NASCAR Live - 2001 Daytona 500 winner - Michael McDowell


sir are you where you go at forty miles an hour. This is a residential area. Sure but i'm on my lawnmower. Wait am i getting a ticket. No i've just never seen anyone top nine miles an hour on one of those bad boys and mother attire lawn and thirty seconds. Click cut into you. Well it did feel a bit sonoko this morning at we know how to fuel peak performance. We've been doing it for american racing for over fifty years you'll your best. The chevy silverado trail boss is designed to stand out. Because when you have a two inch. Lift goodyear dora track tires an integrated dual exhaust. The last thing you'll need is a row. The chevy silverado trail boss readied off road right from the factory by new roads at your local chevy dealer. The following is a production of the motor racing network. The voice of car clean already per position gotta be there that day. They run accounts. The motor racing network presents. Nascar law the winner of the sixty third running of the daytona. Five is indeed michael mcdowell. Not everybody makes it to victory lane for fourteen years. I didn't and passages to be here. Now is so amazing. That's is brought to you by wheel. Engineering a global leader in the emergency warning industry dressed the to perform since nineteen fifty two by xfinity x. y. internet. That's more than just fast. Expanding proud premier partner of nascar and by blue emu. Maximum pain relief. The official pain relief cream of the motor racing network. Blue emu is family owned and manufactured here in america. It works fast. And you won't stay from the studio in concord north carolina. Here's your host mike bagley. Hello everybody welcome to another edition of nasa car. Live here on the motor racing network like bagley any of our crew with you for yet another get together after the sixty third running of the daytona five hundred and to reflect back. We're going to give you a nascar live backtrack from all the action. That made up the great american race. And we're also going to chat with the winner of the daytona. Five hundred michael mcdowell will join us on this week's show plus he wasn't the only winner this weekend. Austin syndrich went to victory lane and the nascar xfinity series. Ben rhodes went to victory lane in the nascar camping world truck series. We will chat with those two gentlemen as well. We'll have all the winners for you from speed weeks. Two thousand twenty one. We're also going to remember some of the drivers who earned their first cup series wins in the daytona five hundred plus look ahead to our return to the world center of racing for this weekend's action on the road course and we'll have a whole lot more for you as well but to get us started is ricky. He's here to catch us. Up with all the news. After a lot of on-track this past week and weekend at daytona. Kyle mike with the daytona. Five hundred win behind him michael mcdowell and his front row motorsports team look to the bigger picture. Now the playoffs mcdowell has never been a part of the sixteen driver post-season but the daytona five hundred win locked into the playoff field. A fact that he says won't change much with his team outside of being able to be more aggressive on the race track not a lot of change for us for the rest of the season as far as you know are after. And what we're gonna do. I think what will change is. We'll be able to be a bit more aggressive. And i think that we'll have a little bit more confidence in swag to hear more from the first time nascar cup series winner later in the show. All three of nascar's national series are back on track this weekend in daytona but on the three point six one mile fourteen turn road cores. The same course used last august and last tuesday night. In the busch clash. Chase elliott has won the last four points paying road course events including the race at the daytona road course last august and many of his competitors point to him as this weekend's early favorite elliott says. That isn't necessarily the case. Well i think it's an easy thing to say based on the past results. But i i've said it wants an i'll say it one hundred more times just because you're angered somewhere in the past doesn't mean you're going to come back and be that good again. So this is a evolving sport. Things change people improve People figure things out cars get better. Drivers get better the road course weekend in daytona begins this friday with the break best. Select one fifty nine presented by o'reilly auto parts for the nascar camping world truck series at seven pm eastern time here on m. r. n. In actor kevin. James will serve as the grand marshall for sunday's o. Reilly auto parts to fifty three nascar cup series race in daytona. James is the executive producer and stars in the new net. Sitcom the crew in says he's been leaning on one veteran nascar crew chief to help them develop the show about life in the nascar garage as a crew chief. It's been tony gibson. Who i based my name kevin. We gave him that. Because he's been such a great ally. He's been so helpful in helping me and he came on set and he would just call. Bs when he saw it. And he's this would never you know And knowing that is also a a show that's got so it's like he knew the exact line draw and be like this is what it would be like And he he's been teaching me so much about the aspects of all about assembling the team. And what you gotta do is a leader season. One of the crew is now available on net flicks. Mike kyle coming up. we'll revisit. This past weekend's great american race and later we will chat with the daytona. Five hundred champion michael mcdowell. Wieland would like to congratulate michael mcdowell and his number