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32. Too Many Donut Days (w/ Xosha Roquemore)


Support for this podcast is brought to you by Hanover square press publisher of the book, I'll be there for you. The one about friends guys love saying guys in the middle of a sentence. Join pop culture expert Kelsey Miller, as she relives the TV shows most iconic moments examined some of its controversies and shines a light on the many transit inspired smelly Kurt. I'll be there for. You is the ultimate book for fans everywhere. If you love watching friends read the book today available wherever you get your books also available as an audio book support for today's show comes from fallout. Seventy-six Bethesda game studios, the award-winning creators of sky room. Heck yet and fall out for. Oh, yeah. Welcome. You to fall out seventy six the online prequel where every surviving human is a real person worked together or not to survive fallout. Seventy six we'll be available worldwide on November fourteenth preorder now at participating retailers and play the beta games play best on Xbox One. Thanks. Bye. Barbecue sauce? Hi lab kes-. Oh, wonderful. As us yourself. I'm doing horribly. Oh, well, no time to follow up because this isn't about you know, it's called raise bay TV. And we're so excited to have with us today though. Sure. Listeners will from the Mindy project. I mean, I think that would be like the thing. Most people have seen is on for so many seasons. What sakes that's unheard of? Now, three different. Just keep surviving. All the network. Right. Yeah. It was on Hulu moved to Hulu Hulu for the last four seasons. Four five and six it's so amazing. That shows can just be resurrected like that though. You don't have to lose your lease. I know I know when I was when that all went down, and that it happened with Brooklyn nine nine to decide if you think the fans are excited. Wait till you hear how the cast crew field. They had like five minutes to be sad. That's how it was with Mindy to we knew we were moving to Hulu or like kinda knew it got cancelled. So I had to like take all the tax hike girl you going because I was like. Because I was like I'm already. Are some people were like because this was I guess what this is like three years ago. I guess maybe maybe just because stuff moves so fast. But like so many of my friends who like hang in there. I know it's hard to go from like FOX to stream. Remains bomb? We're watching. Rich cool people on. Unaware that. We're. Weird. What else can you ask for put me on gestation TV on season seven stay alive? I just wanna keep getting that crafty. So you were shooting something where you were doing really cool seventies. Oh, yeah. This show. I'm dying. Okay. Yes. I've been wanting to watch that show. Yes. Wage. I hope it's you got to where we're so cool. So cool. It's like I mean is the seventies. But it's definitely like TV seventy like, you know, we're very like leather jacket and how. Awesome. My favorite thing about that shows that this is probably not at this. I love we talk. You never use pronouns. I think it'd be like psalm the other day went to the store at the counter. Today. Character on that show. My characters name was Don. Well, the show is about stand up comedians in LA in the seventies. And it's at this fictional club called goldies supposed to be like the comedy store. It's Schorr ran that and like made the careers of prior all these amazing people. So where those people in this, and I'm like, a new cool coming, but I'm a black woman. So there's only so far I can. Really good. Stand up. I did stand our long. Wow. Always allow someone one of the writers Mindy was like I love you in the table reach because first of all when you're starting. Oh, wow. Than everyone else. Shutt-? People think that's a compliment. Oh, I knew you were coming. I can hear you from down the hall. Thank you. Cool. Never do. That's right. Cool. Yeah. At the store. Client. Fame attention. But. Got it. I I know a little bit about your childhood from when you did ask out monologues. Yeah. But will you tell us where you grew up. Okay. I am from LA originally, south LA. I lived in Saint Louis for three years six seventh and eighth grade because my mom had a job there. But then we like move back. Those are both two terrible times to moves. Hardest like develop all new friends for three years, then come back. Right. And hopefully, you still have some friends came back and went to my old school that I was at for elementary. So lot of my friends were all there are few new people, but all the old people were still there. But when I came back, they like weren't his friendly as they were when we were little that makes sense when you're middle schools everything so weird and like, and so it's so easy for everything to fall apart. Like, you left we forgot her. Nice. I don't deal well without being in the in ground. This is I don't be oil acts awfully in on the. L is a new set all the time. I hate that feeling when you go, and you're like, I have to talk to everyone and get to know everyone or try or not try to talk to. Yeah. It's it's kind of like, I I have to feel like I have to be like trust me. Other people kind of like me. I'm so worried about coming across his abrasive sort of noxious. But people find a charming eventually, unfortunately, I'm only here for four. Really quiet, and like don't go out of my way to. Bitch talking. I make the wrong joke. And it's like, we gotta get this guy. Me if this was Dayton, right? I know