people to be responsible in terms of safety regulations in terms of not kissing or screaming into each others mouth. Yeah we're. Singing, sweet caroline at the top of their lungs into each other's faces neil diamond has been a super spreader for sure. Yeah. Oh, for sure. I think there was actually a bar in Europe that had to ban sweet caroline because yeah, it was it was a bar. Irish bar in. Barth alone. I think that had to ban sweet caroline because it's such a you know you can't keep the Europeans from in each other in the first place and then you've got these lyrics about and reaching out. Yeah. It. Is One of those like toward songs like Oh here we go a bunch of assholes going to start screening Bob Vessels I mean me. Also. With you know the like it plays a lot at Arsenal arsenal masters to when we win. So yeah, it happens. You know there's anthems would. RHA I'm we're to get to know you little bit better in a moment i. tell our listeners a few of the things we're talking about. We're GONNA talk about Russia has solved. The problem we've been talking about thus far they have the vaccine or at least they claim to have the vaccine. Time, we're hoping that Russia intelligence hacking is really up to par and is just crushing it all the best information However, the fact that they're rushing into, it is wearing a couple of reasons we'll talk about those do a quick trump bs roundup will do. A weird news story I hadn't noticed miles that you flagged as the say has seen a spike in people bringing guns onto airplanes were trying to very strange very idiotically. Yeah. We're going to check in with a couple stories actually that we've covered in the past first of all, we're going to check in with a smash mouth and how their performance all its. sturgis motorcycle rally. and. We're also going to check in with a bench pirro just just doubled down on his cellphone by being like my wife said doctor and she says. Peas are not supposed to get wet at all. That's a problem. That's a problem. If they do, you should call the police anyway we're not really gonNA check it on that. Because we talked about it yesterday. We're going to talk about Dr Pepper. We're GONNA, talk about the trolls franchise and some of their merchandise that has. Caught the eye of two non and. We're GONNA. Of course, ask the question we try to ask as often as possible. What's going on with Mr Peanut? He, his story line is endlessly fascinating. Doing. Yeah. Well. Fuck. He died great. Fuck it. Yeah. There's a baby but like I don't care, I'm not invested that. Of the peanut family they're grit, there's greater appeal there. Then I think I realized because people do seem to keep talking about it anyways but I jam, we like to ask our guests what is something from your search history that's revealing about who you are. Well. I was looking into a my kids are really into the muppets right now and specifically they've been watching like the new muppet babies. And There's a new muppet babies. All you're talking about Scott Gairdner tiny puppets love tiny bits. Occurs. I think it's like a Disney plus thing. sidebar do this Scott gairdner animation tiny puppets is the funniest thing because it's the most blatant ripoff of muppet. The rest of it. Not, a rip off and like they fight tooth and nail like at one point, the creator of the show comes on set the record straight but it's like, how could it be this? Frog is called credit. Is Genius. But. You're looking around at A. Baby. I was specifically looking to see if there is any kind of continuity to them up would make sense because we also watched like the first muppet movie, which is about how they all met when they were not babies when they're full grown what? Fuck yes. I was trying to reconcile that it's like. Is there any kind of explanation? So I did Google it sounds like an episode of after hours by the way where you? Recreate the whole background and. We'll have this the thing I looked it up, and there were like a lot of people have have dug deep into this like. I found one there was like a really long essay on medium called. The muppet babies cannot and should not be treated as muffin cannon. Well and trailing I thought like the best explanation I've found was like someone posted on Reddit, basically suggesting that the first movie and like the TV show where you see the behind the scenes that's the real muppets and then the movies in between where and like the muppet babies are are all things that like the muppets. Have Acted in. Getting. A lot of the time right like exactly. Yeah. So so by that token, like the muppet babies was like them selling out in the eighty S, right. Cartoon. Yeah. I. Mean. It makes sense like there's so many like eighties pop culture references throughout. So it makes sense that they're just trying to cash in on George Lucas and Steven Spielberg style things. So it does it does make sense. You know if you do a bit of work which I did because we're in the middle of a pandemic and. tend. To do. What's up with what's going on with nanny in the new? MAPA BABIES NANNIES there. It's the same deal. You only see her legs but voiced by Jenny slate. Okay, this might be a new generation of nanny maybe. Yeah. Is She still rocking striped? leggings she is yeah and you don't see her and you don't get any inkling as to why she don't easily. Time. All right. Any get out Bro. How did you? What did you picture nanny looking like as a kid? Did you have I always pictured like a blonde woman kinda looked a little bit like a grownup penny from inspector gadget I think. I actually it's weird. Intentionally avoided trying to think of what nanny looked like 'cause I was having trouble like I was like wolf these people look like this and if they do a startup so it and they look like this, what does this person like I don't even want to go there I just take it as. Just like what whatever you're in the way because it's about the muppets and thank you, Nancy, everything you do but please get back to bear. And you know I'm the same with podcasts I don't WanNa know what what you people look like? Oh. Yeah. No. And when they do the for late for our listeners who have not looked us up do not. Just just keep it make it pleasurable for you. Just just enjoy the voices because our growing Sosa by the TAT. Yeah. By the neck pets. Bring to the table and you know I kinda rushed into getting those four Audi rings as neck Tattoo. You know I think it looks. Jam. What is something you think is needed. For overrated, I put down a Kevin Costner. overrated. Sorry rated. I thought you said Kevin. Costner. was rated did said. No Kevin Costner. The actor is incarcerated. Right. You said, there's an saying. There's a lot of good Kevin