Ravenscourt: Chapter One: A Fragile Layer of Sanity


Epic Productions Presents Ravens Course an original limited series podcast created by David. Horgan chapter one a fraudulent layer of sanity. My name is Dr Mark Kennedy. I was ahead. Psychiatric consultants at the Ravens scored Mental Health Facility from nine hundred ninety three to two thousand and one the whole truth of what happened. There can never be known the dead. Keep their secrets. That is their privilege. Living are left looking for answers that bird. You could be forgiven for thinking that the trees around Ravens court are there to hide. Its modesty the privacy given to vulnerable patients and selfless staff but a darker reading is mother. Nature herself is trying to swallow this evil building from few trying to protect her naive inhabitants. We apparent covers. Their child's is disturbing images appear on the television. The horrors of my former place of employment earned secured behind a television screen. They're only held back from reality by a fragile layer of sanity a barrier which at knows away at from its own side. All of this begins with a young woman. Patient X I've redacted her name out of respect for the family I will refer to her as Alicia. It was September one thousand nine hundred nine. When I began recording our sessions it was a leashes second time under my care and unfortunately last September third mighty ninety nine. It's three minutes past two. So how have you been sleeping not bad but I had strangest dream? Last night I dreamt that I lived in a mirror and I only be seen other people looked at me. I scream and scream but known could hear me. I had to wait until they looked sounds very fitted what he said WHO. Nothing I misspoke. It's all these pills have me on scrambling my brain making words solid. Do you think we could reduce my medication. Even just lowered as Let's give it time to work. I we can discuss it next week. Why do we focus on this week today? How are you feeling that dream make you feel it made me feel it made me feel really horny? Is there any prescription? You can give me for that. Dr. Having a healthy sex life is an actual part of Nautilus food. But not here. This is a hospital a place for people to get better patient. Forbidden to engage in sexual activity with each other. If a male patient is making sexual advances you should notify member staff immediately. Pick as for me. You are under my care. Which is the responsibility. I take very seriously I would never take advantage of that. Trust by exploiting you Qisas hose. Only joke I think it's very funny. Look props he will be more comfortable under the care of this female consulted. Everyone has a pretty full patient list. But I'm sure we can arrange something please the other doctors here booking bitches please. I am sorry. Don't get rid of a matter of getting rid of you. Just want to make sure that you get the best care possible. And what's the point? You're just gonNA WATCH ME Open. Send me on my way. But I'm I'm just going to fall apart again and lend up in this creepy fucking hospital over and over again. I know it seems like that but the cycle can be broken. We dispose tell your current mood can affect your memory and your outlook on the future in your intake interview. You mentioned being upset about your brother. How do you feel about that now? I still miss him. You hear him no to hear any voice. That's why I stopped believing in God. God speak to you. I used to think keep it but God would have kept his promise. The voice didn't walk to say he said well I asked is if I could make a deal. I'll stop watching TV for a year. If he would save my brother. I kept my promise. You don't believe in God because he broke a promise. No I don't believe in God because God couldn't exist in the world with voices and voices that lie face isn't my area. Maybe you could talk to the chaplain about this. If you think it would help. He has his hands full with all the crazies in here. What does it say about faith if there are so many religious people in here? It means they needed. I WanNa talk about my brother anymore. I'm tired I before but what I haven't been sleeping at all. He won't let me who wasn't a dream of being trapped in America. He showed it to me. It's not like the voices he is re you. You have to believe me who Boda. His name is Buddha. He lives in the shadow behind the mirror. Wouldn't let me tell you. What does he say he said this? He said he likes it here and he wants to stay. I see you believe me you believe me. Don't do I believe that you believe it didn't believe her and lives could have been saved if I had. We tell ourselves that. We don't indulge the patient psychosis because it enables them it feeds into their delusion for the truth is that we are afraid to lean in because we looked too hard. We might see what they see. There was a certain comfort and madness because reality can be too much to bear the truth. I now have to face. Is that because of my actions or inactions back then. A patient went missing. Who still hasn't been found lives were ruined when I look for how they told me to go. I couldn't but I did keep quiet onto now. Why am I telling him I store? Why am I telling unleashes story? Because two days ago a gutter letter letter addressed from Boda Ravens court stars Mark Dalton and Irene Kelleher written and directed by David Morgan produced and edited by epic productions distributed by Cornucopia Radio.

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