the quiet route. Yeah. Yeah. Watch out for that. Because it can look me. Right. And I definitely don't mean to but it's just like my own shyness. And also, they have a working system that I don't wanna be like, hi, I'm here. Now, it's all about me. All my could also I used to roast guest ours. That like there's such a there's such a delicate valley either OD THEO hate this person. Or I don't mind people who are quiet and don't say I hate like people being like, so how long have you been acting? I talk to. Never gonna work. Saying I don't like the answer to the question. It's too long. Even. I'm a regular on the show I've been here like we don't need to like start fresh as if we're both having our first day. It's a weird feeling about you, Mark two. Plus, how long have you been? I know. That's an Mindy sometimes too. It was my first season. Be so scary 'cause like the opposite. When the people are so cool and all the guest stars like really famous people like this is my I'm poor. It's a crazy feeling when you're I'm in this world that I don't know. And all these people have been doing it forever. And they're like rich celebrities. Yeah. I've been more. I feel most at ease. Like, no matter. What like even if you're like, a huge, celebre, whatever. Like if we're like the same age Ilia always like a calming. I think we're like. Yeah. If you're like out three we can be. We could be. Reference point just from life. Yeah. But like all grown Whiteman. I love this story. It's like onset, and like Mark diplo selling amazing story and just like, you know, how it is at Sundance when you're like selling films and like hot hotel room all day, and you're like so tired, and you just wanna go home. All day. Laundry on Sunday. Quarters the machine. My own laundry on Sundays. I've never sold multiple. I'm just I'm waiting to sell off ill multiple in an afternoon. That is crazy. He's one of those cartoonish Lee hardworking people, I read their book book. I just read it to really good. The reason came to mind do plus was in that show is because Mindy wrote the forward of the book. Really liked it. It was very easy. I flew like a brilliant reader can really like that. They kind of like broke down how they got into the business coming from a background with no connections or anything. And it is really interesting like their first movie that they made it was around a little shitty camera on for like two dollars they answering machine which I remember watching 'cause I had found their net. Flicks. I was like in the DVD's in the mail, and I went to the puffy chair. And then I went down the hall with all their movies, and then like watch that video online. That's awesome to hear the story behind that. They just threw it together those cools. Yeah. Cool some people like that just scare me though. Like, I'm like, I don't know how like even a successful as I could possibly get worked at hard like Paul Scheer, your Scott Akron. These people have twenty things going on. I wish I. To like be like, oh, I'm going to make this thing. And then just go sell it and do this and like without having any experience should have an element that you get other people on board in that way to instead like once, you know, a lot and you're like, yes. So here's my idea for a movie, but if you come in, and you're like, look, this is what it's going to be. And it's gonna be great. Everyone's also. This girl's got to kind of figure it out. You have to prove yourself though. I like they could sell anything now. Right. They've done anything. So I don't know seems annoying. To try. Okay. Wait, you grow Saint Louis and came back to LA. Yeah. Mainly. Yeah. Yeah. What shows did you grow up? What was like a constant party your childhood? Was there anything you would like to miss or like, your whole family watcher, all your friends watch anything like that? I know what I love. I loved saved by the bell. I love and I think a lot of stuff that I love I think I came into it later and didn't know like I don't think I knew I was watching saved by the bell rerun. Yeah. Yeah. Like necessarily. I didn't know it came on eighty nine started coming on like, you know, when they were like on summer vacation working at that hotel. Now this. That's what I was more. The manager's daughter glosses. Oh my God. Yeah. Oh my God. Oh my God. No. Yeah. Those that I you know, what the one on pose to watch like all the black people, my age love different world watched that. I watched a living single. I should have a reboot. Show that we could watch again. Yeah. Yeah. We can do that was on the Roseanne reboot. You were humiliating long role. I I wanted to go I want to own a bit gladly been on that. And it's like that's a show from our childhood where I feel like the set alone. Feels so icon again on the set is cool. Like you do. Yeah. So you on the cow. Yeah. That's like amazing is it's so complicated. Now, it's still it's still coming back as the Connors. What did you do on the show? I was DJ's wife. There was an episode from the original run where DJ had to kiss a black girl in this. I remember that. Yeah. Yeah. They I guess like now he's I'm her grown. Oh, that's that's. Yeah. I'm a troop. A soldier you played a soldier to. One scene. Six live, Roseanne and them didn't stay to do with me. It was maybe a Skype. Call me in the script supervisor. That's interesting. I feel like those moments when like someone stays pass the time. Does that work at feels like, wow. That was really nice and generous baseline like Doobie react