Costner. This episode is over Jam. Just. Joking. Go ahead. There's a lot of good. Kevin Costner movies I'm not GonNa say that Kevin Costner movies are bad. I love a lot of Kevin Costner's movies but I struggle to think of like a cost movie where he was forced to emotes or. Do anything other than maybe throw on a pair of glasses like for his brow. Yeah. It's not a good actor. He's. Just, he just Kinda got grab on the show Superpower A. Z. What's the shallow stone and it's fucking. Bro So number one fucking drama on cable man. Yeah. Lost in it, I. Think Movie Star and actor are two completely separate. A skill sets I think he is a great movie star. He's the best example of somebody who has all of one and none of the other like he is not an actor in the least bit. He just knows exactly like. Where to be an how to look and everything and like that's that's why there's like these really handsome dudes who become good directors because they become movie stars without being really good actors at all they just like no. They're like, what? Like like you know the the do that like women's loved back then like he was just had that vibe of like that's what this star is and then he had to merely appear in the context of being like star guy and he's a good man Robin Hood don't care if you can't act great bodyguard sure does have suit and he'll just like get stu scary stuff great I mean I did like wider but I don't know if I liked him and. Say. Oh. You know what? I can't waterworld Ah don't even talk about the water world is untouchable. Fantastic. He spoke Portuguese Rican it that was some range and he was had gills. Thank you I still like? The world he you know he could have been balked on the head as an Iowa farmer and woken up waterworld. With it's more. It's more than that. It's more than that more. Farmers who have gills behind their ears jam because He kind of like if it was like a dream if all of waterworld was a dream sequence that like the guy in field of dreams was having would make as much sense and on the performance. The hell out of those ear Gills Bro. That's like you could tell he had gills from the START I feel bad because convincingly trick zone P.. Was Converted to potable water. But yeah, he really does he has. No. I remember as a kid seeing him win like best director and best picture for dances with wolves and I got angry. and. And I don't know why I was like, fuck this guy I don't know why I have no fucking idea why. But I have a very visceral. Strong memory of watching that happen and being like really dissatisfied with. A lot of those handsome dudes who become really good directors make movies that don't really hold up and I feel like Costner Ben Affleck's some of those Mel Gibson like when you go back and watch braveheart, it's pretty I mean just go. Up Against Godfather three. And it and it beat Godfather three. You beat Francis Lord Out Father Yes dude that should the sickest one and this year I. Haven't Costner Win Over Godfather fucking three Horse Shit and y'all know it. Cigarettes the sickest one is my favorite. It's not the best one. What? Is something you think is under Ada Jim. Underrated it was just thinking about physical media and and DVD's and BLU rays which I still buy because I don't know if you guys saw that there was an article this week that. A lot of moving towards we're talking about on the Internet because Disney is not gonNa make a cakewalk Lou raise. Yeah of their live action stuff, which is a bit concerning because it could be like them dipping their toe into the water of of not making physical physical media anymore, which is extra problematic because they own streaming service and they own. A lot of movies at Fox. So I I don't know I could foresee a world where you know you can't watch die hard unless you pay a premium at Disney plus you know it does but you know if you have it on DVD, you can watch whenever you link. Yeah and four ADP you know really. GotTa. Love it. I should. Know. But you can get a Blu. Ray. Now will you can't if it's a Disney or if there's certain things like I just found out Dave Schilling tweeted that kids in the Hall Brain, candy is not available on DVD. Anymore. Well first of all out of print, I love I own I own brain candy on DVD like those are just certain things that are can into me that I own physical copies but it was interesting even here then I'm like damn like there's a whole. People need them in there. There are some movies that are not streaming like A movie podcast, we just talked about cocoon. On anything you can't get it. Damn. I remember on DVD that movie freaked me out. That's what the all the old people in that. Like entertain or the retirement community? Yeah it's terrifying. Because weren't they all like children cocoons like in a pool or some shit wine it's yes. Alien Cocoons in a pool basically make senior citizens horny. Yeah. That's. What happened to me gotTa people don't know this. But that movie and Gremlins shared footage the cocoons and the pool were both they just pulled. Searcher. That is a conspiracy batteries not included available on DVD. That's a good question. If we're really going to get down to brass tacks like that better be out there physical media. Copies of it probably is okay. You can get on DVD just can't get it on digital anywhere, right? Yeah. But I do feel like this may be as as the access gets to movies and TV shows extreme. We have a glut of streaming. Entertainment available to us but that is not the end game for these companies right? They want to be able to eventually. Make these things harder for us to get smart. You do this short term use you knock off the physical copies and begin you know they're saying people it bleeds into our streaming service when people just have the fucking DVD's they can watch over and over and by that. So we do that get some more people in streaming than P like physical copies will be a thing of the past that we then bring back out and people that Oh my God getting all the I mean. That would be that's that's what they're what they're saying these boardrooms Jack that's what I'm telling you. Yeah, unfortunately. And finally what's a myth jam? What's something people think is true you know to be false or vice versa. Well, there was talk a few weeks ago about how Superman is kind of all American Dean Cain said something about how deans fuck wit. These days you wouldn't be able to say that Superman, fights for the American way or something like that, fuck? Yes. which is stupid and I even feel bad for bringing up the name Dean Cain because no one should be talking about dean. You're just talking about him. was there yesterday we're talking about Clark Mike Lois and Clark. It's