EP1: Nice To Meet Ya


These guys welcome to the very first episode of the low show. Podcast wow this is super super exciting for me. This is the first time you and I are meeting each other. Hey I'm low a radio personality in Portland Oregon and I've been wanting to start my own solo podcast for a very very long time I've done a couple podcasts. In the past with co-hosts and they've been super fun but I don't know like having your own fain and being able to you know come up with your own content and having guest speakers then and doing all that fun stuff is something I've really wanted to do and setting up my guest room as a home studio and podcast studio has spent something. That's been on my bucket list for a while too so I'm very very excited to be here with you guys and kick this off We're going to be publishing episodes every Wednesday funny because I almost did it. Put this on video because I feel like a lot of us are struggling with the quarantine situation that everyone is in right. Now which we'RE GONNA get to. It's it's so crazy What a time to be alive Yeah so I was like man like my bangs are weird and lake you know my are Lauren dive and I haven't showered in Kabul but screw it. We're here and we're doing it and originally when I wanted to put this out. I wanted to do it With the upmost of quality. So yeah we're going to put this on video and we're going to struggle if worry now. Bang Bang friends and we're GONNA struggle a few now. We're sisters that can't get her hair done right now or nails done right out or nails done right now but hey we're gonNA struggle together okay. Because I know a few of you watching right now. Your brains look like mine so it's good. I just know the once. All of this corn team is up. I'm taking the entire day to go and get my hair. Done nails done eyebrows spray Tan. I might even do eyelash extensions. I don't know but it's definitely going to be a thing and I'm sure you can agree. just a little bit about me. If this is the first time you and I are interacting. I was born raised in Florida. A Florida girl. love it down there five six one dollar beach where? I'm upset. I miss it a lot and you know being here in. Portland has been absolutely amazing. And I've made so many amazing memories and and I've learned so much but I definitely want to get back to Florida where at least the southeast I started my radio career in Tampa Florida at Wfl Z. And I've been doing radio now for almost eight years. Which is so crazy. Started out as an intern for the rat pup show and have worked my way up to being the music director of a hip hop station here in Portland and we wanted to nine along with You know mid day duties on that station as well as the number one night show online ninety five had to throw that out there. No it's been really fun though. Yeah I've actually been in Portland now. Four years I celebrated my four year anniversary in Portland This this Monday which I'm recording. This Tuesday this Air Wednesday. But it's funny because I got here on. Four twenty total coincidence marijuana's obviously illegal in state of Oregon and that trip itself was so fun. My Dad and I took a road trip across country. I was in Morgantown West Virginia at the time. And Yeah my dad and I just traveled. I don't think we've crossed like nine state lines together. He had across. I think like four or five getting to me in West Virginia But yeah we got to Portland on four twenty and I looked at my dad's house like we need to let off a little a little steam here so we went to a dispensary walked right in and bought a J. I smoked J. With my dad which was so crazy. This is a long time ago. And Ya the rest is history. But like I was saying before. Portland's been so fun. I met my boyfriend out here three years ago. We'd been going strong ever since my sister. Natalie who will be a guest a few times here on the PODCAST She moved out here almost two years ago now which is so crazy to think her portland anniversary is coming up in June So yes I literally have everything except for on data out here which they need to visit because daddy you haven't been out here since he moved me here and mom. I think it's been almost three years since. You've been in Portland but yeah I got a dog. His name is Stanley. He'll be making some appearances as well. But life is good guys and again you know. This is a been a dream of mine to do. I feel like you know being a radio host. You have to censor yourself quite a bit. Which is fine. Like that's the gig. You signed up for But up with the podcast rolled. It's like the wild west and we can touch on things that you can't necessarily touch on local Radio Review Candy. Just don't have enough time to do it We can talk for thirty minutes at a time here nonstop and you know not have to worry about PPI and you know. I'M NOT GONNA get into all the boring terms of your radio. Who's watching this? You know exactly what? I'm talking about But no this is a this is a really fun opportunity for me to kind of get myself out. There put myself out there. Meet New People in this industry and talk about things that you know. All of us are going through right now and what? It's like to kind of navigate life as a female you know in the Pacific northwest or just in the world in your late twenties. I mean there's there's things that I'm starting to think about and You know worry about sometimes judge myself on because I'm getting to that thirty mark and Yeah I just want to you know. Extend the invite to have that conversation with other people that are going through it or have gone threat. I will I do want to talk about the quarantine situations so Wow It's been a month now officially officially a month that I've been working from home entirely. I WANNA say at least in the state of Oregon on the governor did the stay at home order. I want to say like the first week of her first or second week of Of March because I remember she kind of set that order. And then say Patty's Day was like up in the air like are we having it. Are we not having it? bars and restaurants were supposed to be closed but certain restaurants and bars wallet. Saint Patrick's Day. We want to be open and then she kind of just just like no everything. Shut down. No gatherings of more than ten people of so we've been trying to navigate through that and kind of get used to this new normal of life that were going through especially being least for me a human being. That's very outgoing and craves social interaction and find any reason to go to happy hour just to kind of be around the noise if that makes sense Before I got into radio I was a bartender server and I loved it because you literally met New People every day and then those new people that you did meet. They would come back in because they enjoyed that interaction with you and then those people become your as and sometimes those relationships even turn into friendships so yeah like having to kind of hunker down at home for the past month has been challenging for me for sure but I've kind of found you know some calm in the chaos. You know. There's things that I've done and have been doing like this podcast for example that