thirty four front row motorsports pit crew for the dramatic win at daytona international speedway in the wee hours of monday morning. They are the wheel pit crew. With a week mcdowell. Thank the entire team for making his first cup series win possible to get my first point that daytona. It's just it's unbelievable. i'm just so thankful for. Everybody just says allowed me to do it. It's you know it's not been an easy road. And and there's been lots of years where i was wondering. What the heck am i doing and why am i doing it and i always knew that if you just kept grinding that you know one day everything will line up. And then they'll go right and but as you get further into your now so i'm just thankful very thankful everybody made it possible. We'll in engineering. A global leader in the emergency warning industry trusted to perform since nineteen fifty two now back to your host mike bagley. Welcome back to nascar. Live the two thousand and twenty one nascar. Cup series season is underway and the sixty third running of the daytona. Five hundred was one to be remembered. Here's how it all sounded on the motor racing network with a brand new nascar ve backtracks. This is our super bowl for all these drivers. They are all jacked up the ready to go dollar in california. Now that i kinda by a little bit. I get in the car a lot. Easier out having a beer gut in half the car you know with. All the gers cramp lake. Aren't that then back to the ocean. Already forty cars come down to the line. They call it. The great american race and the green flag is in the air and we're running the sixty third annual daytona. Five hundred were crashed here and everybody have no vital. While believe will have no idea why we're pushing shoving part this early adult five hundred eric l. merola Running second behind him. Christopher bell on the bottom of the race track with like christopher got into the back at eric what what a best there. That's a hell of a job. That's that's a really good car for pushing their take care of your stop here behind the or wherever he goes through fitness backstretch in the corner. You stay right track with their cars everywhere over that now. We are getting word from nascar that we need to bring this race to a stop on pit road. We have lightning in the area. Got a lightning strike gonna bring you down pit road road. Close the bringing everything. Turbo lot of rain coming. The the driver's been waiting probably sitting in her motor homes. A lot of just kind of hanging out get ready for this. Particular moment are pretty crew. Came back on here right away. A walk into your reference again airfare. Stay out friday three two and one. Yeah it'd be. Aw trying to broke needed it. I guess i'll probably to be damaged. Car william byron has the rear bumper cover flapping in the breeze. He's going to be getting a black flag. This time by with the person doesn't need for the tail but they'll still audit they the posted on the left side tail on. So yes we can skip mondale queen. How get spun around. D looked like he made contact with the outside safer barrier. Caution flies on the speedway for the third time tonight. Buddy dyer blue born into one. I don't know the damn fox's out here entire blue considering over something when he threw it on my windshield. Now ryan will jump up there because hamlin kyle busch took the low line at a to everybody shifts to the outside. How get in line that we'll get some help from stenhouse. Statehouse will pass in three wide on the bottom falls out of the top ten at the field out at other shuffled out. Why don't we stop so bad. At playing races tiger towns their care denny hamlin will win stage number one feel track of product. Slow really really really. Pretty rare condition got a fire right. Rear gas fired right. We'll be ready to put that out. I make fire in the right rear cycle here. Do not cycle do not cycle three to four right here right here. Frank paddling prior to fire the big fire. You might to get out and leave floor at me. I'll be able to breathe position. Six seven and eight are chevrolets. And ross chastain austin dillon and chase elliott watching you. Here's kaz laskey trying to make the move on. The ghana lugano throws the block. Look elise down the back straight away just laskey life. Ski cars crash kazlauskas up in a ball of flame heavily. You'll get that. I felt outcome and breakfast for the win. Caution is on the speedway. We'll wait and see. Who was the race leader. When the caution flag came out over the winner of the sixty third running of the daytona. Five hundred is indeed michael mcdowell. They can go ahead and celebrate now. Fico was a very special moment. For michael mcdowell in the front row motorsports team will chat with the daytona hundred champion. Next and later. We'll sit down with this past weekend. Nascar xfinity series winner. Austin syndrich sir. Are you where you were going. Forty miles an hour. This is a residential area. Sure but i'm on my lawnmower. Wait am i getting a ticket. No i've just never seen anyone top nine miles an hour on one of those bad voice and mother attire lawn and thirty seconds cut into you. Well it did fuel up. It's nokia this morning at sonoko. We know to fuel peak performance. We've been doing it for american racing for over fifty years fuel your best. This is nascar. Live here's keselowski trying to make the move on the gun. I'll lugano throws the block. Llegado lease down the back straight away. Kazlauskas live penske cars crash. Kozlowski is up in a ball of flame up into the outside wall. Take kyle busch with him. Everybody now racing off the corner. Horrific crash on the final lap of the daytona. Five hundred. caution is all on the speedway. Caution is on the speedway. We'll