in. Everyone's talking about Lois and Clark That's why I brought this up. No but there's the sense that he's all American if you guys know that the. Co created by a Canadian yeah. He's French-canadian Dad Right. co-creator was from Toronto Oh wait but isn't he isn't one of his parents french-canadian. Oh, maybe. I know he's his real name is Dean Tanaka. That's where my I think I mentioned. This is time because Dean Cain? Dean. CAIN Superman. Superman still, I'm still hyper focused on this man Dean Cain go on I. Digress. Miles. So that is a myth that we need to bus for you. Dean Cain is not actually superman. What the fuck you're talking about. Look at him. Look Brussels Comic Con Twenty Eighteen. He has the fucking curl. Yeah. Got The curl is legit he he does like That's the end of it. Okay. Okay So, we should just move on. You make this episode real fucking weird real quick if you keep up with that. The the CO creator of Superman is is. Was Canadian and and the early comics based on Toronto. That's what he sketched. That's what the. Daily Planet was the Daily Star, which was named after the Toronto Star. So you know. I'm just trying to make Dean Cain look stupider as as gay. Yeah I mean. He's he's become wildly conservative. Now he's really out there are you is on the I think the NRA like board directors at point. A bone of his bone of fetus where I guy famous for making for being a character on which guns did not yet and we're like pretty useless but he's like you gotta protect these rights. Yeah. He's the his whole evolution has been very interesting over the years. Superman is an immigrant. He is a journalist. He is a I mean, those are the two main things. He's Antigun. He's always like bending guns and shit and he was anti nuclear proliferation in the eighties. So Fuck Outta here with that he's only American shit but he's always damning women and shit. It's like yo come on Bro like. You know pull up for the people equally, you know what I mean. Yeah Oh one thing I just wanted to say the communist vaccine. I don't know if you've ever done. If you watch Howard Stern Ronnie the limo driver guy who's going to Howard stern he got busted using a photo shopped image of Dean Cain as his own head shop or had headshot. What did he photoshop just like made them like a little? Yeah like it was. Just slightly like making it a little bit more like him, I guess there was some overlap but then. He was using for five years then he got called is like no and then All Right? Yeah. I've been using a Photoshop Dean Cain had shocked. That's great. All right guys. Let's take a quick break. When we come back, we will talk about Superman's true home. Russia. 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We've been really open with money and how much remain can how much we spend on things and it's just been a huge benefit for me when it comes to things like negotiating salary or knowing how much is too much to pay for my apartments and when we talk about things as we often do on the show like the gender wage gap and patriots parents, it's just it's such a big deal to talk about finances. Man I'm kind of jealous I wish I had that. But luckily, there is a new podcast called friends who talk about money and it is from John Hancock. It brings friends and families and couples together take on the money taboo. Hosted by writer and financial advocate Claire Wasserman friends who talk about money as a show where you get to listen and people discuss the role money plays in relationships from siblings sharing a phone plan who couples navigating a career change. So eavesdrop on the financial conversations you've been avoiding and get advice from the experts to help you navigate those awkward many moments in your own life find France you talk about money from John Hancock wherever you get your podcast. And we're back and yes, we know about Red Sun we've all read it. So yeah, we know the Red Sun. It's the graphic novel with sermon is it reimagined a different world where instead of landing in a Cornfield Niwa Superman lands in Russia and comes up as part of the Soviet Union. And Yeah Dude I've read every word that. No. Her tending like I have and in no way just been pretending like I have my entire life go ahead jam I'd like to see comic that imagines an alternate reality where Dean Cain was born in Russia. The world would be. Safer less J. M. get on. Right away. All right. Let's talk about Russia though. Big Vlad DJ Vlad Mr Fuck Outta here Putin. Yeah. He has officially dunked on the world. Because he has the vaccine. They've got it. You made it. They got it his got it. He's like sorry I don't know about. Ivanka. My daughter is fine and she what's the things she does like competitive aerobics what's his only have that one daughter? I believe. So but isn't that the thing that she does what's like the very niche sport that she does that he's like and I will build a entire center for this. I forget what it is some kind of like very interesting. No, there's two. There's your Katharina and Maria apparently. So it'd be interesting to see which one has been given the vaccine which one he loves his favorite. Yeah. I mean. So he comes out being like. The quote that that in the New York Times that they have from says, it works effectively enough forms stable immunity and I repeat it has gone through all necessary tests. It works effectively enough is a weird. That not the endorsement that you want to hear on any. That we could probably find the few people it did work on and then pretend this is the majority of results. But yeah the the thing about the necessary tests is what a lot of the science community is really really uneasy about we talked about living maybe last week or maybe Monday. About how experts in the US are really worried about how the administration was just wanting to Russia vaccine all these phases of testing are so important. So they were like you know again in this instance, like please do not fuck around in skip parts of your testing just to score some propaganda points for like so you can get your approval numbers up a little bit in Russia but this man is cutting corners like he's drifted in a two thousand, two Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder gt just fucking skirt through everything. The body that developed the vaccine. The Gum La Institute quote has yet to conduct phase three tests on tens of thousands of volunteers in highly controlled trials processing as the only method of ensuring vaccine is actually safe and effective. So, bad. Yeah. Might as well throw it out there. Just see you know get people confident and then. I don't see any way that this could backfire in a world in which I we can't