to. Out is cool. I did my little Skype. So one day there for a million hours. I was like, okay. Yeah. It's still be in the Connors. Then if you have. UC t on that. I got. Dirk earners tell you about it later. Everyone that comes through here. And I guess because it's like you even said like you weren't watching the originals like you're watching the repeats. Same for me for say by the bell with about was just on for so long and targeted like such a certain age that I'm thirty six I feel like anyone right now who's like twenty nine through thirty nine like have seen. Yeah. Sprints. Because that was one you watched in reruns and didn't even because it was, you know, not narrative you didn't care. What was happening? I'd be like it would be like out watching whole episode. And then at the third act. I'd be like oh shit. I've seen this. And I'm like twenty minutes to realize like, oh, I know which one this is now, you know, what I'm really enjoying. Have you seen red table talk? It's Jada Pinkett Smith, I love on the case her Facebook show with willow and data's mom. So it's like three generations of women talking about just like, whatever they talk about like, whatever issues. Dimity? General awesome, have guests and stuff. It's so good. It's so on in there quick watch watch on your phone, twelve minutes. And it really was. It's really cool seeing how well they raise those kids. They go up and so insane in San there's an episode with Jaden and willow. And I was like they both seem really smart in like cool like conned, especially we'll only say, especially willow because she's on. There was only in the one. But I'm like what a well adjusted sweet kind girl. I watched one episode late in the night, like a creep tearing up like to mother daughter. Yeah. Elation ship. It was like day. That's ford. Yeah. When when people got on Jaden case a while ago because he was like weird. I was like every twelve year old is first of all every twelve year old is weird. But if you're parents have to be willing Jada, you're gonna have your elevations of right? You can pay more people are going to hear that. You're weird like Iago, right? Yeah. Louis vuitton. In bold. Choice, but not all of us had four point seven million Twitter followers at twenty. Day, but help addresses the one thing which was the he was wearing skirts as a teen. But then he got this. He got hired for the women's verse Achi campaign in skirts and stuff. And he was just like I just wanted to show people that like, you can be whatever you want, and you can just do whatever you want, and it's cool. And I was like you are I can do. I know I'm like so on board on Instagram after watching will is like one of the best follows on Instagram reminds you again like, oh, like not like I never stopped loving Will Smith. But like, I don't get out to see every like creep action movie get out, I'm not watching bright did it. But what I what I love. I just love Will Smith, and I feel like his Instagram only. Liked about growing famous. Anyway, look an action star. Own twelve dollars to my pocket. Yeah. Pursuit. Bright. Phone and high the entire time. Right right features fantasy creatures which should be on my Will Smith, which should be LAPD cop drama. 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Visit take care of dot com and enter TV that's take care of dot com. Ta K E C A R E F dot com and enter TV for twenty five percent off your first month of personalized care of vitamins and supplements, though it. Oh my God. That was a hell of a brain. Isn't it? Crazy. We'll just relax. Never seen this. How did you get into like TV shit like where you into the into this when you are kid or kind of I always wanted to be a performer just because this is my personality always wanted to be my mom and dad both worked in the arts L they did. And I took I took acting class. And I I for like a year when I was like five I had like a really good agent. I was with iris Burton who was representing like, Fred savage. Like the guy with her like I was like at the Beverly center at sea PK with my mom like this kind of stuff is always happen to me like they came up to you just run away. Oh, we need. I was like just because you're you're loudness is helping you at that time. Got it like. Right. You're charismatic. You start looking at you such as a kid to like draw attention in that way to be like that kid is cute enough. And like has like beyond TV and haven't Ashley Tisdale that way. She was discovered in them all and she was three just like those crowds crazy story managed. It was discovered in the crowd at a football game. That's like so perverted like a cameraman founder was like. Whoa zoomed in and then she became famous as she she was like ener- twenty as like a Canadian football game. I didn't even want to do that. Or like trying to be nectar. No, I maybe she was or whatever. But starting out who knows what she was trying to start as she started. As an actress. Oh, really? Yes. She was a playmate. A playmate. Yes. She would eventually start a porn. But she had no idea would be released the originals. The OJ sixty off they played on. H I remember, I remember I remember my dad brought it home from work. And he like whispered talking about it to someone else and like left for work the next day. And I was like going through all the. Gotta find this huge hug. Holy shit. He. Honey, I know. We play the whole. They're like on a honeymoon. Teeth. She's in modeling when she was younger speech on Jumbotron. Wearing a Labatt's beer t