wait and see. Who was the race leader. When the caution flag came out and we are now getting word from nascar the winner of the sixty third running of the daytona. Five hundred is indeed michael mcdowell. They can go ahead. And celebrate now it will be victory by mere inches mcdowell with the daytona five hundred now back to mike bagley. That's how it sounded in the we early morning. Hours of monday morning michael mcdowell going to victory lane and earning his first ever nascar cup series. Victory welcome back to nascar. Live indeed friends. Michael mcdowell is the winner of the two thousand and twenty one daytona. Five hundred michael's able to share some time with our dylan welsh to reflect on his career. Defining moment joined now by the winner of the twenty twenty one daytona. Five hundred that is michael mcdowell. also michael Have you slept at all. I guess that's probably the first question. I know you've been busy this morning but did you get any sleep last night. No i didn't You know by the time that got done with media and tech and and logan car in the hall or to to go over to the To the ticket office to the museum it was. It was five thirty in the morning so it wasn't worth getting just an hour sleep before the the media to our started so i just kinda started to Answer some texts and have some phone calls and yeah so tonight. I'll get hopefully a little chain sleep. Well i i want to. I want to. there's a lot to talk about. Obviously but i wanna start with something. That our own steve post asked in victory lane about you know you dream. Every driver dreams about winning a race like the daytona five hundred. And you've been very close. The last several years you're always upfront of these superspeedway races always in the hunt but to finally break through to finally have everything fall your way and win your first race on the biggest stage I mean was it was. It is exciting and and worth as you dreamed it would be. Oh absolutely i mean yeah. It's it's unbelievable. It's hard to hard to put it in the worst. You know just the emotion that you have in that moment Up just excitement. And just i mean you just overwhelmed and then for me. You know the few hours after that was just manages humbling it. Was you know emotional. Think about how many people and how many people you know. Sacrifice a lot for me to get to this point and you know all opportunities that i've had and and just you know you become very thankful and it's very humbling experience. Well and you know. I think back to your crash texas and you know you had to grind a lot to just get into a position you after that where you were in a solid stable ride and and now to have this all come together You know like it has i just. I can't imagine what that feels like to to have gone through what you've gone through just to stay in the sport and now to win the biggest race of all. I have to imagine that is an extremely rewarding. Feeling yeah absolutely. I think you journeys it you know even just your many years where to stay in the sport and do whatever you care you know whether that start pack series or whatever you have to do just staying at company You know paternity like this. So let's go back to the last few laps in know you can even specifically the last lap going down the backstretch. You're in a position to you. Know to make a move to try to pull out of line or or do something to to kind of control your own fate a little bit. Take us behind the wheel and your helmet. What was going through your head. What was the thought process as you as you came off a turn to and and kinda started to get set up to to make some sort of move my you know. My thoughts really was the the same as you know what i had gone into. The race was just to be in that top. Three or four coming to the white and and just push you know whoever i could in front of me Until you got off at turn four. Because that's you know i felt like in the years past. I've pulled out of line too soon or try to make my move to soon and so i was just committed to staying with that to car until until it was time and You know it it. It all just worked out perfectly and now kind of with with how nascar sets their lineups we get to go to the daytona road course next week. Which is You know you're a road course guy you run very well on the road courses and you're gonna get a chance to start up front and potentially go back to back here at daytona so How do you feel about your chances next week. Even on the road course or the with a good starting spot. Yeah that's cool yeah That's actually one of the things that that came up with my just as you're thinking about all the things and what it means to women as i told you arrested thirtieth next week we're going to be up front which is nice because you know. Ask you if You know just the way that it worked with the weighted You know point owners points but that we just never had an opportunity to start up front with our you know in their courses so we had to kind of dig ourselves out. So you know. We're excited about coming back here in in having a shot at it. Yeah absolutely and last thing you know. I know you're busy. But how will this. How will last night. Winning the daytona five hundred. How would that change your life moving forward. You know man. It's not gonna change my life. It's it's it's definitely gonna change. You know some of the peripheral things such great honor that comes with it but you know driving race cars is what you do. It's it's not who you are. It doesn't define. Yeah so you know my kids and my family and just you know your friends. They're not gonna look at you any different and And so you know it doesn't change your your your life or who you are but it definitely. i mean. It's a