even convince people. Vaccines are safe when they are safe Yeah meetings Just. The injuries you with these kids aren't some of the people that they tested it onto the doctors themselves. Get. The fact that Putin's daughter is one of the people I'm sure she wasn't like a randomly selected participants say that to get the confidence I was like, well, why would he put his own daughter at risk? They were dealing with it. I and people are like, Oh really just getting people in the military and they're like the same line is when there'd be like Oh, yeah, we give to these people these people already in the like without testing like they were all volunteers they all volunteered. We didn't just like hit him within say it was another thing why would we ever do something like that? So imagine going to the doctor and being prescribed a treatment and the evidence for a working was that the doctor's daughter. Taken it and was okay. I would be like. Are you are you serious like you want me to pay you money for that? Can I see your daughter right now? That I own. Seem like they're faking any kind of evidence they're just. Kind of admitting to the to how scans the the research? Yeah. Well I think the thing that's funny is like the US UK Canada have all accused Russia like hacking and being like they're trying to get all the proprietary Info on our vaccine research. So in a way like, yeah. Like to your point at the top of the show Jack it could be more of an international effort than we had even thought where it's like yeah. Actually because on the backs of all this other research has done. We kind just just kind of jumped ahead and try to put something together now. A few researchers or scientific experts have pointed out in the fifties. Russia. Did this with polio polio vaccine were there like now we're good users roll dice would we'll test it in our own children luckily that ended up working. So I don't know if they're Kinda got the same confidence going into this one where they're like it's fucking man. See what happens but yeah, I think the scary part is the lack the these hit people's confidence in the science sciences that could occur from something like that. But also like in the phase three trials where a lot of the real subtle side effects and these other things apparently are like picked up and they they are able to catch them at that phase so. Without that kind of testing I can only imagine. How bad it could get or you know how great it could be who knows. Right. It is interesting because Russia has always had like I think it's an apocryphal story that they would send like four people into battle with one gun and just like the person who had the gun, we'll get killed and then the next person we'll pick it up but I think it's kind of a good summary of the ethos the Military Tho- select the idea that they would just push like yeah, we're yeah we're just gonNA push this through and some people are GonNa die and were kind of good with that I don't know ethically. Not Okay. Scientifically might be valuable in a situation where you're pushing to get a cure faster than other countries. What's the over under that trump just brings that thing over here. That vaccine. Look at what happened my lady just came through with the hot hot vaccine tiffany's taken it. It's. Taken it that getting worse? Illegitimate one I don't acknowledge. They've only got. Yeah I mean I'm assuming that Putin is doing this. So he helped trump to. Well, I could also see him doing it to. Try to have some leverage in negotiations but here it is so much leverage. Yes. He's even like like Vladimir's I mean at this point I would just be a real asshole. You can have this one it's fine donald but but they are both kind of in similar situations where the you know the population is not happy their performances respectively as leaders and they both would tremendously benefit or have a little bit of an approval bump by you know Roraima vaccine and then suppressing any stories about how things went terribly wrong or people who had side effects, etc. I do just want to say that we are recording this before. Biden announced his VP pick apparently it's like imminent like in a matter of minutes so. You will know that we. We do know it because of our inside sources, but we've been told not to tell you guys yet. So we'll just let you guys know that and talk to you about it on the trending or tomorrow. All right. Let's do a quick speaking of our fearless leader. Let's do a quick. Check in with his round of bullshit quotes for the past twenty, four, forty, eight hours. He said that the Spanish flu ended World War. Two. said that George Washington wouldn't beat him in an election pre pandemic big facts. He said that if Joe Biden winds everyone will have to learn Chinese. What the fuck is. It really is it's just. Like we can do is laugh because we're you know we're at the we're in a bus being driven by this guy, and we're like I. Don't know what it just any can anybody do anything about this. More op-eds being ridden of like, please this presidency now but it's all like. Nothing's going to change and all we can do is just be like. He thinks he doesn't know anything and he's clearly desperate to do something about any hope was that we were in a bus but I think we learned during the pandemic. We're actually on a Airbus we're on a seven, forty seven being flown by this Guy Concorde supersonic jet with first time pilot. Donald Trump. We'll say the Spanish Flu World War Two thing is weird because like I think so much of the crazy shit he says is to distract us in you know kind of changed the narrative of what's going on like I think a lot of that. He doesn't actually but this was actually he was really trying to make a point. You're so completely fucked it up. It, just made him look. So incredibly stupid I I mean I think the point he was trying to make I mean, this is what happens. I mean without that kind of research into the Spanish flu. Then you don't have scientists working on things that would later give way to the Manhattan project, which then gave way to the atomic bomb, which ended World War Two. Battle he's having badly. That is completely fucking up the pandemic response was actually good because no no, he's a bigger problem for people to saw that were. Very, funny. He believes he's just confusing wars. Got It right? Yeah. Yeah. But even that timing doesn't really make. It didn't end. World War One. It was like no. Bathing caused a lot of deaths because everybody was together because of World War, what you historian but is. Bullshit but. I think he was trying I think he was trying to say something and just his brain. and. It all came out just like diarrhea. Heard a smart