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Hello word nerds. Welcome to another episode of this dictionary. Now it's called the dictionary. I word for this episode is Allah sore. A. L. L. O S A. You are. This is a noun from circa, nineteen thirty four any of a family of large theropod dinosaurs, usually having three clawed. Digits on each arm and leg and living from the late Jurassic to the early Cretaceous period. And you can also look at these synonym Allosaurus these scientific name for the family mentioned at the beginning is Allosaurus and wouldn't you know what the next word is Allosaurus vis is a noun from eighteen eighty six any of a genus Allosaurus of very large carnivorous North American theropod dinosaurs of the late Jurassic, period. So I. Allosaur is the larger group and Allosaurus is a smaller subgroup of allosaur. The etymology says this is from taking all a L, L, combining it with the Greek Soroush, which means lizard next we have allo staring. A L, L, O, S, T, E R. I see this is an adjective from nineteen sixty two of relating to undergoing or being a change in the shape and activity of a protein as an enzyme that results from combination with another substance at a point other than the chemically active site. Alice teric Lee is an adverb and aloe Sterry is a noun. I'm very curious to know if the other letters in the dictionary, will have this many scientific words because it feels like a has a bunch next. We have a lot. A. L. L O T. This is a verb from the fifteenth century one to assign as a share or portion as in a lot ten minutes for the speech to, to distribute by, or as if by lot, as in a lot seats to the press a lot or is a noun next. We have allo Tetra -ployed. This is a noun from nineteen thirty. We just have these. Synonym. Amphibian. -ployed. A. M. P. H. I. D. I. P. L O ID, and I don't think I need to spell the main word. I'm sure you can figure it out. Right. Of course, you can aloe Tetra ploy d is a noun next. We have a lot meant. This is a noun from fifteen seventy four one, the act of allotting synonym is apportionment to something that. It is allotted, a specially chiefly British a plot of land, let to an individual for cultivation next. We have Allah. Trope. A. L. L. O. T. R. O. P E. This is a noun from eighteen seventy six a form, showing a lottery, which is our next word a lottery. Visit a noun from eighteen fifty the existence of a substance, and especially an element in two or more different forms as of crystals usually in the same phase Altro pick is an adjective, next is I think this is how it's pronounced, I'll Letaba something like that. It is spelled, and I haven't seen this before a. L. L apostrophe. O T, T, A, V A. And it looks like the all apostrophe. And the rest of it are two separate words. This is an adverb or an adjective from circa, eighteen twenty three we just have the synonym Ota via OTT, a VA. I'm very curious to know what that is. Although I can tell you that in the at Amal G it says this is a talian and it means at the active, so Ataba is active, and I guess the all means at so in music, does that mean that you play it at the proper octave? Do you play it above or below inactive? I'm not sure next. We have a lot. T. A. L. L. O T T. This is a noun from eighteen forty six one to whom an allotment is made next. We have Allah type this is a noun from nineteen sixty and allo antigen, that is part of. A plasma protein as an antibody aloe typic- is an adjective, aloe. Typic- Lee is an adverb and aloe. Tippy is a noun next. We have all out. This is hyphenated. It is an adjective from nineteen. Oh, eight one made with maximum effort. Synonym is thorough going as in an all out effort to win the contest to we just have these synonym full blown to next is all out without the hyphen, two separate words. This is an adverb from eighteen ninety five with full determination or enthusiasm with maximum effort used chiefly in the phrase, go, all out next. We have all over this is one word, and it is the I form, this is an adjective from seventeen ninety six covering the. The whole extent or surface as in a sweater with an all over pattern. Now we have the second form of all over. This is a noun from eighteen thirty eight one and embroidered printed, or lace, fabric with a design covering most of these surface to a pattern or design in which a single unit is repeated. So as to cover an entire surface next we have all over, but it is two separate words and, again, we have two forms of it. So the first form is an adverb from the fifteenth century one over the whole extent as in decorated all over with a flower pattern to we have these synonym everywhere as in looked all over for the book and my brain did a little weird thing before I got to the word book. In my slight peripheral vision I thought it said body. So in my head, it said, looked all over for the body, three in every respect synonym is thoroughly as in she is her mother all over second form of all over and last Ford. This episode is a preposition from nineteen twelve one in eagerly affectionate attentive, and aggressive pursuit of as in the band's fans were all over them to in or into a state marked by all out criticism of as in the press was all over the coach after the loss that will end this amazing and incredible episode. Thank you so much for listening, if you did. And if you didn't I don't understand how you're listening to this. Maybe you skipped ahead that's cheating into. Next time this is Spencer reading the dictionary. Thank you. And goodbye.

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