shirt. Crazy. Little wear flimsy t shirts tiny Latisha it's at every spring valley. Now. Podcast. Does not work that way. A little different weight. So you were trying to do that as a kid one year dishing, but it was too hard because my mom was a single mom and she worked, and, you know, dishes, come at the last minute. And it seems like everything else going in. I in Santa Monica is like no couldn't do it. So then I didn't anymore, but I still did like acting classes and like I was in school plays. And I did think on amazing grace conservatory, which is like conservatory Sowell training on the weekends. We will put on plays. And then. Yeah. That made me like my mom worked in theatre. So I was always looked Washington actress or she's a managing director o- regional theatres. Yeah. So I always go to the shows. I like like it was like waiting for go. And I want to go. In their out go every night yet. I have loved it couldn't get enough. And from those I met this girl who was one of them. She was like I'm going to change next year in why you to school the arts major in musical theater. I was like you can major. And so then I ended up applying to getting in and graduating and I didn't get to do plays. The first thing dish inform booked was precious. And that led me to TV film. It's additioning. And then I did a couple of guests Dar's after precious a law and order, of course, year actor and like. Right early everyone I've ever met in New York was on law and order. I maybe more than just set it up. I just set it on another podcast. The my biggest regret is. I'm left lived in New York for ten years, and I never was on one one or look like a fucking cop. Oh, no. I didn't see the guy by a week ago. But I haven't seen him easily like sheep's head bay bartender, sunshine. Yeah. I remember her. She had a gin and tonic Lee called on urine precious. But I don't remember I saw the movie when it first came out. So. I need to rewatch though, actually thought that the other day because she the woman book sapphire something she jeopardy question. Precious my sister-in-law when we didn't know each other that well or something, you know, what I mean like watching this movie, and it's like there's that really fucked up seeing with Monique. Throws or what issue with the maybe Evan? Three. Okay. Role in that movie. I was in. She went to school to each one. On the GD class. And I was one of the girls in the class. Okay. Agree. I was I was funny in it. Yeah. You know? We're not on purpose. I mean. Yeah. Yeah. Just like, yeah. Yeah. 'cause we were I was fresh out of school when I was playing like an actor like I knew the movie, drew my character just goes to school with our like, I wasn't like, hey, good. Right. Life at home. Bro. All are back stories were super intensive look. So that was like, awesome and fun. And it was cool to like first thing though, it was so big. He didn't start. It was an indie when audition, but still with great people involved and stuff. So I was very excited. I knew I was gonna make it. Yeah. I do. Out of graduate. Yeah. Actor we'll still instant validation like K. So that was worth it might actually come. And it was after like a botched like trying to model for many years. And yeah, being like a dream deferred and being like, a huge trauma to get over so to graduate school, and then slip slap into a big old movie. Two months after was actually kind of like the payoff of of down-time hard. Yes. You were trying to model like where you going on like go sees on go sees it was really hard to get an agency at the time. This was like I was trying to do it like right before like Chanel Iman and people who look like that came out like for black girls at that time you had to have the wet look like shape state from Sudan, they weren't doing like a black American, right? Like straight here who like kinda cute smile as I twenty three now below Kita. Right. I don't need to be in. No silent profession. Now, give women a microphone. And like, I wasn't ready. I wasn't like competent or sexy enough at the time. I think I have the heightened stuff, but I'm still not. I'm not in my back like that. I'm not I hate taking. I'm not. Yeah. I for America's next top model. All my friends. We like just having a big thing. And I was like in college. And it's like, yeah, I'm tall. But I was like I'm awkward like this is not happening. Pictures bikini. I so I found another day, and it's like I'd like blow drying, my hair like I'm like not even modeling too weird like ridiculous. The Macy's on Long Island did like Ralph Lauren was doing like a modeling thing. And they hired all these lifeguards. I was a beach lifeguard at the time they had all these. Hey with me twelve lifeguards to be models. You'll get paid eighty. I was like all do it. I'll go model bathing suits and everyone. It was like three women five five or six guys. Everyone gets put in bathing suits. I'm in a long sleeved shirt and like. The only person where we might have something for you. And I'm not even as fat. Then as I am now. And it was just like enough for me to be like, oh, this is brutal. I come out after everyone in long even. He's. It see it in the fashion people like I could see them looking at me. And then like kind of like I like whispering to each other shit. I still get anxiety about wardrobe fittings for jobs. It's always stressful. You sure these don't fit. I want them to. After working after the baby it was traumatizing. I was like, oh, they'd be like, what are your size is like, I don't