point from somebody and this is what happens to smart points in his brain is they get like melted into soup yeah and then and then. Show. Starts to. Yeah The Washington. Great. I would have beaten. Yes. Either they weren't would. So I woke as. George Washington baby freaked out by all the cameras and the airplane. To. Run away the degree to which he seems to be comfortable resting on the laurels of like how much he would have won by if pre pandemic like I think we should steer in that direction get him to just be like nobody can see this coming. have one I would have been on Mount Rushmore just be like Yep yeah not. Let. Him Live in that reality where I just WANNA shut out my African American jobs rule I together hold onto victories for decades hoping that we will still remain relevant. Really just. y'All were keep keep talking about the past. The job will be like member Hala. Before firefighters man remember that's J. Lol it's like okay. Thank you Sir Geoffrey. Well speaking of Fire Fest, we do have a festival that is being celebrated as we speak we talked a little bit about it last week but what's the thing called the Motorcycle Rally dirges. Is is happening. There's been some video leaking out of what it looks like. It's not like you know only a couple of people wearing masks. It's like if you're wearing a mask, you're going to your ANTIFA and yeah, you're antipathy to break. People are now wearing masks and win a cameras pointed at them. They mouthed the words fuck masks. That's what's happening right now in sturgis smash mouth's performance which you know I would have saved for the last night. So you kind of have something to build to. But smashmouth performed to occur. It's really funny to watch the news clips where a people like on CNN they're doing voiceovers. So you can only see the smashmouth performance you can't hear it and the the lead singers like gestures and stage presence very. Reminiscent. Of Somebody Looks like guy like fifty year old guy trying to wrap at a wedding party or something like on on the Florida wedding like he's just like. Remembering to make a gesture with his hand every once in a while but anyways his quote from the middle of the concert was now we're all here together tonight and we're being human once again fuck that Cova she. Here's another one from Shrek. Fuck that Kovic. Shit. Saw Body. Wow. It's really woo. I I wasn't aware how like completely harebrained that guy was. Like I mean because I was never a fan of smash mouth and he was always like a run like living punchline but man to go up there full like fuck that Cova Shit like. That arrival rapper you know like you're talking about funding payments make like it's so the perspective of it is so off. Cova the rappers. Here Yeah Yeah exactly book that coach Oh. Suv Yeah but I mean it seems based on who he was performing in front of it seems like that. Kovic, it would be the like opposition, the all the scientific facts around Cova de and the preventative measures that were being taken not just saying Fuck Cova because you know the the interviews with people on the ground at Sturgis they all think fit the numbers are overblown. That It's great that they can go somewhere and not wear masks so. South, Dakota's numbers have been very low because it's one of the least populous chunks of land in United States and we'll see. Me Graduate I'm heading over there tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah. So we'll we'll. Fire feel that uncomfortable. But I trust my biker brethren man to keep me safe me a man of color. Bikers I feel like is it'll be all good great white speaking of. Great Whites great way had to apologize reasonably for performing in front of an mass crowd indoors. They already like have the track record. Yeah. They they're pyrotechnics show killed. One hundred people. That's right. That's okay. I, was like I I. No. Like the only time I've heard great white was in relation to another con it was that. You. What's their song man once bitten twice shy girl I. Don't remember if that's the right tone net just been putting those lyrics ask for songs for the tone or the key man do. As, an outside observer I kind of wish that these concerts that might cause like spikes deadly outbreak can we get some better band's doing it at least it's worth it. Yeah. Well I mean, this is like the kind of thing like me in college like it should be like lame bands people who like those bands like she shit like fuck, them. Don't don't let us should happen fucking radiohead show. Dying for SMASHMOUTH DYING FOR By the way jam. So you wrote the story up for us and you found out that smashmouth is no stranger to socially conscious music. Oh, that's right. I had no idea that. Song walking on the Sun was inspired by a according to the guitar player. Quote the Rodney King thing. Because the world was so crazy at the time quote we might as well be walking around a planet on fire. You know the sun a planet on five. Per Son Fantasy. It was a sort of can't we all get along song from the time when I wrote it because? Way So. Who wrote it the not the singer. Guitar player road or he's claiming he wrote it I don't know why you would claim your. GET IT AIn't no joke. I'd like to buy the world a Toke and teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. You know she's just by the world a Toke. Joe God. Is Other. Says, I love attack I know out by it it's like okay. It it's like they're really just trying to do that Kuhn by. There's a lot of lyrics in this motherfucker, but he the same guitar player said, it was said, the song was basically a social racial battlecry which I did not get an all from that song. Just like fashion, it's a passion for the with it in hip If you've got the goods, they'll come and buy just to stay in the click. So is he saying that racial justice is a? A fashion fad the people. Very I do remember analyzing these lyrics when the song came out and we were all just dissertation. Tad Alice's awesome on our back but it's a very cynical song. It's like so don't delay act now supplies are running out I mean I can't help but wonder. What it was sound like if Ben Shapiro. So don't delay act now supplies are running out. Villa live six to eight years to arrive, and if you follow, there may be tomorrow but if the first shun. You might as well be walking on the sun and also just if if it's wet down there colleague. Hala doctor to all my female listeners it's the one thing I can do please please look out for the the wet factor below the equator. There is like a dark Mama's handkerchief is soaked with their tears because her baby's life has been revoked bond broke up. So choke up and focus on the close up mister wizard can't