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I wanted us thought this podcast by going through and talking about the tray of the wake now most of you will many of you will know that. I'd do a biweekly video news nine it's completely free. You just got to go to the website and submit you details and you'll get to emails awake from us with trading related content in the form of videos, not just the verbal. But a video was well now last we could put a video that talking about the bonds against bitcoin tried which was back on the thirty first of January. It has. Since moved onto at least two to one. It's finding a little bit of resistance. There's a thought we smashed through that there's plenty of room to the outside. I really really like the way the bond answers are playing out of the month. And it's just a really lovely train, of course on trend. Follow us some always looking to stick. With those trends, I just like the bonds model as well. It's still got market shift for the most part of real volume across the the crypto spec to so it it does have a good a good business. I don't know how much they spinning off they profitable. But there is a revenue model that is set which is more than can be said for many many tokens now as far as a top ten goes. I mean, if I look at bitcoin rotten now we all sitting in a position where we ought down two point three one percent. And I keep in mind that's on Sunday volume. Ness, Sundays and Saturdays and Sundays I tend to have a little bit less volume a little bit less volatility. And we Quant often see the market do very little now much of the blind that occurred over the way. You can happen. Very very short period of time as you'll note it was a random about non IM. That's Martin will. We saw a move one was a bit. You bet sixty seventy dollars. But let's not forget that the Rangers are getting much much smaller. And since then it has been selling often. It does look quite berry. Still for me. Now, I can still very much C three thousand on the cards. It's only four hundred and eighty dollars away. And it seems to be a magnetism pulling damn with the monthly the weekly. And now, of course, the daily with low Hawes and lower lows the probability is that we may get down two point nine so two point three percent right now a theorem against dole. Also had a very similar to bitcoin, which is really nice surprise whatsoever. We sitting back in that cradles. I in and around at ten and twenty period moving average area, a breakdown of this kennel, probably spill will potentially spawn should say the next wave of selling to the downside. But right now, again, the monthly the weekly and the daily all looking very bearish. So the downturn looks set to continue us is still very much within its range it so in theory was down three point nine two percent AOL is death three point three five very much within that range between look it was roughly. That two dollars thirty two twenty five to about three dollars. That's that's the rough range. We've been sitting in banding between we'd definitely on the lowest sought of that being the prostitute oils forty and it really seems to be having a hard time trying to climb back towards that three door Mark, which of course, is sixty cents away. Still looking quite bearish KC three point six four percent down and still sitting within that range, again, the daily the weekly and monthly all looking quite bearish at the moment. That downtrend still looks pretty strong to me still alumi- husband leading out the ceiling for the most part. It was holding. So well for quite a period last year until of course, November for which we did see still alumi- breakdown. Now we are bit extended. We've sort of held in that Dan would momentum and on Sunday. We did see a break down to new lows for two thousand nine thousand nine and also new lows four two thousand and eighteen so pretty significant in the fact that we pushed down through those levels. Interesting to see how he bounced back if we bounced back at all I also down four point four percent right now looking quite bearish, but nothing really to talk about that other than the daily weekly and monthly all being bearish as well. Again. The whole market swinging mood towards likelihood of moving down that momentum seems to be there at the moment. Ripley's end three point five percent sitting around thirty cent market gain. Roughly around the same point that we saw it bounce from mid September. We did see head back towards at eighty cent. Mark. Obviously a long way from that right now holding in that downtrend continuing to fool the accession to the rule has been lot coin and lot is slightly so enough on the day, but it is slightly up over that same period where everything else is being in more or less down Chen luck one is down three and a half percent tonight. But the interesting point that I want to make he is that whilst everything else has been foaling for the loss of Waco to we've seen like, actually, stabilize. And if I'm honest there is a high low in there is a high heart, and by no means is it a good uptrend for a very good training opportunities. But it's definitely there. And it's looking a lot more bullish than a lot of the other markets at the moment. So that's worth while taking note of bitcoin cash once again still holding in that Dan with momentum a bit of a messy. We instill holding up around the high the of the w- around insider that cradles line, which is in and around that ten twenty period moving average equilibrium point we move in. We move away when moving we move away. And that's why tried from them off. Often. And that's what my causes are bad is by using these zones and increasing your probability of success in those on. So again, you can say it in there, not quite not quite looking all that to the bully sides sitting around that one nine hundred down three point six percent finally Manera sitting on that support a forty three dollars or thereabouts just tapping below at right now we're down to a sample. And watching that if you keep it on that forty three if we do break down probably pullbacks into that level will certainly be able charities for trades for my self. 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