big deal. And it's a huge accomplishment and it means a lot for race team at guarantees us in the playoffs which you know helps us financially and help our partners and there's so much that that it does by winning a race that for sure it's going to change things but you know it doesn't change your your absolutely well. Well done. enjoy the accomplishment. Hope you're you're able to soak it all in. And and congratulations again. Hey thank you so much. Thank you dylan coming up. We'll speak with saturday night's nascar xfinity series winner syndrich and later. We'll visit with friday nights truck series winner. Bedrose says he'll stop by and join us. The chevy silverado trail boss is designed to stand out because when you have two inch lift. Goodyear dirt track tires an integrated development sauce last thing. You'll need a rope. The chevy silverado trail boss readied off road right from the factory. Find new roads at your local chevy dealer. This is nascar alive. Austin syndrich maintains the lead by car like peer comes brett. Mop it up the second five and harrison burton who has been shuffled in the bottom of the racetrack. Recall turn four garrison burden on the inside syndrich on the outside checkered flag is waving. Beer comes moffitt. He'll dive to the outside. It will not be enough. At the line austin syndrich is taking four back. Victory lane in daytona syndrich. Getting the win now. Back to mike bagley. That's how it sounded saturday evening. On the motor racing network austin syndrich opened up the two thousand and twenty one nascar xfinity series season defending his title with a win at the world. Center of racing are woody. Kane caught up with austin to look back on saturday nights win and his nascar cup series. Debut in the five hundred. Awesome cedric joins us. Now he drives the number twenty two ford mustangs for team penske and he started off defense of his explicity series championship with a win at daytona and ran the daytona five hundred. Still a big smile on your face. Often what a weekend as your head. Stop spitting you know. It's definitely a great way to start the year. Spending our guys over the off season too fast mustangs and you know. I don't think we've been at eight plus card. Some of these super speedways in the past. And i was actually kinda bummed out. One ball was right now. Because i wanted to showcase the the the games because we showed significant improvements in our single car speeding practice and obviously that showed the ratio. We control a lot of the race and were able to execute their that. The end on a degree checkered with a great push from. Aj and Yes start start off with a win. Winning a five four mustang. Even though you wanted some practice on no you couldn't have been too disappointed to start up front in that event but tell me if it went sort of like you expected or if it was completely the other way around. I know almost everybody who raised today told her. This weekend was in some kind of an overtime finish. Yeah i mean there is a lot of moments in that race today. I think i think for me heading into that weekend. Mindset surrounding it as the chase chasers in the field. You know chase chase briscoe. Ni- last year worked really well together on the super speedways being the fords and instill really in the last couple of races being able to control the race at some point and find each other so that was heading into the weekend. A a new challenge and working with rally herbs and in ryan see. You know we got together. We talked it out we. We tried to establish some sort of trust and Early early parts of the race. Where would to to work together on restarts in and be able to kind of set the groundwork for moving forward but but past that You know like said we a lot of speed and think that showed you know. I think that was the most times. Must spotter keyed up over the radio telling me that people wanted to work with. And and that tells you got fast racecar makes your life easier the driver when when you can showcase at speeds. I'm just really proud. Proud of my guys proud proud of them continuing to develop and the around my spider colin presley. i think. I went on a superspeedway and he works harder than anybody else. Man i mean he. He's one of those guys you put in the effort and he'll equal it so It's it's been fun to see that he was. He was so excited we. I called him after the race and and I heard i heard his voice crack a few times on the last lap. You know votes jokes and he was telling me that does not get fogging the last lap. He was breathing smart so anyway. I was really happy for him. He just probably even happy. That i was to win that thing but yeah a great way to start the year and hopefully keep them going and it took a little drama to get there but you make your first daytona five hundred as well and you ran well at times led a little bit but man at the end of that thing you got caught in that last big one looking at the slow motion replay and i can say this now because we know everybody was who was in it was okay but the only thing i could think was going through like one of those flame. Broiler burger things away. All the fire was around you and you even tweeted virus hot. I guess it is man. I mean i try not to zone smart when i say that. But it's hot like cow. Like i've never experienced something more real and powerful than that kind of a fire and honestly we're lucky that it was at the end of the race on low fuel. I mean bradley had probably two three laps. A fuel left or something like that at least given the stints. And that's what all came out of car and onto the track and onto my car so I feel very fortunate that the cars are safe because regardless of the fire which made it visually spectacular