reform. No God like Hocus pocus. That one felt a little bit real. That's a little bit what's going on. But A music video was them like a pool party or something? It was white guys in bowling shirts and Doris. Lester may have been actually on something about the doors for freedom. Getting that cohort of people to just like the guitarist was writing like some protests track in the lead singer was like this song is definitely about a hot day. Wow Wow. Oh Yeah. Oh Yeah. The lead singer definitely seems to be the asshole in the group based on honesty home they'll hold banned. The whole band is they're playing so I don't know whose original who like who's how many subs did they get also I, get it though too like you know you need to check but is this is this the look I mean to quote the lead singer? Echo it should you throw one more piece of Shit on fucking stage? I'm GonNa come find your ass. Your ass whoever the fuck you are out there. You WanNa be a bad ass come up here. Come on come. Up here come on, come on stage. That was during the preamble to all star. And then he went and fought somebody in the crowd the band vamp to the beginning of all star for. Like twenty minutes. So is band like that nervous and embarrassed family and he's like. Get Dad get dad pulling back like I video that you saw went viral of the sons having lift their dad out of the store because he was yelling at people wearing masks. We'll see we're a mask. You know it's fake Komo motherfucker and like he was trying to fight someone and then his two sons who are also wearing masks. So embarrassed like Dad, dad come on come on to the born the dad like the kid bear. Hugs. His Dad and lifts him up and walks him out of the store just mortified but it's also like A I think we all. We've all seen families like that were like the one of the parents is like, wow, in and everybody's gotTa. Do Damage Control so Maybe that's maybe that's the smashmouth dining. All right guys let's take one more break. Mogi right back. Hey. Miles. It's Jack from work. In your bushes once again I know Thank you for opening your door I. didn't open the door. Well, you didn't lock it, which is basically the same thing. Anyway I WANNA talk to you about You know I love Audible A. Huge fan huge ear reader. Loved to read with my ears and I I've been reading people were asking about what the book on why Mar Germany that I was reading the death of democracy and when I say I was reading I mean I was listening to it oh audible. Yeah. Oh Adults don't read as much as they used to listening to an audio book is a good way. I've look I I'm in a couple book clubs there've been moments where I tried to read the roll on Hardcover Book and I'm the IT's getting down to the wire and I need sometimes it's nice to listen to a book at one and a quarter speed and get all that information in quickly 'cause I'm not a big fiction guy but the nonfiction, it's Oh. There's nothing better than just have to read it at a half speed. Slowed all the way down man. All right. My brain just is very slow anyways. That's not even an option guys. But. So we've talked about audible before I've explained why I love audible but something that I'm just learning during quarantine is they have so much other things to offer. Lake stories audible dot com is something that I just found out about. I am going to be using it. They have different categories of stories that you can listen to with your family a section littlest listeners that I can listen to with my two and four year old that includes Winnie the Pooh story party Laurie Berkner Song, and story Louis Brechner when my kids favorite musicians. Yeah. You got to explore audible it's not just audio books anymore guy's so claim your first free audio book by going to audible dot com slash TV's or text t d Z. to five hundred. Five hundred that's audible. Dot Com slash td, Z. or text t d said to five, hundred, five, hundred and get a free audiobook. Hey, Miles Jack How's it going man good man you know just taking in that new car smell as much as I can help open my lungs a bit cooped. I'm feel cooped up man I gotta get. I gotta get out of the how you guys do. You don't see that's probably not cooped up. You need to get see you vida crossover utility vehicle up. So. Truth be told at the beginning of this I was driving around in a Mazda C x nine, twenty twenty. Miles we love what you're doing. Please try this car out. Let us know what you think. I'm driving in this thing it is the handling I gotta say is so smooth. We're already fans of your driving period they. knew out there on the roads and they were like we gotta get this guy behind the wheel. The new seeks not it can do anything it intuitively response to me as a driver. So you know how you oversteer like if you're like going down straight away, maybe you you you start doing these adjustments with the steering wheel, it's actively trying to make. Sure, you're being as efficient as possible with your steering wheel the exterior design that is so sleek yet aggressive pull up say, oh my gosh this man is probably a one percent and they go you know what? No, he's probably sensible, and that's why I believe this car really was bill for me why? Yes I'm a black person who likes styling. Who likes efficiency who likes minimal a minimal flexing if you like to say but still enjoys a bit of elegance. They truly design it like there's an art to how they design it. It's not just a science. No cars is an art tend it's for people like me I like to drive no I'm not someone out here who needs to be. Doing three, hundred miles an hour. But I liked the handling of a good vehicle and I love a great bow sound system which these CV's can come equipped with. So if you want more information on the Mazda C UV lineup including the first ever see X. Thirty GOTO MAZDA USA dot com slash iheart, and don't forget to explore their strongest finance options. And we're back. So this is an interesting story airport screeners for the TSA announced on Monday, the rate of weapons uncovered at US airports. Jumped to fifteen point, three weapons per million passengers screened in July from five point one. That's it tripled. Yeah which. Like so I hear it again, eighty percent of the guns were loaded. Well. That's great. They were getting loaded. It wasn't even like Y'all got the camera my backpack don't worry I'll have an commissioner or anything like that. Loaded fucking guns bringing it on the plane and the rate of people going planes should dropped by seventy five percent right I mean the cynical answer would be that only people flying right now would be the ones who are this unaware of their surroundings to to bring. That is a things right there's like the