I do not know. Sensitive thing that it's taken so lightly by those people though, and they really rude like especially in like commercials or like where like the stakes are wehrley like low. But then everyone acts that they're really high or something to be. So callous commercial, the commercial world has a lot more kings of tiny kingdoms. I'm in charge of this progressive auto insurance internet spot. So fuck y'all this is your size right here. No, I'm lying about my weight on that fucking thing. Putting on putting the number three in the front. All right. I'm to ninety nine. With all your running. You're going to be actually to ninety nine. So the first time under three hundred. I think it's going to be a huge thing. Running people that men lose weight so fast running heck you that's your end goal. But I'm saying like, you're just training for this marathon. But like at school, I started literally yesterday it's in November. I mean, I've been like touching it. But I'm this is what it takes to start. Now, it's hot as fuck. Do you? Do you have to for a marathon? Do you have to train out on real like terrain is better to it's easier for me to be running outside than treadmills? Anyway, because I'm happy I need like stimulus. Yeah. I listen to an audio book and look at everything that I write. Walking. So like sweating. I'm like, oh, that's interesting. They look out and I'm like. Oh. Moving you going one mile an hour. Enough about me. So wait so Mindy or you're not you regular on? I'm dying up here. Are you know, I was a recurring eight out of the okay? That's great. Yeah. It was that was like my favorite thing. Getting so many work for so long. I'm being exclusive, and you were but you also got out of pilot season for like six years in a row or something like hell. Yeah. And then being back kind of back in the mix this. I'm around. I wasn't fully in it because I wasn't interested. Yeah. Honestly like after being on a show for so long. Don't have the pressure. I gotta get on the show. I don't want. Yeah. I don't want to do. Anyway, I have scary fears of like being trapped rate. Yeah. You never know. Yeah. It's like the only thing scarier than being trapped on a TV show is being trapped without one forever. It's so funny. They're so close together. Success? That isn't the exact success. You want equally brutal. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Shit. Yeah. So there's so many shows during that time, and like so many of them aren't bomb. I dunno. I just was not like blown away. I saw bunch of cool like guests ourself Rijkaard 'cause there's so many amazing show for a role for me. There were just. Yeah. Not this time around at least. Yeah. It's been rough though like things being an the pressure of it too is so difficult like where you're just like the state you make the stick so high. And then like, it's just like any other addition really though, like get it or whatever like, oh, this could be like a thing that could be amazing. The only difference is in this is inside baseball for the listeners. But you you sign your contract before you go for your last what's going for job interview. You're like they're like, we're not we we really like you more than everyone. There's three people. We like equally. What here's much we'll pay you. If you get it. All right, go on. Then you know, it's only one time it could be five times twenty three. As holy shit. You don't get it. And you're like, I can't believe I like let that belt buildup so much when it was just a regular auditions you deal with rejection and with autism and stuff like do you hit you harder? Kind of it. Does it depends like some of them hit me hard? If I really really really really want something I think that things that hit me the hard best or when like when it feels like not personal. But when like when it's been going rejections, but having over it like that, Alex gives it whatever. But like, I don't like when it feels like like somebody like me couldn't have got the row like when I feel like it. I really do it. And I see they go away that I knew they were gonna go before. I went like damn I could do this. But I know they're going to get a girl who's mixed. Yeah. Four because she's the lead lead. They're gonna want me to be her best friend who's funny embalm because I'm gonna fucking kill it. Yeah. And then that happens, and then that's that's that's worse. Not like pissed about like, why'd you bring me in element to that to where you're like, I bust my ass. I know I did a good job. But you're never gonna put a fat guy in this role. This is like the leading man role. Like, I don't even bring me in for that. Don't like, let's really I'm fine with you go and look there's no chance I'm like, hey, I'll save my fucking whole afternoon. But I think it will wanna be like saying right now like, oh, we're actually changing everything anything had happened for anyone in. It's not like that. And it's not how it was. But it's like there are those little signals where you feel like well, they're still holding onto thing. Yeah. But then I would say in the in the like this to be the not even devil's advocate, but the reverse of that is I have had ones where I've gone in and it's gone to somebody who I just knew already. But then like, and I've been bombed about it. Like there was this big one of those big girl comedy movies. I won't say like girls, I knew it was gonna be like four people who all at the same. Or if there was like a black girl. She going look white to like in the