but that was a big impact. I i'd been a lot of money that we were on the on the data recorder for for that one. So i'm i'm feeling a little bit the news after but i'm fine so like i said very very fortunate. Nascar and penske builds safe race cars and ready to go again back to your your regular gig and the extended series defending champion. Now you had to the road course at daytona is. That's something now that you've kind of gotten the the daytona five hundred under your belt and done something you haven't done before now you're going to a place where it kinda feels like your favorite pair of shoes or something going back on. Because you're you're one of the best road racers in the series and you won their last year. Yeah obviously there's there's a difference between speedway racing. A lot of the other racetracks would go to this year. I mean you could say those comfort level of the road courses for me but there's new challenges every time i felt like daytona road course. Although we won the race i was. I was not very satisfied with with our we showed up with the car and Try and improve that so obviously we. We have a little bit to learn from the clash and and watching that race but overall i'm excited to see the packers we brought for for this weekend and hopefully can be no strong stronger than what we had. Last time. everyone's gonna be stepping up their game. You got remember the last time we race there. There is no practice or anything. No one had seen that racetrack. So it's definitely definitely different ballgame. I think heading into this weekend. Austin congratulations on a strong start to the season. Good luck this weekend and keep it up some extra there you go. That's often syndrich. Drives the number twenty two ford mustangs at team. Penske bank you coming up. We'll hear from friday nights nascar camping world truck series winner. Ben rhodes and later we look back at some of the drivers who earned their first nascar cup series win by way of winning the daytona. Five hundred this is nascar. Live moria roper. Leads via truck. What here comes ben. Rhodes here comes back craft and trying to lineup craft in nearly gets the outside wall behind corey roper wage. Here they come sparks. Flying trucks wrecking one of the sliding wide to the checkered flag. They come outside lane. Ben rhodes on the outside lane wins at daytona. Now back to mike bagley. That's how it sounded friday night. On the motor racing network. Ben rhodes winning a wild one at daytona kicking off the two thousand and twenty one nascar camping world truck series season. What he came sat down with band to look back on friday nights win. Ben rhodes is with us now. He drives the number ninety nine toyota tundras for sport racing and he won the season at daytona. And he's still got a huge smile on his face after doing all that but ben before we talk racing i gotta ask you. I saw some pictures from tore sport this week and it looked like the snow was passed the doors. Have you been to the shop. And they put you to work digging out sidewalks. So it's funny. You say that. I'm on my way up the door. Sport tonight Flying in detroit renting car driving through the snow tooth or sport it. It's been planes trains automobiles. I'm my sponsor bombarded as it's been lear jets trains automobiles since Since the way man it's been so crazy it's been absolute owen. Yeah but you wouldn't have any other way. I bet it's just been it's just been fantastic. And what a race. Yeah let's show. I didn't realize that it was as crazy as it was until afterwards i went march. Three plays like that wasn't insane race. So i knew up front like that that we had so many lead changes and it seemed like nobody keep the lead longer than like a lab. You know it was just back the back end. I thought that this was one of the most entertaining racists and recent history for the truck series. I honestly thought that the that the trucks were so stable this year with side skirts that it just made for some amazing racing. I mean back and forth. You couldn't hold onto the lead but then you could make heck of a run on the outside getting back again. It was just lots of commerce goers and it seems like in past years the issue has been. You could get to somebody but not necessarily around them. That didn't seem to be the case for you or any of the any of the guys. Now you you can make some crazy ron's and you can make it work. Well i mean roper. Caught me off guard going into turn one of the last lap pools downright for where did you come from. And i thought i had the inside line. I thought i was in the catbird seat and then Sure enough he he gets run me. I was upset for like half a second then. I realized wait a minute on second at daytona on the last lap. That's actually not a bad thing. So lost the lead little upset but then it worked out great. I had my tv behind me. Matt craft and he was pushing us pushing his boundaries. Push him up bardi tundra. We made it to the front but if it wasn't for him i don't know if gotta get the win. I gotta get him a huge club. You had some big wins in your career. You've won at your home track of kentucky. You've one at darlington but you said this was the biggest one of your career and obviously speaks of daytona is the biggest part of our sport. But how long have you dreamed of this moment. Because i read somewhere that you used to play daytona on video games when you were a kid. Oh yeah heck yeah. Who didn't right. I mean we're going around all these cart races and we'd be in the middle of indiana or out arkansas wherever racing cars and we you know me and my other buddies that were all competitors with at that age. Our ten years old nine years old and We go into their trailer. we'd be playing