sheer panic about corona virus some people you know a gun like FBI background checks for gun purchases has been going up like since lockdown but in the last two months, it's gone up even higher. So it's probably like a lot of freaked out people who are new ignorant gun owners thinking like they're just like this like having the fucking H.. K.. US peon you. Is like bringing pat on a plane or something like it's not a very I I'm not sure like it has to be out ignorance I. Don't know if it's or I think we'd be hearing more incidents, people like brandishing weapons on planes realize like Oh you can't. You can't bring that here I just bought it in the thing is I like to keep the four five on me like Michael Coming back from retirement. That or I'll keep two nines on me like Wayne Gretzky. That is usually what they sound like. Just. Quoting rap lyrics. was, that David Lynch. The Like David Lynch yeah, that's a good sign for the quality of new gun owner that America is. I can bring this on getting right now. What are they thinking? Exactly like Oh man I gotta get to this place but I gotTA. Have that thing on the whole time or like I'm GONNA move here. But my plan is to stay protected when I go to this cities to fight off the hordes of desperate people I'm the mindset is really like this sort of you know cruel and unusual world sort of symptoms happening people yeah and I think a lot of people are getting guns because of you know the uprising. On their local news, which is framing it as you know, they only showing the. Looting and it's all out of context. It's just like. Destruction. So they're scared and then. This is the only time they're leaving their house. So they think to work zone out there I. Don't know I gotta stay if you work TSA or you know people, you've seen something like that what's going on? Were they afraid to let us know. And Xicheng. If you work for Dr Pepper, we also want to know what's going on if y'all. It is actually hard to I. I had trouble. I went to a seven eleven. And I, Dr Peppers like one of the I actually liked Dr Pepper in context I'd start all started when I started having Montreal smoked meat that is I gang member game outside of the show And I started sipping it with that and they don't. Will you normally as a Cherry Cola? If I was I was looking up like how you respect the Montreal smoking sandwiches released supposed to be cherry coke or like a Janki. Cheap Cherry Soda Button. So I've been I've been getting into my doctor pepper that's like my one little like Soda Indulgence that I do. And I was surprised. I was the guy was saying it's like Oh yeah like it comes in and out he's like they're having problems and I was like sure maybe like seven elevens having problems. But then there was like this tweet of Dr Pepper being like look we get him and we're going through some shit right now. Is, probably Dr Pepper is trying to work on a vaccine on the. Yes. Yes. So the thing that they have, it says having trouble finding your favorite Dr Pepper product we're doing everything. We can to get it back into your hands that means working with our distribution partners to keep shelves stocked nationwide while ensuring the safety of our employees. We appreciate your patience in encourage you to contact your local retailer directly for the most up to date availability of Dr, pepper products they won't give her a comment on this either to elaborate Dr Pepper is like a huge like cult thing. I didn't realize that but there's like all these. Famous people who had just only like John I think John Lennon would only drink Dr Forrest gump like four. Liked him. Dr Pepper. Hillary Clinton big. Dr. Pepper head. Big Chairman. I don't know if that's true. It'd be any keates. Okay, I see what you're doing this. Idea was from Dr Pepper. Is that true? No. RIFFING, here baby. Weight. Sergeant. John Lennon really liked Dr Pepper. Yeah he really loved Dr. Pepper but I love that idea that kind of the first time I had heard that of like a food that people are like, okay. You need to pair this with a diet mountain dew like something. A soft drink pairing like you always hear about it and winds. But that's Dope I. DO I do like have very specific sodas for specific occasions I do like a cherry coke. When move to movie theater Popcorn so good you to. Any this one's eating my popcorn. Yeah, which isn't a joke. A weird punchline that take. You don't know what it what the set up was. Are you a Dr? Pepper clan jam. I've had it. I like it. I I'm not a big Fan. No I I wouldn't. I wouldn't know what to pair it with feel to intimidate. Writings. And you go to the fancy restaurant and like the waiter like tastes the Dr Pepper for you, Right Well if you're having game I suggest Dr Pepper. As somebody who doesn't drink though it is real like you feel. Less than when they're like, oh, well, this now my wife. Yeah. They talk about pairings for my wife and I'm like all the Diet Coke. Yeah. DC's Ma'am. Could you make it a cold I like it with a? This is a south divide pheasant. Good with. Tab. I'll have that. That sounds good. Dope if if waiters were like, Oh, you north really good with this Oh non alcoholic heavy. Yeah. Exactly Joel, we need a better name for like a more adult sounding name for software remember like when Harry Potter was popular and they made like more adult covers. So people didn't feel stupid reading it if they were. Yes. On the subway s what we needed a soft drink that sounds like a more grownup thing that you can order. Fine. GonNa get more of professional adult than a doctor jam. Right. Professor on professor pepper just pepper MD.. Dr. Pepper Tenure and Ran Talk. We need to find out his first name, and then we'll just call him like reginald pepper. MD.. His full name is Dean Cain. Pepper. Let's check in with the world of trolls. It's been too long. So movie. Yeah. Yeah Talked about world. Tour. Felt, like I was a you know Karl. Marx having an acid trip of the future of capitalism. And so they they have drawn the ire of the Cunanan. Community there is a toy that went viral because some some Q. Supporters, some Q. Soaked Netizens were were claiming that they that the doll had a button between her legs. When you pressed, it would make a we or a oh not true not not actually true but it because of the Cunanan effect and the fact that they were able to gather like hundreds of thousands of signatures on a like online petition, they pulled this toy off shelves. But. We're button. It has a sensor on the area because it's post descent when it sits down and make like a funny noise when it sits down and they turned that into there's a button that you press under the address. And it's whatever I don't. That's that. So many