f5: Going Bankrupt Changed Everything


Here it is another farm five on farm small farm smart. I mean just like you can't look at an ecosystem and pull out one element like grasshoppers and be able to guess that link and chain of events that happens the next five five years in the next fifty years down the road. It's there's so many factors involved really in my opinion. It's not possible to conceptually rationally ashley understand them so when you're fortunate enough to get these little sparks of intuition or these little voices that push you give you that little nudge that you need to do to get the ball rolling. This is something you really need to listen to even if it ends in an alternate disaster or a big failure i mean there's a really good example talking to you right now. From austria and there is a very the thing is chocolate theater. You makes organic handmade fair trade chocolate and he sourcing materials from his own farm in the middle of nowhere <hes> zelter chocolate. If anybody knows it navy's imported to the states. I'm sure it is but he tells his own story where he says that he was a very famous chef and had a bakery in the city of austria and he went bankrupt and he was the laughing things talk of the city he had gone out on a limb spent too much money. He wasn't getting revenue was doing it for his ego. In prestige he went miserably bankrupt and moved in with his wife to his mother's farmhouse and he basically says that if he didn't go bankrupt he wouldn't have company that earns a hundred and fifty million euros a year selling this gorgeous chocolate every year because it was his his failure that lost him the respect in his community that means. Nobody was paying attention to what he was doing. With his little chocolates he was doing something very radical very innovative and if he had gone straight from his successive in debate reshef breath business to chocolates he would have been copied before he could even get the first one out the door. He had a ten year start before anybody noticed he already got to this is is where it didn't matter under people are copying now was there because he already made a name for himself but that wouldn't have been possible without this huge failure and this huge embarrassment of losing his face in the community so even if there's something that seems terrible sometimes times that really is necessary to purge the system to be set the tracks to level the foundation to start fresh and take on a new project.

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