this daytona game against each other than we go out on and race cards against each other. It just brought back so many memories right so long ago. I've had this goal. In my mind that i wanted to race at daytona and wanted to get a win there and to know that you know we. We did it. That was i. Don't know it. Just it's it's almost like validation to right because there's been so many ups and downs in my career since since i came out canaan series and you know. Now we've we've got a few wins in the truck series. I've got a really steady team behind me now and it just it seems like things are going great and it was a little bit of allegation for the fact that hey i can win on superspeedway now like we know how to get it done. The thing is you could do everything right and still not get a superspeedway win. Anybody who's been in racing. We'll tell you that. Sure you've known that yourself but i'm curious about the way. This thing has all unfolded for you. Now because you've any anybody who's been in racing those this to you have some high highs and some lows. What have you learned about kind of keeping that even keel. And how will that help you going forward. Yeah i so. I think it really came to me about you. Know two thousand and nineteen started working with tj majors and he was coaching me on how to kind of just become a better big picture driver. Somebody that can see everything that's going on in the race and still see this whole season at the same time and Two years with him. And now i've got tj belt behind me. Coaching me and he you know he's a. I raced against them last year. He's a driver right so I've i've got some really good people behind me coach. Me and i didn't necessarily have that. I and i'll tell you it's made all the difference in my career and i think a little bit of age two. I've gotten older and slow down a little bit Just mentally just trying to take everything. And i thought like. I've got just a better outlook on racing as a whole and the experience helps a lot too right. I've been the trucks now for a while and at this point i feel like i know exactly what to expect when i go into each race and i set goals for myself on trade so i i go in there and i told myself exactly what i need to. I need to be here on each stage. And i don't need a pressure to be in this situation it. I've seen it now. Everything's coming a little bit easier to me. I guess all right well. Then congratulations on a strong talking to the season. Look forward to seeing you at daytona. This week and i know you'll be chomping at the bit to get back at it when you've got that little mobile for vegas congrats and thanks for your time man. Thanks so much. I appreciate it. That's been roads. He drives the number ninety. Nine toyota tundra for fourth raising. Thank you what he coming up on this car live. We'll take a look back at some of the drivers whose first daytona five hundred win. Were also their first ever nascar cup series win and later we'll preview this weekend's cup series race sunday daytona road course. Nascar live is brought to you. By blue emu. Maximum pain relief. The official pain relief cream of the motor racing network. Blue emu is family owned and manufactured here in america. It works fast. And you won't stink now back to mike bagley. Welcome back to nascar live monday. Mornings win for michael mcdowell wasn't only special because it was the daytona five hundred it's important was also stated. By the fact that michael mcdowell had never ever won in the nascar cup series. Until that moment michael mcdowell is not the only winner in cup series history to earn his first win in the five hundred and his cup series win simultaneously. We take a close look at some of the drivers who make up. This exclusive club. The caution flag flew for a massive last lap crash. Michael mcdowell scored his first nascar cup series. Win in last sunday's daytona five hundred. Every driver dreams of winning the great american race but rarely. Is it a driver's first. Career victory in fact mcdowell became only the eighth driver carl edwards so the bottom. He's got drafting help. He's up to four. He's up to third comes. Carl edwards says pain leads to three. Gotta give here comes carl edwards. He's got momentum. David gilliland giving shelter the thought of the body now. Trevor bayne will crossovers time off for river vein playing defense. He's out in brought at age twenty. He's gonna win the fifty third daytona five hundred trevor. Bayne gets the win for the wood brothers and their dancing on pit road alec. They are in kate. Leonard would one. Okay here's of nascar racing. He's got to run out and celebrate. Donnie wing goes down here so far down here all of the four family on top with the pit box and high fives and more importantly there are tears around. Mr would congratulations. You're going back. Related daytona has authorized the gala talented a decade ago twenty year old trevor. Bayne took the wood brothers back to victory lane for the first time in ten years the excitement and disbelief in baynes voice readily apparent in victory. Lane and saying man. God is distant so good us this whole week and You know to be in this situation to be able to work with the whip brothers in that famous twenty one car. I mean it's it's insane and it's right back where it belongs in victory lane You know pearson said earlier. I hope you can live up to the saying. Hopefully we're showing them. We can here. Because i want to be in a long time to come. In two thousand one michael waltrip claimed his first career win the daytona. Five hundred unfortunately. It happened on one of the most tragic days in nascar history as dale earnhardt lost his life in the final. Turn walter and teammate. Dale earnhardt