poster you wouldn't wouldn't be like me great lip. Did you know what I'm saying? Like anyone else here that billboards? But like, but like after that one I didn't get brought me and again, I didn't. And I was like, oh, so annoying. I hate this business, but then like had meeting months later, and like the director who I went in for head life toll somewhat about me, and that person called I heard about it. So. That's deep kill it. So you might get the next something doing by feel you have dishing for things you don't even like sometimes that person's gonna be there. It's worth like going in and showing I could do this thing. The scary thing is the converse of what you just said to is. You can like walk out of you're like, wow, I bomb that and you're like, well, whatever it's over. But then you're like, they're calling other directors that I don't know that guy was just in here any fucking eight at art, right? You can't let yourself think about if anyone's talking. Yeah. That's the word basically assume no one is. That's the safest. I know just by talking shit about every single person. I know whenever they're not around. Assuming no one does. Completely reasonable way to act shit about me. Lampkin myself, imagine, what someone would say, I'm really, no. I know. I'm never thinking like I walk away in that. And the person was like man if that guy was married, I would've fucked always like what was he saying? He's really sweaty wasn't it. Itself care too. Actually, one of them damn hashtag holidays that existed. Only in social media be like is national boy only day ain't a day a day. Every day doughnut day like five times a year. Day. Come on. They striped shirt. Is behind it. All. Healthcare tuesday. It's healthcare Sunday would work more literate, but it's inter- international. So. Okay. What are we supposed to do for selves? I think I think be kind ourselves. That's why I said it after after a run that you were just on said, hey, let's change that near let students change. Everyone is saying nice things about us. Sweaty where saying? This guy's a runner. Looking in my window. Looks always go. This guy's a runner. That's self care self care Tuesday. I just saw believe it or not the backlash to self-care Tuesday this morning. It's sort of like don't let corporations sell yourself care because self care could be just about like what you need to do to make yourself. Feel good in the moment. It doesn't have to be a bath bomb and. Absolutely. And it was an interesting thing because I'm like, oh, yeah. When I think self care, I think like I'm gonna go buy nice. Join order good dinner on a good movie. And it's like self care Ken be going for run self care can be. Are even Avin trying to get more to the basic self care because it's easy. I care all day. I'll I do spend money. But like the other way of dislike, you know, say there's something like giving you going on just to be like put it on the shelf for one day. It'd be like maybe today, I won't think about being a single mom today. Yeah. Jen got to follow on Instagram who started the company bandeau, she she has a podcast to talking about how sometimes people take self care as to do things that actually public harmful to yourself. Like, I think like people like, oh, I break. So I'm gonna get really drunk, and whatever, and it's like, you're not necessarily helping yourself. So think about it. You can do that Steve regular routine where it's like every night. I have to come home and get drunk because that's the way I relax or whatever like, you know, smoking we'd like to excess where like you're the only thing that will fix my problem or something maybe just adding brushing your teeth before bed is like cell, right? You realize all myself is like basic hygiene and everyone else is doing shower every day as part of self care. Everyone's I you should be doing. But it takes show. Running. I'm a runner. A break. If you or someone, you know, recently got married and is trying to change your name. You probably have no clue where to start what I can tell you is that it's a pain in the s to do the old fashioned way. By thankfully, there is a new fashioned way. And that's hitch. Switch the nation's leading online and mobile name-change service for newlyweds. It can really simplify things for you. Here's how it works with hitch. Switch you can now change your name online instead of in line hitch. Switch quickly and easily helps its clients change their names after the big day, while eliminating all the hassles. No, more locating completing forms waiting in lines piles and piles of paperwork baba blah, trust me. It's very difficult. My wife wanted to change her last name to have the same as me because we we were traditional and maybe only that aspect of marriage, but it was such a hassle that she still hasn't even done it on all documents. So guys get on hitch switch. They've had the pleasure of guiding hundreds of thousands of newlyweds to the name change process. The offer three unique name-change services starting. At just twenty nine dollars stuff filling out forms and visiting government offices and get back to watching TV will you please stop visiting government offices for crying out loud. Go to hitch. Switch dot com and use TV code to get ten percent off your name changing service. That's H I V H S W H dot com code TV for ten percent of. It's now time for improvised sitcom, we're here with Mary, Holland who's going to join us for a lovely little moment seen improvised from sitcom that doesn't exist. You