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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Nora Raum. Thousands of gun rights supporters are expected to rally at the Virginia State capital Monday armed militia groups including white supremacists have also said they'll attend Craig carper from member station. VPN reports for most lawmakers. It will be a regular Taylor workday. A small number of lawmakers have said they won't attend for fear of violence though Republican delegate Glenn Davis believes the majority of protesters will peacefully rally in support of their right to bear arms. These are average people in our communities. They're coming up here to lobby for the protection of the rights to build to protect their families and their loved ones before the rally democratic delegate Danika Rome will make history when she becomes the First Trans Woman ever in Virginia to gavel in a House subcommittee saw narrowly thinking much. It's about outside capital governor. Ralph nor them has declared a state of emergency banning guns and other weapons within capitol grounds though thousands of armed protesters are expected surround the perimeter for NPR news. I'm Craig Corpor- in Richmond. The trial of president trump resumes in the Senate. Tuesday senators are to determine if the president should be removed from office because of his dealings with Ukraine and his response to the House investigation. The lead house impeachment manager is Adam. Schiff the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee he told. ABC's this week intelligence agencies may be holding back relevant documents. We're counting on the intelligence community. Not only only the speak truth to power but to To resist pressure from the administration to withhold information from Congress because the administration fears. Here's at bay incriminate. Them a spokeswoman says the intelligence community is working in good faith with Congress Democratic Hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth. Warren have been trying to move beyond a dispute over whether he told her a woman could not beat president trump. NPR's Scott detrow reports. Sanders addressed the subject in a New Hampshire Public Radio Interviews Sunday Warren Sanders told her in two thousand eighteen. A woman couldn't beat trump. Sanders says he never said that and after the last debate both were hurt accusing the other of calling them a liar but asked by HP our weather gender is still an obstacle for candidates. Sanders said. And I think the answer is yes but I think everybody has has thrown sets of problems are up seventy years of age. That's the problem in Iowa. Warren refused to respond. I have no further comment on this. I have no further comment on this dispute it matters because so many Democrats have said that electability that is who they think can beat. Trump is their most important voting and caucusing issue Scott detro- NPR news. Damone Iowa. The New York Times is endorsing to women for the Democratic Nomination for President Warren. And Senator Amy Klobuchar saying they're the most affective advocates for the progressive end moderate size of the party. It said may the best woman win this is NPR news from Washington. Public health officials in China's. Say they've confirmed more cases of a new form of viral. Pneumonia bringing the total to about one hundred eighty. A third death has has been reported for the first time cases are being reported beyond one southern city in China officials are concerned about the spread of the disease as China gears. There's up for the Lunar New Year holidays later this week. When hundreds of millions of Chinese travel domestically and abroad South Korea has now reported its first confirmed case? Ace of the virus. An American jazz master has died at the age of ninety three is NPR's Neda ulaby reports. Jimmy Heath died Sunday at his home in Georgia Georgia. Somewhere right now Jimmy. Heath may be playing with former bandmates including John Coltrane Miles Davis Dizzy. Gillespie and Percy Heath. The heath brothers were one of the great families of John's Jimmy Heath played tenor sax as a young man who was on the fast track to just start a before a heroin bust in nineteen fifty five. He kicked the habitant prison and soon became known for superb arrangements and compositions like this one and his talents as an educator. Jimmy Heath was nicknamed Little Bird because his playing reminded fans of Charlie Parker and because he was only five foot three known for his humor to me he titled His Memoir. I walked with giants Netto. NPR News The San Francisco. Forty niners beat the Green Bay packers thirty seven to twenty Sunday. They advance to the Super Bowl. We'll face the Kansas city chiefs. Who beat the Tennessee? Titans thirty five to twenty four earlier in the day. The Super Bowl will be played on February. Second I'm Nora Raum N._P._R.. News in Washington.

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