leaps you have to take to be like what it's there, and then it goes we ono own. Oh Well that's I I you know I'm sorry to that company that had to deal with the. Man Maybe I'm not whatever yeah I don't care about the. Just, worrying sign of q becoming confirmation by. fucked. Yeah. Driving the narrative. The thing that really bugs me about this story is that the the cue people said that the toy by having that button. Sort of normalizes like pedophilia for kids to play with it, which is insulting, and also just a real misreading of the trolls movies because if you seen those movies and Jackie, wash them, right? Yeah I did the character poppy is an adult. At the same time I mean as a toy for kids, you don't want like sexual anything on a toy for kids. So we were that the case I would understand people being like, Hey, you know get the shit out of my kid's toy box but. I just it's. It's a made up thing that is. Like They have their coopting big parts of the pedophilia. Child, sex trafficking. Conversation, which is a problem, but they are like. Almost doing the bidding of sex traffickers because they are making that conversation. Yes. All about using a fake shit. Yeah. Because they're going after the trolls people going trolls. Random pizzerias that have nothing to do with it meanwhile, like for people who teen and Yeah Clint like they they bring up Bill Clinton and I'm sure like. Donald Trump. It's always maggots. It's like right? You're a man is in the photos but you but suddenly you can't go down the path there because he's undercover miles. Baby, he's done e BRASCO. means she's PEDALPUB RASCO. He's out here. It's The. Whole thing is so dark and again, it's like so many people just trying to make sense of a world that's so fucked up. But arriving at at that conclusion of very rev like messed up way the quote from the Q. Community was we have the power to stop the sexual exploitation pedophile grooming of our children even with the fake news and Big Tech Censorship we cannot be stopped. There's too many of us who are awake keep fighting Patriots Godwin's wins. All right. So this is an example of God winning apparently for God loved the world so much he removed the button from the troll dolls but. Yeah exactly on the sensor from the sensor bus. Yes. Yes. Yes. John. It's been a pleasure having you on the show. It's a pleasure. Working with you every day that we do this show So where can people find you and finally you can find me on twitter at J. mcnabb again. You can find I do a Co host a movie podcast most weeks called rewatch ability what she can find which actually I just realized. I. Think the company. That owns the podcast was bought by Hasbro so. I, say all of their decisions with the troll doll. Whatever they. Fine with me. And and just Yeah. Those places and is there a tweeter some other work of social media you've been enjoying? Oh. Yeah, I saw a let me get it up here. I did see tweet the other day. There was news that they're rebooting three men and a baby, and who is Peter Avellino on twitter tweeted that they should get Zachary Quinto to directed. and. That's a will. Oh. The original was directed by Leonard Nimoy and and he plays spock in the new ones. So a little star Trek. A little walk for. Air Nimble mines. Miles working people find you what's tweet you've been enjoying twitter instagram miles of gray other podcast for Twenty Day fiance were talking ninety day fiance highs book was Sophie Alexandra. It's always a good time. A couple of tweets I'm liking and away we go this one a few all tagged me in this tweet that was blowing up and I understand it was from at t's e teach us. It says a five to girl a six four man abrasion in a Vegan. All sit in a restaurant who telling you what they are. I. Don't know what I am more away. Another one from reductions at Reductions A. Personal Mask and like a visor on it, how to give a blowjob safely with a mask and shoot shield. another one from at Joshua Hall Joshua. Ben Shapiro sharing with the world that his wife Doctor, told him that wet pussy is a symptom of gynecological problem is the greatest self own in the history of cell phone cell phones it will never be surpassed. Other people can stop owning themselves because there's really no point. Seriously that is great summary. Rob Wissmann tweeted remember that Cameron Diaz movie where if she pushes a button, she gets million dollars but kills one random person magin braving that ethical dilemma for nine brunch eggs. We are and. Think we that I like. So much that I retweeted it. was from pixelated boat. Just had bench Shapiro coming and immediately calling an ambulance. Me On twitter at. Bryan find us on twitter at Daly's guys read daily Zeitgeist on Instagram. We have facebook fan page and a website lease I dot com post, our episodes, and our foot. Off The information that we talked about today's episode as well as the song we ride out on. What are we writing out on two days? This is a tracked by group Polity Hero. And I didn't know I don't know what euro is what he's about what they're about I don't know. What this artist is. When I heard the track it sounded like if like an algorithm got smart could have become R&B artists and started selling albums. because. It has a lot of Oh Kotor on it but like it's still feels a little bit like very digital but soulful at the same time. So it's just a fun little listen. It's called raw in pieces great title but I feel like that's what like how algorithm would like misinterpret the sentiment of like a song and be like Rod. NBC's because I will squeeze you till. Your life extends. but yeah, this is Hero piece. All right. We'll. We're GONNA ride out on that. The daily Zeitgeist is a production by radio for more podcasts from IHEART radio visits, the iheartradio APP apple podcasts, or wherever you listen your favorite shows that's going to do it for this morning, we'll be back with. A Camping Gain, what's going on I? Know it's been a while since you may have been out of the house living life like you used to. But you know what? There is the open road that still is out there and you should probably reintroduce yourself to in a Mazda. I was lucky enough to drive around in nine the last couple of months and I have to say. The C. UV lineup by Mazda is pretty wonderful. These vehicles are masterfully crafted. They have elevated design that's reflected in every detail from the the controller knobs to the steering wheel. It's all there. So if you want more information on the MAZDAS UV lineup including the first ever see thirty Goethe Mazda USA dot com slash Iheart, and don't forget to explore their strongest finance options. 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