jr. finished one to that day waltrip celebrated after the race. Not knowing how serious the situation was well. It's just unbelievable junior. That was budweiser. They're hundred and i would be over four sixty three but were dell junior man. He he dreamed he won the daytona five hundred and he did. I just got to be the one that was in victory lane. I cannot believe it. it's the great feeling. Let me ask you a question. Though is one for four six to three really that much better than before i mean the daytona five hundred bethel i know i won the daytona. Five hundred. walter would get a chance to celebrate properly after winning the daytona five hundred again just two years later. Urban dependable down low. It tightens up big at one. Carling bala half a car. Length is a great software for surly. Marlin dashes back to the checkered flag. Told a five ondrej. Darlings got a car. Lay the half trying to put a dream behind. He will quit his first cup race. He tried since nineteen seventy six at sterling marlin has won the daytona five hundred his first winston cup victory on the celebration will be nonstop on the mortgage the core team sterling marlin hoisted the harley j earl trophy in victory lane in nineteen ninety four his first career victory for years earlier derrick pope was crowned daytona five hundred champion feeding dale earnhardt senior in nineteen ninety. Derek called down to the inside terry. The body second guess. Dale earnhardt slides back into the fourth position off the corner. It's derrick pope put aircraft career. He looks to the inside. Direct cope covers the spot. Earnhardt's not a factor. Here co pulled off the challenge of pompey derek. Web's the daytona five hundred in a remarkable upset. You're the world's center of racial but nineteen ninety daytona five hundred goes to derrick pope of spanaway washington and there is a stunned silence mixed with cheers for the young driver washington. Pete hamilton joined the list. In nineteen seventy. While mario andretti won the nineteen sixty seven. Daytona five hundred. His only win in the cup series running. The caution flag is out right now and the caution white out together. This is the last lap the cautious alto to all intents and purposes after way. It'll end up with mareo to winter. His share of the speedway twenty two thousand five hundred dollars and he will. Also get a sizable amount of money and in Accessory money as well the first driver to score his first win the daytona five hundred tiny lund back in nineteen sixty three. They told us a place where anything can happen. And michael mcdowell proved driving victory lane and adding his name to an exclusive list in mass car. Oh what a perfect time for it to be your first coming up. It's time for this week in nascar history and we look ahead to this weekend's cup series race on the daytona road course. Today's broadcast is brought to you. By blue emu. Maximum pain relief. The official pain relief cream of the motor racing network vis is nascar. Live now back to mike bagley. Welcome back to nascar alive before we head for the exits that time again this week in nascar history. Suzy armstrong is back. Zee half for us. Thanks mike let's kick it back five decades to nineteen seventy-one welsh crooner. Dave edmunds was number. One in the uk number foreign the us with. I hear you knocking president. Richard nixon was plotting a dubious recording session of his own in the oval office. Eighty five million viewers tuned into watch the ruler of the silver screen. Charlton heston make television history in a five hour. Cbs presentation of the epic drama. Ben hur and the king of stock car racing was grappling for a third daytona. Five hundred crown at the world said are racing swept up into the third grove. What good the number. Four liquor pentagon lincoln mkx whack down for on twenty thousand dollars for his own pat. North carolina have one but they caught a five hundred for the third time. Nineteen eighty-eight the late. Robin williams won the battle of the box office with the hit comedy. Good morning vietnam in excess found out how the other half lives as the australian rock band. Continue to rake in the cd sales with devil inside cake. Knee and lacey. Jake and the fatman and hunter were america's prime time tv favorites and the late. Davey allison and father bobby were the darlings of daytona bump drafting to the line in the thirtieth edition of the great american race. Bobby allison your leader. There's davey allison to the bottom of the racetrack. Baby allison tries inside one last. Try for davey allison. But he asked tuck back in line just behind his dad who was twice winner of the daytona five hundred. Bobby allison windsor for the first time in his career. Two thousand ten a hollywood who's who cast paraded through the critically panned yet commercially successful. Gary marshall romantic comedy. Valentine's day jason aldean was wide open with the number one country. Song the truth and jamie mcmurray. Whoa spinning no lies. When he boasted of a fast hot rod and pre-race beating dale earnhardt junior to the line in the fifty second running of the daytona. Five hundred own on just one part. Their crushing fucking fail four for the final straw. The mcmurray sees dale earnhardt. Jr. behind coming down to the line to decide the daytona five hundred mcmurray. We'll get it this first. Time out. Earnhardt ganassi racing and he will win the fifty second running of the daytona five hundred and those are just some of the events from this week in nascar history thank you says either nascar season is underway and it continues this weekend again in daytona this time at the daytona road. Course we take a look at what should be exciting. During this weekend's cup