I've just been kind of pushing aside pushing aside because you know all I got gotta go to work or literally physically go to work. I gotTa do these chores. I got a this that and the other and then like okay. When are you going to have a moment to just sit down and relax? So I've actually I feel like I've been handling the the stay at home order in quarantine pretty well but I know a lot of people and people that I'm very close with and work closely with have been struggling with it And probably because they live at home by themselves or you know sometimes that that energy it that you need from one another. It bounces off saying like being at the radio station. For example like there's so many different personalities and so many different people and like you look forward to going in because you know okay. This person's got this type of energy. I can bounce ideas off of them. I just know if I'm in a funk I can just kind of get around this person and like they're gonNa feel better so I think the reason why I've been doing pretty well is because one. I live with my boyfriend. Matthew and we have our dogs Stanley so we have that. You Know Nuclear Unit of what we call our family whereas I feel like if I was kind of in the first year here in Portland by myself I would. I sure be struggling a lot and You know trying to find any way possible to get that human interaction as I could but it's a good time to say. Hey I love you. Hey I hope you're doing okay. And just you know check in with people that you care about even friends that you haven't talked to in a while like catch up get on facetime or zoom everybody's using that new APP now but I'd put a list together if you're struggling right now of five things that you can do while in quarantine to kind of get your mind off of loneliness or whatever. It is One you can totally pamper yourself. Hop on Sephora Ulta Amazon you could even do like diy basalt my boyfriend's going GonNa kill me for saying this but he has literally been taking baths every day since in quarantine. I haven't seen so many Dr teals basalt bags and bubble bath in my bathroom in a really long time and literally like eleven. Eleven o'clock on the DOT every day. He'll come he'll bring the dog into the studio and say. Can you watch the kid for a little bit? Because I'm gonNA take my bath now. So do that. He also ordered like a foot spa like this kid is like on a whole new level of self care which I think is so great But yeah you can pamper yourself make homemade face masks or just by some online and do it like once a week say okay. You know Sunday's or are going to be dedicated to me making sure I'm taking care of my skin or doing pex at home. Pedicure bubble bath whatever it is that something you can totally do to help. Pass the time and it helps you yourself. You can organize and clean. That's a fun one. I haven't really been doing this going to be honest. This is lake the last thing on my bucket list to do while in quarantine. But it's definitely needed and I feel like once you get into that mode then it's just like on and pop in you know like okay. I'M GONNA wake up at nine. Am and I'm going to just tackle this corner of the house or this cabinet or you know the kitchen or whatever like set your goals small so you reach them and then if you feel like you can keep going then keep going. Start a new hobby. Hello podcasting something that I've been wanting to do so. Obviously I'm starting that I found these really cool. Diy paint sit at home kits on instagram. We're definitely GONNA talk about those once. We get them in the Mail on another podcast. But it's really cool. 'cause they had like a public figures like Obama. We Got Drake and Shaw Day of paintings on matter. GonNa do it one weekend together. They have like Leah ones beyond say Taylor Swift Marilyn Monroe and it's all paint by numbers so you don't have to be like Picasso like it literally tells you where to put each color of the paints and I'm really excited. It's not coming until may fifteenth. But once it's here we're doing it's GonNa be fun. I also started golfing guys and I never in a million years thought that that'd be something that I would enjoy doing and actually want to do but like I bought myself a set of golf clubs. A couple of weeks ago and matinee have been going out and playing nine here. Eighteen there That's one thing that I'm really surprised is still open With all the stay at home order stuff but like honestly it follows the CDC guidelines and Matinee Share Car. We wipe it down. We stay six feet away from the people that we were golfing with. If we're even golfing with anybody else but ourselves and Yeah you still get some. You know physical activity in. You're outside you're saying succeed away from everyone so it's actually been really nice on. You can perfect skulls. The cat is something. That's very hard to do. If I give any tips on the cat. I get yourself some makeup wipes do your makeup first before you put on your foundation. Do the wing if it turns out. Funky can always take the makeup wipes and create a perfect straight line even on both sides. And you're good ago and this one's a little tough but I think it's necessary sympathy yourself. You know take this time alone to really be alone and dive deep in there and there's things that are sitting well with you mentally or internally or emotionally try and figure out what the root of that is and you know come up with some scenarios or some situations where you can maybe work on that and fix it. I feel like another reason. Why a lot of people aren't doing well with this quarantine and stay at home. Order is because you know. They can't sit with themselves or sit by themselves of that makes sense Because when you're when you're alone you're forced to really you know be you and I feel like some people. There are different versions of themselves when they're when they're not by themselves if that makes sense so yeah if you really want to improve while we're dealing with all of this just kind of work on deep-rooted issues that you have and if you're sitting here listening or watching and saying oh I'm good. I don't have deeper issues. You're lying to yourself. Everybody has something so work on it? Bit By vet and Yeah come out of this quarantine as a better person having learn something new about yourself or just learn something new in general GonNa keep it short and sweet time. I'm very very excited about this new project. I'm really grateful for you. Guys for watching and listening You can follow the instagram at low. Show podcasts We'RE GONNA GET US UP ON. I tunes soon spotify. Google play pretty much anywhere where you can hear podcasts. Also obviously we're recording on video as well so you could check it out at low. Show podcast on Youtube. I'll drop the link to on The instagram Again low show podcast on an STA NICA for my personal page to at its low radio. I'll drop that for you as well and yeah old friends. New Friends soon to be new friends. I'm very very excited. Thank you so much for watching so much for listening and I will catch you guys next Wednesday.

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