send in the title. This is from at regular Regan rhymes with vegan the title, the income is we take we take you now to Dave's dead dog. Kids get in here. Me. Get the fuck off me kids. What what Ma we've got some bad news. What is dead gone again? Nope. He's still here. Just in his man cave. That news is under this sheet. Both of you grab a corner and pull. We shouldn't pull opposite corners. Nothing happened this sheet. Rip. No, look what you see. God, abby. Don, your dog, if they're plural cats. What happened to Chevy's? That's Dave's dog. David college. And you've got to figure out what was this thing. What? Right now, dude, look. You're next. Nonstop fighting figure out what the fuck to do didn't. I'm gonna I have to go to work. Okay. I have to go to work some money, and I can't afford to get this dog Baird properly or cremated by our vet. So we've made it or so. Notary public. Yeah. I need to go Samp something now. Okay. Okay. Get off get off get off. We've got to do something about Dave's dog fine. Home the sold the door. Teddy's tabby me. So the sole Charles let go of my walking ankle and try to eat my soul. And if you can't eat my body. Okay. So I'll catch it. And I'll just start on the league. Okay. Could. There's too much came back early. I I'm done with the notarize ING home dogs to catch it. So it's two furry, mama. Offer me offer me right? My mouth you fucking idiot. Buried in the yard. Scene. Brought to you by Miller. Boy it. Good. We're back. What are you watching? Now. What are you into my gosh? Okay. Well, Handmaid's tale big time. I've only watched the first five, and then it was like freaking me out. I want to watch it again. But my wife got ahead of season. And now I'm like to watch it on my own. You know what I mean? And I'm not as motivated, but every time I talked to someone I'm like a little try not to watch depressing stuff right now. My own. We got. Watch queer eye Cam as yeah. I mean, Atlanta, obviously that that kind of recently ended. I'm like what else am I watching right now that new because I stay with like old. What is? You're watching everything. Yeah. Atlanta. I've been watching that reality show charms flavor of love Tom school. I like to watch that meets New York is that that was the one with it was the one where all the girls were on New York wasn't all now. First one with where's the fire you want? Oh, we didn't have no floors fifty four and for my I have no flaw sound bail, like whoever they go. President with Lynn. Fun random show to get back in Randy's for that. And then the game from oh my God. One three. God bless I love everyone who worked on that show and stuff with seasons. One to three on the CW. That was some good comedy in a another example of a show that I think people slept on maybe because the way to castle they didn't like tune in. But you're like, this is funny and really good. Yeah. Yeah. Familiar with the game. It was about like dictionary football team football players and their wives shit. Yes. Yes. It was it was so good. We know this used to work at. Yeah. That's that was her big show because it was Melanie Derwin was her like. Wide receiver a hundred and forty three episodes. I I. Wow. It moved to it got hands on and moved to be. I watched it. But knew it, and like I t in related te'o with it or whatever. That one's good. I I'm always watching sex in the city just always makes me feel good. It is turn onto any point. We own all the DVD's we own all the DVD's, which is insane. They were on sale at target during black Friday. And I got them all my whole family. I went and got like every single one like over and over again. So I love that. That's my show. We should do an episode on sexy city because that is talk to my favorite show radio. You do that please. I'm back. I know lines. I love that show. It's the more relevant as we got me. I'm thirty three season one started when they were thirty two. So I'm like, oh, wait, I get it. I know weird watching it. Now, I I came out when I was in eighth grade, actually, and it was like I saw it on accident. Like, we didn't have to be like three and a hotel or something I was like, this is cool seeming. And then I didn't see it again until I was gonna team. I watched it on the night. It premiered like when my house like, okay. But I couldn't follow because now. But like, yeah. Then like in college when he was about to end like job back on have been a creep ever since SOGA living my life by them women. I don't even want to tell you why I watch Texas city like four episodes at first to just try to see a sex scene because it was like pre porn. So I hadn't spilled the house, and I'm like Cottrell. Oh here we comes. She's never mind no nudity in this whole episode. I watched and then I started just accidentally getting into the show like I was just waiting for boobs, and then got into the comedy of it at like thirteen or fourteen or whatever. And then when I like later on my wife, and I wear it. She was like I wanna watch sex in the city from the beginning. I'm like me to. He had never seen any watch the whole entire thing and holds up which is insane. Tat's another show that I I've been bringing up lately, but I feel like people who like sex in the city might like the l word did you ever watch. The Elway got into that bring you back say it'd be worth watching. But it's not it's not funny. But it's like it's just like good relationship stuff. And you just get really invested in the characters, and I just there's a there's a point where like we were