series brace goes in the air and we're racing at the first time in history for the nascar cup series final time through thirteen and fourteen hamlin is. They're all over the back end up. Chase elliott it's gonna be a drag race chase elliott by a half a car lake denny. Hamlin right there will not be enough across the line in chase elliott. His scored the win and the goaling to thirty five on the daytona road. Course chase elliott career win. Number eight just Just such a privilege to be here. I think first and foremost and i don't. I don't take that for granted This is a great opportunity for me. I mean to be able to drive race cars for a living and you know to reflect on the history and what has built this place is is is very special so I don't feel like i'm anywhere near the history books but Certainly striving to be there and and everyone we can be a part of the partisan great. Thanks coming to the checkered flag in. It is not over yet. Ryan blaney by just a car link over chase elliott back to the chicane for the final time. This will decide at their side. By side elliott. To the inside of blade they make contact and around goes ri- chase elliott will get away. Kyle busch now the inside. It's a drag race back to the checkered flag in the winner will be kyle busch. Who got by chase elliott after he made contact with ryan blaney and kyle busch has scored the win four. Stolen the win here tonight under the light. Yeah that was definitely the focus on this race. It's like a test session. It's our practice. You know so Definitely i feel like we've got a strong car. I think we got a strong program balance here. But there's still some things that could be a little bit better You know the nine was definitely beating me on the brakes getting into the turns and Just being able to outbreak me. And i just didn't quite have enough for that. I don't know that we can express what we're seeing here. It's just been lawless for the driver of the number nine chevrolet the different in the summer as being here you know breaking it felt like it was was tougher without the big spoiler on back and to me to the infield section just so slick i. I don't know if that's look in the summer maybe walls but There's not a lot of grip at all so yeah. I think we could be a lot better for race next week. Joey lagana unchallenged in third about twenty car lengths back for one to package way. Better way better able to stay behind. Cars bars better You know. I think that was definitely a gain. The you know the draft on the straightaway wasn't any less. I can tell you that much which is kind of surprising. Spoiler puts a bigger hall mayor and the draft but it really affected the draft much at all. So i think that's kinda interesting Curbing got something If i felt like dirt grayson still left there. So does the mudbath back there. That's that's kind of a plug covergirl. In the first place twenty one was the enemy and what ends up happening is is is your nose detail tail on the car in front of you and you can't see the curves to your right right. Imagine being raped behind somebody. You can't see where those curbs are just physically can't see so you end up going shorter and shorter right You know to try to want to get your angle better to find some vision and you do that and you go through the mud and then kicks on the race track of and you hit the exit one because you you're the one in the middle of it so they got to do something to clean that up. I don't know what the answer is completely probably putting some some yellow curbs that you see the final chicane probably somewhere in there to try to stop that help ryan blaney s there. He pulls up drivers right. Let's head for the for the horseshoe hit a side by side for the lead course program is getting better. I think we we need to improve our late race or late. Run speed our cars and hang on better but other than that really really proud of the whole group. We've we've made huge gains. Like i said i got a ways to go but it was a nice step in the right direction to build. Notes for weeks can't wait to get back to daytona. It'll be the o'reilly auto parts two fifty three and you'll be able to hear it here on the motor racing network. That's all the time we have for you for this week. Folks congratulations to michael mcdowell austin syndrich and ben rhodes we thank them for joining us. Also we thank you as well for stopping by and for the rest of the crew. I'm mike bagley. We'll chat with the again next week right here on. Nascar live until then so long everybody. Nascar live is a production of the motor racing network with studios in concord north carolina and was brought to you by blue emu. Maximum pain relief. The official pain relief cream of the motor racing network. Blue emu is family owned and manufactured here america. It works fast. And you won't stink. Today's broadcast was produced by alexa. Henry and julian council and rich cobra the executive producer for m. r. n. Is ryan horn. Remember to visit him are dot com for all the latest news and information mask. Our live is produced under an exclusive license with nascar any use of the accounts or descriptions contained in this broadcast must be with the express written permission of nascar and the motor racing network. Are you where you were going. Forty miles an hour. This is a residential area. Sure but i'm on my lawnmower. Wait am i getting a ticket. No i've just never seen anyone top nine miles an hour. One of those bad boys and mother attire lawn thirty seconds into you. Well it did fuel up at sonoko. This morning at sonoko we know how to fuel peak performance. We've been doing it for american racing for over fifty years fuel your best.

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