Saab being like. Like this one really intense, and it's just. Guys. Watts glow. I just finished season to season one. I watched the beginning of season two. But haven't finished it where waiting for a one day Benjamin. We shows like glow that we love. We wait. Do you guys have like weird viewing habits like where you wanna like? A three hour block. So we could watch a budget can't hyped and then we'll be ready to watch right now. We're still doing like homework TV, which is that's on the DVR that we're like, oh, we still have to finish. Dear white people. We still have to finish blank. Let's get. I did. Dear white people. It's so hard to remember what you watch now. Because you watch it signed. Because I'm like, oh, yeah. I watched dear white people. I'm like what I'm like, what are some old shows? You wanna deep dive back into I feel like that's like always watch sopranos. Okay. I've never seen it because I. I watched it like almost every episode live. You know what I mean? Because like my family was into it and friends where eventually into it in college. But like I haven't watched it post binge post HBO go, and I'm very curious diving in with my wife. Now, I just did six six feet under like a year and a half hour. I would like that one. I loved to blood. Oh, you're going to. Six. Big land this summer. Have you screaming bomb sex? It's hot as hottest book. It's scary. Fine. You campaign. I think it falls off hard. I think the last couple of seasons hard, but you're going to I love them so much from friends. I got to know looking bills on them. I have like Joe manganiello does things to me that it shouldn't as a heterosexual. I want. I can't tell if I wanna be him or fuck him. And it's never. I never drink a water. See big love at all. Like that. I didn't. I wasn't like that. But I'm like. Yeah. Like khloe? I want to rewatch the beginning season of the bachelor because that's when like everyone was kind of normal looking I think, and they were like real people. A recent conversation with you made me want to rewatch the first couple of real world. Oh, yeah. Oh my God. Yeah. Serious. How boring. It would be like every reality shows are so tightly edited and jumped around and so many events in each episode that has been better because it's a real progression. I mean 'cause I'm like, especially those first season like Pedro path. Right. In the nineties. Topic? Hello real like like Pedro foundations or like who was then put his finger in somebody's peanut butter or member went Tammy when that one black guy had dragged him like he was a riper either one. The Stephen hit. Irene. Good stuff. Today a highlight reel. There's yeah, there's like twenty moments in the first five in the previous real world that just is burning my hand. I like I'm getting chills just picked like remember talk to me talk to me talk to me berry. What's? Orleans. Come on be baby. Thinking of talk to me talk to talk to me baby is from a goofy movie. Do that. I meant to do that. I ever all there. We are real world. Oh my God. Yeah. Flavor of love is at like does it feel like that? Because it's old enough. Yeah. No. Yeah. It has an old field. It'd be grain. All yeah. It's pretty copy and bright. Like, it has the look. Yeah. I think that was the only year that I watched reality TV 'cause I lived one of my best friends Raymond, and he watches every either just watches so much and like, I would never watch. I don't watch love and hip. I'm like this stuff that everyone watches that ear. I watched we watched this one show, America's most smartest model. It was once win the reality show, boom. Know, and it was like flavor of love, and then charm school. The flavor loves spin off. I love New York seasons. One into I was working at best week ever at the time as a PA. So I had to watch. All everyone talked about was TV. You would have to see all those. I've watched so much reality two year span just seventy hour weeks. Just. Yeah. Transcribing bachelorette footage and shit. Like, oh my God. That's so. That's so fun. Well into rapid. I do need to wrap it up. Billy's on fun. Where can we find you on Twitter and Instagram plug on well, we'll use social media? I my soc. My social are social session. For instagram. I'm at zones rock Xhosa, our Q and on Twitter at zoysia rockstar, which is my OG Twitter name like I hate to change it. But. It me. I like it. It's like an aim Instagram. Name is feels like. I made it's like my same. Like I getting on Twitter, you're using your old handles as before. Yes shifted and you're like, oh, and you didn't name. Yeah. Wanted to attach your name. When it was fun. Life. You need to promote the show you what? Now, you work for a network. Please tweet about our show. Nothing can be offensive on any level to any person ever. God. I said the other day to someone I'm like with this Twitter shit. I'm never going to get hired. And it's not just because I'm terrible at my job. It's also because I have offensive shit all over the internet. Applaud people to check out. I mean, I'm dying here. Just ended like literally the finale was like two weeks ago. If you want to go back and ribbons that and watch me, you stand up I will or and also plug just semi-good vibes. I'm writing my first script right now. Pilot so semi goodbyes. Great. Well, thanks. Support for this podcast is brought to you by Hanover square press publisher of the book, I'll be there for you. The one about friends. Join pop culture expert Kelsey Miller. 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